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K I T T E N ☆ (18+)

10/19/2017 05:51 PM 


*This is for erotica roleplay*


Mostly submissive


- Spanking

- Orgasm denial

- Over simulation 

- Breath play (choking)

- Humiliation/Degrading

- Thigh riding

- Water sports

- Hair pulling

- Daddy/mommy kink


- Blood play

- Public nudity 

- Rope play 

- Being hit anywhere besides his ass or thights

- Nipple play

- Foot fetish

- Tail pulling


Jacob ~ Uke

10/19/2017 04:33 PM 


I'm going to assume once you send or accept my friend request that you have read through my rules. If you have rules of your own please tell me them or if they are listed in your profile or blog somewhere I'll read them too.

1.) No mutes, it makes no sense to add or accept my friend request if you're not going to talk to me or roleplay with me at all.

2.) I like to keep chatting to a minimum, I'm sorry if that offends you but this is a roleplaying site after all.

3.) I use messages for chatting, discussing a roleplay, and roleplaying. You can comment as much as you like but I will be replying to you in messages.

4.) This character is going to have multiple romances with multiple people, not just one person.

5.) I don't like random starters out of complete nowhere, let's discuss a roleplay, first.

6.) If you added me, I'm going to assume you already have a plot in mind for the roleplay or have something that you want to do in the roleplay. If not and you want me to suggest ideas for the plot, figure out what genres we are going to have, writing lengths we can stick by, and start the roleplay off, please don't add me because that's not going to happen.

7.) When discussing a roleplay, I would like for the both of us to make an effort not just one of us doing all of the work, practically. 

8.) I don't like rape, abusive behaviors, or killing my/your character off, controlling/changing my character so that it can fit your character's world, and pain/watersport/foot kinks.

9.) No group roleplays.

10.) Don't be rude out of character, I'll understand if your character is supposed to be a jackass but while discussing a roleplay be nice and respectful.

11.) Literacy is a must, not texting lingo which is like this"u" instead of writing out "you" or anything like that. If you're on a phone I don't mind if it takes you longer to spell out the word, it just shows me that you actually put some effort into the roleplay. If English isn't your native language I'm not going to expect you to spell out everything correctly and if English is your native language and you try your best to spell everything correctly I'm fine with that. But, once someone keeps trying to find shortcuts to not spell out words correctly and is clearly not making an effort like this: "omg, u are so cute" I'm going to delete you.

12.) I don't write one-liners, multiple paragraphs, and a novella. I'm fine if you want to send multiple paragraphs or a novella to me but I'm not going to write that much back, it would take me far too long to respond back to everyone if I did that. But one-liners is something I cannot tolerate, if I write a semi-paragraph or a paragraph and I get a one-liner in return I would be upset like anyone else would be.



10/19/2017 04:40 PM 

Staff Member - Oshawott

This staff member is best at helping complete pokedexs.
Meaning they will help with version exclusive pokemon and those who only evolve through trade.

Name: Oshawott
3ds-fc: 2080-0820-2402
Favorite poke: Oshawott
Playing Pkmn Since: 2015
Games: Black, x, Moon
Favorite Title: Moon
Player type: Dex Completist
Can manipulate IVs: No
Can manipulate Evs: No
Can manipulate Nature: Yes
Can you powersave: No
^(the level scale is from 1 to 10. The lower the level, the smaller the prize)


Restrictions:  No restrictions

Staff Member Name:
Service Request: DEX FILL
Pkmn Name/#:
Held Item:
What version will you need this traded too:


[ SђคDє / VєเL ]

10/19/2017 04:30 PM 

Updates & Rules

First and foremost I should make this clear, I am a returning Vivian role player. I was role playing him/her however you want to call the adorable little shadow it's your choice back in 2012. I left for many reasons one of which was real life just caught up with me, it was just a mess. And I found that playing the character kinda got harder cause people kept trying to stick their willies in my metaphorical pants.

But I have returned for a number of reasons, one the verse was fun I loved it everyone was so accepting and it was really good everything was great, nobody was toxic at least not on my end. That being said I won't be changing anything on how I play most of you probably don't remember me and that's fine I'm looking forward to meeting new people.

