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Hirosan (Under Major Construction)

01/22/2017 01:58 PM 

Misaki Takahashi

He is an easily pleased and embarrassed uke. He does not want to trouble others. He is very attentive to what others are feeling. Despite not vocally expressing his love for Usami Akihiko, he is very much in love with the novelist and constantly worries about him (even if it is expressed in a supposedly annoyed and violent reactions). He is also upset and frustrated about the fact that Akihiko writes BL novels about the two of them. Misaki lived a normal and happy life with his parents and older brother. However, when he was eight years old, his parents died in a car accident. Remembering how he told his parents to hurry back home, Misaki developed a crushing guilt that he inadvertently caused the death of his parents. Although his brother was accepted into an university, Takahiro refused to allow himself and Misaki to be separate. On the day of his parents' funeral, Misaki's relatives fought over who should take care of him, Takahiro declared to them he will be raising Misaki by himself (who was only 18 at the time). Misaki was deeply touched by his brother actions. Determined to not be a burden to Takahiro, Misaki began learning how to do household chores (cleaning,cooking,etc). Over time, Misaki developed great skills in cooking and cleaning. By the time he enter his senior year in high school, Misaki made the decision of entering the university his brother got accepted to before prior to their parents' deaths.

Age: 18
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes: Green
Status: Single
Orientation: Gay (Uke)
Roleplays: 0


Hirosan (Under Major Construction)

01/22/2017 01:33 PM 

Suguru Fujisaki

Suguru is hired as Bad Luck's keyboard player. Though he usually fakes being polite to others, young Suguru is quite similar to his cousin, Tohma Seguchi, despite his unfortunate proclivity for being controlled by others. While only sixteen years old, he has incredible talent - and knows it. Suguru knows Eiri Yuki's past as well. He is quite short for his age, something K and Tatsuha constantly tease him about. Suguru's favourite food is melon, he also loves Pocky (caramel), but refuses to eat it around others because it makes him hyper. He can't handle very spicy food. His hobbies include classical music appreciation and playing videogames (particularly RPG's). Though the keyboarder secretly has a crush on Hiroshi Nakano, the guitarist for Bad Luck.

Age: 16
Hair Color: Green
Status: Single
Orientation: Gay
Roleplays: 0


Jasmine Renee

01/22/2017 10:21 PM 

First Day At My New School
Current mood:  accomplished

So today was my first day at my new school in Paris. It was fun and kinda boring at the same time. I made a new friend and his name is Archy, we had free time in class today so we role - played. He played as a little boy that was homeless and I was a mom that adopted him it was really fun. But that not the only friend I made at school today, I also made friends with Sephiroth, The Techno Vampire, David DarkBlade, Cosmic Flare, and Hikari Roads. They were all very nice, I was really happy to make new friends. I was thinking of having a party at my house :D. But I am having second thoughts cause I dont think anyone would come. I really like to Role - Play with my new friends they are really smart coming to role - playing. I am thinking of joining a after school club but I am not sure which one to join. *Someone walks up to Jasmine*

To be Continue........


If you think I should write more blogs please let me know :D

David Darkblade

01/22/2017 10:13 AM 

Forbidden Desire: A Story of Lust and Love

The cool midnight wind blew through the trees, lifting her dress slowly as she walked quickly towards the light at the end of a dark, lonely, forgotten street. As she reached closer and closer to the light, she felt something, the kind of feeling you get when there are a million eyes on you all at once.

            Her black hair – cut to her shoulders – swayed gently with the wind. She wore a green dress, but it could not hide the beauty of her milk-chocolate skin and her tall but shapely frame which she possessed with angelic grace,

            “Who’s there?” she asked. Her voice was soft, it filled the street with a gentle, guiding light. She began to walk faster, each step more frantic than the last, as she heard the sharp snap of a fallen twig.

            She ran towards the light, the sound of her shoes hitting the pavement echoed through the streets.

            She stopped under the lone light – a dim, flickering house lamp attached to an ancient building – to catch her breath. “Amber, you need to calm down.” she said to herself, “It was probably just an animal.”

