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"Nothingness is beauty. And your worlds are weak. Let me see your awakening...and your...despair..."

28 years old
Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
United States

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Characters: The Vile One, Weaver of Chaos
Verses: Open. Primarily fantasy, action, science fiction, or the occult.
Length: Multi Para
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"Do not forget all you have seen. Let nothing bring you down. You control your life."
The words of her mentor surged through her mind. Years since they had echoed. The Vile One felt the reason why though; she had dared allow something to assert its law on her? It dare tell her her place in the cosmos? Dark power ebbed from her form, paling her skin out completely-

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About me:
Titles: The Vile One, Piece of the Wholeness, Weaver of Chaos
True Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 28, appears 19
Height: 5'1''
Weight: "I'm light, idiot. Look how short I am."
Species: Human, Fragment Weaver
Homeworld: Earth
Abilities: Ageless (The Vile One does not age and will not die naturally), Imagination Shaping (She can create most things through her imagination), Regeneration (The Vile One is able to heal most injuries to her body if she can focus on them, the greater the wound, the longer it takes to heal), Spare Bodies (If she is killed, her mind is uploaded to a copy body stored in a pocket dimension)
Weapon: Judecca's Harem (A scythe capable of both severing physical matter and also stripping sentient beings of their positive emotions. This will leave the victim without the ability to feel gratification or joy, eventually trapping them in a state where their will to live is snuffed out and they end their own life.)

The Vile One is a separated piece of another Fragment Weaver she refers to as The Wholeness. She is a nihilistic, cruel entity that acts as a recepticle for The Wholeness' horrible feelings, sadistic and murderous habits, lust for power, and obsession with all things serpentine. Curiously she seems to have her own positive emotions as well, as she once claimed all pieces of The Wholeness have one common desire; to find a place they belong. She appears as a short, unkempt girl who looks younger than she is, bears heavy dark circles under her eyes, and never styles her hair. The Vile One also never wears shoes, and wields a perverse and foul tongue laced with insults and heavy profanity.

She is a self described villain, drawing glee from watching enemies, and would-be heroes fall into absolute despair, preferring to be present when they lose their will to live itself. She is shown to be an expert scythe user, and is capable of moving at extreme speeds and employing strength that should not be capable for someone of her size.

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