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Pokemon X Akame ga Kill!

Crossovers welcome. MCRP. Most likely the first Air, Fal, and Luna to exist on ARP. Leone and Kyouko Sakura at heart. Hoenn Region focused but all regions welcome!

26 years old

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March 21 2015

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.hack//Exodus: The Rose Journal  (5  photos)
In a alternative timelime between the .hack (and Legend of the Twilight) and G.U., CC2 launched an extended game patch known as "The World; Exodus" with the capability to use power gloves, shoes, and an enhanced headset to play the game. Kyouko Sakura wanted to move on in the past and use "The World" as a get-away to reunite with the people she wished to meet without meeting familiar faces again. In "Exodus", she is known as "Rosa Tempesta" the Edge Punisher...
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Okay. I thought I put a few quick rules:

1. Para and up. One-liner frenzy goes in Streams, but that was on a random moodswing. Watch for these "[things]" on my posts.
2. Proper grammar please. Use yoru caps, comas, periods, and other literate tools to write. No "cH@t$sPak plz" on RPs.
3. I come and go. I have life. Life comes first even though I wish RP can be a part of my life. I also ahve six accounts.
4. Speaking of six accounts, this is NOT my main! If you need info on my other profiles, speak to me. Otherwise expect for Leone to drunk out.
5. I am open to "most verses", but I'll be selective.
6. Finally... HAVE FUN!!!!


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About me:

Akame ga Kill!

In Akame ga Kill(!), Air, Fal, and Luna were "country dwellers" children who were sold to a slave trader after their village were on heavy debt due to taxtation from the empire. No one knows where their family are now or that they are related, but the trio are treated as best friends. When they are treated by their "master" named Bach, the girls are being "puppied" by giving some money to go clothes shopping and enjoying a delicious lunch. Bach intentionally gave them a fun time until his clients and suited husked guards shows up. The three clients are "euthists" for young girls until they are torn, abused and dead. Fal's bones were broken and died within a week, loosing her teeth and fingers. Luna was stabbed in the eye and most likely abused by sharp tools bit by bit until she can not take it and commited suicide by droppig herself into the ground. Air was spared from the physical abuse, but her virginity was popped by a pet canine in heat. Air being the only survivor took her master's money and bid Night Raid to destory them in her revenge that she can not do. Night Raid did as wished and all of the cruel men who took Fal's and Luna's lives away were dead. Air was satisfied and ended her life on the streets alone with poison, awaiting to see them up in heaven.

The Pokemon Verse

Set in an alternative verse, the girls remain the same as the AGK world, instead they were not living in poverty and deaths never seem to exist... Or so it seems. Born in the Kanto region: The heart of the Pokemon world... Their parents live in the countryside somewhere where the maps have never marked... And they carry a precious treasure that even greedy organization crave to steel for profit. The men in black raided their countryside one day, setting houses on file after they found the chest containing the "treasure". Evidenced was wiped by killing off a good chunk of the human and Pokemon population, leaving only Air, Fal and Luna. The girls escaped in time and hitched a moving truck that travels from Kanto to the Hoenn region. Their journey begins when they see Professor Birch being chased YET by another angry Poocheyana!

The three girls decided to register themselves under one name: AiFaNa. With that format, they seek to hide their true identities from the men in black or other suspicious organizations. As much Professor Birch dislikes the idea, he also had to respect their reasons and proof their dedication as "three on one name" by collecting all three badges and face the Elite League, and return with the results. He granted the unique starter Pokemon his son Brendon had breed back at the Day Care.


Air is a kind girl with a bit of a shy heart. She cares deeply about her friends and family. She can easily be mistaken for one of those "aroma ladies" in the Hoenn Region, but her favorite type is Fairy type, and the rarity of those in Hoenn is not easy. Professor Birch was fortunate enough to have a fairy type in his hands: A very happy Swillix who loves to hunt down for sweet treats! Thankfully he also provides the "Sweet Dream" treat for it, which requires for it to evolve into Slurpuff. Air was not into battles unless she is told, but Air enjoys the Pokemon Contest and playing with her Pokemon (in Pokemon Amie). The Sylveon, once upon a Eevee was gifted by a nameless trainer, though the trainer was said to wear a very unique wa-loilta dress.


