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Sƿεεɗ Ɗεɱoɲ

04/07/2013 04:20 PM 

Sonic's Rules

1. I roleplay as only Sonic(All forms; Since 2009), no other characters. If you want to add another character to your roleplay that's your decision, I won't mind.2. Came to argue? Who welcomed you here? I'd make sure you regret your cheap performance as a drama actor.3. Internet is different than RL. So if I tease or joke around and it actually pissed ya off, tell ya what... the heck is your problem? It's meant for some playing around time, not any words that we mean it. I am not emotional over the internet. So if you don't like it, the delete button-- you know where it is.  4. Problem with me? Come say it right to my face. Don't be a coward and whine to others.5. I can roleplay in any style. I can be creative or just normal, it depends on how you roleplay with me. For OOC...well, good luck on grabbin' my attention. 6. If I misunderstand your message, then please rewrite to me again in a way I can understand. If that happened to you, I would do the same.7. If you get in my Sonic World, you should know about the character you're roleplaying with. I get into some roleplays that has nothing like the story of Sonic the Hedgehog even though I roleplay with a related character from the movie/game. This is only an exception for the crossover roleplayers.8. No, I am not that as mean as I sound in these rules. I am an easy going person, so feel free to send me a message/comment. Yeah-yeet!9. In our role play we can fight yes, but remember OOC is writing out of roleplay. If you start locking horns, I would probably return the favour.10. I sorta ignore messages that only write one or two boring words.11. I am not against recolors or any other out of Sonic World characters. I can communicate with everyone.  Justaslongitisn'tsoawkward...12. No Drama, God-Mode, Auto-Play, etc. 13. If I don't reply to you it means: That I am busy...or that I am not in a mood for roleplaying at this moment... or that I think you're not very interesting to talk to. Let's be real.14 Role play Lenght: Para, Multi-Para to sometimes Novella.15. I respect all users, whoever they are, whatever they do. Simply if I get along with someone, I won't hate on 'em if some other random user says crap about 'em without me actually getting to see their deals on my own.

Sonic, Speed Demon, Rules

ғorgoттen porтraιt

04/07/2013 04:06 PM 

Fanpages and rules

If you were wondering I do have a Deviantart and a facebook fan page. If you would like to watch my progress in my art, please feel free to add them. The more views I get would be really helpful with getting my name out. But first here is a few rules I would like to make before you add them. Please be kind and fallow them.   ☠-;Speaking: If you come and speak with me please give me your display name because more then likely, I won't know who you are in other places. Or possibly let me know here that you will be adding them and what your display name is. ☠-;Content: This is public for people to see my art work. Please do not put any horrible content on comments that can be displayed to friends, family, and even possible job scouters. Please keep content clean, at least pg-13. ☠-;Manners: Please be nice and curtsies to me and others of my fan pages. You can agree to disagree or you will be deleted off. ☠-;Critiques: I enjoy reading critiques. If you see something off please tell me. It will help me to get better. But please be nice and give constructive criticism. No horrible comments. You may be deleted off if I feel like you are meaning to be mean.   This is all I can think of at the moment of what I would like to see of your actions if you do decide, to further your reach out into my art.  Just like anything else I do take my art seriously. Kazumi is a means to get better and maybe find new people to see as a true artist.  I enjoy Kazumi because it gives me inspiration to practice, practice, and practice.  Not only to get better in my art but to also get better in writing as well. An animator, I don't only create the pictures of a story. But also create beautiful works of art that has a story line as well.  Hope you enjoy my art work and please come and create a story with me. 

