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08/21/2019 10:27 PM 

Current mood:  amused

1. Darkness armor: gives her abilities to make herself, a shadow separate from the actual shadows and blend in to roam around, or seem invisible. Abilities to manipulate the darkness and shadows. Ex. She can engulf you slowly in darkness. Immunity to darkness attacks by 35%.  2. Demon flame armor: Hot as hell armor made from scales and skin of hell’s demons, dipped in hells flame, not only in looks it gives her immunity to fire attacks up to 50% unless you give a flame hotter than hell itself. It gives her abilities to manipulate fire around her, her own fire that her blade gives off. This armor also adorned with demon wings, giving her ability to fly.3. Dragon Queen Armor: -Though lightly armored it makes up for it but hardening the skin like scales on a dragon. This form in addition requires no armor for maximum speed.  Unlike her other heavy armored forms which slows her down but increases her defense. This form keeps both speed and defense at an even rate.Poison resistance-Body nullify all poisonsImmense strength and speed: Due to how light the armor it is. It is easy to focus and generate magic into different parts of the body. This adds for additional defense or additional attack. With this armor she quick enough to dodge lighting strikes if magic is focused for speed. 4. Heavenly body armor: This gives her what is known as “Holy Magic” magic so pure like an angel’s that when equipped with this armor’s blade, she is then able to make God’s bleed. Able to Heal her wounds through this armor as this armor gives off a special type of mana that starts flowing through her body. Limited use on this armor. (Think of Kabuto from Naruto) 5. Cronus armor: Gives her Abilities and blades of Cronus, this armor increases her defense and strength up to 45% due to how strong Cronus initially is, the buff in defense only works against real hard heavy blows two times. (Must be harder than a swipe from a giant) 6. Freedom Armor: Similar to a pair of Japanese sparring pants and bandages around her chest. This armor may be revealing on the skin, but it allows her to move freely with no hesitation. Like her heart on her sleeve. No fear. 7. Purgatory armor: Gives her the ability to slice through the pure darkness and make a portal to purgatory for a minute. Enough time for something to escape and go after you. She doesn’t know what comes out, but only knows its on her side for she is its handler at that time. Evil charms, Evil spells have only 30% effect while she is wearing this armor. Stronger than her Darkness armor in stats, this armor also has her move slower than normal. 8. Ninja armor: Gives her abilities of a stealth ninja. Weapons of a ninja as well. (More to come)

氏雅 - Ujimasa

08/21/2019 07:47 PM 

Details for Ujimasa

Personal RecordName: Ujimasa Igarashi (氏政 五十嵐)Alias: the Tempest, the Stormcaller, the Lightning DevilAge: 14 (Part I), 17-18 (Part II), 20 (the Last), 35 (Boruto)Personality: Logical, Calculating, Calm, Intelligent, Loyal, QuietClan Name: IgarashiKekkei Genkai: Ranton (Storm) and Jinton (Swift)Chakra Affinity: Kaminari (Lightning)Learned Affinity: Mizu (Water) and Kaze (Wind)Ninjutsu Range: Short to Medium RangeDefensive or Offensive: OffensiveMain Weapon:  Inazuma (Lightning Strike) - KatanaSecondary Weapon:  Takame (Hawkeye) - Ninjato (short sword)Summoning: TenguNinjutsu [Ninja techniques] 10/10Genjutsu [Illusion techniques] 0/10 Taijutsu [Martial arts techniques] 6/10 Kekkei Genkai [Bloodline traits] 8/10Doujutsu [Eye techniques] 0/10Kinjutsu [Forbidden techniques] 2/10Fuuinjutsu [Sealing techniques] 8/10Notes- Born in Kumogakure- Squadmates/Friends: Mizota Jiyu, Chōkoku Yoso, Igarashi Ujimasa, Zetsumei Erai- Igarashi Clan: 


08/21/2019 05:02 PM 

Move list

Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.Tail Attack – A technique used by those who have tail in order to attack their opponents. They can use it to whip or constrict the opponent.Heavy Finish - The user attacks with a powerful punch, elbow, kick, or knee that hits the opponent in the stomach. This will leave the opponent damaged and briefly stunned, allowing the user to launch further assaults against the stunned opponent. The attack can also be launched in the back of the opponent, inflicting even more damage, and will then also stun the opponent for a longer period of time. Some versions not only land a blow to the stomach, but even go as far as to penetrate it.I'm A Top-class Warrior! – Raditz quickly charges past the opponent as he says "Death is near!" and elbows them from behind onto the ground, inflicting great damage.Behind You! – Raditz faces away from his opponent then kicks out behind him as they closes in, sending them rolling away.Unique ability-Raditz can take Energy wave type hits such as Kamhahaha wave, The galick Gun, Full powered Energy wave without a scratch. ( Note, this doen't mean All energy attacks won't have an effect. Just Energy wave types. )     Weekly Special – Raditz fires a rapid energy barrage at his opponents, inflicting great damage. Also calledFull Power Energy Blast Volley.Dynamite Monday – A High Power Rush used in video games. Raditz attacks his enemy with a flurry of kicks and punches.Weekend - A large, pink Ki beam fired from both hands, shown in the video game Dragon Ball Xenoverse.Saturday Crush – A strong pink energy ball shot from the hand.  It appears under the name Here's a present! in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, the Raging Blast games, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi and Dragon Ball Z For Kinect.  In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z it appears as Here's a present for you!Saturday Crash – A more powerful version of the Saturday Crush that paralyzes opponents for a few seconds with explosive like burns. Shining Friday – A super-powered version of the move, Saturday Crush. Black Friday-  rises  both hands  up, releasing a purple Exploding Wave that can cause massive devastation.Doomsday - large reddish black sphere of energy the size of a beach ball, it can completely devastate entire Planet. This attack looks alot like Vegeta's big bang attack, but  a more darker version. Hot Summer Thursday - a Red Octagon shape ki attack, that is like to the Distructo Disc.   TransformationsSuper Saiyan 1, and 2- His Super Saiyan form can match that of Broly's when he fought Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta at the same time. ( They have way to many Super Saiyan Blue's Already, which is why my Raditz will be like Broly's forms.)  The Great Ape -is a giant, anthropomorphic, monkey-like creature that Saiyans can transform into at the full moon to increase their already formidable strength tremendously.


