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Xu Shiya's Archives, the photo of Wen Yang, her husband. "No I am not being stalker-ish or anything, I am simply being photogra-wife! I can take his picture whenever I want!"
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    Xu Shiya ( 徐詩雅 / 劉夏 )'s Interests

◄ Affiliation ►
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Jin Dynasty Era
(Present Life)

Name : Wen Yang / Wen Chu
Force : Wei - Jin - New Shu-Han
Hometown : Bozhou
Date of Birth : 222 AD
Child : Wen Xuanli, Wen Xinli
Occupation : Grand General of New Shu-Han
Formerly wei officer under Cao Shuang along with his brother and father, Wen Yang met Xu Shiya disguised as mercenary and invited her to the army. It was not for long until he uncovered her plot of Cao Shuang's Assassination, Xu Shiya was forced to leave the army. Later he revealed Cao Shuang's mistreatment on Xu Shiya and the reason behind her action. Nevertheless Wen Yang continued to serve Wei under his father advice. During the rebellion of Sima Shi, Wen Yang resigned and formed small rogue army, only then he was reunited with Xu Shiya who was serving under Shu Army, and later they formed new faction under the name of New Shu-Han, a completely unrelated faction with Shu Army founded by Liu Bei.
  • Wen Yang was renowned as brave mighty warrior, people who acknowledged his deed even recognized him as reincarnation of Zhao Yun. Ironically Zhao Yun was Cheng Liuxian's(Xu Shiya pre-reincarnation life) love interest.
  • Xu Shiya once saved Wen Yang's life from pack of silver wolf but he was so severely injured that he could barely identify his savior before completely fall unconscious. Xu Shiya healed Wen Yang's wound then left unnoticed, Wen Yang still remember the moment, however it had never been talked about even after their marriage
  • Xu Shiya's reason of joining Cao Shuang's army was solely to approach Wen Yang, because she was attracted and charmed by his appearance when he was leading army of mounted troops, and she fell in love with him.
  • Wen Yang was 5 years younger than Xu Shiya in chronological age but in term of personality he was more matured than Xu Shiya.
  • Wen Yang started addressing Xu Shu as 'father' after their marriage, despite of being Xu Shiya's foster father.
  • Wen Yang's attachment to Wen Xinli was stronger than Wen Xuanli, although he tried his best to give equal treatment and affection to both of them.
  • Xu Shiya addressed Wen Yang with his childhood name, Wen Chu, after their marriage, just because she found that name cute
  • Despite of his intimidating presence and gigantic posture, Wen Yang was known as calm and kindhearted officer to ally and enemy alike. During his Grooming party before the wedding, he was forced to take sip of alcoholic drink, he went berserk and destroy everything after that. Lin Gui, the army doctor mentioned that he had low tolerance for alcohol but the witness claimed that Wen Yan was likely possessed and changed into a completely different person.

