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06/22/2017 12:26 PM 

Because These Might Be Needed at Some Point.

No eroticas... At all. You know who has more of a chance of getting with Harley than most of you sad hoes? Kenny. McCormick. Mostly because I kinda feel like Harley'd know that that's his thing and'd allow it. They might even end up telling sex jokes to each other... I dunno. But everyone else can just sit the fuck down... Or die. Either way is cool with me. Because... Fuck your fanwhore feelings.

No one-liners. Or semis... Paras are rare, but like, mostly just multi-para. One-liners're for streams... Duh.

Be literate. It's not that damned hard.

Feel free to send me your drama. I will read it, but mostly because I find it fun to read and will treat it like a soap opera and will most likely not really give a shit about it while eating a bag of Hershey's Drops.

Replies depend. They're never consistent. Why? Because I don't know what you'd call it, but I been calling it laziness. Yes, I know I'm being my own teenage stereotype, but... I don't care.


I roleplay her based off of the Rebirth/New 52 series. Which means, I do not ship her with the Joker, and he could literally eat his own shit and die, and she still wouldn't give a fuck about him. I honestly feel like most people doing it are only doing it because of Suicide Squad and seeing it as "goals" and they're not fucking goals. You know what're goals? I can name you three right now off the top of my head: Gomez and Morticia Addams, Craig and Tweek, and Jack and Sally. I honestly think Harley'd even find them to be more of a goal-worthy thing, especially since she no longer ships herself with the Joker anymore. You can even get your assh0liness in one, and your dark and creepy shit in the other two. But if you want yourself an assh0le that you can do dark and creepy shit with, find yourself a Craig with a mixture of Gomez, Morticia, Jack, and Sally. Because at least Craig doesn't really abuse Tweek and you can have dark/creepy shit going on without the abuse, isn't that wonderful?

Speaking of which, Harley isn't really completely voiceless (as in, completely free of the voices), so to fix her urges of murder, she is a firm believer of dark justice. She'll even help people with that sorta thing too if she deems it fitting, which is great for that one person or group of people, but not for the other people who just so happened to be involved too. Harley also likes to psychoanalyze people still, just to figure out how they tick. Her favorites are extreme personalities, though. And like a child, she loves her toys. Her favorites are her plethora of plushies that she spent countless hours working on, all from different pop culture related things that she likes. She also hates having her cartoons interrupted, and will probably pull a Mike Tyson, and bite your own ear off for it if you do, unless she likes you enough not to, same goes if you touch her food and she didn't give you permission that you could have any. Because you thought Eric Cartman liked food, Harley'd put that bitch to shame by beating the sh*t outta 'em on the spot.


Desire girls +18

06/22/2017 01:49 PM 

Current mood:  amorous

1. No one liners I'm not interested if there's not at lest some detail para up to multi preferred 

2. I'm always open for any mature rp but no furries sorry that's a turn off as well as blood, killing, vore.

3. Girls are always wanting to please any setting is fine with some mild discussing first. Other than that they're open to anything males have or want to do. 

4. Will try to get to replies as fast as a I can don't hound me for a reply if you do a warning I'll give, keep t up and I'll delete you I'll get to everyone as fast as I can.

5. I'm always adding more girls if you have suggestions I'm open to hearing them as well so don't be shy

6. With girls I'm dominate sorry only sub with men can be packing if asked or wanted

7. I try to get to replies as a can, try not to hound me for them be patient with me I'll try to get to as many as I can per day or whenever I'm able to log on.

8. I usually only add at lest one or two girls per an rp but no more than at lest three; I'm usually adding more girls when I get the chance as well so ask and I might look up a girl your looking for

9. No matter how long you ask I'm not giving you my number or anything keep hounding me and I'll gladly delete and block you



06/21/2017 11:56 PM 

What Am I? Part 1

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon'em. Thy Fates open their hands. Let thy blood and spirit embrace them." - William Shakespeare

I thought it'd be a normal night off from work. Go and have a few bottles, explore the scenery in this town that I haven't managed to see much of. There were a good accumulation of pubs, and it was my intention to explore as many as I could that night. Having left Bristol, and moving to Birmingham, there was a bit more to explore. About twice as many places to drink, and that's not including all the towns connected to this one. My first stop, and sadly my only one, was to a place called Costa Green Pub.

