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08/18/2017 03:52 PM 

Something's I guess
Current mood:  calm


I don't really know what my blogs will be about so be patient with me...please. I'm new to this so I'm not as advanced as so people.



08/18/2017 03:31 PM 


Hi there! Handy here!~ I know I know. Why have rules since no one follows em, not like I do myself sometimes. Haha! Anyhoos this is more of what you can or cannot do. ya dig!? Here you go!

- Kill Handy in any Gruesome/Brutal Fashion (Note, he will be revive with full flesh in tact the next morning. Its how the series is lol)

- Flirt or seduce Handy in any given situation. Depending on his mood he may or may not give into it.

- I Respond whenever I can or want. Don't spam my Inbox demanding where I am. or you'll find yourself non Existent. 

- Whatever happens in the roleplay stays in the roleplay. No leakage of privacy or Secrets or you're in for it.

- I Play Handy in a AU Manner, whereas he is aware of what happens to him or others based on 'Nightmares' he gets, which he beginning to put two and two together, Realizing he had died several times before. But continued to live his life, how he already has. Though if questioned about the abnormalities. He might inform you what he knows or might threaten you if you pose any threat to his Friends. 

- If the Matter comes for it. Handy will defend himself, even from Fliqpy for a short time before he meets his Fate haha



08/18/2017 12:20 PM 



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Soul Image™ [Autoplay]

08/17/2017 08:07 PM 


1) There will be no romance on here. Seriously, he's dead. Why would you want to date a dead guy? [Although, if a Duanmu Xi happened to pop up, I might consider it]

2) I only rp based on the Chinese manhua/donghua series Soul Contract. To me, the Japanese version is just like the old 90s dubs, where they changed all the names and terminology for no reason.
3) I rp in paragraphs. Give me some goddamned details.
4) Messages only. They're easier to keep track of. Comments will be deleted and ignored.
5) No long-winded greeters. A few sentences is fine, but I don't need a novel just to say thanks for adding, yada yada yada. They will be ignored.

I think that's good enough for now.



08/17/2017 06:08 PM 


Rules. They aren't any fun, right? Well, whether fun or not, they exist due to someone needing to point out their boundaries publicly.

Mine are fairly simple. Break one I'll forgive you, break 2 I'll delete you.

1. No sex/smut or ERPing.
2. If you want a romance, you have to take the time to get my muse to like you. This character is monogamous and straight.
3. My muse's first priority is not to have conversation or make nice. It's to be Xanxus' right hand. He is Varia, Varia are Vongola assassins.
4. This profile does not approve comments; it deletes them. Only people added before the time stamp on this blog get a free pass. 
5. If you've read these, comment your favorite color.
6. This character is loud, abrasive and much smarter and quicker than the average fish. But, if you GM I will block you rather than give you a second chance. GMing is "Auto-hitting/blocking/dodging, Controlling another's muse without permission, using a ridiculously overpowered character, and/or knowing information about the character gained OOC".
7. I don't add high fantasy characters, aliens, mutes, anmals, Pokemon RPers, or gods.

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Demon Child

08/17/2017 05:33 PM 

Rules and Regulations

HELLO! Welcome to this blog for (insert character here), a subset of Chaotic World of Orochi. Now you might be under the impression these are rules, and they are. HOWEVER, the bulk of my rules are on this website: (<copy and paste into your URL)

The Role-Players Guild is a website designed exclusively for role-players, as opposed to some myspace flip. As such, there is only one rule I will post for this website...

1. I don't role-play on aniroleplay.

That's right, I don't role-play on aniroleplay. My entire reason for being here is to visit friends as well as recruit people to Role-Players Guild, which is a far superior site in my eyes.

So without further adieu, let's list things, shall we?

What does RPG have that aniroleplay does not?

