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[Akame ga Kill!]
Para. Selective. Independent and crazy at heart.

Kyouko Sakura is on hiatus.

25 years old

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December 17 2014

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And I Meow Meow Meow, and I meow meow meow...  (12  photos)
... WHAT!
.hack//Exodus: The Rose Journal  (5  photos)
In a alternative timelime between the .hack (and Legend of the Twilight) and G.U., CC2 launched an extended game patch known as "The World; Exodus" with the capability to use power gloves, shoes, and an enhanced headset to play the game. Kyouko Sakura wanted to move on in the past and use "The World" as a get-away to reunite with the people she wished to meet without meeting familiar faces again. In "Exodus", she is known as "Rosa Tempesta" the Edge Punisher...
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Okay. I thought I put a few quick rules:

1. Para and up. One-liner frenzy goes in Streams, but that was on a random moodswing. Watch for these "[things]" on my posts.
2. Proper grammar please. Use your caps, comas, periods, and other literate tools to write. No "cH@t$sPak plz" on RPs.
3. I come and go. I have life. Life comes first even though I wish RP can be a part of my life. I also ahve six accounts.
4. Speaking of six accounts, this is NOT my main! If you need info on my other profiles, speak to me. Otherwise expect for Leone to drunk out.
5. I am open to "most verses", but I'll be selective.
6. Due to my lack of manga knowledge, I don't mind manga spoilers, however I am going to be a lost cat here. I'm currently watching the anime and herd it's going to be 24 episodes long. White Fox Sutdios, I hope you are promisting enough compare to Danganronpa.
7. Finally... HAVE FUN!!!!


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Characters: Leone
Verses: Akame ga Kill, Pokemon
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Any, Action, Anime, Crossover, Fantasy, Psychological
Member Since:June 19, 2013

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About me:

Beauty at the Bar!

Leone is one of the older members of the assassination group, Night Raid. She has a very relaxed and cheerful personality, tends to display a lack of ladylike manners, such as shoving Tatsumi into her breasts, putting her feet on the table, or consuming large amounts of Sake. She serves as a sort of big sister figure to Tatsumi and the younger members in Night Raid, often referring to herself as "onee-san". Despite the morally dodgy nature she can sometimes display, Leone is not one to tolerate injustice, and can be especially vicious to those who commit the most vile acts. She excels at gathering information and exercising calm judgement when necessary.

If you wish to know more, everything will be covered in spoilers if no one has read the manga (like me), so if you wish to know anyway, click the Entry!

The Lioness at Kalos

Somewhere in the wilderness between the Rhyhorn Race tracks, Leone resides at the woods due to her loss of her family and home at a young age. She wanted to become a trainer, but finance is difficult on her end. A young Litleo wanted to play with her in a game of tag, and she did as requested. She and the Litleo grew up on the woods and eventually the Litleo found love, a male Litleo and the two evolved into Pyroar. Leone serves as their guardian to protect their only family pack. Eventually the two gave birth to a Litleo egg and hatched a male. Leone is assumed to be the age of 18 or older due to her body figure, but no one knows.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Elizabeth the Elegant [Backup Pro.]

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Blue Metal Hero

Dec 11th 2014 23:42

(Ohhh, I feel ya. Try talking to a kid who was still playing Gamecube when the Wii just came out! Didn't get to own one until around 2012-2013. That was me actually. ^^ In fact, my first ever gaming console was the Playstation! I only owned a couple of games for it and rented a couple of more back when Blockbuster was a thing. Seems like it was just yesterday, eh?

Not a problem, Leone-chan. Remember, I'm here if you ever need a friend to help you out! That's understandable though, however my roleplays aren't just For Glory you know? They can be For Fun too! lol but yeah, good luck on the tourney, Leone!) 

Blue Metal Hero

Dec 9th 2014 23:58

(I think it was a Starry Chompy or something like that. Ohhh, yeahh! That's what it was called. It's coming back to me now. I only owned a virtual one, which was better than nothing.

That sounds like a neat idea for your page, Leone. I think you owe your people that much. I've seen people do sub specials on Youtube so I think it'd be fair to do something similar.

You're going to be alright, right?)

Blue Metal Hero

Dec 8th 2014 23:29

(Really? Is gone down THAT route? -_- Ugh... no wonder I left. It kinda got a bit retarded. The only way I knew about Neopets was through McDonald's. I remember my first toy was this starry dinosaur I got. It was supposedly pretty rare. Still have those cards though. XD but yeah, I always wanted the Pikachu knockoff. ;~; I forgot its name. lol The only F2P game I ever bothered was Cosmic Break. It was a pretty kickass MMO and not to mention, I had alot of awesome friends there. I kinda miss it to be honest with you.

