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Raijin Constantine of Empire fame now known as Faisal Constantine. Please read my written records.
"When you gaze into my eyes...what do you see? Eternal beauty? Or, the fear of death?"
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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
Education:No Answer
Characters: Maikeru Constantine, Emperor Raijin, Raijin Constantine, [Empire] Founder, [email protected]
Verses: Any, Angel, Adventure, Psychological, Horror, Crossovers, Open, Custom, Supernatural, Mythology, Fan
Playbys: none
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Any, Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Psychological, Supernatural,
Member Since:October 11, 2013

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About me:
Lightning Bolt
Who I'd like to meet:

Active Role-plays: 3

Replies Owed: 2

Character Name: Faisal Malenko Constantine

Alias: Philosopher King, Emperor Faisal, Emperor, God of Lightning, God of Thunder, Founder of Empire, [email protected] Constantine, Rai, Raijin, Emperor Cell

Race: Empirian (Alien Archangel)

Current Residence: Republic Building

Status: back from the dead

Relationship: not looking, ever

Occupation: Philosopher King/War General

The Empirian Republic:http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_group.php?group_id=6369

Frame: Athletic

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 192

Age: 1,151

Personality Traits: stubborn, prideful, confident, haughty, schemer, reflective, intellectual, creative, natural born leader, egotistical

Style: Old World/PC

My Short Stories-https://alexcrowderwriting.wordpress.com/

discord-♛ Emperor Faisal Constantine#7284



Elder Scrolls Online-trappedintime

Weaponry:Ancient Blade of Zar’rok, Silver Spheres, Explosive Marbles, Throwing Knives

Ohr Information:

Will be provided if needed. Tired of people trying to metagame.

Attributes: Empirians have advanced attributes. Each Empirian has an element to go along with their Ohr. These attributes would be comparable to Olympic human attributes. Some of these attributes go beyond a 100% of a human's potential. Anything beyond a 100% would be double and sometimes 400 times a human's Olympic potential. Each Empirian is different and may favor one attribute over another. Empirians also have other unique abilities like levitation. Every Empirian has the same potential, but many do not reach their potential. Most Empirians can live eons.

Faisal/Maikeru's Element: Celestial Lightning

Attribute Totals

Ohr-the ability to use and control Ohr: 400%

Strength-the ability to lift objects or use hand to hand combat: 100%

Speed-the speed at which an Empirian can move: 400%

Agility-the fluidity at which an Empirian moves: 400%

Stamina-endurance and ability to exert physicality: 200%

Intelligence-intellect or knowledge: 300%

Immunity-the ability to resist poisons or diseases: 100%

Durability-the ability to take damage: 200%

Ohr Appearance: black/white with lightning streaking around it

Sensei: [email protected]@ge @ngel, Lord Hellzone

Training Partners: [email protected]@ge @ngel, Elyon Constantine, Tien Shinhan

Rivals: Kha'li Constantine Kryzon, SOL (Saiyan of Legend), Anguish


Rubble and debris fall endlessly. The dead rise again harvesting unfortunate souls and pouring their life force into an unknown abyss. A technologically advanced race is the only thing preventing annihilation. This race known as the Elite live on a nameless planet. Necromancers dubbed the Skelgardians seek their technology. Technology so advanced its very existence would leave humans in a lifeless state. The Elite put science above all else. The Elite are discovered by The Skelgardians leading to constant war. The Skelgardians attempt to merge all realms together; thus, starting Ragnarok....the end of everything. They want the Elite technology to channel the energies that crafted the multi-verses. Energy beyond comprehension called the Metaleptic Void. The Metaleptic Void is capable of consuming everything. The Elite sought aid from other alien races from planets such as Earth, Mars, Uranus, and more. This tipped the scales leading to an Elite victory over the Skelgardians.

Some of the Elite began birthing children with the foreign races. Trinity Constantine, a powerful arch angel birthed children with Overlord Tarik of the Elite. The first of these mix-breeds would be two twins named Faisal and Elyon Constantine. Elyon Constantine would become a master strategist; whereas, Faisal relied on charisma and his hot-headedness. The unmatched intellect of the Elite flowed through them and the brawn of the unknown created the perfect race modeled after their mother Trinity. These two quickly rose in the ranks of the Elite army. Faisal became a popular commander. Dissension started to brew as Overlord Tarik cast Faisal out. Elyon remained with the Elites until Faisal returned.

