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Madame ƸӜƷ

05/22/2018 03:34 PM 

Harbor city basics

Starting with the "Event" 80 years ago a Alien vessel was found, it was later discovered to be a prisoner transport of aliens. It had crash landed on earth the aliens were all dead but one (The alien J'taki Where Erika's DNA came from) All on board were taken to be studied and locked away. When fear arises of World War II the US came up with a plan gather the best and brightest and make them even better with the Alien DNA that was studied and this gave way to Project next Level no one knows just how many people were involved but it was believed that well over 1000 men and women were tested on most lost their lives.  but the ones that lived were named Superior humans. But fearing they were too strong and that the public would react poorly the project was shut down and the subjects sent to a cryo-sleep staying till present day.

When dealing with Erika you'll hear things like "Alpha, Beta, Gama, Omega" These are types of Humans made from the Next level Project. Each have their own characteristics. And are as followed

Beta; They tend to be on the low end but still very strong in their own way. But they are harder to hide due to their mutations These humans did not take the Alien genes very well and they lose intellect but gain things like strength, Hard as diamond skin and other various traits that make them a dimwitted killing machine. Though there are only 10 known.

Gamma; These are a bit higher up often being on the same level as a alpha. Key difference is they have control over various energies. Such as but not limited to Microwaves, solar, nuclear and even gamma radiation. This makes them very dangerous and should be avoided. There are 4 known left.

Alpha: They are the humans that took the best to the genes given. Often having body morphing skills or higher intellect. They are also known for Healing, High levels of speed, Phasing, mind control, and even matter control able to shift things around them to their will. Only 3 are known to live

Omega:  Little is known about this type not many could live long enough to take samples from to study. There was only two surviving and both have gone into hiding One being Subject 7182 Who now goes by "Icky Thump" The Omega gene has warped his sense of reality and has given him a vasts amount of knowledge centuries ahead of anything humans are capable of. That is all that is known about this strain and should not be approached by anyone.

Side note here: Icky thump serves as the main villain of Harbor City. A joker if you will but with alien knowledge on his side.

Atom manipulation; Erika as an Alpha Is aware of and has power over every atom in her body. With this she can cause them to move and alter things in her body with enough concentration.
Healing; Cells in her body can heal almost instantly in most cases making it hard to do much damage to her.
Cell recall; As she is harmed her body remembers the wound and it will be less effective the next time she is injured that way.
molecular phasing; Erika can pass through solid matter by moving her atoms between the atoms of whatever she is passing through. She tends to not use it due to the toll it takes on her body.
Mental acceleration; After becoming an Alpha Erika's brain power has increased tenfold She can think faster then most others. Even solving problems before they even arrive.

A list of weaknesses are also here as well I wanted her to have things that she could see as a weakness no one should be all powerful.

dissociation disorder; Due to all the things that has happened to her  she tends to see the world as if she is not a part of it. Almost looking at a movie at times. Due to this she can often be reckless and even self destructive. But she knows this as a problem so she tries to curb it when t gets too far.
Sub-zero cold; If made too cold it becomes harder for her to keep control over her atoms and are at risk of becoming unstable. But this it not too big of a problem due to the fact that it takes over 100 Below zero to cause.
Her own mind; Not so much a weakness as a hindrance to her normal life. She tends to over think most situations instead of simply enjoying them. In her mind there is  always motives for everything that people around her does.
magnesium nitrite; This chemical in high doses can cause her atom to slow to a crawl and even bond to one another making a new element this only lasts until her brain can reboot the cells but can last as long as 20 minutes if used enough.

Energy consumption; Erika's cells are always in a constant state of agitation never staying still longer then a nano second this causes her to require high amounts of calories in order to keep herself with energy. The more she uses her Alpha gene the more energy she will need. Which is the reason she tries her best to avoid taking damage.

