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“Sheep for sale...” she would yawn “...from...Company of Wool and Science experimentations headquarters of China...” The sheep would yawn again, feeling tired as always

15 years old
Murrieta, California
United States

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September 22 2019

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About me:
🔹Name: Cotton Blue or Miss Blue 🔹Age: 18 (. or 15 to 30) 🔹Location: She usually travels but original location is China, but she likes to travel to USA sometimes 🔹Height: 5’2 🔹Sexuality: Pansexual 🔹Personality: Cotton is a kind sheep , and she is seen to be tired most of the time, she is also very obedient, and likes to help a lot . Cotton is also very Intelligent but sometimes naive in nature. Cotton is also very timid, and a little nervous of new things. but she. is always willing to do them. 🔹Species: Chinese Sheep 🔹Accent: Light Chinese, and her voice tone is soft 🔹 Languages known: Sign language, Spanish Latino, English, Russian, and Chinese. 🔹Backstory: Cotton was born in a meadow just like most sheep, but she was. chosen for genetic engineering experimentation. Then after. a few years she was grown to be a Anthro sheep with long soft hair. (wool that felt like soft cotton) that helped sheeps to give wool without it being painful, and helping many workers in the cotton fields to get different , and tiring jobs. The human genes that were added to Cotton though were a little unnecessary but it was fun for the scientists anyways. A few years later Cotton was now useless to the company since the experimentation on her was over, but Cotton was left with great education, high intelligence, obedience, and her wool that she hoped to give someday....So now Cotton is for sale...waiting for a owner. 🔹Lewd Info🔹 🔹Cup size : E or perhaps just DD? (Cup) 🔹Kinks: Light Bdsm, soft pain play, roughness, being dominated, collars & chains, light humiliation (not extreme humiliation). Any kink is ok with me but know the limits. 🔹Limits: Feces, Extreme pain play, Flatulence, Vomit, Diapers, and Gore ... 🔹More clear image of Cotton Blue: http://www.aniroleplay.com/photos/32/26/2389025629664770909.png
Who I'd like to meet:

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