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02/25/2017 01:50 PM 


1) This is a non-erotic content character. Also, a gore-free zone. Mature themes and topics otherwise are okay as well as romance, but understand that Ardea primarily desires friendship and is not the most receptive to romantic advances. Be prepared to work hard if her love is what you seek.

2) If your profile is empty (of character related information) I'll probably ignore you. I'm also confused about why private profiles are a thing, but private and empty ones annoy me as redundant so please avoid me if that's your profile. I also like original characters over characters from known franchises. Female characters are less anxiety-inducing for me because I'm often hassled by male characters in regards to rule 1. In any case, this is only a preference, not a rule. 

3) This is also more of a preference, but it runs differently from how things may be done here. Personally, I would like to remain in character more than I am not. Unless you have something very specific you'd like to discuss out of character with me about, assume that any message you send is to Ardea. My experience with discussing things is that they tend to drag on way too long. On that note, no comments, please. Just send a message.

4) I'm an elitist, whatever that means. Generally, I may write at least two or three paragraphs. I won't demand the same, but I do ask that whatever message I do get is of at least thirty words or more. 



02/25/2017 04:14 PM 


#1. Absolutely no one liners, if you greet me with one word or two or three or a phrase that's annoying enough if you follow it up with another I get angry and if you keep annoying me with replies that I can count the syllables on both hands or even just one hand I will eventually delete you 

#2. No erotica - no Yuri - no Yaoi 

#3. Do not greet me with perversion, you will be deleted on the spot 

#4. I do not write well in the fighting verse and I probably will not venture into an RP based on fighting

#5. not gonna focus on relationship status so don't push it



02/25/2017 04:02 PM 

My Guilty Crown review

It's The first Anime I ever dared watch about a government crisis that spread across Japan(it was way more action-packed then I was prepared for, I really liked it though, that anime made me feel like no other anime has...the issues every character faced was so realistic

I never expected to be blown away by sheer realism in anime, I'm still amazed by it..) 

it follows this epidemic that spreads quickly through contact and has the government in a panic that causes them to be irrational and paranoid it their methods of dealing with fear, the Military has taken full control of "clensing" the population through brutal interrigation and ultimatly slaughter of their own citezens – and then there's the real star of the show, Funeral Parlor, The rebellious anti-government group formed by Gai Tsutsugami, their goal is to protect the innocent from the military(GHQ) assaults and put an end to the epidemic itself through means of using peoples voids(their deepest desires given a physical form) having this ability is called "wearing the guilty crown"


→ Undyne™

02/25/2017 03:53 PM 

Rules & Regulations


1.) First and foremost, I am a male role-player in real life. If this will be an issue for you, stop reading now.  Otherwise, proceed!

2.) If you rush me I'll intentionally take longer to respond due to feeling pressured into giving you something. I take my time with roleplays, I want to give people something good and worth their time. I hate giving something that I send just for the sake of being able to say "Yeah I responded."

3.) Sexual themes are fine by me as long as there is a story behind it. Otherwise, Undyne is pretty much as Peter Griffin would put it, "abstinent". 

4.) I'm not picky at all about literacy, but all that I ask for is no one-liners. They are rather hard to work with since I can't think of a decent reply to that. I'm fine with brief roleplay, but when someone just sends me "Hi" or something...that's a different story lol.

And....that's it! If you think these rules are reasonable then please sign them! If not, that's fine too!

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02/25/2017 12:52 PM 

Rules of the Boar Hat;

I'm not really going to post a list of rules here because that's butts and I just don't feel like it. The only important thing you really need to know is that I do get busy in real life, but I will never fully neglect my duties here as Hawk without proper warning.  Role play for me is something that has always kind of helped me to manage stress in my life and express creativity.  My main reason for role playing is Hawk is that I'm craving some real old fashioned story making.  I feel like his character is someone I can get that with and be creatively simple.  I'm not too shy to give out my skype because I only use skype for role playing purposes.  So, if you seem like someone chill that I can trust with that info, I will definitely let you have it.  My real life is tended to on other social media, and that will remain private.  On that note, I hope we can all have fun together.~


ˢᵖᵒᵒᵏʸ Emerald

02/25/2017 12:21 PM 

Kaze no Gaiden

Kaze no Gaiden (風の守護者, Guardian of Wind) is Kaisen's more passive ability  that broadens both his offensive and defensive capabilities via the manipulation of winds. This ability requires little amounts of Tan'o Seishou to initiate but requires constant usage of the energy to maintain. I


Light & Dark Edits hiatus

02/24/2017 11:43 PM 

Is a believer supposed to be able to feel the Holy Spirit?

Answer: While certain ministries of the Holy Spirit may involve a feeling, such as conviction of sin, comfort, and empowerment, Scripture does not instruct us to base our relationship with the Holy Spirit on how or what we feel. Every born-again believer has the indwelling Holy Spirit. Jesus told us that when the Comforter has come He will be with us and in us. “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever—the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you” (John 14:16-17). In other words, Jesus is sending one like Himself to be with us and in us.

