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Ezra Water Ice Dragon

08/16/2017 01:55 PM 


Subspecies Abilities

§  Phase Transition (相転移Sōteni): Phase Transition is a special subspecies ability of Water Dragon Slayer Magic that serves as what's perhaps the magic's greatest asset – indeed, Phase Transition enables the caster to induce, well, phase transitions, upon the draconic water they manifest, thus resulting in the water transitioning between all four states of matter in accordance to the caster's willpower and the situation at hand. Phase Transition is said to be a skill which was born from the caster's peerless mastery over their particular form of Dragon Slayer Magic as well as gathered knowledge about physics and various other forms of magic which are related to hydrokinesis, such as Blood MagicMist Magic, and Ice Magic, incorporating the properties and activation sequences into Water Dragon Slayer Magic in order to birth the incredible power of Phase Transition. In any case, when invoking the activation sequence of Phase Transition upon either pre-formed draconic water or currently manifesting water, the wielder of Water Dragon Slayer Magic focuses the voluminous quantities of magical energy which are dwelling within their Magic Origin intently, before releasing these magical energies outwards ever-so-slightly, reacting with the ambient arcane particles that are known as eternano that are saturated throughout the atmosphere as to induce the usual chemical reaction that occurs between eternano and magical energy which ever-so-common with the formation of all forms of the arcane arts, before using their own magical energies to induce the process of combustion on hydrogen or hydrogen-containing compounds or by having them react with oxygen or oxygen-containing compounds, thus forming water. From here, after the wielder of Water Dragon Slayer Magic has settled upon a suitable target to induce the subspecies ability upon, the caster utilizes their own Magical Aura to set up requisite atmospheric conditions, from there using manipulation of magical particles and eternano as well as the water through mental commands, properly altering the properties of the draconic water, thus causing them to switch between one of the four fundamental states of matter. As such, when the activation sequence of Phase Transition is completed, the wielder of Water Dragon Slayer Magic can switch between three main states of matter, namely liquid, a nearly incompressible fluid that conforms to the shape of its container but retains a (nearly) constant volume independent of pressure, solid, which is characterized by structural rigidity and resistance to changes of shape or volume, and gas, which possesses a relatively low density, high fluidity as well as no definite shape, and a lack of rigidity; the wielder of Water Dragon Slayer Magic can alter the composition of their water from one phase to another on a whim. More powerful users can convert water into the fourth phase, plasma. When transforming a liquid into a solid, any source of water or with water essence within them freezes thanks to the user using their Water Dragon Slayer Magic to reduce the temperature to the lowest point possible, enabling them to perform feats such as walking on water by forming paths of ice to walk upon if not simply freezing the water body altogether; and they can generate and manipulate ice in any form that they wish, but it must be cooled any source of water to its freezing point by inducing heat loss through their magical power. This not only gives the user's icy attacks immense sharpness and penetrative power, but their spells leave long arcs of ice in the wake of their movements. The ice generated through Water Dragon Slayer Magic is capable of being formed into any object of their choosing: the only limitations are the user's own imagination, and the ambient air temperature which determines how long their ice sculpture will stay icy; the user is capable of creating countless amounts of objects for a multitude of uses. The user has also shown the ability to freeze their own blood as to strike their target unexpectedly. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the user, as mentioned above, is capable of transforming a liquid into a gas; in this case, they are able to harness mist, a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air as well as fog, a visible mass consisting of cloud water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the planet's surface. The gaseous form of water is induced by the user utilizing Water Dragon Slayer Magic to force warm, moist air to meet sudden cooling, taking the humidity and temperature conditions into account to cool the humid air rapidly upon contact with the draconic water. In any case, by harnessing the power of mist and fog, the user is capable of utilizing it for many evasive and defensive measures, such as generating large quantities of mist and fog in order to blanket the battlefield and obscure an enemy's vision while the wielder evades and regroups, enabling them to blast an enemy with their other powers some time later. Changing the phase of water allows for multiple techniques in the course of a battle, from encasing an opponent in ice to hiding behind a wall of mist and fog. It can be suggested that utilization of Phase Transition is what partially enables the caster's ability to manipulate every property of water, such as viscosity and density of water, changing liquid into thick and adhesive or thin as oil, or condensing vapor particles and liquids enough to be tangible to the point where they are solid and hardened. Because blood cells are fifty-five-percent blood plasma which in turn is up to ninety-five-percent water, advanced users of Phase Transition can manipulate the element of blood via its water content. This allows them to control the target, and even freeze or dehydrate their blood. This would take precision as blood plasma contains other components. In a manner not dissimilar to Water Dragon Slayer Magic's polar opposite, Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, water molecules are a medium for heat exchange in both its high heat capacity and coolant capabilities, thus allowing the user to manipulate external thermal energy and therefore the surrounding area's temperature by minute amounts. Overall, the subspecies ability known as Phase Transition is exceptionally versatile, more than quadrupling the combat repertoire of the wielder of Water Dragon Slayer Magic.