It was an old brick building, not sure what it was used for before this place, but I enjoyed it. There were two floors above the first, which appeared to be flats. Not that I was entirely interested in living above a pub, but the idea did cross my mind. I just wasn't a fan of every chap that came to chat me up, when my only intention would be to get pissed and leg it right up the stairs. No need to hail a cab, or drive myself. 

In these thoughts, I heard a row outside. The commotion was quite boisterous and I made the mistake of taking to the window. Two men, one dressed from head to toe, hiding every detail of his true self. That is, I assumed this figure was a male, given their stature and height. They were both pulling on a brief case, and the one in the rags had sent the other through the window with one final pull. This mans body lifted like a doll, tossed easily into the air and sent through the glass... Through the glass at me. 

My eyes widened in some innate expression of shock, but my body reacted in a way I never would've guessed. I caught the man, cradling his cut up body in my small arms; he felt nearly as light as a feather. Then I noticed the tiny shards that shimmered in the light, bouncing off my skin, and only cut deep enough into my clothes. The world around me slowed down, and I could watch each bit of that fragmented glass fall upon the ground at my feet. 

I reacted once again, without thinking. It was fight or flight, and fight was winning the night. Moving the bloodied doll of a man, I set him on a table and pushed off from that floor and through the new opening. My head spun, black locks swaying as equally ebony eyes took to the ragged man. My sneakers pushing to the ground, and my legs, in those cut up, skin tight jeans, pumped faster than I could've imagined. I was passing cars on the side streets. Hands curled around the fabric of my hoodie, and I tore myself free from the air it caught. Left now, only in my tank, black as my hair and shoes. 

What was I thinking? More astonished with the liveliness coursing through my veins, and whatever it was I found myself suddenly capable of. I had to get that man's brief case, not at all thinking about any possible stipulations that I might find myself confronting because of it. Enamored? Sloshed on the power? I can't rightly describe the way I felt, but empowered was more than certainly close enough. Each push off my leg, each breath I took, and how the world slowed, just barely, giving me some sense of destiny. 

But truthfully, how does a bird describe flight? Too many angles, too many ways of viewing such a thing, too many times of day, and too many places to behold to have a single sense, a single word, or a single sentence even, that could describe such beauty, and perfection. Such freedom. 

I continued chasing the rag, but I couldn't seem to catch up. He was moving just as fast as I was, if not a bit faster in some moments. It didn't help that he was tearing objects from the roadside and tossing them at me. At one point he even tore railing from the sidewalk and whipped it in my direction. I still managed to stay strong, leaping and swaying to one side or the other. I wasn't going to lose him, or this sudden rush, or the sense of purpose that followed it. 

Eventually, we managed our way down Great Lister St, then Rupert St. I was thankful for that road, hardly anything to nick and toss at me. At least, that's what I thought until he pulled a lamp post down and in my direction. I was catching up, and he wasn't too fond of it. He leaped over a brick wall, about a foot lower than myself; I stood at 5'3". My hand went up, and my body pushed over with a dual kick of my feet. 

What he did next really shocked me. His body pushed through the wooden fences that separated the yards of these homes we were now behind. I figured he'd jump, but obviously found it faster to run through them, even despite my haste. That ultimately became his foul, because I now had the jump on him. My body lifted from the ground and my arms outstretched, and we both went tumbling through the final wall. Which, might I add, was also made of brick like the one we had jumped over previously. 

I don't know what compelled my next actions, but a sense of justice mixed with emotions I had never recalled feeling, at least in this depth, flooded my entire system. My fingers curled, balling my hands into tightly held fists, and knuckles came slamming down to knock my newfound enemy in the face. I continued this, moving between arms that raised, hands that attempted to catch mine. My body over his, straddling him to the ground, never letting up my assault. 

