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тαsнισυs❞ [Under Construction]

10/10/2019 03:45 PM 


Etymology Punk is a genre of music created in '70's. However, he was given the name out of respects towards his mother's ex-boyfriend and Punk's pseudo-father.  Nickname(s) PJ (Hunter & Dallas); Blue (by Ace); Ace (By Punk) Alias Suicidal werewolfGender MaleSpecies Werewolf; born / bittenPack pecking order Omega; considered to the be the lowest on the totem pole.  Unlike humans, wolves do not see pecking order in shame status, but simply the strengths that each pack member can provide. an omega is generally the smallest of the liter and is the last to eat, though, Punk makes up for the small statue with his knowledge and wisdom.  Occupation Photographer; online college professor (for English and science classes); writer (secret); scientist. Residence A six bedroom, four.five bathroom house in Dallas, TX.Current Theme Black & White ModernBirth Punk was born on June 15th, 1957, in Dallas, Texas.Zodiac / Zodiac Characteristics ☆ Gemini (Western) - sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless. They are fascinated with the world itself, extremely curious, with a constant feeling that there is not enough time to experience everything they want to see. ☆  Rooster (Eastern) - extremely dramatic and energized, people are industrious, diligent, and devoted to work. Deep thinkers, and tend to be eccentric. Ambitious and determined. Age 62 / Appears between 19-23 years old.RPG Class Type Beastmaster; both a defensive and offensive character, a beast master summons animal creatures to attack for him. Punk specifically can summon canine animals to help when in battle.  Orientation Straight / Bisexual / Gay / Pansexual / Asexual / DemisexualDefined Further As sexual desire or attraction towards those of the same gender. In Punk's case, this means that he is attracted to males. Position Extremely and awkwardly, shyly submissive. Legal Status Single Heart Status It has been so long since Punk has truly tried to care for another, or even got aroused by another, that he doubts he can ever love again... Very Important Person --Past RelationsDante Sygns (Fiancee)。 Dante was Punk's closest childhood friend. They did everything together; spent all their time together.. so when they hit puberty, it seemed somewhat natural that they would fall in love with each other. Nonetheless, Dante broke up with Punk, saying that he cared more about a gang, than he cared about Punk. Which broke Punk's heart, and sadly even to this day he still has yet to recover.. knowing full well that he still is madly in love with Dante, yet knowing there is nothing he can do about it.(2012-2014)Conor Kent (Boyfriend)。 Several years later, Conor came into Punk's life. Originally, Conor was willing to be a muse for Punk, following him around the different parts of towns, making him laugh. It didn't take long for Punk to fall.. and fall he did, straight into being raped.. (2015)  Parents Punk is the youngest son of Andrew Dawning (Mother) and an unknown werewolf (Father)Maternal Grandparents Andrew & Kristina Dawning Siblings Punk has two twin brothers, Hunter & Dallas, a twin sister, Cochi, and a younger half sister (Maternal), Aiden.  Due to the fact that Punk's conception was made out of gang rape, Punk, Dallas, & Hunter, all share the same father while Cochi hold's a different father. Furthermore, while Dallas & Hunter are established as genetically identical twins, Punk is fraternal.  Other Living Relatives William (nephew | Godson) Hair Thick, rough to handle, tends to spike. A dark royal blue shade. Skin Color Warmly tanned shade with dark freckles.  Height 5"5'. Eyes Left eye is green; right eye is hot pink / (when Ace is in control, the hot pink eye has a red or black ring around it).Demonic Features Fluffy blue tailTattoo(s) The letters 'p.o.d' - Location: back of neckPersonality Type IntrovertDangerous Sin Envy. Punk does not hide his greatest sin. He wants things, especially someone that he can't have. Yet, despite knowing this, he still craves the things. Still desires them, feeling like a dog watching through a window of a place he could never get.Best Virtue Abstinence. Punk has gone 15 years without having sex, and 4 years since his last erection. Some could call this a choice, as he had many offers: though his fear of men was too much. However, the fact that he has sustained from sex, does not mean that he will forever. When the special guy comes across, and he feels the urge - he will make love. He just won't get his body up for any regular person.. (opposite of lust) Mental Disorders☆ Depression (Severe)  mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. He is put on a number of medications to treat this. If he fails to take these medications, within a matter of three days, he turns from extremely warm and welcoming, to suicidal. For this reason, and events of his recent past, he is constantly watched: having one of his family members in the room with him at all times. (Sadly for his brothers, this does not exclude the bathroom/powder room.) ☆Anxiety (Severe | Selective) anxiety disorders involve repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety and fear or terror that reach a peak within minutes (panic attacks). These feelings of anxiety and panic interfere with daily activities, are difficult to control, are out of proportion to the actual danger and can last a long time. However, his anxiety is only directed at males, due to the fact that he was raped by one.