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The source of Jovanah's power, wisdom, and charismatic thoughts and words come from five elders. Each one is a specific aspect of the Heart. Wolfesbain, the Wolf of the elders Harnesses the power of wind, their sense is smell and their power is in strength. ?e??, the Leviathan harnesses the power of water, their sense is touch and they pride themselves in their dexterity. Flemme, the Dragon of the elders harnesses the power of fire, their sense is sight and they have great constitution. Otrov is the Snake of the elders, they harness the power of Earth, their sense is taste and have wonderful charisma. Lastly is Vitesse, the Lion of the elders. She harnesses lightning, has immense wisdom and their sense is hearing. With the combination of these five that feed the heart in her time of need and protection of not only herself but her family and Avalon itself, it is a force to be reckoned with by anyone. But, unbeknownst to her, she had one more. A necromancer, an enchantress.

One morning, on the way back from convening with the elders alone, she was caught in a storm. But it wasn't any normal storm - there were no rain clouds, just thunder and an odd red lightning. But it was a new area - Avalon had just been moved for the third time and she didn't know everything there was to know about this place, so Jovanah thought nothing of it. Instead, her body guard and dear daughter - Atsuki, the lazy little cannibal - gave Jovanah a special cloak that normally she wouldn't be caught wearing. A full body cloak that could keep out the elements. It was fun to have a vessle for mother nature as a friend. Just outside of the Avalon gates, lightning struck. A split second decision - Jovanah looked up and seen a face in a red flash, a red lightning, and then nothing. Days later, she woke up in her bedroom with Suki standing beside her, but not looking into her eyes. No, she was more fixated on that burning sensation on Jovanahs face. it was only after a few moments of trying to stand up that she realized the lightning mark going from her temple down to her neck.

Questions, questions were all she had. The lightning mark took up most of her thoughts that she didn't even realize the change in her eyes, But Suki did. No matter how many times Jovanah requested to know, Atsuki acted oblivious to the whole thing. Still, it didn't explain how her 'body guard' couldn't figure out how Jovanah was waking up to bruises, scrapes and tattered clothing. Something was wrong... Another thing she couldn't figure out was the debilitating headaches. Jovanah was accustomed to other peoples pain, but not her own. No, this was so different.

Otrov has blood laced with a potent nuro toxin, this enhanced with that of poisons affecting ones nervous system. His charisma will rival that of a powerful sorcerer;ensnaring the mind, enticing the senses. In his velvet hiss, a song used, he may coax you into a deadly dance with the menacing serpent. One could say, this combination has it's own deadly effects. Paralyzing even considered to be intoxicating to some; the feeling could be described as though you were under the influence of a drug. Color of his body fluid changes, crimson/azure twisting in to a menacing mixture. He grants the Heart all of these when residing within her perfection.If cut, the poison quietly seeps past the scales and spreads upon the soil. The only downside to that, is that if a flame catches the poison, it will burst into a plume of smoke thus surrounding the area, making the air people breath in filled with heighten toxins, however it will dissipate much faster that way. His ability to feel vibration from a great distances.Preventing those whom wish to harm from sneaking up on the lavender female. His stealth can be one of Lady Jovanahs favorite attributes. Moving beneath hard and angry soil like that of a keen sword through dead flesh."Be with those who help your being. Don't sit with indifferent people, whose breath comes cold out of their mouths. Not these visible forms, your work is deeper. A chunk of dirt thrown in the air breaks to pieces. If you don't try to fly, and so break yourself apart, you will be broken open by death, when it's too late for all you could become."

Flemme has the blood of pure acid laced lava, and the durability of the healthiest fighter. The heat that flows within can be said it matches his temper; flowing with such anger fed by is volcanic views on haters. His scales are almost impervious to puncture, however, his aggression is the easiest to pull out in the open when provoked. His best friend is the snake, loving to mix their two abilities together to make a deadly duo. The deadly combination of these vessels can be a sight to behold. Being the oldest of all the elders, Flemmes wisdom rules over all. Large teeth made of an unknown substance has it's own ability to tear through metals and fabric not know on this rock. His personality does not allow him to be as the rest, however, his ancient blood and knowledge has been irreplaceable. Never to be challenged or questioned, the outcome would not be pleasant."The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better. So then learn to conquer your fear. This is the only art we have to master nowadays: to look at things without fear, and to fearlessly do right."