+ You can have as many characters as you want under the same email address. RPG allows for potentially infinite characters.
+You can have multiple messages with one person. No of having to limit yourself to one role-play per person.
+You can list your character under proper criteria and verses as opposed to the hackneyed model that aniroleplay has.
+RPG doesn't care about erotica (so long as its sufficiently private). In fact, you can even label characters by the type of erotica you're looking for (no erotica, story driven, partner selective, or erotica preferred)
+No pointless updates nobody asked for. The staff is very receptive to their community.
+Staff actually cares about you. On ani, if you're bullied or harassed, the admins won't care in the slightest. In fact, they encourage you to delete your account if you feel bullied. RPG will handle situations and deal out punishment to offenders.
+Limited ads, which means the site is never bogged down by video/gif ads or adds in every single corner.
+You get to role-play with me.

I suppose there's also one negative

-It doesn't have gif functionality.
-No stream (I consider this a positive, as people waste too much time on the stream as is).
-Limit to 12 photos per character unless you buy $5 a month premium account. (It greatly supports the site, though)

So if you think you're ready to join a brand new and (in my opinion) better experience, join RPG today! (<copy and paste into your URL)



08/17/2017 03:56 PM 

serans Basic universal info.

Serans design that he exists an any number of universes each one playing out there own life in there set universes and seperate from the other, he can as result vary in many ways.
all seran's life's began with the wish of one woman, A story of this manner taking place in all possible Realitly that Existed. There was a lonely girl, and unable to bear a child. she wished and wished but nobody answered her call. untill one night a Man known simply as the cosmic rider showed up. Promising with his magical power he could make her the child. her heart swelling in joy, at the idea of having a kid she could raise with all her might to love and keep company agreed to it. knowing the child was to have a unique Destiny. After Proving her his magical prowless the pair would make love , and within 3 days of this rigorous baby-making. the Cosmicrider vanishes without a Trace. The woman Bound to a promise to never mention the specifics of his father. To the son she was soon to have.

Serans father Basics
The cosmicrider Is a mysterious being from a plane of reality that Vastly supersedes Time, space, soul, matter and physics itself , This being is so powerful In fact he cannot Enter Reality Due to the sheer density of his raw power being a threat. So he from his home Universe Creates Highly advanced magical attuned bodys. These bodys soo advanced that science cannot tell and only the most keenly magical could tell. He uses these bodys like a battery so he can interact with the universe in the same way as the other souls do. his Power is without limit. Though his son does not inherit these traits.

Serans body side effects
Due to him being the Earthly son of both a normal woman and this Celestial cosmic being, naturally these forces clash. Its a Miracle that Seran could even be alive, Due to the massivly heavy cosmic Resonance drowning out his Earthly one, serans growth is Stunted. destined to be forever Smol! prone to easily faint, anemic , and seems to be missing soo many things body hair, luckily none of these are life threating!

Serans Powers
Serans powers are merely the Side effect of being The born Son of his father. Who only Existed as a highly advanced Drone for this mighty Spirit based entity possessed to control from beyond. As a result Serans Body is Essentally a Empty battery, And antenna that Picks up on these signals. the effects of these signals and there Effects are as follows
1- Night Aura- as Its coined by many. is a power that passively and without limit gives a 20X boost in abilitys in all beings that thrive on cosmic forces or powers of the night. its effect works within 20 feet of Seran In any Direction . strong enough to make vampires immune to the sun, and Seran forever pale!
2- Mythic Alternator- any "magical" force channeled into him gains a 100 fold boost . weither it be a spell casted while contacting him, a potion , an item that has contact or even activation on contact spells! Though Due beware if a spell is cast upon him that Requires a link like illusion casting one may get more then they bargained for!
3-Astral Tank- due to the Sheer advanceness of his body it has unforseen effects should one meet him in a spiritual realm. his mind body and soul all as one connected thing and are locked by some unknown means it makes him immune to soul theft and body swaps. but unlike his body his soul itself is very powerful having an astral presence that Rivials demon lords! All effects to this are unknown!
4- Cosmicriding- basically he can not only live in space but can thrive in it. in space he has access to powers unknown to him on planets!



