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11/18/2017 11:57 PM 

Rules? Ok.

1. No Ero: (If you're adding me in hopes to smash then just forget it. I'd suggest you go read a smut or something.)

2. Grammar/Literacy: I'm not a Nazi when it comes to his as I'm not great at both myself. I just ask that you have some decent skills in both. (Don't yew bhe tawking tew me lyke dis.) 

3. Patience: Yes; this one is a double edged sword for me. I understand that we all get busy and wrapped up in life. It's something that I'm still working on and trying to get better at.

4.Adding: If you add me please be so kind as to greet. It doesn't really matter how you do it as long as you do. I really dislike being a number.

5. God mode: -Sighs- Okay, if you choose to take this route then don't be surprised if I do so as well. Trust me; I'll fight fire with fire if I have to.

6. Romance: Although Nahitaka is a walking husk with fragmented memories; she can be romanced but it requires consistency and tons of hard work. Keep that in mind. Her story will give you more background on that.



11/18/2017 01:47 PM 


"Cowardice breeds terror and ruin."

Full name: Alexandra (Alex) Le Mont 
Alias/Nicknames: Prince Alex
Gender: Female (androgynous)
Species/Race: Human 
Birth Date: 3/30 
Age: 20 
Job/Profession: Princess 

(faceclaim Yomo Mitsuru)
Height: 5’6” 
Weight: 134 lbs 
Build: Slender/Athletic
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Lilac 
Skin Shade/Color: Fair 
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: None.

Sexuality/Preference: Demi-romantic/Homosexual 
Sanity: Sane 
Likes: Authority, masculinity, horses, hunting, “cosplay” or dress up, roses.
Dislikes: Cowardice, magic, illegal deeds.
Personality: – Polite, gentle, rational, and a teensy bit of a charmer.

Alex was never a very dainty little girl growing up, much less a princess. She enjoyed playing with the servants’ children, particularly the boys; often teaching them how to catch grasshoppers or use tadpoles for bait at the lake. She would come home covered in mud and dirt with grass in her hair and a big grin plastered across her face. Her mother would go pale at such a sight before shifting to a vibrant shade of red, demanding that she clean herself up at once. Her father would merely laugh at his wife’s distress. ‘It’s just a phase, dear. She’ll grow out of it before long.’ He would chuckle as his filthy daughter would throw her arms around his waist in a tight embrace.

Her father was a warm hearted man and a great king. His only weakness was his ailing health. However, it never stopped him from traveling on numerous expeditions across the lands; nor did it stop Alex from tagging along against her mother’s wishes. They experienced many different cultures and traditions. Yet, none of that caught Alex’s attention more than how the other rulers of the lands would welcome her father and his people with open arms, almost as if they were returning home. They would laugh, joke, and sometimes get sentimental. Alex frequently questioned what kind of past her father had to have led to know all of these powerful people. And as if he had read her mind, he responded “a wise king rules not by himself, but with his kingdom, alongside other kingdoms. A foolish king is ruled not by himself, but by his kingdom, against other kingdoms.” He would smirk at her confused expression and add: “remember, you have many people’s lives depending on you. Not just the ones you can openly interact with.”

Several weeks later, Alex’s father passed away from pneumonia. She’d never felt so devastated in her entire life. It was as if the ground had been pulled out from underneath her. Her shoulders shook violently and her knees buckled, threatening to collapse underneath her. Yet what shocked her the most wasn’t the news of her father’s passing. It was the procession moving outside the castle walls. It was surreal to Alex. It was as if the kingdom was moving in slow motion at the loss of their king. As if the whole town was grieving for the loss of one person. Tears began to spill from her eyes and she silently declared to herself that she would be a ruler worthy of her father’s legacy.

(best for Adventure/Fantasy/Romance)




11/18/2017 01:45 PM 


"Now, what seems to be ailing you~?"