            Then, suddenly, the feeling came back. It was greater, more intense than before.

            “You were late, I was worried… so I came to look for you.” a male voice came from behind the trees. The wind stopped as the figure emerged. Amber’s dark eyes focused on the figure. It was a male. Tall, about six feet. As the figure approached the light, Amber saw his dark eyes glazing into hers, seeking a way into her soul.

            The figure stepped into the light. “Amber… I’m sorry if I scared you.”

            Amber stood there speechless. His eyes had put her in a trance, just like they always did. His dark hand reached out and touched her smooth skin.

            “You feel cold… how long have you been standing here?” The figure asked. He took off his jacket and placed it gently around her.

            “David… you scared the hell out of me.” Amber said, “Why did you have to sneak up on me like that?”

            “I had to make sure that no one followed you.” David replied. He wore a black vest with a red, long-sleeved shirt and black pants. “You know how our families are.” His voice was deep, but seeing her brought some light back into it.

            “I’ve missed you David… a lot.” Amber replied, “We never get to see each other.”

            “It’s torture, I know.” David said, “That’s why we’re here. Now. Together.”

            “But… what if someone finds out about us?”

            “No one will find out about us, I promise.”

            Silence came between the two. The wind picked up, making David’s jacket brush against the back of Amber’s knees.

            “I’m sorry… I’m just –”

            “Nervous?” David asked

            “I’ve never done something like this before.” Amber answered

            “But you’re ok with it?” David asked

            “It’s the only way we get to see each other….” Amber said as they lost themselves in each other’s eyes. David’s hands moved slowly towards her waist. He pulled her closer. They kissed each other passionately, and for moment time seemed to stop. An exotic pleasure spread through her body. The chemicals in his saliva triggered an endorphin rush. She felt her body lift into the clouds and enter heaven; angelic moans flowed from her mouth. She couldn’t help it, a weakness she couldn’t shake. On and on it went and she lost track of the world, of who she was. Then she felt herself slowly returning to earth as his lips left hers. This only took a minute, but felt like an eternity to her. It was better than joy, better than laugher, better than love. It filled her with a burning desire and left her body wanting more.



            “I love you.” They both said, their eyes still transfixed on each other.

            Reluctantly, David let go of Amber. He wanted to hold her forever, and keep her wrapped in his arms for eternity.

            ‘Run away with me Amber… we could go far away from here, just the two of us.” David said softly. “No one telling us who we are and who we can talk to.”

            “Where would we go?”

            “Anywhere. Somewhere. As long as we’re together I don’t care where we go.”

            “Can… can I think about it before I answer?”

            “I never expected an answer right away, my rose, take as much time as you think you need.” David said, “I’ll always be here, you know that.”

            They stepped out of the light and walked down the street, David putting his arm around her. “We should get back… your parents might send a search party if you don’t get home soon.” 

            Amber laughed. “Of course they would.”

            “I know they mean well, but it’s annoying.” David said

            “Just because both our fathers are running for mayor…”

            “Doesn’t mean we can’t talk to each other…”

            Their lips locked in one final, heated kiss as the moon came from behind a cloud. The stray rays of moonlight seemed to focus on the two lovers as they lost sense of the world around them.

            “See you tomorrow?” David asked as their lips parted.

            “Yes… I would like to.” Amber replied

            David turned to walk away.

            “David!” Amber called out

            “What’s wrong?” David asked

            “I’m still wearing your jacket.”

            “Oh… I almost forgot.”


            “I forgot” David said as he slowly took the jacket off Amber and folded it on his arm.

            Amber smiled. “I know you did.”

            “We… we should go now. The moon came out.”

            “You’re right.”

            They walked together until they reached a crossroad. They tried not to look at each other as went their separate ways.


            Later that same night, Amber stood in her bathroom – on the first floor of the house – with a white towel wrapped around her small frame. She moved her wet hair from the front of her face as she looked into the circular mirror above the bathroom sink.

