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Orphaned Siblings

05/23/2019 05:06 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

Open to most role-plays and always open to new family members.Please don't confuse role play with real life.I role play both sisters or you can pick one to role play with.I prefer to reply with more then one-liners.Anything else just ask. I'm an open book. ♥


05/23/2019 01:30 PM 

Things to know

This profile contains violent content, crass language, and possibly triggering effects such as self harm.>If I don't reply instantly... I'm busy. But if you're using small talk, I probably got bored.>I don't care what you use to separate action and speech during crack interactions, banter, or the like. But seeing asterisks or any weird symbols during a serious rp, I just can't do it.>I don't instantly ship, nor will I change the character to fit what you want.>I also won't make a profile for you or your friend, nor join groups>Not going to spar with you, or add fight-only accounts.>One word responses are likely to get you ignored. When I give them, its due to the need to reply to your one word and a lack of interest.>I will not kill your character unless you kill mine at some point>Linear/ nonlinear RPs- some roleplays are, if in his verse, added as 'canon' to this profile. Obviously some aren't due to content or if he becomes too OOC.>I don't do erotics, and have no interest in anything sexual.


05/23/2019 07:41 PM 


~First Name~Su-Mi~Last Name~Kim~Name meaning~Elegant, Refined~Nickname~SuSu~Race~HumanSexualityStraight~Gender~Female~Age~24~Eye Color~One red the other blue~Hair Lenght~Mid back~Hair Style~Down~Hair color~White ☆Backstory☆Su-Mi was adopted by Kim Seokjins family after her biological parents died in a lockdown.


05/23/2019 07:39 PM 

Miku Otinashi

Name: Flora Kuran Otinashi                                      Nickname/s: Miku and MimiAge: 1600Date of Birth: 08/29/417Species: Goddess/Wolfblood/Vampire/Witch/HumanHeight:167cmWeight: 90lbsGender: FemalePronouns: she/her​​​​Sexuality: BisexualRelationship status: singleOccupation: school girl and undercover witch and singerCurrent location/from: from Japan in South KoreaVoice: beautifulPersonality:  sweet sarcastic lazy music lovingLikes: friends and siblingsDislikes: Min-Jun and biological parents


05/23/2019 07:35 PM 

Ye-Eun (Harry Potter Oc)

Name:  Kim Ye-EunAlso Known As: Yeye, Eun and YeTitles: Main Rapper, Main dancer and vocalist of LilacAge: 11Birthday: July 10Astrological Sign: CancerNationality: KoreanSpecies: MugglebornBlood Type: B+Sex: FemaleGender: FemalePronouns: She/Her                              Orientation: StraightPast/Bio: She was born to normal human parents however they found out she was a witch and they abandoned her. She was found weak and hungry but the boys in Stray Kids found her and they took her in and nursed her back to health! For her 10th birthday they set up a band named Lilac for Ye-Eun where she is Main rapper Main Dancer and sub vocalist! She gets bullied by Draco after shes found in the Slytherin common room crying because shes homesick. He ends up finding out how much suffering she went through and he becomes her friend and they develop feelings for each other but instead of confessing he gets jealous because she hangs out with the Golden Trio and he pins her to the wall.


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