I remember a sense of blood lust that filled me, and that's what truly shocked me out of this rush, this high that I had felt. Not your ordinary cabbage, that I can assure you. I looked down on the bloody rags of my foe, and I slowly stood in, what I could only describe as, shock. I couldn't feel anything. Remorse, guilt, that rush of immense power and justice. Instead, I panicked, checked his vitals. (He was still alive.) Then, I grabbed the suitcase and made my run back to the Costa Green Pub. 

By the time I got back, that man was awake and talking with the fuzz, and I freaked out a bit more. They'd ask me all sorts of questions, and I wasn't ready for that. What was I to tell them? The truth? What if they tried to take me and test me, and my newfound powers? What if I became some sort of science project freak show, or a weapon?! What if they just thought I was a loon? Lock me up in the bin? I couldn't have that happen. Instead, I walked home, after disposing of the briefcase in an alley. 

All that trouble, and for what? A sudden burst of ecstasy? A sudden rush that was so short lived after my venture? Hell, by the time I managed to my front door, I no longer had power. I couldn't move at great speeds, I couldn't slow down time in my head, and I couldn't push or pull, or break walls. Not that I tried, never mind the bandages on my left hand, covering bloody, scrapped up knuckles. Getting in a tuff with a brick wall wasn't as exciting, or amazing as it would have been hours before. 

I barely slept that night, thinking about all the ways that could have gone wrong. My emotions astir, and my thoughts even more sporadic and demeaning to who I thought I was, or could be. I chose to be a nurse to help people, and somehow I had turned into a woman who chased down some thug, beat them down, and failed to fill out the rest of a simple kindness. Was it really that simple though? My tank, hair, and all were covered in dust from the bricks we plowed through. 

What am I? What happened? And why can't I do it again?


🐾Forgetful Fox®🐾

06/21/2017 01:56 PM 



I'm open to anything! I don't have a specific genre but if you ask it's most likely dark themes of horror, gore, blood and stuff.

I'm up for erotic romance as long as our RP leads to it. I like to build a relationship with characters first before f***ing each other's brains out.

Use proper grammar at least. Don't talk like dis. That ends our RP...

I do incest RP as well but only if its Daddy/Daughter or Brother/sister.

I'm open to futa but not Lolis or Shotas. I don't like them younger than me.

I have a life outside of RP so please respect it.

I do edits if you ask or if our characters are close or if I know you in real life. XD

When you write a starter, don't use I like first person. That is confusing, do third person. Makes sense doesn't it?

Please I beg of you. Take your time replying. I don't want a one liner after I send you a lengthy paragraph. That will piss me off! And I will delete you.

If you want my Skype. Just ask.

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Corbeau (Multiple Characters)

06/21/2017 09:34 AM 

Lynnette Pent

Name: Lynnette Pent Aliases: Lynn, Celeste (<12)

Age: 7-24, Height, Weight, Dependent on RP
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Personality: As a child up until her early teen years she was pretty sweet, but around the time she was 15 she hardened up. Usually she's pretty straight to business, but she can be fun to be around sometimes
Hobbies: swordfighting, baking
Backstory: (my canon) She lives in 1600's london like Allen. She's a few years older than him and lives with her family at a bakery where she works at. She has a group of friends who taught her swordfighting and she was extrememly good at it, but has to keep it hidden because it wasn't very ladylike. After Michael died, Her family took Allen in under the conditions he'd work for them. Lynnette hates change, so this bothered her immensely. After Allen left though, the two remained in touch. (Modern AU) Growing up she lived a lavish life and everyone around her called her Celeste as a cute nickname. However one by one she lost her family by the time she was 20, which made her bitter. She has a job as a waitress and lives with a roommate in a townhouse. 
Habits/Tendencies: n/a
Fears: getting hurt
Sexuality: straight


character bio, original character


06/21/2017 04:29 AM 


Name: Rob Yuki
Series: Original Character (Can be fit into any anime/video game verse)
Age: 19