            Her eyes lost the light they possessed earlier, a light that seemed to only shine for the one person she cared about, for the forbidden lust they shared. Her eyes were darker, but still held their beauty.

            She ran a finger across her lips.

            “Amber… snap out of it.” she said to herself. She could still feel his lips on hers, his hands on her waist. She wanted more… more than just a kiss, and her body made her realize it. Amber sighed. She smiled softly and dried her hair with a small towel resting on a nearby hanger. She opened the door and saw her parents standing outside the door.

            “Mom… Dad… what are you doing in my room?” Amber asked, adjusting the towel around her to prevent it from slipping.

            “We were looking for you.” Amber’s mother said.  Amber’s mother looked like an older version of her, except for the long hair. They both had the same small but shapely body and they both possessed it with grace.

            “Where were you young lady?” Amber’s father asked. He was short, with skin the colour of melted chocolate. His voice was stern, but his brown eyes looks at Amber with nothing but gentleness.

            “I went for a walk… I couldn’t sleep.” Amber replied

            “You went for a walk in the middle of the night?” Amber’s father asked, “Alone? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?”

            “I’m fine dad, I’m not a baby anymore.” Amber stated, looking right into the eyes of her father.

            Amber’s father closed his eyes and sighed. “Get some rest, we have a lunch meeting tomorrow.”

            “Another one?” Amber asked, “I’m getting tired of them now.”

            “You and me both.” Amber’s father said and he left the room.

            “What’s dad’s problem?”

            “The lunch meeting is with Zavier Young, your father’s opponent.”

            “The one that’s running for mayor?” Amber asked, “The one from across the street?”

            She smiled. “You remember them, that’s good.” Amber’s mother said, “His wife and I are still friends, but don’t tell your father.”

            “Um, mom… can I ask you something?” Amber asked

            “Sure honey, what is it?”

            “Um… supposed you wanted to be with someone, but your dad said you can’t even talk to the person?” Amber’s eyes lost what little light they still held as she looked down at her toes.

            “Well Amber… let’s just say that if I had listened to what my father had to say about who I talk to, then you would not be here sweetie.” Amber’s mother replied, “But if it’s my advice you want, just listen to what your soul tells you is right.”

            “How would I even know if it’s right?” Amber asked

            “You will know, my dear, when you find the one you’ll know.” Amber’s mother answered, “The feeling will come.”

            “All I’m feeling now is confused… I just don’t know what to do.”

            Amber’s mother kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Get some sleep, sweetie, you’ll need it.”

            “Good night mom.”

            “Good night.” Amber’s mother said as she walked towards the door. “Oh, Amber, that boy… make sure he loves you for more than just your physical attributes. You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman.”
            “Thanks mom, I will.” Amber said as she mom closed the door as she left.

            Amber went into her closet and took out a loose blue t-shirt. She slipped off the towel and put on the shirt after making sure the door was closed. She threw the towel into a basket in her bathroom and sat on her bedside. She closed her eyes. “Lord, if it is that I am to love David, then let me love him completely.” she whispered as a tear rolled down her cheek. “But if it is that I am not to love him, then please give me the strength to forget him. Give me a sign… please.”

            Amber opened her eyes and wiped the tear drop from her cheek. She heard a tapping sound on the window beside her bed. Ignoring it, she went into bed. She heard the sound again, getting more frequent the more she tried to ignore it.

            Finally, Amber got up out of bed and looked out the window. She saw David standing there and opened the window. “David? What are you doing here? My dad would skin you alive if he finds out!”

            “I couldn’t resist… I had to see you again.”

            “I can’t come down, my parents almost found out about us.”

            “I’m tired of it Amber, tired of us hiding and sneaking around.”

            “We both are David, believe me.”

            David ran a hand through his hair. “I love you Amber, more than anyone else… so I don’t want to get you in trouble with your dad.”

            “My mom told me something earlier… that I should make sure the boy loves me for more than just my physical attributes.” Amber said, looking at David. “Why do you love me?”

