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06/23/2017 02:24 PM 


Road had come across Jasdero alone. The blonde leaving her worried about what he had said. She didn't like seeing him like this. Sure there were plenty of times when the twins annoyed her. Actually it was pretty much all the time that the Ninth Disciple was annoyed to some degree by their antics. It was only because it ended up drawing attention away from herself so perhaps it was jealousy. 

That didn't mean she didn't care for them. Road held her family close to her heart and would literally die for them if she had to. She didn't want to go through the pain of losing them all again so when seeing the blonde like this it scared her. 

Dragging him up from where he was seated she had decided they'd go find Devit together. The blonde was clearly concerned about his twin yet he hadn't gone looking for him. Whatever fight or argument they had she wanted them to settle it. To put it past them and go back to the way they were before. She'd rather have them pulling pranks on everyone then whatever this was. 

"We'll find him and when we do you can ask him how he's doing yourself." She said in a chipper tone. Trying her best to be cheerful for the both of them so not to let him fall into more of a depression then he already appeared to be in. To make things faster and perhaps put a fun aspect in it she'd brought him into her dream world. Doors had appeared all around them leading to different areas. Hoping that one of them would have Devit behind it. "Time to play what's behind these doors. The winner is whoever finds Devit first." 

{{ Posting order goes Jasdero, Devit, Road (since I posted this to start us out lol)}}

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morgiana +18

06/22/2017 11:38 PM 


Just a few of the storyline plots I'm willing to do

Hypnotism/Mind Control
Corruption (where's she's turned into a semi mindless obeying girl)
Inexperienced Partners
Multiple Orgasms
Parent and child
Roleplay Perspective - Third Person
Scenes - Dungeon
Scenes - Office
Scenes - School
Sex Driven



06/22/2017 11:23 PM 

And first rules

Please read and understand these, I dont want to have to get on someones case ^^;;

1. I am AWARE that I am not the best editor out there but I do believe I do pretty well for being newer to Photoshop... I only know how to draw colors >< Dont ask me to edit for you

2. Please dont cause unnecessary drama against me, I am here for roleplay and only that. Meaning I also wont give out my number or personal sh*t to you, dont try me. I wont tolerate bullies and I will NOT  tolerate online bullies, this is no place for it after all. 

3. Dont steal from me, I do all my own edits, if not they are from someone else who I will credit

4. I do a paragraph to three is my limit, I will not write a book.. I will let you know of this before we start rping.

5. Mature themes, and I mean mature.. I will warn you if worse comes to any of our rps 

6. No kiddies, especially with x rated rps

7. If you add me YOU TALK, dont get butt hurt if you dont hear anything from me because I send out my greets if I add someone. 

8. I have things to do in RL and I cant always be on here but I will always reply, give me time! I post updates if I wont be on for a amount of time.

9. If my roleplays OR starters are abandoned and I dont see any reasons for it I will remove you but not before I question it, I work hard on what I write. Especially if I see that you apparently got all caught up with everyone BUT me I will remove you. 

10. If you dont roleplay don't stay on my list because this is a roleplay site and lets keep it at that..

11. I do NOT tolerate people adding us as a number or the MOST irritating part--when I send a greet and they dont respond to it without status updates saying the situation or ect.. at that point I will send my greet but if I STILL dont hear anything your getting removed! I dont like mutes or being a number on your list, I am here to roleplay and I expect your here for the same. Dont add people if your not going to follow up with them is what I am saying. My limit is a week but if I see your busy thats alright I can wait but if I dont see a greet to me if you added me or if I greeted you and you have not replied I will be removing you.. I only add people who roleplay otherwise your a waste of time. ._.


Fabre Hansen

06/22/2017 10:46 PM 

Diary of Fabre Hansen

"Walked 5 miles today. It was good- the country is still fresh from spring rain. Lots of fluffy clouds in the sky. Thought about her today."


"Got to the town of Grendelheim, found nothing but silence. The people there are peaceful. I cannot share that with them. They know nothing of the sword. I envy them. Thought about her, again."

"Night, walking, the sky: they're all the same. Nothing changes and this blade remains on my back."

"Have I become my mistake?"



06/22/2017 09:41 PM 

I walk the trail of the blood and fire, yet the light will never know my name.

My name is Vivika, born Klarsdovin, The Dragon King, and Desdemona, his vampric- valkyiran lover. I do not have that lonesome story that my parent were never good to me, nor was I a princess of a sheltered lifestyle. Nothing was every hidden from me, and my heritage was fully embraced. I flew with dragons, terrorizing the skies above the local villages, and hunted with my vampire brethren within the shadows of night. My mother taught me the skills of a warrior and the ways of the Valkyrie.  Death surrounded me constantly, so I never feared him. I actually turned to love him; walking with him hand in hand at such a young age. All was peaceful in my young life. Every moon shined the brightest upon our massive feasts. The mountains were my haven, the skies were mine to command, and each soul was mine to snare. My only enemy was the daylight...