Wolfesbain has a keen sense of smell, able to detect any prey or danger from a great distance. Wind and his ability to control it direction, works in his favor. Redirecting even the gentle of breezes with a simple whisper, one deep inhalation carries information others would pay no mind. To be able to smell even upwind, to tops of close mountains, he keeps the kingdom safe from hidden intruders. His strength is in his claws, which can cut through almost anything in time. His eye sight is of the keenest in nature. What the senses miss, his optic catch. He is the one closest to Stormy, Lady Jovanah's constant companions. As time grow old in it's history, these two have remained, young at heart. One can not help rule with wisdom alone, humor shall always prevail. Their constant antic to keep the heart amused, should in no way be misunderstood. They are deadly. As with most creature of this breed, being leader of the pack is not what plagues this beast. Her only concern in life is protecting the heart. His gentle words of his own wisdom spoken to Jovanah in her dreams. "When things go wrong as they sometimes will; When the road you're trudging seems all uphill; When the funds are low, and the debts are high. And you want to smile, but have to sigh; When care is pressing you down a bit- Rest if you must, but do not quit. Success is failure turned inside out; The silver tint of the clouds of doubt; And you can never tell how close you are It may be near when it seems so far; So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit- It's when things go wrong that you must not quit."

Vitesse is a wonderful stealthy predator, hearing even a small bug walking atop a leaf. His wisdom aids Jovanah in decision making, and making sure that Jovanah is safe from immediate harm. His conceitedness doesn't allow him to get his pretty claws dirty, however he will if he must. Lazy to a fault unless Lady Jovanah is in immediate danger. This feline is not what he appears, he is also the one whom taught the leader of Avalon to allow others to view her as weak. Use this to her advantage, to their demise. This one lesson has served her well. Smelling the fear of ones enemy can be done. This alone has been one lesson not easy for Jovanah to take hold of, however, this elder is always within her to encourage the ability. His beloved words of wisdom to the lavender beauty. "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves 'who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of Avalon. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of Avalon that is within us. It's not just in some of us; its in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Vepo loves the feel of the cool water running across her scales, and loves racing the other water creatures in the ocean, however her size can differentiate to make it a challenge for herself. She loves the ability to perform tricks, and slither out of harmful situations, however this trickster has found herself in a few knots, literally. An imaginative trickster she is. Although they have been called one of the 'Seven Princes of Hell' she has devoted herself to the protection of the Heart.The leviathan has another trick: when she is hungry, she opens her mouth and a sweet smell comes out. The animals are tricked by the smell and they enter into her mouth. Suddenly the leviathans jaws close. Likewise, any man who lets himself be tricked by a sweet smell, unavoidable or resistible and led to hell-mouth will go into a painful hell, opened by the devil so they say — if he has followed the pleasures of torment. When the leviathan has brought them within striking distance, she clashes together the jaws, the gates of hell. No one can get out from them, just as no fish can escape from the mouth of the whale.Her words of wisdom always rang true for the lavender female. Be-careful whom you trust, and never give into be content with being just one."Space is as infinite as we can imagine, and expanding this perspective is what adjusts humankind's focus on conquering our true enemies, the formidable foes: ignorance and limitation. Evil is not power; it is ignorance and misuse of good."
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About me:


Name: Lady Jovanah Devlin Avalon.
Age: Appears mid-Twenties.
Race: Immortal "Heart".
Orientation: Straight.
Status: Single, uninterested.

Skin: Beige.
Eyes: Florescent Lavender.
Tattoo's && Piercings: Small succubus on her right outer thigh, traveling heart up her abdomen.

Alora Avalon [Deceased.]
Father: Doom Kiseki.
Brothers: Demise Avalon, Jack Tarsuku Avalon, Jovein Avalon.
Sisters: Kanashii Avalon, Keiko Avalon.
Sons: Jael Moreith Blaek

"ผ่านความมืดและความสิ้นหวัง, ความเกลียดชังและความอิจฉา; ผ่านการต่อสู้ที่เราเติบโต ขณะที่ตระกูลเรามีความแข็งแรง -- ตามที่ครอบครัวเราผ่านพ้น."