☆Multiple Personality Disorder (Mild?) characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality identities. Each may have a unique name, personal history, and characteristics. For Punk, he only has one known alternative, named Ace, and they can communicate among each other. However, due to the reason Ace exists, there are specific things that Ace will keep secret from Punk; having a 'locked room' within their mind. ☆Insomnia (Mild) a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. ☆ Amnesia (Selective)  the loss of memories, both facts, information, and experiences. This event only occurs when Punk's alternate, Ace, takes control: making Punk feel as if he simply fell asleep, and will randomly wake up in a strange place, not knowing where he is, what he's doing, or even how much time has past. ☆ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Severe) Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.Most people who go through traumatic events may have temporary difficulty adjusting and coping. Punk can handle a certain amount of triggers, when it comes to the trauma he's been through: however, if too many triggers overflood his system, he'll pass out and Ace will take over.Physical Disorders ☆ Night terrors (Mild) While Punk may sleep only three hours in four days, when he does sleep, he has night terrors. Night terrors are episodes of screaming, intense fear and flailing while still asleep. Also known as night terrors, sleep terrors often are paired with sleepwalking. Like sleepwalking, sleep terrors are considered a parasomnia — an undesired occurrence during sleep. A sleep terror episode usually lasts from seconds to a few minutes.Personality Traits➸Shy. Especially around males, he tends to blush. ➸Awkward, nervous. ➸Extremely loyal, protective. ➸Hesitant to trust, on guard. He tends to keep a physical and emotional distance from everyone, both males and females. The only difference is that males have a harder time, and it takes a much longer about of time, for males to cross that barrier, than females. ➸Funny, loves to make people laugh.  ➸Rather dense, and doesn't seam to notice when he's being flirted with.➸Honest, though can sometimes come across as blunt. ➸Sweet, tender: warm-hearted. ➸Jealous when he has feelings for someone. So at the moment, he's extremely conflicted with himself. He is still in love with his ex, who has moved on. He still wants his ex- still feels the jealousy of not being with him, but also wants him to be happy, no matter what. Favored Holiday Saint Patty's; March 17th.  Originally a holiday to celebrate the life and death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. However, over the years, it became a twisted holiday, which is the reason it's Punk's favorite holiday: it's all about drinking until you're smashed as hell. That, and wearing green, of course.Favored Food(s) Lamb - rare, almost blue. Favored Drinks Anything that gets him drunk, though he loves tequila. Thrills➸Drugs. His is addicted to drugs, such as H, E, mushrooms, and cocaine. He also enjoys smoking a bit of weed. These are all drugs that get him out of state with his own memories.  ➸Art. While already known as a famous photographer, Punk also enjoys drawings and paints too. One of his favorite paintings hangs above his bed, it's titled 'sliding into darkness'. ➸Writing. He is secretly a well-known writer: under the pen name Ace Dawn; he is best known for fictional/horror. ➸Hot springs. Chills➸Being raped again.➸Something happening to his nephew or his sister, Aiden. ➸Men in general; but practically those that are large and muscular, but it just so happened, that's also the type he's attracted to. ➸Being locked away in a mental institution.  Disapproves of➸Events or triggers that will cause him to lose consciousness ( triggers that cause Ace, Punk's alternative, to take control). His triggers include men being too close, him feeling like he doesn't have enough space, and even the body heat of another.  ➸Full moons; the nights where he becomes a beast, and uncontrollable. To prevent himself from hurting anyone else, he has built a giant cage for himself. ➸Chocolate. Due to the fact that he is a canine, chocolate has a specific reaction for him. In his case, he becomes violently ill and often times pukes. ➸Those who hunt for pleasure.Party Affiliation (U.S. Residence) Republican / Democratic / Independent. Belief SystemAbortion ➸ Liberal: A woman has the right to decide what happens with her body.  A fetus is not a human life, so it does not have separate individual rights. Death Penalty ➸  Conservative: The death penalty is a punishment that fits the crime of murder; it is neither ‘cruel’ nor ‘unusual.’  Executing a murderer is the appropriate punishment for taking an innocent life.Stem Cell Research ➸ Liberal: Support the use of embryonic stem cells for research.  It is necessary (and ethical) for the government to fund embryonic stem cell research, which will assist scientists in finding treatments and cures for diseases.  Physician-assisted suicide ➸ Liberal: Euthanasia should be legalized.  A person has a right to die with dignity, by his own choice.  A terminally ill person should have the right to choose to end pain and suffering.Gun Control ➸ Conservative: The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to keep and bear arms.  Individuals have the right to defend themselves.Immigration ➸ Liberal:Support legal immigration.  Support amnesty for those who enter the U.S. illegally (undocumented immigrants).  Also  believe that undocumented immigrants have a right to:— all educational and health benefits that citizens receive (financial aid, welfare, social security and medicaid), regardless of legal status.— the same rights as American citizens.  It is unfair to arrest millions of undocumented immigrants. Same Sex Marriage ➸ Liberal: Marriage is the union of people who love each other.  It should be legal for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals, to ensure equal rights for all.  Roleplay Count: [ 0 / 5 ]