Foster Father/Teacher/Guardian
Name : Xu Shu
Force : Wei - Shu - New Shu-Han
Hometown : Jing Province
Date of Birth : ??? AD
Occupation : Chancellor of New Shu-Han
Profile :
Xu Shu was formerly officer under Wei faction, he joined Cao Cao's army to protect both Xing Shi; one of Liu Bei's Concubine, and his own ill mother. Being a talented strategist and skillful swordman, Xu Shu was assured his mother's recovery under Cao Cao care in exchange of his loyalty. He hid Xing Shi in small cottage just outside Xuchang and took care of her himself until his encounter with Mystic Zuo Ci who was aware the presence of dark orochi aura from the unborn baby. Xing Shi had to struggle and delay the birth of the child in order to cleanse her soul for years, In the end of the tragedy it eventually costed her life to give birth to the baby whom she named Liu Shiya. In her dying wish, Xu Shu was made promised not to tell any soul about baby's true identity as Liu Bei's daughter until she was ready. For that reason Xu Shu adopted the baby with given name Xu Shiya and raised her like his own. Few years later, Xu Shu's mother died under mysterious cause, that time he decided to return Xu Shiya to her family on Shu Kingdom and served under Liu Bei. When Liu Shan succeeded Liu Bei as emperor of Shu. He supported Xu Shiya in her quest for peace by forming vagabond army that later became a different unrelated faction under the name of New Shu-Han.
  • Xu Shu usually appeared calm and collective when it came to any situation but when he was dealing with Xu Shiya rebellious sulky attitude , there was moment he had to yell angrily or shout to make his point as parent
  • Xu Shu actually tried his hardest to raise Xu Shiya to become a strategist or tactician like him, although Xu Shiya had more interest in his swordsmanship and she leaned more toward martial arts mastery
  • Xu Shu spoiled Xu Shiya during her childhood, it caused her to grow into snooty teenager later on. Ironically her social life outside the parental guidance changed her attitude as well as way of thinking. Although it was all merited to Xu Shu's patience and dedication to raise her.
  • Xu Shu was gifted water from fountain of youth by Zuo Ci as precaution, so that he could raise her and watch over her, just in case the remnant of Orochi's soul gained control of her body someday.
  • When Xu Shiya was still little baby she had never left Xu Shu's sight, he even brought her along to the council meeting and office, Claiming that the baby would potentially lead wei on road of glory
  • When he was serving under wei, he once had his chance to meet Liu Bei and recommended the Sleeping Dragon to him, however that moment Xing Shi was laying weak in her sickbed and to avoid suspicion and confusion at same time Xu Shu decided not to tell Liu Bei about Xing Shi's condition.
  • Xing Shi used her mystic ability to cure Xu Shu from the illness thus allowing him to survive and live longer.
  • After the revelation of her true identity Xu Shiya was persistent to have the name under 'Xu family' instead of 'Liu Family' Claiming that: Liu Bei is not my father.. he did not raise me, He didnt even know that I am exist, although I have this imperial blood from him, Xu Shu is my real father..
  • Xu Shu was caretaker of the twin valiant of wen, in the hope of raising another strategist for New Shu-Han Army in his absence, fortunately one of the twin, the prodigious Wen Xuanli became his perfect successor. When they were spending time learning together they seemed to possesse strong bond like that of father and son.
  • Despite Xu Shiya's rebellious attitude and misbehavior, Xu Shu was always proud of having Xu Shiya as his daughter. Moreover he found that Xu Shiya kept his family line as hers. Even so, Xu Shu occasionally addressed her as 'Little Liu' only to remind her about the fact.
  • When Xu Shiya asked Xu Shu for his blessing on her marriage with Wen Yang, Xu Shu was present in her wedding as single parent on her side, despite of his status as unmarried man.
  • More often than not, Xu Shiya showed her affection by cuddling, hugging, or simple kissing Xu Shu on the cheeks whenever possible, Supposedly it should be normal father-daughter activity but in rare occasion Wen Yang complained out of jealousy.

Sworn Brother
Name : Jiang Wei
Force : Wei - Shu - New Shu-Han
Hometown : Tian Shui
Date of Birth : 202 AD
Occupation : Prime Minister of New Shu-Han
Profile :
Originally military officer of Wei, he was part of Tian Shui commandery. Jiang Wei first time met Xu Shiya when he was hiring to search for specific kind of medicinal herb for his ill mother. It was the moment he discovered Xu Shiya's Mystic Power, and recruited her to the army. In her time of servitude on wei, Jiang Wei was aware of her suspicious activities as spy however he never intended on exploiting it even after Xu Shiya resigned from Wei. Jiang Wei was a brilliant general, but he was outsmarted by Zhuge Liang during the invation of Tian Shui. He was captured by Xu Shiya herself, and convinced to join Shu Army. After Zhuge Liang passed away, he joined Xu Shiya vagabond army eventually formed different faction Under name of New Shu-Han.
  • Xu Shiya did not claim the reward for the mission of seeking the herb but instead she asked Jiang Wei to apply her to Wei's army.
  • Jiang Wei took her mother along with him during migration of Xu Shiya vagabond army
  • Jiang Wei was looking medicinal herb for his sick mother however Xu Shiya was the one curing her from the sickness with her mystical power.
  • Jiang Wei and Xu Shiya were very close, until Wen Yang came around. They eventually swore oath as siblings on peach garden, along with Zhong Hui.
  • In her attempt on spying the army, it was Jiang Wei himself who meddled and interfered her with the progress. Oddly enough Jiang Wei had never shown any suspicion, it was most likely affected by his sheer amount of trust and gratitude for saving his mother
  • Xu Shu and Jiang Wei sometimes argued to stand for their difference of opinion regarding strategy of war and battle, usually during the meeting where people could only silently watching them throwing their own perspective idea to each other. However it did not affect their friendship and bond in daily life. Jiang Wei still considered Xu Shu as respectful senior strategist.
Name : Zhong Hui
Force : Wei - Jin - New Shu-Han
Hometown : Jing Province
Date of Birth : 225 AD
Occupation : New Shu-Han Viceroy
Profile :

