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i already accepted dark side, only you can the inner spark of light that come forth new for you

32 years old
Mesa, Arizona
United States

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April 08 2020

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Come on x... LEts go pick on uncy neaifo
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Hurry!? I got to return to myself again
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Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends, Connect with Artists,
Discover New Music, Rate Music,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Colorado springs
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Education:High school
Characters: Neaifo Kaz'hea/Layla Miyamoto/Rosalina Silverrosepetal
Verses: really Cilia... you are not smart... Show me what you got... Kitty
Playbys: Raven
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Manga, Music, Open,
Status: Single
Member Since:March 26, 2020

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About me:
i am Raven Tachibana and i am a half fallen angel and human i am known as the angel of darkness. but the curse that is laid before you, and its goes like this: "the one who frees this angel will feel in love with him for he is now your life, but when he surely dies is your greatest pain, for you are his future wife." Raven: normal stage, he uses his short sword called the Fallen Feather and uses his agility and speed when up close and will use Fallen Barrage or Dark blade to to either inflict pain and slide away from him. when he is within range, he will use his his wings to use Raven Silver Moon Barrage or use Dark Sphere to cause infliction of of pain and blindness or to entrap his foes with a shadow orb and a huge explosion, sending them away into the abyss Raven: accendsion(1-3), his short sword is now a long sword know as the Cursed Nightmare, he has power and strength(A1) plus his speed and agility goes up as well,0and he use Unholy strike or abyssal strike immobilize or shroud them minds eye, or in paralyze.when he is out of reach, his range spell Shadow Grasping Aura or uses Sonic Speed, either cloaking in a sphere of darkness with his foe(s) that he can only see them but he/she/they cant see him in a 100 foot radius or up his speed of flight to mach 20.in accendsion 2, he only gains absorbsion of magic spells and tech ability for a short time but his four attributes goes up, and now his long sword becomes a great sword known as the Lover's Oath. sadly (a2) requires a lover of the opposite gender. accendsion 3 gives him the powers of healing6 light and photon to heal him and protect him of anything, and his flight speed is now 30, his attributes goes up once more and his great sword is now a claymore known as the Redeemer. Raven: awakening, this is where becomes known as the angel of love and hate, his claymore is now Felicious that splits into a short sword and a war blade as one, to separate them is the lover's name, all his attributes goes up by double and if he is up close if will use Angelic slash or Demonic slash, they both will send you packing6, and at a distance if will use either Angel feather barrage or fiery demon's fang Raven: godsend,0at this point, he is finally known as the angel of balance,his Felicious becomes known as origin, the planet splitter. all his attributes triple,but this is used in the last resort, cause could kill him and will trigger the curse
Who I'd like to meet:

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Mar 31st 2020 18:23

โ™ฅKurohimeโ™ฅ: -hugs you tightly and kisses your forehead- thank you so much for helping me! i will add you when you are done helping me! and to answer your question, i am South Korean and i am the one of kiegen's friends. ill explain later on the phone, and yes, he also gave me your # to text or call you by. -smiles big and clasp my hands together- okay i'll leave two pictures on here so i want those as my profile pictures. okay, bye for now, g will call you later once i sigh out of here. mwah

Mar 31st 2020 17:56

wait!? are trying to tell me you gave your info out to your bf, or friend and your profile was taken from you? are kiegen's friend from south Korea? ill help you out anyway, the price you are paying is that you don't ever give your info out, ill do do everything for you and save your pics on this prof also, tell that big North Korean/Hawaiian i said watamalone! -i pat your head gently, then i wipe away your tears as i smile to you- 2 things is this, one is no more giving your info out and two is ignore that friend/bf. so smile more often, it makes your but jiggle.

Mar 31st 2020 17:33

โ™ฅKurohimeโ™ฅ: well... *she looks right at you as my tears begins to flow down my cheeks* my profile stole my profile and you to help me... please, even if its a new one, i am fine with that. kiegen gave me your information and to explain to you what happen.

Mar 31st 2020 17:18

what you do now Kurohime?
did you forget your password again? -.-??

Mar 31st 2020 17:10

Kurohime: my profile wont let me, sparrow, can you help me? โ™ฅ

Mar 29th 2020 13:16

what is going on keigen!
is you and Roxie at it again?

Mar 29th 2020 13:04

keigen: sorry that i hacked you bro but something and we need to talk

Mar 28th 2020 03:53

tell me more about her!
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