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✘Crιмѕoɴ Pιɢ

02/25/2017 07:28 PM 

Rules and Guidelines


I must say that first and foremost that I am not Merlin.  She is a character created by Nakaba Suzuki and I just merely portray her for recreational purposes only. 


I have been role playing for a few years starting back in the Myspace years and came to AniRoleplay. During the years or rping I find rules need to be set to have understanding of one and each other. I ask that you please read the rules so no misunderstandings can occur. 


THIS IS A MUST! Role play is not the center of my life.  I have a life outside the rping; I have friends and family plus a full time job that has me working mostly late shifts. I also have bills to pay and have been thinking about going back to school. Rather I go back or not is no one's business. 

So I implore you to exercise patience.  This means you will not pester me constantly. You may have one of each, comments and messages.  However, if you have sent a comment once already and I have not responded, DO NOT send another.  If you can not wait for a response then I will delete you. I do delete my comments once I respond to them, so if yours is still sitting there, then I will get to it. I may be slow, but I do not ignore people.

I have more than one account and no I will not share my other accounts because that is none of your concern. Sometimes I'm on mobile just to see what's happening but because I'm on mobile I wont answer messages/comments unless it is very important. I already had someone delete me because I wasn't giving him my "100%" attention. Just because I'm on status stream messing around with friends does not mean I'm ignoring you. Relax, I'll get to your occ or rp respond soon. Hell sometimes I'm lazy and just wont respond to any one. Sometimes life gets in the way. 


Now I know everyone hates this subject but it has to be address. Some big drama was happening on my one page so I'm taking a break from that verse and rumors went about me in a different verse for no reason at all. Plain and simple I hate it. I don't deal with it. If you wish to vent I'm all ears but if you drag me into your rp or rl drama don't bother. I deal with enough of it in my own life I don't need yours added to it. 

Now I do delete people who cause drama and throw names around under the bus for no reason; and I delete without warning. I don't need to tell you why I delete/block someone. It is none of your concern for that matter so don't get involved when I delete or block someone. 

Now let's talk about another type of drama.. In story drama. LOVE IT! I love drama in the rp, it builds character development and makes the story more real.  

If you have read this far so I know that you understand post a picture or gif of your character.


I want to start out saying that I have a learning disability. Sometimes the letters confuse me and I get flustered and embarrassed, and I admit my grammar isn't the best. I apologize in advance if this frustrates anyone during ooc or rp. I still need some help when dealing with English and such, main reason my replies are slow is because I type it up in word first to correct any grammar or spelling mistakes. Of course mistakes happen and as long as I understand what you are typing and what I am typing I hope we can work past it.  

I know that I still have weaknesses as do we all. So if you ever receive anything you do not like, give me input and ask me to fix it or tell me what I can fix for next time. 

My replies change in length all the time.  I could give you a ten paragraph reply one time, then the next give you only three. I do not care how much you write, the only thing I do care about is that you give me something to work off of. I require three paragraphs as a minimum unless discuss before hand. I just do not want one lines and want something to work with.   

One of my biggest pet peeves is one of three things:
1) When I can not distinguish between action and communication.
ex. Looks away and grabs sword Im coming after you runs at you
Please use something to distinguish they are different. Preferably quotes for speaking, like you find in a book.
2) Using text type or trying to be original in any way.
ex.   Lke hi h8ter how r u?
lIkE hI hAtEr HoW r U?
likE hI hateR hoW arE yoU?

We are all grown adults. Please learn how to type better than that. I ignore anything with replies even ooc with such wording. 

I understand there will be some mistakes, we are human not perfect robots, but those whom make mistakes and refuse to learn from them, those are the ones whom frustrate me.  There is a backspace on your computer people, as well as auto-correct, and even can look up how to spell words using google. Please also know the difference between "their, there, and they're" "You're and your." "Does and dose."  I know sometimes we are in a rush and put the wrong ones, but if they continue to happen on a regular basis, I will step up and say something. Google helps with everything so use it.


