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Street Fighter Alpha version. -GAY- (friendships are okay) Para to multi-para.

30 years old
Winchmore Hill, London
United Kingdom

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August 18 2019

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Orientation: Gay
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Cammy White
Verses: Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha, SF, Dead or Alive, Capcom, Smash Bros. Fighting, Sparring,
Playbys: Susan Hart
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Open, Spar/Fighting, Video Game,
Status: Single
Member Since:August 14, 2019

(For f*** sake. I just lost a reply I typed up because I got logged out! Why does this site have so many damn issues? Bad enough I have to use AD-Block just to have a decent browsing speed here, then I have to disable it for this place.)

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About me:
**Holds up a sign that says 'GAY!!'**

SF Alpha Cammy.


As a young girl, Cammy was kidnapped by Shadowloo. Aside from the fact that she's English, the details of her past and her abduction are still shrouded in mystery. Shadowloo used her as a guinea pig in their super soldier experiments, subjecting her to all sorts of tortures. However, it worked! The mad scientists of Shadowloo modified her DNA, giving her super-human strength, speed, healing, agility, etc.

Once that was done, they brainwashed her, trained her, and turned her into what they thought was perfect soldier.

Bison was so impressed with Cammy's skill and loyalty that she earned a spot at his side as his most trusted servant.


Personality: Cammy is quick-tempered and generally easy to irritate, although there are times she can remain level-headed and collected, showing little emotion. Prone to moody moments, you never know when she may shift in attitude or personality. She's also very stubborn, and trying to talk her out of something she's decided on is like trying to talk to a wall. She also has a very soft spot: Having a strong weakness for cats.

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Gᴏɴ like the Wɪɴᴅ

Aug 15th 2019 12:15

Messages ^_^
Narcotics & Death Hexes ☠️

Aug 14th 2019 22:06

We can speak wherever you like sweetness
🌸 Arcade Hype Girl 🌸

Aug 14th 2019 12:35

Messages please! 

Aug 14th 2019 12:19

ooc; Messages would be best since I am at work at the moment. And it’ll be easier for me this way.
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