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Utapri kids

06/23/2017 11:24 PM 

A- Akriel Aithan

First Name: Akriel Aithan

Last Name: Otori

Age: 4

Birthday: December 24

Basic description: he his a blind and loves to help in anyway he can  

Personality: Shy and sweet

Likes:  singing

Dislikes: thunder

Fears/Phobias:  too many

Favourite food:  Melon Bread

Favourite drink: tea

Favourite color: aqua

Parents: Eiji Otori


Utapri kids

06/23/2017 11:23 PM 

T- Tadashi

First Name: Tadashi

Last Name: Nikiforov

Age: 9

Birthday: August 14

Basic description:  tall and slim low energy

Personality: cool and flirty

Likes:  Ice Skating and Music

Dislikes: nothing

Fears/Phobias:  letting down his friends and family

Favourite food:  Spicy Italian sweet potato shochu

Favourite drink: flavor water

Favourite color: Orange

Parents: Ren Jinguji (mom) Viktor Nikiforov (dad)


🌙Miraculous of the Night🌙

06/23/2017 11:11 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

My only rule is that you be respectful of my schedule and don't rush me. I'm a busy person


Utapri kids

06/23/2017 11:08 PM 

S- Starry

First Name: Starry

Last Name: Ichinose

Age: 6

Birthday: July 16

Basic description: A short boy with lots of energy and has red hair and red eyes  

Personality: hyper and cool

Likes:, STARISH  and everything  

Dislikes: nothing   

Fears/Phobias: being with his mom and dad  

Favourite food:  vegetable Curry

Favourite drink: milk

Favourite color: red and purple

-Parents: Otoya Ittoki (Mom), Tokiya Ichinose (dad)


💮Mattie New born 💮

06/23/2017 09:57 PM 


💮NO sexy this is only a family base rps 

💮no grammar police allowed.

💮lets have fun guys please no drama

💮please do not rush me into rps and replies okay 

💮i do have a life outside of role playing so i will try to reply when i can okay ?

💮please please. no comments messages only !!

💮 my chara is a new born only so do not  ask him to be older okay 

💮 please please.. do not rape family verse only 


💮Mattie New born 💮

06/23/2017 09:53 PM 

Info on mattie

Name Mattie 
age 1 day old 
sex male
race unknown 
hair baby blue
eyes purple 
weight 5 pounds 

if you wish to adopted him let me know in messages if you want him as your birth child let me know 


Ignis Redgrave (MCRP)

06/23/2017 06:44 PM 

Sigurd Fenrison Skyrim OC Profile

Name:Sigurd Fenrison
Race: Nord
Birthdate: 20th day of Frostfall 4E 175
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Class: Warrior
Role: Mercenary, Member of The Companions.
Birthsign: The Warrior
Alignment: Neutral Good
Worship: None (Talos, most likely, but not too much of a devoted worshiper)
Weapon type: Two-handed.
Appearance: Sigurd is a tall male Nord in his mid to late 20's, with shoulder-length black hair, blue eyes and fair skin with a slight tan.
Personality: Sigurd usually has a care-free, devil-may-care attitude, but can be serious if the situation calls for it. He is very adventurous, willing to take risks and enjoy new places, people and experiences. He also has a a very strong sense of justice, preferring to fight honorably and not fight opponents who can't fight back. Due to this, he also stands up for those that can't defend themselves claiming the strong should protect the weak. Sigurd also enjoys fighting, like most Nords. He puts honor, glory and family in high regard. Unlike most Nords, however, Sigurd has no problem with other races. He claims that character and honer are what matters, not race. another peculiar trait is that he has no problem with magic, actually appreciating it, but doesn't use it much himself, claiming he's more of a sword guy rather than a fireball guy.
Outfit (s): Sigurd usually wears heavy armor. The one he commonly uses is the Nordic variant of Steel Armor with the pauldrons. He gets other armors later on.
Bio: Sigurd Fenrison, a nord mercenary and newest member to the companions. He cares little for the squabbles on the Legion and the Stormcloaks, desiring to live a life of adventure, battle and mead! Despite acting like that of a stereotypical Nord, Sigurd does not judge someone by their race, but rather their honor and loyalty; he believes that it's stupid to blame all elves for what a select few of them did. If anything, he knows that all races are capable of good and evil acts. All he cares for is adventure, a good sword fight, and a good drink.
Skills: Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Block, Smithing, Archery and Speech.


