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//Lmfao. Yeah that’s kiiiinda hard to do when Beelzemon has the look of death on his face xD

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The Tiger

Apr 19th 2019 04:18

Tiger looked to her and blinks a few times, once again an ice cold chill ran down his back at her last few words spoken. Rika had quickly become someone Tiger feared now.
"No, I'm not foolish enough to make such a move without permission. I have built a home for myself outside of the city. It's not far so if there was any trouble I would be here in minutes to assist. As for how much you will see me, if you like I can keep it to a minimum if that will help you of course."
The Tiger

Apr 19th 2019 04:05

"I apologize Rika, I didn't know. I'll make a note of that for next time."
He says to her as she would back herself away to a place where she felt more comfortable at as he would remain were he sat as to not add to things. He was trying to help her understand what was going on and didn't want to mess up any progress he may have made thus far even if that progress was little at best. He then would listen to her words and saw her wall slowly begin to crack as the tears would sneak out from her eyes. Rika held deep emotions and feelings inside her but not knowing how to express them made her push other away and be alone but she understood them it would seem from this sudden break.
"You didn't really know and understand at the time Rika what Renamon was to you, but what matters is that you learned that lesson and came to realize what she is. Not just your digimon partner but your closest friend. Everyone makes mistakes Rika, it doesn't make us horrible if we learn from them. Renamon is still here and your bond has grown since that time hasn't? You see her in a completely different light. I know Renamon holds nothing but love for you and the past is just that Rika, the past. She always came back because she knew what you felt inside the whole time. She was just waiting for you to see it to."
The Tiger

Apr 19th 2019 03:36

Tiger would open his eyes when he would hear her voice lashing out at him, asking what else he was going to take from her. Tiger stood up from where he was and walks over to Rika and would take a seat in front of her. Now before her he looks up into her eyes so she could see his as he would speak.
"I'm not taking anything from you at all Rika. Renamon is and will always be yours, I could never break such a bond nor would I desire to. You both need each other and I know what you both mean to the other. My being with her doesn't mean she will be leaving your side. This place is her home and she's not going anywhere I assure you Rika. I'm am not taking anythi ng from you, it is more along the lines of me joining the two of you. I have no right to come in and take from two I am hoping to join and become close to as family, to do that would be foolish and Renamon would kick my ass out of this place faster than the wind blows in the sky. You don't know just how much you mean to Renamon do you Rika? She loves you beyond all things, and I love her but if she were to ever tell me to go and never come back because you feel a certain way I will do it with no complaints. So, if you feel I am taking her from you I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart I will never do that. Her happiness means more to me than anything and you are what makes her happy, even more than I do."
He says as he was looking her in the eyes so she could see his words came from his heart.
The Tiger

Apr 19th 2019 03:20

Tiger would remain were he was seated at, his eyes still closed however he was fully aware of what was going on around him as shown by his ears flicking now and again. He had curled his tail around his waist to keep it out of the way as well. As he sat there he would hear her faint humming of the song that has latched not only into her mind but her heart as well, the melody was lovely and her voice even while humming was just as lovely to. He could get a sense of her emotions through it, Rika was strong indeed, but she was afraid of getting close to others outside of Renamon, and perhaps Renamon being involved with him made her feel some kind of way but Tiger would do what he could to show Rika that not even he could take her spot in Renamons eyes, Rika would always come first no matter what and hopefully someday she will see it.
The Tiger

Apr 19th 2019 03:05

"Well, if I am honest this has gone a lot better than I was expecting it to Rika, and I understand, take all the time you need."

Being yelled at by Rika wasn't upsetting however he knew it was coming and prepared himself for it. Renamon had told him a little about her tamer and now he was seeing it, however before she went to the other side of the house to sit alone Tiger looked into the young girls eyes and saw the emotions within, her words were not out of anger nor dislike. This was something she was new to and didn't quite understand yet and given what she said about her past her reaction was justified. Tiger obeyed her wish to be alone and would walk over to the small pond that they had and would sit by it, his legs crossed, paws resting in his lap now as he closed his eyes.
The Tiger

Apr 19th 2019 02:50

Tiger would frown a bit hearing her words and certainly could understand her side of things and why she felt as she did. "I understand Rika, and I am sorry for what your father did to you. Given your age I know it was difficult but I will do what I can to gain your trust as i knew i would have to. I told Renamon you would put me through a test of some kind. I will not take this personally in the least and you don't have to trail us, we'll be more than happy to have you right up front with us anytime you want to join us, I know Renamon would like that but I will not push, like with Renamon I know this will take time and effort on my part."
The Tiger

Apr 19th 2019 02:39

Tiger looked to Rika as he awaited her response, in that moment that felt like forever he could easily see Renamon in Rika and the other way around, it was no wander they were partners. Then as she finally spoke, even with that faint smile her words send a shiver down his back much in the way Renamon has done to him a few times before as well. They were girls he never wished to cross. Tiger would the kneel before Rika on one knee. "I have no intention of ever hurting Renamon in any way. She is my heart and soul, and I want nothing but for her to be happy. I swear to you as you are her parent, I will always treat her well Rika. I will also be helping to protect you as well. I will not allow harm to come to either of you. I give you my word."
The Tiger

Apr 19th 2019 02:28

"Haha, I knew it wouldn't take you long to notice Rika. Yes we are, Renamon was worried how you may take this, I do hope it doesn't make you think she gone soft on you Rika. She's still as strong and even stronger than she has been in the past. We have also been training together as well. She wants to make you happy and proud so I am helping her however I can to do that."
The Tiger

Apr 19th 2019 02:21

"The pleasure is mine Rika, and I feel I may know the question but please by all means ask away."
The Tiger

Apr 19th 2019 02:18

//*bows before her with his right paw over his left fist* Greetings, thank you for sending me a friend request. It is a pleasure to meet you Rika. My names Tiger Demone, a martial artist who is also what is called a Zoanthrope, basically a humanoid animal to keep it simple, I won't bore you with the details. I look forward to speaking with you sometime and getting to become friends over time. I'm usually always around so feel free to contact me when you wish. I'll be happy to explain anything more you would like to know. Until then, I hope you sleep well and we talk soon. *bows once more*
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