Side note: Erika needs to consume 9,000 calories per day to keep a quality level of energy, so she tends to find herself snacking often even keeping candy on her person

Harbor city: the city itself sits by the docks near the ocean. The city stays rainy or foggy it adds tension to situations. there are about 450,000 people that lives there it has a crime problem and a very increasing one at that. The slums "South Town" seems to be the worst the police are spread thin this is why Erika offers aid. The city has tall sky scrapers and a bustling harbor where trading happens but also is raided by the local mob. The city stays for the most part the main focus of the story

Villains and antagonists: Listing from 1 to 10  (1 being Granny on black Friday 10 being steroid Hitler)

Westsiders: (Human) A small gang of thugs often only known for robbing banks, stores and shaking people down. More like a small time mob they try to keep a hand on Harbor City and control it through violence. More of a police issue but Erika helps with bigger cases. (Overall threat= 3)

Vincent De Mario: (Human) Leader of the for aforementioned Westsiders, a don if you would. He his a very intellectual person and is known for his sense of business, running the group like a well tuned CEO. Not one to be under estimated but his thoughts are mostly on that of money and gaining power. (Overall threat=4)

Vanessa Harris (A.K.A. Ivory Queen/ Human)  A serial killer of of the highest caliber. Smart, cunning and cold blooded. she has a medical background which helps her M.O. of of mutilating her victims. Often leaving them unrecognizable when found. dangerous, with a god complex she often sees herself on a higher plain then normal people. (Overall threat=5)

Hestia: (Gama) A female in her 20's she to was part of the project that gave Erika her  she is known for her bright red hair. As a Gama she gained the power of Thermal energy, the atoms in her body move rapidly this creates heat that she can disperse from her body as a flame or even an intense heat wave. She can also move the atoms of object and set them on fire as well. (If she learned how to do this to human atoms it could be a disaster in the making) Together with her partner and lover Atlas They cause a lot of chaos wherever they go . (Overall threat= 6)

Atlas: (Beta) Atlas tends to stand out as a beta his hulking size a full seven foot ten inch mountain of man and muscle. He has the ability of intense strength far beyond anything a human could think of. Seen once lifting a police cruiser over his head and tossing it twelve feet away. Sadly this has slightly lowered his mental ability making him more brawn then brain. With him and Hestia on the loose there will be lots of destruction. (Overall threat= 6)

Icky thump (Omega) Not much is known about him the few times he shows his face he causes chaos for little reason other than his own amusement. No one knows just what he can do he has however shown mild mind control, power of suggestion and even mind reading. Once causing two hundred officers kill themselves at a rally after having them shoot many spectators. his reason for this? The coverage of the rally was cutting into his television shows. He kills on a whim and for no reason his last siting he was seen killing a fast food worker because they forgot cheese on his burger. Avoid this man at all cost he has no reason for anything that he does and his advance psychosis makes him highly unstable. (Overall threat=10+)


05/22/2018 01:30 PM 

Rules + Guidelines

First thing you need to know, I don't put up with bull- if you don't want to get blocked without warning do not touch my character without introducing yourself first #1. No erotica, don't bother asking me the answer is no, and that will not change no matter what


05/22/2018 12:53 PM 


"Your...really talking to me?"

Name ×First: Jake× ×Middle: Kay× ×Last: Smith× Age ×16× Height ×5'6"× Weight ×120 pounds× Race ×Vampire× Sexuality ×Homosexual× Position ×Submissive× Persinality ×Depressed but hides it× ×Shy× ×Self kept× ×Closed book× ×Sweet× ×Shy× ×Bubbly when you get to know him× ×Cuddly when you know him× ×Outgoing when you know him× Looks ×Picture of him× Extras ×Fangs× ×His bites can turn someone on× ×He has glasses× ×Tounge percing× ×Snake bites× ×Belly percing× Likes ×Art× ×His dog× ×Naps× ×Sweets× Dislikes ×Jerks× Fears ×The dark× ×Thunder× Habits × Smoking (it doesn't effect him)× ×Slamming doors when mad× ×Growling under his breath when mad or annoyed× Hobbies ×Art× Turn ons ×Unknown× Turn offs ×Unknown× Kinks ×Unknown× Back story ×When the boy was born his mother and fther decoded he was ugly...they didn't want him, Quickly the grandfather on his dad asked to have him cause he never got tohave a kid with his wife he raised by baby sense his dad was adopted by his grandfather. The father gave the baby to the grandparents and two months later the mother and father killed themselves, the dad slit his wrists downwards and the mom slit her throat with the same blade her husband used. Jake growing up knew what his parents did at the age of five,the bpy asked his grandparents "Am I really...ugly?" He asked and they said no which was true, the boy was attractive, the grandparents did stopaging at twenty five thpugh so they passed as his real parents to anyone and everyone. When the boy became ten he asked his grandfather why people picked on him and beat him up his grandfather said it was cause they were jealous. At fivteen his grandmother passed away and he was depressed afterwards, but his grandfather didn't notice his depression. He is currtlently sixteen and depressed he only has one friend and she is only friends withhim cause he's rich.×