- Language of the Elders.
"Through darkness and despair, Hatred and envy; Through battles we grow. As a clan, we are strong -- As a family, we are unstoppable."

abraXus Section Manager
Who I'd like to meet:

✗ I role-play with everyone. Males, females and all of in between. I do not discriminate. If you hapen to be in a relationship with someone I'm speaking to or role-playing with, and automatically assume that our conversation or role-play is sexual of any sort shows your narrow-minded ignorance. I hate assumptions. If you have an issue, tell me. We'll deal with it like the adults I am and I'm sure you're attempting to be. If you're going to talk behind my back darling, at least you know what happens when you talk sh*t to my face....

✗ Don't think befriending me will grant you special privileges. I've been on here long enough to know when someone is friends with me because of who I am, and when they are friends with me because of how I make them feel.

✗ Don't speak 'lyk dis'. In the words of my wonderful Atsuki: Do it, and I'll say 'no' because it's shorter than 'yes'.

✗ Going along with the rule above - I understand everyone makes mistakes. I dislike leet speak, but misspelling words does happen at times. But please, proof-read before sending to me.

✗ I honestly don't mind being a number. At least I can say I've tried talking with everyone. If you don't want to talk to me, so be it. I'm not going to beg for your friendship. Sh*t, just being on peoples friends list gets me a more diverse option of people to chose from who will actually talk to me.

✗ If you are going to role-play with me, you must understand that there is a slim chance that you will ever catch my character alone. Go after my character, don't be surprised if you have a message from one of my guards in your inbox. I am a seasoned role-player and well protected.

✗ Come on people, you were given a brain for a reason. Most of you are still in school, so use it! Don't let it rot away in that air filled head of yours! Use it, you may find it'll help you...

✗ IF Jovanah flirts with you, that does not mean she is interested in you in the slightest bit. Honestly, just as men get a kick out of making girls swoon, Jovanah has her little fun games too. Anyone who knows Jo knows that she is very direct. You will know what she wants, and when she wants it. Don't assume.

✗I have been role-playing for many many years. I have been called every name in the book, assaulted, threatened, I've heard it all. The past is the past, let it go. If you've heard rumors about me and it bothers you that much, ask me. I have no reason to hide anything. I will treat you with the same honor, honesty and respect that you treat me with. Otherwise, I have no use for you other than to test out my block button. I don't take kindly to threats.

✗I don't care how old you are, how smart you are, how long you've been playing, how much money you have, how good your edits are, etc. Sweetheart, we may live different lives, but our graves are all the same size. Stay humble.

✗Every sinner has a future, and every saint has a past. Save me your preaching, I'm finding my own way.

✗This is a fantasy world. Do not cross IC with OOC / Don't intertwine role-play with real life. That is a major pet peeve of mine. Do not ask me about my personal life; Lady J is always in character.... always...

My wonderful constant companion Stormy. Her ability to change her looks always astonishes me. From a sweet baby feline to a massive creature. Although I am use to her size in this state, she can be rather intimidating to others. Be aware of her and her movements, she never allows you to step to far out of line.


Mrith Itov Vur Tiichi, Shio Youwei Re Irsa Hesi La'gasp.


The past of the Avalonian tribe is a bit hazy. But one thing is for certain - they were healers-turned-warriors. Anything before that transformation has been lost to time. Whether it be stolen, burned, discarded, anything. The only people who know the truth are the five elders, and the heart.

Let me tell you my past, maybe you'll come to see why I am the way I am? Where to begin... Ah! I know. Before I was born, my mother was a wonderful medicinal healer. Her potions, exotic rubs, home-made bandages, everything were the most sought after thing in the whole village. Her beauty was admired, even by the gods themselves and due to that, she was an outcast among women. But she was also patient, understanding and very kind. When she spoke, she was so calm, her voice soothing. She never got into fights, not once, even when egged on. She'd simply bow her head, excuse herself and move on. How she was envied, and loved, and hated all the same. But, for that very reason, she loved the warriors. She seen their strength, their will to survive, to protect what they loved most! And one man called to her, a foreign warrior by the name Doom kiseki. True, his name was a bit odd, but how my mother adored him.

The heart, at that time, was extremely sick with a illness that not even the best healers could find a cure for. They were worried, the elders, thinking that this was too early, for another heart had yet to be born! And that's when my mothers fight, her first fight, had truly begun. You see, my mother was in perfect health, always taking care of her skin, her bones, her hair, her teeth, everything. So when she found out she was pregnant, she was thrilled! That was until she was five months in, and the bulge on her stomach began to show. Cramps like no other began appearing at random, much different from when she was pregnant with my brother, Jovein. No, they were different from contractions, and far too early for them as well. She contacted one of the elders to overlook her health, thinking she might have missed something. It was then all five elders rushed into the room at once, all speaking in mixed languages. One thing was for certain, both a gift and a curse to my mothers ears. "Too soon... It's too soon. We must ensure she goes to full term. Keep her here in the castle grounds!"