Close Friend
Name : Xiahou Ba
Force : Wei - Shu - New Shu-Han
Hometown : ?
Date of Birth : ??? AD
Occupation : New Shu-Han Governor
Profile :

Name : Xu Lingxue (徐凌薛 Definition : Gentle Scent of Artemisia)
Race : Human
Force : New Shu-Han
Hometown : Xuchang
Date of Birth : ??? AD(depends on timeline)
Occupation : Xu Family Housekeeper, Imperial housemaid
Other significant Role : Xu Shiya's Lady in Waiting, Xu Shiya's Body Double (Political and war affair)
Weapon : Bow and Arrow, poison needle, various concealed and projectile weapon
Battle skill : Archery, Equestrianism, Precision, Accuracy
Profile :
Born as youngest child in wealthy family of successful trader. Lingxue grew up and lived in elite estate complex, alongside with nobleman and officers of Wei, including Xu Shu's family. Lingxue was a smart yet timid, sometime socially awkward girl, it was reflected on her school achievement that more often than not provoked jealousy from other classmate. It caused oppression from peer, even as far involving physical harm. Among those in the class, Xu Shiya stood for her. Lingxue was her very first bestfriend despite of her opposite nature with Xu Shiya who was known as tomboy girl. She was adopted by Xu Shu on the age of 12, that time her parent attempted to sell her after their family business went down to bankruptcy, she was blessed with family name of Xu Lingxue, and treated Xu Shiya like her own sister ever since
  • Xu Lingxue possessed striking resemblance with Xu Shiya, it was her actual appearance that she applied to Xu Shiya herself as they grew up along with other feminine subject such as: way of dressing, sprucing up, and behavior.
  • There was one time Xu Lingxue proposed herself to serve as body double of Xu Shiya contributing to Xu Shu's Luring strategy, however the plan was unbeknownst to Xu Shiya, and it was kept hidden among New Shu-Han Higher-ups

Bodyguard/Close Friend
Name : Xiang Yu (翔宇 - Definition : Heaven Ascension)
Race : Pure Mystic
Force : New Shu-Han
Hometown : ???
Date of Birth : ??? AD
Occupation : Imperial Gardener
Other significant Role ; Xu Family' Protector, Imperial Assassin, Undercover Agent
Battle skill : Equestrianism, Precision, Accuracy, Stealth, Close-quarter-combat, Lethal Strike, Inhuman speed and swiftness, Psychokinesis, Art of Sealing, Sixth sense
Profile :
Former assassin under yellow turban army. Xiang Yu was skillful martial arts who joined the rebellion as youngest member of entire army. After the defeat of Zhang Jiao, the Yellow Turban fell apart, Xiang Yu decided to follow his older step-sister Xingshi and joined Liu Bei's army. Xingshi Survival on tragedy of changban was all tribute to Xiang Yu's effort with scar on his cheek in the aftermath. Their escape might end up pointless, had Xu Shu not found them, and brought them to his hideout. Xiang Yu vowed to protect Xu Shu and Xu Shiya when Xingshi exhaled her last breath.

