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Hundred Dagger Maid

10/10/2019 10:44 PM 


Name: Sophie.Age: 15.Sexuality: straight.Gender: Male.Appearance: He has Messy white hair. And dark purple eyes. He has a small frame, and he looks more like a girl than a boy. Despite this, he still refers to himself as a man.PersonalitySadistic. Is extremely sexist towards females. When he sees one, all he can think is about how he wants to make her suffer a slow and painful death. He is sarcastic, rude, and just plain cold and mean to females.However, he's also very honorable, due to his bloodline. If you gain his respect, he won't use underhanded tactics against you, and might treat you a bit better. However, The way he treats people is either  moderately rude, all the way to cold and aggressively mean. He respects men, and gives them a fair fight whenever possible. Women however, he does not respect, ever. Not even if they give him a reason to.He's also a sociopath. He has no sense of right and wrong. Good and evil are just subjective ideas to him. Much like how he thinks of god, santa, the easter bunny, and mystical creatures- they are all just fairy tales to him.He has no faith in anybody. He has to see evidence, or it doesn't exsist.Traits/talents:He's very skilled with the dagger. The moment he picked up one, he was of intermediate skill level. With a bit of practice, he has already become a master. It’s very easy for him to use small blades such as daggers and knives.Strength: While surprisingly strong for his size, he is much weaker than a fully grown adult. But due to his bloodline, he has a lot of untapped potential.He has a small frame. Not much strength or endurance, but he's much more agile than most.Enhanced Agility: He's very quick on his feet, about as fast as a cheetah.SkillVery skilled with close combat. Dodges attacks easily, very hard to hit. Esspecially skilled with the dagger and small blades, but he can use short swords too.He cannot write, but he's learned to read a little bit. He wont understand big words, however. He has never even gone to school.Weapons/Equipment:He uses daggers and knives. He carries a lot of them, about 30 of different shapes and sizes.

Hundred Dagger Maid

10/10/2019 10:05 PM 


A maid. A very feminine boy. A slave, and an object. A rogue. A murderer. A sociopath.Speed of a cheatah, Cunning, like a fox. The temper of a bear.An assassin, with limitless potential for murder.An unfortunate turn of events.. A man who has lost everything and gained almost nothing. Well.. that's not a good way to put it. He never had anything to begin with.He was born into slavery. His mother was murdered before he was even born. He was born from a corpse, and crawled out of her as a new born. Slavers murdered everyone who couldn't be of use, and took in all the females. Killed all male adults, taking the woman and children.They were just going to kill him at first, but the 10 year old master who had tagged along to see for herself how slaves are caught, picked up the baby and decided it would be her property. He was not raised by her, he was actually raised by one of her maids.He was taught basic english. How to speak. However, he doesn't know how to read or write. He doesn't even know how to count beyond 10, yet. As soon as he was able to, at age three, he began his work as a slave. It was imprinted in his mind early on in life that he was a object. A slave for life. He's been taught a twisted sense of right and wrong.If it benefited his master, it was right. If it was for his own gain, it was wrong. But he saw these as rules rather than morality, because it has punishments. In reality, he believed in nothing. He had no faith in anybody. No god, and no sense of right and wrong. His master was the only thing that mattered. All he had to do was serve.Even though he didn't believe- he was taken to church anyway. Because if he didnt, he would just go to hell when he dies. Such an idea seemed stupid, and the more he researched about the bible, the stupider it sounded to him.Once his mind was molded, he was taken advantage of.His masters, who all happened to be female, raped him. Over and over for seven years. This just started with sexual assaults, until she got more agressive, and it eventually ended with  full blown sex, against his will. Well, he had no will in the first place, at least for now. They treated him like trash, an object that they own, and a toy.Despite everything that's happened.. He still had a speck of humanity in him. Rage. But this did not surface until he turned 12.He found out from pure coincidence.. His father.. Was a warrior. He was defeated, and captured, and before he could even talk to his father, he was executed in public right in front of him.He was furious, for some reason, even though he never knew him. Mad at them, for taking away the life he could have had. For taking everything from him.The following night, he brought pain to his masters.. But he didn't kill them immediately.He did the same thing they did to him.. He raped his masters to death, cutting them up slowly with a knife and beating them down until they could feel nothing but pain.He did this to all six of his masters.. Guards came to capture him. He didn't think he had it in him. He was planning on it ending here. But he fought anyway. Perhaps as some kind of honor for his father's death, he fought.His blind rage continued. He fought the guards with just a dagger. He killed one of them, but he ended up very wounded in the process. The more he got hurt, the more mad he became. He was more brutal with his executions, opting for beheading his target whenever possible.A killer was made after this. After his experience, he gained a hatred for females- like no other. He thinks all of them are trash, so he wants to be the one to take out the trash. For the next three years, he mainly targeted females- taking on assassination contracts.He killed them in the most brutal and painful ways imaginable. He had no training at all, yet he did it so easily. He has no respect for women, even if they can match his strength or are stronger than him. He has a burning hatred for them, and slowly started to enjoy seeing them suffer. He became sadistic, but only when he was doing it to a female. Much like he did to his masters, he raped many of his victims before killing them whenever he can. Mainly out of hate, but he's also became a pervert over the years. Taking out all his fury on his victims.However, he does have respect for men- due to his bloodline, he has a huge sense of honor, similar to that of a warrior. However, this only applies to men. He won't use underhanded tactics in a duel, as long as they earned his respect. But if its against a female, anything goes.Despite this, he is not attracted to males- he's mainly attracted to females. This frustrates him to no end.