Rob is pretty calm around people and sometimes a bit shy, in a fight he will try his hardest and wont back down, especially if someone he cares about is involved with it.
Rob had a pretty normal life in Japan with his family, he was a only child when around the age of 8 his parents were murdered. Since then Rob has left the country, travailing around the world. He just recently became a mercenary who fights for anyone.
Rob was rolling around in bed alone, it seemed as if he wasn't going to get any sleep tonight. He got up getting dressed into jeans and a shirt, he also threw on a hoodie due to it being late at night and headed outside. He walked through a nearby park, taking a seat on a bench, looking up at the night sky.

Name: Akira Kurusu (AKA Joker)
Series: Persona 5 (Will also play as in other persona verses)
Age: 16

Akira is somewhat of a quiet person, he usually keeps to himself and doesn't talk much when it comes to people he doesn't know. When with his friends he usually opens up more and becomes more talkative. 

Akira was convicted of a felony that was not his fault not too long of go, since then he has been forced to transfer schools due to his criminal record. He is currently attending Shujin Academy.

Akira had been walking in Shibuya, it was the weekend and he was free to do as he pleased, unfortunately most of his friends were busy or just not deciding to text him. He was not the one to usually send texts out first. He seemed to have some quality time by himself which he planned on enjoying. He continued down the street, mesmerized by the arcades and bright lights as he was distracted.

Name: Robin
Series: Fire Emblem Awakening (Will use with characters from other games)
Age: 22

Robin is a bright young man who is dealing with amnesia. He is calm and collective even in the toughest of situations. He listens to whatever his friends have to say.

Robin woke up one day in a field without his memory. Since then he has been recruited into the Shepherds as their Tactician. He is skilled in both magic as well as swordplay. He carries multiple tomes with him along with a Levin Sword.

Starter (for non awakening characters)
His memory was fuzzy, all he saw was blackness, his hearing coming in and out. It was something he had experienced once in his life that he never thought would happen again. His eyes slowly start to part, his vision coming back to him. It was almost the same as last time, but he had memories of Ylisse this time, memories of Chrom, Lucina and everyone else. He slowly sat himself up as he was in the snow, cold. "Ugh....gods....where am I now?" He slowly came to his feet.

Name: Eizen
Series: Tales of Berseria (Will RP with other tales of characters)
Age: 1000 (30 physically)
Eizen is a usually a cold person to be around, especially when people mess things up. At times he can be sincere to others. He can also be laid back at times, especially when he gets excited.

Eizen is a member of a pirate crew along with Velvet Crowe and her friends. He is a Seraphim of the land specifically of the earth type. He has a little sister name Edna that he has left behind for reasons he would not like to talk about.

Eizen was currently on board the Van Elita, currently on route to a nearby port with his crew and his party. Far out in the depths of the ocean, suddenly a bright light appeared. This caused him to shut his eyes, seconds later the light faded and his eyes opened. He was now standing in a large green field, open and empty. "Huh?" He looked around, where was he? What had happened to his ship?

Name: Kiritsugu Emiya
Series: Fate/Zero (Fate/Stay Night Universe)
Age: 33

Kiritsugu is a very cold man with a dark past, he usually doesn't care about anyone, even his own servant at times. 

Kiritsugu is currently part of the Holy Grail War, along with his servant Saber. He is doing whatever he can to win, even if it means killing a few people along the way.

Kiritsugu sighed softly as he slowly cut his arm, making a summoning circle with his blood. It was late at night and he was doing this at an abandoned park. He looked at the circles before reciting "Heed my words. My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny. If you heed the grails call and obey my will and reason, then answer me! I hereby swear that I shall be all the good in the world, that I shall defeat all evil in the world. You seven heavens, clad in three great words of power, come forth from the circle of binding!" He watched as the circle started to glow.


Fire Emblem, Fate, Tales of, Persona, Persona 5

Get Hacked~

06/21/2017 03:01 PM 

Futaba - the info you so desperately need
Current mood:  adventurous

So here's what the great Alibaba is gonna lay down for you guys. It will be obvious when you don't read this, and I'm not taking any more harassment from illiterate horn dogs, you got that!

