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Characters: Cloud Strife
Verses: Final Fantasy VII Crossovers within reason
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Supernatural,
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About me:
(Waiting on playing the remake till it's out for PC, but watched all the cutscenes. That being said I take my own spin on Cloud that I hope is appreciated, and more in character I feel with him in my playthoughs of VII.) "I still see that sea of flames, but it won't weaken me. It's all the more reason why Sephiroth needs to be destroyed this time. If I could remember how he lost...." Blunt to the point of coming off as cold, yet empathetic, and thoughtful. Cloud is a man with many contradictions. Although some memories maybe muddled it's not hatred that drives the warrior forward. Although apathetic to the fate of the world when it came to Shinra's control it was out of belief the company had no future. Rebellions would constantly spring up, and Soldier was always running in circles to keep up. At least till things got personal. Before that Cloud did manage to make good on part of his promise to Tifa. Cloud did join SOLDIER, but was only a 3rd class. Injected with Jenova cells the power he craved finally in his grasps. Cloud ended up being under Zack Fair's unit often once becoming a First Class. It was these missions that would plant the seeds of doubt in Shinra. More then that witnessing the duels between Angel, and Genesis left a deep resentment for Shinra within the young man. Zack's death only solidified that resentment into a weapon. This mix of hatred, and desperation to protect the few people that mattered. Maybe it was just an effort to keep a promise to himself? Before Zack passed away he made Cloud promise he’d protect Aerith, and then there declared Cloud an honorable 1st Class SOLDIER. After horrific effects from Hojo’s experiments wore off Cloud felt stronger then ever. Sometimes in the middle of battle would go into a rage especially when facing groups like the Turks, Hojo, the president of Shinra, and worst of all Sephiroth. Something beyond his own hatred, and honestly sometimes Cloud was scared of it.
Who I'd like to meet:
Anyone VII related

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Lone Cetra

May 28th 2020 00:42

No need to thank me. I enjoy making friends. Thank you for actually roleplaying with me unlike the many others I have on my list. 

May 12th 2020 19:06

Haha your Cloudness shows...but hey that’s why everyone loves the character right? I like playing with other people’s hair but I don’t like when people play with mine XD No need to apologize, I believe it is I who owe you a reply and I’ve just so busy with work that I haven’t been able to reply back to anyone. I’m a workaholic, it can’t be helped.

May 10th 2020 13:09


May 8th 2020 17:43

Well don’t feel too bad Cloud. Times get tough for all of us here and there. Hang in there. you want to touch my hair?

May 7th 2020 12:46

Yeah the burnout is catching up to me and I just hate it so you really do like red heads haha XD

May 7th 2020 11:53

My motivation is write is crap rn @.@ I think I’m having more fun just talking to you tbh So you just like to see pretty red heads in a dress hmm? Well too bad for you because I’m a brunette in rl lol

May 3rd 2020 21:08

Please don't take what I say to heart, it's all in character LOL.

Apr 30th 2020 10:11

Hello, new friend. I would like to take the time to say, 'thank you' for adding/accepting me on your list. My character's name is Ramlethal Valentine, she is from a fighting game called Guilty Gear. The reason why I'm stating her name is because Guilty Gear unfortunately isn't as popular as other fighting games such as Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. If you know of Ramlethal or Guilty Gear in general, then that's awesome. Saves me the trouble from explaining lol XD
Anyway, I hope to become very close friends and roleplay. Excuse me if I kind of made the greeting short or dragged it out too much. I'm not an expert on those fancy artistic greetings, but I hope you're fine with this one. ^_^

Apr 29th 2020 22:02

OOC: niiiiccee. i'm more of a edibles and blunts type of gal. smoke in my room? lol

haha ok ok, I was like.."wth is Cloud doing? why would he let this happen?" XD

Like I said, no rush. I am patient :)

Apr 29th 2020 21:38

OOC: yo puff, puff pass.....
..................are you serious? is that what tifa's and aerith's make you do all the time? LMAO i'm literally crying from how funny I found that
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