The power of Ocean's Cry.

Ocean's Cry (海生動物操作呪(オーシャンズ・クライ)Ōshanzu Kurai lit. Sealife Manipulation Spell): Ocean's Cry is a special subspecies ability of Water Dragon Slayer Magic that's relatively unusual in function – effectively, it grants the Dragon Slayer with the power of hydrokinesis the ability to manipulate the life of aquatic creatures of all shapes and sizes by communicating with them through a series of processes, thus enabling the wielder of Water Dragon Slayer Magic to cause marine life to assist them in any way they deem to be suitable in accordance to the situation at hand. The subspecies ability known as Ocean's Cry is permanently activated once the magician has learnt the power of Water Dragon Slayer Magic – it is a natural part of their biology that comes as a result of the mutations they had underwent due to being taught by La Sirene, a Water Dragon whom spends most of her time under the seas. In any case, when invoking the power of Ocean's Cry, the wielder of Water Dragon Slayer Magic focuses the voluminous quantity of magical energies that are dwelling within their Magic Origin, before releasing these magical energies outwards ever-so-slightly, reacting with the ambient arcane particles that are known as eternano that are saturated throughout the atmosphere as to induce the usual chemical reaction that occurs between eternano and magical energy which ever-so-common with the formation of all forms of the arcane arts, before using their own magical energies to induce the process of combustion on hydrogen or hydrogen-containing compoundsor by having them react with oxygen or oxygen-containing compounds, thus forming water. From here, after the wielder of Water Dragon Slayer Magic focuses the draconic water suddenly manifested into a singular pulse that resounds throughout the area, said pulse being directed and influenced by the caster's mental commands as to reach all sorts of marine life, the plantsanimals and other organisms that live in the ocean, ranging from creatures that dwell in shallow water, to the ones who dwell in the abyss, the caster possessing the ability to interact with those creatures that dwell beneath the waves as if the user and their targets were both humans. However, it should be taken into consideration that Ocean's Cry is not actually talking to sea-born marine life per-se, but rather, as an existence taught by quite possibly one of the most powerful beings to reside under the ocean's surface, the user commands a similar dominance over the existences in the depths- this enables the user of Water Dragon Slayer Magic to alter the thought processes of their brains to give them a gentle push of sorts into helping the caster whenever they deem it necessary- the scope of which this affects can allow the caster to enthrall entire oceans, but only one ocean at a time. With Ocean's Cry, the user is able to direct sea life towards their targets, swarming them with immeasurable numbers and overwhelming them through quantity alone. Another use for this spell is that the user can now bring out the primal rage in such creatures, driving them into frenzies, though the animal being manipulated has to be at least partly willing to comply, otherwise the spell can and will be broken. In addition, for larger creatures, the user, in order to affect their target, must have more magical power than them.



08/16/2017 12:40 PM 

Basic information

Name: Merrill

NickNames: Daisy, Pariah, Abomination, give me some?
Pact: Though struck a deal with a demon she is not corrupted. 
Age: Older 20's (28ish)
Ethnic: Dalish
HomeTown: Ferelden Forest/Kirkwall (Dales wonder)
Region: Most likely in your backyard (dimension jumper)
Class: Mage (Not a witch, that's Morrigans job)
Specialty: Druid/Blood Mage
Romance: Will be strictly in character. Love interests would preferably be the hero of Kirkwall. 

Personality: Merrill is not always kind nor trusting, she is always defensive. Elf's in Thedas have always been bottom dwellers, they must defend themselves. She does her best to mix in with people. Varric (a friend of hers) taught her basic mannerisms but lets face it. Merrill is just too f***ing weird. She's not nosy unless Elvish knowledge is about. You hurt her friends she'll probably gut you without hesitation.

Characteristics: Shes naturally blunt. 
  She doesn't understand sarcasm. 
  Quiet, she's learning from interaction because she was a hermit for a majority of her life.
  Always barefoot, she's a druid class (in a sense) it maintains a connection to the Earth.
  She get's embarrassed easily.
  Far too forgiving. Fool me once, fool me twice bit.