Han Dynasty Era
(Pre-reincarnation Life)

Name : Zhao Yun
Force : Gongsun Zan - Shu
Hometown : Changshan
Date of Birth : ??? AD
Child : None

Close Friend
Name : Zhu Ran
Force : Wu
Hometown : Zhejiang
Date of Birth : 182 AD

◄ Successors of Guo ►
Liu Sya & Guo Jia's Children
(RoTK Verse only)

Biological Children

Guo Heyu(郭和玉)
Courtesy: Xiangping (香平)
Race : Human
Force : Xu Shiya's Army - New Shu-Han
Hometown : Xuchang
Age : 14 years old (appearance)
Weapon : Feather Fan
Troops Aptitude : Horse(A) Bow(B) Spear(B)
Character Info:

Adopted Children

Guo Xian (-)
Courtesy : - (-)
Race : human
Force : Liu Sya's Army - New Shu-Han
Hometown : ???
Age : 20 years old (appearance)
Weapon : Sword
Pet : -
Character Info:

◄ Valiant Twin of Wen ►
Xu Shiya & Wen Yang's Children
(Warriors Verse only)

Jin Dynasty Era
(Present Life)

Wen Xuanli(文軒理)
Courtesy: Shenying (神穎)
Race : half-mystic
Force : Liu Sya's Army - New Shu-Han
Hometown : Xuchang
Age : 14 years old (appearance)
Weapon : Seraphic Rod, Firebird Shredder(longbow), Sword and hook
Pet : Ruichi the sabertooth tiger
Character Info:

Wen Xinli (文鑫理)
Courtesy : Chengliang (城亮)
Race : human
Force : Liu Sya's Army - New Shu-Han
Hometown : Xuchang
Age : 14 years old (appearance)
Weapon : Sword, spear, halberg, javelin, nunchuck, staff
Pet : Ruizhi the Eagle
Character Info:

◄ Xu Shiya/Liu Sya's Parent ►
(Relevant to any verse)


Xing Shi(行始)
Courtesy: Unknown
Race : Pure Mystic
Force : Yellow Turban - Shu - Wei(Prisoner)
Hometown : Zhongyang
Lifespan : ??? - 220 AD
Weapon : ???
Affiliation : Xu Shu, Zuo Chi, Taigong Wang, Sima Lang, Hua Tuo
Character Info:


Liu Bei (劉備)
Courtesy : Xuande (玄德)
Race : human
Force : Han Dynasty, Shu
Hometown : He Bei
Lifespan: 161–223 AD
Weapon : Twin Sword
Affiliation : Zhao Yun, Xu Shu, Xing Shi(Concubine)
Character Info:

Differences Between Fact and Common Fiction

  • The Peach Tree Garden oath did not actually take place but Sanguozhi states that Liu, Guan and Zhang ‘slept in the same bed and were as close as brothers.’
  • Played a minor role during the Yellow Scarves revolt. Did not fight the Scarves at Wan or save Dong Zhuo. Furthermore, he was 23 years old at this point, not 28.
  • Zhang Fei did not whip the imperial inspector. Liu Bei did.
  • Was not offered Xuzhou by Tao Qian directly, but was invited to govern by Chen Deng and Kong Rong. He also never offered Xuzhou to Lü Bu.
  • Was not acknowledged by Emperor Xian as Imperial Uncle.
  • Did not rely on Xu Shu to defend Xinye from Cao Ren and Li Dian. He arranged and carried out the defense himself.
  • Defeated Xiahou Dun at Xin Ye, not Zhuge Liang.
  • Though involved in Chibi, Wu’s role was greater in history.
  • Although Sun Quan was advised by Zhou Yu and Han Ze to keep Liu Bei hostage during his visit to Wu, no such attempt was made, and Liu Bei left without incident.
  • Huang Zhong was not chief commander of Shu’s Hanzhong campaign. Liu Bei was.
  • Commanded between 40–80,000 troops at Yiling; far fewer than the 700,000 or so mentioned in the novel.
  • Had than three sons and some daughters (which were, unfortunately, captured by Cao Chun at Changban Slope).
  • Historically Liu Bei was a much more talented commander than the novel makes him out to be.

◄ New Shu-Han Employee ►
(Work in progress, link will be available soon)

◄ Artwork ►
(Work in progress, created by me!)