            “You’re my muse Amber… my inspiration.”

            “How do I inspire you David?” Amber asked, “Tell me.”
            “I’ll tell you tomorrow, I have to go now.”

            “I’m going to be busy tomorrow David.” Amber said, “I’m going to a lunch meeting.”

            “The lunch meeting our parents are having?”

            “Yeah… are you coming?”

            “I might, now that I know you’re going to be there.” David said. He smiled at Amber as he turned to leave.


            Early the next morning, Amber was sitting alone at the bank of a river near her home. She wore a blue cotton blouse and a short blue skirt. Her black hair and dark eyes gently caressed her face, giving her an aura of mystery. She sought protection from the dawn sun in the shade of an apple tree, its perfumed blossoms modelled in the summer’s morning breeze. She picked up the sketchpad and pen that rested beside her, placed it on her lap and pressed the trigger of the pen. With sudden interest, she began to draw.

            Amber formed the structure of a human female body and a male one, then added details - eyes, hair, nose, mouth - and then the clothes. She added the background then held it in the air, admiring it. She drew herself in David’s arms, locked in a heated kiss under a sky as black as an onyx jewel. The faint moonlight bathed them with just enough light to show the sparkle in her eyes.

            “That’s an interesting drawing.” Amber’s mother said as she appeared behind her.

            “Mom!” Amber exclaimed, “You scared me. How did you know I was here?”

            “You always liked it here, even when you were a baby.” Amber’s mother answered as she sat beside her.

            Amber smiled.

            So… is that the boy you asked me about last night?” Amber’s mother asked with a smile, the same type of smile Amber had. “You should have drawn his face a bit clearer, I would have loved to know who it is.”

            “I can’t tell you Mom… not yet.”

            “Really? I wonder why?”

            “Because Dad would kill me.”

            “Amber… I had this same conversation with my mother when I was your age.” Amber’s mother said, “I know just how you are feeling.”

            “Then you know exactly why I can’t tell you Mom… right?”

            “Amber… if your heart is with him and his with yours, then I have no problem accepting that, and neither will your father.”

            “You… you think so?” Amber asked, closing her sketchpad.

            “I know so.” Amber’s mother replied, “Now come on, it’s almost time for breakfast.” They made their way back to the house as Amber skimmed through the drawings in her sketchpad. “Amber, I‘ve realized that you have been smiling a lot lately.”

            “I have?” Amber asked, “I didn’t notice.”

            “Anyone that can make you smile like that… I would love to get to know him.” Amber’s mother said as they reached the front door.

            “Well, that wouldn’t be a problem… since you already know him.”

            “Amber… what are you not telling me?”

            “Can we just have breakfast?”

            “Sure sweetie.”


            After breakfast, Amber took a quick shower and then sat on a stool in front of her bedroom mirror, styling her hair. She heard a knock on her door as her mother walked in and handed her an envelope.

            “Amber, this came for you. I don’t know who it’s from though.” Amber’s mother said, “Oh, before I forget, your father went ahead. He had some campaign business to take care of.”

            “Thanks Mom, I’ll take a look at it.” Amber said as she put down her brush and took the envelope from her mother as she left the room.

            She opened the envelope and found a handwritten letter.

Meet me after lunch. You already know where…

The building where we first met…

See you there…


            A smile came on her face as Amber as she put the letter back in the envelope and finished brushing her hair. She went over to her closet and took out a short, strapless blue dress. She put it on her bed.

            “I wonder if he would like to see me wearing it?” Amber asked herself as she opened her a drawer at the top corner of her dresser. She took out a pair of black lace stockings that matched the strapless, black lace bra that covered her small but supple breasts.

             The stockings reached up to her knees, covering them only slightly. Amber slipped on the dress, looking at the mirror to close the zipper which held the dress in place. She opened a shoebox and took out a pair of black heels with a line of blue on the sides.

            Amber stood in front of her mirror, admiring her dress. As she ran her hands along her dress, she realized that it hugged her body, showing off her hourglass figure. The dress stopped at her thighs, intensifying all the smooth curves her lower body possessed. She closed her eyes and imagined her hands were David’s as her hands reached upward to her breasts.

