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HeℓℓHounds - Yaru | Ari

08/22/2019 01:41 PM 

Hellhound blood pact. -Character support document

Blood PactThe blood pact is especially powerful in hellhounds, A it built into their very nature, part of the blessing from the long-forgotten lords that gave them the human form. Being they direct servants to any family of note Hellhounds had to be strong but also trusted not to turn on their owner, thus the blood pact was created and refined within the generations of hellhounds. Here is the basic rundown of how the blood pact works. Blood pact Manual:User manual for the blood pacts, though if your character is not demonic and doesn’t have demon lord knowledge the odds of your character knowing by default is low but can be discussed, otherwise this is just information that the hounds may...or may not share with you, though unlikely they will talk. Blood pact creation:Blood pacts are made by a life-threatening self-inflicted injury to the hound, this puts them in a dangerous situation if the pact is not sealed quickly the hound will die. . The more grave the injury the stronger the pact will be.Sealing requires the master to cut their hand with the same blade the hound used, and add even a small amount of their blood to the blood of the hound to bind them. Blood pacts are locked on to the words of the pact, the hound used, and it cannot be broken.When the pact is formed the hound will make their vowBreaking the agreed vow will result in a painful death to the hound.  (As described below) Blood pact functions in regards to a master;Blood Pacts works to enhance the hound's powers when working with their masterUnder a direct command, the pact will activate on the hound, making the hound stronger, quicker and their powers maintained to a higher degree than an unbound hound.This allows a hound to better protect and serve their master. Blood Pacts will work to enforce *direct orders from the master no matter whatAs soon as a command is given, the pact will activate, it linked between the two the hound not following the order will result in cascading consequences.Level one will commence after 2 minutes of failing to complyLevel two will start after 5 minutes of failing to complyLevel three will start after 10 minutes of failing to comply*Direct order: Any command offered by the master for the hound to complete, this could be anything and requires the hound's name to be spoken, or for the hound to understand it was directed at them. Masters can summon use the pact to locate their houndDraw a drop of blood- Speak the hounds name - allow the drop to hit the groundIt will glow with the hound's energy, pulling some of the hound's power it will form a small chain in the hand binding the contract to lead the master to his dog. Blood Pacts do not allow a hound to harm their master or allow their master to be harmedAn injury that does not draw blood or bruise will duplicate upon the houndAn injury that causes minor harm will trigger a level 1 consequence.  An injury that causes major harm will trigger a level 2 consequencesAn attempt to kill will trigger a level 3 consequence provided the master was not injuredAn attempt to kill will trigger a level 4 consequence provided the master was only minorly injuredAn attempt to kill that leads to severe/fatal injury will be a level 5*Exception: For the attack to be considered harmful to the master, it must cause the pact holder to feel negatively towards the injury. Reacting with Anger, betrayal, embarrassment or another negative emotion and it directed at the hound who caused it*To count as allowing one's master to be harmed, a hound has to be present, and aware of the danger and not do anything to stop it. Masters can summon a punishment on thier own. They need say the hounds name and hold out the hand that the hound is bound to out to the hound with the number of fingers up for the level of consequence they wish the hound to endure, the master's powers used in combination with the hounds own to initiate the punishment.  Reprieve can be offered by the pact holderA master can stop the effects of the pact and heal any consequence and offer their hound a reprieve simply by touching their hound with the limb used to seal the pact. While also the master can withdraw the order that caused it. Consequence levels:The chains are only visible to the pact holders and will be invisible to all others when they are active.Ari’s chains appear black, and Yaru’s will appear purple. Level 1:  WarningThe pact will form chains around arms and legs, slowly increasing pressure and weight on the hound, until movement is made to comply, making it harder to move and painful to do anything but the command. Level 2: Damaging consequence minorThe pact will form chains around arms and legs, will tighten breaking the smaller bones starting with the lesser fingers, the lower ribs the jaw. Painful, but would not stop them from completing their task.Level 3: Damaging consequence: MajorThe pact will form chains around arms and legs, on the hound, breaking the limbs one major bone at a time over the course of several minutes. Leaving the hound unable to physically move their body without using their powers after 20 minutes. Leaving them at the mercy of those around them, Though they still can use their powers. Level 4: Fatal consequence: ExecutionThe hound's body would be broken major and minor bones broken their forms shattered, the chains shifting to the neck will slowly claim their lives the death and torture taking only 5 minutes. Level 5: Fatal Consequence:  Slow death 30 minutes The pact turns against the hound, the hound's own power turned against them, they will die in a matter of 60 seconds as their own power will attack them                -For Ari this will lead to acid-forming in her body, eating through her form from the inside out, until there is nothing left, but a pile corroded Ichor on the ground.-For Yaru this would cause her shadows to circle her compress her form, breaking every bone-crushing her form slowly, keeping her alive until the final second in constant pain, until it will finally crush her lungs, heart and brain, to leave a mangled bloody shapeless corpse on the ground.Early pact symptoms:Blood pacts pack a punch on the hound who makes it, a strong power released when they do so, expect their behavior to change briefly, An effect similar to being drunk will take place, the hounds overtaken by an increase in their own power and an infatuation in their master that will last several days, different hounds react differently to this. .   Warning: Hellhounds will attack each other if they are different in power, it is the nature of hellhounds to challenge each other, and grow aggressive towards others when their situation changes, they are territorial aggressive beasts. NOTE:It's unlikely the hounds as they are will easily agree to form a pact, and most certainly will avoid answering questions in regard to the pact and how it works for someone who doesn't know, the consequences of them so grave it's something that Yaru especially will conceal she the best lier of the pair. 