Faisal trained himself in the art of chi perfecting it. Elyon and he learned of it from another alien race in the Southern Quadrant of the multi-verse and learned to project their inner spiritual energies in a physical manifestation. Elyon knew that the Elite technology could not be matched, so he suggested they go primal. Faisal liked the idea and began recruiting against the Elite within their own territory. Overlord Tarik did not like this and saw Faisal gaining influence. Faisal decided to make a show of it; as Elyon dubbed this growing force: Empire. Faisal and his Empire proved their might by marching against the Elite directly.

Empire quickly overwhelmed the Elite forces through subterfuge, guerrilla warfare, and used nature against the Elite. Faisal�s knowledge of nature and pure brawn out maneuvered the heavy artillery of the Elite. The advanced technology fell to the simplest militaristic strategies. Faisal released the failed wildlife experiments into the war ending it in a mere week. Empire became victorious leaving the Elite race to near extinction. He personally battered Tarik into nothingness. Faisal dubbed himself an Empirian and the planet became known as Empiri. Faisal and Elyon stripped away most of the technology. Both become revered as gods among men. This started the next chapter in Faisal�s life.....Empiri.

Note: The real role-play story of Raijin Constantine(now Faisal) from June 2006 to the present. This is condensed, but still holds many details of Faisal�s entire role-play existence. This covers about everything consider it my role-play journal.

[Elites] and Zell

Empire started strong with a resounding victory over the Elites. Faisal encountered a strong warrior from the North Galaxy in his travels. Faisal barely won, but the other warrior gained his respect. Elyon meanwhile saw that a different army called the [Elite] inhabited the galaxy. This Elite force remains one of the most massive forces in the multiverse. Elyon realized that they needed to expand Empiri and incorporate races from other galaxies and planets. Elyon began brokering deals. Faisal started to test his mettle by facing this galaxy�s finest. The Empire became making enemies due to this.

A few straggling Elites from the original Empire on Empiri committed treason invading the planet. They called themselves the Order of Chaos but fell easily to the Empire within the week. The next challenge remained a little tougher as the elusive Sigma challenged Empire�s might. Sigma moved erratically, but his backing army did him no good. Empire toppled them in a few weeks leading Empire to one of the greatest warriors of the multi-verse: Zell. Zell had not been defeated in four years and took on multiple opponents easily. Empire faltered at first. Elyon struck a deal with King Kaddish of the [Elites] to prevent the [Elites] from helping Zell. Empire took advantage and Faisal finally beat Zell one on one. Faisal felt vindicated and believed that he had become the strongest in the galaxy.

[email protected]@ge @ngel and Drakon Ashakra

Soon after, Empire continued to recruit successfully winning 4 wars and surpassing the [Elites] in numbers. Their success happened quickly in a month�s time. Faisal started to challenge the Majin King any chance he got. The Majin King dismissed his challenges, but Faisal threw a public challenge out every few days. Then, Faisal started to hear of others considered the strongest in the multi-verse. It was said that one Angelic could topple an entire army with ease. The leader of the Angelics seemed to tower over all others: Lord Hellzone. Faisal arrogantly wanted to see what these warriors were all about. His first encounter came from a sleeper that had infiltrated his Empire without his knowledge. The heavens opened up as an angel descended from the skies. [email protected]@ge @ngel with words alone showed Faisal that his power is inconsequential. He told him of all the history of these powerful warriors and showed him visions of the past featuring a man named Drakon Ashakra.

Faisal the Legend

These visions fueled Faisal to better himself as a warrior. Soon, the stronger warriors started to seek him out such as Bura and [email protected] Elyon had ideas of his own and proposed a triumvirate system with three leaders. The Empire had reached nearly a 100 members and two men could no longer handle all these members. They decided to christen Cain Darkwolf as third member of the triumvirate. This move would fracture the multi-verse into pieces later on. For now, they got along and Faisal started receiving challenges from everyone. Faisal would face many losses and victories until he really put it together. Faisal became obsessed with the fame. He encountered a headstrong man named Alus during this time. Alus created a branch of the Elite called Elite X which gave Empire a tough challenge for a few days. Faisal developed a rivalry with Alus that lead to many tight battles. Alus resented Faisal and started following his every move.