About her blood magic:
Just so this is clear, it is not an automatic thing for her to use her abilities. In order to use this magic she draws on her own blood. Though she is able to control other's blood (Much like blood bending from Avatar) Difference is if she uses it on you it'll leave you bleeding out to die. It sounds like a cheat but it's a last resort. Merrill doesn't have bloodlust. 

Honing staff:
Mages do not require a staff to blast an enemy. It helps with targeting only. A point to focus energy so it hits harder if you will.

Hand to hand/ Weapons:
Her traveling forces her to learn other ways of defense. Magic isn't accepted in her world. Hiding her powers is one thing she had to learn. She is proficient in rogue capabilities. Dagger, and Bow. 

Romantic Inquiring:
This must be addressed because I myself love Merrill with a passion!
She is Demiromantic, just because she finds your CHARACTER attractive doesn't mean she's going to bed you. Friendship will be a basis most likely nothing will go past that since Erotica is out of the question. 



08/16/2017 12:33 PM 

Battle at Yakuza Base: Jovanni Vs. Creati and Battle Fist

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Musutafu, Japan. Yakuza Base of Operation on the lower east side of the city.

He was on loan from the Italian mob. The Yakuza in the area had been asking for some help with their latest shipment of cocaine. It was supposed to ship overseas. This job was supposed to be easy. He didn’t have to kill anyone. He was just here to protect the shipment until it got out to sea. He knew the Milieu Mafia family up in France had really taken a beating this year.

It was because of all the new heroes popping up lately. It was making it harder and harder to keep the drug trade going. That is how a lot of families made their money. The boys back in Venice really needed this stuff. They were paying him pretty well for this job. A little too well. He knew when the money was too good there would be trouble. He had a sixth sense about these kinds of things.

He felt something in the air when he woke up this morning. He tried to warn them but, the Yakuza in the area weren’t worried. They knew this place was well hidden in the city. Boy were they wrong. At about 1:30pm is when the cops burst down the door and Pro-heroes charged into the complex. A hail of bullets followed next. The boss ordered him to guard the entrance to the shipping area. They were taking an underground passage to the docks on the east side.

He was hoping the mooks would be able to hold them off until the drugs were gone but, he was not that lucky someone slip through the defenses. A woman, just his luck he had to fight a woman. He didn’t want too. He was not a fan of fighting women. It was not because he thought they were weak. It was just his father always taught him to respect women. So bashing a woman around always felt a little sickening to him. It was even worse when he was hired to kill a broad.

"Snake Hero" Uwabami is what she called herself. She was pretty smart but, sadly for her. He was also a pro at what he did. He had been fighting since the age of 10. He committed his first murder at the age of ten. He had 15 years of combat experience murdering, fighting mobsters and low lives. The woman was still breathing currently. She was pushed up against a wall unconscious. A gash was across her chest. Across the gash was large black spot that looked like paint. She was not bleeding out just yet but, the pain was enough to disable her.

He didn’t want to kill her. If he killed her it would make him a target for these pro-heroes. He wanted to stay under the radar as long as he could. There were not a lot of Pro-heroes in his city but, man were they making his jobs hard when he went overseas for work. Especially here in japan it was a miracle in his eyes that the Yakuza were still able to operate at all.

He was currently standing about 20 feet from Uwabami. The surrounding area was large open place that was nothing but, dirt and a few walls. It was much like an open garden. Behind him was the temple that led to the underground passage. He was just standing in front of the door to the temple with a cig in his mouth that he was puffing on. He didn’t have a single wound on him from the previous battle.

He was a strange looking human being. He was dressed in an all-black suit with a white undershirt and red tie around his neck. A fedora dawned his head, a style of most mobsters. But, that was not the strange part. The strange part was that his skin was midnight black and his face was smooth. He had no nose or ears. He could still hear and smell it was just those features were gone from his face. He had white pupiless eyes that glow some in the sunlight.

On his person, he had two revolvers. One white and one black. They were currently hidden in his jacket pocket alongside a few vials of ink. Hidden up his sleeve was a military grade combat knife that had been stained with a little red. He had a few other weapons that were hidden somewhere else that he could gain access too but, only if he needed them.

He was hoping she was the only hero that would show themselves. He just needed a little more time and the drugs would be long gone. He could just leave her here and get his money. He wanted to go home without making a fuss. Even if she did report him, she didn’t know his name nor the families he worked for.



