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07/16/2018 05:03 PM 

Sparky's bio
Current mood:  aroused

Name: Sparky

Age: 16

Height: 6ft

Body type: slender with a tad of athlecicism

Sexual orientation: bisexual but mostly leans to males

Personality : happy, flirty, shy, obedient and so on

Family: none

Apearence: he’s human with cat like features including ears, a tail and a bit of fur on his legs near his feet
He also wears female clothing due to feeling more comfy and loves the look of himself in them including getting complimented on the street occasionally.

Species: human-cat hybrid
Likes: food, video games, female clothing, being happy and so on
Dislikes: being ignored, fighting, saying no to peoples requests and so on

Azu (18+)

07/16/2018 03:25 PM 


Name: Azu Himura
Age: unknown ( 20's)
Species: Demon
Powers: black magic 
Height: 6'0
Weight: ???
Personality: Blunt, tease, dominant, easy going , has a bit of a temper
Likes: food, relaxing, xxx,
Hates: people who take life to seriously, being told what to do, not getting what she wants.

Azu (18+)

07/16/2018 03:23 PM 






Lady of the Night

07/15/2018 11:01 PM 


My page. My rules. Sign and we can begin talks. Simple as that.

1) I am busy IRL. Don't bug me all the time for replies. I'll get to you when I can.

2) I am single as of now. Don't use this as an excuse to a horndog and try to sleep with me all the time. I am not a whore.

3) If you see that I'm dating someone, back the hell off and leave me alone. I am loyal to whoever I date. That being said. All of my relationships will be RP only! I don't mix the two! Bad things happen.

4) Don't add me to cause drama. I will eat you up and spit you out. Take that drama elsewhere, if you don't mind.

5) Grammar is key with me! Use it! No text talk while you're in a rp with me, please!

6) DON'T STEAL MY STUFF! I've heard rumors that people go around stealing edits and info and I don't want that! This is my character! Got it? MINE!

7) You respect me. I respect you back.


07/15/2018 10:59 PM 

Working myself back up

( I been out of the rp game for a while now. More and more things tied me up to the point I just couldn't focus on rp. This won't be an attempt to show off anything good or fancy. But something for me to look over later to try and get myself back into rping again. I'd try someone else but all my old friends are gone. Also one more note, if you are looking to judge, not here. My brain conditions are less than average due to medical things. I won't get into them since my goal is to only make those who may read this aware that I'm not as normal or sharp as others may be. )

A couple of months had passed by since Hana has been active back at home. Before leaving he had told the only ones who keep up with him that he'd be taking a break from things for a bit to try and think some stuff over. After asking for them to watch over his empty home while he was away, he set off towards his real task. A deep sleep.

He wasn't sure how long he would sleep or what would happen. He couldn't ask the spirits to protect those he cared about since he lived on a world that didn't accept magical beings just yet and his true identity itself was still hidden from everyone other than Harper. As he slept he got a lot of flashes and noises that played in his head in a constant manner, sometimes he'd not remember as soon as it went away, sometimes he would for a short while and sometimes not at all.

Hana could not tell anyone what he dreamed of during his entire slumber. But yet when he woke up it felt like just another night of sleeping and that he didn't sleep long enough. Forcing his eyes to open up fully and his body to move, Hana had awoken at the bottom of a river. The sounds of the aquatic life was the first to greet his ears and the morning rays of the sun and sky greeted his eyes. Hana would swim out of the river and onto the land to find himself facing the direction of woods.

He would stand there and look around while he collected his thoughts and remembered what it was he was doing or needed to do and it did not take long at all for his first thought to return home. Able to note of how long his nails had grown and how long his blue hair has gotten, he was able to take a wild guess of how long he had been in his slumber. Oh no this won't do at all, he had to get his hair and nails trimmed back down to a length he was comfortable with as soon as possible.

With that in mind Hana would do a bit of exercise to get his body ready for travel before setting out on his first walk since waking up to find his home once more and do what needs to be done to resume his life as normal again.


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