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Shinko Inc. (MCRP)

02/18/2020 08:44 PM 

The Rich and The Famous

BASIC INFO• Name: Shinji Tsubasa • Code Name: Red • Shinko ID#: 2627839 • Gender: Male • Species: Alpha • Race: Caucasian / Asian • Nationally: Japanese • Age: 28 • DOB: July 14th • POB: Japan • Family: Deceased • Currently Lives: Japan • Home: Skyscraper in the City • Vehicle: Several • Status: Swinger • Sexuality: Bisexual • Preferred: Women (but attracted to both) • Position: Seki “Attacker” or "Receiver" (attacker preferred) OCCUPATION• Organization: Shinko Incorporated • Stationed: Headquarters (Tokyo) • Term: 12 Years • Division: Military Defense and Security • Branch: Over Multiple • Rank: Head of Military Defense and Security APPEARANCE• Height: 155.8 cm / 5ft 11in • Weight: 70 kg / 154 lbs• Figure / Build: Slender / Slightly Toned Naturally • Hair Color: Red • Hairstyle: Short and Feathered With a Long Rat Tail in the Back • Eye Color: Sapphire • Skin Complexion: Pale • Scars / Marks: None• Tattoos: Two Long Red Crescent Shapes Next to Each Eye • Piercings: Ears• Glasses / Contacts: Contacts • Clothing Style: Business Casual • Other Accessories: Special Electronic Goggles Across His Forehead HEALTH• Smoker: Yes • Drinker: Yes • Drugs: Prescription Pain Killers to Help With His Symptoms • Addictions: None (only takes his pills when in pain) • Allergies: None • Physical Ailments/Illnesses/Disabilities: Inoperable Brain Tumor PERSONALITY• Personality: Mellow, Relaxed, Lazy, Smart Ass, Cocky, Confident, Straight Forward, Flirtatious, Lustful, charmer, a Known Swinger and Ladies Man • Strengths: Brutally Honest, Creative, Strong Ingenuity • Weaknesses: Easily Bored• Pairs Well With: Non-Clingy, Independent People • Does Not Pair Well With: People Who Seek Anything Long Term (a relationship is possible, but it will take story progression before he will open up to the idea) • Fears / Phobias: Losing His Powers and Dying • Mental Conditions: None (possible random erratic mood swings from brain tumor) • Introvert / Extrovert / Ambivert: Extrovert • Philosophical / Emotional: Philosophical • Impulsive / Cautious: Cautious (tumor symptoms can cause him to be uncharacteristically impulsive) LIFESTYLE / INTERESTS• Hero / Idol: Dren (the first empathetic android he created) • Current Goals: Find a Cure for His Terminal Illness • Hobbies: Going to Some of the Clubs and Lounges That He Owns, Sailing on His Private Mega Yacht, Flying in His Private Jet or Helicopter, Building New Technology, and Advancing Farther in Robotics • Likes: Money, Sex, His Fans, Signing Autographs or Taking Photos for Fans, Computers, Technology, Robotics • Dislikes: Going to Work, Dealing With Any and All Responsibilities at His Job, Paparazzi• Omnivore / Carnivore / Herbivore: Omnivore• Favorite Foods: Salty Foods • Favorite Drinks: Scotch Whiskey • Disliked Foods: Cake (pie is fine) • Disliked Drinks: Sweet Drinks COMBAT• Weapon of Choice: Dren • Skills / Techniques: Communicating Telepathically to Dren • Powers: Electronic Communication (technopathy) • Weaknesses in Combat: Being Out of Range of All Electronics and All Electronic Signals (very rare, but possible) • Strengths in Combat: Dren QUOTES“Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, never had my bank account.” “Never argue with the data.”