ғorgoттen porтraιt

04/07/2013 04:04 PM 

Shinobi Hand Book

#1 thing to know:☠-;ALL NEW PEOPLE MUST: come to me first and speak. Hell send me a cheesy greeting. Even just a freakin hi. SOMETHING and I will return the favor by replying how I see fit. ☠-;ME ADDING PEOPLE: I will come and speak to you first. I will send a greeting of some sort. I tend to change it to fit the rper.Over All Rules:☠-;Read Me: Read the #1 thing to know. This is one of my biggest pet peev ever. I will not sit on your page looking pretty. I will delete you after awhile if you do not speak. ☠-;Comments Vs. Messages: I don't mind if you talk to me in either. But I prefure comments to be Out of Character and messages to be roleplays. Of course there are times where you would like to speak with me Privately. Please let me know and I will send a message. But I do tend to drop and loose messages if they are not important to me. So please send chit chat to comments. Its harder to loose them then messages. And if your one of those rare rpers that like to roleplay in comment please let me know. Although I tend to like to keep comment roleplays short and to the point. I was sent a novella to my comments before and it took up one page. I just don't want to deal with that, please and thank you.☠-;Roleplays: I am a multi-para and up. I believe that is long enough to have enough detail without over doing it. But if I am inspired I have been known to send pretty lengthy replies. If you are a fresh new roleplayer please let me know and I will work with you to help you get better. I will push and incurage you to start to make your replies a little longer. At lest to a para or two. that will be a start. ☠-;Roleplay and Skype/MSN/Aim: I do rp on IMs from time to time with friends. But this is mostly for close friends. Mostly light hearted ooc rp or in character rps. Either or please if you do end up rping in any of these please keep it short and simple. A para will be the most I will type when roleplaying like that. This is because most of the time you don't have enough characters to make it longer and you can get replies quickly. ☠-;Roleplay Content: I WILL NOT do sexual roleplays EVER. Don't like it get the fuck off my page. If I feel like its heading that way I will try to avoid it at all costs and if it doesn't work I will stop replying completely. I will do anything else but sexual content. I'm not here to fulfill your fantasy. What I will do is Adventure/gore/fight/mature(like drinking and profanity). ☠-;Contact Info: I am willing to give out my contact info but I have to get to know you before I give it out. I wont just give you my facebook or number if you greet me and ask for my information. That's kind of stalkerish if you ask me. So please talk to me and I will give it to you in time just be patient with me please.☠-;Email/messangers: Yes I do have MSN, Aim, and Skype. These I will give them to you if you want to talk to me faster or keep in contact with me more. But PLEASE let me know who you are or please let me know a head of time so I can add you, I wont add you if you don't. With that the messanger I use the most these days is skype so feel free to ask for it. But I do have a msn and aim.☠-;Facebook/Cell Number: Only Comrades may ask for my fb or number. These are the people who I have taken the time to get to know me. I trust theses people. ☠-;Drama: Now I know most people have this as there rules as well, NO DRAMA PLEASE. I will delete and block you no questions asked. I have my own problems. I don't need you fucking up my life further. ☠-;Edits and Pic: I gave thanks to all of the artists in one of the scroll boxes. There is also a disclaimer under it as well. So please do not ask me take down anything. Yes I altered some of the images. I made them my own by putting my own creativity in them. So please be honest and don't steal what I have. I will give you credit for the original. But that is only if you are the original artist. ☠-;Credit: If you are an artist who did the original please let me know so I can credit you. Also any edits that are given to me I always give credit to that person. I will always give credit where it is needed. Please do the same for me as well if I draw or edit something for you. ☠-;College: Yes I am in college, now I have about three years done. I go to the Art Institute and I won't tell you which one, gatta figure that one out on your own. I have random schedule, midterms, and finals. This is because we use quarters not semesters like normal colleges. The quarters are 11 weeks long and I am taking a 16 credit hour courses. I WILL get back to you in time.☠-;Schedule: This changes every quarter and depending on when the class is being held is when I have classes. I also do have homework so please be patient with me. I WILL get back to you in time, I don't normally forget roleplays. ☠-;Time: Please don't rush me for anything. Like I said I have school to worry about and I don't need to worry about you. Sorry but school is my priority over roleplay. I WILL get back to you in time. Question: Did I just repeat . "I Will get back to you in time." Why yes I did. I can't stress enough that I am late with some replies so please be patient as I said. And yes I repeated it for the fourth time. So there for it must be impotent. ☠-;Artwork: Yes I draw and I do commissions. Yes that means you have to pay for them. So if your interested please let me know in a message. Make sure to include DETAILED description. Free work . . . well this is only when your a close friend and I feel like it. Or I may post from time to time first ___ gets a free something. But even then sometimes I only do them if I feel like it at the time. Please credit my work.☠-;Presents: Please credit me. That's all I ask!! If its a drawn original I do ask that you will be the only one to use it. Because I made it for only your use. Credit:If I have drawn something for you please credit me at lest. I don't care how you use it so long as you credit me and do not sell it for your own gain. {Stole from The Void Ninja with permition so fallow her signing method.}Alright... That's all the rules I have for now... Now.. I don't want you to put "Read and understood" Make it more interesting. Want an example? Fine I'll give you one. You sign in your own character's words~ And by that I mean, do it as if you were your character speaking to mine. Simple enough. Or if you want you can put down your favorite quote from your character, or a song lyric that you like. It doesn't matter to me really.THIS WILL BE REVISED: Last updated 4/8/13 

тнє ∂єνιL

04/07/2013 01:29 PM 


These are my rules for those of you who rp.1. NO God-moding. I will not tolerate it.   2. If you want to make a connection with my character. You have to build it up.   3. If you want to rp fight with me. Comment me and ask first. I Am not always in the mood to fight.   4. No auto hitting. Unless it is a full field attack no autos.   5. If you do not like the way my character acts, GET OVER IT. I will not change for anyone so do not try.   6. I have limited internet as of lately so if you are impatient then you might as well as delete me now.   7. If I do not like what you are doing in a rp, I will only warn you once, if I would have to again. I will just delete you.8.Do not have my character do things such as movements. It is annoying to me.9. I ONLY RP IN MESSAGES!!! If you do not like it tell me and we may compromise.10. PLEASE NO ONE LINERS!!!! I multi-para and para. If you give me two lines i will only let it slide once. It just gets boring. There is no entertainment in it.11. THIS IS A STRICTLY RP ACCOUNT. If you try to make it other than that i will delete you. 12. I ONLY TALK IN COMMENTS!!! Please do not message me just to talk.  13. YOU ADD YOU TALK!! I am tired of always having to talk first. That is all i have for right now. If i think of anymore i will add them. Please sign if you understand.

Shido Yamato

04/07/2013 01:08 PM 


1. Para or more (unless its a lazy day)2. don't be a jerk to me and i wont be one to you3. i do any kind of  rp to stuff like MLP, Mass Effect, anime of all sorts, DC or Marvel universe, i do it all so dont feel like some elitist around me got it?4. No erotic. If you want it, you have to really convince me as to why you want it to happen in the rp. 5. have fun! and dont be a stubborn muffin because my default isnt a pony or something. 6. don't judge me by face value. 7. if you have a problem with me, message it to my face and not behind my back. I wont kill you.8. either in rp or ooc, I don't want to talk about politics, religion, sexism, or anything like that. All it ever does is bring up drama. I rather just rp and have fun. 9. If you do not talk or respond to my greetings or offering to rp, then please delete me from your list if you are avoiding me intentionally. If you are busy, no worries! Everyone is busy. I just don't want to be with toxic individuals that keep gate keeping rpers. 

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