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Luffy (M&L Antoinette)

04/13/2013 02:27 PM 


1. If you add me, talk to me. If I add you, I'll talk to you, maybe send a starter.

2. This is rp only. I'll talk to you irl when I get to know you better, or if you're an old friend from myspace and/or roleplayer. If you talk to me, I'll speak to you as Luffy.
3.Like Luffy, I'm a friendly soul, and do different rps with different characters. Meaning I may have more than one Nami, Ace, Sanji, etc that I'm doing storylines with. Unless our characters are intertwined, i.e. we share and rp with the same Ace, don't worry about anyone else's storylines other than yours and mine. It's roleplay, not cheating.
4. No rl drama! Rp is meant to destress from that.
5. No godmodding. You won't like the results. 
6. I do rp fighting (I even have a playlist marked "battle"), but please refer to rule #5. 
7.  I answer every message and comment. My replies may be slow at times due to other obligations, but rest assured I will answer you.
8. Luffy is in this for adventure and fun, not sex, so NO SEX RPS!! 
9. I don't do canon rp. I've read the manga and watched the anime to a certain point, so why would I want to re-enact the same story? I'd rather get creative and have Luffy go on original adventures.
10. If you've read and/or watched ahead of me in One Piece (ask me and I'll tell you how far I am), please don't spoil it for me!
11. I do para and semi para, and I expect the same of you. One-liners are okay IF we're in conversation, but do NOT insult me with one or two words answers such as "yup", "ok", or "oh man"! That stuff not only shows me that you're not interested, but it makes me feel like I'm rping by myself, and that is boring as hell!  If  you can't be more creative than that, then I will delete you in a heartbeat.


04/13/2013 12:43 PM 

Fox Demon Rules

Hello, everyone. I humbly thank you for taking the time to read my rules. I do my best not to be so strict to them since we all make mistakes, but I do hope you will follow them to the best of your ability. If I come up with more rules, I will update this blog. Thank you very much and let's have fun here. ^_^

1. I will not accept those who god-mode. It is quite annoying to know that there are those who feel like they have to be over-powered and invincible to win a silly RP-fight.

2. I do my best to RP Kurama as he is portrayed in the Anime/Manga of YuYu Hakusho, but he will be infused with a little of my own characterisitcs. If this does not suit you, I do apologize and you are welcome to delete me.

3. Please don't hassle me for replies. There will be times when I just don't feel the motivation to RP and will reply later on. Please do not annoy me with messages saying "Why haven't you replied?" or "I'll delete you if you don't reply soon." I'll most likely just end up deleting you instead.

4. I mostly do Para/Multi-Para RP. Novella takes up too much of my time and I get bored really easily reading unnecessary details. My limit is one paragraph (5-10 sentences) up to a MAXIMUM of 4 paragraphs. If you go beyond that, expect to be waiting a long time for a reply.

5. I'll Rp in messages or comments, it matters not to me. I'm not picky like others, so don't be afraid to talk. 

6. I love pic comments and if you comment my pics, I'll be sure to return the favor.

ѕoυnd oғ deaтн

04/11/2013 11:10 PM 




1) Don't steal anything from my page, period.


2) Don't waste time leaving me OOC comments because I WILL NOT ANSWER THEM! I only do OOC in messages.


3) Now that you're on my page, don't expect me to do all the creative thinking, read my page and come up with your own ideas on how we can meet IC so we can form a story "TOGETHER", not just saying yes to whatever I come up with.


4) My character is a "villain of reason", meaning he can be reasoned with and has the mentality of a warrior king. Keep this in mind for our roleplay, it's very important.


5) If I see that you're trying to roleplay with me, I'll work with you and let you stay on my page. But if you're just looking and not talking or trying to contribute with the story ideas, you're getting deleted.


6) Multi-Para writing with creative literacy is standard, I DO NOT DO ANY SERIOUS FIGHT ROLEPLAYS ANYWHERE OTHER THAN AN "OPEN VIEW" GROUP PAGE, never rush my writing. If you don't want to roleplay now after reading this, well goodbye and have a good day anyway.


Ok, message me with a greeting at least and let's get started.



04/11/2013 04:23 PM 

Ragna the Bloodedge

Ragna the Bloodedge is a wanted criminal with an extraordinarily large bounty on his head (well in the trillions) for attempting to destroy the Novus Orbis Librarium, and is Jin and Saya's older brother. He is the main protagonist of the series and a playable character.


When he was young, Ragna lived in a church with his younger siblings Jin and Saya, and was watched over by the sister of one of the Six Heroes. At some point, Saya became very ill and Ragna decided to look after her, and in turn spending less time with his brother. Jin eventually grew jealous of Saya for being able to spend a lot of time with Ragna, and he began to hate her.

Soon after Saya became sick, the church was burnt down by Jin and Yűki Terumi, who also cut off Ragna's right arm and kidnapped Saya. At some point, Ragna was bitten by a vampire which supposedly turned his blonde hair into white. He was later found by Jubei of the Six Heroes where he proceeded to train Ragna on how to control the power of his newly acquired Azure Grimoire which replaced his lost arm and repeatedly stated that although the item was a part of him now, the power was not his to command yet. For the next few years, Jubei trained Ragna to control the power of the Azure, being periodically watched by Rachel, who requested Jubei to take care of him. During the time, he met Taokaka as a child. When his training was at last complete, Ragna had finally come to the decision to depart on his journey. But before the three would part ways, Jubei took Ragna to the burnt down church and handed Ragna two items once belonging to a hero named 'Bloodedge': his jacket and the sword - Blood-Scythe. Feeling the weight of the man that gave hope to the world and the Six Heros, Ragna finally takes off, his training now complete.