“I'm what you call, drippin in bitches.”BIOGRAPHYShinji Tsubasa was the boy born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He was born into a rich family, went to the best schools, and never knew what it was like to go without anything a day in his life. To his teachers he was considered a genius ahead of his time and excelled through every subject in school. To his other classmates he was considered a loser. He did not have friends growing up in school and was often called Nerd or Four Eyes. He graduated from his private high school early at the age of sixteen.  Shinji’s father was a close investor with the pharmaceutical company Shinko Inc. He was also a close personal friend of Ryoichi Shinko, the President of Shinko. As a favor to their friendship, Ryoichi offered Shinji a job at Shinko Inc when he was only sixteen. His abilities to control electronics and communicate with electronic signals developed at a very young age. By the time he took up his new job at sixteen, he had his powers practically mastered. This allowed him to excel in the field of robotics for which he was hired. Shinji was only eighteen when he created his first successful Gynoid; a female android. The software he developed and perfected to run his android was unlike any other before it. After creating the first android which could process and act upon emotions, he had won several awards for his work and became very popular within the media. He named this creation, Dren; which was Nerd spelled backwards. Over the next few years, his popularity only skyrocketed with additional work in robotic prosthesis for amputees and even his work in developing robotic organs to replace failing ones. He was recognized as the man who revolutionized the medical industry with robotics. Shinji had quickly moved up within Shinko Inc and brought great publicity to the company and its image. He was often used as the face of Shinko Inc. He was used in many of their commercials, billboards, magazine covers, campaigns, and more. Shinko took full advantage of how well liked he was with the public which farther aided Shinko’s own image as well. It wasn’t until two years ago that Shinji discovered he had an inoperable brain tumor. The man who had saved so many lives with his work, was now faced with the challenge of saving his own life. He does not let the constant fear of death slow him down from enjoying things while he can. He's a known swinger and ladies man. He's a sweet talker, charmer, and womanizer. His real superpower should be having the ability to charm almost anyone into sleeping with him. However, being famous and having an endless bank account also helps with that. “Better to be a nerd than one of the herd.”FUN FACTSShinji Tsubasa is the equivalent of a modern Bill Gates. A multi-billionaire who's work has revolutionized the world.Dren once confessed that she felt love for Shinji. He responded to this confession by erasing her hard drive and rebooting her. Destroying any feelings of love she thought she had.Shinji's powers are a direct result of the inoperable tumor applying pressure to his brain. If he ever discovered a way to remove it, his life would be saved, but the powers that have made him a famous multi-billionaire would be lost.Shinji is one of the only Alpha's within Shinko that would never be experimented on. He is seen as an irreplaceable asset and not worth the risk of loosing should the experiment go wrong.

