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.hack//Exodus: The Rose Journal  (3  photos)
In a alternative timelime between the .hack (and Legend of the Twilight) and G.U., CC2 launched an extended game patch known as "The World; Exodus" with the capability to use power gloves, shoes, and an enhanced headset to play the game. Kyouko Sakura wanted to move on in the past and use "The World" as a get-away to reunite with the people she wished to meet without meeting familiar faces again. In "Exodus", she is known as "Rosa Tempesta" the Edge Punisher...
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About me:


name: Kyouko Sakura
age: 14-15
gender: female
orientation: Lesbian
ethnicity: Japanese
occupation: magical girl
interests: Snacks (candy, junk food, Pocky, takoyaki, cake), family, Dig Dug Reinforcement (dance game), reward from "work", more to come.
Personality: Kyouko Sakura had lost some of her manners, but she remembers to share the "Thank You" when needed. She isolates from having friends or partners, unless if the person requests her to recruit for the "big fight" (AKA Walpurgis Night). Everyone will notice her bad eating habits, but Kyouko would brush away to those who try to lecture her. When she meet ssomeone worth to frustrate, Kyouko would bring out sadistic remarks and ideas to him/her, causing anger back. She would accept any challenge, but do take note that she may not be the most pleasant partner to be with...

Most alternative Kyouko's were going to remain the same except with some minor changes, especially the social view points on pre-to-mid-20th century verses.
Weapons/skills: Lance with a numchunk-styled pole. Her pole can be controlled on it's own and can enlarge into the size of a serpent and behaves like one. Depending on the verse, Kyouko can multiply herself using the power of "illusion", and can replace a object with something else. (Like matches into Pocky.) Kyouko's RP Blog! (Mirror)

about me

The Past

Kyouko Sakura used to live with her family that runs a church in Kasamino City. His preaches did not go well and the people ignored him and his holy grounds. He tried his best to convince people to follow his words, but no one care to believe him. Kyouko Sakura (back when she looks around 9 years old) made a wish with Kyubey for the people to listen to her father's words, and the next day the people had gathered around like processed sheep, while Kyouko deals with the monsters known as "Witches" by night.

The Nightmare

On the following night, Kyouko's father found out about Kyouko's magical girl identity after defending her church from a Witch and the processed people (by a "Witch's Kiss"), claiming that she was the cause for the brainwash (even to visitor's confessions) and called her a Witch. Her father was on depression and drank many alcohol every day. He made his last straw and killed his family, leaving Kyouko alive today with a crumbled heart. Kyouko learns her lesson to not share her magic with anyone and only for herself and her own gain in the survival of black and white...

Present Day

Kyouko hunts monsters alone and learns how to pickpocket and stealing food using her magical skills. She has an unhealthy diet of snacks and junk food she stole. Kyouko stays on alert and remain "heartless" to the other magical girls who are naive to make a stupid wish like hers (i.e. Sayaka Miki).

There are multiple paths and endings to her story, depend on what material her story should go over...

Alternative Universes

There are times where Kyouko as a character will not see fit in some universes. There are many ideas generated from time to time, expanding the many fragments of universes to create something that suit fit for Kyouko Sakura. If you wish to know about these universes, please check out here for an expansion information of verses and it's characters. Take note that not all content will suit fit by the site's standards. Keep all RPs to Messages, please!

Role-Play Rules

1. I accept para/multi-para format. Try your best to make an effort as if you are a light novel author! NO ONE-LINERS! It ticks my pride that took effort to describe every moment of event!
2. Feel free to use your icons or emotes for your RPs! But please nothing over 200x200 in pixel length!
3. PLEASE tell me about your RP plans in advance! If it's a "canon" character I know, then you do not need to say a lot, since I can adjust the storyline to fit your character!
4. RPs are open in either on Messages or Comments! Use "ooc" or some sort of indicator that you are not writing RP content! If I have added you or you added me, comments are going to be in-character counting as RPing!!! (Unless I am like exhausted to write in-character and go ooc instead...)
5. As I add you for a reason (if you are a character or verse I knew), I can adjust the "verse" of where my character is from to fit yours in. The requirement is that it must be an anime, manga, or any sort of literate/animated that I know from present to the past. And really, I'll do my best to re-image my muse into that universe outside present-day "Japan" as long I can remember... If you want for my character to fit in your universe, you need to contact me first during our "RP discussion"! Take it with a grain of salt that not all ideas will work either due to the show I have not seen (no I don't watch most "mainstream" shows) or that it was near impossible to fit the characters in without ruining their personalities.
6. I have life too. So if I don't respond, then you can tell that I am "busy" of sorts, OR that I am on the "chill pill" break from the RP-land! I also have Tumblr RP as well...
7. More rules will be added depending on a conflict I encounter during an RP.

Follow them well and we can be happy campers, okay? If you want to RP my other character(s), please check out my Mami profile

top friends

Who I'd like to meet:

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5 hours ago


*Hands her a 93219-3921-39-12903210-391-2 yen bicycle that she got for free somehow.*


20 hours ago

ITS SO CUTE. ; w ;

I want a Kyoko Braixen of my very own! It's actually kind of ironic because of the whole 'witch' thing...

Apr 22nd 2014 18:37

It's so cute! fndskfnskdfnksd


Apr 21st 2014 19:26

Twin-Kyoko-sama... tell me... 


Apr 20th 2014 19:47

SHHHH. You and I are one... so you should know more than anyone what the point of it is... 

It's because Pokemon as cute as heck. u w u 

Apr 18th 2014 06:46

TOO MUCH WORK! You should throw the Pokeball for me!

Apr 17th 2014 00:54


Apr 7th 2014 01:07

I wanna catch me some Pokemon too!!

Mar 28th 2014 18:23

That's okay, my fellow Pocky enthusiast, just stay in that cave for as long as you need to. You watch the sky and I'll watch the neighborhood. 

Mar 28th 2014 18:13

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