Info dump 1)

Futaba is a character in Persona 5 - a video game. She is a modern day character that uses gadgets and technology religiously. Depending on how I play her, she is either 15 or 18, (15 being the canon age and 18 being my new story arch starting point.) That being said, I can roleplay with anyone that fits in this timeline. Magical powers, demons,'s all possible because of Futaba's ties with the 'Metaverse' (a magical alternate reality with 'shadows' - monsters, personas, what ever.) So it's not too weird that she would be involved in something similar to form to your characters needs. However, she's a HERMIT. Getting her out of her room and socializing is impossible at best. There has to be a connection or need for someone like her to initiate a smooth and pliable story line. It can happen, you just have to be CREATIVE. (I'm seeing it lacking more and more here.)

Info Dump 2)

Futaba, if 15, is OFF LIMITS YOU PIGS! She's 15! Even if she's 18 (which will be her main age), that doesn't give you the right to come up and start f***ing her! How absurd that I've had this happen 3 times! THANK YOU to the ERPr's that tell me you are ERP. There's nothing wrong with that. It's these idiots who have their bio full of character development and attacks and info (Or just completely blank page with no warning) that just decide to not talk to me at all and then send a paragraph about how they are getting it on with me. 1) That's harassment. 2) I could be underage irl. You don't know cause you never bothered to ask or read my info. 3) Futaba is SO not the loose type, Should she EVER get intimate with someone, it would be over potentially years of awkward, uncomfortable conversations about it as well as  a lot of research. She's just not that type. Shame on you. 

Info Dump 3)

Futaba is Awkward, shy, weird, genius, socially inept, child like, and addicted to coffee. These traits change and alter as she grows and as her relationships grow. Of course, if you are in the P5 universe and the characters are older, she will be less awkward, less socially inept, etc. If she's 15 and we're just getting started, she's HELLA awkward and so far gone from society that she hasn't actually left her room in 3 years. (MAYBE to go to the bathroom, but that's IT). I constantly get asked if I will rp sex, or the rp will just go there. Here's the thing, you have to be either 2 certain characters in the P5 universe, or you have to be rping with me/Futaba for a LONG TIME before that becomes a thing. I'm not an erotic roleplayer. That doesn't mean I won't, should the time come, but it needs to be organic and true to Futaba's feelings and ability. She's awkward and shy. It won't be easy for her the first 15 times. (exaggeration aside, make sure you are in this for her story and not sex. You will be disappointed.)

Info Dump 4)

I plan on keeping this character for a LONG TIME. I make very few characters and they have stuck around for years. She will be no different. I seek long term, committed writers. Things happen, people take breaks, that's all fine and good. I do the same. I just would like to know, if you are one of my main squeezes, that you will be gone or you are done with the rp. Some heads up does wonders. If you are interested in being a main squeeze (for some reason Futaba and Tiny Tina run parallel in my head) then hit me up! I got room. That being said I am a literate writer with pretty high expecations - multi para to novella. I will most certainly write smaller amounts and if the story is good, I don't care if it's just 2-3 paragraphs (but they better be 2-3 AMAZING paragraphs.) Anything less and I will be less inclined to roleplay with you. I don't like being snobbish, but I'm honest. 1 paragraph about the clothes you have on does not for a happy Futaba, make. 

This was more than I intended to write, but I feel it's necessary now that this poor character has been through more BS than any other I've had for years. I don't know what disease is plaguing this site, but I ask you all to have some common decency and think before adding people and sending them terrible stuff. That's all!


Guideline, rules, info dump, Persona, Futaba,

Fabre Hansen

06/21/2017 02:49 PM 

About me...

Hello. My name is Joy, and I am Fabre's mun. Hajimemash*te.

I love writing. I'm on AR every day, writing away. This is my 5th account out of two that are still up and running. If you can guess the other two then I'll grant you a wish. Hahaha.

