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Lady In Red (Mult Chara)

01/21/2018 06:01 PM 


Name:Akane Fukumi
Occupation:Student/Time Traveler
Likes:Shopping with friends,Helping her mother work
Dislike:Being told what to do, Saying she is going to be just like her mother when she gets older.

Akane Fukumi is an only child of a priestess of a shrine. She is 14 years old in the year old 2018 once on her 14th birthday her mother passed away leaving her alone in the shrine.As she was walking around looking over things she found a well that was covered up behind a huge tree.When she got closer to the wall she was pulled in to it.She hit her head as she got to the bottom and when she woke up she slowly got out.Tho when she out she seen she wasn't near her home she was in the middle of woods.

Lady In Red (Mult Chara)

01/21/2018 05:47 PM 


Name: Marinette Dupain-Cheng
Race: Half French Half Chinese
Hair:Black almost blue
Superhero Identity: Ladybug
Occupation: Student,Superhero,Intern Fashion Design
Hopes: Being a top fashion designer,Married with three children and a hamster.
Likes:Fashion,Hamster,Jagged Stone
Dislikes:Girls flirting with Adrien,Chat Noir flirting,Liars

Poison, Metro City Trash Queen

01/21/2018 03:11 PM 

H.W.A. Metro City Rumble MATCH II: Jack vs Ken the Eagle (Match runs Jan. 22 through Feb. 5)

(This match will conclude at the latest Feb. 5 at midnight EST).

Shortly after the end of King's match, the leopard headed warrior would be asked to once again ascend the catwalk and join the other fighters in the waiting room. As he passes by Poison, she would go to place a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, killer moves out there, I gotta say I'm impressed," she would compliment the wrestler with a smile. "Sorry about pitting you against such a loser - I guess his bark was bigger than his bite. I look forward to watching your later matches and seeing what you're really made of. Maybe after this, we'll talk business." 

Poison would then walk past him as she heads out to address the audience and announce the next two contenders that would be facing off. Hugo, however, would be waiting for King as he heads to the waiting room. He holds out his hand, offering to shake it in congratulations while he gives a thumbs up with the other. Despite his monstrous appearance, he seemed to have respect for a fellow wrestler.

"YOU VERY STRONG - BREAK GREEN MAN LIKE TWIG," the giant bellows as he compliments him. "I NOT BE SO EASY. LOOK AT MY MUSCLES!" If her were to take Hugo's hand to shake it, King would see that he had a grip like an iron vice and titanic strength. 

Meanwhile, Poison raises the microphone to her lips and shouts down to the crowd.

"Here at the H.W.A. Metro City Rumble, the action never stops! Now that you've had a taste of a rumble in the jungle, our next match will be one of speed  and smarts! Both of these fighters are known for taking down their opponents in the blink of an eye - but who will move faster?! There's only one way to find out! Our contenders this round are  Bullet Punch Jack and Ken the Eagle!"

Ken the Eagle Theme:

Bullet Punch Jack Theme:

(Each of you guys can describe your own walk-on show. Poison would have tailored it to suit you with pyrotechnics, lights, music, etc.)

NOTE: No one person has to post first. Whoever gets to it first. You have three days to respond to your opponent or be autoed. If this happens again you will be eliminated. You can win by ringout, 10 count pin or KO. You may each have ONE non-lethal weapon. 

Platinum Luminosity

01/21/2018 01:22 PM 


Name: Galatae Platinum.

Semblance: Electro-magnetic pulse generation. Working only with her name sake metal, it allows Galatae to manipulate the electric and magnetic properties of platinum. Working as grenades or turning platinum into a reflective shield.

Outfit: Black pants and coat adorned with platinum armor.

Race: Wolf faunus

Body traits: A tone body with a pale complexion. Silver hair usually kept in a bun.

Weapon: Twin short sword smgs. Named Astrapi Diadidon ( lightning bolt spreader). She can also manipulate her wrist armor into shields.

School: Atlas Military Academy

Home location: Atlas satellite base northern Mistral coast.

anυвιѕ' cυrѕe

01/21/2018 11:39 PM 


1. I am an open roleplayer. I will do just about any kind rp out there, but I mostly stick to action/adventure. 
2. Drama will NOT be tolerated. I deal with enough of that sh*t at my job and donít need it here. Cause any drama and I will block you.
3. Grammar and spelling arenít a major pet peeve because I know nobodyís perfect, but I will not tolerate text talk when roleplaying. You went to school use what you were taught please.
4. I am a para to semi-para roleplayer. I try to match length to the best of my abilities, but I will never do novella. Too much detail can be a bad thing and with most of the novella Iíve read happen to be just that. Iím not saying itís bad to rp novella, just saying itís not for me and I tend to lose interest pretty fast if thereís too much to read.
5. I view each rp as a separate storyline, so if we manage to get together in our storyline it will NOT stop me from enjoying my other rps that could include erotica. If you do not like it then you are more than welcome to say so and leave. I will not give up my ability to expand on my character by limiting her to one person.
6. OOC In comments and roleplay in messages. 
7. Donít ask for RL info because this is RP and what goes on in my RL is none of your damn business.
8. Skype & Discord is open for adds, but if you add just to pick a fight with me you will be blocked and deleted on both (if you added me on both) along with here on ani. 
9. DONíT hassle me for replies I do work overnight and have a LIFE outside of roleplay so please respect my slowness because it is hard for to get online sometimes in my line of work.

More to come if need be!~

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