We know the Holy Spirit is with us because God's Word tells us that it is so. Every born-again believer is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, but not every believer is controlled by the Holy Spirit, and there is a distinct difference. When we step out in our flesh, we are not under the control of the Holy Spirit even though we are still indwelt by Him. The apostle Paul comments on this truth, and he uses an illustration that helps us to understand. “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18). Many people read this verse and interpret it to mean that the apostle Paul is speaking against wine. However, the context of this passage is the walk and the warfare of the Spirit-filled believer. Therefore, there is something more here than just a warning about drinking too much wine.

When people are drunk with too much wine, they exhibit certain characteristics: they become clumsy, their speech is slurred, and their judgment is impaired. The apostle Paul sets up a comparison here. Just as there are certain characteristics that identify someone who is controlled by too much wine, there should also be certain characteristics that identify someone who is controlled by the Holy Spirit. We read in Galatians 5:22-24 about the “fruit” of the Spirit. This is the Holy Spirit’s fruit, and it is exhibited by the born-again believer who is under His control.

The verb tense in Ephesians 5:18 indicates a continual process of “being filled” by the Holy Spirit. Since it is an exhortation, it follows that it is also possible to not be filled or controlled by the Spirit. The rest of Ephesians 5 gives us the characteristics of a Spirit-filled believer. “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ” (Ephesians 5:19-21).

We are not filled with the Spirit because we feel we are, but because this is the privilege and possession of the Christian. Being filled or controlled by the Spirit is the result of walking in obedience to the Lord. This is a gift of grace and not an emotional feeling. Emotions can and will deceive us, and we can work ourselves up into an emotional frenzy that is purely from the flesh and not of the Holy Spirit. “So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature … Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit” (Galatians 5:16, 25).

Having said that, we cannot deny that there are times when we can be overwhelmed by the presence and the power of the Spirit, and this is often an emotional experience. When that happens, it is a joy like no other. King David “danced with all his might” (2 Samuel 6:14) when they brought up the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. Experiencing joy by the Spirit is the understanding that as children of God we are being blessed by His grace. So, absolutely, the ministries of the Holy Spirit can involve our feelings and emotions. At the same time, we are not to base the assurance of our possession of the Holy Spirit on how we feel.



02/24/2017 11:22 PM 

Regulations and Standards

Here I go being all lame with a fancy set of rules, however people bored me off of this site before, and I am determined to ensure it doesn’t happen once more. Let’s begin eh.

- Numbers are for calculators and are generally

useless along a site of writing and creativity.

Expect several deleting sprees without warning or notice.

- I prefer darker themes, however I am not opposed

to anything, so please don’t be afraid to throw out

some rainbows and unicorns. Why not?

- This shout out is to those lovely ladies that enjoy getting their

panties wet for no F’n reason. Seriously don’t try. It’s not going

to happen. I don’t write ero, and can’t stand smuts.

- That being said, I will not accept profile pictures with huge

hooters and no character description along the profile.

Go watch porn you weirdo. It’s easier and more fulfilling.

- Hmm, I believe I am starting to rage a bit?

What kind of porn do you watch by the way?

My bad, let’s stay professional, here we go.

- Nothing less than a paragraph but always keep in mind

quality over quantity. Amuse me with your words, keep me guessing,

and I will gladly return the favor.

- Also, keep in mind that there will be mature content within

the stories such as gore, violence, language, sex, leprechauns,

and elephants. Please discuss stay aways before hand.

- Crap, I know I’m going to think of more as soon as I close this off…

Well, guess it sucks to suck huh. Anyways, don’t have to sign

this, just got to follow them I suppose. Merry F’n Christmas.

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02/24/2017 10:01 PM 

Xela's edits.

Xela here.
I am back guys!
I dont own this site however.
Anywho, i have new rules and old ones

001. Whore the site, with proof
002. Three requests per week. If you see three already in the blog wait until they are deleted. or request from another editor.
003.Don't rush me. I work in rl and i like to spend time with my husband.
004. Hex codes or color dots ONLY. I don't want to guess the color you want and you not like the edit.
005. Do not remove credit if placed on the image.
006. No bad quality pictures please.

Questions add my aim: princesskelsius

Form to fill out;
URL:(If wanted)
Background image or color;
Character information;
Hair color(s); Details please.
Eye color(s); details please
Skin tone; 
Tattoos; Pictures please.

Font color;
Font name; (if wanted)

Thank guys  : D


Roel (アレス)

02/24/2017 08:37 PM 

My rules.

The Rules Are: #1; No Mature themes without Proper story. I am here to have roleplays with a storyline, so if you are out just for smut. Get out.

#2; No god-moding and overpowered characters. I do not tolerate both of those. Overpowered characters are unacceptable.
#3; If you are done with a rp, please let me know instead of just dropping it without saying anything, that's just rude.
#4; If you want to discuss a roleplay send me a message or a comment. It's not that hard, Geez.
#5; Please separate Out of character and In character. So i can tell the difference if it's you or your character. examples OOC: // // << >> {{}} [[ ]]
#6; I am not a number on your friend list, I'm here to roleplay and make friends. Not sit on a friends list.
#7; Semi para Roleplays please. Last thing, if you add. You talk. If i add. I talk.


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