Full name: Lukas Verhoeven
Alias/Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human 
Birth Date: 10/21
Age: 28
Job/Profession: Physician

(faceclaim: Izumi Sena from Ensemble Stars)
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 134 lbs
Build: Slim/Athletic 
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver 
Skin Shade/Color: Pale 
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: None 

Sexuality/Preference: Bisexual
Sanity: Sociopathic 
Friends: N/A 
Likes: Coffee without cream or sugar, cats, people willing to cooperate, crossword puzzles, syringes, and leather. 
Dislikes: Paperwork, being pestered by clinic staff, gambling, people who don’t look after their health.
Hobbies: Visiting his local cat cafe, jogging, traveling.
Personality: Formal, restricted, sadistic and scheming.

A physician during the day, an organ trafficker at night.

Dr. Verhoeven is beloved by all at the clinic he works at. He's calm, polite, and above all-- compassionate. He enjoys looking after those in poor health and doing whatever he can to restore their health. Even if that meant taking the life of someone else.

The homeless, the depraved, the degenerates. They're nothing but toxins poisoning the Earth. Diseases that must be treated. 

And so he does.

An abandoned apartment complex sits on the west side of town. Locals tend to stay away from it, calling it "The Devil's Hospital", and "once you enter, your soul is condemned to stay there forever". Some have even claimed to see a surgeon drenched in blood burning bodies behind the building.



11/18/2017 01:41 PM 


▹ Respect me and I shall respect you. (If you are rude to me OOC you will be unfriended and possibly blocked. I don't care if you have an attitude problem, a bad day, or anything else; there is no reason to be rude to the person behind the character.) 

▹ Keep your IRL drama to a minimum. (I don't mind giving advice or offering a shoulder to cry on when times are tough; but when you tell me about how you think your boyfriend doesn't like you or that your mom is mad at you over some trifling little thing, I'm going to look elsewhere for a decent conversation until you've calmed down.) 

▹The same thing can be said about internet drama. (It's always 'he said', 'she said', 'they said', etc. Unless I see that someone is being treated unfairly, you won't see me defending anyone.) 

▹ [ROMANCE] - I have no problem with doing a romantic story, but please understand that it may take some time for certain characters to develop an “attraction” to your character.

▹ [SMUT] - Again, I have no problem with this. However, I do need my partner (not character) to be of legal age. No smut with minors

▹ [DEATH & MUTILATION] - I will happily let your character maim/be maimed by my character. But, unless we’re messing with godly forces and unless you somehow want them to come back to life (maybe as a zombie or ghost idk)?? Please understand that the story will end shortly after (all) your character(s) or mine are dead.

▹ If you get bored halfway through a plot or just want a fresh start, tell me. I'm fine with starting over or finding an end to something that's dragged on for much longer than it should have. 

▹ Don't rush me for replies; you only make me more reluctant to reply to you by doing that. I have a job and other responsibilities besides this. I will try my best to get back to you within a couple of days, but it might be the end of the week before you finally get a reply. I will NEVER keep you waiting for longer than that without a reason beforehand.

▹ And finally, no-godmodding. 

P.S. Sorry for all the rules! And sorry if I come off as a jerk or anything-- I'm really not, I can promise you that. I'm also pretty lenient with most of the rules. That is, unless you harass me about something consistently and I have to keep telling you to stop.

Not actually rules, but things you might want to know. 

Each of my characters will be listed under somethingsomething “phobia”, “philia”, or “mania”...
Phobia characters have a strong fear; they have an unyielding bravery that allow them to survive no matter what the circumstance. (best for Horror/Suspense/Mystery)

Philia characters have a strong attraction; they come off as no different than average at first glance-- they may even seem rather intellectual. Yet, underneath the surface they’re easily flustered and have little self restraint. They can be rather pushy. (best for Romance/Comedy)

Mania characters have a strong obsession; they have a high desire to experience new things. They have a creative side to them and are fond of the arts. They can be seen as either eccentric or moody, depending on the time of day. (best for Adventure/Action/Slice of Life/Fantasy)

Don’t be surprised if you see that I have a “____philia” character listed as (best for Horror) on their blog page! They can still do Romance/Comedy! There just may be darker tones lurking underneath… Whether or not the added genres will reveal themselves depends on how the story unravels.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little extra section! Hopefully it will help you decide on what character you like better. uv u

ALSO: Some characters will disappear after a while (probably like a month or after holidays if they’re seasonal?) That doesn’t mean the roleplay will end if the character’s bio is deleted. I’m just making room for more characters! Our story will continue as long as you want it to. I’ll have the files in storage if you ever need to read their info again.

