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🌹Memory🌹 t&l Soul of Fear

06/24/2017 12:08 PM 

what is Memorytale?

Memorytale is a AU where my Oc is the main character and takes place of Frisk she of course has a sister named Fallina who takes place of the chara on the world. The other characters we will decide like a huge cross over from other AU's such like Betty or Regular sans ( don't know yet) this AU was ! Made by memory and fallina as they have the power to create and destroy. In this AU they have all the places like in other undertale ones except..the castle is in ruins . ( we will post little bits of the story until then ^^)


Lorenzo V

06/24/2017 08:27 PM 


To be edited



06/24/2017 04:36 PM 


Name: Kiyoshi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Bi
Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Hair color:  Black
Height: 5'5
Species: Human
Occupation: Singer
Family Members: Raiden(Big Brother)



06/24/2017 04:30 PM 


Name: Raiden
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Bi
Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Hair color:  Black
Height: 5'6
Species: Human
Occupation: Gang Leader
Family Members: Kiyoshi(Little Brother)



06/24/2017 02:31 PM 


1. No one liners or semi replies.
2. Skyrim is my main verse, don't like it please remove me from your list.
3. I don't do drama, simple as that.
4. I work four days of the week, you'll get your replies on one of my days of. Don't like the four day wait, don't add.
5. Don't try and take over my character.
6. No god modding, if you're unsure what that is then I'll give some examples. [Examples: Auto hitting, Instant healing, continued successful dodging (or avoiding damage) and taking little or no damage when taking a hit.]
7. I have a life outside this world of creativity so please remember that, so no rushing me for anything.
8. I'm very forgetful at times so sometimes things must be repeated to me, I also have a tendency to delete messages. This doesn't mean I don't like our story or I'm done with it I just like keeping things visually clean, something of a ocd with messages you could say.
9. Literacy is a great plus, if you can't spell a word search it on your cell or the's not that difficult people. To be honest I do it as well, if I can't spell something right I look it up I have no trouble admitting it.

These that are stated are my rules, please keep to them. Breaking some of them may result in being deleted, if you're denied after deleting you'll be blocked.


Corbeau (Multiple Characters)

06/24/2017 12:01 AM 

Michael Foster

Age: 14-25 (Died at age 17 canonically sorry)

Height, weight depends on RP
Hair: Light auburn/Dark orange
Eyes: Green, wears glasses
Personality: Oblivious, kind but pretty gullible. 
Backstory: (my canon) Michael was born and raised in London England in the 1600's. His mother took Allen in because their mothers were sisters, however, Michael got kicked out for defending Allen. He's lived on the streets and worked odd jobs just to barely make it. However when he was 17 he got mugged and left for dead. I'm open to an rp where someone steps in and saves him though. But if not, he also comes back as a ghost in my story. (Modern AU) He is very diligent in his studies, but also very sheltered. He later on goes to college for forensic sciences and works as a detective. 
Habits/Tendencies: n/a
Sexuality: Bisexual, top with guys


original character, character bio

Utapri kids

06/24/2017 12:02 PM 

H- Haruka

First Name: Lila

Last Name: Haruka

Age: 7

Birthday: September 6

Basic description:  She keeps her friends in line

Personality: bossy

Likes: flowers  

Dislikes: cats

Fears/Phobias:getting lost  

Favourite food:  sushi

Favourite drink: water

Favourite color: pink and pale rose

Parents: Nanami Haruka


Utapri kids

06/23/2017 11:56 PM 

S- Shoda

First Name: Shoda

Last Name: Otori

Age: 10

Birthday: June 2

Basic description:  doesn’t really do anything but let his little brother pull him around

Personality: quiet and cool

Likes:  anything

Dislikes: nothing


Favourite food: rice

Favourite drink: cola

Favourite color: blue

Parents: Eiichi Otori and Kira Sumeragi


Utapri kids

06/23/2017 11:51 PM 

I- Isabelle

First Name: Isabelle

Last Name: Evermore

Age: 8

Birthday: November 25

Basic description:  She is a very smart and caring girl

Personality: nice and cool

Likes: cats   

Dislikes: jello

Fears/Phobias: Dogs  

Favourite food:spicy  curry  

Favourite drink: mellow water

Favourite color: Pink

Parents: Syo Kurusu (Mom) Destruction (dad)



Utapri kids

06/23/2017 11:45 PM 

R- Ra

First Name: Ra

Last Name: Otori

Age: 6

Birthday: April 9

Basic description:  hyper and doesn’t listen

Personality: rude and hyper

Likes: everything  

Dislikes: nothing  

Fears/Phobias:  nothing

Favourite food:  sweets

Favourite drink: cola

Favourite color:grey

Parents: Eiichi Otori and Kira Sumeragi



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