Relationships are only for role play. I WILL NOT date anyone in real life.  I've done it once before and got my heart broken, so never again.  If you want to get in a relationship with Merlin we have to build a connection in a rp with more than 5 replies and it has to make sense and work. 

Merlin is free to date anyone who she wishes rather it be canon or non canon or even cross overs. Do not control her feelings to make her fall in love with you. And again I'll repeat myself. RELATIONSHIP IS ONLY FOR RP.

Just because Merlin wears clothes that are very revealing does not mean she will get in bed with your character right away. I am not making her a slut and with that said she may flirt a lot to get her way but she wont jump in bed with anyone. Like I said let's build a connection.

Anyone who tries to force themselves upon my character will be automatically deleted and blocked as well as warning others of your forced arrangement. DO NOT RAPE MY CHARACTER!

God Moding:

If you think you can waltz in here and control every character because you are the absolute best, is utterly disrespectful. Out of all the characters I have ever seen, played, or witnessed, I believe that Superman is the most powerful being, but even he has a weakness, a downfall. I can control my character very well without the need of your assistance. If you choose to control my character, here is what I shall do in return. I will have Merlin god mode right back at you full force. She is known as the greatest mage in the series but still have weakness. Now if you want something certain to happen in the story for it to make sense send me an ooc message/comment to ask first. I'm usually 100% fine with it as long as you talk to me first.

I only give you one warning for God Moding. Do it again and I'll delete and block you.

Messages vs Comments:

I know people are very picky when it comes to message and comments. I'm very flexible where rp's take place. All I ask is if rps are in message then have ooc in comments and vice versa. 

If you wish to discuss something, please proceed to comments unless you have a very good reason to do it in messages. 

If you read this far along with the picture or gif posted post a quote from your character.

Chatzy || Skype || Aim || Kik:

I do in fact have these at my disposal, however, I will not give them out without knowing you and have been friends for a while. I do not wish to be bombarded with skype/kik/aim messages on my phone while I am busy with work or other tasks I need to perform in real life. So to get these, you must bare being my friend on ani a long time before giving those out. 

If you do indeed get my skype, giving mine out will be a breach in our friendship and I shall remove you. I dictate who I choose to add and who I don't. I have my reasons for these and do not need to share that with you.

What happens in those messaging apps, stays in those apps unless there is a really good reason for them to come over to Ani and other sites. 

Now with all that said I'll give you the three strike rule. You break any rule three times in a sport period time I will delete and block you.


Mult Chara

02/25/2017 07:16 PM 

Lady Willow

Name: Lady Willow

Age: around 1000 years old
Race: Unicorn
Hair: Dark Pink
Eyes: Gold
Fur Color: Light Blue
Family: None 


Lady Willow is a Unicorn that was banned out of Equestria after Princess Luna found her taken souls away from pony's she took away. She and Luna got in a big fight in the moonlight to make sure she sister didn't come in to stop it. Even for a Alicorn Willow was making it hard for her to get a hold of her. She attacked her with everything she had and was about to shoot one last attack at her when Willow was attacked from behind. She fell to the ground hard hitting it even harder she tryed to get up but Celestia stood over her body. Her horn shined brightly in the moon as she looked down at her she stepped back and her and luna took out the Elements of Harmony and got her with them sending her to a dark place of Equestria that no one ever goes too. Now 1000 years after she is awaken and ready to attack the Princess who wronged her in the past,


Lexa Milles •Babysitter

02/25/2017 07:19 PM 


1) I'm a open verse role player  so I can bend lexa to work in different roleplay cause she is a 16 year old student who dreams of becoming a rockstar  named bliss  only real thing I ask is no outside rp drama  which is the only guideline to follow  so hopefully I won't have to make up more . I do prefer however semi to para and at least a story idea


Mult Chara

02/25/2017 07:15 PM 


Name: Serenity 

Hair: Purple
Eyes: Blue
Friends: Star P
Family: Coming soon

Bio Coming Soon!