Ragna has a deep hatred for the Novus Orbis Librarium, and travels from city to city destroying their bases; due to this, he has become a world-known criminal and has a bounty on his head "large enough to buy a small country", according to Jin. Despite this, he seems to travel through cities by night without much fear of being detected or captured by the NOL or any vigilantes.

Calamity Trigger

On the date 2199/12/31 AD, New's Year Eve, Ragna travels to 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi to destroy the NOL base located there. Along the way, he has a brief confrontation with his younger brother, Jin, inside the headquarters. After the fight he makes his way down to an elevator shaft that leads him straight down to the headquarters basement. There, he meets Hakumen of the Six Heroes and a lengthy battle ensues. As Ragna is about to lose, he activates his Azure Grimoire to tap into the power of the Azure and is able to defeat Hakumen.

He then arrives at the battle between Noel Vermillion and Nu-13. Right before her death blow, Ragna intervenes and saves Noel, but can't defeat Nu, either. Noel then saves Ragna from being taken by Nu, who wanted to fuse and jump into the Cauldron with him.

Rachel then appears and tells Ragna that Noel is the new "eye", who will inherit the true Azure, and that the world will change. She then departs to activate her Tsukuyomi Unit to protect Kagutsuchi from a powerful blast that came from the Nox Nyctores named Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi. Shortly after Rachel returns, Hazama appears before all three of them, and Ragna immediately recognizes him as Yűki Terumi, the one who cut his arm off and burned down the church. He and Rachel attack him, but Terumi merely rubs them off, stating that Ragna is too weak for him to fight and Rachel is the only one who can keep up with him. He then leaves the three of them.

Continuum Shift

After the incident at the Sheol Gate, Ragna lets Noel travel with him for a short time, though he tells her to leave afterwards, upsetting Noel who tells him that the next time they meet they will be enemies. He is shortly thereafter attacked by the vigilante, Carl Clover, managing to beat the boy though he is dealt a nasty blow from Nirvana. He then wakes up in the Kaka Clan village, having fallen in there and spends the next few days recovering and becoming friendly with the Kaka Clan, including Taokaka.

He leaves shortly thereafter and meets Platinum the Trinity before fighting Lambda-11 due to Kokonoe messing up the teleporting process. After fending her off, Ragna hears from Kokonoe not to fight Hazama as he can't beat him. Hearing Noel's name from Kokonoe prompts Ragna to find Rachel who tells him where to go, though reminding him that he mustn't fight Hazama. He then runs into Jin at the Librarium branch, and he manages to beat Jin. There Jin also warns Ragna not to fight Hazama, saying Ragna cannot beat him.

Nonetheless, Ragna proceeds to fight Hazama, though his Grimoire is useless as Terumi, the original creator of the Azure Grimoire, locks Ragna's. Ragna is forced to watch as Noel descends from the Cauldron as Mu-12. Just as he is about to be killed, Nu intervenes in Lambda's body and gives Ragna the Idea Engine, allowing him to bypass his Azure Grimoire's restrictions and allow access to the true Azure and defeat Terumi. He runs to Rachel to free her from a binding spell cast by the phantom, and then fights Mu. Ragna manages to wake Noel's mind by using the True Azure's power to activate the Idea Engine though in the process his left arm is destroyed. After the fight, he, Jin and Noel see that Hazama and Relius Clover are working for Saya , which is a shock to them. After they leave from Kagutsuchi, he, Jin and Noel decide to leave the city and become stronger. Kokonoe gives Ragna a new mechicanal arm using parts from Lambda's regeneration tank. Ragna leaves for Ikaruga with Taokaka, who was ordered by Jubei to go with him much to Ragna's dismay, but he caves in when he realizes Tao would follow him even if he said no. Afterwards, he and Taokaka headed for Ikaruga, as Ragna stated that there's something he needs to do there.


04/11/2013 04:21 PM 


Ragna is modeled after the traditional Japanese manga and anime hero. He is a young adult with white spiky hair and heterochromia: his left eye being green and his right being red, a side effect from assimilating the Azure Grimoire into his body. His clothing consists of a hybrid of modern, futuristic and old features. He wears a vibrant red sleeved jacket with two long thin tails hanging from the back. Under it is a black shirt with three red belts. He wears a pair of black gloves with a red shell on the backs of the hands. His right arm became the Azure Grimoire when he touched it, after having lost it when he was younger, when Terumi cut off his arm the day that the church was burned down. The shell opens up to reveal the Azure Grimoire whenever he utilizes it. He also wears a black hakama and steel-toed red boots.

When he was in his mid-teens, he had blond hair and green eyes before being bitten by Rachel. After he is taken care of by Jubei, he wears a traditional Japanese style sleeveless red turtle neck top, long black gloves that reach to his elbows, baggy black pants, and red shoes.

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