Haha, I see. :P I beat them all. XD I know it might sound like a cakewalk, well honestly HG/SS wasn't since I barely started playing again but the others were awesome as well. Diamond and Pearl for its soundtrack and Black/White for both soundtrack and story. You think Lopunny's bad? Phew, sounds like you scrapped the bottom of the barrel buddy.

Thanks for the gaming, tip, Leone. I'll be sure to keep that in mind. ^_^ I heard about the Hoenn "too much water" complaint. lol Hell, my rival Red bitched about it but we'll see. I'm not too nostalgic on Gen III but then again, I regret missing out so I can finally redeem myself by getting OR/AS.)

Blue Metal Hero

Dec 7th 2014 21:03

(By that time, I also found myself leaning more towards NeoPets, Winx Club and Mighty Beans. Yeah, I was a weird kid back then. ._.

I guess by that logic, I've been playing way too much Advanced Warfare because now, I have a sudden urge to go to a school and start kill everyone... *DISCLAIMER: SARCASM*

Wow you must really have a thing for Espurrs, huh? Then again, you seem like quite the cat lady so I suppose that's too be expected. So you never played HG/SS, Diamond or Black and White? o_O I'll admit, I was looking forward to X and Y somewhat but then next thing you know, the announcements came in and I was really excited about Mega Evolutions, when I finally played it though, it didn't only feel like another Pokemon game but also as a whole new experience. Although, there are some minor disappointments here and there but overall, I enjoyed X and Y. I'm not sure if OR/AS can top that but we'll see.)

Blue Metal Hero

Dec 6th 2014 23:41

(Again, I have nothing to comment on the later seasons. They're way past my time and besides I moved on to Duel Masters by that time and Zatch Bell... God, that dreaded Zatch Bell... -_- Don't kill me if you liked it though. lol So either way, I wasn't really interested...

A present, huh? That's very nice to hear. ^_^ Presents are always the best! I'm be surprised if the casino wasn't in OR/AS. They did the same with HG/SS but unlike OR/AS it got replaced by some half-ass attempt at Minesweeper. >.> and my even bigger gripe is that the Japanese Version actually had the Game Corner. Pretty effed up sh*t right there... but I wish I hadn't traded in HG/SS. God, I regret doing that considering how valuable it is. -.- If only I had known. Haha, I never played any Hoenn games sadly... but I did kept track of it with the anime, I even watched Destiny Deoxys when it came out. I bet if I never stopped playing Pokemon though, things would've probably been a lot different.)

Blue Metal Hero

Dec 3rd 2014 23:34

(Ah, I see... Never watched Serial Experiment but I've heard of it somewhat. Seen it on a couple of anime magazines back in the day and had an intro of it to this anime CD given by a friend of my brother's. Anything after Tai or Davis though, I never really cared for although I think I watched the fourth season somewhat just to kill time. It just wasn't the same. Same with YuGiOh. but yeah, I kinda hate Fusion/Xros. Ruined Digimon for me. ^^;

Hope you enjoy OR/AS, Leone. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it myself soon but it is on my grocery list.)

Blue Metal Hero

Dec 2nd 2014 23:48

(I feel ya, Bakugan's just kinda... to put it nicely, lame. Same here, Pokemon and Digimon played a huge role in my life. Mainly Pokemon since I kinda gave up after season 2. I gave Xros Wars/Fusion a chance but, it just doesn't compare you know? :/

but you know what, Leone. I enjoy our conversations so far. I gotta say, you're on cool cat. c;)

Blue Metal Hero

Dec 1st 2014 23:31

(I can see why. I don't know if I'll ever check it out... but maybe one day, when I'm really and I mean really bored. I've never had the pleasure of playing Atelier on the PS3 but I have on GBC and on the WonderSwan. Yeah, apparently it's a pretty long running series. Wasn't aware of it myself either!

It's cool, happens to me too especially when I talk with my brother. Sometimes it feels like Youtube. lol Next thing you know you're wondering, how you went from Pokemon to Bakugan. XD)

The Lonely Angel

Dec 1st 2014 01:19

//Oh.. Duh! *Facepalm*
The Lonely Angel

Dec 1st 2014 00:53

//AGK?....What is that?.. And I respect you are a Group rper and busy. I am pretty paitient...
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