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01/18/2019 04:46 PM 

Available Characters to Interact with


  • Nuzleaf (PSMD)
  • The Expedition Society+mun’s team (PSMD)
  1. Ampharos
  2. Dedenne
  3. Mawile
  4. Jirachi
  5. Archen
  6. Buizel
  7. Swirlix
  8. Bunnelby
  9. Karsten
  10. Blare
  • The six Sabeley (PMDEoT/D/S)
  1. Scout
  2. Wrath
  3. Bones
  4. Grin
  5. Deceit
  6. Sweety
  • Eleanora (fan trainer)


  • Frisk
  • Chara
  • Monster Kid
  • Flowey/Asriel


  • Kris


  • Mighty (classic Sonic games)
  • Cream (modern Sonic games)
  • The Rookie (Sonic Forces)


  • Niko
  • Casey (fan interpretation of “God”)


  • Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Trigger Happy Havoc)
  • Hifumi Yamada (Trigger Happy Havoc)
  • Kokichi (V3)
  • Korekiyo (V3)

NiGHTS into Dreams

  • NiGHTS

My Hero Academia

  • Fumikage
  • Masako (Fan Character)


  • Meta Knight
  • Dedede
  • The Mirror Worlders
  1. Shadow Kirby
  2. Dark Meta Knight
  3. Black Dedede
  • Kirby and the other Pufflings (From Amazing Mirror, Air Ride, and Battle Royale, among others)
  1. Keeby
  2. Kaby
  3. Kaiby
  4. Korby
  5. Kairby
  6. Kasby
  7. Kiby
  8. Kenby
  • Fairy Queen (Kirby 64)

South Park

  • New Kid (The South Park games)


  • Chell
  • Mel (Portal Stories: Mel)

Dragon Ball

  • Yamcha
  • Raditz
  • Android 17
  • Android 18
  • Shin
  • Soul (fan interpretation of the soul from FighterZ)


  • DICE
  • Korekiyo’s sister
  • Carracosta
  • Beheeyem
  • Team Shiftry
  • New Kid’s parents
  • Ribbon
  • Monster Kid’s Family
  • Eleanora’s Pokemon
  • Eleanora’s Mom and Meowth
  • Jecra and his reflection
  • Garlude and her reflection
  • Vanilla
  • Cheese
  • Chocola
  • Princess Snake and her servants
  • 17’s family
  • Puar
  • Some FCs

roleplay characters, characters, available characters


01/18/2019 04:31 PM 


  1. Please no godmodding/auto hitting/power playing/etc. And if I end up doing it, please let me know privately so I can fix it. It’s no fun if one person has all the power in the RP, and in fact defeats the purpose of RP in the first place.
  2. Please do not rush me. I tend to multi task, I rp on more than one site, and I do have real life stuff to do. If you pester me, I will not respond to you. At all. Pestering me makes me feel less inclined to respond to anything you say. If you continue after I’ve ignored you for a while, I will block you.
  3. I am selective, meaning that I reserve the rights to not rp with you if I don’t want to or respond to you if you make me uncomfortable. If the former applies to you, it’s nothing against you, it’s either that that I don’t feel like writing for or with a specific character, or I’m just not feeling that thread. If I express disinterest in RPing with you, and you get an attitude with me, guilt trip me, etc., I will block you. Now, I don’t often say no to an RP, and when I do, I have yet to be given a reason to block that person. Let’s keep it that way. ^^;
  4. While I am a legal adult, and I have muses that are legal adults, I’d like to not rp smut publicly. The most I’ll do is sex jokes, or maybe imply some aspects of their past on the topic, or maybe even somewhat suggestive implications, if it makes sense. With the kiddies such as Frisk, Niko, etc., sex jokes (unless it’s them asking what something is), are a bit of a no no, the exception being New Kid, as he is from South Park. Violence on the other hand is fine.
  5. With some muses, crossovers are a bit more iffy than others. I think it’d be best if we talked about it before making the decision
  6. If you play a muse that I play as, but wanna approach one of my muses, it’s okay! In fact, Doubles are fine too! Come at me!
  7. I am alright with pre-established relationships outside of canon, just as long as we’ve talked about it first. Furthermore, if your headcanons clash with mine, I’m flexible enough to accommodate yours, just so long as we talk about it.
  8. I am a multiverse bloge, meaning I’m up for rping different AUs and such. Different points in the characters timelines also count as a verse, just not necessarily an AU unless it diverges from the original timeline.If you have an AU or verse you’d like to rp about, talk with me.
  9. I am multiship, because I am a shipping whore. So each ship [if there are multiple of them on this blog] with one character will be its own verse. I will not rp cheating. Just know, if any of my characters end up crushing on yours, and yours don’t necessarily feel the same way, that does not mean they have to be in a relationship.  It just means my characters know what they like. And I don’t mind if it’s the other way around. It’s only a problem when you try to force ship. I ship based on chemistry, not just because you shove your characters at mine.
  10. Alright, so depending on the character, there will be triggering topics written (although most of them won’t go into so much detail). Now said triggers will be warned about, because I don’t want to hurt anyone. If you have a trigger, please tell me before we rp. Again, I don’t want anyone hurt. As for me, I may not have triggers, but I do have things that make me slightly uncomfortable (specifically if it’s portrayed as good); incest, rape, excessive gore, etc. the typical stuff. If you want an RP that romanticizes any of that, the answer is an absolute ‘no’. That’s it. I may delve into these topics, but they will never be portrayed in a positive light. Period.

