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Characters: Priestess
Verses: Goblin Slayer
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Manga, Open,
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Let's Go on an Adventure!

ゴブリンスレイヤー (Goblin Slayer) Opening Full Mili - Rightfully
  • 女神官


    Goblin Slayer


    I'm here to role-play and chat. Crossovers and OCs welcome. No smut/mature. and please do not attempt to rape or harass my character. Don't do that to the precious smol bean. I won't hesitate to block or report! Thank you and happy role-playing~
  • Personality

    Priestess is a kind and shy person. She considered to be frail and delicate-looking, and is rather prone to shedding tears and going red-faced when troubled; this usually happens whenever Goblin Slayer is being callous. Still, she can and does maintain her assertiveness while tearing up all the same. However, her passive behavior renders her emotionally vulnerable to extreme life-threatening situations. When her first party was slaughtered in her first adventure, she broke down and was too frightened to move. Priestess reacted the same way when when her current party members were about to meet the same fate in Water Town's catacombs. Occasionally, she has shown confusion and anxiety over the way her miracles were being used under the instructions of Goblin Slayer, who makes full use of its effectiveness in brutal tactics. This only gets worse when she returns to the temple and receives more miracles, making her wonder why the Earth Mother would grant her these protective miracles if they were being used in such a contradictory manner.
  • Abilities

    Priestess possesses defensive and support miracles: Minor Heal, Protection, Silence, Holy Light, and the newly learned Purify.
    Holy Light《聖光 (ホーリーライト)》: Used to temporarily blind opponents with a large flash of light.
    Minor Heal《小癒 (ヒール)》: Used to heal minor injuries, but cannot cure anyone suffering from poison.
    Protection《聖壁 (プロテクション)》: Allows Priestess to create a magical barrier that shields her (and her party members) from attacks and projectiles.
    Purify《浄化 (ピュアリファイ)》
    Silence《沈黙 (サイレンス)》

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✗Black Steel

Feb 15th 2019 16:05

Hi hello!
Thank you for taking the time to accept the request.
Truly appreciated.
Whenever you feel like chatting, discussing or rping, don't hesitate to reply!
But do take your time replying. I ain't one to get mad over slow replies

Feb 12th 2019 20:35

Thanks for accepting me! It's a pleasure to meet you.

I hope that we can get along and I'm really looking forward to talking with you more and discussing a roleplay with you soon.

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