Rise Of The Fallen (MCRP)

05/21/2018 04:56 PM 

Liam (Lidriel) Cassadine

Full Name: Liam (Lidriel) Cassadine
Date Of Birth: Oct
Place Of Birth: dawnstar
Current Residence: dawnstar
Ethnicity: half Dark elf half high elf
Hair Color: dark brown red
Eye Color: purple
Height: 6ft 7
 Mother:  Rosalie Cassadine
Father: Alstair Cassadine
Sister(S): none
Brother(S): none
Sexual Orientation: Straight 
Relationship Status: Single
Current Relationship(S):

Emily T&L Ajax

05/21/2018 04:05 PM 


Emily was born in one of the most important families in the Circles of Hell, one of the most ambitious too. Her parents greatest regret was that they did not have a boy, a fact she was made aware of quite regularly. Her father had her be taught how to fight, either using a sword or magic, the gift that came from her lineage. And through the many scars both brought she eventually mastered them to the satisfaction of her tutor if not of her father.

With no male being born from her mother, her father had to change his plans. By himself he was not ranked high enough to the throne but he had married well and his child was. Through deals made, murder, and other conventional and unconventional means Emily rose through the ranks, people either stepping away or disappearing, never to be seen or heard of again. What Emily might have wanted herself was irrelevant. If her father could not be King or father to the King he was quite willing to become the Queen's puppeteer.

It took decades, but eventually the Demon King they served, one of several ruling Hell, died. He should have lived centuries older but his food was poisoned. Or so people said. And first in line of succession was Emily. She was still young but was not blind to the situation she was in. She also knew that the demons might not accept her to rule without a husband. So unknown to her father she went to the darkest place in Hell where she pledged loyalty to Satan in return for his support as one of the Queens serving him.

With her father by her side, looking proud to have achieved his long life dream, or as close as he could, Emily took the throne. A few males who had been lower down the ranks came to defy her, but they backed down when they saw the sword she was wielding. The demon sword was old and powerful, a gift from Satan, forged by himself, to show his support to her.

And so Emily started ruling her realm. But without her father's input or advice. There was still dissent, not of her ways but of the fact she was a female. Emily refused to marry but, aware that powerful demons were plotting, just as her father had been before. After escaping a few assassinations attempts she was seen everywhere with her new bodyguard, a powerful wolf, before she decided to gather artefacts, their power to be consolidating her position on the throne.

One of her most powerful demons had left to live on Earth in Victorian England to escape power plays and she felt she could trust him in her search. So once she located a very ancient, powerful ring she went to ask for his help. Ajax, Demon of Time, claimed her as his mate and put his mark on her, a pentagram on her stomach similar to the one on his left hand.

But the ring kept eluding her until one day, after centuries of following trails, she finally got it in her sight. And just as she was about to close her fingers around the ring that had led her through countless worlds, a defensive spell was activated and she found herself on Earth again but in modern times. The technology had advanced far behind her expectation and she found herself lost in a world she did not comprehend anymore. A stranger helped her and stopped a bounding glyph as it appeared on her. Instead of losing her powers completely they became unstable and, temporarily unable to follow the paths between worlds she had to stay on Earth for a while.

She studied science and technology and found that she quite liked video games, especially when it came to VR. She learned to code and program but also to hack, which helped her fake a new identity each time she moved to a different town. She often traveled between Hell and Earth and wherever she had to, still pursuing artefacts. Hoping to secure the help of a powerful Dhampir she attended a party where humans and glamoured supernatural beings mingled

Time passed and technology improved but as she lived in rich neighbourhoods she could see poverty taking over most of the population. And when the player she teamed up with regularly needed help she took Thermidor in as a roommate.


Alternate ending:

 Earth is screwed. 
By opposing other rulers who wanted to take over Earth Emily lost her throne. She decided to join a group of humans and supernatural beings gathered to fight armies of demons and found herself partnered with a crazy pyromancer.


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