𝒮𝑜𝓊𝓁 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓇 *Multi*

10/10/2019 12:31 PM 


((Can be switched to a male chara upon request)) ((This character shares her lovers with her personal guard)) Name: Iviion   Nickname: IvySex: FemaleAge: 20'sOrientation: BiStatus: SingleRace: Elf Siblings: 2Hair: PinkEyes: GreenHeight: 5'2Tattoos: YesPiercings: YesDrinks: YesSmokes: NoDrugs: NoLikes: Nature, traveling, meeting new people, the ocean, sunsets  Dislikes: following a schedule, politics,  Occupation: PrincessPersonality: Free spirit and feisty. She'll put up a fight and loves someone that can put her in her place. Roleplay: 0About: ((Under construction)) She's first in line to the thrown and has a lot of responsibility due to this. She travels often to make political connections and enjoys sneaking out past her guards to obtain a sense of freedom. She's well versed in combat and enjoys torturing her victims herself. 18+ for darker themes


10/09/2019 07:33 PM 


Writing StyleSemi Para to Novella, I usually write around nine paragraph starters with details, I do not expect people to match my starters in length, though I am grateful to those who attempt to match me not only in length but detail. Verses What is in my RP details are what I write, so let me list them off if you didn't bother reading them- Diablo, Castlevania, DMC,World of Darkness, D&D,Final Fantasy,Dragon Age. I honestly do not write within any other verses UNLESS I find them interesting.  Naruto is a touchy subject verse wise however I will write with those of the verse, along with Bleach, Black butler, Hellsing, Monster, Gungrave, Soul Eater and Devil Is part Timer.  I also write in verses which focus on the supernatural as those are ones with more flexeblity as well as those that are lore or biblical based. Genre Same with verses, if it's not in the details I don't write them. Biblical, Adventure, Fantasy, OPEN (we can discuss this one when you decide to ask me.) Psychological, Romance and Video Game- so if you must know, Unless your verse is custom (Aka Part of Open) or has a video game or is a video game then I won't bother writing in those Verses/genres as I have actually stopped writing or watching Anime since 2013.  (I'm slowly getting back into it, I'm just not into the current popular ones as they hold no interest to me. Rules I only have three as of late, 1. Treat me how you want to be treated. 2. If I say or do anything in rp or out of character you do not like, simply let me know and we can communicate properly like civil and responsible adults as I would assume we are all mature here and expect to be treated like adults and not like that of children. 3. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours- to elaborate this simply means do not add me and then not speak up, If you aren't on edge with this rule and cannot take action in speaking to me then you are simply taking up space on my list for those who are interested in writing.  Thank you for reading my notations, you can leave now.  -Sugar's Writer

