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31 years old
Okeechobee, Florida
United States

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March 15 2019

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About me:
Go ahead and use me. I'll have a purpose again. Maybe then one of us will feel happy.
Who I'd like to meet:
It doesn't matter. Nobody cares.

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F A N G S ;

Mar 14th 2019 23:13

// greetings and blah blah blah. I'm Payne. I novella, multi para and para, I have info on my page but am NOT limited by Harry Potter verse. I'm open. If you have discord mines littlewolf#8975 I would love to get a story going
A Broken Man

Mar 14th 2019 22:53

of course no one wants me. stupid. why would they? dumb bastard. another stupid worthless disgusting man who doesn't deserve to live. sh*t. i'm sh*t. sh*t sh*t sh*t. should die. should just die. nobody would care. nobody would miss. make everything better if i die. no more pain for me or them. wish i was brave enough. coward. always a coward. too scared to live, too scared to die. f***ing coward.
A Broken Man

Mar 14th 2019 22:50

is this what you wanted out of me? if i die, will you finally be happy?
A Broken Man

Mar 14th 2019 22:48

worthless submissive garbage. that's all i am. never be better. never be more. never be good enough. worthless. worthless. worthless. worthless. deserve to die. wish i was dead. wish i was never born. so tired of pain. so tired of loneliness. so tired of soul screaming inside me. just want to die.
A Broken Man

Mar 14th 2019 22:47

what more do you want from me? just stop. please stop. i've given you everything. there's nothing left. please stop hurting me. just go away. i'm sorry i loved you. i'm sorry i ruined everything. i'm sorry i was ever born. i'm so sorry. just please stop hurting me.
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