Layout Design and Code


Origin of Characters

~ Xu Shiya / Liu Sya ~
Dynasty Warriors 8:Empires OC

~ Wen Xuanli ~
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~ Wen Xinli ~
Dynasty Warriors 8:Empires OC

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Background Music

The Awakening
Dynasty Warriors 9 OST
Battle Theme Against common enemy
Composed by
Sasaki Masayoshi

Chronology Forest Theme
Aura Kingdom/Fantasy Frontier OST

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◄ Character Profile ►
(Scroll down on the image to read the content)

Name : 劉詩雅 (Xu Shiya) / 劉夏 (Liu Sya or Liú Xia) - Real family name
Courtesy : 仁嫻 (Rénxián) - meaning: 'Refined Beauty'
Title : 黑雹暴 (Black Hailstorm)
Height : 5 ft, 7 in/170 cm
Weight : 149.6 lbs
Blood Type: BO, Rh(-)
Race: Mystic, Incarnation of Orochi(purified)
Religion: Neutral/Taoist
Ethnicity : Asian/Chinesse
Age : 15 years old (unborn)
20 years old (Actual life age)
Life Span: 170-???
Status : Married to Guo Jia (ROTK Series)
Married to Zhao Yun (Pre-Reincarnation Life)
Married to Wen Yang(Era of Jin Dynasty, any any verse)
Complicated (Orochi World only)
Partner: (開花)Kaihua the Hexmark/Dilu
Fighting Stance : Swordskill, emei dagger, Sword and Hook - Xu Shu's style, various close range martial arts, Archer
Likes : Flowers, plants, animal
Dislikes : Ocean, harrassment, Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, Cao Shuang
Hates : Studying, Xu Shu's Lecture, Sima family, being tied down( she might burst into exploding rage)
Loves : Wen Yang, Xu Shu, Zhao Yun, Guo Jia, her family and friends, practicing Martial arts, spending time with her friends and family, riding her horse Kaihua
Weakness : No way I am telling, so find this yourself through RP, but she does have one or two..
Affiliation Xu Shu (Teacher in battle strategy, tactics of war, martial arts, and common knowledge)
Xun Yu(Teacher in her pre-reincarnation life)
Zuo Ci(Teacher of basic mystic skill, art of sealing)
Taigong Wang (Teacher of advanced Mystic ability: teleportation, telekinesis, oracle, chi control)Read more here
Character info:

◄ Power and Ability►
(Scroll down on the image to read the content)

Weapon Master
Xu Shiya possessed extraordinary passion in martial arts and self-defense, she had been training even during her childhood. Her experience allowed her to grasp basic essence of any fighting stance and perfectly copy any movement from one time observation regardless the weapon type, execution, or complexity.
Superhuman Strength
Xu Shiya is able to lift boulder 1000x her body size without any effort, inflict major damage on fully armor enemy, crack the ground with her bare fist causing earthquake at same time. Her strength might improve as the story progress.
Extreme Precision and Accuracy
Laser and Plasmic Energy
Energy Field
Musou Armor
Close-quarters Combat Skill
Magic Satchel
Oracle of Weather & Forecast
Art of Sealing
Regeneration and Healing Power
Variety of Elemental Magic
Ultra Speed
Shock Wave Generation
Agility and Contortionist Flexibility
Off-The-Chart Physics and Stamina
Celestial Fox (Tenko) Transformation
Summoning the Orochi Embodiment

◄ Stages of Life ►
(Scroll down on the image to read the content)
Work in Progress!!

Pre-Reincarnation Life

The story took place between Yellow turban rebellion until chang ban bridge escape. There was a girl named Cheng Liuxian, a former yellow turban army who met Zhao Yun then fell in love with him. Her story ended up when she died protecting Zhao Yun from arrow during Rescue of Adou. She was then later reincarnated as Liu Sya because that moment, Liu Sya's pregnant mother, was captured by Cao Cao on that very place and she was separated from Liu Bei before Orochi's story arc begins.