02/25/2017 05:52 PM 



~Ages,  long after the creation of Earth. Massive herds of odd toed ungulates lost in despair came together in a time of need. 66 million years ago the dinosaurs vanished, to be remembered through out history. In this aftermath Mammals became the kings and queens of Earth. Though joy received glory the days were challenged. The destruction that death sent to remove the former champions also left the planet in bad shape. Considered the mammals darkest chapters. The skies remained dark un able to see the heavens, Food became rare and precious. and the environment most specifically the lands became survival.



02/25/2017 04:52 PM 

Current mood:  confident

These will be short and simple. Sign if u accept the following. ____________________________ 1) ABSOLUTELY NO GODMODDING! 2) No T1 forms 3) Erotica/hentai/ecchi and such will go unresponded. 4) romantics will be acceptable until they happen in every rp, you will then be blocked. 5) Respect is a luxury that will and shall be proven that you are worthy of my respect. 6) If you're only adding me to spy on someone, please dont bother wasting neither of our time and energy. You will lose and will be blocked. ____________________________ Very simple folks. God gave us common sense and brains. Let's use them. Thank you. Please dont forget to sign your name below. -sincerely always- Kanna Corea


Tale of Two Kingdoms

02/25/2017 03:47 PM 

Royal Law

1. I do have a life, some days I might be on more than others, some days I just won't be on. I will get to everything in the order that I receive them

2. I do have multiple of characters, and such as that after three different role-plays are going one with one character that character will be closed. If my characters are in a relationship, they belong to the person that they are in a relationship with

3. I am not a grammar nazi but at least make it to where I can understand it. I don't like one-liners but I will do them. I won't lie but they will take me longer to reply since I will find them boring

4. No Drama, please I can't stand it. I will block you if I get dragged into it

5. King is my figure head character. He is open to role-plays but not exactly. He is only saved for one person and they know who they are

6. All my characters are gay, and no I won't break or bend that for you. I am a gay male in rl so just be respectful 

7. Ok, well that should be all of it, so lets have some fun


Maximus Wielder {mcrpoc}

02/25/2017 03:02 PM 

Arkyile Delmont

Son of Dracula/Dunpiel

Most vampire abilities, strength but hates the blood that runs in his vain. Elite vampire slayer. 
Chooses not to drink human blood. 
mostly a life of solitude. or chooses to be alone. 

More to come still new.


N.Y.C. Hero Blacklight

02/25/2017 02:36 PM 

Starter: We can to discuss a storyline

Thanks to the person who may have deleted me after we started an rp I will not let this starter go to waste. I will probably turn in to a fanfic also. If anyone interested in the starter I wrote comment then I'll message you the starter..

At will Westley can transform herself in to light purple in color like the traditional blacklight seen in the clubs. She transformed in to light then, stretching out her arms with open palms to shoot out multiple beams of light in to the air disappearing out of sight. Holding a few drugs in her hand and then throwing them to the ground, she shoots a concentrated beam of uv blacklight on to it completely burning up the contents with black ash remaining of the drugs.

"What else can I do? Oh that's right. I can run at the speed of light. No criminal would be able to outrun me."

Remembering that she can walk through anything while in light form Westley gives it a try by changing form once more giving off a faint purple glow due to the sun still being out and found herself levitating. It took her thinking at will causing herself to move up forward towards the brick wall putting her hand right through it.

"Still need a little practice for traveling in light form."



02/25/2017 02:05 PM 

The Ash Princess (Backstory)

Ardea is a Demonfolk girl born in the Demonworld as the sole child of the Fire Demon King. Possessing prodigious talent and an exceptionally powerful demonic aura, she was thought to be a demonfolk with the potential to become a Devil. At the very least, she would make for an excellent warrior and soldier and so as soon as she was physically able, her father ordered her training to begin so she could further grow and control her power. All of her early years were spent training so as to become the perfect demon soldier: fearless, loyal and powerful. Ardea did not disappoint her father and she was still a child when he ordered her Trial to become an officer in the royal army. For most, this would usually include fighting another elite soldier in a battle to the death, but for Ardea, the challenge was different. Her challenge would include a large-scale 'battle royal' against five hundred other talented youths from the Fire Kingdom. If any one of those youths could kill Ardea, they would be rewarded with not only her place in the royal army but would take her place as the 'child of the King' as well. With such an incentive, there was a tremendous bounty on her head and as soon as the challenge began, she was swarmed. 

