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03/29/2020 03:40 PM 

Character Sheet!!!!

Name: Mystic    Age: 420   Allias: One who walks two paths, Duel color, The bright star.    Hair color: Dark Teal.   Eye color: neon green.    Angel height: 6’9”   Angel weight: 180   Angel body type: Mesomorphic    Mother species: Angel: Seraphim.{ Michelle }   Father species: Dragon: Fire type. { Aaron }    Tattoos/markings: Wing marks where he has yet to grow them, a sign of his shortcomings or how much more he had to grow.    Piercing(s): Three earcuffs on each ear starting from top moving to bottom black in color, two nostril rings on the right side, three tongue piercings in the shape of a triangle.    Likes: Cooking, fishing, reading books, helping others who pay, walking through forests, swimming, drinking alcohol, getting physical.    Dislikes: The poor, sickness, people more shy than himself, overly aggressive people, carrots, and most fish. { Can be persuaded to cook it though.~}   Sexuality: Bisexual {Dom}    Personality: Very quiet when alone, kinda clumsy, very sweet but also very awkward, loves to love, lively with people.    Primary form: Angel body, two long white wings matched with a human like body. { This will change as the character grows.}    Secondary form: Dragon form. Western Dragon style: Fifteen hundred foot long {1,500} from nose tip to tail tip, Spikes of a plasma like energy that would have a three hundred {300} foot rise and a hundred {100} foot separation between them but even so if another Dragon were to see it they would look fairly close together as they would travel all the way down to the tail tip which would also have the plasma coating it. Nine hundred {900} foot limbs that would be like normal legs in the back and the small switch up would be the front feet would be more like hands. Wings roughly two thousand five hundred{2,500} foot long. { This will change very little as the character grows.}    Normal Appearance: naked from the top of his hips upwards. Downwards it would be either dark color leather or skinny jeans that would adorn the body. Boots that would have a double overed steel toe, mid calf high.    Bio: Underconstruction. { Almost done. }


03/28/2020 08:04 PM 


-Neaifo paces about as if he couldn't focus on one thing. his nine tails waved about as if it was a shredded cape in the wind. His height is 6'2, weight is 173 pounds, his red hues dart about the room as he readjusting his long red locks into pony tail and his kanine ears twitches to the slightest sound, and he wore orange shirt, pants, and shoes with black stripes embroidered on the sides- i am at a confused stage in my life... i am 23... but 4002 tomorrow... -Shadow walks over to Neaifo. He was taking the pink ribbon off of him. Shadow stood 5'8 and weight was 156 pounds, his hair is short and black as night, his eyes violet but they change time to time, he also wore red shirt,jeans, and his red shoes. He looks to his friend- Neaifo, hey buddy!

Abyss Dweller

03/28/2020 10:34 PM 


Name: Ougol Eh UraNicknames: noneAge: let's just say oldGender: MaleHeight: variesWeight: variesSpecies: Cephalopoda Current Residence: unknownSexual Orientation: straightStatus: Single not interestedOccupation: noneLikes: Eating, doing whatever it pleases, using tentacles.Dislikes: Being told what to do.Personality: This is a fun one, it's very carefree and chill. Though given what it is, it is very violent straightforward and a bit forceful at times. 

Fantasy Rps 18+

03/27/2020 03:53 PM 


Name: ValtyraRace: AasimarGender: FemaleAge: 24Height: 5 footClass: BardSpecialization: Whips in combat and diplomacy when neededA beautiful woman born between a human father and Aasimar mother, she dreamed for a life of adventure and decided to fulfill her dreams when her bardic magic manifested within her. She enjoys traveling to various taverns and singing for gold, sometimes picking up quests when she needs extra gold

Bad Dog

03/27/2020 02:24 PM 

AU Volk- Alternate Anime Verses

Just going to give some general information here for different verses as I think of them.BNHA- Pretty much the same character only his abilities are a power instead of him being a werewolf. Abilities-shape shift between humanoid, werewolf and wolf forms, anti-aging, superior hearing and smelling, fast healing, stronger in werewolf form, faster in wolf form. 


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