Phantom Sniper

10/09/2019 12:47 PM 

Fate Varient Bio

Name: Phantom.Age: 25.Sex: Female.Species/Race: Human.Appearance: She looks like a cute, and feminine girl, with a slender and small frame, and short cropped hair. She almost looks completely harmless.. If it weren't for her cold, dead eyes. A true wolf in sheeps clothing.She wears a long cloak which covers most of her body, along with a hood that conceals most of her face. Her big guns are strapped over the cloak, small ones on the inside. Under her cloak, she wears a black skirt, black Tights, large black boots, and- A black button down, long sleaved dress shirt.Personality: She used to be a tomboy with an anger problem. But now, she's an assassin with an anger problem. She has long ago lost her humanity, as well as her emotions. She doesn't feel remorse, pity, sadness, or empathy. Not even happiness. She feels nothing.She only has one emotion.. Anger, and frustration.However, she is quite skilled at pretending to have emotions.Weapons/Equipment: Military grade combat knife.Three handguns. Silenced makarov, Silenced beretta, and a .44 Magnum.All of these weigh under or about 1 LB.AK-47, Silenced. Has a granade launcher attachment.20 LB.M16. Silenced. Also has a granade launcher.20 LB.PKP  pecheneg. Russian Light Machine gun. Black body, green clip. Has a bipod. Very heavy,100 pounds.12 Gauge Double barrel shotgun. Its modified, the barrel is cut down by half, same with the stock. Its the size of a very large pistol, but it still packs the same punch. She can hold it with one hand and reload very fast. She carries two of them. They both weigh about 6 pounds..50 Cal Sniper rifle. Silenced. Anti Tank, it is slow and heavy, but it packs a punch.Weighs 100 Pounds.Vitz SMG: A newer model of smg, compact, can be fired with one hand. Black body. 60 bullets, fired in a high rate of fire. She carries two of them. Weighs 20 Pounds.M32 grande launcher. Can carry six granades at once. Weighs 20 pounds.All of her guns total weigh just under 300 pounds, and it only slows her down slightly. They were all modified by her.Powers:Ethereal: Her one and only power, her noble phantasm. She can turn herself Ethereal temporarily. She becomes like a ghost. This makes her invulnerable to physical attacks, but she can still be hurt by magical ones. She can use it on herself, objects, or other people. This uses up significant power.Traits:-Super strength. While not as strong as she is fast, she still has the muscle of a tank. Speaking of which, shes strong enough to lift a tank, and throw it.-Endurance: She has the durability of a tank. Bullets will bounce off of her, and even explosives will do very little to hurt her. When she was 18, she ran several kilometers through a desert as part of her training. Before she was an assassin and still in school, she's beaten one hundred gang members bare handed, without even killing a single one of them.-Agility: Her speed is so fast, that she exceeds the speed of lightning. She can run faster then a fighter jet. She could cut someone fifteen times in the blink of an eye. Shes around the speed of Mach 10.Skill:-Gun Nut.She is an expert when it comes to handling guns. Her accuracy is just as superhuman as every other one of her abilities. She can fire several kilometers away without a scope. The only limits, is her gun. She's able to take apart and rebuild guns. In fact, she can even build guns from spare gun parts. But that's the limit of her knowledge of guns.- Basic academic skills, Plus, she's very intelligent, and quick thinking. Due to the fact that she is not restrained by morals, she acts much quicker thinking then any normal person who would normally hesitate.- She's a brawler as well. Before her memories were erased, she was quite the delinquent who constantly got into fight after fight every single day. She remembers fighting a lot of people, but she doesn't even remember that it was even in a schoolground, let alone who she was fighting.BACKSTORYAs a child, the Phantom was always very violent, and aggressive, towards everyone she meets. She had a very dysfunctional family. She was always fighting with her parents, especially her dad. Despite how strong she was, her father was the only one who could beat her in a fight.And he did many times, every single day when she got home from school. And it was usually a one sided beating. She screamed at him so loud that the neighbors could hear her screams of anger, until he finally beat the anger out of her and she passed out, in a bloody mess.She took it out on everyone around her.She got herself into countless fights. Even if they just looked at her wrong, she would punch them out. She can't go to jail since she is underaged, and she narrowly avoided getting sent away.Childish fits would be a massive understatement. Her rage was more comparable to a raging, flaming, tornado. Some people called her a bully.But calling her that is an understatement. Bullies are scared of her. She is a monster.But even someone as nuts as her- She, had a line she just would not cross no matter what happens. She won't kill anyone. She might beat them bloody, but she wouldn't kill them.Fight after fight after fight. She fought teachers. Classmates. Girls on the street. Other bullies. She even caught gangsters. And thats what lead her into the world of crime. She made  a grave mistake, and it was all her fault. This wasn't a matter of luck or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Its all her fault that she is down this dark road of murder.It was a gang fight. They only had knives, bats, and other melee weapons. However, inferno had a deal going with one of those gangs, and everything went horribly wrong. Everyone had to be eliminated.However, a certain someone had already dealt with all of them.. With their bare hands.A lone female had already beaten both sides of the gang war until they were unconscious. The damage they had all over their body was terrifying. Bones broken. Crying and groaning. The stench of blood was everywhere, But no one was dead.What kind of monster could do all this with her bare hands, and without killing anyone too?It was the Phantom. She stood at the top of a pile of bodies, though they were all still alive. She stood in a victory pose. Her body was in worse shape then the ones who were passed out on the floor.She was breathing hard. Every one of her bones were broken. It was a miracle she was still breathing. Her arms fell limp to her sides, as she coughed up blood. All she could feel as pain.CRACK.Her legs gave out. Both of them broke.She fell down from where the sun previously shined on her, and fell into the darkness. The sun was just coming down, leaving her in darkness, as she heard a dozen people come walking to the scene.A man in a lab coat, who wore a mask to cover his face. But he took it off, and looked at this mess. Who did this?He looked at the female. He didn't have to ask her. He knew she was the one. The only one  who was conscious. His men walked up beside him, and aimed their guns at her. The man was about to call them off, when she looked back, her eyes filled with bitter rage and hatred. Her eyes, were full of fire. A raging inferno.