08/16/2017 05:45 PM 

Captain Harold Kingsley [sci-fi]

(picture used as a place holder for now)


The guilds enticed many with the promise of lessened rules. Lowlifes thought if they joined the factions they would have free reign to behave like swine.  And they had a chance to prove themselves. But the seasoned captain knew most of these grunts were nothing more than young yuppies wanting to see if the guilds were above the law. They were above man's law, but not of the emperors. Not of his law.  Humanity had no democratic leg to stand on. Warriors ruled through their tenancy and honor. And it was so often the dishonorable was cast aside from the guilds, left to die hungry and alone. The beauty of taking justice into your very own hands, or shaping an entire nation of people by simply taking it for yourself. And Harold thrived on this. He found it beneficial to man that there was no appeals, voting, or  courts. None of that bureaucratic bullsh*t. 

Now Captain Kingsley was getting old, and many of these men tried to often challenge him. After the fall of the last sergeant, he had to take a stand. Since then, people have tried to usurp his high throne. A  misconception was thinking he was older than themselves, and therefore weaker.  But being a captain for a good number of years yielded a nice stack of crash at his disposal. As time went on by, people never seemed to see Kingsley really getting any older. People kept their opinions to themselves regarding him internally upgrading himself. Kingsley wanted to make sure his rule was a nice and strenuous one. 

But sometimes the challengers were never people who simply tried to grab for the crown. Kingsley was hard, and never let emotions or sympathy for the enemy get in the way of his missions. He realized he was a necessary heavy hand in life. It was a job no one else wanted to do. And yet, there were a few who felt his actions were abhorrent, and he needed to be stopped. Crossing that line to him was mutiny. He needed his men to think, act, and behave like him. Harold needed a real army, not bad habits that would lead to many others dying. Mutiny was punishable by death. A rotten apple would not spoil the bunch.

And this was one of those times.

A mission ago, they had mustered up ground infantry and rounded up a few refugees within their borders who were suspected of firing off military grade explosives. Several civilians were killed in the blast, including three children. Motive was suspected from "derogatory" sentiments over the refugees, but Harold knew that was nothing more than sympathetic drivel to make the enemy seem at all humane. As ruthless as they had been. Harold locked up all suspects, forced them under hours of torture, seized the assets used, and put their families in holding cells. When it came time for separate the innocent from the guilty, Harold found three young men, and two women. One of which, was pregnant. 

Tying them up and hunched over, the suspects were throne to the ground for all to see. Civilians looking for justice crowded, while the refugees were forced to look, as those to be executed were to be made as an example. For the family, there was no last words. Harold made sure, as the families they had killed didn't have a chance at speaking. 

Harold always took the gun. There were other men behind him he trusted to make sure that the prisoners didn't somehow escape from their restraints. Taking his time, he slowly aimed execution style at the back of their heads with a pulse munition gun, shooting only once. Brain matter and bone splattered like eggs. He also stood on them, pushing his mag-boots into their bodies, further making a clear message: I am your king, I am the authority. 

It was all fine until his foot rested into the back of the pregnant women, pushing her down, as he slowly put pressure into the trigger. It was then one of the soldiers he had newly recruited, pulled out his pistol and shot Harold in the harm. Being the highest grade in bullet, it went straight through him and singed the opening. The sergeant grabbed for his arm, momentarily seething silently in pain. 

"I can't let you do that, sir. You can do it to the others, but not her. She's pregnant, we have to draw the line somewhere."

The crowd, both the crying and protesting had become silent. This was the first time the crowd had witnessed someone challenge his authority in such a way. 

Harold just dropped his gun and slowly looked towards the young infantry with his piercing cybernetic eyes. He rubbed his wound slowly before pulling back his hand, looking at the black "blood" that oozed out.  Not a second later, Harold rushed at him with speed that would have made the devil blush. He slammed the grunt into the wall held him by his neck. 

"I don't need you questioning me, Davidson. You knew that useless waste of life had taken the life of some children as well. You think just because she is pregnant means a care anymore? Once that child is born, do you know what is going to happen? They'll infect the damn thing with their barbaric ideology and it too will probably lead the same life."

Davidson pushed Harold back and then for a brief moment, it became a fight. Davidson managed to get a few punches in and bruise Harold's scarred face, but now he was pinned with more force, and his superior had his throat in his hands. 

"The child did was the can't expect the child will be the same..."

