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02/17/2019 03:05 PM 

"He" is our great leader (cultish medieval rp)

//Disclaimer I did not make this plot, I just copy pasted it with the owner's permission, and I will be playing "he" as a she.
When "He" came
As a young Woman living in a small Farming village in the kingdom of Lusitania you have had a fairly average life, That it Until "He" came. His name was Galdrus, He was a half elf Magic caster wandering the area and Spent a few nights in your village. There had recently been a few missing villagers which had been the talk of the town. One day you heard a ruckus in the village center, you see that Galdrus Had taken the Leader of the village and had proved he was the one murdering those missing people. After the execution of the once great leader, the people begged the poor man to be their leader until he had to accept. He quickly changed life around the village for good as he employed warriors and workers from this tribal form of small humanoid lizard people. The village soon changed from a Farming village to a merchant town, to even now a small fortified city, the changes seemed to be as fast as they could be made. It was no longer the same village

How "He" changed your life forever
Galdrus Soon brought out a new religious regime where every woman and child must go to a school to learn the religion, basic education, and most importantly magic. The Adult men had to be excluded as he said "At that age it is too late to educate them." so they became warriors and workers.One day from the children he chose a true disciple that he said was "Chosen by the Gods" who seemed to be a protege in all things magic. your works did not go unnoticed either, you were part of the chosen 3 Women to serve as High Priestess and to be his personal body guard. He took all three of you to be personally trained by him, It was harsh and, but you were able to withstand it. Every night He commenced a ritual upon each of you to help you Mentally. The Ritual would Open your mind to his magic, inguinal him to soothe the mental strain the overuse of this dark magic causes. With the dark magic corrupting you like a drug, and with his mental magic being the only thing that soothed you, you and the other women became obsessed with him. when you returned from training, you were no longer the same women.

You can play as either one or all of the women, if you so desire.
If three people wish, we can make ir a group rp.
NFSW contest may be added with partner digression.
This was in part based of a HEAVILY home-brewed DnD campaign
As many people can join and make new RPs with me until i get bored on this, and by then it would be closed.
Either DM me and discuss any plot specifics or just DM me with a starter.
I can roleplay any length from one liner, too multi paragraph, so fell free to to send a starter even if it is only a few sentences(though make it clear it is a roleplay starter)


02/17/2019 09:18 PM 

Lulu's Rules
Current mood:  accomplished

1.) I love making new friends and get to know them.

2.) If you don't talk I'll delete you period and if you don't want that to happen then talk to me. Unless, if I'm busy I will get back to you as soon as possible so be patient.

3.) Don't be stealing my pictures even when people edited them for me. I will always credit them whenever they edit one for me. I'm not that kind not to credit them cause they are awesome editors and I always put a heart on the end of their name that means they are special to me. Also, my husband knows that I edited my characters in a nude with others on it. Just telling you guys know.

4.) I only rp in messages and chitchat using either of this ||, //, ooc on messages but I'm fine with either way to chat with me whatsoever. You may also chat with me on Discord just add me and we will figure out what to talked about.

5.) My character is only dating in rp and whatever rp dating she's in its stay that way. I won't be dating anyone in real cause I'm married. My husband knows about me doing this so I'm not the type to lie to him who I talked to on here. I'm actually honest to him but the only thing he hates when I talked about someone causing drama with me and he told me to ignore it completely. I always do ignore it but it always gets worse when someone call me names behind my back. I really do hate that period.

6.) Once my character is in a rp relationship with someone they won't rp with anyone unless if my partner agreed for me to do sexual rp with you when she's taken, engaged, or married. (That's up to my character's lover if he/she will let them do any of the sexual content.) If my character is in an open relationship or in a poly relationship then its fine with me doing that.) If my character is single then I don't mind sharing her with everyone.

7.) One more thing I want to say "please no drama whatsoever" or I will get you block. I don't want drama to get me involved with it when I'm not part of it.

8.) Let's enjoy the fun and be friends. :D

【Dork Knight】

02/17/2019 07:12 PM 

Crime Doesn't Pay: Drabble

attention: | mentions: Crime Doesn't
Crouched low, breathing steady, the night vision lenses of her cowl active, Batgirl counted the numbers in the warehouse where she was hidden silently.
Twelve gang members. All with half masks or bandanas covering their faces. Only two of them armed with anything more than a blade or bat.
A new forming gang.
They must have been stupid.

“Alright boys, listen up, listen up. Tonight, we're gonna get the rest of you some heat. Then we're gonna start the real work on these streets.”

He sounded young. Not much older than her. Early twenties, maybe? She almost felt bad for what she was about to do to them. But it was better her than The Big Bad Bat, really.

‘Or was it?’

She mused as she flung a batarang (just a standard one, how boring) at the table in front of the 'leader’, already moving, sticking to the shadows, deactivating night vision on the go.

'At least if it was Batman, it would be, you know, Batman kicking the crap out of them, not a tiny blonde thing. Bah. They'll probably tell who ever it was Bats anyway…’

Steph would shrug to herself, a slight grin at the mental image at the thought. However, the batarang did what she wanted. They were spooked.