I'm just here to have fun. This isn't serious to me. Fabre is a nice way for me to destress, so I like to write at random, and let plots go where they go, all that stuff.

Sometimes I get depressed asf, so I act like it. I guess this is just a forewarning. 

Anyway, I look forward to writing with you. Send me anything any time.


ғallen cloυd

06/20/2017 09:16 PM 

Roles Needed to be filled.

This is a list of potential roles that I am hoping to fill. Each has a designated look, a slight premise as to what it is they'd do as far as powers/equipment, and each of which will be descendants of the Kumo Lineage. All four of these roles are not only sisters of one another, but they are daughters of the character Asim Kumo.

 This lineage, the Kumo's, are a race of entities that came to the planet after their own had been destroyed. They have an incredible long life expectancy, some live to thousands of years, and are often times believed to be immortal among their enemies. It is believed because of their blood-lust, to consume it, has some influence in regards to their expanded life span. It is a common misconception that they must consume blood for survival, for it is more of a psychological phenomenon than a physical need. 

These individuals share the human anatomy in shape, appearances, but do not require air nor even food to continue to exist. They are believed to be dead, having inspired tales of entities known as vampires, but they are capable of reproduction as well as death under certain requirements. Their blood is much like an antidote that can be used to recover from fatigue, from injuries, as it is a like a glucose of raw energy that excels one's own natural recovery. Because of the potent amount of prana, energy, that is within their blood it makes them exceptionally skilled fighters as well as magisters. Among the Kumo they have two particular skills that are exceptional.

The first being able to conjure and project a twist in the fabric of reality in a confined area; to fully construct a new world, alter it, within our own so that it resembles that according to their own thoughts. Conjuring, manipulating, within a confined area an entire realm of existence that is symbolic of their own fears or desires. Although, it is an exceptionally powerful tool and skill that last for a small duration to the novice; the very world will collapse this false reality as it contradicts what is to be and what is. Those whom are more adept in this art, having focused solely on their manifestations at the expense of other tactical abilities or skills, will be capable of a complete metamorphosis of the world around them. Because they are not originally from the planet they are not bounded to the limitations, requirements, set from it upon the "earth's" will. Further explanation is available in regards to this and what else it can do. 

The second skill the Kumo have within their arsenal is their unique sight that has been given no name; Other than that they are referred to that of "beyond the illusion." Once a kumo is taught how to manifest this line of sight it costs prana, mana, for the entire duration in which it is used; that energy is routed, channeled, into their eyes to amplify this sense. The entirety of the world turn solid black, like an abyssal plane of existence, where there are no other colors with the exception of light blue, deep scarlet red, and golden yellow. The light blue aura radiates around those considered non-hostile, allies, or anyone who holds no immediate threat. Scarlet red is a symbol of hostile forces, those of blue may transition to red if acting out of malice, and essentially are individuals to be careful of or to avoid entirely. The yellow is a sixth sense of sorts that guides the Kumo into approaching a path in a certain direction, items or objects of interest, or even individuals that could prompt some useful information. 

Now as for the lineage, storyline background of the Kumo, that will be explained at a later date. However, essentially the four roles to be mentioned have access to the information listen above as it is their birthright. These four characters are sisters, and each a daughter of Asim Kumo; the believed last of the Kumo bloodline. As mentioned before, each has a designated "look" or base already. Each to take on the appearance of one of the females from the show Rwby; Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang. Each of their abilities, equipment, are of course to be heavily inspired by that show as well as to incorporate my own character's backstroy and the other inspirations that shaped it. Note, I am not good with names and believe anyone interested in playing one of these roles to have the right, ability, to name their own character. For now I'll refer them as the names mentioned above, from the source that acts as the inspiration.

