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Daro(Open for your ideas)!

11/21/2019 03:31 PM 

The Divine light vs the Sovereignity (Medieval fantasy war plot)

There are 2 mighty queens in this battle fighting each other for many or just specific purposes..The Queen of darkness and the Divine Queen. An epic war has broken out! Many fleed from their homes and villages and they attempted to seek shelter with the Divine queen. The Queen would welcome them with open hands and they were thankful. They wished to create an alliance and many other alliances joined along with the Divine Queen.. But some did the wrong choice. Who is the Queen of Darkness? She is ruling a kingdom filled with evil and dispair.Darkness and pure evil. She wants all the power she ever wanted. She has executed many people who have turned against her or who she thought was deceiving her. She is powerful indeed... She wants all the land for herself and nobody else! She's indeed a power hungry queen. The Divine Queen did not like this! She decided to declare war upon her forces! She rules a kingdom with good and purity..The entire alliance agreed with this! They decided to fight them. So far they have done good.. They have managed to keep them out for a long time.. But The Queen of Darkness won't give up that easily. They might strike again.. Who knows? However, there may be undiscovered alliances who are left behind.. Roles: The Queen of Darkness,The Divine Queen and etc.Who will I become? Nesy Celvius! Basically, Nesy is a leader of an unknown alliance that the queens/kings have not discovered yet.. His race race are martial-arts people which are called: Celvestians... But the Celvestians were very few and small in numbers.. But they were very famous for their kung-fu practice and KI practice.. I'd be a leader of a small alliance of 10 people What side will I join? It all depends on the roleplay...

Daro(Open for your ideas)!

11/21/2019 03:25 PM 

The Elven war (An Isakeish adventure)

What is the story about?:It's about a human boy in the modern world. Who's got into a horrible accident by falling into a rift out of nowhere.  But in the Elven world.. Falling through a rift to an other world means that it's almost godlike! Something so legendery that it's considered to be a gift from the gods. This caused many factions to conflict for this single human being because this is considered to be a treasure and including the fact they conflict about him joining them.  You and me shape this story. It doesn't have to be this way!How the story starts:Nesy was casually strolling around a street back in his own modern world. But all of a sudden he felt time has stopped and the only thing he remembered is falling through a hole into darkness. He woke up to the sight of a world that he hasn't seen before.  A world filled with staggering ammounts of elves and beings originated from fairy tail itself! This was a crazy sight to comprehend. Nesy eventually noticed that there was an ongoing war raging within the horizon. Such crazy sight to behold!  He meet a fellow Elf that happened to find Nesy by accident. (Can be anybody.. Even a royal).   The elf explained to Nesy about a world that has an ongoing battle between corruption and divinity.  The question is... Which side will he take? Will he become a hero? Or will he bow and conceal his true bright self? The story begins now ;)


11/21/2019 01:43 PM 

My rules

1. Probably most important: I am choosing to portray Beau after her events with the M9. I know that will probably irritate a lot of people, but I don't want to do something to one of the characters I enjoy and have it mess with the storyline they are playing. This is the way in my head that it made sense to me to play her. 2. As to all the men that are adding me.... ROFL! Well, my bio might say Bi... But Beau does not really have much of a thing for men. At least not men that chase her. If I send you a friend request, it means you interest me... otherwise, there is a small chance I will accept you. Otherwise women only. If I have to switch to Lesbian to stop the torrent of request, I will 3. Para to Multi Para. If you can only do para, please just say so. If you say you can do multi para, and all I get in response is para... There is a very tiny chance you will receive a reply from me 4. Yes, I am a girl in RL. No, I will not date you. No, I will not give out info. No, I will not give you my number. And NOOOO to any and all other questions that I get asked a million times. 5. If we have a story going, and it is getting boring... let me know. Don't ghost me. I am trying to take the story in an interesting direcrtion and if its not your cup of tea, let me know. I can fix it. And I will extend the same courtesy to you. 6. (Is afraid of 7.... SHHHH) I do have a discord... And I wil give it out. But I will not let it consume my life like I did the last time I was here. Same with rps on here. I will respond in a timely fashion. But there will be a limited # of rp's that I will have at any one time. I haven't decided on the # yet. 7. Please, Please, Pleeease if you ever have the inkling to edit or draw something, please go right ahead. Don't need to ask permission or anything like that. I love pictures and will credit any and all artists.


11/21/2019 01:40 PM 

Beau's Story

Beau was born to Thoreau and Lee Lionett. She was named Beauregard because her parents wanted a son .Beauregard's parents were in the wine-making business in Kamordah. Beau was made to manage the bookkeeping. As the winery's most frequent customers were halflings, Beau learned the Halfling language as a result.  Beau thought little of her father, Thoreau, as she grew up and possibly out of a need for revenge, began to steal and resell his wine at cost. This led to her committing other crimes, including extortion and trafficking. The best con she ever pulled was when, not liking a politician and his wife in the town she grew up in, she worked as a house hand for them as a means to dig up dirt on them. She found out that they were each cheating on each other, causing them to break up when she exposed the information. One of Beau's criminal associates was a woman named Tori, whom she was romantically involved with. When Beau and Tori were arrested together, Beau's father paid her bail but not Tori's. Beau does not know what happened to Tori after that.   One day her father found out about her bootlegging and criminal activity and hired a group of monks from the Cobalt Reserve to "abduct" Beau, believing that they would reform her. It is implied that Beau's father thought that the monks were strictly librarians, however they were also martial artists and attempted to teach Beau the discipline her father wanted while also training her in hand-to-hand combat. As seen throughout most of her teens, only one of these lessons stuck. Beau left the monastary in Zadash after her parents sent her a letter saying they now had a son. Beau took the letter to mean her parents no longer wanted any contact with her. She assumed they were no longer going to pay the Cobalt Soul to train her and thought she would be doing the monks a favor by leaving.  After she left, she found out the the Cobalt Reserve had other plans for her and began to train her even though she thought they did not want her. As she grew into an Expositor, she became more and more confident with herself. After her many adventures with her friends, the Mighty Nein, Beau set out on her own. She moved away from the Dwendolyin Empire and Xhorhas and began to search for information elsewhere.  After running into a peculiarly charming little gnome, she began to draw the attention of the Goddess Ioun. Eventually she was confronted and tested by the God and was given a task to help her with certain things from time to time. Now she is a chosen of Ioun and is out searching for ancient and forbidden knowledge.

Space Invader

11/21/2019 01:21 PM 

Killian, The Space Outlaw

COMING SOON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UNEDITED PIC


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