After this, Faisal fought continuously winning battle after battle. People started to respect Faisal. Faisal then took the next step fighting his mentor [email protected]@ge @ngel to a draw. Faisal also fought a young @rch Avian who had yet to develop his skill. This lead to a win, but Avian reminded him a lot of his younger self. Faisal started to train others passing on [email protected]@ge�s teachings. This included many like Carbon, Alus, and others to name a few. Drakon Ashakra completed the transformation by dubbing Faisal, god of thunder.

Lord Hellzone and Empire�s Peak

He challenged Lord Hellzone directly. Lord Hellzone surprisingly accepted and took him on as a prot�g�. Hellzone�s power shocked Faisal. Elyon joined in and the two of them learned from Hellzone. Faisal made a show of his newfound power fighting even more. He fought Alus numerous times without breaking a sweat unlike before. He fought a developing @rch Avian who put up a much tougher challenge this time and only conceded the battle after one good move. Others like Kryzon, Infernox, SOL, and Genesis tangled with Faisal in epic battles. Faisal decided to adopt Alus who showed potential. Alus learned quickly taking out the entire Revolution army. Faisal and Elyon kept Empire strong by taking out Hells Army who derided them for a love of writing.

Now, single Empire members could destroy entire armies. Empire reached its peak hitting 200+ members at this point. Cain and Elyon organized the Great [EMPIRE] Tournament or GET. Elyon won the inaugural tournament against Kaddish Jr. in the finals. Elyon vanished after this leaving Faisal and Cain Darkwolf as the only two Emperors of Empire. Faisal made friends with Ashakra�s younger brother Sunnix and Magnum. He gained a rank in the Ancient Majins, though Magnum remained suspicious of Faisal. Faisal also did not have to challenge the Majin King any longer. The Majin King decided to challenge Faisal�s Empire directly impressed by their growth. The Ancient Majins jumped at a chance for revenge on the Majins. Empire merged fledgling army Majestic into Empire and trained the leaders, Faisal renamed them Protox and Zemra.

the Defining War, Empire against the Majins

Empire and The Ancient Majins fought against the Majin Army, a few Spectrals, Hells Army seeking revenge, the Neos, and Lord Hellzone. The Majins ruled over the multi-verse making people expect an easy Majin victory. Faisal challenged the perceived strongest member in the Majins in Queen Kabura. Faisal won a tough battle. Empire came in an underdog, yet had 11 victories to 2 losses within 2 days. The Majin King retreated not wanting to see anymore. This caused Empire�s popularity to rise and legendary fighters like Kryzon and his son Solitude joined. Empire�s peak in popularity matched Faisal�s newfound popularity. Lord Hellzone had trained Faisal and defeated him. However, the war brought Faisal�s name into a new light. Some claimed Faisal strongest in the universe beyond even Hellzone. Hellzone�s adopted son Anguish brought forth the Spectral Army. An army said to trump all others. Protox and Zemra joined Anguish. This lead to another heated war.

the Destruction of Planet Spectral and Vindication

This war lasted an entire month and had a much different result. The war ended in a stalemate with Faisal and Anguish�s battle on Planet Spectral blowing up the entire planet. Around this time, Cain Darkwolf started to claim legendary warriors of the past like Hellzone were false gods. An uprising began leading to a third battle between Faisal and Lord Hellzone. This time, Faisal finally defeated Lord Hellzone and quickly at that. Faisal took his place atop the mountain. Empire easily beat the Ice Empire within hours and Faisal took out the Legion singlehandedly. Empire started to erode and only Faisal could see the cracks.

Power Struggle, the birth of T1 Empire

Faisal noticed Cain becoming an intolerant d*ck. Cain stepped on any who got in his way, while Faisal tried to help everyone training anyone regardless of skill. Cain started shaming people and deriding their reputations until they vanished. This split strained Empire�s resources causing another draw war with the [email protected] on Planet [email protected] Faisal respected the leader, and simply wanted to find out who was best. The PTB helped the [email protected] as well. Differences continued to exist between Faisal and Cain. The Empire imploded in January of 2007.

