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Characters: Yami Yugi
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inside Yugi's body, he seems to become more of a caring, nice and friendly disposition, even though he always had that in him, and the friendship of Yugi's friends had helped it be revealed to others. Yami is a strong, powerful and skilled Pharaoh. He attempts to balance darkness and evil in his use of the Shadow Magic from his Millennium Item. Unlike Yami Bakura and Yami Marik, he never uses it for personal gain, instead preferring to help others in need, and to inflict punishment only on people who have severely wronged innocents. He is slightly reserved, as he doesn't reveal his existence to Yugi or his friends. At first Yugi feared Yami Yugi, but after Yugi admits to thinking "another Yugi" exists inside him, his friends become aware of his existence and accepted him as a friend. Even before, Yami is extremely protective of Yugi. Yami's pride is his greatest strength and weakness. Initially he refuses to lose games, without considering the consequences. This has caused him to almost kill Seto Kaiba by attacking his monster while he stood on a ledge and the shockwaves could cause him to fall if Yugi chose to win the Duel (in the Japanese version, Kaiba threatened to commit suicide should he lose). Yugi holds him back from such acts at times, but he is not always successful. Yugi becomes afraid to let Yami out for a while, because of the harm he could cause. During his Duel with Rafael, Yami, albeit with great hesitation, eventually ignored Yugi's objections and used the Seal of Orichalcos rather than lose. Ironically, it was this action and Yami's subsequent corrupt actions during the Duel would lead to one of his few defeats and the capture of Yugi's soul by Dartz. Yami expressed great grief and guilt following the battle due to Yugi's willingly suffering, which were because of Yami's actions. However, he was able to conquer and purge the darkness within himself; which also eradicating the malignant influence of the Orichalcos that remains within him. Learning how to lose became an essential aspect of Yami's journey, which he is tested in the Ceremonial Battle. Yami is also wise and intelligent. He knows all the rules and details of how the game is played, as well as those of all games. He also knows several special game techniques, such as the Double Hit dice roll technique, which, when two dice are used and the one with the weak spin stops first, lets him make the dice that's already spinning hit the one that isn't, allowing him to change its number, which is done by bumping the field with a body part, e.g the elbow. Despite being an ancient Pharaoh, Yami is very quick to learning and utilizing modern technology. He, despite initial shock, was able to quickly grasp the concept of holographic technology, how Dueling Arenas and field Power Bonuses worked, was able to use the Dungeon Dice Monsters Help computer to quickly formulate strategies, and was able to use Duel Disks flawlessly on the first try. Yami is also capable of translating the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians, figuring out the riddles or clues and what they mean. Through Yugi and his friends, Yami Yugi learns the values and powers of friendship and unity. After seeing Yugi overcome Marik in his Duel with Joey, who has been possessed, Yami thinks to himself, he learned something from Yugi; that in kindness lies the greatest strength of all; one day Yugi will surpass him in every way.[1] In the Japanese anime, Yami often refers to Yugi as "Aibou" (Partner) although there have been instances where he also refers to Yugi as Other Me, although being more prideful than Yugi he uses "ore" as such he would call Yugi "Mou hitori no ore".


""Fire and Ice""

Yugi Muto My partner

Yami shares a deep and close relationship with Yugi. Yami tries his best to protect Yugi whenever they encounter a dangerous threat; taking over Yugi's body to battle his foes. Even when Yugi did not know of his existence at the beginning of the series, Yami strove to rescue Yugi's grandfather from Pegasus whom he also deems as his grandfather, and would save Yugi's friends should they were in danger. After Yugi became aware of Yami's existence, the two began working together in either protecting the world from evil, or finding Yami's lost memories, all which further developed Yami's connection with Yugi more brotherly. Yami ignoring Yugi's advise to not use the Seal of Orichalcos. Amongst his complete obedience to Yugi, Yami would sometimes risk his link with him over the duels that he is on verge of loss. As while Yami strongly refuses to put Yugi's life at risk and always believes in his decisions, Yami's pride and refusal of losing would sometimes ricochet him from listening to Yugi, as seen in his duel against Kaiba for the second time in "Duelist Kingdom" arc, and against Rafael in "Waking the Dragons" arc, where he would go to any scale to avoid losing the duel. In the latter duel, however, Yami showed a great grief for losing Yugi because of his arrogance, and was vastly influenced by the loss of his partner to the point of losing faith in himself. When Weevil Underwood joked that he ripped the card containing Yugi's soul in his duel against Yami, Yami became very angry about that, and used his "Berserker Soul" magic card to launch continuous attacks at him until he draws a magic or trap card. Although Yami won the duel, he continued to attack Weevil mercilessly until Tea stopped him. Yami witnessing his friend, Yugi fading away. When Yami encountered Yugi in the Stone Wilderness, he explained to Yugi how sorry he was for his actions that lead to seal him. But Yugi, who was trying to pull Yami together, told him that he (Yami) only cares about himself so he does not care what happens to him as long as he has the power, and forced him into a duel. Although Yami refused to attack Yugi at first, fearing that losing the duel would mean that he would never be able to rescue Yugi and stop Doma, he reluctantly countered Yugi's final attack in order to win. The outcome of the fight against Yugi affected Yami very emotionally to the point of fainting, but he promised him that he would save him no matter what it takes. To the end of the series, Yami and Yugi continued to support each other with all the strength they got, sharing their both sad and happy moments together. When Yugi won the Ceremonial Duel against Yami, Yugi proclaimed that he was still not ready and strong to leave Yami. Yami, however, said otherwise, and remarked that while he is leaving Yugi for good, the gift of kindness Yugi has given him, and the gift of courage he has given to Yugi will bind them together.

