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09/17/2019 03:54 PM 


Alright, I say guidelines instead of rules, because rules sometimes suck. To start off I'm a understanding individual(to most) some I'm just like wut o.o but that's if you don't make a lick of sense. I've been at this for years and this is a HOBBY not a job. I got a life and all. 1. So rolling into it. Be patient please. I have other accounts, I also do stuff like work and exercise and socialize. 2. Please be literate, I get it hey want to have fun and all that, but I want to enjoy too. If you are making up sentences that don't make sense I'm just gonna be slow to reply or just ignore you which will end in deletion. I don't care much about spelling. I'm on mobile 99% of the time and auto correct is a b*** so Yeah just do your best. 3. If you add me please for the love of God have a idea. I will try to come up with something, but it's basic and can be bland. So please have something. Also if you happen to add please send a greeting or well something that will lead to rping. I'm here for it, let's so it. 4. No straight to ero stuff, I have characters for that and Major ain't one of them. She's actually cold hearted and is extremely guarded, also mostly lesbian she is weak in the knees for females and well some feminine looking men so you see what is gonna happen with guys if anyone tries anything. She's not going for it. Also story is amazing, love a good story don't care if it's dark or light. Just know that Major is dark and possibly suicidal so yeah. Those are it so far hopefully you read them. Have a nice day.


09/17/2019 12:50 PM 


Strictly no nsfw RP!Please don't control my character..I hate it when I'm harass for replies so don't do that I don't want to share personal information like photos or rl location I don't role play with demonic, magic or supernatural themes Lastly have some fun!!


09/16/2019 06:23 PM 

Can we stop acting like childern

Ok, this account is not for rping at all but for stopping petty sh*t that is happening here on ani. I can't believe I have to do this but since some people here are very immature, I guess someone has to say it. So let's start!Now first off, this petty drama, it's in all the verses on here and it needs to stop. No one gives a f*** if your butt hurt because someone didn't sleep with you, doesn't agree with you on anything you say.What happens to just talk it out or better yet move the f*** on. Oh, that's right, I forgot, some of the people on here have an ego so powerful, that our own planets can start orbiting around their butthurt asses. Like really, all that going on is people making troll pages of other people because they don't like them or their bullies. Well, guess what, No one cares and now your the bully. Thats right! I said it, you're just as much as a bully as that one person is, so congratulations!I know the very same people, who are butthurt, will point their fingers here and be like "you're a bully too" No dumb asses. I'm true rper, who is sick of seeing the following; Troll pages, blacklists bulletins, what anime character ani should ban from the site, telling people to block this person for whatever reason.It all needs to stop. If you're a true rper, like most of you are, then ignore this message. Keep what you're doing! You're awesome! If your new to writing never give up and don't listen to the toxic around the verses!But if you're one of those people that does the stuff above, you're too immature and need to get off the damn internet. You're part of the reason, why people don't want to write anymore. You're part of the problem and not the solution. So my here's my advice for you. Get your ass check out for any moving rocks, get a real-life if you don't have one. If you don't have one, maybe one of the planets that orbiting around your ego can help you get find one. Than lastly and most importantly, Stop becoming the f***ing problem already and act like an adult. 

Nathaniel Stratus

09/16/2019 05:36 PM 


1) Never push me to reply, ever, no matter how long it has been.2) No ero only RP (Must have storyline built)!3) Relationships are in the RP only!4) One and Two liner replies will always get ignored. Semi-Para and higher please!5) Performing actions for my own character will result in being ignored.6) Read the bio before you come to discuss a roleplay! Most questions I get asked are easily found on my profile. Stop being lazy and read it!7) I'm on mobile, and I do Multi-Para with details, using mobile as an excuse for a short reply will have you blocked, because that's all it is, an excuse. F*** those lies. Don't do it!8) Real life and Rp will always be separated!9) I have discord, but I expect us to Rp if you want to talk there. This isn't a social site, it's a f***ing roleplay site, use the damn site for what it's intended for.10) If you're going to add/accept my add, f***ing talk!!


09/16/2019 03:58 PM 

Kijjin Passive Ability.

The passive abilities of the Kijjin were common for every member, at birth the Kijjin is endowed with the gift of speed or strength. The advocates for speed were called “Brisk’s” and the advocates for strength were called “Might’s”. While most excel in both through training there was always one of the abilities that stood out from the other. When the alike were together in each others presence their abilities altered as well. When two or more Brisks were together they noticed a difference in their speed, just as did the Mights with their strength. This was a buff for the members of the clan when two members of the same passive were together. The Kijjin called this blood recognizing blood. This passive had scaled back from the clans time in the Nindo Realm. Even though the Kijjin were rapidly ascending in power in the Nindo realm they continued to grow even in the Gakido and Jigoku Realms. In these realms the passive ability of the fierce clan grew, in numbers of four or more, no matter what passive affinity the Kijjin had, they would experience a greater enhancement to their overall pool of energy and senses. The energy pool increase was in comparison to an additional ten-percent per member in assembly, for example if a Kijjin is at one-hundred-percent energy and three other Kijjin arrive their energy pool would be increased to one-hundred-and-thirty-percent. This only occurred with four or more Kijjin. When over the full limit of a full energy pool the Kijjin would begin to glow a red aura, different than any other aura they would emit.


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