Childhood - Early Teenager Life

She lived with Xu Shu and his mother. It was her peaceful life as an ordinary yet adventurous girl. She spent most of her day studying and learning about war tactic and strategy from her father which was unlikely her main interest. There was time she sneaked out her room only to escape her father's 'tormenting' or 'boring' lecture, and ride her beloved steed Kaihua till the end of the day. Despite of her rebellious nature, Xu Shu raised her with love just like his own daughter. He occasionally trained her in way of fight, which she excelled at. Surprisingly she had great interest in art of combat and she transcended in both skill and power even beyond her own father. In this stage She has no knowledge about her past, her mother, or her real identity as Liu Bei's biological illegitimate daughter.

Early teenager - late teenager

Xu Shu sent her to the School of Xuchang to achieve higher standard of education, however Xu Shiya saw the opportunity to gain profit from her battle skill. There was the time when she skipped the class to do freelance job and that was the moment she met Wen Yang who served under Cao Shuang.

Late teenager - adolescence

Xu Shu decided to tell Xu Shiya about her past, her mother dying wish, and thus revealing her true identity as princess of shu kingdom. After Xu Shu's mother passed away they traveled to Shu kingdom, sadly it was followed by Liu Bei's death with Liu Shan as the only successor of kingdom. She served Shu for short period of time before she decided to raise her own vagabond army. On her side there would be Xu Shu, Wen Yang, Xiahou Ba, Jiang Wei, Zhong Hui, and other loyal follower of Liu Bei: Chao Yi, Zhong Liang, Yue Fei, Lang Yue.

Marriage Life - Birth of Valiant Twin of Wen

(Work in Progress)

◄ Xu Shiya's Expression ►
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◄ Story Plot ►
Unspecified chronological order
(Scroll down to view more content)

Words of The Petals

Flower Garden, Xuchang, foggy afternoon-

"Through This Red Carnation, Allow me to convey my feelings for you.."

Whilst people found it odd to see a manly warrior such Wen Yang holding beautiful flower on his hand, it was in fact our way to communicate each other.

-Red Carnation, Flower of God, It symbolized passion and affection.

It had been my favourite, especially when it was gifted by the man I loved most, eventually it had become part of our accustomed. He presented the flower to me before going for long journey. In exchange I give him golden Camellia as good luck charm, it was like a ritual of our compassion toward each other regardless how distanced we were apart. The moment I glanced on the red carnation, I could not help but longing the present of my dear husband. I wonder if he was thinking the same way..

Warrior's Tear

Riverbank near Hukou Falls, midnight-

"Xu... Shiya... Why... are you... here?
How did you... find me..."

I heard Wen Yang's voice was vibrating in sadness. I could only stand in dismay just looking at my husband current state. His shiny lustrous white armor was covered in mud and scratch all over. The sorrowful eyes of his were gazing at me, giving me heartache. Just seeing the way he was looking me was like getting pierced on the chest, it hurts so much that I could feel my eyes tearing themselves. Even though it was heavily raining, I knew it for certain that he was crying. I could not bring myself to embrace him, to tell him how much I longed for his presence even after he went missing for three days. Ever since his crushing defeat against Master Liang Tao, one of veteran of Liu Bei's Army, on local tournament, we had been searching for him everywhere. I could have prevented it from happening but.. My father, Xu Shu, told me that I would only destroy his pride by pitying him as a warrior. I was let to believe that I should give him moment of solitude to regain his composure but then the guard informed us that Wen Yang left Xuchang on his horse.

"Honey... I...I.."

I tried to prevent eye contact with him, I fixedly stared on the ground but eventually my eyes raised itself to meet Wen Yang's grieving sight. My lips went spastic, I had no courage to utter my yearning for him, I was feeling hopeless about myself just by looking at his face. In my entire life it was his smile that gave me the courage, that filled my day with happiness, hope, and joy, although we had rough few moment, Wen Yang was always smiling sincerely at me. Looking at his disheartening frown, I felt like the entire world turned bleak before me.

Please... just go home, I do not wish to disappoint you anymore...

Wen Yang's soft silvery voice reached my ears among the noise of dripping rain, it was the moment I realized Wen Yang turned his back on me.

To be continued

Crimson Eyes

Xuchang, Xu Family House, evening-

"Got anything in mind?"

The sereneful voice startled me that time. I was contemplating about this indescribable feeling I had inside, then I found my father, Xu Shu speaking with his usual peaceful smile.