            A knock on her door brought her back to reality.

            “Amber, are you ready yet?” Her mother asked without opening the door.

            “Yeah, I am.”

            “Good, meet me at the car, ok.”

            “Ok Mom.” Amber replied, “I’ll be there soon.”


            Amber and her mother drove to the town hall, an old building in the middle of town. They got out of the car, walked up the up the stone steps and opened the oak door.

            David caught sight of Amber the minute she walked into the dining room. His eyes followed her closely with every step she made. She flooded his thoughts, and for a moment, nothing else in the world mattered. He thanked whatever divine force stopped him from getting up, taking her into his arms and kissing her all over her angelic body. He wanted her. Badly. But he knew he could not have her. At least not here. He had to get away, and he had to take her with him.

            The sound of chairs being moving ripped David from his imagination. Amber took the seat opposite of him, her eyes smiling. He tried not to look at her, but somehow he found himself staring straight into her soul.

            “David, you’re staring.” Amber mouthed to him.

            Reading her lips, David blinked and adjusted his blue tie, the same shade of blue as Amber’s dress.

            “Now that we are all here, may we begin?” Amber’s father asked. He sat across from David’s father, at opposite ends of the table.

            “I don’t see why not.” David’s father answered as he stood. “I would like to thank all of you for coming. It gives me great joy to see that two candidates can sit with their families and have a civilized meeting.”

            Amber’s father stood. “I agree with you Zavier, however I still do not see the need to bring our children here.”

            “Care to explain Robert?”

            “I hardly see how this meeting will benefit them.” Robert replied

            “Robert, regardless of who gets the title of Mayor, we would be working closely together to ensure the prosperity of the city. Am I correct?” Zavier asked

            “You are.”

            “Then it is important for our children to have a similar kind of relationship.”

            The meals were served before Robert could give an answer. As they ate, the tension in the room grew so thick it was almost visible. After they were finished, David looked at Amber. He saw the hurt in her eyes, their light was gone.

            “Ms. Sutherland, do you like music?” David asked

            “Yes… I do.” Amber answered           

            “I saw a piano in a room close to this one, would you like me to play a song for you?”

            “I would love that.” Amber said

            David got up pulled out Amber’s chair. “You look beautiful.” he whispered in her ear. She took his hand as her led her away.

            “David… I didn’t know you could play piano.”


Romance, Short Story, Young adult


01/22/2017 06:39 PM 

Rules and Regulations.
Current mood:  accomplished

Ehem.Alright, so first.
1.No erotica, the character I'm roleplaying as is a 14 Year old boy, 14 YEARS OLD.Any messages saying to me that we should Roleplay erotic/sexual sh*t is an instant block.
2.Be nice and I'll return the favor, being an a**hole to me and to others will lead you nowhere, no being grammar/spelling Nazis too.I make some spelling or grammar mistakes sometimes and so do you, it's messed up making fun of someone because of their grammar, because we all know that someday, they will improve it.
3.Absolutely no GODMODDING, seriously, don't.Godmodding takes away the excitement away from the RP, unless your character is supposed to be powerful as hell like Saitama from OPM.
4.Inactive friends for 1 MONTH will be removed.
5.I'm not just a trophy that you can get, if you have over a 100+ Friends, then don't expect me to add you.
6.Lastly, have fun.


Rules, Regulations


01/22/2017 05:43 PM 

Current mood:  excited

I doubt most people even read these but I still think I should cover a few basic rules and things to expect from me and my character.


1. Please be respectful to me and I shall do the same in kind. If I should happen to so or do something that offends you or you don't agree with, don't be afraid to speak up. I pride myself on my honesty and my blunt nature, I won't be rude about it until provoked and even then it takes a lot to get under my skin. We're all adults here...well most of us at least, but we all can at least work things out peacefully instead of starting civil war between writers.

