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08/19/2017 03:48 PM 

Seal's info

“I'm not one for emotions....heh‶


G̺͆E̺͆N̺͆E̺͆R̺͆A̺͆L̺͆ I̺͆N̺͆F̺͆O̺͆R̺͆M̺͆A̺͆T̺͆I̺͆O̺͆N̺͆

NᎪᎷᎬ: seal

❀ Seal asa fay


❀ none


❀ 13-17


❀ Researcher/college student


❀ male




❀ Single


❀ human


“I do enjoy humor‶




❀ 6 '2'


❀ 142 lbs


❀ White


❀  Long and messy


❀ pale


❀ Skinny


❀ scar on his neck


❀ None


❀ A tatto of strange symbols over his back, said oumache.

And left arm 


“Could we speak of something else please?‶




❀ Amy (deceased) strong relationship


❀ James (alive) not very good


❀ (ɴᴀᴍᴇ ᴀɴᴅ sᴛᴀᴛᴜs ᴡɪᴛʜ ʜɪᴍ/ᴛʜᴇᴍ)


❀ Alex (alive) strong though they don't talk much.


❀ any one declares worthy.


❀ a cat name lucky ( is a black cat)




❀ straight 


❀ Reading, researching and dicovering


❀  it much


❀ ramen


❀ root beer


❀ (ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴅᴏᴇs ʜᴇ/sʜᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴛᴏ ᴅᴏ?)


❀ his research


❀ Loud noises




❀ celebrates to himself/talks to himself


❀ ignores all feelings and works


❀ do more work


❀ to many to list


❀ chew his pencils and pens


S̺͆T̺͆A̺͆T̺͆S̺͆ (1/10)


















Y̺͆E̺͆S̺͆ O̺͆R̺͆ N̺͆O̺͆


❀ no


❀ Possibility


❀ not close


❀ not very


❀ yes


O̺͆T̺͆H̺͆E̺͆R̺͆ D̺͆E̺͆T̺͆A̺͆I̺͆L̺͆S̺͆




❀in between 






Cheza Dragon Mother/Goddess(MRC)

08/18/2017 10:22 PM 

Cheza Mira Pureblood

Information on Cheza

Full Name-Cheza Mira Pureblood
Father's Name- Lelouch Pureblood
Mother's Name- Cheza Wolf Pureblood
Sexuality- Bi-Sexual

Cheza had inherited Powers from both her parents. When She was Little her Father Left her with Three Dragon Eggs. She later in life hatched those eggs. 
Cheza is A Mixture of many Things because of her parents. She is a goddess, Wolf  Neko, And Dragon Mother.

Hair color-Black with crimson red bangs.
Eye colors- Left eye Crimson Red, Right Eye Navy Blue.
Age- Looks 21 but is older.
Features- She will Either have a Dragon tail and Horns Or A Wolf Tail and Ears.

Able to Control Light Magic And Dark Magic, Earth Magic, And Fire Magic And Water Magic.
Able to Make Weapons out of her own blood.
Ability To Grow a pair of Wings Either Dragon like Wings or Angel like ones.
Able to Heal Fast and Heal others.
Ability to Regenerate Body Parts If They were cut-off.
Able to Hatch Dragon Eggs or Make them.
She Is able to change her Tail and Ears.
Ability To turn into a Male.

She Can Be Nice at times but also has a dark side to her. 
If anyone she love's is hurt or in danger she will Hurt or destroy whoever or whatever Did it.
She Finds Supernatural Beings interesting and sometimes wants to own them.
She Can Get Jealous if someone is messing with what's hers.



08/18/2017 10:08 PM 


[Fast forward to year 3487. Man kind had progressed through technology like never before. Major problems that threatened the entire race were overcome, and the ability to achieve greater things was within their grasp. It had not been flesh and marrow to cause humanity to evolve, but by their own hand and ingenuity. The infamous fictional tales of mages were real - humans had augmented psych-neurodes in their brain to create hidden talent, such as pyrokensis, telepathy, and ability to even alter gravity on small scales. Humans were now the pinnacle of all beings, and began to take their sites off their small, blue planet. They looked beyond the Origin System, and wished to explore the mysteries of the Milky Way. 

Octavia had grown up in Metropolis all of her life. She had a childhood free from all the ailments. Doing well in her academics, she was sent to prestigious schools and had now been accepted in the Expansion Programme. This program would select humans to go out in colonies and explore other worlds. If they found one that could easily either be terraformed or colonized, they were to do so. She yearned for adventure, and felt extremely lucky compared to the other students. At the ripened age of twenty-one, Octavia was now boarded on a massive citadel, launched in space, and was to drift for the rest of her life in the stars.

