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"Some are born with curses...others dark is left to us how we choose to reach our final destination."

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Characters: Soma Cruz, Dracula
Verses: Castlevania, Bloodstained, Devil May Cry, LotR, Witcher, Soul Calibur and more
Playbys: Prince of Darkness
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
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"Well now...I think that takes care of greetings and invites for the day. Night has befallen us and the wicked have begun their trespasses...stand firm comrades." If any would like to continue discussions or the like, I do have a Discord. Otherwise, may your night bode well.

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dark prodigy

Soma Cruz is the reincarnation of Dracula. Back when he was studying in Japan in the year 2035, the year where the first solar eclipse of the twenty-first century was to occur, and he and Mina were on their way to see the astral event when fate stepped in: the two are transported into Dracula's castle itself. Immediately protective of Mina, Soma sets out into the castle to find an exit and save themselves from its demonic influence.

The young man encountered various other individuals who were drawn into the castle, and from them learned Dracula was indeed dead, but his castle sought a new master. During the battle against the castle’s monsters he demonstrated an ability that he was not aware of possessing previously: the Power of Dominance, the ability to steal the souls of life forms and bend them to his will in various shapes and effects. This supernatural trait is a derivation of Dracula's primary power, the ability to command monsters.

As himself, he is serious, but friendly and cares for the people around him, all the while having a strong sense of duty. However in the scenarios that he becomes the Dark Lord, his malevolent nature is far more accentuated than Dracula's.

An unexpected sequence of events in Dracula's Castle caused Soma's dormant powers to be awaken with Dracula's primary ability, the power to rule over defeated monsters and demon's souls and to project them in a variety of forms according to their potential. These souls, from lowest to greatest will obey Soma and will support, protect and even fight alongside Soma to defeat his enemies. Though Soma dislikes and even fears this power, he will have to rely on it to brave the aberrations of Dracula's castle and live to tell about it.

These souls can be projected in four different forms portrayed by their color; Red Bullet, Blue Guardian, Yellow Enchanted and Silver Ability Souls.

At a young age, he mastered a variety of arms such as basic swords, spears, axe, melee punches and hammers as well as the first one to wield firearms ranging from handguns to heavy weapons. He also mastered Magic Seals, used to counter demons that regenerate their lives through the Portal of Darkness. The Gates of Darkness cannot function without the seals, like a cover to a hole. However, complicated seals can be created to ensure the caster have difficult time sealing the Gate within the given time.

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