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10/15/2019 02:19 PM 

Liberty or Death: Possible RP series

Nineteen years have passed since the Great War ended in a bitter stalemate. The United States by the strangest of fates avoids direct involvement on the Western Front. However, due to its economic ties with the Allies during the war the country suffered financially. The burden worsened with the cost of a highly controversial and failed intervention into the brutal Russian Civil War following a series of archaist bombings in the States that was blamed on the Soviet revolution.Despite recovering for a time during the Roaring Twenties the nation subsequently suffers the disaster of the Great Depression. Taking advantage of the chaos and desperation all around them, radical parties and paramilitary factions swell in greater numbers than ever before. Chief among them is the fascist organization known as the United Nationalist Party of America(UNPA) or Iron Eagles led by their charismatic and ambitious leader Albert Thorne.Despite making a strong showing in the 1936 presidential election Thorne loses to (Democrat-Republican) coalition candidate Marcus Reynolds. Openly disputing the election results, the Iron Eagles prepares for war. By the spring of 37 it begins.That’s the general background of the verse I decided on. One where the United States experiences a second civil war that takes place in the late 1930s. To be honest I took some inspiration on that aspect from the plot of the Kaiserreich mod from the Heart of Iron game series. Feel free to ask questions.The main villains in the possible series is the fascist faction known as the Iron Eagles who are the alternative equivalent to the German Nazis in this scenario.If interested here are some plot prompts for the verse we could do together. Although I’m open to other story ideas if given some suggestions. On the latter we can discuss here or in private.1) Liberty or Death: Battle CryA unit from the US Marine Corps has just returned to the States following overseas service in China. Soon their unit is called up and find themselves fighting against the Iron Eagle elements in the West. Or you can RP someone else gets involved with the unit. Like for example other military branches, law enforcement, national guard, or civilians(man or woman with the latter) and uncover operatives from various countries.(Think of HBO’s Band of Brothers and the Pacific as a theme for this idea.)2) Liberty or Death: OdysseyNow here the plot starts either in New York City or Washington DC just as the new civil war is about to erupt. We RP people from different walks of life who are swept in it and must work together to survive the madness. Ultimately the goal will be to escape the US eastern seaboard to reach the west coast.(For a theme think about how Arya Stark traveled through the chaos of Westeros in Game of Thrones.)Theme

Alternative History, Civil War, Adventure, Action, Drama

Companionship Androids

10/15/2019 02:20 PM 

The Rules!

Here is a quick rundown of the rules:- Real life comes first! Replies may be slow if I have real life commitments.- The androids are bespoke! I can start off a roleplay as someone who is introducing you to the androids, but you can create any android your character would like - and I will roleplay them.- Androids can be ANYTHING! You want an elf? A mermaid? A pony? A furry? Make whatever android you want. - I can say no to a roleplay if I want. - Prose please! This means speech marks, punctuation, etc. Please don't send in character messages without this because I will be likely to respond ooc.- Please don’t rush me, and please treat me nicely. - If I delete you, please understand that it means I do not want to roleplay and it is time to move on.- Overall Im quite chilled and laid back, so relax. 


10/15/2019 08:27 PM 


༺Renjii Okajima༻╔═════《》═════╗G e n e r a lI n f o r m a t i o n╚═════《》═════╝『First Name』༺ Renjii ༻༺ Ren-jee༻『Nickname』༺ Ren ༻༺ Ren-kun ༻『Last Name』༺ Okajima ༻༺ Oh-kah-jee-ma ༻『Biological Sex』༺ male ༻『Gender』༺ male, he/him༻『Sexual Orientation』Gay, and is also a bottom/uke『Date of Birth』༺ December 1st༻『Age』༺ 17-25 (Depends on Rp) ༻『Language』༺ English ༻『Ethnicity』༺ Half Japanese and Half German༻『Species』༺Human༻─────────╔═════《》══════╗A p p e r a n c e╚═════《》══════╝『Height』༺ 5’7༻『Weight』༺ 130lbs ༻『Skin Tone』༺ Light Ivory ༻『Eyecolor』༺Gorgeous Blue༻『Hair』༺ Blonde hair, usually short༻『Body Type』༺Skinny, almost kind of frail looking but has some tone to it so he’s somewhat strong.༻『Birthmarks/Scars』༺ Multiple scars on his back from his dad’s beating.༻『Fashion/Clothes』༺ Casual clothing but usually wears a signature blue hoodie/zip up sweater that he always wears no matter the weather condition. Wears black framed glasses, without them he could hardly see in front of him do to a childhood injury.༻─────────╔═════《》═════╗P e r s o n a i l i t y&B e l i e f s╚═════《》═════╝『Personality』༺He’s kind and caring, usually tries to help those in need if its within his power. Shy at first and doesn’t have many friends because he tends to keep to himself.༻『Positive Traits』》can be cute》Always is there to listen》Is a great cook『Negative Traits』》stutters a bit》quiet》Likes to be alone『Likes』》Photography》Cooking》Playing his guitar and singing》the nighttime『Dislikes』》Bullies》Large pools of water》His stutter『Good Habits』》Keeping a clean and tidy place》Always helps anyone in need『Bad Habits』》Getting frustrated when he stutters and cant get the word out and gives up.》Avoids people》Staying out late『Phobia(s)』》Is afraid of water, large pools of it since he can’t swim and had a traumatic experience when he was younger.》Getting too close to someone─────────╔═════《》═════╗R e l a t i o n s h i p s╚═════《》═════╝『Father』Name》 GriffinAge》40Blood/Step/Adoptive》BloodOccupation》Works in an auto shopPersonality》Usually is a drunken bastard who likes to abuse Ren. Tends to gamble most of their money away and takes it out on Ren when he loses.『Mother』Name》 AthenaAge》38Blood/Step/Adoptive》BloodOccupation》Big time LawyerPersonality》After the death of her daughter she divorced Griffin and left Ren with him because she blamed him for her daughter’s death. (will be explained more in the roleplay0『Sibling』Name》LylaAge》10Blood/Step/Adoptive》BloodPersonality》[Deceased] Died of Leukemia. Was a happy outgoing girl who loved her big brother very much.─────────╔═════《》═════╗History╚═════《》═════╝༺Ren’s parent’s got divorced when he was younger after his little sister’s death. Ren’s mother blamed Ren for it even though she died from leukemia and Ren’s father took custody. He was abusive and liked to gamble and drink taking his anger out on Ren but despite being abused Ren was pretty happy guy. He’s kind to other people and loves to play guitar and sing and is pretty good at it. He loves photography and is an excellent cook. One day he hopes to be a chef or a singer in a band. When first meeting Ren, he tends to stutter from being nervous or scared, eventually he gets over the stutter once he gets to know someone pretty well and feel more comfortable around them. He can be defensive at times and aggressive, like a dom, and sometimes he can let things go and try to avoid conflict like a sub it all depends on the circumstances Ren never had any love interest in anyone, or even looked at someone with interest because he was afraid of getting close to someone. When he did eventually find someone he was interested in and it happened to be a boy, he found out that he was gay. He knew he was gay because he tried to find interest in females but couldn’t. Keeping that he was gay to himself he became a little more defensive, not letting anyone get to close to him with how people were these days bullying those were gay, bi or even transgender. Not wanting to be target for another reason, he was already picked on for being an outcast, wearing glasses and always reading something, he didn’t want something else to be picked on for.༻


10/15/2019 05:09 PM 

A knight in exile

(Work in progress)


10/15/2019 05:05 PM 

Rise of the dark lord

(Work in progress)


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