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11/26/2019 11:34 PM 


I don't have rules! This is not what this is about. I just want to say that I only get on here, is when I get on my tablet. And that is generally early mornings before work and my free time from the workday and when I am not tied up with anything else.. So patient~ If not, then that is fine too.


11/26/2019 09:02 PM 

Hetalia: HetaOni canada's death.
Current mood:  accomplished

HetaOni Canada{This sorta follows the begining of hetaoni but it's a death so it's like if hetaoni had good/ bad endings of like characters dying hope you enjoy it i may write another one uwu}Where should i began..let's see it all started at the world meeting america was going on and on about this haunted house now my brother maybe dumb but honestly who would fall for this pff a haunted house really now? Man should i have believed him. When we got to the building i couldn't actually believe it was there..seeing it with my own eyes knowing my brother was right i didn't want to go into the house something felt off about it but then again i didn't want to be left behind. So we got in and it was only russia and i along with america and we all went to check the bottom floor out.After an hour of looking around this weird looking monster came out of no where and america tried to shoot at it but he couldn't kill he pushed me away and russia had grabbed me and ran down this long hallway i was scared as all hell...what was that? what the f*** was that?! Russia and i were in this the..i guess it is a mansion so it's going to have a kitchen but how has the food not gone bad..? Russia was trying to think of something i could see it in his eyes he was thinking so i just stayed quite i normally am. So enough that alien thing came...wait where was my brother?! was he ok? was he hurt...did it kill him?! Can we even die in here? all of theses questions were in my head but before i could even question any farther that thing came at us of course me and russia had no choice but to fight back so we did with all our might, But that alien thing was to strong for us and we both eventually couldn't take it on anymore when we though all hope was lost england and china came but where was france? England was talking to us but i was really beat up at the time but that thing still wasn't dead HOW?! england shot it with magic it should be dead...why? Soon enough japan came oh thank god he made it go away honestly i was scared of this place WHAT TYPE OF PLACE IS THIS?! i was thinking to myself. Japan asked us if we were ok, both russia and i nodded and england and china nodded. Soon enough japan took us to a room that had germany and italy in it we were all so confused. After some talking we all heard the door jiggle and were freaking out so we all spilt into groups japan and russia and china would fight the monster..germany and italy went to check something out so i went with england to check out the piano room. England and i made it to it and england looked around before leaving saying he wanted to check something out so i just decided to check the piano. During that time the alien thing came in and i just froze i was to scared to even move knowing it could kill me if it wanted or to leave me wounded...but wait it wasn't doing anything just looking around..eventually it left i was glad it didn't hurt me but i was sad even the alien never noticed me..england came back as soon as the thing left. Eventually after everything that happened we found america and france never in my life have i been so happy to see my brother and papa france. Eventually though we had to fight that thing and for the first time i felt brave fighting along side my brother and the others we were protecting everyone as they all have gotten hurt. I eventually got spilt from my brother while the others got away i'm glad i could help them all escape from the monster alien thing i wasn't so lucky. I was attacked while running behind everyone haha i guess they noticed me now i gasped as i was hit in the stomach as i coughed up blood..haha look it's my own blood..i whispered to myself as i fell back into my brother's arms? Wait when did my brother get to me..i looked up at him and smile it's nice to see my brother but soon i had france and england beside me as well..funny when you are dying people pay attetion to you..i told them how proud i was to fight along side them.Eventually my time was running out i was scared if this is what dying feels like i hate it but i smiled at my family though they were all telling me to hang on i honestly wanted to but it was so hard to breath but i had to get my last words out.."i love you guys.."i whispered as i died in my brother's arm i could still hear but eventually i died and watched as a ghost frowning as i could tell my family was missing me but i couldn't go towards the light i had to help my family out so i stayed with them until i couldn't anymore and i had to go to the light so i did..                                                        BAD END

HetaOni, Hetalia, Canada


11/26/2019 08:20 PM 

Gravity Falls/ Vampire character

Name: Madison ValentineNickname: MattieAge:16-18Looks: Long white hair that falls past her knees and bangs that cover most of the upper half of her face, She had different colored eyes (right being baby blue and left being white), shes around 4'9 with a thin doll like figure.Personality: Mattie's a very quiet and shy person, until she gets to know someone then she's a bright and bubbly person. Due to her past,  she's a very oblivious and innocent person. She hates seeing others being picked on and hurt, while she might have a hard time standing up for herself she has no problem helping others.Past: Mattie was born in a small cabin out in the woods of gravity falls, she had a sweet loving mother and four older brothers. The only thing ruining this picture perfect family was their father, who would only abuse and treat the family badly. Because of this man, it caused the towns people to take noticed of them and the people decided to hunt them down. It was late at night when their home caught fire, their poor mother getting trapped inside along with their awful father. The brothers managed to get out in time with Mattie who was only five at the time, worried the towns people would managed to catch them they had left Mattie hidden and lead the riot off. That was the last time Mattie seen any of her family, after relishing that she was alone now she started fending for herself in the forest. She managed to find a abounded small home and fixed it up, being vegan she would easily find fruits and such to eat. Due to her being a vampire though, she did have to leave the safety of her home often to feed the dark hunger.Dislikes: Loud noises, crowds, meat/anything that comes from animals, rude people, and spicy foods.Likes: Sweets, anything cute, music, walks, and going star gazing at night.


11/26/2019 08:11 PM 

South Park character (2)

Name: Madison McCormickNickname: MattieAge: 16 (Prefers doing the AU where they are all in high school.)Love interest: Depends (Usually Craig tucker, Tweek, or Kyle Broflovski)Looks: Profile picture Past: At the age of five, Mattie lost her biological mother due illness and her abusive father leaving her and her four older brothers behind. Before their mother passed, she had it arranged for Mattie to be under a close Friend's family the Mccormicks. Due to her not agreeing with how her new parents treated the other siblings, she would usually fight and argue with them as she grew older. After she turned ten, Mattie sent back to return to France due to her adoptive parents bad treatment and abuse. Now at the age of  sixteen, shes returned back to South Park to be back with her adopted family and hopefully get to actually enjoy her time in the small town.Likes: Candy, Ice coffee, anything colorful and/or soft, sports, and tends to smoke/drink sometimes if she gets to much under stress.Dislikes: Loud noises, the dark, her brother being picked on, and usually other girls since she doesn't usually seem to fit in with them.Personality: Mattie's a pretty sweet and nice person, she's very caring about others and enjoys making everyone else happy. Due to how she was raised, she's a pretty innocent and oblivious minded person. But she's always really head strong about certain things, like: Sports, studying/school, fighting for her brother, and usually if she sees someone being bullied even if she doesn't really know them.(Important note: I usually write for Kenny as well since I tend to have a certain way about the sibling relationship between him and Mattie)

Lady Cassandra

11/26/2019 05:59 PM 


Rules: 1. Please if I add you be the first to talk if you add me I will speak first              2. I will not add any mutes or counts if you haven't greeted me or given me any kind of notice and days pass you will be removed.       3. Please have some kind of idea what kind of plot or what you would like to do for a story I will not think it up for you we can discuss it together.               4. If we do any er*t*c rps it must be if it comes to that in the story, I will not just do er*t*c all the time it gets boring and I find so many people wanting to just add just to do get it on stories im not here for that im here for serious stories and if more happens it will happen like a slow burn it is so much better when it happens the nature way.              Other than that have fun! :)

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