Perhaps that was why my father left? I mean, my mother was being taken care of, but her life was no longer hers to live. It gave my father an opportune moment to go reek havoc like he loved to do! Who wouldn't jump at the chance, right? But... my brother was also confined to the castle, forced to study until his fingers got numb from writing so much. What used to be a happy family living on the outskirts of the village was now confined to the Castle. How cruel, but yet, so justly. They were, after all, tending to my mother to ensure my birth, right? She was fed the best quality food, given the best medicine, everything someone could possibly hope for, but that wasn't what she liked. Being waited hand and foot on didn't appeal to my mother.

Four months had passed, and she was now full term which the elders were grateful since she had begun going through contractions. Sadly, these contractions lasted 2 days and my mother never let me forget just how long they lasted or how they felt. I was born on April 8th, the year is better left unsaid I think. Right then, my mother had thanked the elders for the aid in helping her child be born healthy, but told them that she was the mother, and she was going to raise me outside the village walls. She wanted me to have my feet planted firmly on the ground, and have a normal life like any other child. Even so, they protested, but mom just wouldn't have it! She took Jovein and I and left the castle, returning to her long-since abandoned home.

I was raised happily. I had a home with an older brother, a loving mother, and a father who would visit me when he could, always baring gifts from the many places and planets he had traveled, though he never would tell us just what he was doing there. And now that I'm older, I do think it was for the best. Ahem... Anyway, as time went on, and I got older, I always felt a little different than the other children. So... how do I put it... out of place, maybe? Perhaps that was because all the other women shunned mom. But no matter how dirty her face was, the dirt under her nails, the worn expression on her face, even the tattered clothing -- that did seem more tattered than sewn together. No one would know how thin she really was, since she wore many layers to hide the beauty she held --, her beauty always shined through. She was like that one shining diamond in the blanket of rubies.

Time had passed, and mom began to grow more tired, more dreary. That shine that enveloped her had grown dim, until one night, it faded all together. That's when I found out who I truly was. When her light dimmed, mine shown ever more so bright. The feeling of her power surging through me, and that of many, many more people. All these people, their lives that I saw through my visions, dreams, nightmares, even when I would just go pick up something from the store, I seen them, felt them! They were... me, in a way. But, all that power focused on a single spot on my right shoulder. Oh, how it burned for the longest time. It was not only the searing pain from the mark being embedded into my skin, but the loss of my mother.

Two days later, the burning sensation was gone, and a panther burn mark was all that remained. But, how? Why was that there? But then, I remembered the marks that the guards had worn. The fights they ensued with their seers? Though, at that time, they called them 'Magical beasts.' I worked day in and day out to figure out what that mark could do. At that time, my brother had already left to find his own path with his mark. But mine seemed different then any other Avalon I had seen. One night, I laid asleep in my cot, only to awake to a fierce growling echoing in my room. Someone was in the house that wasn't supposed to be there...

Leaping from my warm bedding, I grabbed the nearest piece of clothing I could, and leaped from the window, but that growling pursued, as well as footsteps following me! Finally, the growl turned into a wonderful voice. Neither male nor female at the time, and it echoed straight into my mind. "Stop!" it insisted. "I am only here to aid you! Please, stop running." And just as it asked me, I stopped and slowly turned around, unprepared for what I was about to come face to face against. A beautiful panther! Just like the mark on my... I quickly pulled back the clothing to see the mark was no longer there! I couldn't speak in all my excitement, but that was just fine, because this wonderful creature spoke in volumes.

"My name is Stormy. I am, what you call, a Magical Beast, though our given name is 'Seer'. We are the inner beasts of Avalons sent to guide and protect them. Though I, however, am very special. I am passed down from generation to generation to every Heart. As you may have known, the Previous Heart passed away a while ago, and now that you are of age, I have come to you. Please forgive me for startling you, Queen Jovanah, I had no--", No.. No, not Queen. I've always hated that saying. So, I quickly corrected her in calling me 'Lady' from then on. From that point, Stormy and I became very close. She was my best friend, my comrade, my guardian, my mentor.