Fal is a tomboy girl whose talents include fighting with martial arts, though she lacks of proper exercise. She lacks in manners including eating food ahead of the girls (stuffing in her mouth) and not giving proper greetings as told by Luna. Fal's dream was to run a Fighting gym, but the dream went crashed when her only dojo was burned down as well with her parents (and their Pokemon) fighting off the bad guys to defend their home, but failed. Fal seeks revenge in the "men in black robber suits", but they are lacking in Pokemon. Professor Birch had a Bunery at that time along with a Swirllix and a Marill, so Fal takes the cottonball-rabbit and doubting if her little bunny friend. Fal and friends met up a handsome man, who he introduces the girls to his fascination with stones and even gifted Fal a Key Pendent with a Loppunite since she has a Bunnery, later into a Lopunny. This gave her hope to use her Fighting talents with her Pokemon and use this power to seek revenge on the bad guys for taking her family's lives down! Later own she caught a Heliopite out in the wild... For some reason n Hoenn and used Tate's Sun Stone that Fal and company had won along with the Mind badge to evolve into Heliolisk.


Luna, the realist of the team of girl that pretty much saved the girls by suggesting to escape to a near-by pick-up truck when the found themselves in Pewter City. The reason is because the girls had no Pokemon to start and nowhere to begin, and due to lack of resources, her choice to hijack a ride was the closest thing she can think of until they can find help. Luna was not an easy girl to give trust on after what the robbers did to her home and her family with their Pokemon being defeated and killed. When meeting Professor Birch for the first time, Luna organizes the idea of the "one-name" team rule and reason some ideas to Birch. He agreed and lets Luna take care of the Pokedex and capturing the Pokemon to their PC for his studies. She is also their strategist, suggesting what Pokemon the girls supposed to bring when putting into Pokemon battles, though their team are mostly consist of personal favorites. Luna likes the idea of controlling water and psychic Pokemon, wishing that gyms one day can run dual-type for a bigger challenge. The Meowstic, once an Espurr was gifted by a "suspicious trainer" in a tight black suit, a outfit taking from sci-fi fugitive stories. She sorts out the EVs for the Pokeon and where to train them in preparation for the rougher battles at the "Battle Station" institute. Her secret dream was to become a Pokemon professor (or assistant).

The AiFaNa Battle System

For single battles, "AiFaNa" takes turns with their Pokemon on the field. The goal for the gym leader or challenger is to take down all of their Pokemon, since the total they have all together is six. (Or less depending on their Badge count.)

For double-battle, the girls play their rules like Tate and Liza from Mosdeep City and the winner determines if he/she can knock down their Pokemon.

Luna usually stradegise the battles adn who gets to enter the battle. Fal was the mastermind who come up with the "AiFaNa" name and the triplets-under-one-name plan. Luna doesn't mind the challenge and Air just wanted to be with the girls since all of them had lost their families, making each other work together like sisters.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Elizabeth the Elegant [Backup Pro.]



Sovereιɢɴ Freeze



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Jan 26th 2015 20:06

//You're welcome, nice to meet you.
Blue Metal Hero

Jan 20th 2015 20:24

(A'ight, your secret's safe with me Timer!)

Blue Metal Hero

Jan 19th 2015 19:20

(Cool! Same with me, although let's Skype anyways. ^^

Heh, not to worry, it happens to the best of us. *Pats your back*)

Blue Metal Hero

Jan 17th 2015 23:05

(Damn, a new con huh? There's cons for just about everything. I hope there's a MegaManCon one day, that'll get Capcom to release MOAR MEGA MEN GAEMS!!! LMAO but yeah, I'd totally be down for one. Ah, I never understood that concept, charging for art but I suppose it's a fun way to make a living I suppose. Too bad my art skills suck. x-x lol so I'll just stick to selling games and stuff to make money. Not much but hey, it pays off. No pun intended. That's how I got my Wii U and 3DS!