Up to that moment, the depths of Ardea's power had not been revealed, but in the instant that she was swarmed, the next would literally send a shockwave through the entire Demonworld. In a massive explosion of light and heat, five hundred young lives were sacrificed, vaporized in an instant. Among the smoldering remains, Ardea was recovered, unconscious, among a bed of ash. After this incident, she would be known throughout Demonworld as the 'Ash Princess.'  But not all were particularly excited about Ardea's display. The King was among those made the most anxious by it for as the world shook and trembled, so too did he. He knew such power would bring doubt to his own and his Right to Rule would be questioned. Kingdoms, after all, were not 'inherited' but 'taken.' Ardea's injuries were extensive, the explosion had very nearly killed her as well. Placed in a medical tank to heal from her burns, she remained unconscious and so the King decided to enact his plan. A curse was placed on the Ash Princess, one that would seal off her terrible sleeping power. Furthermore, she was not made a member of the royal army and her training was cut. Beyond those who would instruct her, only a maid was tasked with caring for the princess's needs. Contact with the outside was effectively minimized. She became a virtual prisoner in the castle. 

Not for the life of her could Ardea understand the cause of her father's sudden change in behavior and the rift between them grew. In contrast, Ardea grew closer to the maid placed to serve her as it was the only consistent contact she had with another being, but the King would grow suspicious of even that much. He grew more paranoid as time progressed, but the seal remained in effect. A side-effect of the curse prevented Ardea's physical growth and she remained in her small body. And then, one day, his suspicions grew too large to be kept in his own head or among his inner circle. On charges of plotting against the royal family, he brought the maid into his throne room and ordered Ardea to prove her remaining loyalty by killing the maid herself. If she did so, he would remove the curse and reinstate her privileges. Ardea understood that refusal would equal her own death sentence, but yet still her answer was a firm "No." Her maid had often asked her what it was that she wanted to do and that she should 'believe in herself' more. For the first time in her life, Ardea made a decision for herself and for that her father disowned her, ordering his soldiers to execute them both as traitors guilty of conspiracy and treason. With her limited power, Ardea could not fight her way out, but she had enough confidence in her ability to escape. The maid, however, was less so. She was sure that Ardea could get away, but not if she had to worry about protecting her and so, using every ounce of her power, she transported the girl, who she grew to think of as her own daughter as far away from the kingdom as she could. It happened so fast that Ardea could not actually react in time to object and she found herself on the outskirts of the kingdom. Word hadn't reached that far yet so she was able to escape the soldiers stationed there, but that sacrifice was only the prologue to Ardea's journey. 

[Blue Period] 
She had escaped the threat of her father, a banished a disowned princess, but that did not mean she was safe. Beyond the borders of the territories of warlords and Kingdoms was a land ruled by the Old Law: Survival of the Fittest. Once word had gotten out about her fate, many powerful demonfolk swarmed the area seeking to test their might against the Ash Princess or in some cases to enslave her, hearing whispers of her weakened state. There was also the threat of running into an exceptionally powerful Demonbeast and being eaten. The first to make contact with her was a mysterious couple named Laura and Balor, both Devils. Mysteriously, they claimed they were there to help her, but while even they could do nothing about the curse placed on her, they did offer to retrain the young girl, teach her new survival tactics, weapon training and so on. With no other real option, Ardea accepted. Their training methods were different than the brutal tireless bouts she had been placed through before. Instead of forcing her strength to grow, they focused on her actually being able to master it. Her small size limited her physical strength, but she had nimbleness in return. To be quick and flexible was what she was taught. The weight difference between her and most other demons would be too large and she was warned about getting into bouts of physical strength since she would lose if she got pinned down. On the other hand, her demonic aura was still potent and her flame manipulation skills were very easy to master. She was taught, however, to use fire more defensively instead of being purely offensive. Fire demons were known for their aggression so, against other fire demons, defensive moves would be incredibly helpful. She was also taught to truly manipulate the flames, to shape them as she wished. One other thing she was taught was the 'Demonic Puppetry' magic that allowed her to remotely control 'dolls' in her image and power. With her talent in controlling her demonic energy, learning this high-level skill was easier than it would have been otherwise. Finally, the very last thing and perhaps the most important lesson she learned was the concept of a 'family'. Over the course of the time she spent with Laura and Balor, she began to see them as substitute parents and she was positive they thought of her the same way, but as soon as she had all but confirmed those thoughts, the Devilish pair vanished without a word. Later, she would track down Balor who informed her that the cause of their leaving was so as not to impede on her growth. He promised they would meet again when she achieved the same power as they did. 

