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ᴛsᴜᴋɪ ✨

12/13/2018 03:12 PM 


Here are a few rules, that I expect everyone to follow. If you do not follow these rules, I will delete you.

1) No Oc x Oc.
2) Do not hit on me.
3) Do not start drama with me.
I am still working on more rules!

Yugi Muto

12/13/2018 02:29 PM 

Real life fun deck.

So this is my just for fun spellcaster themed deck.

Dark magician of chaos x3
Dark magician x3
Dark magician girl x3
The tricky x3
Skilled dark magician x3
Magician's valkyria x3
Chocolate magician girl x3

Foolish burial
Monster reborn
Dark hole
Swords of revealing light
Magicial dimension x3
Mystical space typhoon x2

Mirror force
Bottomless trap hole x2
Call of the haunted x2
Torrential tribute
Shadow spell x3


12/13/2018 11:52 PM 

Kaylin Grimm

Used for: medi-fantasy/gothic settings and/or DnD roleplays.

Alias: The Crow
Race: Human
Height:5 feet, 4 inches
Non-magical skills: pickpocketing, disguise, lockpicking, climbing(whether it be up the side of a building or a tree), stealth attacks, basic alchemy, knife fighting, knife throwing, hand to hand. Basic medicine.

Magical skills: sound suppression. Thunderclap, ball of darkness(creates an area of pitch black darkness) darksight, illusion, eldritch blast, invisibility, and mage blade.(She can imbue a knife with pure magical energy for a single powerful strike.)

Background: Kaylin was born to a mother who died moments after her birth and a father who refused to take responsibility of raising her in a dark, cold, sprawling city called Tovoskil. The only reason she lived past her infancy was because of the kindness of a single man. Mordo Grimm, he took her in as his own daughter, and his apprentice. see, Mordo was a thief, and not just any thief, he was one of the best, some say The best. And he taught Kaylin everything he knew, every nuance of the art of pilfering. From picking pockets to picking locks, scaling up buildings, to knocking a guard out with the hilt of a knife. Misdirection, distraction, scouting, planning, sneaking, alchemy. By the time she was 15 she was a pro at it. And in return, when he got to old to do it. She's did it for him, provided for him until he finally slipped into deaths embrace.

Quotes:Look at these guards. Only carrying around one weapon...poor ignorant fools. Five weapons is a much safer number. "

Equipment:light leather armor over torso and upper legs worn under clothes, hardened leather bracers  over her wrists and partial forearm. smoke bombs, stink bombs, roll of bandages. Cloth face mask, 12 throwing knives, five daggers, rope and grapple hook., A set of pickpockets and a blackjack.(a type of small club used for knocking people out...or breaking a window)

Sabit Aimal

12/13/2018 09:21 PM 


While this isn't completely needed I still feel like it would be nice to just put it out there. 

I typically roleplay in third person and use quotation marks (")to signify speech, actions i leave as open words with no markings around them, none of these are used (* - _ ~ )

For out of roleplay speech i usually use Parenthesis (like this here) to signify words outside of a roleplay. If no roleplay has been started yet and I'm not in a roleplay currently I won't use them. 

Destructive Loathing

12/13/2018 03:20 PM 

Welcome to News Channel 23! Tonight we'll tell you about a demon.

"Hello and welcome to News Channel 23! I'm your anchor man Josh Vilaski. Tonight we have news on the mysterious killer who has been wandering Shulk-Ville." The Anchor man adjusted his crimson tie and cleared his throat. The square jawed face of this news company couldn't keep his usual smile and looked pale for his dark complexion.

Voice full of sorrow it quivered, the fear this man felt was palpable. "This once peaceful town has found itself face to face with a monster and we know he is capable of things beyond this world. Things seem to materialize from thin air about this man and if you hear the rattling of a chain then run like the wind, it seems to the only warning sign that one has time to get away from before being set ablaze." 

The man had to stop and rub his eyes and dry them. "Total death count is in the hundreds as he attacked a carnival. Victims were found to have died from many things such as; arson, drug overdose, being sexually assaulted by foreign objects, blood loss, beheadings and gun shots." 

With a deep sigh, one could hear his fear let out with it as he was clearly seen sweating. "If anyone has any information, please contact the authorities right away. This is Josh Vilaski for the last time." Murmurs could be heard off screen of this live broadcast. "I've been hearing the chains and I can hear an infant crying too. I smell burnt flesh and it's been hard to avoid moving as I've been feeling shocked repeatedly. I hear splashing now, I-I AHHHHH!" The anchorman lit ablaze. The pain so great he thrashed and caught many other things and began a conflagration. The sprinklers kicked in, but it didn't hinder the fire, it was an acid. On live tv the demon strikes.

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