“You… CAN'T KILL ME!”“I WON'T LET YOU, YOU BASTARDS! ILL KILL YOU ALL WITH MY BARE HANDS!”She screamed at the top of her lungs. The fully grown men looked shocked and terrified. They were about to shoot, when the doctor put up his hand to call them off. But she didn't realize that yet, because she turned away and began to crawl, since both her legs were broken beyond repair.“I.. WONT… I wont let you kill me.. You can't!.. You.. can't..k-kill me…”Tears started pouring down her face. She could feel it. She was at death's door. She would die if she didn't get medical attention. She kept crawling, and the man watched her, with a fascinating expression on his face, as if he was watching an exciting TV show.Eventually, she ran out of energy, and started bawling, crying her eyes out and screaming, Laying now in a puddle of blood. So many emotions. Fear. anger. Sadness, and desire. Most of all, she was mad at herself for not being strong enough to survive. She didn't beg for her life, she knew these people were criminals. But she refused to accept that she was going to die.“I...don't want to die... “She says so quietly that she was mumbling. But he could still hear her. After she spoke those words, she She let out even more tears and continued sobbing for a few moments, then she passed out.“You're right.. I can't kill you. That would be a waste.”She was taken in by this man, who just happened to be of great authority in an underground crime organization known as inferno. A “doctor” who specialized in the mind.Her body was rebuilt from the ground up.She still retained her human organs, But everything from her eyes, to her bones, her skin, and especially her muscles, were replaced. Superhuman strength. The durability of a tank. Bones stronger than Steel. Speed which far surpasses human capabilities, more than enough to dodge bullets. Her eyes were replaced with biologically enhanced ones, which allowed her to not only see at extreme distances, but change her viewing to heat vision or night vision.On top of that, she completely lost most of her memories.Any memories related to her identity was sealed away.“Its KILL, or be KILLED.”Those were the words she for some reason thought in her head before she woke up, and the same words she saw written in blood on the wall next to her. She was put in an abandoned facility amongst thirty other chosen people in different rooms, who all had the same upgrades as her.She stood up on her feet, and examined the room. There was a knife on a table next to the wall with the blood on it. It was a military survival knife. The kind that would only be good for killing people.“Where am i..”She tried to remember something. Anything. But she couldn't remember anything. She can't even remember her name.“Who am i? Why am i here?”For some reason, she didn't feel anger or frustration of her current situation. She only felt the need to think about how she was going to get out of here. Those questions didn't really matter, now that she thought about it. All that mattered was her immediate survival.She didn't realize it yet, but her mindset was already changing into what she saw written in blood on the wall. She turned and took the knife, and looked around the room for anything else of use. Nothing. The room was pretty much empty besides a bed.She opened the door, and immediately upon exiting she was attacked. A man wearing a white mask and rugged clothing jumped at her from the shadows, as if he was waiting. He swung down at her with a small blade, the same as hers.Instead of immediately attacking like her old self would, she dodged, and made  quick movement around him, sending a clean chop to the back of the neck. He fell down to the ground. She assumed the threat was over, so she turned to leave.Little did she know, this was just a test. He got up and went to attack her from behind. Her instincts told her something was off, so she had enough time to turn around, and immediately jam her fist into his chest, knocking him back.She kept his eyes on him this time. Those words from the wall came back to her.“KILL OR BE KILLED.”The man spoke those words. Did he want to die? It was clear he wasn't normal. But she didn't think about it anymore. She had to kill him, or she would be the one to die.She used all the strength she didn't know she had, and stabbed him through the chest cleanly. Her hands were now covered in blood, watching him fall to the floor. He was a real human.She continued on, and fought about thirty other “puppets” who wore white masks. Most of them had guns, but the rest, she effortlessly killed from the shadows. It was as if she was a natural.She hardly needed to train. After this, the man who took her in taught her everything he knew about guns, and especially how to fire them. But he hardly needed to teach her, she ended up doing most of her training on her own. In a matter of weeks, she was going on missions.From this point on, she became a human weapon for the next half a decade. Because of her, this organization gained so much power, that their reach went worldwide.She gained the name “Phantom”, for how she killed everyone from the shadows. By the time they saw her face, they were already dead. She fought against all sorts of different people. Her jobs were ones that no normal person can do. From landing a sniper shot from miles away, all the way up to infiltrating a compound, and killing everyone one by one up close and personal.Her career started at age 15, and she died at age 25.By the time she was 22, She betrayed her organization, Inferno. She regained her memories, and one of her emotions returned: anger. She went berserk.. And murdered around three hundred of Infernos fully armed men, completely out of rage. She even killed her master. She then went on the run for the next three years. She had nowhere to go, and nothing to do.She lived a meaningless existence. She felt empty. She was to broken and she knew it. She tried to get to know people to see if it would help, but she just killed them when she got bored, which was quickly. And it wasn't fun for her either, it just made her feel more empty.And she couldn't even cry about it.She died an ironic death.. By her own hand, in a peaceful, grassy plain, with a bright blue sky, and white clouds. She was remembered for the death she brought, but no one ever knew of her human side, which was forever locked away. A bullet in the side of the head, she blew her own brains out.However, that is not the end of her story. Due to the destruction she caused, and the countless people shes killed, her story became a legend. Could such a monster really exist?And then.. She became a heroic spirit. A Berserker.