And now for everyone's favorite thing in the whole wide world~ Mmm hm hm hm hm... Rules Yes I'm going to be adding rules it's going to be fine

#1: No Erotics like it's stated in my headline at least I think it is hold on let me check. Yup it is. I don't do them I don't like them not cause I'ma prude or cause I'ma stick in the mud. I just don't find them interesting. If you do that's great more power to you. I don't so don't come to me expecting me to sleep with you or anything.

#2: Yes Vivian is a girl but I'm portraying the Japanese version so gimme a little leeway. I'd do the same for you and your character whatever gender they may be.

#3: I don't want Drama I don't want anything to do with it, I've seen a lot of good verse crash and burn because of Drama and it's a bit sad so ya know leave that at the door.

#4: Have fun, that's what this site is all about or at least that's why I'm here to escape the mundane struggles of real life depression Yay! Anyways don't rain on my parade that's all I ask just be yourself and have fun basically.

#5: I don't have time to make my profile fancy I'm a busy guy and if I don't reply fast it's probably cause of busy situations. So don't take offense I'm not ignoring you.


I'll update this thing periodically so check back every so often but do sign with your favorite anything really. Just don't make it lewd. 



10/19/2017 04:15 PM 

Things about me for rps.

I like anything to do with Master/Slave or Mistress/Slave. I love Forced incest. I love anything to do with being forced into doing things. I'm very submissive.  I have no limits to rp and i also like being abused in rp as we. Down below is a list of kinks i like in rp and hope we can add them to the rp. If there are any you do not like then just let me know and we dont have to do them. I also will say if you have any kinks your welcome to tell me about them.

1.Sex Toys-
4.Anal Fisting-
5.Anal Sex (Receiving)-
6.Anal Training-
8.Oral Sex (Giving)-
9.Oral Sex (Receiving)-
10.Throat Penetration-
11.3+ Penetration-
12.Double Penetration-
16.Forced Incest-
17.Sexual Restraints-
19.Hand Cuffs-
20.Leash & Collar-
23.Face Slapping

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Lady Maskarade [MC]

10/19/2017 01:52 PM 

Pastries for Sale

As some of you may or may not know, I graduated college for baking and pastry arts. 
I'd love to make someones day a bit brighter as well as earn extra cash on the side. My rl job just isn't giving me the hours and there are no signs of change any time soon :( 
Unlike those who offer Edits and DIVS (something you can Actually get for free anywhere) I'm offering a real product - pastries. 

I ship within the US Only! 
-- Sorry but, any pastries I mail out would never survive shipping nor would survive becoming stale. 

Almonds are the Only nuts I use in my kitchen! 

The ""Order Form"" is below the list of gooods for Sale. Please either Message or Comment me your order. Feel free to leave a Review below! 

A $5.00 shipping fee is charged on all orders 

Payment is through PayPal and a link will be provided at your time of ""Check out"" (when I initially reply to your order form)

Thank you and please enjoy! I'd love to bake for you! (I miss playing with flour and sugar! ;-;) 


Cookies / Bars / Sandwich Cookies 
      - all cookies, bars, and sandwich cookies are sold by the dozen ( 12 ) 

Whoopie Pies :: plain or brown sugar frosting - $13.99 

Chocolate Chunk Pumpkin Cookies :: 
      - Plain - $10.99 
      - Brown sugar drizzle - $11.99 

S'mores Cookies - $14.99 

Shortbread Cookies :: 
       - Plain - $11.99 
       - shaped / decorated (frosted) - 12.59 

Cowboy Cookies / Oatmeal Cookies / Chocolate Chunk Cookies 
          - Oatmeal and chocolate chunks - $11.59 
          - Oatmeal and butter scotch chips - $11.99 
          - Oatmeal - $10.49 
          - Chocolate Chunks - $10.99 
          - Any combo above with a brown sugar filling (a sandwich cookie) - $12.99 

Ricotta Cookies - $12.59
(a sweet, soft Italian cookie made with sweet, soft ricotta cheese)  

Double Chocolate , Chocolate Chunk Cookies - $12.99 

Gingersnaps - $13.99 
      - Gingerbread men - plain (to decorate with loved ones at home for fun) - $14.69 
      - Gingerbread men and / or Rudolf the red nosed reindeer - decorated - $15.99 