08/17/2017 03:45 PM 

FateVerse: Accel's Servant Classes

Accelerator (Real Name: Unknown) : A qualified Heroric Spirit of the Archer class for his deeds done later in life. A human with special abilities known as an Esper, he was the Strongest one of his kind. Living a life in the darkness of humanity, he eventually climbed out and fought for what values he believed in and for the people he loved. However, due to his past actions in his life, he is qualified for a Berserker class and Avenger due to his misdeeds as well. 

5-STAR: Archer Class: Based on the deeds Accelerator did later in life, as an Archer, he doesn't technically use a bow, however his fighting style is more projectile based by converting his previous esper abilities into a magic formula. Using magical energy to send objects, no matter the size towards his opponents, and even construct them.

  • STRENGTH: Rank C++
  • LUCK: D
  • ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
NOBLE PHANTASM: Wings of Horus. An EX rank skill. White angelic wings materialize from Accelerator's back. These wings are made of a special magic that bypass durability and most skills. Using his wing's, Accelerator will practically disintergrate any magical energy it comes into contact with, including Servants, and is able to produce this attack within a range of 100 meters.  It symbolizes the moment Accelerator's mind shifted into the Aeon of Horus. It grants him to ability to control and defy the world as he see's fit by letting him mess with the laws of the world such as gravity and the air itself. However, using this nearly drains all of his mana and has a time limit, so it's best used as a trump card. 

  • Magic reflection: A. Similar to magic resistance, Accelerator can however reflect any types of magic below that level right back towards the user so long as he's aware of it. A skill Accelerator has been able to use before he became a Heroic Spirit.
  • Flight: B. Accelerator is capable of psuedo-flight using mana.
  • Independent Action: A
  • Item Construction: A
  • Advice of the Strategist: A. Accelerator's intellect was about 1000x smarter than even Einstein and other intelligent historical figures. Applying this to his servant, he's able to calculate the battle and give advice to his master depending on the situation and how to handle it. Giving it an extremely high chance of the advice being correct.
  • Affection of Horus: C
  • Calm and Collected: A

4-STAR: BERSERKER CLASS: Based on the various points of madness Accelerator has gone through throughout his life. His speech is still the same, however, it has a more cocky feel to it along with more aggression. Within this class, Accelerator's combat changes, as he's more up close and physical based. Using his body as a weapon itself, he buffs himself with the use of mana to destroy things without an external weapon, another aspect similar to his ability when he was a human. 

  • LUCK: C
  • ALLIGNMENT: Neutral Chaotic

NOBLE PHANTASM: Mana Spiral. Similar to the event where he converted wind into plasma, Accelerator's Noble Phantasm allows him to gather mana residue from all across the world, and converge it into one point. Taking the shape of a large ball in the sky, enough to even blot out the sun. The destructive capacity is similar to that of a full power Excalibur Noble Phantasm. The reason for this being his Noble Phantasm is due to the historical significance it had at the point of his life. 

  • Magic Reflection: B. While Accelerator's special skill still works, it doesn't work on as high of a level as his Archer counterpart.
  • Madness Enhancement: A. When used, Accelerator will lose all morals, and all stats will increase. However, he is nearly impossible to control, and should only be used to quickly end battles. 
  • Flight: B
  • Independent Action: B
  • Torture Technique: A

4-STAR: AVENGER CLASS: Accelerator qualified for this because of his intense hatred for Academy City and the World at one point of his life, during the time before he entered the Aeon of Horus, when he was the Aeon of Osiris. As this class, his fighting style is more similar to his Berserker class. His personality is more aggression than before and snappy. 

  • AGILITY: B++
  • LUCK: D
  • ALLIGNMENT: Chaotic Lawful

Noble Phantasm: Wings of Osiris: Similar to Archer Accel's Noble Phantasm, Accelerator instead sprouts Black Wings. These wings produce the same properties of Archer's NP, but on a smaller and less destructive scale and range. However, he's much more violent and erratic using these. His agility is doubled  as well as all stats, and one swipe of his wings can erase all mana that comes into contact with it. The form doesn't last as long as Archer's NP, as it drains mana fast and taxes the mind. It also doesn't allow him to control the laws of the world, limiting its variety. Best used as a last ditch effort. 