To her surprise, she had grown far stronger than she anticipated. A simple 'game' of tag between her and her two mentors more than illustrated the difference in speed, but when matched against other demons, suddenly they were the ones moving in slow motion. Her defensive use in fire allowed for much easier battles and her demonic puppetry allowed her to gather things and survey her surroundings from a safe spot. All those lessons proved to be invaluable as she made her way across Demonworld searching for a way to break her curse. Through the course of her travels she would encounter many different people, but though she gained some friends, she quickly would seem to lose them. She began to wonder if she was destined to be alone and without realizing it, developed a fear of being abandoned. At perhaps her weakest, she encountered a wolf demon named Akira. Another Devil, but with circumstances like her own, she decided to pair up with him and made another pivotal choice in her life to seduce him. For a few years, they lived together and it was good enough that Ardea forgot all about the curse that had been placed on her. But as time went on, their relationship suddenly strained once again. She could feel her place slipping away and eventually, as she feared, she was left alone again. Immediately following that break-up was a period of depression. She wondered if there really was a point to living other than fighting and her belief in herself had waned to the point where she considered slavery if it meant not being alone anymore. Ah, but there she realized it. She just didn't want to be alone. What did she want? She wanted a friend. A real friend. The Demonworld, she figured, had no such thing and so she decided to go to the only place that did: to Earth, the world of humans. She decided to put her blue period behind her and go to Earth to find a real friend. 
[A Curious Human City; Best Friend] 
Her arrival in the Human World was not a very smooth transition. She had learned all she could about the place and had prepared herself so she understood the languages and basic concepts of the world so she wouldn't be completely lost. She arrived in a port city in America called Union City. She was only interested in finding a human to befriend, but almost immediately she found herself being accosted by local demons. Weaker than their Demonfolk counterparts, they far more intelligent and social, but perhaps a little too social. The demons in the city were up to something big which was the reason for the bridge between dimensions being as weak as it was. The humans were also under some kind of mysterious drug being peddled by the humans, but there was one human among them who had avoided their mind control and was even investigating them. They met by chance in a park, Ardea was drawn to the human's guitar playing and from there learned her own interest in music. It was a short meeting, but they became fast friends. Naturally, their parallel investigations eventually crossed again when the other demons in the city decided they were both being a burden. In order to protect her new friend, Ardea rose to challenge the underground, eventually making their way to the mastermind of the plot: a beautiful succubus manipulating a businessman to open a portal to the Demonworld so her coven on the other side could take over the human city as their own. However, after revealing the plot and putting a stop to the plan before the portal opened completely, the succubus abandoned her plan. In the aftermath, Ardea and her human friend became the de-facto 'heroes' of the city at least as far as the supernatural side went. 