〚𝔻𝕠𝕣𝕜 𝕂𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥〛

08/22/2019 06:50 PM 

Sunrise: Drabble

attention:| The rain was relentless, it was cold and biting against her lower face, her only exposed skin. It wasn't the first time Steph was grateful for the fact her suit was insulated, and with Gothams weather, she knew it wouldn't be the last. Saturated blonde strands sticking to her shoulders, she sighed softly to herself, subtle aches and pains setting in, as she sank down on the edge of a rooftop. The night had been as unyielding as the downpour. The beginnings of what could have been another gang war between a branch of the Triad, the Neon Dragon Triad, and the Odessa Mob, Ukrainian Mafia. It could have been a mess. Well. A bigger mess. "Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too." But she handled it. With copious amounts of gooparangs. Now she was just hoping for the next few minutes to stay quiet, while she just… Sat. The rain began to let up, clouds parting, revealing the predawn, hyper polluted skyline that reigned over Gotham. Of a night, its sky was a blood red. During the day? A faint blue. But pre dawn? Just as the sun rose? Well, let's just say Little Miss Lavender Lover didn't mind her days of sleep deprivation to see the sun rises. Pulling a knee to her chest, wincing slightly, a faint smile on her face, Stephanie watched as the sun rose, and the skyline matched her suit. Whatever happened today, it was going to be a good day. "I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie credit.


08/22/2019 02:57 PM 

Example of her Dragon force Stage 1
Current mood:  awake

Her hair becomes half blue and half blonde, the blonde due to her fathers genetic draconian blood flowing through her veins. She looks like this when in the first stage, scales half way over her face. 


08/22/2019 02:54 PM 

Skills + Abilities
Current mood:  animated

Battle Information Main class: Magic WarriorPassive Abilities: 1. Illusion break eye: Her right sunset orange eye has a power of its own, it is actually an eye filled with Veldora’s raw power. With this, his magic lets illusions only work half way, she may fall for it at first but then will be able to see through it if she focuses her right eye. 2. Fire breathing: When angered or flustered, being a draconian she will spit fire..literally. Skills: Hand to hand, martial arts, swordsmanship, master weaponry.Powers: 1. Weather manipulation(Can cause thunder and lightning storms) 2. Reequip: Able to pull out armor and weapons from different pocket dimensions that are far more extensive than Erza Scarlet.  4. Superhuman physiology, Superhuman senses heightened more than a dog to a high pitch. 5. Lightning manipulation. 6. Dragon Force stages (Can separate her dragon being into stages)Fighting Styles: blade runner. (Can run just about any weapon she can reequip or is familiar with)