Almond Biscotti - $15.99 

Coconut Macaroons - $13.69 

        - Plain - $10.99 
        - Heath Bar Chips - $ 11.99 
        - Almonds - $12.49 
        - Chocolate Chunks - $12.99 

Blondes - With either chocolate or butterscotch chunks - $13.49 
        - Think brownies, but instead of chocolate, it's brown sugar

Trifecta Bars - $16.49 
      - A cookie layer, Brownie Layer, and a Rice Krispy Treat Layer all in one delicious bar! 

Cakes / Loaves 
        - All cakes and loaves are sold by the loaf. 
        - All cake loaves are shipped unfrosted. For one the buttercream would not survive shipping, and for another, they are meant to be eatten unfrosted. You are free to experiment with your choice of favorite frosting flavor though! 

Sour Cream Coffee Cake - $12.49 

Lemon Tea Bread - $13.99 

Pumpkin Bread Loaf - $12.99 

Corn Bread Loaf - $12.49 

Apple Spice Cake Loaf - $11.99 

Banana Bread Loaf - $13.99 

Yogurt Cake - $$13.49 
     - if you'd like a particular flavor like strawberry or blueberry for example, feel free to ask. I will do my best to accommodate. If I am unable to find the flavor you'd like, I apologize, it'll be vanilla. 

Butter Cake - $14.99 


     - Streusel Topping - $15.59 
     - Crust topping - $15.99 

Pumpkin - $15.99 

Muffins / Bread 
     - Muffins and Scones are sold by the dozen ( 12 ) 

         - Corn - $12.99 
         - Almonds or chocolate chunks - $13.49 
         - Apple - $13.99 
         - Peach or Blueberry - $14.49 

Crunchy White or Wheat Bread Loaves - $10.99 

      - Chocolate Chunk - $9.99 
      - Cinnamon Apple - $10.99 
      - Peach or Blueberry - $11.49 


Order Form :: 

Your address will absolutely not be saved under any circumstances. It will be used once and only once simply to send your purchases. If you order more than once, you will have to resubmit the entire form - thank you. 

Full Name :: ex: Jane Brown 
Address :: ex : 254 Green St. apt 406 
City , State , Zip code :: Self Explanatory 
Date you'd like your pastries by :: ex : is this order for Thanksgiving? A birthday party? Just because? Etc... 
Pastries :: (please list them....) ex ::  
       - scones - 2 dozen 
       - whoopiepies : plain - 1 dozen 
       - butter cake Loaf - 3 each (you'd receive 3) 
Anything eslse you'd like to mention or ask :: alergies / etc... 

Thank you for your order and please come again! 



10/19/2017 01:04 PM 


Shiny Mew Giveaway!
-- Brought to you graciously by Pokemon Giveaways --
Will be given out on 10/25/17

Dex Number: #151
Pokemon Level: 50
Held Item: Masterball
Moveset: Psychic, Roost, Dazzling Gleam, Mega Punch

-- If you do not follow these, you may be disqualified --

oo1. Message us and simply say: ENTERING FOR MEW GIVEAWAY
oo2 If you are unavailable on the 25th (when this pkmn is given out), and give us advance notice, we can always reschedule for you.
oo3. If we try to contact you and we do not receive conformation from you on the giveaway date, you will miss your window and the pokemon will be given to someone else.
oo4. When the time comes to give out the pokemon, you will receive a detailed message with instructions on what to do to receive the pokemon. Follow the instructions carefully. We will not change/bend rules or regulations for you.
oo5. Please, whore the site out. We need at least 6 participants or it's not worth it. Bulletin whore code is on page or you can simply copy and paste our URL in status stating we need participants. Understand, that without the necessary quota, this giveaway could be cancelled.