Cain decided to break off and create the T1Empire. His goal was to control the multiverse like a tyrant. Other lesser known worlds of fantasy were not spared of Cain. Cain seemed to have supreme power with T1Empire reaching 800 members at one point compared to Empire�s 200 at peak.....still the presence of Faisal haunted Cain. Cain in complete arrogance created a successful vanity project in the UCT. Cain won his own tournament (the UCT) and created a hall of fame. Faisal got several votes and more than other eventual nominees. Cain publically derided Faisal and his kindness to others citing him as soft. This outraged people and caused small riots. Faisal saw that Cain�s ego could be used against him. Faisal spitefully started going to T1Empire functions knowing Cain would not allow him in. This caused more distrust and hatred towards Cain and the T1Empire.

Unintentional Death of the T1Empire ((the true story, not the lies all others tell))

Faisal befriended the rising T1Empire star Rayvyn Alasdair. Rayvyn had righted the T1Empire ship and seemingly brought it to an unseen level of prosperity. Then, Cain learned of Rayvyn�s relationship with Faisal. He flipped out. Cain attacked his rising star and threw her to the curb. His selfish egotism could not allow a T1Empire leader to associate with Faisal original leader of Empire. Rayvyn left T1Empire and it fell apart overnight. ((Side note: Anything you heard about the T1Empire�s demise is dead wrong. This is the true story and the only reason it fell. Rayvyn�s absence killed it despite what anyone else in Fantasy genre, DBZ genre, or whatnot says, and the only reason he derided her was because she was close with me. I, Faisal Constantine, unintentionally killed the T1Empire. Cain directly killed it by allowing his ego to cloud his judgment and yelling at his best moderator. No one else had anything to do with it.))

The Next Generation takes over, Faisal leaves

Faisal created other armies to fill the gaps. The Hollow Syndicate, an Empire revival, the Basilisk Monarchy to name a few. All met moderate levels of success. Eventually, Faisal realized he had beaten the best of his time and all his heroes had fallen. The Tyrant from Vile ran scared from him. A few like the Siren, the legendary warrior, Sohan, Nova, and @rch @vian rose to prominence leading the next generation. His comrades had mostly left. Faisal decided to test his fortunes in another world.

This new world would bring him no happiness in the end. Faisal first re-found Elyon. The Constantine clan expanded with Faisal�s children such as Freya, Vergil, and others to name a few. Vanquish the leader of Hell rose to bring Ragnarok back to fruition. Apparently, Tarik had unsealed the Skelgardians during his death. Vanquish killed Faisal�s youngest brother causing a Constantine Civil War. The war raged on for months when Faisal and Elyon finally overcame Vanquish.

Advent-Belka Wars

Elyon died in the battle with Vanquish. Faisal finally decided to explore this new realm. All he found was overinflated egos, constant yammering, disorganized messes, and fabled wars that did not resemble a war. Faisal wanted to test himself, and some of these new warriors provided a test. Others simply argued limitlessly. This new scene did not impress him, but he did meet a few respected warriors along the way. The leaders of DKA and the Divine Shinobis ended up impressing him. The famed Belka-Advent wars did not impress. The disorganization and constant chatter prevailed over the war. Faisal regretted his decision to leave, yet knew he could never go back to where he came from. Faisal had seemingly lost hope until recreating Empire. Things went relatively well and succeeded when he recruited an ambitious man named Fei.

A New Alliance and Blitz

Empire�s final moment of glory came in its last war. Faisal along with this new warrior Fei led Empire to its final war. D.K.A. had declared war on Blitz, but lacked the bodies necessary for such a campaign. Empire decided to align itself with D.K.A. Monster led Blitz� army and Faisal faced him head on. Faisal won a long battle against Monster. The rest of Empire and D.K.A. crushed the opposition. The final score resulted in another 11 victories to 2 losses, the exact same score as the past war with the Majins that defined Empire. Faisal had been preparing to name Fei a member of the Triumvirate until treason occurred. Unfortunately, Faisal let his human weakness for females get to him. This caused a rift between Faisal and Fei leading to the eventual formation of Solaris. Faisal lost everything in the end. The once proud Emperor gave up fighting after all the frustration. This new world killed his hope.

A Lover not a Fighter

Faisal toiled around for years with only a few failed attempts in resurrecting Empire to his name. His children destroyed the remains of Empire as he remained gone. This all led to Faisal finding a woman, not of his world. She came from a place of flashy colors and without the seriousness of his former world (editing verse). Mani Pink. They came from two completely different worlds, yet found each other so captivating. The two hosted a successful wedding that was the event of 2014. Many people of both worlds came and celebrated this occasion. Everything did not remain perfect between them, but their closeness never fades. Two of the most famous people from separate worlds marry connecting all worlds together. His Empire falls for good as Ragnarok sweeps over it. Faisal prevents Ragnarok, but at what cost? Everything collapses into ruin. Faisal again leaves to train. His youngest child Rodion scavenges the ruins and destroys what is left.