A few weeks after that, I met those called 'The Elders'. Yes, it was very intimidating, but they were kind, and gentle when they needed to be, yet stern and forceful as well. After all, I was still a teenager! Years had passed, and I grew closer to my family. The Avalons, the people, my father, all of them. And, thankfully, the people of the Kingdom accepted me right away, no matter how young I was. But, I also felt they did it because I was the heart, not because I showed I deserved it. From that point on, I always made certain to leave time for the people. I'd leave the castle, Stormy close behind of course, and would visit family's of the sick, cure the wounded, worked in farms for those who needed the extra hand. I gained their respect and love the way I should have. I felt better about myself!

But I was still lonely. The only true friend I had was Stormy, who knew everything about me, and her views didn't change. Not that I didn't mind her being so close, but I also wanted... I wanted someone that understood me on a female human basis! And that's when I met Atsuki.... Yea, that blew over like oil and water trying to mix. But nonetheless, she was still there, showing up at odd and end times to protect Avalon. But there was always that side of her that could emerge when no one knew about it and reek havoc. 16 years had passed, and neither of us aged. Atsuki and I grew close enough to call each other sisters, and she explained her situation. Her not being of this realm, but of the 'Oblivion'. Her being sent her to watch how the humans live, her age, and then she disappeared...

Two weeks had passed, and nothing came from her. Which was unusual in her case, since she earned the title of Head of Defense. She knew what would happen if she disregards her duty's, but that didn't matter! She was in danger, I knew it! I felt it! Something was dreadfully wrong. I sent out parties to search for her, but came back with no luck until my father called me. He called to me, and instantly I knew what was wrong. I rode on the lightning current, it was the fastest way, and I seen him standing over Atsuki, who was once a member of the clan he lead, the Kiseki. He knew her very well, and so did I. She was... gone. No longer there, but that bastard demon within her was remaining to take over her body. No! I told him where to take her to halt the progression of the transformation, and I hoped I was in time to bring her spirit back from Oblivion before it made it to the realm of the dead.

He carried her to the castle, and laid her down. But no matter how much blood I gave her, it wasn't working. Her body was too far gone, and at this point, Nozu's energy was the only way to reconstruct it... or so he thought. I quickly ordered Doom, my father, to cut his hand, as I did the same, and we both placed our hands over Atsuki's heart, the deepest cut, and jammed our hands into her chest. The blood began to take, and the pure blood Avalons surrounded us, chanting in that ancient language, channeling their life force into her. Suddenly, her eyes opened. Atsuki was back! But her body was still dead.

With 4 months recovery for the Avalons, myself and Atsuki, she sat down and told me the curse brought upon her. She must feed on the souls of the living to keep her body from decaying. That was the judgment passed down onto her for dying. And with that thought, I invented the 'Bio-FEDs.' Biologically enhanced humanoids grown for the soul purpose of feeding her constantly growing taste for human flesh. But the souls... she'd have to get those. And so she did, when people attacked, and they attacked on a constant basis. She'd go from corpse to corpse, gathering the souls and she lived! After that, she got the title of Co-Leader, and we both ran Avalon the way it should be. Peaceful, yet defenders when the need called. So, that's my story of how I came to be. Not much has changed, but you can't expect me to tell all my little secrets, can you?

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Necromancers are immortal practitioners of death magic, commonly referred to as necromancy. Channeling their knowledge of the arcane into manipulation of the forces of life and death. Necromancy was classified as one of the seven "forbidden arts". Jovanahs ability to call upon her power to deal with those little to no life pulsing within them. This being a gift from Atsukis world. One meant to protect in her stead.The necromancer would surround himself with morbid aspects of death, which often included wearing the deceased's clothing and the consumption of unsalted, unleavened black bread and un-fermented grape juice, which symbolized decay and lifelessness. Necromancers even went as far as taking part in the mutilation and consumption of corpses. Rituals such as these could carry on for hours, days, or even weeks, leading up the eventual summoning of spirits. Often these practices took part in graveyards or in other melancholy venues that suited specific guidelines of the necromancer. Additionally, necromancers preferred summoning the recently departed, citing that their revelations were spoken more clearly; this time frame usually consisted of twelve months following the death of the body. Once this time period lapsed, necromancers would summon the deceased ghostly spirit to appear instead. All practices unnerving to the lavender female.

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