Already assigned a room, she didn't go there yet. Instead, she wanted to look at earth for one last time. Octavia sat beside a observation window and watched as Earth slowly began to look smaller and smaller. She had been absolutely thrilled, but now the homesickness she had never felt before settled in. 

She had spent all her life on Earth. She had grown to love and meet many people there. She had experienced many of the traditions, customs, and inventions mankind had made. She would miss the things that made life worth living. The morning greeting her Aunt gave her. The normal schedule which gave Octavia stability and structure. The history she learned over the courses of her academic studies. All of that would be challenged. All of that would be erased, as a new clean slate would lift itself to humanity, and she was part of this great opportunity. She would make a name for herself, be a pioneer with a few said others. Octavia was to bring the greatness of humanity to the universe. But her fate was sealed, as she would hardly ever get to go back to Metropolis. Back to the place she knew. 

She leaned back in her seat and mused over her thoughts, letting them marinate in apprehension. The rest of her colleagues were busy celebrating in the same lounge room, trying to fight off their uncertainty with music and drinks. Laughter cantered around the room but it didn't stop from Octavia starting at the same blue orb hung in the distance. 

They had a few minutes before the debriefing and orientation would start. Octavia figured she would gather her nerves before having to prepare. Everyone would be assigned a job unless they specialized in something.]


sci-fi, roleplay, space exploration,

Cheza Dragon Mother/Goddess(MRC)

08/18/2017 10:04 PM 

Rize Aya Kamishiro
Current mood:  accomplished

information on Rize.

Rize Is the daughter of Rize Aya Kamishiro The Binge Eater, Her father is unknown. Since her mother had died when Rize was only 5 years old she couldn't ask her mother who her father was.

Rize Had inherited both her mother and fathers Kagune.

Rinkaku Kagune: Her Kagune is special because it has an abnormal regenerating factor even among the Rinkaku types, just like her mothers. She is able to summon up to six tentacle claws.While slim, each claw can cut deeply enough to fatally injure anyone effortlessly, human or ghoul.

as a shield kagune in a single focused attack or firing a flurry of bullets.he also can use her Kagune-type ghoul, her strength is mainly from her enhanced speed and firing projectiles.She can cause serious damage by either focusing her Ukaku comes from her shoulders, forming into Two black wings on both her shoulders.As a typical Kagune: Her Kagune and Ukaku to enhance her punches. But she is unlike normal Ukaku Kanune as she uses two black wings instead of one.

Rize Appearance. 

Hair Color- Black with Light Blue at the ends.

Eye colors-Her eyes are normally purple until she uses her Kagune they become a Crimson Red.

Age- 20


species - Ghoul.

Rize Personality

Rize is somewhat like her mother She is also known as a Binge Eater, She will kill And eat Even if she does not need to feed, But she does hold back from doing so if she can, She is protective over something or someone she cares for. She is Sweet and Kind but she does have her moments where she wants to kill.


Princess mayleen S/L

08/18/2017 08:02 PM 

song back ground



Grand Requiem

08/18/2017 02:57 PM 


Do not pester me for replies. 
Between work and errands things keep me busy during most of the week. 
So if you're the impatient type I suggest looking elsewhere for a story, I won't be rushed by anyone.
Usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays there will be no replies due to those being my busiest days of the week.

Two paragraphs minimum is required to write with me.
It may seem stingy but this is for the good of the story and my attention span. 
If you give me only a paragraph i'm not going to feel inclined to reply due to disinterest. 
I demand equal effort from both sides as I don't enjoy wasting my time.

You must have half decent literacy and grammar.
I understand english is not everybodys first language or there are the rare few who are new to the roleplaying scene. 
Still if I can't read your pot we can't exactly write together now can we?

Be aware things aren't always going to be sunshine and rainbows.
There may be scenes of graphic violence, foul language, and other intense themes at times. 
That being said I ask all my partners be at least 18 years old otherwise we can't write together, Sorry.

Character connections are not free, So if you want one earn it.
My muse isn't too hard a woman to get close to but don't think she'll be your best friend or just hop into bed with you. 
If you plan to become an important part of her day to day life you're going to work for it. 
As far as a relationship is concerned, Once she's found someone she is faithful to only them. 
I expect the same in return otherwise don't play with her heart. 

If you are only here for smut you need to walk away now, NOT HAPPENING.
Don't get me wrong as i'm not against said scenes, It just isn't going to happen unless there's a story leading to something long term. 
My muse is not some slut aiming to appease your deepest fantasies on a whim.. She'd sooner leave you to rot all by your lonesome.
Her affection is reserved only for the one who earns her trust and she expects the same in return from her romantic connection. 
So please if you're only interested in sex just go away before I block you myself.