rules, roleplay standards


01/17/2019 11:41 PM 

Things You Need To Know//Rules

I am always on mobile 99.9% chances are if I send you a sentence in reply I'm on the computer.
RP replies WILL be done on mobile. because of that sometimes what I say might get slurred and come out as something entirely wrong
I apologize for this unfortunate incident in advance and hopefully it won't happen, I do try to read over my messages before I send them and correct any mistakes though♥

I have a short temper and VERY LOW TOLERANCE FOR EROTICA "seekers" they will likely get themselves blocked if they get accepted since these individuals seem to have no conscience 
and, with that said, I try to avoid adding anyone under 26 years old, I don't think the young newbs are serious about RP....
(I don't know how many people do anyway)

#1. No Erotic smut...I've been there, done it, it's hard to explain how much I can't stand it anymore, it's far too..."distracting" to enjoy an erotic RP

#2. I'm not here for the Fairy Tail verse. In fact I really don't care to write as a celestial wizard, just keep that in mind.. I can just really relate to Lucy on so many levels

#3. Do not rush me, I may not reply to you within an hour or 2 but patience is a virtue..if I don't reply to you within 2 or 3 days then I'll understand but please don't just delete me after 24 hours, that's rude!

#4. if you propose to an RP with me, I expect some intelligence to show in your writing. I don't half-ass replies...I write as much as I can think of, it's not always 3 or 4 paras but I always try to squeeze out 1 at least -it really depends on how intrested I am in your message♥

🇸​ 🇱​ 🇦​ 🇾​ 🇪​ 🇷​ -

01/17/2019 11:18 PM 

Character Information

For detailed information regarding Goblin Slayer, please use the link provided below:

🇸​ 🇱​ 🇦​ 🇾​ 🇪​ 🇷​ -

01/17/2019 10:55 PM 

Role-Play Rules | Guidelines

DISCLAIMER: Stories involving this character will be rated 18+ due to various themes involved, such as: Blood and Gore, Excessive Violence, Strong Language, Psychological Scenarios, Supernatural Events, Nudity and Strong Sexual Situations. By requesting you are accepting these contents and conditions.


1. Literacy is highly requested.
2. Proper grammar usage is desires. Mistakes are allowed but effort is expected.
3.No Power-Playing or God-Modding.Character manipulation is prohibited as well (The only exception to this rule is if conditions are discussed and agreed upon prior to beginning a story.)
4. This is an active account. ( 3-6 days per week )
5. Real-Life Drama is not permitted. Role-Play Drama is encouraged.
6. Do not constantly send messages while waiting for replies.
7. Both discussion and random starters are allowed. ( Comments for OOC/Discussion, Messages for Role-Play.)
8. I am patient and understanding, I have over 12+ years in Role-Play experience and know that life can sometimes take priority.
9. I will not rush others to respond.
10. Please, enjoy your time and be creative with our stories.

© 2019 All Rights Reserved.