Oh! And if characters are popular enough, they may return in the future. c:



11/18/2017 01:40 PM 

Reborns Gundam

Reborns Gundam

CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam
Classification: Custom Variable Geometry Multirole Gundam Frame
Head Height: 21.3 meters (Cannon Mode)/23.3 meters (Gundam Mode)
Base Weight: 79.1 tonnes
Power Source: 2x “Solomon” Ahab Tau Reactors
Armor material: Gundamium/E-Carbon composite with ablative nanolaminate
Crew: Pilot only, chest-mounted cockpit
Operating System: “Golgotha” combat computer
Operations Key: Generation Unleashed Network Drive Assault Matrix
Manufacturer: Romefellar Foundation, Tau Valantis
Pilot: Lieutenant-Commander Kerran Vallis, ISAF-United Federation of Planets/Nova Corps

During the Calamity Era conflicts that predated the Cardassian invasion of Tau Valantis, the landscape of the Tau system was dominated by Orbital Frame-based combat that spanned star systems and claimed hundreds of lives. For three hundred years, battles were fought and won by Orbital Frames – it was an Orbital Frame that burnt the capital city of Tau Valantis, Helheim, to the ground. In the wake of an attempted coup by Valloran rebels, a group of Tau scientists and military engineers banded together to found the Romefellar Foundation, an organization that sought to create Gundam Frames – Orbital Frames constructed from the raremetal alloy Gundanium – and bring the conflicts to an end. The first, the prototype upon which all Gundam Frames were built, was the Reborns.

The Reborns is an assault Frame originally broken into two halves – a Reborns “Cannon” and a Reborns “Gundam” – that Romefellar scientists combined into a variable geometry Gundam Frame. The Romefellar foundation considered the Reborns, a deliberate transliteration of the English “reborn”, to be the spearhead of their Gundam program, but was quickly deemed too dangerous to the pilot to be used effectively after several prospective test pilots were killed during trial runs. The Reborns was immediately decommissioned thereafter and remained in storage for nearly a hundred years before it was uncovered by ISAF and piloted by Kerran.

The “Golgotha” combat computer is the predecessor of the Epyon System, a modified zoning and emotional ranged operating system, that sends information directly into the pilot’s brain via a spinal implant. This specialized equipment shares hundreds of millions of computations and scenarios with the pilot at once, making it possible for the Reborns to win any battle, any conflict singlehandedly, but at the cost of the pilot himself – the Reborns operates without any regard for the pilot’s safety, making it a dangerous Gundam Frame to pilot or underestimate and requiring an extremely focused, brave pilot to bring out its fullest potential.

The Reborns Gundam, while being marginally slower than the Epyon, is far more fearsome – the Ahab Tau reactors predate the streamlined Ahab Drives that powered the Epyon, resulting in coarser, denser energies capable of enormous destructive potential. This makes the Reborns the match of any warship – the Reborns has enough force to obliterate anything that poses even the slightest threat to Tau Valantis.

Unlike the Epyon, the Reborns specializes in long-range bombardment and assault – the Reborns was built for siege warfare while being nimble enough in Gundam Mode to evade anything that was thrown at it. The Reborns is an adaptable, well-rounded Gundam Frame that boasts considerable speed and striking power, but is hindered in one key area – the pilot. Without a pilot willing and able to endure the strain of the Golgotha computer system, the Reborns cannot attain her full power.



