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03/30/2020 01:40 PM 


1) Please give me legible writing2) Don't pressure me to write with you3) Shinsou is multi Love Interest, can't take it don't seek partnership4) RP does not equal RL5) Personal info of mine is not yours to have. Don't ask for it.6) I'm not here I'm on discord, and yes I have multiple accountsDISC: Stone Cold Soba#7722


03/30/2020 12:01 PM 

Just a Few Thoughts
Current mood:  adventurous

Rules! 1:: I have no expectations when it comes to being IC all the time.  I'm not always in Character 100% of the time - but, I try to be and have a little fun on the side, too.  I mean, that's what RP is all about, right?  Breaking character can be fun, too!2:: I don't put up with being prodded for a response too much.  All I ask for is be courteous and respectful of my time.Oh, boy.  I think I lost my focus at Rule number 2, but don't worry! I'll be back to type some more tomorrow. Hang in there guys, and stay safe everyone!

𝙋𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙅𝙤𝙨𝙪𝙠𝙚

03/29/2020 09:13 PM 

My Hero Academia OC (Mirai Kako)

Name: Mirai Kako (Name meaning: The future, Past)Villain Name: Glitch Age: 21 Height: 6'1 Skills: Highly intellegent, above average in strength, combat expert, creative with quirkoccupation:Solo Villain  Quirk: Glitch Emitter Allows Mirai to pause any movement for a split second and teleport (within 5 meters) With enough concentration time stops for Mirai for 10 seconds to make a choice of teleportation or plan, during this time he can not move and everything to his vision will start to glitch the more stopped time is used Allows him to hack into any technology to extract information or destroy it Glitch techniques: Glitch:  Mirai teleports for a split second, instantly moving him away from danger. Causing a glitch effect, This is uncontrollable/unpredictable and can happen any time Lag: Touching anyone will make them freeze in place like a glitch. Their mind goes berserk, making their vision glitch, and their body feeling numb (lasts for 1 minute) Setback (rare): If badly injured or killed, time will reverse back by 2 minutes before the attack. Avoiding the attack but the pain remains as time reverses, causing great exhaustion. Can also reverse time if a major event triggers Mirai, reversing the event by two minutes (glitch effect occurs) False image: Up to three clones are projected by the user, creating three false images that can also attack physically but can be easily destroyed  Hitch: can replace Mirai with anything in a 4 meter radius (glitch effect occurs) Malfunction: attacking a opponent by their chest or head with a good punch will make the opponent’s quirk malfunction to either not work or work in a terrible way. This lasts for 5 minutes. Drawback/ Side-effect: Using too much of the quirk glitch will make Mirai exhausted and have a headache, casting strange glitched visions if used too much. If way too exhausted, the quirk will not take affect which leads Mirai defenseless.

My Hero Academia

𝙋𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙅𝙤𝙨𝙪𝙠𝙚

03/29/2020 08:56 PM 

My Hero Academia OC (Akira Kagami)

Name: Akira Kagami (Name meaning: bright/clear, Reflection/mirror) Skills: Skilled weapons combat (sword and shield), outstanding intellect, creative with powers Height: 5’11 Relations: Twin Brother of Mioto (age 17) Quirk: Reflection Emitter/physical  Reflects Emitter attacks and physical attacks Summons mirror/s as protection  Can control mirror into smaller mirrors, moving them through will as great defense and attack All mirror shards will reassemble no matter where they are or how much they are broken (unbreakable) Reflection techniques: Mirror Reflection: summons a large mirror to reflect attacks, physical attacks will instantly reflect to opponents (a punch through the mirror will return the punch as if they punched themselves instead) Mirror shards: thousands of shards can disassemble and reassemble into a mirror or as a projectile attack.  Reflective reformation: Mirror shards can transform into blades, shields, or into any shape or form  Reflection realm: Anyone pushed into the mirror will enter the reflection realm where attacks will not affect the real world and holds as a prison (Akira can not attack with the mirror while anyone is inside the mirror, if anyone breaks the mirror or Akira needs to use the mirror, the mirror will cast out the opponent back to the real world) Reflective portal: Akira can teleport to any reflection through his mirror as a portal, able to teleport through two mirrors, this advantage can also teleport attacks to different places and bring people into the mirror to teleport Drawback/side effect: Attacking Akira’s own reflection can inflict damage to him, can also be harmed physically on contact, Akira physically lacks speed and strength but can fight swiftly with a sword (completely useless without his mirror or any mirror) Akira’s Power strategies: Was capable of bouncing Denki’s electricity with just his mirror shards, shooting the lighting bolt back  Was able to attack opponents from behind through his mirror teleportation technique, reaching into his mirror with a shard drawn to the opponent’s neck Protected everyone under his mirror dome from a blast, reflecting the blast back. Created a mirror shard vortex, cutting his opponents in a tornado of sharp glass The mirror shards were fast enough to deflect light speed attacks while Akira stood still in place without moving.

My Hero Academia

𝙋𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙅𝙤𝙨𝙪𝙠𝙚

03/29/2020 08:47 PM 

My Hero Academia OC (Mioto Kagami)

Name: Mioto Kagami (Name meaning: River, Reflection/mirror) Skills: High intelligence, cunning thinker, creative with powers, physically strong, high performance in speed Relations: older Twin brother of Akira Kagami Age: 17 Height: 5’11 Quirk: Ripple Able to instantly reflect emitted attacks twice the speed and power Emitted powers can be stored into the ripples and be casted out Ripple can affect elemental properties (water works the best) Ripple can also be used as a conductor to amplify attacks Ripple techniques: Physical Reflect: any attacks on his body will damage him but only half the damage,  the other half will be reflected back to the opponent, if focused hard enough the full attack can be returned back to the opponent  Ripple’s Droplet: droplets of water can be used as bullets, able to pierce through blades, rocks, etc Right back at you: All emitted attacks are reflected back to the opponents with twice the speed and power Ripple punch: Mioto punches anything and his physical attack can deal heavy amounts on damage throughout the opponents body (a punch to the face would feel like a punch to the whole body) Rapid Ripple: a continuous rapid punch attack that leaves extremely heavy blows from the ripple energy impact to the opponent. Drawback/side effect: Ripple affects the best on projectiles and not physical attacks. Physical attacks on Mioto can still deal damage but wouldn’t hurt as much due to physical damage leveling out so the impact isn’t as harsh (cutting about half the power of an attack) using too much Ripple can also give Mioto a headache if he uses it constantly without focus. Mioto’s quirk strategies: Was able to conduct Bakugo’s blast and reflected them back Was able to level out beam blast with ripple Shot bullets of water with falling rain Returned the vibrations of an earthquake while using ripple  Stopped a barrage of bullets   Blowing away opponents with a flick on their foreheads 

My Hero Academia


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