"Ruby" is one of Asim's daughters who wields a scythe in combat (Should you wish it to be the gun-scythe that is entirely up to you) and this is because she was heavily inspired by her mother's use of one. This scythe, upon whatever it is you decide it will do, has various skills and traits of it's own. Her proficiency is using this weapon is because of her extensive training with her mother. Not only does she possess the powers from the Kumo line she also shares an ability with her father that the other's do not. For small periods of time she is able to become intangible, and to replace her previous self with various rose petals. She is also to be proficient in creation of illusions in this way as well. As for her character interactions she is mostly seen in being with her mother, as to oppose to Asim; having every desire to become as powerful as her. 

"Weiss" is perhaps the most like her father when it comes to personality. She is cold, collective, and calm in most situations. Her white hair, blue eyes, are that closest of the most powerful of the Kumo line including Asim and Makenshi. She is quite proficient in the use of bounded fields, magical circles, and runes that allow her various benefits such as stepping on air. Like her father her agile senses and speed, in combination of her use of circles, make her a very swift adversary to her enemies. She among her sisters is the most skilled when it comes to using magic and very proficient in the use of ice. She also comes equipped with a unique rapier that her father helped construct for her. This weapon has three unique symbols, insignia, fueled with prana to give her the ability to harness three elements for her weapon with ease; Yellow-lightning, Blue-ice, and red-fire. As for her personality, other than her calm demeanor, she wishes to follow in her mother's footsteps, to become a just and powerful ruler, as well as bring respect to the kumo line. 

"Blake" is the sister that struggles the most with her bloodlust in compared to her sisters. She often times finds herself conflicted and believing herself the weakest of the four because of it, but in truth she has the most potential of any of them. That is if she could learn to control her animal, Kumo, instincts. Among all the sisters she is perhaps the most devoted to the creed because it gave her a sense of purpose; a place where she could be hidden in plain sight. As for her abilities she is the most likely to utilize the magic to alter the world around her; as she wishes only to change it and has her own ideals of how it should become. Most of her fighting style is closest to that of her mother's lineage, to be explained by her, with the addition of her father's own bloodline. Her weapon is for whoever to decide, but she is to be exceptionally skilled in using her environment and her ability to adapt. 

"Yang" is the daughter that has a very conflicting nature with that of the Creed and her parents lifestyle. She has no desire to stay hidden, to hide what it is she can do, and to do whatever she pleases. Compared to the other daughters, even her own parents, she's a natural powerhouse when it comes to brute strength. Incredible speed in combination of the use of using pure prana into her attacks makes her like a ball of fire. She comes equipped with earth shattering gauntlets (That can fire prana blasts from them like gunfire) that can clash with swords and most weapons. This daughter prides herself in being a hand to hand fighter, and believes in beating her problems down.  Among the sisters she has a unique trait and ability that Asim helped her control; she has the ability to enter and harness her berserk state, what happens when a kumo succumbs to blood-lust, but with an on and off switch. This was mostly because her own blood-lust was so minimum that it needed to be enhanced, for her to have ever been capable of utilizing it, but because of it she's capable of wielding it in a transformation like state. All she has to do it utilize the bounded field, the off and on switch, within her chest that is activated much like the kumo eyes. Put enough prana, mana, into the entire frame and it'll unlike her blazing glory. 

If any of these strike your fancy please let me know and I'd love to help you make the transition. Also note, I'd like for whoever decided upon these roles to RP in the group "The Federation" that I am apart of. Although, you're free to do so in messages and etc as well. 

UPDATE: Ruby, Weiss, and Blake have been filled. 



06/20/2017 08:43 PM 


Name: Morgan Aeshma 

Age: 19

Gender:  Female

Personality: Angered easily, Caring for those who need it, Calm when alone, and Positive

Likes: Animals, Being alone, Gardening, and kinda warm kinda cold places

Dislikes: Humans ( means ones ), sudden loud sounds, and having people mess with her horns and tail.

Bio: Morgan is the daughter of a demon named Aeshma the demon of wrath and rage. She lived with her mother home schooled most her life, kids in the neighborhood picked of her throwing rocks at the window and destroying her gardens. She spent most of her free time trying to find leads on where her father was. Her mother died and she moved into the wood where rarely any humans come. 


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