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04/21/2018 06:04 PM 

Bio (under construction)

Name: Belnorn Norrson

Age: 55 (looks 35)


Ellanare or Ella (Wife, deceased)

Tuor (Son)

Luna (Daughter)

Norr (Father, deceased)

Helga (Mother, deceased)

Vorg (half brother, deceased)

Grendger (half brother, deceased)

Rolfe (half brother, deceased)

Thorsief (half brother, deceased)

Celes (half sister, deceased)

Nalla (half sister, deceased)

Race: Man

Weapon: Beast Killer (Axe)

Powers: "Limit Breaker" Blessing, a powerful gift given to him by a god. Allows him to become much stronger after every near death experience. Think a saiyan zenkai. The stronger the opponents he faces, the greater the potential of strength rising to extreme levels. Increasing his strength, endurance, and his healing abilities. 


One of the bastard sons of a Nordic King called Norr. Belnorn was a sickly and weak child, which Norr despised and often ignored his own son. To prove himself to his father, Belnorn would often challenge anyone to grow favor with father. However after each battle, he'd barely survive and would have to be rescued by his siblings. He would become a very frustrated but humble young man. At 13, he saw thugs harassing an older vagabond. Belnorn came to assist the old man, beaten nearly to death. The old man who was a god, rewarded the young man's bravery and gave him a gift of breaking his limits. The next day, the boys wounds were almost fully healed; as did the boy's many illnesses vanished. 

The months progressed  and the boy became stronger and grew quicker than his kin. Growing taller than all of his brothers and father himself. He would gain the recognition he sought after his many deeds as a warrior. He would be given the title of "berserker" from his father. Due to Belnorn's fierce and violent temper on the battlefield. And his father would also present him with his weapon, the "Beastkiller." A weapons said to have been made and crafted from the stars themselves.

At the age of 21, while hunting, Belnorn came across what he believed to be some sort of metallic boat. Inside he found a pale but beautiful woman, whose eyes resembled like the night sky itself. Believing her to be a goddess, he attempted to save her. But before he could, he was ambushed by strange looking creatures, on a strange floating boat. Carrying weapons that Belnorn never knew could ever exist. Yet, Belnorn defended the woman from the creatures and with her help. He managed to kill these strange creatures and destroy their flying boat. 

The woman carried a metallic device around her wrist that glowed blue. She would reveal her identity, her name was princess Ella. A woman from another world far from Belnorn's. Who came here to hide weapon, that could destroy all life of planet. She called it the black mist. 

Belnorn understood little of what she was saying, but he gave her his oath that he would protect her from any threat and the device. Ella would be accepted and worshiped by his clan as a goddess. She grew to love Belnorn and he to her. The two would marry and have two children, a boy and a girl. Tuor and Luna. These happy years, were brief. For some years later, during the funeral of Belnorn's father. Norr's enemies attacked Norr's fortress. One of his enemies, found the black mist. Believing it to be some sort of valuable item laid inside, he broke into it. Releasing the mist. Transforming most of the people within the fortress into near mindless beasts. 

The beasts ravaged and killed all they could see. Easily destroying the invaders, however after they did this. They went after one another. Somehow and Miraculously, Belnorn and his children were immune to the effects of this deadly weapon. Sadly, his wife, Ella was not. She could barely control herself, she begged Belnorn to end her suffering. Fearing for her children and her husband's life. Reluctantly, he did this. His castle torn to pieces, the monsters killed one another other in a violent and bloody massacre. All that remained during this genocide, was Belnorn and his children. Which he took them far from the castle. 

Three years would pass. Belnorn, was no longer the man he used to be. The only memory he had of his wife was strange bracelet, she called an Omni-tool. Or whatever. Apparently she spoke that it held immense knowledge and could help anyone adapt to most alien environments. However he never knew how to turn the damned thing on, so he wore it to remember her. Living in the forests, far from his old home.  One day, a man appeared on they're in front of they're home. Demanding the children to come him. Or he would turn violent. The man was strange, nothing like he had seen on his world. He realized this was one of those things from the stars like his wife. He looked human, but every step he took, the ground slightly cracked under his feet.