Shinko Inc. (MCRP)

02/18/2020 08:32 PM 

The Dominating Sociopath

BASIC INFO• Name: Shane Price • Code Name: Scar • Shinko ID#: 000626 • Gender: Male • Species: Beta • Race: Caucasian / Native American • Nationally: American • Age: 30 • DOB: Unknown • POB: America • Family: Unknown • Currently Lives: Japan • Home: Mansion on the Outskirts of the City • Vehicle: Two-Seater Sports Car• Status: Swinger • Sexuality: Bisexual • Preferred: No Preference • Position: Semi “Attacker” (never receiver) OCCUPATION• Organization: Shinko Incorporated • Stationed: Headquarters (Tokyo) • Term: 21 Years • Division: Military Defense and Security • Branch: G-E-Triple-S • Rank: Field Agent APPEARANCE• Height: 193 cm / 6ft 4in• Weight: 90 kg / 198.4 lbs• Figure / Build: Slender / Fit / Toned• Hair Color: Black • Hairstyle: Short • Eye Color: Crimson • Skin Complexion: Bronze • Scars / Marks: Multiple Scars Across Body and Face • Tattoos: ID# on the Back of Neck • Piercings: None • Glasses / Contacts: None • Clothing Style: A Mix of Business, Military, and Casual. • Other Accessories: 3 Feathers Braided into the back of Hair HEALTH• Smoker: Rarely • Drinker: Yes • Drugs: No • Addictions: Sex • Allergies: None • Physical Ailments/Illnesses/Disabilities: All Betas Must Receive the Element-1375 Injection Every 72 Hours to Prevent Death PERSONALITY• Personality: Rude, Cold, Selfish, Calm, Quiet, Dominating, Arrogant, Condescending, Sarcastic, and High Sex Drive. • Strengths: Independent, Good at Manipulating, Good at Lying • Weaknesses: Feels Little to No Empathy, Control Freak, Does Not Play Well With Others • Pairs Well With: Passive, Submissive, Obedient • Does Not Pair Well With: Dominating, Dictatorial, Arrogant, Emotional, Clingy People (anyone who challenges his authority or requires emotional support from him) • Fears / Phobias: Becoming a Normal Human Again• Mental Conditions: Sociopath Which is a Type of APD - Antisocial Personality Disorder (shane does not recognize his lack of empathy as a mental disorder, but instead something that makes him superior) • Introvert / Extrovert / Ambivert: Ambivert • Philosophical / Emotional: Philosophical • Impulsive / Cautious: Cautious LIFESTYLE / INTERESTS• Hero / Idol: Himself • Current Goals: To Ensure the Success and Growth of Shinko Inc• Hobbies: Playing Piano, Growing His Wine Collection • Likes: Shinko Inc, Dominating During Sex, Taking a Life, Being in Charge, Anything That Gives Him Power and Control • Dislikes: Loud People, Weak People, Overly Emotional People, Most People in General, and Romance • Omnivore / Carnivore / Herbivore: Carnivore Mostly • Favorite Foods: Venison • Favorite Drinks: Anything Bitter (coffee, tea, wine, etc) • Disliked Foods: Vegetables, Fruits, and Sweets • Disliked Drinks: Anything with Dairy or Sweet COMBAT• Weapon of Choice: Himself • Skills / Techniques: Hand to Hand Combat (trained / skilled / professional level) • Powers: Kinetic / Thermal Energy Manipulation (the ability to create, shape, manipulate, and absorb all forms of kinetic and thermal energy) and Enhanced Echoic Memory (the ability to hear something once and remember it perfectly. how long the information is retained varies; it's not permanent knowledge) • Weaknesses in Combat: Anything That Does Not Produce Kinetic / Thermal Energy (rare that something would not produce one or both, but it is possible) • Strengths in Combat: Any Form of Kinetic / Thermal Energy Produced QUOTES“As long as the concept of winners exists, there must also be losers... and unfortunately for you, I don't lose.” “All emotions should be seen as a mental disorder. It would be another way to separate the inferior from the superior.”"Life isn't fair. The only thing in this world that is guaranteed for all of us is death.""There's nothing quite like the feeling you get from taking a life. Especially the ones who never see it coming. Dying is the furthest thing from their mind. Maybe they're thinking about what to have for dinner... just like you were, right before I walked in." BIOGRAPHYShane was raised in a small orphanage in Oklahoma, U.S.A. He has no memory before his time there and his birth parents remain a mystery. Unfortunately for Shane, the man who ran the orphanage was also a Pedophile. From the ages of seven to nine he was sexual assaulted on countless occasions. Every time he fought back and every time he was too weak. At nine years of age, Shinko Inc adopted Shane, who at the time still had no legal name. This was a common practice for Shinko; to find unwanted children that they could easily collect with little to no questions asked. The legal documents were pushed through, a random name was generated, and thus, Shane Price now existed. With his newly obtained name he was flown back to Headquarters with a small group of other adopted children from around the U.S. Now in Tokyo Japan, an entirely new nightmare would begin. Shane had traded one evil for another. The orphanage for Shinko Inc. The testing began almost immediately. The next three years were some of the most physically painful in his life. All of that time was spent within the underground laboratories of the Shinko Headquarters. Countless experiments were performed on all the children. After three straight years down there, Shane was the only child left who survived. At twelve, he came out of the underground labs with new abilities, as well as a collage of fresh scars. Experiment 626; code name Scar, was born. He was immediately thrown into advanced military training. He was taught to fight and endure like a true soldier, as well as how to master his abilities. Over the next several years he became a dangerous weapon and remains a vital asset to Shinko even to this day.“Never again will I be that weak.”FUN FACTSDue to a lack of schooling Shane never learned how to read. This remains a close personal secret.Shane has no sense of touch on any of the scars across his body. The nerves have been destroyed beyond repair in those locations.Shane was Shinko Inc’s first successful Beta ever created.Shane has a large dog named Molly. (Doberman)Shane’s dog was named after one of the children he met in Shinko laboratories. Shane does not celebrate his birthday, because there is no way to know when his real date of birth is.