"And the vermin will grow up without a mother. It will resent us. But I'll humor you for once, corporal"

He felt Harold's hand around his neck not loosen, and even tighten into a vice grip he could not squirm away from. Choking he could definitely feel Kingsley hold his life in his hand. Captain Kingsley then turned his head back towards his shoulder, giving out an order. 

"Take the wench to triage. Dissect the infant from her body and then put a bullet in her head. Child is not to go back to the family. Child is to become a ward of the state."

"Thank you, sir. Even though I wish the child was returned to the family...I am happy you just considered letting it live..."

Davidson was then dropped to the ground as Harold let go of him. He grabbed his throat and coughed a bit, but felt somewhat elated. It would seem as even a grunt, he had did the impossible, and got the captain to feel a shred of compassion.  But Davidson couldn't help but feel the pit of his stomach turn to lead. He knew challenging Harold was mutiny, but at least later, he would get a Trial, and be able to fight as a warrior for his belief. At least, he felt good knowing he would die to secure that child's chance at life. 

"You honestly think you are going to be a martyr, corporal? You gave up your right as a warrior by doing this. A true man doesn't forsake his own for dregs."

As he looked up, he met a barrel to the face. The plasma pistol then went off as Davidson's head had greased the wall. The same pistol used to shoot Harold had been the one to end Darvidson. 

Harold then shoved the gun in another grunt's arms and then gave a disgusted look as he wiped off his chest. He was speckled with the grime of Davidson, and it made him feel repulsed and nauseated. 

"Get this chicken sh*t cleaned up." 

With that, the men didn't take long to start cleaning up the mess. Crowds slowly moved away as Harold retreated to his quarters. Those who survived the longest in the guild knew not to question Sgt. Harold Kingsley. Thinking was dangerous. If Harold told them to jump, they would ask how high. But those who were with him the longest knew he really did put his people first. But greatest respect to be given to the emperor was simply staying silent. 

The code all guilds heed by is simple. Might is right. To give up your honor as a warrior is giving up your right to stand equal footing in the code. 


roleplay, harold kingsley, sci-fi, military, cyberpunk, character,

Kitsune Kyuu the BWS

08/16/2017 04:48 PM 

How i rp

Irl: if I want to talk out of character I use * to separate action from dialogue



08/16/2017 04:22 PM 

Aaron MacCain's Story

Aaron MacCain had always been told not to let it get personal. Don't let them get under your skin. Don't let their voices stick in your head. Don't let them make it something you have to remember. 

If you do, the anger comes. And with it, comes the fire.

Once, Aaron MacCain was a twenty-something hitman with nearly a hundred kills under his belt for a biker gang in the south of California. 

Now, he's a man possessed.


As the newest man to bear the title "Ghost Rider", he rides solo. And where he rides, his rage follows. 

He just hopes that most of the time the ones who feel it are ones who deserve it.



08/16/2017 01:43 PM 

Assassanation classroom OC

name: ahioko--- age:19 ----------- height: 6'3'' ------------ gender:male -------------- sexuality: stright--------------------- species: human------------ hair color:gray------------ eye color: blue ------------- powers/abilities: highetened senses and enhanced vision ------------- weapon(s): guns and knifes----------- birth town: tokyo-------------- history: ahioko was born to a family of mercenarys, assasins, and theirs and raised to believe in those ways though he never had a liking for them and thought it was wrong to eat and kill but he obeyed his family and trained to be the best assassin he could be to impress his family. He'd often spent hour on end trying to perfect his vision and other senses until they were in his opinion peak condition. He had always worked with guns and such so he can use a good percentage of guns but is not as well trained with knifes. He often spends his days completing his mission or finding new ones with little time for relaxation.



08/15/2017 08:36 PM 

Shipping Wall

:33< Rough Draft of the shipping wall:

♥ Requiem of sᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇ 
♦ ? 
♠ ?
🌸 Hippy~ 🌺 ♥ chαrcσαl hαnds

carcinoGeneticist(Other Karkitty)

:33< In progress


Aria Bloodwind

08/15/2017 08:35 PM 

Background and rules

Monsters roam the lands. They come in many shapes and sizes, big, small, alluring, hideous, some aren't even demons, but the darkness that lies within all humans. Aria was once a monster hunter, chasing down creatures left and right, she was also once a man. The final chapter of her old life, and the start of her new one, begins as thus.

