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11/17/2018 01:51 PM 

A boy with a troubled past

Name: Jun (Renki) Takehara 

Was known as Renki in his troubled past
Age: 22 
Birthday: December 2nd
Species: Human but also a mutant who can cause earthquakes under pressure 
Hair color: Brown 
Eyes: Blue

Conflicts: ptsd, depression, light OCD
Smokes: He's a stress smoker-Cigarettes
Drinks: Sometimes but is a light weight 

Occupation: Therapist 
Likes: Tea, Cider, Flowers, Herbal studies
Dislikes: Becoming useless, The man from his past, Strawberry flavored things 

Allergies: Almonds, Lactose and Dairy

Jun can do any sort of rps
I'd love for past people to come back into his life, spice the rps up! 

Story and background are under co, for now they will be discussed in the rp

Lady of Terror

11/17/2018 12:21 PM 

Quick Guidelines

1. Crossover Friendly, willing to try to work outside the Diablo verse as hard as it may be.

2. Mature Literacy, I try to be literate with how I write and deliver detailed responses when I can for great story telling.

3. Friendly and welcoming

4. I generally prefer at least a paragraph as a minimum for roleplay, semi for friends.

5. I welcome anykind of story, but as for erotic it is fine by me, but has to have a story and detailed to keep my attention, Paragraph and up only nothing less.

6.Character killing can happen, I am not against it happening to mine, as well Diablo has died at least four times so far.

simple guidelines

∂єνιℓ'ѕ νιχєη

11/16/2018 07:14 PM 

My Rules

Please follow them. They're quite common and to the point of what is expected.

1. No one liners or semi unless we are talking up a story plot or having a normal conversation. If you are sending me anything in a response close to it and I'm ending it there. Also be detail in your response.. I'm not saying be perfect since everyone makes mistakes.

2. Do not control my character. If I didn't put it down then don't do it. You can initiate something but don't if trying to fully control her then I'm going to stop all together

3. I am an editor. My characters will consist of Trish from DMC and Helena from Dead or Alive. All I ask of you is to NOT STEAL my creations. I worked to hard on them. No I am not the owner of the original design but don't steal what I've made.

4. Shippings. I don't care for it. All I ask for a story to build up overall. 

5. No Erotic nor Romance. The genre is very common on this site. All I ask is that you respect that I am one of those that just don't do the genres. Yes I do mature themes.. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN SEXUAL CONTENT. It means I partake in themes that are over the ages of 18 years old such as blood, guts, violence, language and nudity. 

6. No Need For The Disrespect. We're all adults and we should know how to act like one. So no need to start drama, name calling, all that nonsense that high schoolers and children do. One sign of it and you're blocked.

7. My Real Life Will ALWAYS Come First. So I will state this now. I am 24 years old with a 8 hours job that requires my attention and I won't be home until 11 p.m. or even later than that. So all I ask for you to be patient and don't rush. My life will always come first so respect that.

8. I WILL NOT Roleplay fetishes. If you do incest, foot fetishes, shouta or anything that would make anyone raise an eyebrow. I'm blocking you.

9. I'm slowly trying to go back into fighting roleplays. If you DON'T WANT TO FIGHT ME, then let me know a head of time. If you do want to then DO NOT GOD MOD, AUTO HIT, AUTO GUARD/COUNTER... You are not God, Jesus, or Holy Mary themselves. I will end the roleplay there and possibly block you. Take a hit and so will I.


11/16/2018 08:37 PM 

Divided we shall fall

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Its been so long since I've done anything"
"My past seeming to be like that of a blur now"
"Memories never seeming to be like the same they were"
 "Who needs a past to remember?"

A question that a person couldn't figure out nor for that matter remember his own past, but a man who knows everything about him and of his past
What is he and what he will become later on within his future
That person of course that he spoken to was him within the much more distance future
Image and video hosting by  TinyPic

It was clear to him now that everything that he would've knew would had came to and end, but then again
Everything usually does come to and end
For now of course this unusual figure stayed hidden within the shadows, always lingering and never showing his true form until he sensed that it was safe to come on out.
For now of course, the only way how this person every made any sort of contact with any beings
Was through that of shadow manipulation and the very earths surroundings


Shadow manipulation
Earth's elements
Dark aura

Vinny/Tempest Koi

11/16/2018 04:10 PM 


Full Name:  Miro Katsuhiroki 

Nickname: give him some 
Gender: Miro
Orientation: gay
Age: 21
Species: neko
Birthplace: unknown 
Current Residence: homeless 
Eye Color: bright green
Hair color: purple and blue
Skin: pale cream
Status: single
Who: n/a
Family:  none
Best Friends: none
Likes: wearing girly things, sweets, being told he's a good boy, being petted and cuddles.
Dislikes: his ears and tail tugged on, being hit, and being ignored.
Personality: trusting, innocent, bratty at times


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