Belnorn refused and the two fought. No matter what weapon Belnorn used, whether it was his from this worlds or his wives' world. The man kept getting back up. His wounds would heal and blue light could be seen beneath his skin when it did. The only thing that actually did damaged to this man, was Belnorn's axe. The man was impressed and was surprised. He'd never thought that Uru would be found on this weak planet. He briefly knocked out Belnorn, leaving him for dead. The man took Belnorn's axe, saying "That is quite valuable and could get me a few upgrades. That I really need."

While Belnorn recovered. The strange man took the children from they're home. And rose his one of his hand upward toward the sky as a beam of light fell upon him and the children. Belnorn rushed to after them. Being pulled into the light. While within the light, he could see the man and his children. Belnorn attempted to get his children from this man. The two briefly fought, the man was able to push Belnorn away and out of the light. Belnorn was able to grab his axe before this thrown out. Darkness consumed him and he fell unconscious once more. 

He would awake to red and black sands. Skies with two suns and strange towers in the distance. The device on his arm suddenly came to life. The device injected him with blue substance within his arm. This was an adapting liquid that helped the body and injected nanomachines within him. To fill his head of knowledge and information the known universe and its fortitude of languages.  

Even though Belnorn would travel through unknown planets and dimensions. He didn't care, all

He cared about was finding his children and bringing them home. Too this day, he still walks amongst the sea of stars and worlds searching for his children. 

Helena 18+

04/21/2018 04:07 PM 

Rules fallow

NO one liners allowed must have details 

no grammar police allowed i am on disability my spelling and grammar sucks 

if you do not reply back with in 4 days i will delete you 

if you add me you send me a greeting 

if i add you i send you a greeting

i will not do a romance role play with someone who has taken or loving in there name 

i will not change my chara info or personality or age 

i will not allow you to mod my chara and control her 

i am in charge of her you are not 

role playing is for fun not school if you do not like the way i role play tough sh*t 

now then lets all have fun 

yes and no one liners must have details 

Helena 18+

04/21/2018 04:01 PM 

about Helena

Name Helena rose dawson 
age 17 
sex female
race goddess / human 
status single 
hair long and brown 
eyes brown and blue 
she is a high rank princess who was  born on earth her mother was a human and her father was a god she was raised by her mother a while though her father was a high god that lives in the world with the gods once she hits a age she can enter the world were the gods are at she can read minds speak to animals and also for seen things her mother died in a car crash her hitting her head giving her memory loss she has a gardian creature who looks out for her that hides and protects her and he keep her safe from the crash  she is sweet and shy and hard to talk from the car crash as well she tends to cry over every movie yet her faulse memory she has when she sleeps is only a lie to her true memory the pain and suffering of her loosing her mother was hard on her yet having her mothers head on her lap when she came to was even harder her family was supposed to find her and yet a villin was coming after her to harm her and use her power for evil her uncle that was her mothers brother tried everything in his power and her grandmother to protect her all the years to come as she was growing up she was put in speical ed class after the crash her learning problems were hard for her as well as her memory she fallows the day like any other normal day after the loss of her mother on that fatefull day she cries at night trembles breaking a sweat as well her pain and suffering caused her great matter Helena wishes she could have some of her memory back though she is afraid to her garians protect her and keeps her safe from harm as well her love for people and living things is pure she is pure the evil person wanted to make her his wife and make the world evil  the fun part is 

are you the villain or are you the protector with in the role play?


04/21/2018 01:44 PM 

Rules, please read over them.

Hello all, I'd like to take a moment to thank all those that have come here to read what I've posted, these rules are merely here to insure I enjoy my time here. I hope these help you enjoy your time with me as well, I didn't post these to seem rude, bossy, whiney and whatever other reason you've thought I posted them for.

1. Please don't control my character, she's mine for a reason. She will not be brainwashed, "broken" in, mentally controlled or anything along those lines.