08/21/2019 10:30 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

Weapons: 1. Nothingness blade ( with Darkness armor) This blade with its name has no true meaning behind it. Its nothingness has the effect for one’s opponent to “Forget” what they were going to do each time the blade would pulsate its black magic around the blade. Only those within a 10 mile radius would be affected. Sharp enough to slice through trees. It can slice through some magical armor but only made of darkness or shadows. It can also slice through or control darkness/shadows. The black magic around the blade erupts on command or when high dark power/magic exposes itself.2. The blade of hell: with her Demon Flame armor, it was forged in the fires of hell and the tip dipped in the high lord of hell blood. With this blade, she can deflect majority of flames by either moving her sword in a spiral motion and or slicing through it. It as well can engulf itself with flames on its own, giving her sword more dexterity up to 15% as well as extending her the width and length of her sword with said flame. Can melt through even metal. 3. Queen’s Dragon blade.(with Dragon Queen armor)  This blade is as sturdy as a dragon talon, if not more, its blade made up of different magical dragon scales that helps it stay sturdy. They say this Queen Dragon blade shows the commandment she bestows upon the dragons, it shows her rank to them, unless they are of higher rank they cannot and will not attack her. Unless that commandment is broken she will have will over them (Only if she reequips this weapon) Its sharp enough to claw through enough magical armor due to its draconian abilities from being forged from scales of magical dragons. With this blade and armor combined she is able to move with the swiftness of a dragon and elegance of a swan, quick she is able to move this blade. dragon fairy blade style 1: a reverse strike fight art style that stuns most targets in a roar of sound waves upon multiple consecutive slashes. (Lasts up to however minutes depending how many slashes. Example: 3 slashes= 1 minute)Form 2:  Rage of the dragon a single pierced strike that creates an after images. Each image follow the same attack depending how many charges she makes for the strike(s)4. Holy Sword (with Heavenly body armor) This sword is a medium length sword forged by Hephaestus off Olympus. Its abilities are that to slay even God’s and God’s angels, its blade strong to rival that of Zeus’s lightning bolt. When it tastes the blood of a Holy or innocence it begins to bleed gold blood. This blood shines bright like the sun that it can blind people if light reflects off it and the blood is holy. She uses the blade to direct this light at you. This sword given its name, can provoke the innocence and light inside a person with an insert of her swords blade in an opponent once it produces this gold blood  (Only those two attacks would work accordingly, it either needs to be fully inserted into someone to get a direct dose or a slight cut to get under the skin.) 5. Blades of Chaos: These blades were given to her by the Spartan God of War Cronus. Abilities are the same as his. 6. Sword of the Free(With Freedom armor) This sword the length and sturdiness strengthened by raw magical power, can stand up to most magical weaponry. This sword can move freely with her and or by its chain that can extend to 5 feet. Its ability to move freely by chain is enhanced by the Freedom Armor she wears without this armor its freedom is limited to that of someone who is experienced (Such as her) with a weapon like it. This sword can cut the chains of slavery or ownership and grant freedom to those who need it. 7. Sword of Purgatory and Death Ax. (with Purgatory armor) These two weapons bestowed on her by Death himself, The sword grants her the ability to open a portal to purgatory with the sword, either releasing the beings in purgatory or sucks people within 5 feet of her within it. This portal can be moved by her sword if she makes it, by closing the portal and then pointing the tip of her sword to another destination and then using her magic once more, it’ll open there. Its blade craves that of souls, it gains more power the more soul it soaks in. The Death Ax, grant's death to those at the end of its blade. How it does that this Ax has been dipped in a dragons poison that oozes out of the edge of the blade. Each hack at one’s skin will cause this poison to secrete itself within your skin and slowly kill you off, increased time with second or more hacks. No one has lived to tell the tale of this Ax, its blade giving off an abnormal aura of death. 8. Ninja tools: Any normal Ninja tool she can use, but at a magical rate. Each ninja tool’s speed is increased 10x than a human using it. Its dexterity the same as well with every other aspect besides magic. (More to come)

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