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12/17/2017 07:59 PM 

Music Player Coding


Ishi The Crimson Mist

12/17/2017 06:33 PM 


Water style
Water whip Jutsu: Creates a strong whip out of water to swing at enemies.
Water prison: Creates a bubble of water to trap enemies in to drown.
Mist creation: Creates a thick mist which the user can see through, but target's cannot. The mist also prevents through with the ability to see chakra to not be able to see the user due to it also being made out of chakra. 
Blue Mist Tracking art: Creates a mist which allows the user and those the user chooses to detect and see chakra and it's locations. 
Green Mist Healing art: Creates a mist which pools around allies to heal them and restore their energy.
Black Mist Killing art: Creates a mist of black poison which dehydrates the target, slowly turning lugs to dust and eyes to shriveled raisins until nothing is left but a husk. 
Pink Mist Mercy art: Creates a mist of pink soothing knock out mist which can quickly sway the enemy into a paralyzing slumber.
Mist body: While prepared, the next physical attack which hits Ishi will turn her body into mist. Can be held for 1 turn and cannot prep chakra while performing.
Water Clone of mist jutsu: Creates a clone made out of water. Once struck or triggered it explodes in a waft of mist.

False clarity: A genjutsu which can be triggered through the mist in order to make the enemy believe that there is no mist and that it is clear as normal when in reality everything they are witnessing is a lie including those they wish to harm.
Threading bind: A genjutsu which can be triggered through the mist in order to make the enemy believe that their flesh has been stabbed through by metal threads, paralyzing them in place.

Other Jutsu
Silent kill: The mist ninja is able to mask all forms of sound while within the mist, including heart beat and subtle sounds.
Silent strike: While attacking in the mist, all projectile attacks are prevented from making sound.
Normal Ninja stuff: Walking on water, walls, being all ninja and sh*t.

Powdered Glass smoke bomb: Smoke bombs which contain both black smoke and powdered glass which prevents the enemy from using their eyes.
Smoke bombs: Normal smoke bombs which prevent sight.
Kunai: 15
Shuriken: 30
Wire: 2 mile's worth.
Sealing Scroll: The hunter ninja has a scroll which can seal away dead or captured bodies. 
Hunter Disposal kit: Hunter ninja will track down and kill any ninja who commit crimes and flee their village. After kiling the criminal, they will dispose of the body to prevent any of the village's secrets from falling into enemy hands.

Special arts
S Ranked Genjutsu "Mist labyrinth": If an enemy is put into a genjutsu and attacks a mist clone in almost the same way twice, or the circumstance of the events leading up to the clone being attacked are repeated twice, within the same fight, Ishi is able to place the enemy in a seemingly endless genjutsu. The enemy will then be placed into a genjutsu world where every time they attack Ishi, she keeps turning into mist, taunting them until they run out of chakra or Ishi kills them.



12/17/2017 05:33 PM 


  • No Erotics or sex
  • No 18+, very little NSFW
  • You add, you talk
  • Multis choose their own muse
  • Multipara. Unless you can give me a really good paragraph
  • No GMing
  • Can enter any verse I know well enough
  • Romance is possible, but not probable
  • No comments. No Skype, Line, Discord ect 



12/17/2017 05:30 PM 

Basic Info

Name: Atrius Takeuchi
Titles: Bird of Damnation, Whirling Dervish, Cadenza
Race: Kitsune- Baku
Birthday: April 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: unknown, but his build is rather slender and lithe
Personality: Rather slow in most aspects, he is conserving energy despite seeming to just be dumb. He thinks everything through, making no motion wasteful. His emotions are sparse and often confusing to read as his expresion rarely changes.
----Weapons and Items---
Weapons: Vrish ["Thirst" in his tongue]- Vrish longs for the blood of its enemies, and is a vampiric blade. It drinks in blood, causing the sword's blade to change from white, to red, to black. Once black, it is capable of manipulating blood that is lying around or that it has drank already.
Cyra- A companion is a white animal that contains human memory and an unnatural inteligence. They console and correct their charges like a spirit guide should and also seem to hold otherworldly knowledge
Aura/Presence: It feels as if something is on the tip of your tongue, yet remains out of reach. As if any goal you strive for will fail.
However, his presence brings only a feeling of reassurance to his allies, giving the sense that anything i possible.
----Skills and Abilities---
Skills: Superhuman strength and speed
Kitsune Physiology- Illusion manifestation via foxfire, Foxcraft(to be listed later), volpine physiology and senses at will. Note, he has three tails, meaning he is of average age
Baku Physiology- Toxin/Contaminant Immunity(On self and sometimes others), Baku form, Healing, Fear Masking, and Guardianship. 
Heightened Senses
Swordcraft- His prowess is born from over years of study. He has perfected Iaijutsu, and has excelled at many others
Abilities/Powers: Dream Realm/Dream Manipulation- he can pull others to his "realm" at will. He can also see into the dreams of others, and interfere as he wishes.
Phantasm- He can pull things from dreams, or create constructs that hold a peculiar shadowy, violet look. 
Avian Majyk- A type of mana-made-physical that creates attacks based on various types of birds. Assumed to be somehow tied to his baku side
Foxfire- A violet flame that can create illusions and manifest them; they will seem real to the touch because of the bizarre flame
Darkness Bearer- A single spell in another language allows him to take darkness, wounds, curses, and pain onto himself. He can reverse the spell, but must be holding onto whoever he wishes to cast it on to the entire time he casts. The darkness alters his forms, making them larger and, well, darker, strength and ferocity are added as well.



12/17/2017 05:09 PM 

On Kitsune and their Craft

This is actually for terms used that may confuse. Any questions? Ask and I'll gladly answer

Gekker- A stutter-cough noise foxes make when threatening or threatened. Also what a skulk uses during mass hunts to keep track of each other
Skulk- A skulk is the term for a 'pack' of foxes

Maa- What foxes need to use their craft. 'Mana' and 'Life Force' the same thing.
Maa'sharm- The act of sharing one's maa with another. Generally contain memories shared as a side effect. Sharing too much results in coma or death.
Slimmer- The act of hiding your hysical presence.
Karak- Mimicking noises of things around you, throwing your voice. Easiest skill to pass on


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