2. I do not respond to anything less than a paragraph unless we're discussing a story or just casually chatting alright?

3. My page is Mature due to blood, violence, swearing, alcohol consumption as well as other situations. Please don't assume I do "Adult" content merely because my page is mature.

4. I will not be on everyday, in fact there will be times I'm off for a week or so due to work and the recent birth of my newborn. Those take priority over all else, I will get to replies when I'm able to.

5. I do not accept mutes, numbers and collectors, I have no use for them understand? I understand life get's hectic (refer to previous rule), however if I don't even get a greeting from you or any type of response you're gone.

6. Please everyone both in and out of character be over the age of 18, meaning in reality and in the story. Please don't take this the wrong way but I don't care what your state's "age of consent" is alright? If I don't feel comfortable doing it then I won't.

7. If I don't feel comfortable in any type of situation I will not participate understand? I won't hesitate to mention this to you via (ooc:) and if it's ignored than our story will come to a halt until it's recognized, if there's ever a situation you don't feel comfortable in please let me know and we can address it and figure out what else we can do.

8. If our story is becoming boring, dull or something of that nature please let me know? I'd rather work something out then waste the story all together or loose a friend, also please do think I'll just do "anything" to keep someone on my list. If that's all you're after then I don't mind one bit loosing you, got it? If you want that find it elsewhere.

9. Literacy! Please people I ask you to use at the very most decent grammar, you're on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or a Smart Phone all in which have access to the internet (obviously) so please use it to look up the spelling of a word if you don't know how to spell it or even the meaning. I do this frequently however I'm not the best speller either and tend to forget as well but still, if I get text talk (b4, u and ur) I will not's more of a pet peeve but I just don't deal with any of that text talk crud.

10. I have A.D.H.D.! I'm very easily preoccupied and distracted, I forget little details and stuff along those lines. Now this doesn't mean I'm stupid or anything, I'm perfectly capable of understanding situations, descriptions and all that good stuff. I simply just forget more times than not, so if I ask any questions please just remember I have this and it effects my day to day life on several levels, yes this effects my work and time at home as's not all that fun and can be pretty stressful v.v

So far these are my rules and I greatly appreciate anyone and everyone that READS them and not just skim over them, if I need to add more later on I will and I will let you all know via status or bulletin or something lol Let's have fun!


04/21/2018 01:08 PM 

How to Prepare for 'Open First Box'

Moving is a hectic task undoubtedly and for this you may require professional assistance especially when you are moving for the first time. No matter whether you have chosen DIY move or hire packers and Movers Company to relocate your home but there are many things that requires your involvement and also your time and enormous efforts from your side. This requires your involvement to supervise a safe and smooth relocation process. Even if you have hired professional movers then you need to pack your personal stuff by yourself and also prepare an 'open first box' for surviving the first night or few days in your new home. It is impossible to unpack all your stuff in your new home just after you arrive at your new home but you would definitely require things for the first night and few days in your house. Here are some essentials that must be in your open first box:

Toilet or Bathroom Essential
The bathroom essentials like your soap, shampoo, towel, sanitizers, tooth paste, tooth brush, comb, dryer, etc. This will help you and your kids to get fresh at your new house just after your arrival.

Basic Beddings
Of course you will require beddings for surviving the first night and few days, so make sure the box contains beddings. This should contains blankets, sheets and pillow.

Pack your and your kids clothes in the box. You can also pack some formal clothes that you can use to wear for your office and surviving few days.

Kitchen Items
For surviving days you will require food, you can order it from near restaurants but that are not hygienic so you should pack some kitchen items like plates, bowls, ready to eat meals, snacks, etc.

For Pets
If you have pets like cat or dogs then you must take care of packing their meals and bowls so that you can feed them on time. Try to also keep some pet toy.  

Make sure you have packed these things in the open first box so that you can not only survive the first night in fact few days in your new house. And for a safe and hassle-free move you must hire packers and movers company as they are professional and experts of moving and shifting. You can move without any stress with them and can enjoy safe and smooth relocation experience under the supervision of professional movers and packers in Bangalore.

packers and movers bangalore

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