It was truly everything and more than she could have ever wished for. Ardea had made a friend and they played together every day, even going so far as to make a band and go on to win a competition. Every day was filled with some kind of adventure large and small and before she even realized it, three years had passed. It was around that time that Ardea felt her feelings toward that human begin to change. She didn't quite understand it at first, but when she was confronted with the prospect of that human getting a lover, she found the thought disagreeable. Nevertheless, she kept her opinions to herself so she could support them and began to consider doing the same. It was at that moment that a certain Drow entered the city. Aware of her identity as the 'Ash Princess,' the Drow surprisingly did not come to fight, but to ask her to be his lover. She disliked the idea at first, but a few more meetings convinced her to agree. She should have been wiser, but her old pains had been distracting her. In the end, it was revealed that this Drow was a psychotic, murderous elf working for a psychotic, homicidal spider queen, adding to the list of creatures she despised. He had also managed to get on good terms with her human friend which further complicated their relationship when she learned of his scheme to use her to gain entry to the Demonworld so he could lead his Queen's army for a surprise attack. Ardea was no fan of the demons, but she detested the fact that she had been tricked and then further ridiculed. But just as she was catching up with that Drow, she learned that her human friend was in danger. She rushed over to help as fast as she could. 
Arriving in time, Ardea quickly dispatched those who had been sent to harass her friend. But the Drow had gone too far now. For the first time, Ardea decided to make someone her personal enemy. She would not rest until that Drow was burned to a crisp. She had to venture back into Demon World in order to do so. Which also meant she had to leave her friend behind. Before she did, she confessed her feelings. Accepting the fact that she had fallen in love. For the longest time she had been questioning what she should use her power for, if a demon raised to be a killer, who had killed so many, could be allowed to love and in accepting that and letting go of her fears of abandonment, a fundamental change occurred within her. Ardea awakened to the vainglorious power of a Devil, breaking the curse placed on her. Unfortunately, her ascension permanently locked her physical appearance as it was, meaning she would remain a small youthful girl forever, but that was the least of her concerns. She left the city in the hands of her human friend and demon allies and crossed back over into the Demonworld where she met up with Laura and Balor, fulfilling their promise of long ago. And not just them, but other Devils and beings from the 'Abyss' rose up in opposition to the Drow invasion fighting solely to keep their own interests a factor. A long war waged that would see the rise and fall of many powerful demons. Ardea would finally repay the debt she had to that Drow who had caused all the trouble and the invasion was successfully repelled. However, at the end of it all, Heaven's Authority put in place a stronger barrier between worlds to make sure such a thing never happened again. Ardea was permanently stuck on that side. 

[Endless Way; Goodbyes and Farewells] 
Though stuck, Ardea was not completely out of options. According to Laura, there was one way she could get back to Earth, but it was beyond risky even for a Devil and at worse, she could end up stuck in limbo for the rest of time. Ardea chose to accept it anyway. She was led then to a certain cave in the Abyss of Demonworld called Endless Way. It was said to be a cave that, because of the horribly powerful Aura of the Abyss was so twisted that space and time were distorted. Theoretically, it allowed one to cross dimensions, but it only operated one way. Those who 'went over' never came back. And yet, Ardea dared to risk it. Her belief stronger than ever that she would meet her friend once more, she never once stopped walking, and for a time that truly did feel like an eternity, she finally heard it. As if the voice she had kept in her heart was speaking out, she heard her friend's unmistakable voice and passed through a wall of white. She found herself in a hospital room, some seventy years later after she had left Human World.  And her friend, now old, was laying in a hospital. Feeling her friend's spirit just about to slip away, Ardea resolved herself to fulfill one more arbitrary promise she made. "I'll drag your soul back out of the afterlife if I have to." was something she said once or twice in jest, but with the power, she had now she sought to do the one thing she felt then she had gained the power to do. Choosing to sacrifice her power, she gave half of her Devil Heart to her friend, the immense power contained within fused with the human and in a fantastic flash of light, returned the human back to an infant. Certain that they would meet again someday, Ardea brought the baby to an orphanage in another city to be raised there. 

As a direct result of giving up her Devil powers, Ardea lost the great power she had and returned to little more than a weak, low-level fire demon with barely enough power to produce fire. However, in return, her growth cycle resumed, allowing her to age properly. Seeking to live a quieter life now, she returned to her solitary reclusive ways, settling down on the outskirts, intent on living a peaceful life for as long as she could.  Since then, roughly ten years have passed... 


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