Meh, Gumi... My ex Koko was into her so I'm not gonna lie... it does kinda leave a bad taste in my mouth. It's a tie between Miku and Luka for me, probably even Rin too. Too hard to decided really since I came across Miku when she first came out in 2007 and Luka does have her... erm... charm. n_n

We should Skype sometime then! Is it okay if I can ask for your Skype?)


Jan 17th 2015 01:53

Scratch that, for some reason it -kinda- fixed itself without me lifting a finger. 0-o It's not perfect but it will have to do, I'll leave it up and just post with just the standard font next time. No fancy bordering or anything that'll jack it up all crazy style. xD

Jan 17th 2015 00:03

Hello! Are you the same person who roleplays as the Nia and Toa pair? If so would you be able to delete my post in the Neo Plasma topic? The coding glitched and I have a few bugs to try and work out before trying again, but if all else fails I'll have my friend Hoopa post it for me if it keeps acting up on my end. Sorry for any inconvenience! The topic looks like it'll be a blast so I just had to get involved too. xD
Blue Metal Hero

Jan 16th 2015 15:50

($35? That doesn't sound so bad... Cheaper than Anime Expo that's for sure. Well, I wish you good luck in your gathering Timer, hope it all goes well. :D

Nice, I bet you'd look good in that cosplay.

As long as it's not like Call of Duty, we're good. lol

Nice! Although I don't know too much about the UTAUloids or whatever. :/ Anything past gen 3 of Vocaloid doesn't really fancy me, plus I had an ex who was a Kasane Teto so yeah... bitter reminder there.

Ah shucks, that sucks but hey, if you'd like to Skype sometime. I'll be happy to take you up on that offer. ^^ Oh, I think I saw her around once but I never got to interact with her though. How was she?)

Blue Metal Hero

Jan 16th 2015 12:08

(Touhoucon? Is that seriously a thing? o.o Wow, the only con I ever went to is Anime Expo. I still have pics from that event too. I wish I could go again, I know I've been missing out! ;~;

Ah, I see. So Warton Troppers is the precursor to Vocaloid?

I saw a Madoka lying around however, she's not the ex I mentioned but rather a former nemesis of mines. She was originally Mai from Mai-HiME. I think she's also roleplaying as Neptune too.)

Blue Metal Hero

Jan 12th 2015 23:14

(I tried out PCB this one time and it was actually pretty good. I haven't gotten to play the latest ones but I know there's this Seija girl who looks alot like Ryuko. lol

I see. I don't know, I kinda lost faith in Konami when I played the new Sparkster... It just wasn't the same. I felt like it was such a try-hard. It would've been better to have the old ones on the eShop or something. SNES was the best one. You know now that I think about it, I wonder if there's a Pop'n Sparkster or a Pop'n Contra for that matter. XD

Ohhh, Kyouko, nice! Between you and me, I dated a Homura and a Madoka. Although not both at once. x3 but yeah, I lucked out, I think. and I was wondering how I managed to even score a date with either of them because I know those two have got a serious Strawberry Panic type of thing going on. :o

You're welcome, an old buddy of mines kinda had a similar situation going on too. Since I knew him in RL I helped him study too! ^^)

Blue Metal Hero

Jan 12th 2015 20:18

(o.o Did you say Touhou Project? I actually love Tohou! ^^ Ironically, I've found out about it via this Mega Man clone called MegaMari. Yes, I play the clones too. lol

Ah, I see. Yeah, Konami's awesome. Well, was... I guess. I mean, nowadays it's just meh... Hard to believe the published Skullgirls and Glee: The Video Game. >.> I'd rather take Pop'n Music over those two.

Oh, you've roleplayed in the Madoka verse? Erm who were you by the way? I was actually wondering something about that series the other day.

:/ Damn...but hey, you're almost there. You're too far ahead to turn back now, you can do it Timer! ^^)

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