Silent ❆Forsaken Fallen❆

10/10/2019 08:29 PM 

Shawn's Basic Information

Name: ShawnLast: WintersAlias: SilentNickname: NoneRace: Forsaken AngelAge: UnknownAppearance: 26Gender: MaleSexuality: StraightHeight: 5 foot 10 inchesWeight: 154 poundsBuild: Slim and AthleticHair Color: WhiteHair Length: ShortEye Color: Ice BlueEye Color Shift: Bright YellowOrigins: HeavenDate of Birth: December 1stPlace of Birth: Heaven's MeadowPlace of Rebirth: Hell's 7th PitAttitude: ColdPiercing(s): Tongue and Left Upper EarTattoo(s): NoneBirthmark(s): NoneScar(s): 70% of his body is scar coveredDisfigurement(s): None

Silent ❆Forsaken Fallen❆

10/10/2019 08:12 PM 

House Rules

1. I'm hardly on this site and only have just returned after an extensive break, please be patient with me. I do not appreciate being rushed for replies nor will I rush anyone else for replies.2. I no longer fight nor will I spar another person or their character, I have done this so many times in the past I no longer desire to chase after such stories therefore the only "fighting" my character will be doing is against in story characters.3. I will not be accepting replies that are less than a paragraph, that is final. If I am to receive a single sentence or three compared to a para or multi para reply from myself you can expect you will not be receiving a reply from me.4. Literacy goes far with me so please keep that in mind, we are using devices that allow you to look up words, their meaning and spelling both. I ask you if you're not sure on how to use a word or how it's spelled then please look it up. I'm not a grammar Nazi so you don't have to worry about that it's just something of a peeve of mine is all. (I would understand if American "English" is not your native tongue.)5. Do not be rude, simple as that.6. I am not a number nor a addition in your game of "who has more friends" therefore if I'm completely ignored I will remove you from my list, as I stated I will not rush however if it goes on long enough without so much as a "Hello" or something along that nature I will remove you.7. Keep in mind that my character or my stories are not for everyone and other's characters or stories are not for me, there's no hurt feelings if we should part ways it was simply not meant to be. If I don't find you or your character interesting then I'll move along as you should if you don't find my character or myself in your interest. I prefer not to waste anyone's time by beating around the bush.8. As stated before I'm not on all that much through the week, I have a full time job and two children (possible third on the way) therefore most of my time is spent between my work like and my actual life. This is something of an escape, something similar to games for me. I've been roleplaying since how that has fallen. Therefore I believe I'm capable of still doing so and wish to make the effort again and perhaps be on more often when I'm free to do so.9. I ask that both Creator (You) and Character (Your creation) be over the age of 18 for Mature stories (No these aren't always sexual), I understand there are age of consent laws and what have you however 18+ is my comfort zone.Mature Stories include and are not limited toDrug UseAlcohol UseViolenceBlood Gore Sexual content Adult Language These are my rules thus far and are subject to change at my disposal, should the need arise that more must be added I will do so. These rules have their reasons of being here to insure everyone has some fun. Please read over them and comment below your answer to this question. "If you had to chose one Video Game to live the rest of your life in, which would it be and why?" This will let me know you've made it down here at the very least.


10/10/2019 05:46 PM 

Read before messaging me.

Here are the rules that must be followed and understood. Rules are here for a reason and anyone who doesn’t abide by the simple rules listed then they will be ignored. If they violate the rules they will be blocked with no explanation.1. Be over 18 in both reality and role play. I role play a character from a series that has dark and mature themes. A minor wouldn’t be fit in my story lines. 2. Keep real life and role play separate from each other. Don’t mix the two and take role play as real life cause if you do then I will cut all ties with you. 3. No god modding (controlling my character) in any way. If I didn’t say it, type it, and etc then it doesn’t need to come from you. God modding will result in an instant block with no explanation.4. One line and/or one line word replies will be ignored. I need at least a paragraph which is typically four sentences.5. No text talk or slang so spell out your words. I use this site on mobile so there is no excuse cause if I can spell out my words then so can you.6. Third person dialogue will get quicker replies from me. First person makes me feel as if I am role playing with the writer as themself not their character.7. I do have a discord but will not give that out until I know you are active and we write well together. I do tend to prefer to role play on discord as it is a bit easier for me due to getting notifications.8. I will not do smut or lewd or ship with just anyone. I am very selective and picky when it comes to that kind of stuff. If you want that kind of role play then go find someone else as there are plenty of other writers who are into that stuff a lot more then I am.9. I don’t post any personal information of myself on here so don’t ask. If I feel I can trust you then I will show you what I look like and so on but as now it won’t be happening.10. I don’t use pictures or gifs in my replies so don’t ask me to use them nor expect me to.11. Plotting must occur as I don’t like random starters anymore. All random starters that I have received either the writer god nodded, assumed something, or sent out an generic starter they send everyone.12. Be patient with replies as I am busy at times but those who actively role play in discord who have mine will get quicker replies there then here. I am on other platforms and/or sites for role playing.13. Use quotation marks when speaking as it makes it easier to distinguish what the action is and what is being said. I will not play the figure out what is being said and what the action is game. 14. Don’t bring your real life problems or drama into the story line we have going on. 15. I am primarily seeking Resident Evil canon characters such as Albert Wesker, Chris and Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, and all other Resident Evil characters I might have forgotten to mention.

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