Image result for shiny mew  gif

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10/19/2017 07:35 PM 

Just because ^,^

this is my blog :P ( Thanks to aniroleplay for providing it ) and what is a blog for except to write in? Lol. Now, what to put here is another thing.. ~taps chin, pondering before sending up a silent prayer~ Changes! That's what has been on my heart to write about. Soo many changes these past 10 years, it is truly amazing! :) Hountou, I hardly recognize that foolish woman wandering to and fro, with no home to call her own, ever restless, anxious, depressed, angry, bitter, and overwhelmed by feelings of guilt. A stranger, even to herself. Though I still see glimpses of her others. No, I have not "arrived" nor do I claim any perfection in my self. On the contrary, I seek to magnify the perfect Holy One of Israel, and His perfection. Long ago in another place and time I was of two minds. Why? Because I was not cleaving to the Rock that is higher than I, but rather holding on to the sins of my youth. Disobedient, the worldliness increased, and I would have been utterly lost if not for Gods faithfulness, loyalty, mercy, grace, and above all, His love for a wretched sinner like me. As Paul the Apostle wrote to the Philippians Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been perfected, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have laid hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize of Gods heavenly calling in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:12-14 Paul was constantly being attacked, both physicallly and spiritually, as no doubt the devil tried every trick in the book to hinder his ministry and rob him of his peace and joy in the Lord. He did not conform to the idolatry of the people he witnessed to, nor did he give in to the Judaizers preaching works righteousness. But oh yes, he suffered, and rejoiced in it. To be counted worthy to be a partaker in the sufferings of Christ. Is being unpopular, rejected, despised, mocked, spit upon, and threatened with bodily injury or even death part and parcel with our calling? Yes, but we are blessed in all these things, and eternal life in heaven is worth it all. If any happen to read this I hope and pray it will encourage you to believe and trust in the Lord. This life is but a vapor, anyway.


Yumi Yamaguchi

10/18/2017 10:54 PM 

Powers and Abilities

Nature Type:

Nature Icon Ice Ice Release

Nature Icon Water Water Release

Nature Icon Wind Wind Release

Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release

Nature Icon Yin Yin Release

Nature Icon Yang Yang Release

Kekkei Genkai:


Osho Getsugan

Nature Icon Storm Storm Release

Nature Icon Crystal Crystal Release

Nature Icon Swift Swift Release

Other Abilities:

Medical Nin

Wolf Sage


S-Ranked: 37

A-Ranked: 69

B-Ranked: 102

C-Ranked: 46

D-Ranked: 13


Rightful King

10/18/2017 08:57 PM 

Philosophy of Action (Guidelines)

Here we gather and entreat ye, consider mine words least ye become louts crowdin' the roadsides. Keep these thoughts in yer heart. Mark 'em like ye mark yer favorite oak with a lass' name or the sir's call. Carry 'em like yer coin purse and we ought find ourselves speakin' most civil I tell ye.

( Just kindly keep these in mind and our role-play experience will be wonderful )

  • I am rather busy in real-life so my time here will be limited to a day or two each week on a good schedule. Sometimes I may not reply for a few days to a week or two to compensate. Please don't rush me knowing this and I will do the same by virtue due patience for your own communication.

  • Please make no assumptions since this is an original spin on the take of The Legend of Arthur. Yes, I will borrow from mythology and various other inspiration sources, but the flow of his end and future is an open canvas for story to decide.

  • Generally I prefer multi-paragraph and higher writing. However, I am able to write and respond with a detailed paragraph to help push things along. Quality is most important over quantity after all. Though please maintain a sense of literacy when we communicate.

  • Mature themes in the sense of foul language, racial and social prejudices, graphic violence, political and psychological elements, religious themes, and at times explorations of sexuality in the world at large may be prevalent through our experience. If any of this is offensive please let me know so we can cater a custom experience safer for you.

  • Crossovers and AU's are most welcome! In fact, I enjoy finding unique ways to make a new spin on Arthur. The more settings and circumstances I can place him the better I say.

  • Drama between people is bad. Not tolerated. Drama within context of characters and stories (muse betrayals, shifting of factions, surprise support and seductions) that are handled maturely are wonderfully welcomed! Sadly I know people have a hard time making the distinction between dramatic writing and characters being involved in something larger, versus drama with actual people.

  • Connections are more than welcomed, but require story to have been developed. If you wish to help flesh out this new Arthurian Legend in the making then by all means let me know you're interest, and then let us see what flows from a story once we get it discussed.


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