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11/27/2019 03:42 PM 

World Info

Basics:Name - TBDRaces - Unspecified/unrestrictedThis world is one in which the elements are sentient, to a degree. Each element is able to "Choose" vessels to hand power to, giving them varying degrees of control of the element. While it is unknown how an element chooses it's gifted, or for what reason, there have been various issues caused. People with no knowledge of how to control their gifts caused untold catastrophes in the past, and as such a school was created specifically for the gifted.At the age of 10, everyone is required to go through a test to determine if they are indeed one of these "gifted", and should they be found to be gifted they are sent to one of many schools tailor made for these individuals to be able to grow. However, as with any system, there are always those who slip through the cracks, be it by accident, or on purpose.The SchoolsThe school is similar to a boarding school. For every base element (Fire, water, earth, air, light, and darkness) there is a corresponding dorm where members of that gifted school exist. There is also two more dorms for special cases, such as people with multiple gifts, or non-gifted individuals who also attend the school. The staff of each school is usually comprised primarily of gifted who wish to help others learn, and they are regarded as prestigious schools, ranging all the way from kinder garden to college levels of education being offered.There are classes on everything from general education, to controlling gifts, to martial arts. Each gifted student's abilities are gauged and they are placed into a lettered tier system, from S rank to F rank. S ranks are incredibly rare, and there are usually only one instance of an S rank for each element at any given time. However, in very rare circumstances, more than one have been documented.Many graduates of the school move on to become government employees or vigilantes, and help maintain peace. ** More to come on the world as a whole. **


11/27/2019 03:42 PM 

Valaran - A rank (Default character)

Bio:Valaran was born into a rich family, as the only successor to his parents fortune. His mother passed away during childbirth, leaving him alone with his father. Being a busy man, his father was never really around and Valaran became rather reclusive. Over time, Valaran began to show signs of being "chosen" by an element, and was often found in the coldest places he could find. Eventually, by the time he took the exam at ten years old, it was found he was "chosen" by the element of ice.Valaran was moved to the academy where he studied to learn all he could, from history, to science, to controlling his gift. In time, he was classified as an "A Rank" chosen. Despite being moved to a school, his secluded childhood resulted in him being a bit of recluse. With the exception of a select few, he doesn't talk much and focuses more on his studies. He's very aloof, and most people say he comes off as cold, and heartless A trait many of the ice chosen exhibit.Abilities: Ice manipulation - He can conjure ice from the moisture in the air, and freeze most liquids. In a bind, he's been known to freeze his own blood to use as weapons, and ice created through his ability is hardened, comparable to steel.Cold Aura - Over time, his abilities manifested in an chilling aura. Within a few meters, the air cools rapidly to result in winter temperatures, even during the summer. In hotter areas or times of year, however, this ability struggles to keep up, and in locations like a volcano, Valaran is essentially rendered useless.Cold resilience - Thanks to his gift, he's not bothered by even extreme cold temperatures. However, he finds heat difficult to deal with.Personality:Calm, quiet, introverted, calculating, gentle.


11/27/2019 03:33 PM 

Aella - S Rank

Bio: Aella was originally thought to be an unfortunate soul. Born without the ability to see, she was kept like a delicate flower by her family in solitude for years. She rarely saw others, and those that she did were never genuine with her. Because of this, her first twelve years were very lonely. At the age of thirteen, however, things changed.When her abilities awoke, Aella found something incredible. She could see. Well, not exactly see, in the sense of perceiving light. Through her ability to manipulate air she could "see" similarly to echo-location. Using the disturbances in the wind and air around her she is able to detect people, buildings, and just about anything. However, she's helpless with colors. She was discovered as a gifted when she turned 16, and since then has been attending the school for gifted in her country where she was told her rank. S.Abilities: -Minor air manipulation without limits.-Projectile blades of air/gas/wind.Personality: Calm, relaxed, gentle, caring. When she get's angry, however: Cold, ruthless, protective, aggressive.

Afraid of the dark?

11/27/2019 07:01 PM 

Edon Xhepa

Name: Edon Xhepa (Ehdahn Chepa)Gender: MaleEye color: BrownHair color: BlackHeight: Five feet, eight inches tallWeight: One hundred and seventy poundsSexuality: StraightAge: 18-24Species: HumanPOB: The Bronx, NYCCurrent Residence: Taipa Village, MacauEthnicity: AlbanianOccupation: Diener / vampire hunterPersonality: Quiet, Devious, Angsty at timesLikes: Driving way above the speed limit, Silver, Tea, Pomegranate, The MetsDislikes: The sight of blood, Summer, Oranges, The YankeesEdon was born in the Bronx, specifically the neighborhood of Belmont. Born to two Albanian immigrants. At the age of four, both his parents moved back to Albania, during a period known as the Kosovo war, to defend their homeland. A year later, after the war ended, Edon's parents never returned home, leaving him alone. Edon's uncle, a man named Engjell raised him. Engjell worked as a forensic pathologist, and often "employed" Edon as his Diener to keep him out of trouble.During Highschool, Edon found himself unable to fit in with most, so he found himself hanging around with a bunch of nerds. Hanging around with a bunch of ostracized, physically inept men taught him to stick up for himself and those he hung out with. One nerd in particular, a Senior named Thaddeus helped him out when it came to getting back at the football team, and the rich kids. Often, the two would sabotage cars, rig up their lockers, spread rumors, anything and everything to get revenge. With Thaddeus due up for graduation, during Edon's Sophomore year, they had one last prank to pull. Crashing the senior party.One week before graduation, the two set off to a party in upstate New York, uninvited. For the most part, things went on without a hitch. Spiking the punch, slashing the tires, they even managed to set some trees on fire in the backyard. This caught the ire of one of a few who weren't all THAT human, either. It turned out the party was on the property of a coven of vampires, and having uninvited guests was a pretty big pet peeve. A fight soon broke out, prompting Thaddeus and Edon to defend themselves. Edon made the mistake of staking one of the coven, thus marking him for death. When the two escaped, they severed ties, as Thaddeus planned on moving shortly after graduation.With the eyes of a group of vampires now upon Edon, the next two years of Highschool were way more stressful. His encounters with the undead have taken a hefty toll on his mind. Nightmares, weeks on end, insomnia, the constant fear of being hunted. Eventually, Edon graduated with lackluster grades. With no idea on what to pursue after school, he continues his work as a Diener. He maintains a cocky, sarcastic exterior, but deep down, he's prayin the sand doesn't run out in his hour glass.

The Dark Alien Warrior (MCRP) Nesy

11/27/2019 02:49 PM 


Nesy Celvius:  Medieval version(Age 18) (Gender: Male) -- To be used in medieval style roleplay. (Any genre)Nesy Celvius: Modern version (Age 18) (Gender: Male) -- To be used in modern style roleplay(Any genre)Nesy Celvius: The Dark Warrior version. (Age: 18) (Gender: Male) -- To be used in futuristic roleplay. (Any genre)However, anything can be used and you can pair different settings with all of my OC's. I welcome that. Do you want me to use cannons? Yes! Can definitely do that.  

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