2. No god modding, auto killing or controlling my character to an extent. If you are just saying my character is walking beside you, even a few facial expressions could even be fine by my standards if you know my character well enough to gauge his reaction but please don;t act for him or speak for him. Now my character is borderline a Mary Sue but his saving grace is the fact he barely can control his powers so I won't go off god modding or auto killing or saying I am the godliest being in the universe and cannot be stopped even if you had the infinity gauntlet so please do the same. I will post his abilities down the line so you know what I am capable off but he's still beatable so please don't be that guy...

3.Patients is a virtue. I shouldn't really have to cover this one but I shall, I have another account I enjoy in another verse outside of comics and will be back and forth between them whenever I get the chance. I also work so there may be times when I can replay at the speed of light but just know even if I don't get to you now I will eventually get to you.

4. Mature role plays are perfectly acceptable whether it be a dark them or something more sensual if there is chemistry. I would be lying if I said erotica isn't fun when done correctly, but I don't want to just hop into bed with just anyone. I respect people too much to simply view them as a lay. I am StarBrand...not Tony Stark. ...No offense Stark.

5. Have fun ...not really a rule more as a suggestion.

May update this if I need to but for now this is all I can think of. If you were kind enough to read these or cared to, comment below a random gif that may make me laugh. I am pretty easily amused.


Mason "D" Pines

01/21/2017 10:52 PM 

Looking For A Mabel & Pacifica Roleplayer (Still Looking)
Current mood:  adventurous


Just like the blog states, I'm trying to find a (Teenage) Mabel and Pacifica. I'm trying to find a decent (female) roleplayer that can roleplay as Mabel Pines or Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls. If you're familiar with the show, I suggest you roleplay as either of them, since I really need one of them at the moment.  Here are some things that you might need to know before roleplaying as either Mabel or Pacifica.

Please read the following without skipping any number:

  1. You have to have at least a lot of experience as a roleplayer (grammar nazis may not apply).
  2. No two or more multiple accounts! I don't want you spending most of your time in your other accounts. That defeats the purpose of all of this!
  3. Must know a bit or a lot about Gravity Falls.
  4. Able to follow instructions and can follow a simple storyline from point A to point B.
  5. Someone that's not afraid of taking criticism, and that's not scared of a challenge.
  6. You have to be willingly be able to accept a few changes on Mabel or Pacifica (mainly their appearance but mostly their story).
  7. You have to be open minded/down to earth at all times, specially if you're into Pinecest. As for Pacifica, anything goes!
  8. You have to have a proper schedule. Be very active and update constantly on your stream for me to know that you're still there, or just use comments to talk to me if you're having issues.
  9. You have to have few friend requests, if possible. I want to spend most of the time with you.
  10. You have to be able to do more than 4-5 paragraphs (at max).
  11. Great with detail and description is a "MUST"! I'm not too interested in grammar or punctuation, but as long as I'm able to understand. Quantity over quality.
  12. Both characters must be a "switch", between a mixture of submissive and dominant behavior.
  13. This is going to be a "long term" roleplay, with chapters and new challenges. We might end up in a relationship if anything.
  14. Mature theme will always be the premise of our story.
  15. Do a little research on creepypasta, I'll fill you in on the whole story if needed, but it's best if you do it on your behalf to do research on the creatures.
  16. You're willing for me to give you images and for you to use them as your profile photos. (I'm not going to give you NSFW images, letting you know.)
  17. If you need more information, just message me.
  18. Have fun and be confident!
  19. If you're not up for the challenge, I strongly recommend you not to roleplay as them... You might be wasting your time, and I don't want the other Gravity Falls members to hate me even more. Don't complain, cry, or delete your profile if you didn't get the part. You have been "fairly" warned!
  20. I'm also trying to rebuild the Gravity Falls community... if you're up for it, we can both run it together~

We could talk this out, I know I'm asking for too much, but if you're ok with all of this, than we won't have a problem. I'm a reasonable person. So, convince me that you're good at what you do; after all, you're here for a good reason. Thanks for reading~ And have a nice day.