Life in our haven was peaceful and glorious, until the humans decided to inhabit the mountains. Obviously, we did not take a liking to it. We faithfully protected our lands, clearing out any and all human scum. They were right to fear us, and we basked in the darkness of their fear. It was in those daylight hours when my paradise turned to hell. The humans became brave and scaled the mountains to our haven. War erupted, and in the fires of battle, the humans began to slay the dragons with magics that I had never seen before. I was unaware that humans could wield magic as we did. The vampires were set ablaze, their ashes afloat in the blood of my dragon kin. My mother and father were not spared from this blood bath either. When the shadows of the night fell upon the land, we were victorious in our fight, but the damage was already done. In the spiteful anger of my kin,  we set out to the skies and burned every neighboring village to ground. Fire rained from the skies, and human blood soaked the lands. Our fury was made well known that night, and I bathed in the wrath of my comrades.


morgiana +18

06/22/2017 09:19 PM 

Rules to follow
Current mood:  animated

1. Multi to para and up rps, third person liked and preferred 

2. Open to really any mature rp but a few limits at lest I do have not a fan of vore, inflation, blood, killing or anything too gross

3. She's always wanting to please any setting is fine with some mild discussing first. Other than that they're open to anything males have or want to do. 

4. Will try to get to replies as fast as a I can don't hound me for a reply if you do a warning I'll give, keep t up and I'll delete you I'll get to everyone as fast as I can.

5. With girls I'm dominate sorry only sub with men can be packing if asked or wanted

6. I try to get to replies as a can,be patient with me I'll try to get to as many as I can per day or whenever I'm able to log on.


т α ι g α 🌸

06/22/2017 07:28 PM 

*Editing List

🌟  Ryuunosuke
🌸 Sibil
🌟 Hanibun

🌸 Lia
🌟 JJ
🌸 Cletato
🌟 Aria
🌸 Zenos
🌟 Kiki


Princess Alisa

06/22/2017 03:24 PM 

Mine and the Princess' Rules!

First: If I add you, I'll say something first. If you add, you say something first. It's only fair, right? 

Second: I will do mature RPs, just as long as there is not heavy smut through the entire thing. As much as I like sex, it gets boring after awhile in RP when it happens daily, every hour. ALSO if your under 18 in real life then mature is a no-no with me. 

Third:  I'm a soon to be mother of 2, so my replies will be slow. Don't expect a reply the same day you send your reply. The latest will be 1 -2 weeks BUT most of the time it will be a day or two. Real life comes first, especially my kids.

Fourth:  No god-modding that stuff is so irritating, I won't do it to you. I don't mind a little action but your character can get hurt just as much as anyone can.

Fifth:  I do like good grammar, so don't write like you're in elementary. You don't have to be a expert or a master at it. Just do the best you can, as will I.


| Anyway thank you for reading ^^ |


Rules, What not

Gotham City.

06/22/2017 08:02 PM 


I know everyone hates these but please just read them or scan them through. 
Also read these before applying for a character.

I can't stress this enough but don't take a character or apply for one if you won't be around. There's nothing worse than having inactive players in a new rpg. If you're going to be away, please do let us know. I know personally people can't be on twenty four seven and I don't expect that. A few times a week is more than enough. 

I accept OC's and non canons as well as canons from the show, obviously. As this is a canon based roleplay of the show Gotham, anyone that is connected to DC is also allowed to join - as long as there is some sort of connection there. OC's and non canons must have a backstory ready to go on the application. It makes it easier. Everyone is entitled to as many characters as they want, as long as they can keep them active. 

Drama IC is okay but when people start to take it further, that's when it becomes a problem. This is a safe and laid back place meant for writing. Drama and/or bullying will not be tolerated. If I receive messages of someone who is apart of this group causing drama or bullying, they will be removed and blocked from the group. Their role will be re-opened. 

I know some people won't like this next statement but anyway. I accept everyone of any writing experience and ability. This group will in no way be selective. Again, if you're going to bully someone due to their writing preferences, maybe you shouldn't join this group. 

NSFW Content
Keep in mind since this is a Gotham based roleplaying group, there will be NSFW content. I just like to point this out since I'm not responsible for what is on someone's profile. 

I don't make layouts however but I'll gladly help people with different things including coding and graphics. 

I'll most likely be adding more to here when I get the time. 


18+ 🌼 daddy's girl🌼

06/22/2017 02:30 PM 


🌼  NO grammar police allowed.. okay please no grammar police if you do not like the way i am spelling my words tough sh*t.. 

🌼  rape okay incest okay gang bang okay beastality okay !!!

🌼 i do not like brother and sister role plays dont turn me on much .. but i might allow it.


🌼  if your a mrc you have to have a male picture up so sorry my little girl is not bi or gay she is straight.. seeking a daddy to please her.

🌼  if you do not reply back with in a 5 days i will delete you !!!

🌼  you add me you send me a greeting 

🌼 in real life i am 15 years old  so i will try to get online when i can okay after my chores.. so i do have a life to hang out with friends..

🌼 i will not give you my skype or kik or facebook info i am 15 so i will not give that out to anyone.

🌼 i will not post my real life picture up as well so sorry but you can not see how i am outside of rp 

🌼 if you treat me like a number i will delete you with in two bussness days 


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