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Akino Kyo Takura ~Track & Field~

12/07/2019 07:46 PM 

Broly ~The Legendary Saiyan~

Name: BrolyEarth Age: ||Looks to be mid to late twenties.||Real Age: 737Orientation: StraightStatus: SingleHeight: 7'7" ||Yes, Literally.||Love Intrest: None. ||Prefers female Saiyans. ^v^ Yes, I've changed this many times now. XD||Base Power Level: ||7 Quadrillion||Max SSJ Power Level: ||11.2 Septillion||Max SSJB Power Level: ||N/A.||Max SSJ4 Blue Power Level: ||N/A.||Race: SaiyanOccupation:  ||He's A Saiyan...||Personality: ??? ||...I'm actually going to save this for the role-play. Keep in mind though, I won't play him exactly as he is in the movies. I'm going to play him kind of my own way. Similar to how Goku is. :3||

Noctis RoyalRebel

12/07/2019 05:59 PM 

[RP Advice] Forced Shipping (It Hurts Your Partners)

A topic I heavily need to cover, because this has happened to me more than I can count as well. My friends and I have had issues with partners trying to force shipping RolePlays on us, and I really wish to make some things clear.Please, do not ever assume the partners you pick, will be into romance genres. It would take a lot of grit off if you take the courtesy to ask first, or even read their profiles to see what they do and don’t accept. Approaching your partners with “Do you want to do romance?” or “Do you do muse x muse?” is a good way to drive away a partner. It makes them uncomfortable, causing them to think you only want to RP with them just to ship your characters.I myself have had many MANY cases, where my partners have only wanted to chat with me for shipping purposes. I don’t care if you want to ship, I just don’t want it to be the only thing you want from me. In the past, I have had to block many Prompto, Ignis, Lunafreya and OC makers due to this issue. The moment they read my profile and see I do not allow Romance genres, they no longer wish to RP with me and move on to someone else. You see... it really does hurt us, as your partners, if all you want from us is a Romance. There is so much more to RP than Romance, we are not here to fill your shipping fantasies, we are here to make stories and development. When you leave our chats or block us for rejecting Romance RPs, it makes us question ourselves and leads us to create rules that restrict Romance genres.  All we truly want is a story with development, and when you push us away, we begin to believe we will not find partners to build stories with.Please keep this in mind the next time you ask a partner for Romance Genres. Not all of us want it, but a lot of us want a developmental story. Some of us are perfectly fine with shipping, as long as it’s developmental and not forced.

RP, Advice, RolePlay Advice, RolePlay, RP Advice

demon prince Hiro omega

12/07/2019 02:21 PM 

If you wish to own hiro

Hello here is some things you should know before wanting to own hiro as your pet... and bad things ... Name hiro Age 18 dog years 8 months old Hair blond in human form black demon form Eyes gold and purple hint of blue sparkles Height 5'0 Weight 50 lbs Sex male Rank omega ( can get pregnant ) Mate N/A he was abandon his aunt took away his last mates mark Likes anything sweet and yummy Dislikes sour but spicey Favorite color purple ♡ Favorite hobbies learning trying new foods art Race rare demon wolf breed that's breaded to hunt demons down or weak demons to strong ones and to be breaded for grim reapers to take souls to their masters Good quality Loyal Loving Gentle Kind to kids Protetive Will die to protect master or misstress Good at cooking baking Feelings for all thinks to protect all they love as their pups or kids with out breeding he tend to nurse stuff animals Bad quality's Tends to bite strangers or people he hates Will bark at night when hears smells danger Wont fight back or back talk if ones abusing him he cant say no or stop He is highly submisive but will go belly up to all who scares him Still nurses on blanket or clothes Loves eating shoes Tends to pee himself when startled Hates baths tends to bite or growl Fears bugs will bark at them to act tough Tends to bite ankles in the morning Refuses to eat when sick... Brings in dead aninals like a cat to master or owner is part demon leapord Always barks at lights on the wall or flow Bed hog so small takes a lot of room on the bed Has a black out spot that during this time he forgets Has memory loss so yeah.


12/07/2019 02:22 PM 

Rp Rules

1. No being OP2. Please inform me when you need to leave (Just a simple quick brb or gtg. No more. No less)3. Do not control my characters in any way4. If being an OC, please have a blog and descriptive OC. I do not rp with OCs that have little detail to them (No WIP (Work In Progress) OCs!)5. Do not choose my role/character for me6. Do not start an instant rp. I don't rp off the bat7. No auto hits and no constant dodging8. I do not choose characters for others to rp as. So if you are one to ask others who you should rp as, then I'm not the right person for you to rp with9. I will not do slave x master rps10. Do not just come to a chat with me, say you want to rp, but then ignore me, leave the conversation or block me. Thats just a waste of time11. I only play male roles only. Do not force me to play female roles. If you force me into playing a female role, I will block you12. If you are someone who uses OCs, but won't allow me to use an OC, then do not message me for an rp. I use mainly OCs for rps I'm in13. No one word rp responses (3+ lines are prefered, but not needed. Just no one word responses)14. If you can respond OOC (Out of character), then you can respond to the rp. Simple as that[IC]15. Keep messages in one (Unless fixing a mistake)16. Please have proper grammar, sentences and proper punctation (If you have dyslexia or have a disablity, then thats different or if its a big word that you are unsure how to spell, then thats different as well)17. Use brackets when OOC (Out of character)18. I do not rp with these styles of rp; Ooo a cat picks cat up and Ooo a cat (picks cat up)19. I will not rp with real life face claims! Animated and hand drawn face claims only!! 20. I do not rp real life rps!21. Stick to a one person pov (Third or first. Do not care which you use, unless its second person because I get confused by second person pov)22. No text slang in rp (U, ur, tho, gf, bf, hru and so on)23. I will not do crossovers24. If you don't have an OC you can use or don't have an OC link ready, you can use one of my OCs, but ask first and do not, I repeat DO NOT steal the OC. If you choose to use one of my OCs, it will only be allowed for the rp you do with me, not with anyone else25. I don't rp with genderbent characters26. I don't change my OCs for anyone, even if its for the rp plot. So don't expect me to change my OC27. If an OC has a face claim from an actual anime, I won't rp with that OC. Its just a bit awkward for me. Sorry28. I leave chats after its been 15 hours29. I only really ever do 18+ romances, so if you don't like them, then pming me for rp isn't the best to do. Sorry. I may do other genres, but my main one is 18+ romances


12/07/2019 02:19 PM 

Basic OC Template

((Please do not remove or leave anything out of this template when using it. Formatting can be removed, but everything else stays and keep the template in the same order is it is on here))~|Insert OC quote here|~~|General Info|~~Name~~Age~~Height~~Weight~~Birthday~~Gender~~Sexuality~~Blood Type~~Relationship Status~~Personality~~Species~~|Family Info|~~Mother~~Father~~Siblings~~Ancestors~~Other Family Relations~~|Health Info|~~Illnesses~~Smoke?~~Drink Alcohol?~~Does Drugs?~~|Like and Dislike Info|~~Likes~~Dislikes~~|History (Backstory on his/her life)|~~Hobbies~~|Conversation Info|~~Swears?~~Made up words?~~Made up language~~What other languages can him/her speak (If they can speak another language)~~|Habits Info|~~|Insert other OC quote here|~

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