01/21/2017 10:22 PM 

Current mood:  blah

Craving roleplay





01/21/2017 10:15 PM 


Follow them or move along.

Do not pester me for replies. 
Between work and errands things keep me busy during most of the week. 
So if you're the impatient type I suggest looking elsewhere for a story, I won't be rushed by anyone.
Usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays there will be no replies due to those being my busiest days of the week.

Two paragraphs minimum is required to write with me.
It may seem stingy but this is for the good of the story and my attention span. 
If you give me only a paragraph i'm not going to feel inclined to reply due to disinterest. 
I demand equal effort from both sides as I don't enjoy wasting my time.

You must have half decent literacy and grammar.
I understand english is not everybodys first language or there are the rare few who are new to the roleplaying scene. 
Still if I can't read your pot we can't exactly write together now can we?

Be aware things aren't always going to be sunshine and rainbows.
There may be scenes of graphic violence, foul language, and other intense themes at times. 
That being said I ask all my partners be at least 18 years old otherwise we can't write together, Sorry.

Character connections are not free, So if you want one earn it.
My muse isn't too hard woman to get close to but don't think she'll be your best friend or just hop into bed with you. 
If you plan to become an important part of her day to day life you're going to work for it. 
As far as a relationship is concerned, Once she's found someone she is faithful to only them. 
I expect the same in return otherwise don't play with her heart. 

If you are only here for smut you need to walk away now, NOT HAPPENING.
Don't get me wrong as i'm not against said scenes, It just isn't going to happen unless there's a story leading to something long term. 
My muse is not some slut aiming to appease your deepest fantasies on a whim.. She'd sooner leave you to rot all by your lonesome.
Her affection is reserved only for the one who earns her trust and she expects the same in return from her romantic connection. 
So please if you're only interested in sex just go away before I block you myself.

Friends list sweeps happen every two to three days.
Meaning if you haven't contacted me within said time frame after you've added me without reason you will be removed from my list. 
Rarely do those who have been removed ever get added again so do not spam request me, I won't hesitate to block you. 
This also includes if you're clearly online yet haven't bothered to speak.

Regarding the exchange of personal information.
I will not be giving out my personal details to anyone on here so do not ask.
I am an incredibly private person who desires to keep roleplay and reality seperate.
So do not ask for my true name, number, photos, ect. It WILL get you blocked if you persist after my warnings.
It's a shame this has to be a rule instead of common sense but some people are just so dense it has to hurt.

Regarding psn and skype exchanges.
While I do possess a playstation network account I will not be giving out to anyone one here for privacy reasons.
There will be no exceptions to this rule as I really hate being bothered when trying to game so, Sorry not sorry.
As for my skype it will be handed out VERY selectively to those that actually give me a good story.
Same rules apply to skype as they do here, I won't hesitate to block you if needed.

Please do not take these as me being and elitist or stuck up, As i'm actually very approachable.
So long as you respect me you will get the same in return!


Hirosan (Under Major Construction)

01/21/2017 05:45 PM 

Ryuichi Sakuma

Lead singer of the popular band Nittle Grasper along with Tohma Seguchi and Noriko Ukai, and friend of Shuichi. He left the band three years ago to pursue a solo career in America but returned to Japan to reform Nittle Grasper. Shuichi is excited at the news of Nittle Grasper's reunion, but that now makes Ryuichi his rival. Ryuichi is kind and sometimes seems to have the mind of a five-year-old, until he starts singing; then he becomes a really cool, mature, vocal god. His best friend is a pink bunny named Kumagoro, which is from K-san, his old manager. One of Ryuichi's defining features is his personality. For the most part he goes about life in a childlike state, hyper actively and naively. There are few instances Ryuichi acts his age, most commonly when he's performing onstage. He'll drop the childlike demeanor and perform seriously. His serious side also emerges whenever he becomes upset or angry enough, which ends up scaring those who know his childlike side more.

Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Greenish
Eyes: Blue
Status: Single
Orientation: Bisexual
Roleplays: 0


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