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The Only Thorntaker

10/17/2017 01:11 PM 


Vladius a curious looking young man was at the docks of the city in the market for a ship he could he set sail with. he was also in the market for a crew that could help him keep the ship running because no one man or vampdragon could run the ship alone he was hoping to find the ship first then the crew.  The sun would beat down on him at this point "Damn sun if  i was not part dragon the sun would actually kill me" he said to himself  so he then put on a cloak to shield himself from the harmful rays of the sun people were staring at him strange which was nothing new to him. As he was heading to the place where he could buy a ship he grumbled to himself "Vampires are nothing new you know people stop staring at me as if i am some sort of freak" he said not paying attention to where he was walking .  


Emulator Man

10/17/2017 12:33 PM 

Equipment and Gear

Stationary Equipment

High End Performance PC, Custom Built (Bistro Shop Haven)
Storage Boxes (Bistro Shop Haven)
Loading Bench, All the Ammo (Bistro Shop Haven)
Soldering Desk (Bistro Shop Haven)

Carried Equipment
Ithica Shotgun (16 Normal Rounds, 4 Dragon's Breath Rounds)
Silenced 9mm Pistol (4 Clips)
High End Performance Laptop W/ 2 Extra Batteries
Duffel Bag (Contains Ithica and Ammo and other random goodies)
Bluetooth Connectors
Duct tape


character sheet, equipment, gear

Fool Moon

10/16/2017 11:02 PM 

Need to Know

  • I will RP romance, but our characters must connect for it to happen
  • Ryley will not enter schools or deal in RPs that are extreme scifi
  • This profile may include triggering elements unless requested otherwise
  • Ryley uses incorrect grammar sometimes. Don't like it? Don't add.
  • I don't add mutes, I will only add multis that can choose their own characters.
  • I also don't add gods
  • I can only enter verses I know. I cannot easily enter OC verses


Tempest Koi

10/16/2017 09:43 PM 


Name: Tempest Koi

Looks: pale pink fur, magenta chest, belly and bottom of tail. Pink flame on the end of tail. Curling golden horns on his head. His paws are pale pink and normal pink. He has dark pink eyes, magenta on the inside of his pointed ears. His hair is a normal shade of pink. 
Gender: Male
Age: 5 months 
Orientation: Bisexual-leans more toward males
Mate: He's a cub you sickos!
Pride: None
Family: None
Birthplace: The Whirling Islands. 
Home: Travels, so no true home.
Personality: Flirtatious, cocky at times. He is also sweet to those he considers cute or if he cares about them. 
Likes: Sweets, cuddles and playing. 
Dislikes: His flame being put out, it causes him great pain because of it. 
Extra: The flame on his tail changes colors when he is feeling powerful emotions.

Having hatched from an egg, and left to fend for himself, he has been alone most of his life. His mother had killed his father after getting her with child, and then abandoned him after making sure that he would hatch. His egg was hidden in the shadow of a cave, the egg being a opaque dark pink egg with pale pink flame like designs on the bottom half of it. When he hatched, his tail immediately became lit with a small pink flame. The brighter it is, the stronger he is. He can't swim that well because of his dislike of letting his flame go out, but he had to swim in order to get of the island that he was born on. He then found new lands and has been exploring ever since, vowing that if he ever found his other half, then he would never hurt them nor would he abandon the child he would have as he was born with the carrier gene which was very rare among the Koi lions. 


Tempest Koi

10/16/2017 08:33 PM 

Rules~Read Before Messaging Me

1. Be Literate.

2. Ero will only happen if I have a significant other, otherwise NO ero. 
3. Semi-para minimum please!
4. RESPECT me and my character.
5. NO DRAMA, unless in rp. 