Arick was hired to hunt down a demoness. She had been stalking the local villages and towns. Roaming through the fores that demon had called home, Arick stopped when he came across her lair. Bones littered the floor, and the smell of blood and death was heavy in the hair. He dismounted his horse, tying it to tree limb. Drawing his sword, the brave hunter stepped into the cave, ready to face the demon.

His torch did little to light the way, but it was better than going in blind. The entire place smelt of rot, and a sickeningly sweet smell that he could not put his finger on. But what it was, it seemed to cloud his mind a bit. Numbing his senses, making him dull. Forcing himself back into sobriety, Arick pressed on.

It was nearly two hours before he got to the lair of the she demon, and he thought himself ready. The demoness looked at him. She was beauty incarnate, any man would fall weak to her piercing gaze and her charm. She walked over to Arick, easily making him lower his sword. His mind rebelled against the temptations of this creature, but his body obeyed.

"Another one? Oh, you are the fifth this week." Her voice was smooth and had an addicting sound to it. Like he couldn't help but listen to her talk more. He tried raising his sword, but his muscles felt weaker than they ever had before.

"Instead, I think I will help you little hunter. Such a big strong man. Look at your muscles, your hair, and your skin. Men must be envious of you. Tell me, do the bar maidens swoon over you?"

He nodded, trying his best to resist, but her words there was something to them, a charm of sorts. That smell, it was clouding his mind. Forcing him to listen to her.

"But, you are restrained. Codes of honor and chivalry. Those can get boring, have you ever wanted to be a little wicked? The demons you face, they have no moral compass like you. Maybe, maybe you want real power? That sword does little. Imagine, fighting demons with their own power against them."

It was tempting, very tempting. He found himself agreeing with her words. Everything she said, he wanted. He nodded again, his heart beat racing.

"Good, I will offer you this. I will turn you into a demon, like me. Ears, tails, and all. If, you agree to let me be human. I am tired of being a demon. It has perks, but I want to experience some of the things humans have. How does that sound?"

He could save so many people with that power. He was strong enough to keep his moral alignment in check. He nodded his head again, agreeing to her terms.

"Wonderful, truly wonderful. Now, come over here." She dragged Arick to a pool. Forcing him to his knees, she then slit her own wrist. Letting drops of her blood hit the clear water, instantly turning it a dark red, she then stepped back. "Drink your fill."

He cupped his hands then took a sip. After the first bit of water touched his lips, he became addicted. He began to drink more and more, soon forgetting his hands and just shoving his head into the water to drink.

He soon began to change. His body grew slender, yet kept his muscles a bit. His hair grew longer. His eyes became a bloody red. His canines became longer and sharper. His hair grew out, and two cat ears appeared on his head. A tail sprouted from his backside. Soon all traces that he was male vanished, leaving a woman in his place. But it wasn't over yet.

His mind began to warp. All sense of nobility and pride soon faded. He found wickedness and darkness soon flooding in. The oaths he took as a hunter meant nothing to him anymore. His once calm personality was replaced with a hot tempered one looking for a fight and living for the moment. But he didn't care, he just continued to drink the water.

Nearing the end of his drinking, his mind started to adjust to the new personality and body. When she lifted up her head from the water, she wiped it away from her mouth. The woman who had changed her was gone. She could smell a human, a human had been here not long ago. Standing up, she grinned, this was her new life. And even though most of her enjoyed the idea of doing whatever she wanted, there was a small piece that felt guilt for it. For what she had lost.

She could no longer return to her family. She had a son and daughter, as well as a wife. Realizing what had just happened, she dropped to her knees, tears streaming down her face. She punched the floor, then screamed as loud as she could. She gave up everything for a moment of pleasure. She was weaker than she thought.

She had given in to the sin of pride, believing herself too strong to become corrupted and twisted by the demon, and now she had to live in this body, a forever reminder of what she lost.

Simple rules. I show respect to you, I expect it back. I don't do erotica. And I'm not really here for romances either. Close friendships are fine, but nothing more than that. Yes, you can have your character announce they have feelings for mine, but don't expect her to say I love you.



08/15/2017 08:34 PM 

Rules & Stuff

:33< Okay so nobodies done anything wrong, just gonna put some rules up ya know.

:33< Rule #1: I'm working on that shipping wall, it's taking a while cause I have a lot of friends here and I've gotta make sure it's right. :33< So it's gonna be a while.

:33< #2: I have no problem with you replying late or anything like that, everyone is lazy I know I am.

:33< #3: Let's have fun that's the whole point of friendly role plays.

:33< I don't have many rules so ya know no need to sign them or anything.


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