Skyrim OC Elder Scrolls ES Profile Bio Nord


06/23/2017 07:07 PM 


Haru is the 17 year old twin brother of Haru and ,before the destruction of the world that they knew, the soon the be head of the Mori estate. Like his sister he has black hair and Crimson colored eyes. His skin is also deathly pale.

From a young age he was always rebellious not wanting to become perfect as his parents wanted. Her got tattoos against the orders of his parents and even ditched classes at the prestigious school they sent him to. So when Akumu asked him to join the rebellion with her he was all for it.

He can be cold and a bit of a hot head and and a short fuse. But he deeply cares for his friends and his younger twin sister and would go as far as take a bullet for Akumu if it came that far. Though through his care her can get a little over protective of her at times.


Kuro the Brawler

06/23/2017 07:06 PM 

Kuro - Across the Multiverse


Species: Human (Mortal realm, Earth) 
Class: C - S+ (special categorization, see powers & special notes) 
Occupation: Vagabond, Nomad, Martial artist, Lilith's teacher, Honest pervert. 
Nicknames from makai: "underworld champion, the wandering mortal, the equalizer" 
Regions found: All over, commonly found in locations of significant forces and Lilith
Food: Normal human diet, nothing special
Personality: Bull headed, honorable, opinionated, spitfire, reckless, perverted, has standards. 

1. Extremely proficient in CQC
2. Various Earth based martial arts (boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, street brawling) 
3. Learning Makai based martial arts. (Fennu de quantou, way of emberbrand "inner fire arts")
4. Has been known to harness Ki
5. Incredible martial adapter
6. Innate skill with CQC weaponry (no firearms) 
7 Peak human physique, Peak speed and strength
8.Various supernatural equipment on person, Allows for multiversal travel, flight, etc. May be technique
7. Battle focus (becomes stronger as the fight goes on) 
8. "Universal Equalizer" ( Addendum: see "Serria Do Gilman notes on kuro" ) 
9. Extreme mental and spiritual resistance
10. Indomitable will 
11. static existence (cannot be erased or killed by any means except direct fighting) 
Kuro's stay in makai has been both frequent and has had a large impact on the political and society of makai just from his actions and existence. Having appeared a undetermined amount of days ago as a carry on of lilith, he has accomplished much. The first shock to the ruling structure of makai was when this seemingly average mortal was selected to be the martial and discipline teacher to the princess of makai, Lilith Aensland. 

During his training of the succubus, Various notable demons like Uruk the stone crusher and Icehowl The tundra wargen challenged the mortal human kuro to duels for the honor of teaching the princess. He had defeated all challengers and personally gained a reputation as Lilith's mortal teacher, the unkillable mortal man.

As time passed, The Annual 247th Makai Championship arena tourney was held where the Noble houses select representatives to participate in battles to end disputes and for glory. Kenith was chosen to represent house Aensland and won over 15 battles against 15 houses in the one on one division. Kuro was awarded Third place and the bronze trophy, a first for mortal kind in makai. This opened up his eyes to the many possibilities for training and new martial techniques to learn in the underworld. 

Since the tournament Kuro has been travelling makai when not teaching lilith or heading home. He has gained a reputation as "the wandering mortal" and "the honest pervert" as he hits on beautiful female demons while travelling the land on foot. Tales of the unkillable mortal challenging and fighting various powerful entities throughout makai circulate among the populace regularly. 

Kuro has entered various Kingdoms in makai in search of new techniques and martial arts, training with demons and masters to learn and become even stronger. Fennu de quantou and the way of the firebrand have been two that have taken notable interest to the mortal.

Kuro's place in makai history and the demonic compendiums have been cemented during his participation during "the war of light" Where the Noble of the High House Onyx, S class Hyvex Onyx battled on equal footing with Kuro. The "war of light" was a power move by House Onyx to control a large portion of makai and stage path of conquest to the earth. During the war Kenith Kuro Jackson Stood in the way of the eater of light, heir of darkness and Both had a duel to the death. 