Final Curtains

Faisal remains trapped in time. His immortality curses him to eternal life without death. Faisal reflects and realizes that death will only come through one final battle. Faisal seeks the finality. The curtains are beginning to close on Faisal Constantine. Does Faisal have anything left to give.....?

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Sep 24th 2019 00:03

Well when you do, tell him Sirus wants to talk to him?  If you don't mind?

Jul 29th 2019 10:13


I think you're [email protected]

idfk anymore.  

But if you are, where dat @nguish at?  I've been trying to find him for ages.  I miss him lol.
ᴀʀᴛɪsᴛᴇ ᴇxᴛʀᴀᴏʀdɪɴᴀɪʀᴇ

Jun 11th 2019 02:58

                                      I'm so glad you accepted! :D
                                                   I hope you don't mind the impulsive request, you just had such an interesting character I couldn't resist! 
                                                                    He's obviously well thought out, you must've dedicated a lot of time to the creation!
                                                                                                                                          I can't wait to experience how you portray him! :]

                                                                                                I hope the night is treating you well! 

Jun 5th 2019 21:39

Hey there, how’s it going?
I’m Bliss!~
ooc:// I apologize for the late greeting or reply (esp if it’s been years since we added each other). I’ve been busy super busy with moving and going to cons. But I am finally back, baby!~ I have had this character since the dawn of Ani so maybe 6 years now? Anywho, if we ever crossed paths before let me know. I have sh*t memory and a lot of y’all tend to remake all the damn time! Also for the first time in 4 years, I have opened up my role-plays! Please feel free to look around on my page as I have updated a lot of Bliss’ story. Reply back if you want to start an RP or discuss a storyline.
I love making friends. So if you wanna get to know me a bit more I suggest adding me on discord!~
I hope we can get to know each other soon and maybe have some edits together or make some wonderful stories. 
Have a great rest of your day~
(please ignore this message if we are already talking, thanks again.)
Corrupted Faith

May 13th 2019 04:30

"Greetings Sinner, and before you protest everyone is a sinner in my eyes"

"Shall you be judge for your sins in the past, they say that only god can judge you but then again I am here to reap your sins in his place"

"I've been told that my punishment is swift but my wrath is mighty"

"It's time for judgement, shall I give you any last words........a rite maybe"

He pulls out his worn leather bound bible out of nowhere and reads. "In the book of Roman, Chapter 3 verse 12 it says that all who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law." he spoke, his words clear with an undertone of English accent. 

(On a side note I would love to get something going with you. I have his bio up but it's a rough draft version of it. Just something to put up for now. If you have any questions ask away)
【 ⛧ 】

Mar 12th 2019 12:00

Hi im pretty gay.
But whats also important is that -

I fukin suck at comments. (^:
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- throws d'ick confetti. 
Was that inspirational or what!?

Ok no I'm Valechka, I suck at replying
But maybe lets be friends.

I have line and discord -
My line is peachyytea
Discord is milkymoon#5929 

ok xoxoxox - kisses to my b'itches. ♥
𝔰𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔫 Ω 𝔠𝔯𝔬𝔴𝔫𝔰

Feb 2nd 2019 13:44

Superb. Faisal is it then and thanks.
Same here. I have to take the time to do some reading.
Yeah, I noticed. xD I already sent out a request on discord.
I'm known as ( ー𝔦𝔰𝔥𝔱𝔞𝔯'𝔰 𝔴𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔥#3471 )
𝔰𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔫 Ω 𝔠𝔯𝔬𝔴𝔫𝔰

Feb 2nd 2019 04:39

Salutation and you're welcome. Do you have a preference between the two names?
Ally, ah? I guess I missed the memo once again. - shrugs. -
Ally or not I do welcome the chance to create fun role-plays with.
May it be creating friendship bonds or mortal enemies.
Oh! Wait. The name is Amelia Dea Inoue.

Of a promised King👑

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Jan 19th 2019 04:38

FaiFai! ♥
I have returned!
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