Egner Whips -
An anti-ship weapon, the Egner Whips create a localized electric charge sufficient enough to knock out a number of systems on an enemy ship. Additionally, the metal apparatus of the Egner Whips act as “hands” for the Reborns Cannon Mode, being deft enough to handle a beam saber in close quarters. The Whips are attached to Gundanium filaments that carry a tremendous amount of amperage. The voltage can be modulated on the fly depending on the type of ship encountered.

Type-1 Ahab Beam Rifle -
One of the most powerful weapons in the Reborns’ arsenal, The Type-1 is a variable beam weapon with a modular output capable of precision beams or large scale energy blasts. The Type-1 draws its power directly from the Reborns Ahab Tau Drive, creating powerful, coarse energy beams capable of rendering deflector shields meaningless.

2x Mark-5 “Ice” Ahab beam sabers -
Named for the sword of Ned Stark, these two larger-than-normal beam sabers are stored in a small abutment in the torso section of the Reborns. Powered by the Reborns’ Ahab Tau reactors, the Ice sabers are also capable of variable size and power output, as well as being able to be wielded defensively by the Reborns in Cannon Mode. The swords are modular, able to be charged by the Ahab Tau drive when not in use.

Kerran named the equipment for Ned Stark’s sword after reading through “A Song of Fire and Ice” – the quote that stuck with him was from Ned Stark. “He who passes sentence must be the one to swing the sword”.

“Longclaw” Fin Fangs -
Located on the back of Reborns in Gundam mode and sharing another name with a House Stark weapon, the Fin Fangs serve as verniers for the Reborns to aid in the Frame’s mobility. When in Reborns Cannon mode, the Fin Fangs are facing forward, acting as Ahab Cannons. The Fin Fangs have a great deal of firepower, but are easy to target and destroy.

Each Fang is equipped with a redundant AI, allowing the Fangs to quickly encircle and attack anything that intrudes on a designated perimeter. Additionally, being composed of the same Gundanium/E-Carbon composite that the Reborns is, the Fangs can serve as Ahab Tau-powered piercing weapons that generate enough kinetic force to punch through ship hulls. They also function as mobile cannons, firing beams of Ahab energy when detached from the Frame.

Micro Fin Fangs -
Attached to the Reborns’ combat shield and to a small section of the back skirt, these small weapons act as supplementary attack and defensive measures. They have the same capabilities as the “Longclaw” Fin Fangs only on a smaller targeting scale.



11/17/2017 10:14 PM 

IDEA: Poke-Bonding Research
Current mood:  artistic


Candela had seen recorded videos; recorded for reviewing by professors or the gym/elite leaders themselves when battling a trainer or someone. Although, one night, looking through the list of recorded-tapes, ONE recorded video caught her eye. It was the fight with Ash, bonding with Greninja. The readings coming from the two of them were off the scale, but were matching nonetheless.

She could have thought... "Could trainers reach that far in bonding with their pokemon?" Although, that wasn't the TRUE question she thought of... She thought of, truly, "If a trainer could bond with their pokemon on such a level, would the trainer be able to temporarily ACQUIRE the pokemon's abilities??" It would be a dangerous hypothesis, but it was a very TEMPTING one with how the fight went on. It was "dangerous" considering how the fight with Ash's Greninja vs Diantha's Gardevoir ended with the two going into a half 'seizure'-like half passing-out moment.


I found a couple pics (well, one picture, but it's two pics that piece together as one thing) that could fit with my idea of allowing them to possess the capability of using their element, sharing from their special pokemon, or something of the sort.




11/17/2017 10:12 PM 

Candela's full profile-info
Current mood:  blah

((This is the FULL info, and considered as a 'continuation' from after "Real Age: 24"))


Full Name: Candela Carmine

Pronunciation: 'kan-DE-la' 'car-MY-nn'.

Nickname/Alias: Plainly "Candela", sometimes "Ella", and as a cute-nickname (though she HATES when she's called it!!~) "Candy" with a 'C', not a 'K'.

Meaning: Candela is a female name which is short for "Candelaria", which means "Candle", and "Illuminated", in Spanish. Ultimately the NAME, funny-enough, was derived from the original Spanish WORD "candela". So, the name is based around the same thing; Candela. She is a burning candle that lights a path for herself and others around her, keeping them from any harm in the dark; figuratively and literally speaking.