"Father, you should have knocked before entering you know?"

I said grumpily, which was obvious. After all, father was the only one teaching me about manners and stuffs. Although most of the time I did not pay attention to his lecture, my relentless kind father always reminded me about it. It was likely beaten into my head, but I was not complaining. I was indeed a snooty teenager who acted based on my thoughtless instinct back there. Only recently I had realized father's concern for me. Xu Shu chuckled softly responding to my childish pouting, it was the moment that I realized I unintentionally made wrinkling stare at him.

Well I did... but no reply, so I was just.. you know? worrying about my 'sweet' little girl.

I sighted sardonic smile from him, I could only scrunched myself in embarrassment that time.

Oh.. you did? I uhh.. I guess I missed it..

I took brief moment to recall what the last thing I did before falling into my own deep thought. I was just going to review the lesson of Xuchang Study Hall this afternoon, then all of sudden I felt the chill down my spine, it made my entire body shivered without any means nor reasons. It was like my body was sensing impending danger but I could not grasp of what it might cause and I was getting flashback about similar sensation I had this morning. I remembered I had this nightmare haunting me last night. I found myself standing in the void place, it was dark, cold, and foggy. Everything about the place gave me the sense of unnerving, grieving, and frightening. I walked without any sense of direction hoping to find the reason of my presence. Everything felt so real that time, every step I made as I was walking aimlessly echoed through. After moment of walking I stumbled on my knees and succumbed myself in exhaustion, never before I felt my body weakening itself, it was unlikely caused by physical stress, it was fear that took toll on my strength. I felt the stinging pain on my chest like my heart was about to explode itself, then my eyes caught two red glowing eyes floating on distance with distinctive disfigured silhouette of man but I knew it was not human, the spikes and horns were all over its body, its irises were stretched vertically like those of snake, those eyes were watching me reflecting pure maliciousness and hatred. I was stunned in terror, I could hardly blink when I noticed the eyes were approaching me, giving me cold sweat. "Wh-who are you? Wh-what do you want from me?!" I cried in trembling voice as I tried my best to muster my courage, but no reply was heard, that creature got closer and closer, I could feel something grabbing and choking my neck. I woke myself up in terror afterward.

Sh..ya.... Shiya!

I perceived My father's voice faded in, calling me in great concern, alerting me once again. I lifted my head to see him looking at me very closely yet concernedly.

Umm... I am sorry, what is it again?

To be continued

Xu Shiya's Weapon of Choice


Xu Shiya To The Rescue

"I heard that! Someone needs help, he was out there! we got to save him!"

I rushed into the study where my father, Xu Shu, usually spent his time. Surprised by my sudden barging in, he looked at me with his natural blank bewildered expression. I guessed that reaction was bound to happen, considering I yelled in panic out of blue.

"What are you talking about? Who needs help?"

Xu Shu asked as he was standing up. Supposedly I had to explain, however I felt that time was not in our favor. When the rumor caught my attention, It was imperative to move as soon as possible. I might be mistaken or perhaps I was driven by curiosity, regardless I had to see it with my own eyes. Local villagers mentioned sighting of certain traveler in the middle of the forest with key feature of donning full white armor, short brown hair, light blue scarf, short stature, laying near bonfire weak and powerless. It could be just another wandering vagabond especially in this era of conflict between factions but my instinct told me he was more than that.

"Someone...I don't know yet.. but we must hurry!"

I said in unsteady tone of voice in my best attempt of convincing him for crisis situation. Father's eyebrow was noticeably risen high in disbelieving, and he gave me moment of silence as reaction. Most likely my statement only brought more questions in his mind.

"Urgh! Okay never mind, I shall do that myself!"

Mildly frustrated by his disbelief, I grunted and exited the room then house, ignoring his voice calling my name. I was aware that father only thought rationally and logically, he was that kind of person, however this was one of the situation which I could not explain by mere words alone.
I walked to the stable and rode on my loyal steed as well as partner, Kaihua the Hexmark, toward Mt.Song, the place where the villagers claimed to locate the mysterious traveler. I searched for hours hours, we circled around the place over and over, exploring every corner and side of the mountain until at the point it nearly exhausted us, we could see half part of the sun sinking on the horizon, it was beautiful view but it was at same time a sign for us to give up. Kaihua let out soft neighing sound, as if it was trying to express its share of fatigue.

