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Characters: Alphinaud Leveilleur
Verses: Multiverse, Final Fantasy XIV
Playbys: Sam Riegel, Colin Ryan
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Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Open, Video Game,
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About me:
Female Admin • Multimuse • Open for RP • 16 years RP experience • Non-smut • Non-biased

Discord (my original)
Noctis RoyalRebel Caelum#3659

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Brief About

Alphinaud Leveilleur; youngest member of the Scions of The Seventh Dawn (At age 16) and grandson of Louisoix Leveilleur, and twin brother of Alisaie Leveilleur. The Calamity had left he and Alisaie seeking new and better life in Eorzea. The loss of their grandfather, Louisoix, had weighed heavily on their hearts. Alphinaud had taken up new residency in Gridania with his sister, under the care of the Elderseer, Kan E-Senna. He would soon meet up with Hydaelyn’s chosen Warrior of Light, whilst learning that the individual had also sought to help free Eorzea from the Garlean Empire’s influence.

Upon betrayal of his own Crystal Braves, Alphinaud had blamed himself for not being more careful with whom he recruited. Ilberd, an Ala Mhigan native, had convinced many of the Cryatal Braves to join his cause, even if it meant to slaughter any who stood in his way. A hasty and crafty escape from Ul’dah was their only hope to fleeing the mad mob that tailed after them. Alphinaud lost his friends within the collapse of a secret passageway of Ul’Dah’s city. With nothing more but to push on and seek refuge within another city, Alphinaud and the chosen Warrior of Light, made bound for Isghard.

Thankful upon Ser Aymeric’s hospitality to house the Elezen and the Warrior of Light, Alphinaud had forged new family within the House of Foretemps. Upon this new bond, Alphinaud had also forged a brotherhood with the Azure Dragoon, Estinien; whom had become a Dragoon in aims to take revenge for what Nidhogg, a Dravanian Wyrm Dragon, had done to his family to leave him orphaned. Alphinaud had worked together with House Foretemps and the Warrior of Light, to help bring an end to the tedious ruling from the Archbishop Thordan, Aymeric’s father. Shortly thereafter Thordan’s fall, Nidhogg had sought to take Estinien’s body as a host, via the power within his eyes, thus leading Alphinaud to pursue to save the only brother figure he ever associated with. Succession had come in Alphinaud’s favor, as the fallen souls of Haurchefant and Ysale, had come to aid their friend in freeing Estinien from Nidhogg’s hold.

The Far East held many enrichments for the Elezen, learning the troubles the Garlean Prince had been causing, had irked Alphinaud. He wished with the aid of the Warrior of Light, to help free the Doman territories of Zenos’s influence. Upon meeting Lord Hien, familiar and Master of Yugiri and Gosetsu, he had also learned about how much Doma’s residence had given themselves up to the Empire just to make ends meet. With the succession of reclaiming Doma from the Garleans, Alphinaud had promised Lyse that he would help set Ala Mhigo free as well. It is within the reaches of Ala Mhigo, where we would find Lord Zenos, the Garlean Prince, had done much damage to the people. Alphinaud and the Scions fought tooth and nail beside the Warrior of Light, defeating Zenos, taking back not only Lyse’s home, but General Raubahn as well. Ala Mhigo had been free from the Garleans, and are set to rebuild their new lives for a better future.

A trip to The First had brought more development into the Elezen, called upon, rather accidentally, by the Crystal Exarch. Albeit his original intension was to call the Warrior of Light, he had missed his aim (so-to-speak) and ended up calling upon the Scions. However, time had passed much differently in The First, and Alphinaud had adapted to life in this new realm, making himself at home in Kholusia in order to help matters there. [Will finish this part later]
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May 16th 2020 10:19

I apologise for not sending a greeting to you sooner! But thank you very much for accepting me as your friend. I do look forward to writing with you! So, while late is better than never, would you be interested in writing with me? I do have a few ideas and if you have any I would love to hear them as well!

May 13th 2020 11:42

"Thanks for the acceptance. Requested since you seem cool and all that jazz, so here I am. And no I don't have a fancy comment greeting or anything. Hell if I know how they do it, but damn... I prefer the old fashioned way. Don't be afraid to send something back in form of discussion, or just random banters. I don't mind either way" 

Apr 28th 2020 14:36

-- He truly has. I love his character development through the story. One day, I hope to see him have the faith in himself to be the leader we all know he can become/is fully. How are you, Twinny?

Apr 28th 2020 14:11

-- Hello there fellow Alphinaud! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and I hope we can create some amusing stories together. How are you doing this day? Please bear with my mobile only nature for the time being until I arrive home.
ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅᴀʀʏ ᴀɴɢᴇʟ

Apr 20th 2020 14:06

Thank you for accepting me.
I do looking forward to writing with you.
Hopefully we can have some interesting times.


Apr 10th 2020 02:54

★ -- Do not seek forgiveness;

Hi, hello! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read this! I surely hope you do not mind the copy paste greetings. But anywho! I am Irisvielle, but please feel free to call me Iri! I'd be more than happy to discuss a potential storyline, or just do idle chitchat, whichever tickles your fancy! I also have discord if you prefer to talk there too! I look forward to hearing from you, but please, do not rush yourself! Until then! Take care~!

it will not lessen the  burden ) .

Mar 7th 2020 02:09

—thank you for adding me, by the way big fan of your character so I hope we can roleplay sometime. I can openly adjust for any verse needed—

Mar 4th 2020 22:07

|| --ooc; 

Thank you for accepting my request! I would love to RP with you any time! At your leisure, of course. I hope you have a great rest of your day!
Mɪsʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀᴇᴅ Lɪᴏɴ

Feb 23rd 2020 23:29

Haha. Well then. The legend shall be rebirthed into the realm of Eorzea then! 

Hmm. Should we have him appear near the monastery, Doma, or perhaps somewhere far from where he should be giving Alphinaud reason to travel? Say around Ishgard or even Gridania.  I'm getting excited thinking about all the opportunities our story can bring!
Mɪsʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀᴇᴅ Lɪᴏɴ

Feb 23rd 2020 22:50

Interesting. Then my new friend, do help me determine what might be best for our story crafting then.

To have our legend return to life in the present of Eorzea as is--thus him and myself learning more of the new realms and challenges due to his association with the Scions?  Or having a point-in-time past version of Ramza being dislocated to this future. Thus giving Alphinaud and others information about his exploits to come before he, himself, would be aware.

Both are amusing options!
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