Origin: Spanish

Title: Team Valor Leader, Professor's Assistant.

Pet Name: 

Signature: Strong-Will, Enthusiasm, and Rigorousness

Gender: Female

Gender Role: Tomboy/Female

Orientation: Bi (leans a little bit towards Males, though a person's personality, and such, are one of the biggest influences for her as interesting people are... well... interesting)

Real Age: 24

Age Appearance: 22

Birthday: October 28

Death-date: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Zodiac Sign: Rooster

Species: Human (Or, she COULD be POKEMON IN DISGUISE!!!(?))

Ethnicity: Unknown

Blood Type: B

Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous

Facial Type: Oval

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hairstyle: Short and Unkempt.

Skin Tone: Dark Brown

Complexion: Fair

Makeup: None

Body Type: Mesomorph

Build: Slim and Muscular

Height: 5'8"-9"

Weight: 110 lbs

Cup Size: D

Facial Hair: None

Shoe Size: Unknown

Birthmarks/scars: Unknown

Distinguishing Features: Her sharp green eyes

Health: Candela is unnaturally healthy, as she exercises a lot, and also trains her pokemon; so it puts a workout on herself double.

Energy: Enough energy for herself, Blanche, Spark, and Professor Willow to go for a run ALL DAY.

Memory: Candela may not be as intellectual as Blanche is, but her muscle-memory (not trying to make a pun, but did anyways...) and skills when it comes to battling is second to NONE, other than POSSIBLY her rival; Blanche.

Senses: Keen-sense of reaction (I think that's a thing)

Allergies: None

Handicaps: None

Medication: None

Phobias: None

Addictions: None

Mental Disorders: None (so-far)

Personality: Candela believes that Pokémon become the strongest through rigorous training. She researches Pokémon strength, and believes that Team Valor Pokémon are the strongest because they train to naturally enhance a Pokémon's power.


Bryan Ezekiel Marquette

11/17/2017 04:43 PM 

Rules and things~!
Current mood:  chill

You add me, you greet me. Likewise when I do the same. 72 hour silence, and you'll go byebye!

I don't care if we discuss an RP or jump right into one. Either is fine.

I'm okay with romance, but let's not make it a 24/7 sex session, okay? Okay. Cool. Also, if your character is taken, I won't do romance rp with you, not sorry.

Do not bug me for a reply unless it's been over 72 hours. Chances are likely that I either lost the rp in my messages or I'm just really busy with real life.

I don't mind what length you personally want to write, just don't stop me from writing Multipara.

If you ever need or want to know anything in regards to my character just ask me, and please be specific with what you're going to ask.

Roleplaying isn't all I'm here for, I want friends to make and chat with, too.

Guys, as in the male gender, I won't roleplay Yaoi if your orientation is gay. I do still want to make guy friends to chat with and rp with!

Cyber bullying and pushing erotics onto me in any way shape or form will make me report and block you. Not sorry.

Roleplaying is a hobby. Don't worry about a so called late reply or that you can't reply right away. It's supposed to be fun, not stressful. Take it easy.



11/17/2017 05:59 PM 


1. No Drama!

2. No Minors, I won't add

3. No Ero rps

4. If I am in a relationship I won't do romance rps with anyone else

5. No asking personal questions, I will not answer them


My Brother's Keeper

11/17/2017 04:46 PM 

Rules and Warnings(Re-upping)

> No ERP. You can try, but honestly? He's probably not at all into you.

> This muse is highly manipulative and will use any means necessary to his advantage.
> This muse acts out and lies, often using behavior that is highly repulsive that I in no way condone.
> Don't sign my rules please. That's just weird.
> GM and you're gone. No warning, I'll just boot you and possibly warn others of your behaviors.
> I, just like most of this site, have a life. I can't/won't always respond right away.
> RPs are generally 2-5 paras in range depending on my muse at the moment.


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