"I know... I am sorry. Perhaps we should just let it go..The person is probably gone by now..."

I gently stroke the horse's head with proud smile aimed for none other my beloved loyal steed. I carefully descended from my partner's back to lessen its burden, together we proceed to head toward the nearby village, just to have place for the night. We didn't walk far until I caught dim light of bonfire in the middle of forest. I stopped to move closer for better inspection. There were a horse and next to it, a figure of fainted man with all key features and his familiar face. It was unmistakable, Xiahou Ba, my friend! I knew it was him?! I have the feeling on my gut! He was so tired that he could not yell for help! He was lying there unflinching, his eyes were staring into distance, there was no telling if he was conscious or not, but I still see him breathing slowly, he looked thinner as if he had been starving for days.. weeks? who knows.. but I did know I could still save him!
I led Kaihua to him to grab leather bottle on its saddlebag, and dripped water on his dried lips. He swiftly grabbed the bottle to take huge gulp of the water, as if he was desperate to quench his thirst. Emptying the bottle he finally darted to me. I could see the relieve on his face as he was smiling

"Xu Shiya? Is it really you? Oh thank Heaven..."

Xu Shiya's Main Concern

<~ Deep in her thought ~
Ruichi, was a tiger.. well, I assumed it was. Xuanli found it as wounded cub on his very first hunting day with his father, Wen Yang. It was.. kind of crisis situation of 'kill or being killed', when a gigantic ferocious tiger leaped out from bush and attacked Xuanli out of nowhere and As a father, Wen Yang had to do any possible thing to protect his son so.. he had to subjugate it. Behind the bushes they found out that the tiger creature had just given birth to newborn cub. Burdened by guilt, Xuanli adopted the cub and brought it home. As they both grew up, the attachment between also grew stronger. Ruichi was like his brother. There was one moment I heard them 'communicating' in their own term, obviously I could understand only the one spoken by Xuanli but I knew interaction did occur between them. It felt familiar.. Like when I was.. spending time with Kaihua. Perhaps it might be his mystical ability that I didn't know about or perhaps it was their bonding moment, heaven knows. I could not say for sure but.. Ruichi was not actually a common tiger. It had sharp jaws unlike any other tiger would have and its physics was bigger for normal tiger would grow, yet it was still growing. I do wish that the tiger would never turn his back against us, for everyone's sake, especially Xuanli.

Xu Shiya's Dream


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Demonic Side of Xu Shiya


Luxurious Treatment


Moment of Vulnerability


Power of Weather


Caring Friend, Worst Enemy


◄ Romance of Xu Shiya & Wen Yang ►

Stylish in Pair even With Armor

Inseparable Couple

Xu Shiya's Promise

The day of Marriage

Got Each Other Back

Exchanging Gaze

Xu Shiya's Confession

During Nan Zhong Invasion

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The Adventure of My Beloved Warriors
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Xu Shiya & Guo Jia Story of Unification
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Liu-Wen Family Internal Conflict
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= New Shu Han Battle =
Xu Shiya's epic display of power, while her comrades fight to cover her back
"-This is how I do the things in battle... I shall charge toward line of enemies for sake of protecting my dear ones... No matter how strong they might be..."

= Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed =
(Tips and Trick Compilation)


Xu Shiya's particular story was purely what-if scenario, however it was based on all the information from The Record of Three Kingdoms just because it is vague and unclear for lots of good reasons, specifically to welcome potentially good ideas or inspiration or probably plot hole. For example: According to Sanguoshi (Record of The Three Kingdoms) Liu Bei lost few friends and children on Changban Slope, with that idea, I have Xing Shi, Xu Shiya's mother as one of those people whom he left behind while escaping from Cao Cao's Army. By all means, her story is still available for improvement. However there might be chance for me to apply some of element from Dynasty Warriors Series, Romance of The Three Kingdoms, and Orochi Warriors. I would still be picky about it just because I am still trying my best to make sense about the story.

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