Friends list sweeps happen every three days or so.
Meaning if you haven't contacted me within said time frame after you've added me without reason you will be removed from my list. 
Rarely do those who have been removed ever get added again so do not spam request me, I won't hesitate to block you. 
This also includes if you're clearly online yet haven't bothered to speak.

Regarding the exchange of personal information.
I will not be giving out my personal details to anyone on here so do not ask.
I am an incredibly private person who desires to keep roleplay and reality seperate.
So do not ask for my true name, number, photos, ect. It WILL get you blocked if you persist after my warnings.
It's a shame this has to be a rule instead of common sense but some people are just so dense it has to hurt.

Please do not take these as me being and elitist or stuck up, As i'm actually very approachable.
So long as you respect me you will get the same in return!



08/18/2017 02:55 PM 

What you need to know ... Or may want to .

What you need to know about fumiko . 

Status : right now single . 

Reasons : she don't know how to show real love . She grew up alone most of the time . 

Likes : apples , tuna , salmon patties and to be close to people mainly Ari since she is his cat . 

Dislikes : dogs , liers , cheaters and of course promise breakers .

Wishes : just to live out a long happy life . And keep the people she cares for safe and happy . Even if it means she is never happy . 

Favorite saying .: I may be weak and useless but don't underestimate me . I am a wolf left unchecked I could be your worst enemy.

Darkest secret: fumiko keeps her heart on her sleeve and gets hurt easy . 


รђ๏rt Ŧยรe

08/18/2017 02:09 PM 


Alright alright. It is time that I made up some rules. Some of them might sound harsh, but it is to stop any possible conflicts,that are outside of the storyline, from happening. Let's begin.

1. Absolutely no outside drama. Drama in a storyline is perfectly fine, in fact that is encouraged.

2. Try to use proper spelling and grammar. I know everyone is not perfect, but basically every device has spell check. Please try to use it. Also don't use text talk.

3. I wil not tolerate people who try to force me. This can mean forcing me to talk or reply. This can also mean trying to force a relationship with me.

4. When I will reply to comments, I prefer messages.

5. Length is important to me, as is interest level. If I do not find you interesting, I will no longer reply. I refuse to be the only one doing anything for the storyline. Rp is the equal exchange of ideas. It is my choice to reply or not.

6. In addition to the rule above, welcome messages are also included in this. If it doesn't catch my interest, I refuse to reply. That only shows me you might not give an effort. Copy and paste welcomes are okay with me, but at least give me something to actually reply back to. Things such as hello, how are you, how is the weather,etc. will prove to irritate me. A welcome can include things like this, but it better be more then that. It can be in or out of character. Just give me something to reply to.

7. I don't care if you like me or not. Don't like how I run things, feel free to delete me. I can be nice, but if pushed well quite frankly I can be an arsehole.

8. Cross overs are fine as long as they make sense.

These rules might sound harsh and mean, but as long as you follow them we won't have a problem.


Get Hacked~

08/18/2017 10:40 PM 

Welcome to my Palace
Current mood:  awake

~Warning. If you haven't played or finished Persona 5 and plan to do so spoiler free, click away now.~

~You gone yet?~


Greetings to all still here! This must mean you are, in fact, interested in my character and/or verse. For those of you who don't know and don't plan on playing Persona 5, Futaba is a major character in the game and one of the Phantom Thieves. Here, I break down some of her mannerisms and guidelines on how to handle the little Hermit.

Futaba is 15 years old. She is a mentally ill, genius hermit who hasn't left her room in three yeas. Naturally, for our characters to interact, there will have to be a common ground for her to interact with anyone outside of The Phantom Thieves. 

Because of this, there will likely be no relationships. In game, you can date her, but it takes a lot of time and work. Several instances of being around her is simply trying to help here overcome her many obstacles. Canonically, I will not deter from this for simplicity sake. I want to do this character justice. In reality, we can't just ignore issues, and I won't do that for her either.

Because it is so difficult to rp in certain situations with certain people, and because I love to create new stories post game, I have a story line set up when she is 18. This is three years after the games end. This opens TONS of doors for my character, our character, and stories to happen. This does not dismiss her short comings, but it does make it a little easier for her, as she's been practicing and getting help for that entire time. 

No, this does not mean she's instantly available to date.

This is not easy. Canonically, the MC of the game can date her if the player chooses. Naturally, their chemistry attracted me. However, I also rp with the MC as just friends. Likewise, I'm not against her 'dating' (if that's what we can call it), but it has to be organic, meaning your chances are pretty slim to none. 