10/09/2019 12:11 PM 

A Warrior's Call. [Open Combat]

Endless stars, endless universes. Infinite possibilities. Comet of Azure, a flaming sphere warming the darkness of lonely space. Heading straight for a single planet. Growing brighter as it broke through orbit. Stopping inches from the earth, flames dying to revealing personage within. Scanning their surroundings with rings of blue. A dust bowl lay in front of them. Ruins of world covered by the sands of time. Howling winds scattered the sands against their form, yet was unable to cling to them. Reaching down into the loose earth ivory fingers wrapped around a humanoid skull lifting it towards the beating sun above. The skull held three eyes within it. Releasing the skull back to its home. Their feet finally touched down. A single tap against the earth, a pulse carried throughout the core. It took, but moment to return to them. Silence. Nothing but, silence. A dead world. Joy and sorrow rang through them. This was a world that suited their needs, but at the same time. They wondered what happened, they could only imagine what this realm once looked like. Solid was their frame. Pure muscle of ivory mostly exposed to the forces of nature. Only covered by a sleeveless half-jacketed of black with golden trimmings. White slacks lead down long legs into black boots. Jade earrings swayed catching rays of light. Jewelry that remind them of simple times. Azure locks spiked towards the sun. This was form they would hold until death came for them. They were two beings made one. Unable to become what they used too. Forced into being something new in the universe. This didn’t stop their urges. The thrill, the thirst that held both of the halves that made this whole. If anything it was amplified by the merging. They brace themselves against the sands as a divine aura the same color as their eyes pour from their body. Surround themselves in its radiance. Their head tilted back aiming their face towards the heavens. Their maul opened, exposing four white fangs. An earth shattering roar was forced from their lungs. Echoed out by their divine aura across the sea of stars for anyone who would listen. A declare of war against any warrior that had the gall to face them. The aura faded as they push off the sands leaping onto a sunken building. They sat against cold sandstone crossing legs against one another. Closing their eyes beginning to mediate. They would wait…until someone answered their call.

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