  • Magic Reflection: B
  • Flight: B
  • Torture Technique: A
  • Avenger: D


Accelerator has a few Craft Essences related to his character, about 4 to be exact.

Wings of Horus: 

On the snow white battlefield, against all odds, a revelation is made and a new pillar established. The black wings disperse and make way for a holy white light. A new age has now dawned.

A Refreshing Summer:

A vacation is something we need once in a while. The cool summer breeze blows through. Summer wear is brought out, and the tropical vibe gives off a radiant feeling through the summer heat. It's time to cool off. 

The Strongest Espers:

The Seven (6) Strongest Espers of A Certain Timeline. Manipulating the laws of physics to their will, their abilities defy even magic. Forces of science made in the darkest depths of humanity, their intellect and strength are unmatched when banded together. 

Family Slumber:

Sleep mends the fatigue of the mind. For the thinker and the warrior, it is one of the best kinds of medicine to heal after a battle.


Flooding Ocean

08/17/2017 12:42 PM 

Nanami Genryusai

Nanami Genryusai was born around 909 years before the start of the series, alongside her fraternal twin, Masato Genryusai. She was always a respectful and honorable person when growing up, but had an over the top sibling rivalry with her brother. Also, the fact she had always been vocal about her Grandfather, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, taking in Koji Amare. It was mostly due to the fact that she didn’t much care for the behavior of the boy. In time, however, she grew to tolerate his behavior and attempted to be friends with him. Which wasn’t always easy. It wasn’t until their time in the academy that things started to go somewhat, downhill, for the three. Nanami’s talent immediately shown, but Masato seemed to be having quite a bit of trouble. Due to this, Nanami constantly belittled him. Upon graduating the Academy she was placed in the 5th Division as a seated officer, but only due to the fact she had already obtained Shikai, and was quite adept at using it. Approximately 44 years later, Nanami was on a scouting Mission within the Rukongai where she stumbled upon a girl that bore some resemblance to her annoying friend, Koji Amare. She brought the female back to Yamamoto where she was placed in the Shino Academy to become a Shinigami.

The years continued to march on, and Nanami eventually entered a secret relationship with Koji Amare. Afraid to know how her brother would react to it, but told him when Masato started dating Mirra Kotoyama, Koji’s sister.  For 50 years things were rather peaceful between the group, but that all changed when an unnaturally powerful natural made Arrancar by the name of Quetzalcoatl infiltrated Soul Society. It was during this invasion that Nanami realized just how powerful her brother had become, and how much more she had to learn. He was, without a doubt, a spitting image of their grandfather. Fierce and unforgiving in battle, however, he seemed to be growing less concerned with the meaning of “comradery” treating friend and foe alike. It was due to the events that played out during this battle that Nanami decided to leave Seireitei, and solely focus on becoming stronger in order to one day stand on equal grounds with her brother. However, at the time, Nanami was unaware of the fact she was two weeks pregnant with Koji’s child. It wasn’t until further along that she realized what was going on, and as such, tending to a child took up most of her time. Although she still found time in order to further her own strength. Eventually, Nanami sent her daughter, Asuka, to the Shino Academy to become a Shinigami.

It wasn’t until word of Yamamoto’s death reached her that Nanami came back to the Seireitei. Only to find out that her brother, Masato, was now the Head Captain. The two siblings decided to put aside their differences for the betterment of the Soul Society, however, deep down the two still resented each other for the events of the past. Something in which only time would heal.






08/17/2017 04:38 PM 

Character info >>>>

Name; Dori Zimmer 

Age; 25
Race; human

birthplace; "slums of New York"
current location; studio apartment in New York
Hair color; brown
eye color; blue
height; 5'3"
weight; 144 lbs.


personality: Sweet, spunky, and creative- at times she can be Naive and gullible 


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