08/21/2019 11:27 PM 

Anastasia (Annie) (Also in albums for pic)

=BASIC INFO=Full Name: Anastasia Lee HarperNickname(s)/Alias(es): Annie, Ann, Baby face, Pronunciation(s):Age: Anywhere around 13-29Gender: FemaleSpecies/Breed: Vampire.Voice: sound Sweet, and sexy.Birth date:Age at Death:Date of Death:= PERSONALITY=Personality: , Nice, Sweet, Kind, Fighter, Lover, Rebelious, Ignorant, Annoying, Bitch, bit mean.Embodying Quality/Idea:Likes: To fight, walk around, jog, and workout.Dislikes: Mean people, Bad guys, Perverts, Cats, Being bored.Fears: NoneWeaknesses: NoneStrengths: everythingSpecial/Significant Belongings:= PHYSICAL and HEALTH INFO=Height:Weight:Body Type:Markings:Material Markings (formerly "mutations"):Jewelry:Piercings/Tattoos: A swirl on the side of her thighScars/Distinguishing Marks:Any physical disabilities/diseases/ailments:Any medications/treatments:=RELATIONSHIP INFO=Relation to Main Character:Relationship Status: SingleSpouse/Mate:Children:Children's Statuses:Parents:Parent's Statuses:Sibling(s):Sibling Status(es):Any Other Important Family:--Best friend(s): NoneFriends: Her hamster.Acquaintances:Assistants:Guards:Allies:Pets/Special Animals:--Enemies:Main Enemy(ies):Most Hated:=TALENTS/OCCUPATION/EDUCATION=Occupation/Job: Made to destroy Human RaceBoss:Talents:Years of Education:Level of Education(graduated from high school, college, extra university work, etc.):=COMBAT=Rank: ExpertSkills/Techniques:Special Powers: Teleportation, Fire, Water, Airbending, Earth, Flying.Weapon(s) of Choice: HandsStrengths: EverythingWeaknesses: None


08/21/2019 11:09 PM 

Maria (pic in album)

=BASIC INFO=Full Name: Maria Daler HanNickname(s)/Alias(es): Mary, Cutie, Beautiful girl, Sexy, Baby, babe, lovePronunciation(s): ?Age: It ranges between 13-27Gender: FemaleSpecies/Breed: HumanVoice: A sweet shy tone of manner.Birth date: Depends but the month and day will be 9/5Age at Death: Never gonna happen.Date of Death: Never gonna happen.= PERSONALITY=Personality: She is very Sweet, Cute, Fighter, Lover, Cook, a proud big sister, Rebelious, Ignorant, Kind, Sassy, Can be a bitch.Embodying Quality/Idea: ?Likes: Clothes, Movies, Music, and DancingDislikes: Crime, Drugs, alcohol, Bad men, Perverts, Stalkers, Celery, Broccoli Fears: Being alone, Death,the dark, Clowns.Weaknesses: Babys crying, Failure.Strengths: Success, Dancing, Singing, picking out clothes.Special/Significant Belongings: Her mothers necklace.= PHYSICAL and HEALTH INFO=Height: 5.7Weight: 176Body Type: Body Builder, Slinder.Markings: Material Markings (formerly "mutations"): NoneJewelry: Diamond EarringsPiercings/Tattoos: Ears pierced, Gun on her left thigh, Flower on her right shoulder.Scars/Distinguishing Marks: NoneAny physical disabilities/diseases/ailments: NoneAny medications/treatments: None=RELATIONSHIP INFO=Relation to Main Character: ?Relationship Status: Single.Spouse/Mate: NoneChildren: NoneChildren's Statuses: NoneParents: NoneParent's Statuses: DeadSibling(s): NoneSibling Status(es): NoneAny Other Important Family: None--Best friend(s): NoneFriends: NoneAcquaintances: Differs on RoleplayAssistants:Guards:Allies:Pets/Special Animals: A puppy.--Enemies:Main Enemy(ies):Most Hated:=TALENTS/OCCUPATION/EDUCATION=Occupation/Job: A life guard.Boss: NonyaTalents: Dancing, Saving people, Swimming.Years of Education:Level of Education(graduated from high school, college, extra university work, etc.):=COMBAT=Rank: Skills/Techniques:Special Powers:Weapon(s) of Choice: GunStrengths: Gun, Knife.Weaknesses:

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