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~Monster Boys~

02/22/2020 01:20 PM 


A monster with an appearance almost like that of a preschooler, that lives in villages made in caves and mines, etc. There are numerous monsters that have forms like small children, but even out of all such monsters, the distinguishing characteristic of the dwarves is that they stand out as having a particularly very young appearance, but this form is that of an already adult dwarf. In contrast with their cute looks, they have a considerate, exuberant personality and they're mostly mature, caring men. Their mentality also matches their physical age, and they will seduce men. And in spite of looks, they posses extremely durable bodies.


02/21/2020 11:23 PM 

~ Rules; ~
Current mood:  adventurous

RULES & GUIDELINESDisclaimer: I do not intend to pretend that I am my character, and it should be obvious that I am not an anime character, either. Please note, that I'm fully aware of my real life situation and roleplaying as Akito Tsukino is just a side hobby of mine and that I do have an active life outside of roleplay but that goes without saying otherwise.1. Friend requests will be accepted as long as I believe there will be some form of interaction between the adder and the person behind the character. Unless you contact me within 24 hours to 3 days, you will be removed and don't just let it be a greeting. If you're genuinely interested in roleplaying please let it be known and we can definitely get a roleplay started.2. I use Photoshop cs6 to make edits of my character. Please do not steal things from my page and if you really want I can always edit something or even create a layout for you if you want. I have extensive knowledge about divs and two column layouts.  I can also do basic layouts as well but I don't share them without being sure that they'll be used.3. I do except some understanding of proper grammar when writing with me; you may use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation however, I do know that mistakes can happen and I can forgive a few misunderstandings but just let me know that I can understand your writing.  4. I do not get into relationships lightly. I like to start roleplays from scratch and knowing he is taken from someone, doesn't sit well with me. I do apologize to anyone hoping to having a "romantic" connection; just do not expect to be exclusive.5. Treat each other the way you would want to be treated. Simple rule, but I feel it's over-looked a lot of the time. Please just respect one another and put your differences aside. If you can't come to a common ground, delete each other and don't talk again. If you're interested in my view on drama it is this: zero tolerance for drama,, period- I don't delve into it and I certainly don't encourage it on my comments, messages, or stream.6. Put some effort into the posts you soon. I will try to do my best about creating quality content but I expect the favor to be returned when you're writing with me. I don't want to be the only one to come up with ideas and quality content. Please keep that in mind when messaging me about a roleplay.7. These rules are subject to change and will change as time goes on and I interact with different people. Don't think they will remain like this forever. I will post a link to my stream once I'm finished writing them out.8. Personal information such as phone numbers, addresses and other pieces of government property will not be given under any circumstances. I will, however, give out my phone number to only those whom have earned the right to it.9. I will only roleplay with people who are of age and this is to avoid any unnecessary drama from the other side - I am 30 years old and still roleplaying and that should say more about me than it is required but I digress.10. I honestly don't care how you contact me. If you prefer messages over comments then do that and vice versa. I don't really care; messages are more organized but if you don't like them that's fine too.11. No mutli character roleplayers -- I don't like to roleplay with mcrp's because it honestly gets confusing if you're not sticking with the roleplay's in question.12. Don't stay on my friend's list to collect dust ; don't just add me to your page as another number. I'm honestly here to write and if you're interested you should just send me a message with a starter - I don't care for greetings or introductions; please just chat with me and be yourself! I don't judge others too harshly when it comes to that. Life is too short.13. Have FUN! I am not a nazi and although this might make me sound intimidating I am honestly the shyest person I know. Either way, please do enjoy yourself when roleplaying with me. I often come up with ideas from scratch so please don't mistake me for someone who doesn't have the creativity to create certain content.14. Don't message me if you're underage. I'm a 30 year old female living at home and roleplaying is simply a hobby as stated before.15. Don't rush me for comments and keep in mind that I have a life outside of roleplaying. If I am unable to answer replies in a timely manner it will be addressed in the status stream and updates will be posted accordingly.--- Please let me know you've read this by sending me a comment that you've read and understood the rules. --- 


02/21/2020 07:12 PM 


By no means do you need to sign after you read them but all I ask is that they are followed1. Cannot stress this enough, DO NOT send me messages with out of character text as messages are for roleplaying only.. I will not respond. Please refer to the comment section or discord!2. If my character is in a relationship it will be known on my page, do not push your luck if he is taken. Also, he's gay.3. If you don't like a reply from me or starter I send please feel free to let me know OTHER then not responding to me.. I give it a weeks time and I do check periodically on status to make sure the person is busy and not just ignoring my reply. I try to provide interesting replies.4. Try to not give me one sentence roleplays, I just don't know how to keep it interesting ^^ Sorry5. I am a sucker for angst, drama, crazy  happenings in a roleplay but if something is too much please ooc me and tell me and I can tone it down. I try to warn. 6. UNLEASE YOUR CREATIVITY and please know do do whatever you want to my muse :3 The world is your oyster. I wont get offended. 7. I can work with any storyline as long as I am given something to go off ofmore to come I am sure

𝐀rtificial 𝐀postle.

02/21/2020 04:55 PM 

....The Awakening;

......Why did it turn out like this?He found himself asking this question as he laid while layingon the ground with his Alma's corpse. It felt nice to finally say goodbye on his ownterms thanks to no other than Allen Walker. If only he could do something to repay himhowever he most likely won't get that chance. The sensation of his curse throbbingand draining the last of his life force was something he can sense. His breathingbeginning to slow down along with his heart beat..Truly he regretted a multitude of things...not seeing Lenalee's and Lavi's face one more time. Punching theVatican officials in the face and so on. The last breath left his lips and his hands fell to the sandy ground and felt his body growing colder. Staring up at the destroyed ruins and the bright sky above him.A out of body experience and Kanda Yuu is thankful that its finally over. No more fightingand worrying about his 'friends' as much as it pained him deep inside. Within fifteen minutesthose thoughts are cut short by a throbbing pain starting at his head. It was excruciating and he grinded his teeth at the pain. Then the sensation radiating down his body and he found himself breathing again against his will. Screaming out not that a single soul would hear him and hourspassed then days with the very same pain. On the seventh day the pain subsided and Kanda was thankful for it. Wondering whatin the hell that was about and why is he still alive? He found a spot to bury his lover'sremains and laid flowers on the grave and stayed there for a time. The next day he made his wayinto the nearest town and managed to steal fresh clothes and money. Not that he is proud of himself. Weeks later he returned to the black Order to his disdain in order to get Mugen backand his resolve was to find Allen Walker and repay the debt he felt he owed the moron.It would be a good two weeks later before he found out what exactly happened to hisbody and why it occurred...Kanda is now the Noah of Wrath. While of courserefusing the be swallowed by the memory he is NOT that weak.


02/21/2020 03:20 PM 

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