“Who's there?!”

Unable to help herself, she let out a laugh, continuing her movement.

“Did you really just ask that? With the Batarang right there?! In Gotham?! At NIGHT?! You poor sweet summer children…”

As she spoke, she kept on the move, her obviously feminine voice having them less on edge than they were, yet still spooked.

“Come out and fight like a man, you bat bitch coward!”

The one nearest to her yells, into the darkness about six feet to her left. Slowly, she grins, coils her legs under herself from her current perch on the shelving, and pounces, driving her knees into his chest, her hand on his head, forcing it into the floor.
Vicious? Perhaps. But she was here to teach a valuable lesson, and even with that concussion, he wasn't likely to forget tonight's schooling. Stepping aside and giving her warmest smile, as opposed to a Batglare, she sat her hands on her hips.

“If you insist… Gentlemen, my name is Batgirl. I'm here to remind you that in Gotham, we do things a certain way. Shall we begin?”

One of the ones she noted was armed pointed at her, reaching for his gun.

“She's like, a hundred pounds, and we out number her, ten to one! Get her!”

The rush began. Knives thrusting towards her chest, baseball bats swinging in every direction.

“Those odds hardly seem fair. For you.”

She grinned, ducking the first bat to come for her head, catching the wrist holding the blade, striking the elbow, while twisting back on the hand, kicking the knife away.
Frankly, it was unfair, with how trained she was, and how unskilled they were. She had to admire their dedication though. Weaving through them, it might as well have been the lowest setting on the training simulations back in the Batcave.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Steph found that she had begun toying with them. Letting them get body blows in, only to hit back harder across the face. One with a broken nose came back for more. She liked his moxy. She wasn't sure when she started using moxy. But here she was.
There was a click, as something pressed against the back of her head. She had been toying with them too much, and not paying attention. Eyes quickly darting around, she noted that the two she pegged as armed with guns weren't on the floor around her.
Letting out a sigh, she slumped her shoulders slightly, and slowly turned in place, so the barrel was against her forehead. It was shaking.

“Stop right there Batgirl. I'll shoot. I will.”

His voice was younger than the others. But similar. A brother? That would explain why he was also armed when the others weren't.
Keeping a neutral expression, she blinked once, examining his face. His dark eyes were terrified. Shooting a look over to the other armed one, who hadn't left the table (some leader he was), his hand on his gun, watching intently, Steph knew what she was going to do.

“Big Brother pulled you into this mess, huh? You really wanna end up Bat fodder when you could be home? In bed? Not getting hospitalized?”

Little Brother looks back at Big Brother, shakes his head, pulls off his half mask and shoves the gun into Steph's hands.

“I didn't wanna be here at all…”

Big brother puffs up indignantly, slamming his fist into the table.

“Eric! You're meant to have my back!”

Shuffling off towards the door, stepping around the bodies of the beaten and broken, Eric left, Steph dismantled the gun, throwing it in opposite directions.

“Good call, Eric. Get home, and call the GCPD. And you…”

She turned her attention to Big Brother, with a grin.

“We have some things to talk about, don't we bud?”

He, however, disagreed, and took off like a shot, taking his gun, down the hall, further into the dark warehouse. Steph sighed slightly, rolling her eyes, and went out the window, following on roof, activating her heat vision lenses in her cowl. Once he had stopped moving in, in a loading dock, and was spinning around in place, obviously looking for her. Slipping in through a long busted window, and returning to regular vision, she caught the last part of a rant.

“-creepy f***ing bats just lurking around in the damn dark!”

Unable to help herself, she crawled along the top of a rafter, starting her talk and relocate routine again.

“Have you idiots ever considered meeting in well lit places during the day then? Maybe we wouldn't be a factor then. Just putting it out there.”

Apparently, Big Brother wasn't playing around. He fired three shots in the directions her voice came from. All missed her, just. One clipped a fire extinguisher, filling the area with a growing cloud of whirling, thick fog like obstructive gas.

“Whoops… maybe you should watch where you're shooting, Tex. You are keeping track of your shots, right? Because I am… three more. Make them count…”

She should just end it. Here and now. But if this punk was stupid enough to try to start a gang, in Gotham she needed him to understand what that meant.
Darting across the floor now, causing the cloud to swirl around her, she dropped down into a baseball side, under the long forgotten truck, as another shot fired off behind her, ricocheting off the floor somewhere, lost.

“Ooh, unlucky. Two more…”

Was it bad that she was enjoying herself? Probably a little. She could practically hear Batman in her ear, telling her to end it already.
Crawling silently up on top of the truck, she did something, frankly, bordering on cruel and unusual punishment territory. She flung a gooparang at his feet, and ran along the top of the truck, vanishing down the back behind him, as he fired at her.
Her beloved green goop detonated from its pods, encasing his legs from the knees down, trapping him in place.

“And then there was one!”

She called from somewhere behind him. He did with the shot what she thought he might. Try to shoot at the goop. It did nothing.
Steph thought about immediately pouncing on him. But watching him strain his eyes and ears to try to find her, jumping at every little sound, the cars on the freeway in the distance, the rats in the walls, kinda amused her.
She had some problems she needed to work out. She knew.
After five minutes, she had crept up behind him, and lightly tapped his shoulder.