I do have connections, but don't limit myself to only one of any character. Some may take priority over others depending on how I'm feeling that day, but generally treat everyone with the same respect and time. I do have IRL friends here, so my banter and connection with them will be clearly different than others and chemistry between my Futaba and a few rprs are naturally pretty awesome. Don't be afraid to let your character banter with mine. She can take it.

Futaba, canonically, is the queen of memes and game/pop culture references. She takes it too far often and has no filter (or ability to understand where the lines are with these things.) She can be seen as disrespectful and demanding because of her meme placement as well as her illnesses, but the fact that it comes from a good place helps others know she means well. 

Canonically, Futaba is plagued with mental illness. If this bothers you, feel free to dismiss yourself from rp or tell me. I will downplay it if you are uncomfortable to a certain extent. As someone who shares many of her issues, I find it more therapeutic than triggering to take this role. She had/has suicidal depression, deep anxieties and a handful of issues that point to mild autism (but isn't confirmed or denied). This is where her demanding and disrespectful nature comes from. It's also why she can be so messy. She can and has slept for days at a time, but is usually awake, poking around the internet or hacking someone.

Outside of owning a support Persona, she is among the best (if not the best) hacker in Japan. Many years before introduced in the game (so, around 10-11) she single-handedly created the organization Medjed, which, at first was to  hack 'in the name of justice.' However, when rooky hackers used the handle to do their own things, she quickly got tired of tracking them down to stop them and let them use the name, switching her handle to "Alibaba." This handle is used to do generally the same thing, but on a more independent scale. 
She also has a plethora of advanced psychology and science books. They can be seen as early as the beginning of the game, where the MC mentions such books in the attic where he's to live. 

Futaba lives with her foster father, Sojiro, after her mother presumably killed herself in front of Futaba's eyes. Throughout almost half the game, you don't even know Futaba exists. However, Sojiro gets several calls from 'women' and dismisses himself often. It's only after "Alibaba" contacts the MC that you start to figure out there's someone else in the Sakura household. 

Despite the courtesy of calling the foster parent by the title, Futaba doesn't call Sojiro "father". It may have something to do with her illness and inability to understand the 'basic of basics', but it may also be her own denial that anything has happened or that she isn't worthy of being someones daughter when it just brings her pain. 

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee

These are just some facts and backstory, along with some guide to help our characters be the best they can be together! Hopefully it wasn't daunting to read. Condensing this character is like summarizing the bible in 4 words - inaccurate and difficult. If you have any questions, let me know. Now lets get those rps going!


Futaba, Persona 5, Guide

|| Inner Universe. ||

08/18/2017 05:09 PM 

Valuk Atomsk, The God of Strength.

The God Known as Valuk.

Valuk Atomsk is known as the God of Strength, from the furthest star to the World at the End of the Universe; but before that he was a Valikin prince and the last of his kind still living. To be king required Valuk to compete in the Stardust Trials; a series of games made to test the mind, body and spirit. He excelled and like his father before him, received the highest honors in every sport. Through these games he approved himself a true descendant of the Immortal God; Atomsk. For those were days when no one could arise to authority, or kingship, without royal quality; as well as days when super-eminent ability was referred to deity, revered as sacred, and obeyed as divine. And there was no other ability Valuk excelled in, beyond his mind.

Valuk was not only a strong man-strong to see and resolute to dare and do; he was a man whose hearts were one gentle and the other sympathetic. He was sympathetic beyond all else, for his race. Equal parts Sympathy and Strength were his princely traits; to love and be loved by his people, to feel deeply their needs and wants and to be strong in times of dire need. Though some say, this side of him was inherited through his mother, as he did his strength from his father, as he did his spirit from his ancestor: Atomsk.

Some reputed he is the son of his mother while others recount him as the son of his grandmother; and with reason; his mother and his grandmother were two beings so wholly different from one another, they were actually, fundamentally alike. To the senses they are as diverse as light and darkness, if not wholly the same, so related that they derive their being from one another. His mother, Valkauna, the “First Born” of the night and the goddess of all starlight, of dawn, of creation. And his grandmother; Theleya, the “all-covering”, all including, night herself; the goddess of darklight, said to be the infinite one.

And so Valuk was conceived, at one time, as the son of Starlight, and at another, directly of the great teeming Night. To be said of both expresses the belief of his kingdom that he was endowed with the dark, silent, unfathomable, tender depth of the one, as well as the fresh, beaming, joyous hopefulness and luster of the other▬An all-promising, all-susceptible, all-capable, radiant young king.

But on the day of his coronation, his entire planet and the twenty three other planets in the surrounding solar system were wiped off the interstellar map. Nothing was left beyond some space rock and a few graveyards of dead ships. All except Valuk. It was on that day, that he had to learn what strength meant; the strength to seek revenge for an entire species, against a threat that devoured solar systems in a blink of an eye...


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