Sword Story

02/18/2020 07:15 PM 

Rules-ish (please read if you add)

Just a heads up. I'm not a very strict person when it comes to roleplay.  Its hard to make me mad or frustrated. I'm a novella writer but I don't expect my partners to be. Sometimes I fluctuate into smaller responses to be concise and press things along effectively. In multi para or para alone its enough to see whether a person is invested in their character to push a story. Please don't feel obligated to match or surpass unless it comes naturally. Some people have thrilled me with subtle responses. I'll always try to add and element to the story as we write.Please please please tell me if what I write is flacid, problematic or offensive. I have insomnia issues, so sometimes my writing is affected do to it. Let me know if you feel I should add or change something entirely. It shows me your invested and you care which makes me excited to twist things around. Bop me on the head like that for interesting results lol.**************************** What I look for with this character: (I will speak plain and candid, forgive my lack of giving a damn!!) Atreyu is a dark fantasy driven character.  I want to explore stories that ask the big questions, that are not afraid to get dirty, bloody or painful. I love action and fighting and I have a huge boner for weapons based combat and martial arts. Although I've listed my character with super powers there are several caveats and weaknesses that strip him dry of being overpowered. So please don't be afraid to be brave, I tend to make my partners shine best. Anime fights and monster fighting is cool but gimme those bare knuckle blood and bone eviscerations.My character is your typical run of the mill brooding loner with complex layers I want to discover and peel back through role playing, so with that said I do accept random starters but discussion is much more preferred as my character has no reason to tag along with anyone on his own whimsy. I seek battle, tournaments, friendship, passion and redemption arcs in my storytelling. I don't really like romance, but I respect the flow of creativity. Sometimes its excellent for story.My character is a killer, a liar, a cheat, and a scoundrel but he does not confuse evil with good. His life span stretches over 200 years and I hope you will help me paint a picture of this anti-hero's story and I will help you discover more of yours.I appreciate a slow burn and waiting for the right time for elements to bloom. As long as you are invested so shall I.


02/18/2020 06:43 PM 

From The Writer:

It's been a bit since I've been on the RP scene, but I think I've still got the hang of it all. Ignore my horrible edits ( I just wanna be cool ) and feel free to talk to me however you like, so long as it's respectful, you know? I play canon characters as close to how they actually are to make any story more authentic, so I hope that'll delight some of you. I know Dante pretty well and have played every game - except the very last, but I prefer to write as DMC4 Dante as he is my favorite out of the bunch.Let's see, what else? I can write pretty well, don't rush others and can understand if life happens so don't feel the need to beg for forgiveness if you have to take a couple of days or a week to get back, I'm extremely ( and I cannot stress it enough ) laid back. You will not offend me or hurt my feelings, it's practically impossible to do so, but please don't try, aha.Relationships can be done, I don't mind shipping him with someone who he clicks with, but any kind of sexual play is gonna need a bit of a build-up, he's a reckless demon hunter, not a frat boy. but anyway, I believe that's the most of it, looking forward to writing with you guys and if you read this, Good for you! You don't have to write anything, because why...would you need to do that?Anyways, see you guys in a story!

𝓡eady 𝓟layer 𝓣wo

02/18/2020 03:07 PM 



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