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Characters: Ryuuko Matoi
Verses: Kill la Kill, Crossover, Open
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Anime, Comedy, Crossover, Open, Spar/Fighting,
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About me:
Spoiler Free Summary since I’m not an a**hole. ((Series is like five years old by this point though, seriously go watch it, it’s available on a lot of sh*t))

Ryuuko Matoi is the very definition of a punk bitch. With short cropped hair, and an expression that varies between scowling, mocking smirks, and intense anger. She’s spent most of her childhood and teenage years at boarding schools where she frequently got into fights, all the time, becoming a well known delinquent among the faculty and getting a great deal of fear and respect from the student body. No matter where she went, there was nobody around tougher than her.

One day though, her father, the one who had sent her away to begin with sent her a letter, asking her to come home. So she did, only to find him dying, a massive red blade, shaped like one half of a pair of scissors stuck in him. He told her that when she found the other half of the scissors, she’d find his killer, but heard nothing else from him before he died. Her chance of ever learning about her father was taken from her, her family home even destroyed, blown up as she chased what she thought might have been the killer, and now she travels across Japan, searching for the killer.

Optionally can be set after arriving at Honnoji Academy, this part is still spoiler free, nothing will be mentioned here that isn’t covered in the very first episode.

The secret to her father’s killer might lie at Honnoji Academy. A strangely militaristic school run by its student council, the Elite 4 and their president Satsuki Kiryuin, a school where uniforms literally grant super powers, so called Goku Uniforms, giving greater powers if they are ranked from one, two, or even three stars. Even Ryuuko, tough bitch that she is, couldn’t hope to compete, without her own special suit, a ‘Kamui’ called Senketsu, giving her powers that exceed even Two Star uniforms. She’s determined to beat the truth out of Satsuki Kiryuin, and find out if this bitch is the one who killed her father, or knows who it was.

If you want more spoiler filled details about her backstory, check the blog post.
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Cute Killer ❤️

Aug 23rd 2019 21:54


  "Ohaaaaaaaai Ryuko-Chaaaaaan!~ Did you think you would Lose Your Way without little ol' me?~"

"But hold on,allow me to introduce myself,i am Harime Nui,the Grand Couturier of Revocs Corps,and the most adorable lady you will ever meet!~ I hope we can get to a more...closer chit chat now,i have some things to talk to you about.~♥"

-Breaks the 4th wall and looks down at the lower comment.-



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Aug 22nd 2019 19:59

"Y'know, I've come across a lot of weird-looking weapons on all of my adventures. But one half of what I'm guessing is an oversized pair of scissors? That's a new one to me. Are you some kinda hairdresser that works with giants? Think you could help me get my quills sharpened, too?"
//Yo, thanks for accepting my friend request! It's always greatly appreciated. Feel free to ignore the IC bit up there, by the way. I do those for the fun of it. If you ever want to get something going then just shoot a comment or a message my way, whichever you prefer. 'Til then, I'll see you around.
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