The breaking of my rules will lead you to being deleted, Have a Nice Day Darlings~



10/16/2017 08:29 PM 

Behind the angel

Yo, name's Alexis(spelt that way), but I prefer to go by Lex or Lexi. I'm just an adorable dork with a LOT of problems irl(no, not personally, and work ewe) Which is why I'm not on that much. I may be on here and there, but if I'm not on for over two weeks, don't unfriend me. I might be busy with a friend or a family member or work. My irl job: at-home artist. I sell my work, and I don't share it. Even if you beg, I won't show. Oh, and I work at a bar in a strip club. Female, strip club. Yep. That sums it 


The Arcane Scholar

10/16/2017 04:58 PM 


A. All roleplays are canon to Raven's story.

      If you write with me, your character WILL become a part of Raven's history. If you chose to not have her as part of your character's development for your other roleplays, then that is your business. However, Raven is my character. I write to add experiences into her history which affects how she will be in other roleplays.

B. Plan or don't plan.

     You don't need to plan a story with me. Feel free to send a starter but make sure you don't break any of my other rules when you do send the starter. If you want to discuss, I am always open for discussion. The two things that I NEVER plan is romance and friendships. Both of these things happen through natural attraction of the characters.

C. No erotica.

     Sexual activity takes place after characters have fallen in love. In Raven's case, love is bound to never happen, so no erotic activity between her and other characters. If you decide to include a smut scene, that's fine, but Raven will not be taking part in the action.

D. Patience. Patience. PATIENCE.

     I'm either busy, not in the mood to write, or swamped with replies. If you have a problem with waiting, you should find someone else to roleplay with.

E. Respect.

     I'm usually quite friendly when it comes to out of character interactions. That being said, I expect you to be equally respectful. If you give me attitude, you'll find yourself instantly blocked.

F. Literacy.

     You need to write so I can understand what you are saying. I'm terrible when it comes to grammar and spelling but I know how to end my sentences and where to mark dialogue. If you can't do these basic things, I'll be deleting you.

G. Length.

     You'll instantly get blocked if you send me anything that is less than fifty words. That's roughly three to six sentences, depending on how long you make your sentences.

H. No character controlling / autoing.

     I don't care if you want to give your character insane powers but do not control my character for any reason. I decide what comes out of her mouth, how she reacts, and how she moves.

I. Contribute to the story.

      For f***'s sake, please, PLEASE, PLEASE contribute something to the story to move the roleplay along. Do not rely on me to add in action or to move us along. I understand you'll get stuck sometimes but roleplaying is building a story between TWO writers. If you don't want to contribute to the story, I suggest you play DnD instead.

J. Editing / Pictures.

     If we're not roleplaying together, do NOT ask for an edit. I'll happy edit for those that are roleplaying with me OR do an edit of our characters together. For those that want an original to any of my pictures, just ask. It'll take time but once I find the original, I'll send it to you.


Noblesse Oblige

10/16/2017 03:21 PM 


-I'm done adding people just for numbers

-I'm done accepting requests of people who [a] never say anything or [b] send me copy-pasted crap. If you can't take two minutes to say hello within ten days, I'll probably delete you.
-I don't do romance. I'll do friendship if you don't mind very little conversation on Rai's part.
-I don't do smut or erotica. 
-If you don't like my starters/replies... TELL ME. I don't mind rewriting though it takes time because I never re-use.
-If you're a multimuse, you choose your own character. This isn't a dating service so who cares if they get along perfectly?
-Responding with <6 words will probably not get a response from me. Just saying.
-This acount is multipara. This means anywhere from 2-6 paragraphs can be provided. At least give the courtesy of attempting.
-I add people deciding they have read this. I will remind people once to read these if they obviously haven't.



10/16/2017 03:01 PM 



Two: Discussions preferred, do not send me random one liners. 

Three: Multi Para+ ONLY. 

Four: Not your Mama's Monster High, Mature themes ahead but don't get carried away.

Five: Have patience or F*** OFF. This is a hobby not a job. 

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10/16/2017 10:35 PM 

Boku no hero academia

Name: Kashi

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Quirk: Acid

Quirk description: He has acid in his blood stream and is able to bring it out painlessly. He can make it expand as far as possible. The acid can burn through clothing and leave burns on the skin.

Personality: He is calm and quite and usually doesn't talk to others unless needed.  


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