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Para - Novella. 18+ is welcome. Please don't add if you don't intend to reply. I'm excited to write with you!

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Orientation: Bi
Body type:Average
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:In college
Characters: Chaos Rose
Verses: Inuyasha, AOT, Dragonage, Game of Thrones, FMA, LOK, open, Underworld, Avatar,LOTR,medieval,
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Open, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Status: Single
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Someone love me I'm inspired

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About me:
My character is very flexible. I adjust her to my liking for each different person and verse. I have a couple OC's for LOK,Dragon age,LOTR and a few other verse I can't quite fit her into but seeing as I dont use them for everyone I will not post them as of yet. If one because popular I will think about making them a profile. If your interested just ask me about them, it's no biggie. I love writing with new people. I ask you leave your drama away from this area. I know a lot of people are busy but all I ask is you tell me. After 14 days of no reply either roleplay or Ooc I will delete people. In return I will also tell you that when I get to busy but I'm here a lot of the time at the moment. Para all the way up to novella. I LOOK FORWARD TO ROLEPLAYING WITH YOU :3 Name: Rose Race: Vampire Age: 783 Height: 5'7 Hair: Red Eyes: Green Class: Rogue Specialization: Assassin History? Well message me and find out!
Who I'd like to meet:

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Dragons Age

Dec 20th 2018 02:18

Thank you for adding me, I hope we can rp soon

Nov 24th 2017 21:26

we still rolplaying?
❅ Zekken ❅

Apr 17th 2016 00:48

Hey Rose,
We were discussing something on a different profile.
I'm actually going to switch here for certain reason.

We actually haven't discussed anything yet however so I think we're good and can start doing that now haha.

As for what I prefer I like both versions of FMA!

I like to combined them both into my roleplays at times or just do my own thing to make thing new and fresh or like a brand new episode or new plot no one has ever seen to make things fun!

I last saw you just started watching brotherhood right? I actually haven't finished it cause I'm lazy as hell but I got through most of it. xDDD
Fuhrer Mustang

Mar 24th 2016 01:13

No worries. Take your time. I was actually getting ready to fall asleep myself when you responded. Lol I look forward to it and will do my best to keep up.
Fuhrer Mustang

Mar 24th 2016 01:04

Well it will certainly be interesting. Don't know until you try. It's been a while since I have role played or even written so hopefully I won't be too disappointing. I have been kind of using the adopted story that this group made with a little expansion with someone else. Feel free to write it up and send it in a message. Easier to keep up that way.
Fuhrer Mustang

Mar 23rd 2016 23:37

Yeah slowly getting used to it. Some people are real sticklers about character and story. I generally just like to let it try and flow. Gather the information for a basic start and go from there. Still new to the idea of noting when in or out of character.
Fuhrer Mustang

Mar 22nd 2016 18:59

{out of character}
Hello Chaos Rose! I figured I would respond to you and let you know that the previous owner of this account has stepped down from it and given it to me. Now I am to some degree used to care free role playing. Ltc.Mustang happens to be my commonly used screen name for just about everything I do. I used to play a lot of online RPG games and my friends and I used to pretty much always play around. I'm fairly new to organized Role Playing though and it's been a little while so I have to get used to it again. Normally my friends and I just used to use to write normally and put actions in asterics for example *Holds his hand up and snaps his fingers to create a small flame trail for show* None the less, I just thought it would be polite to let you know and see what you think.
🔥Soreine Rose🔥

Jan 17th 2016 21:00

Honestly I would have to say from the seasons it would be season one. My oc has a history with Mako as I put in my bio (also goes along with the fanfic I'm writing) any way back on topic, I enjoyed season one best. (It was hard to pick a favorite)
🔥Soreine Rose🔥

Jan 17th 2016 00:09

You're quite welcome. I hope everything goes well for you friend. I can wait to see what you come up with :D
🔥Soreine Rose🔥

Jan 15th 2016 22:35

Yes I am still interested. Is your mom going to be alright?
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