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GeneralAny Kind of rp. Doesn't matter what verse. I'd like to get familiar with all the kinds of Rp verses if possible.
MusicI'm being lazy so...if you actually wanna know any of this ask me.
MoviesDon't really watch many but ask if your curious.
TelevisionStop'd watching it about 3-4 years ago
BooksHunger Games Trilogy...Manga and erm... I rather not post the list of manga. It'll take me a while to type them all down.

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Here for:Friends,
Body type:No Answer
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About me:
Name; Shadow Rain Age; 18 Sex; Male. Species; Unknown Sexual Orientation; Straight Personality; Tends to be shy at first, then depending on how well he get's along with your character. Also I'd like it if after you add me you talk to me because most of the time I can be rather...I dunno I guess that word I'm looking for is "Lost" on what I should say to you, however there are those times were I'll feel more talkative, that's when I usually send the msg first. I'll try to talk first most of the time though. I do Semi-para to para most of the time, but one liners are fine with me. Nevertheless I tend to get writers block often for who knows what reason so sorry If I take a while to reply, I will msg you when this happens to me. Let's see the type of rp I do varies. I don't mind trying new things every once in a while I do however try to stay away from fighting rp's because I've never been to good at those, this also goes for a couple of others. As far as relationships that develop in Rp's between my char. and yours That Stays In Rp. Here's how I see it, if our character's "Like" each other then it should remain in said rp because that rp is it's own world/universe. Hopefully that's clear enough. Before I forget I'm not here just to rp, I'd like to make friends to so people who just wanna talk are welcome and well I guess you just have to figure out the rest about me. Oh one more thing, Try to be literate when we talk or rp, I understand if it's not your main or first language and all but at least try, so basically no text talk please? Also Pardon me if I have grammar problems myself ok? :]
Who I'd like to meet:
Anyone really, as long as we can become friends and rp from time to time. :]

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๐ŸŒ™Celeste D. Kisses๐Ÿ‘‘

Jun 1st 2018 22:54

It's a pleasure to meet you and make your acquaintance, my name is Celeste D. Kisses I hope we can get along well from here on out. If you roleplay send me a message and we can discuss or even talking in messages. I don't mind either way.
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