The battle was so fierce that reality violently warped and destroyed over 5'000 miles of land and the moon of Onyx. Kuro defeated and destroyed the physical body of Hyvex and sealed his soul into a crystal like object. This shocked the governing body of makai and the High house was offered to Kuro and its throne. he turned it down stating. "Sounds like to much sh*t to do, plus I am only a man, not a king" 

he is currently back to training Lilith. 
(Wearing the native garbs of the emberbrand demons, during training under their master) 

Serria Do Guliman: "Kuro is a strange mortal, A unique being of his species and kind. Their is nothing overtly special about him. He bares no supernatural power, No innate gift or talent. He is as he says, Perfectly human. He has all the faults, vulnerabilities and weaknesses of human kind yet he has accomplished what is feasibly impossible time and time again in makai" 

"In the ancient texts dating back to the war with heaven, there is a long lost article which I have been translating which may explain this unusual mortal. There is unique martial art that has been long lost to the sands of time. It can be learned by any being, From god to ant yet out of millions only one has the potential to go the distance, and only one in a thousand can have the willpower to go through with the training" 

"upon accomplishing this art, This being becomes one with the concept of creation, and with honed mind and body becomes the equal of any pebble or cosmic entity. A unique martial art that touches the untouchable and breaks the unbreakable. Power becomes meaningless and skill defines the outcome of any battle." 

"it is very possible he has unwittingly learned this martial art, becoming the antithesis of any all powerful tyrant. This art lacks a name, So I will dub it....The 'universal equalizer' Yes...that is a good name" 

|| took a little bit of liberties with this, If it needs editing let me know. this was hard as f*** to do on a phone. Also special thanks for ankoku for the pic edits ♥ ||   


Twilson Fooli LeFeaux III [21+]

06/23/2017 04:39 PM 

What I Expect from You, and What You Can Expect from Me!

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for either accepting my request or sending me one!
I do have some expectations for those who can read this post though, as I suspect you do of me.
And I also hope they're not too much to ask for!

1) Literacy
If English is not your first language, or you suffer from serious head injuries that make it hard for you to structure your sentences, I won't be so harsh on you about this rule. But I want to at least understand you. Please, no text speak when role-playing with me.

Although if it makes you feel better, I mess up a lot. I'm not going to lie. I'm nowhere near perfect. But I try to be as careful as I can when picking my words. Nothing worse than someone messing up the first impression towards someone you think is cool. Not to say I'm cool. Not at all. If anything, I'm so far on the opposite end of the spectrum that not even an alternate reality could make me more appealing. 

Sorry, getting off topic a bit. I just want to be able to understand you, really. I hope that is simple enough.

2) Length
I'm more of a para to a multi-para level, but I'm trying to get towards the novella level. Sometimes I can do it, most of the time I cannot. However, I'm trying to do better. But I do expect those who add me to be at least be at a semi level. I can't work with one-liners. And honestly, it makes me feel like you're not interested in role-playing with me if you are not going to make any more of an effort to move the story forward.

So please, forgive or me if I'm not on my A game that day. And in return, I'll do my best to be an entertaining partner for you!

3) Romance and Erotica
First and foremost, I must say this: THIS IS AN MULTI-SHIPPING ACCOUNT! Meaning I will have no canon relationships in regards to romantic relationships! I don't like being forced down to one storyline and feel need to 'stay' with someone I may not have a real attraction to.

Also, I'm not really a male in real life. I am female. I'm assuming most of you already guessed this, but I don't want to trick anyone into thinking I'm actually a gay man outside the screen. I just want to play out a gay effeminate alien male with a vagina. Is that so wrong?

In regards to erotica, I'd rather NOT play it out. The age restriction I have is more to detract younger users from adding me, not because I cyber a lot. But if your character wants to have sex with Twilson, then you better be ready to have a child with him. And I don't do rape scenarios.  Never ever. If you try to, I will block you. This is your only warning.

4) Time
I have either Adult ADD or Adult ADHD, and because of the circumstances of my insurance, I am not able to get the medication in order to combat this condition effectively. I also have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in my hips, and the pain also causes me to lose focus. So please do understand and forgive me if I take awhile to respond back.

And of course, I understand the majority of you have lives outside this site, so I'm not going to hammer down on you for replies. Take your time.Besides, quality over quantity. I can be a patient person.

I hope you all understand this and we can become great role-playing partners, and perhaps even better friends! You don't really need to comment this, but it would be nice since it would let me know you did take the time to read this.
I may update this from time to time, and I'll make an announcement when I do, so please do come back to re-read when I do change things or add something.

Until then, I wish you all good health and a wonderful day!


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