Ceremonial Battle

See You!:With the seven Millennium Items, three Egyptian God Cards, Zorc Necrophades defeated, and his past learned (that including his true name), the pharaoh can depart the mortal world, and join his faithful priests in the afterlife. In order to open the doorway to the afterlife, Yami must be defeated in a Duel, known as the Ceremonial Battle. Yami and his friends follow the Egyptian belief that a pharaoh must depart via a boat. Joey and Kaiba both volunteer to face Yami in the battle, but Yugi insists that he shall battle Yami. Kaiba was skeptical of this, since he thought that Yugi would just be Dueling himself. He even grabbed Yugi by the throat and started yelling at him in a dramatic act of anger, but eventually stopped upon Yugi's determination. Yami leaves Yugi to think in private, as he constructs a Deck for the battle. Yugi does the same for Yami. Atem vs. Yugi They arrive at the Eye of Wdjat. Yami Yugi and Yugi split into two separate physical bodies and begin to Duel, with neither player holding back. Yami quickly Summons the Egyptian Gods. Using "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior" in combination with "Magnet Force" and predicting Yami's moves, Yugi is able to redirect Slifer's blasts back at the Gods, lowering their ATK and eventually destroying them. As the Duel continued, Yami's will was so strong and powerful he had actually influenced fate itself to draw exactly the card he needed at the right time. After a few turns, Yami Summons "Dark Magician", who Mahad takes on the form of to defend the Pharaoh. Despite Yami's best efforts, Yugi destroys his most faithful cards that Yami Summons. Yami tries to end the Duel, by reviving "Slifer the Sky Dragon" with "Monster Reborn", but Yugi predicted the move earlier and revealed the card he hid within "Gold Sarcophagus" was also "Monster Reborn", negating its effect. Yami parts with his friends and enters the spirit world to rejoin his friends. Yami ends his turn, ready to admit defeat. Yugi hesitates to make his last attack, as he does not want Yami to leave. Yugi weeps and orders "Silent Magician" to attack Yami, winning the Duel. Yugi falls to his knees, crying, thinking that he is weak and cannot follow in Yami's footsteps. Yami tells Yugi that he is not a coward and reminds Yugi that he has taught him about the principles needed to win. Now that he is leaving, he says that there would be no one else for Yugi to follow and that there would only be one Yugi. The Eye of Wdjat glows on the wall. Yami tells it his true name, Atem, in order to open the gate to the afterlife. His friends try to talk him out of leaving at first, but come to accept that he must go. Yami then says his farewells and enters the afterlife to join his ancient Egyptian friends, where he can finally rest in peace.


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ᴛʜᴇ ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ sᴡᴀɴ

Dec 19th 2018 18:36

The White Swan

Hello! Thank you for accepting my add or requesting me. I'm Ahiru Arima. You can call me Ahiru.

With that said, here's hoping to have something going with you, especially discussing a magical adventure (story line). Well, not your usual magical girl adventure though. Still, hope to hear from you soon!

𝓐pricot 𝓖irl🍑

Dec 7th 2018 01:32

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Konnichiwa, Pharaoh~
Thank you for accpeting my request to friendship.
The name's Mazaki Anzu, even though I'm pretty sure you already know, being the alter-ego of my best friend Yugi!!

I'm looking forward to get a story going with you, if you're up for it. Or we can chat. I'm open for both!

 Also, I use Discord but don't really roleplay on there.
If you wish to chat me up though, here's my ID: Disturb With Caution#1273
I didn't really have a plot in mind when I sent the request but I'm sure we can come up with something awesome. :)
River Moonlight

Dec 6th 2018 17:33

sure, no problem. 
River Moonlight

Dec 6th 2018 16:18

Alright, so we'll do my 2nd idea? Shall I start it or do you wish to with Yugi and his friends coming in?
River Moonlight

Dec 6th 2018 16:10

Well, 1. It's still ancient Egypt times when Atem is still the King and maybe he wants to learn about other cultures and so he arranges a trip to Japan where my character River Moonlight lives with one of his priests a companying him for safety. And it could go from there. 

My 2nd idea is: Maybe River is a new student at the high school Yugi and his friends go to and things can go from there as well. 
River Moonlight

Dec 6th 2018 15:51

How should we start? Any ideas? I might have one or two. 
River Moonlight

Dec 6th 2018 15:35

would you like to rp?
נפל ∀αικψrïε

Dec 1st 2018 23:44

"Will you offer your soul to Odin?"

 Thanks so much for the add. Always happy to make a new friend. As for me i do semi to novella, but i like staying around 2 to 6 paras since i only use my phone or tablet. I WILL NOT do erotica or romance roleplays. Just because i have some hot\sexy pics of my character doesn't mean i want to have sex with you. Asking me for erotica will result in one warning then deletion. Comedy and Action are adored. Hope to hear back.
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