“So, what did we learn here tonight?”

He screamed. Of course he did. It took everything she had to not laugh.

“That crime doesn't pay. Please. Miss Bat. Batgirl please don't hurt me. Please…”

Circling to his front, she raised a brow, not that he could see it under her cowl.

“Oh, honey. Don't worry. You won't feel a thing…”

He looked like he was about to start thanking her, when she grabbed the back of his head and drove him, skull first into her knee, which she swung upward with just as much force.
She lied. He'd feel it when he woke up.

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie

Purity the Hedgehog

02/17/2019 01:16 PM 

Order and Chaos - Chapter 5 - Purity's Last Flight

The last of the Chaos Emeralds would theoretically be the one Purity could snag while the three invasive individuals were gone with the other six. And she would be further in luck as she knew that they wouldn't be able to get this last one as it currently resided within the Special Zone, a place rippling and ever evolving with the chaotic energy of the Emeralds.

Tracking down a Warp Ring to the Special Zone proved easy enough, something Purity was thankful for. Leaping through, she would find herself standing among the rainbow of colors that made the ground of the Special Zone at this time. Looking up was a majestic array of images and crystalline bits of energy raining down onto the ground around her. She could sense the Emerald ahead of her and began her dash for it, having to avoid the occasion crystal that would crash about her.

What she didn't expect as she drew close to the Emerald's location, seeing its brilliant white light ahead, was having company here too. Wrapping a large hand around the Emerald was a bizarre looking creature. The creature had an appearance greatly resembling that of Chaos, but it came with a few more long protrusions from the back of its head. It's body was an oily looking black where light would occasionally show oily rainbow colors on its body or the magenta bubbles inside of it. And the creature's eyes where a light shade of blue that somehow still gave off an intimidating glance.

It tucked the Chaos Emerald into its oily figure and stared Purity down. "I'm not leaving without that Emerald." She gave a heavy frown to her newest obstacle, letting lose a torrent of Chaos Energy attacks.

The creature was being pelted with each blast but seemed mostly unaffected. It reached out its arm, slick and long as it reached out far around Purity's attacks to swat her from behind. Purity quickly went to get back on her feet and looked for a better means of attack.

Purity spotted a few of the energy crystals falling her way. She leaped out at them, giving each a Homing Attack to knock them into at the creature. It seemed more hurt by them and lashed out its arms and head protrusions in a rage.

Eventually, it would launch an arm at Purity again and she would step aside and avoid it. She was quick to discover that she wasn't its target as it had grabbed one of the falling crystals. It brought the crystal close to itself and stuck it into its body as well.

Purity watched as it's appearance began to quickly and drastically change. The liquid oily look gave way from a more rigid looking crystal appearance like that of the falling ones. Sending a few of the falling crystals at it now didn't seem to do much to it now.

This was something that Purity could work into her advantage. She could tell how unstable these chaotic crystals were. And she knew she'd be able to use her own attacks on the creature now. Her Chaos Beam would prove effect now at keeping it down. It would try now and again to reach u for another crystal to recharge itself, but she could easily dispatch them with Chaos Spears.

Eventually the Chaos Emerald popped out of it as it's crystalline appearance began to falter. It reached for the Emerald but Purity simply blasted through it in a boost. Much like Chaos, it puddled itself and just seemed to vanish as the Special Zone appeared to have kicked it back out.

Purity clutched the Emerald in her hand now. But in doing so, she became away of the fact she had little time to waste. She had to reach Kosma's world now and they was only one way she'd be able to. Calling upon the link between the Emeralds, she channeled herself into her Radiant State and propellered herself back into the Ringsphere. The energy of her power was enough to surpass the energy of that red Warp Ring that had appeared and lead those three to her world, and Purity vanished into the other side. There was no turning back now for Purity.


02/16/2019 11:54 PM 


if you’re interested in rping with me, here are some guidelines i’d like you to follow:

  • We can either discuss an rp, or you can start with a post. I do not mind either way.
  • When it comes to REPLIES: Take your time, I will never rush you for replies and I kind of expect the same thing. A nudge is fine, but if I refuse and you continue to bother me I will block you.
  • SHIPPING: This is a MULTI-SHIP blog. So, each relationship tends to be contained in their own universe, unless I say so.
  • If you notice I’m your friend for while and haven’t interacted, sorry. I’m just shy and have a hard time approaching first. I might eventually though. Potential reasons I won’t interact are: I don’t know the fandom your muse is from, I don’t know how to interact with your character or I’m intimidated by you lol.
  • Consider this an unofficial approval of, if your muse wants to smack, hit, push Timantha. They are totally allowed to. Timantha is pushy, nosy and smart mouthed so don’t feel like you need to hold back your muse’s actions for the sake of her. But, please do just double check with me before you do!
  • NSFW stuff is EARNED, I like writing it as much as the next person but plain ol' dirty stuff needs be earned through story sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Might edit as I think of more rules, just make sure to have fun!!!

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