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Characters: Prince Adam, He-man
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{Note: This version of Adam is not connected with any of the shows, this is one I made up. He will fit more into Space Opera settings or Fantasy settings. WIP.}

Prince Adam had always been a rather weak child, at least compared to his father, a warrior king who united the feuding worlds and kingdoms under his banner. He was good at medicine making, creating potions with the court wizard Orko. But both he and his sister knew that sooner or later Adam would find himself in a battle where his words would not help.

During one of his walks through the old ruins of his ancestral home of Castle Greyskull, he felt a pulling to the lower levels of the castle. Following this feeling Adam heard a voice in his mind, something telling him to go and uncover the secret that lay within the old castle's walls.

In the inner most chamber of the castle, he stopped and looked around, this was a room he had never seen before. Only finding it through the voice that was talking to him in his mind. And in a bright flash of light, he saw a woman appear in front of him. She was dressed in white armor, an ornate staff in one hand and a sword in the other. Adam looked at her in awe, but also a bit of fear.

The woman talked without moving her lips, her voice went through Adam's head, but it was calming to hear. Like her body her voice was angelic and beautiful. Even one such as Adam, who secretly enjoyed the company of males over females, had to admit she was beautiful. But she told him that he was destined to do great things in his life, to become the next warrior king of his land.

Adam laughed, saying that he could never be a warrior king, his body would not allow him such a great feat. He was sickly, his sister could beat him in sword practice. But the Sorceress placed the sword she held on the ground between them, saying that he could pick this one up. With a skeptical look, Adam reached down and grabbed the handle of the sword, surprisingly finding it light as a feather.

The Sorceress smiled, telling him that as long as he had that sword he would not be as feeble as he once was. This sword would allow him to have a better life, one worth actually living, but there was something else about this sword he needed to know. Deep within the blade was the spirit of his ancestor, a hero lost to time, one who gave his life to seal away a darkness from another world.

Long ago the land was protected by a warrior, he ensured the safety of the world, but a darkness that even he could not hope to defeat with his strength alone came to the land. From the darkest parts of space, an unknowable force of darkness stepped onto the land, taking the form of a man with a skull head, the people called this man Skeletor, though his true name was so foreign and alien that people a simple attempt at pronouncing the first letter drove men mad.

He came to the world to rule it, but the warrior came to stop the intruder, only to find himself easily knocked away like a new born child. Skeletor mocked the protector of this world, now heading to the then new Castle Greyskull.

Within the halls of the castle was the warrior's wife, a beautiful queen who saw the coming darkness in a vision. Using her magic she did her best to prepare for it, but soon she could hear the sound of the guards fighting against the dark intruder, and she knew her fate was sealed.

With her last bit of magic, she called out to anyone that would listen, in the hopes that someone would come and rescue her, but her prayers were not answered fast enough. Deathly cold fingers wrapped around her neck, forcing her to turn around. Looking upon the face of her new captive, she could see into the darkness behind the hollow skull, and she screamed.

When the warrior finally made it to his caste, he ran to find his wife in the grips of the monster. Black tentacles came from his mouth and eyes, they forced themselves deep within the body of the queen, piercing her eyes and throat. Demanding for him to let her go, Skeletor did just that, tossing her to the side before vanishing.

Running to his wife, he saw her coughing up a black ooze, it smelt of rotting flesh, but soon his wife began to change. Her skin became oily, tentacles erupted from her eyes and mouth, her body shifted and changed, turning into a large serpentine-like creature that had spider legs, and a mouth filled with tentacles.

The former queen ravaged through the country side, none of the weapons anyone had could damage it, not even the warrior could find a way to kill her. As he watched his former wife rampage through the countryside, he could only weep in sorrow at his failure to protect her, his people, and now this darkness would engulf his world, though even in the darkest hour there is light.

The Sorceress appeared before him, she told him that his wife's prayers had been heard, and that the magic his wife used did not go in vain. She told him to go to his castle, fetch the sword he used, and bring it back to her.

The warrior did just that, going through the rubble of the castle he built with his own hands, he finally found his sword, broken and dulled from the rocks falling on it, but he hoped this woman could fix it.

Climbing back up to the Sorceress, he placed the broken sword at her feet. He asked her to fix the sword and bring his wife back to him. She a sad look, she told him she could only to one thing, fix the sword with his wife's magic.

Imbuing the sword with magic, the sword soon repaired itself, looking as if it had just been forged the other day. Taking up the sword, the warrior rode off to find his wife, knowing what he had to do with it.

The beast that was once his wife curled around a mountain, her spider legs dug deep into the mountain side, she was sleeping. Climbing up the mountain, he made his way to the top of her head. With a heavy heart he plunged his sword deep into her head, feeling the body of the creature move in pain, but he continued to hold his ground, surprised to see her body start to solidify into a black crystal-like substance. Pulling his sword out, he soon told his wife goodbye, now heading off to find Skeletor.

With the warrior busy with fighting his former wife, Skeletor had free reign over the world. His black crystal towers had sprouted up all over Eternia, slowly turning the people into horrid creatures. The warrior slaughtered so many people he swore he would protect, but he knew that he had to get to the sorcerer, he had to stop him. He soon found him bringing another dark crystal into the world, but this would be his last one.

The two fought each other for days, neither of them wanting to lose to the other. The warrior was fueled by rage and vengence, wanting to remove this cancer from his land. While Skeletor was filled with dark and sadistic glee. But soon the warrior was able to land a killing blow to Skeletor, causing the lich to vanish into thin air.

And all at once the black crystals that were transforming the land and people vanished, crumbling into dust before dissolving into the ground. But before the warrior could have a moment of peace, the Sorceress came to him, issuing a warning, Skeletor could possibly return, he would need to be ready. Looking at the sword, he told the Sorceress to trap his soul within it once he died. His power and will will be imbued into the weapon giving those worthy in his bloodline his powers to stop this evil again.

And so years went by, the warrior always expected to see Skeletor again, always saw him in the shadows, that laugh haunting his dreams, but he knew that if his bloodline was worthy, they would be able to defeat him. And on his deathbed he entered the sword, his children from his second marriage going on to carry his name and lineage.

Adam came out of the dream, knowing full well what this all meant, Skeletor was coming back. Looking to the Sorceress, he asked if he was ready for this, to which she could only respond with no, no one is ready for a darkness such as him. Adam knew that he had a weight on his shoulders now, he had to protect his people, just like his ancestor did. Stepping out of the castle, he took his first steps into his new life, ready to fight against this new darkness.

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