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04/20/2019 11:08 PM 

Rules (Things about Goku)

Here is a list of rules and things about Goku I have set up for him. However, I'll update this blog or list when I later discover things I forgot to put in.

1. Goku is currently single. This rule will change later on, but I figure it has to do with I'm about to say. I am not against the idea about Goku being paired up with someone, regardless of who they are. That is because I am wanting to try a slightly AU version of him, instead of saying yes to the marriage bit with Chi-Chi, he has said no. I don't hate Chi-Chi, just want to try something different.

2. Crossovers are fine with me, as long as we have a story set up.  For example, if Goku is in the My Hero Academia verse, I'll rather have him being a teen, because if he was sent in his adult years, he will be a bit overpowering, even more so if he has his Super Saiyan forms. At least with his teen self, he won't be so overpowering.

3. Regarding which version of Goku I'm rping if we are rping in the DBZ verse, I am not picky. Even after DBZ. For example, if I want to use Super Saiyan 4, I will use the Gt version of Goku. For the Super Saiyan God forms and Ultra Instinct, I will follow DB Super verse, simple as that.

4. When it comes to rping,  I have no problem writing paragraph, multi paragraphs, etc. All I ask in return is this, no novella because I already have my time being taken over by RL and when it comes to one liners, put more effort into your replies. If you aren't willing to do so, why should I? Mind you, this rule can be directed at me as well, so no worries.


04/20/2019 10:50 PM 

Sleeping Ghost Dragon: Basics

Name: Li Jun Long (Long Li Jun, 龙力俊)

Nickname: Mei Long (Sleeping Dragon), Gui Long (Ghost Dragon)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Nationality: Chinese (100%)
Birthplace: Guangzhou, China
Current Residence: Gifu, Japan
Height: 178 cm (5'10")
Weight: 73 kg (160 lbs)
Hair Color: Snow white
Eye Color: Sky blue
Body Type: Slender, yet notable muscle tone
Distinguishing Features: Skeletal dragon tattoo rising along his back with glowing yellow eyes, a long scar horizontally across the front of his chest
Occupation: Physician, part-time teacher, bodyguard, Triad 
Hobbies: Martial arts, working out, traveling across the world, learning more about medicines, reading
Likes: Honest people, cold weather, snowy days, good-natured people, cats, youtiao, training
Dislikes: Crime, death, being underestimated, excessive destruction, weak wills, arrogant people, excessively greasy food
Personality: Kind-hearted and understanding, never without an open ear to those that'd need it, a proper businessman before his clients and peers, though is extremely dodgy upon the subject of his past.  Extremely difficult to truly provoke to anger, though if sufficiently not unlike a dragon roused from its slumber.

Abilities (Basic):
  • Chi Manipulation (Will detail specifics of it at a later date)
  • Expert levels of many neijia kung fu styles
  • Extremely high spiritual/supernatural awareness
  • Chi manipulation of others (Provided contact is made; more to follow on that.)
  • Presence masking from most forms of extrasensory perception

Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

04/20/2019 05:22 PM 




“Welcome! Welcome Saber! Welcome to Chaldea, I am your Master, Ankoku Yami, Magus and Blahblahblahblahsavetheworldtogetherblahblahblah”

“Mordred Pendragon! Or Saber, are you my mas-” she had stopped following him after a while because she was thoroughly disappointed in what stood before him: “:.. Seriously? A little girl? Where is the rest of my master?!”

“Uh, no offense, Saber”, the youth replied “But do you realize you are shorter than me?”

The five feet tall girl would say standing on her tip of her toes to face er five feet  three tall master, her blade already at his throat

“... fair enough”


In his defense, for how much Mordred had no issue to yell or abuse him or reject his clothes because they were all blue, he persisted in treating her with respect.Calling her ‘Prince Mordred’ in private, cooking… he was a good guy, really. He even had offered to try to train with her using sticks rather than sword: this was remarkable, given a Magus had no hope to defeat a top Servant like her. Should she have held back during those spars? Pfft, as if.

Just a few days.. a few days before the beginning of the Grail War. About freaking time. Mordred could not wait to crash a few skulls with Clarent. If only her Master weren’t such a softie. She couldn’t help but remember how disappointed she was at seeing  such a scrawny little guy.

And why the hell was he taking so long to return from laundry? It was time for the daily ass kicking… or as he called it training

When she opened the door, though, her master looked different…

“... no knock?”,came out his voice, noticeably duller and more monotone. Was it a spell? Likely a Caster or an Assassin taking him over. Lunging she swung one of the wooden sticks to knock him unconscious. The ‘blackened’ Ankoku would grab the stick mid swing, breaking it with what seemed a magic spell, with a second one extending the broken stick to make a makeshift spear. Pfft, as if she’d die a second time to a spear. A dodge to the side, punch in the face to push him back. She had even summoned the armor just in case

“cut it out, Saber”, he spoke showing her his Command Seals. AS if to show that,if he truly was possessed, he’d have already used them She’d lower her blade

“So… why the Halloween look, Master?”, she grumbled , although for once even her Master seemed bothered by her antics

“... it’s not getting out of this room, clear?", he asked with a not so subtle threat

"Sure. Go ahead.", Mordred casually replied leaning on a wall as she dispelled her armor, Clarent hanging on her shoulder.

“i like to look approachable to others...this my true appearance. looks scary"

Letting out a big laughter, Mordred dismissed such a notion for the first time with ajovial tone

“You shouldn't keep the real you hidden, Anky. Your true identity is always the most valued. I fought real assassins.  However, I like real. Real is better than a fake image, no?"

"no", was his answer as he returned to look at the washing machines  "better what i want to be"

"Yes.", the Saber jested in return. "Yes i' is. I much prefer yew this way than that nawmal bubbly creature"

"i know. most people would… i hate most people though", he spoke, remarkably more upset “the dream to be a hero is s mine. and mine alone. like England is yours"

"Lawd above! Exactly. It's better than being false.Might as well 'ate da people. I simply find 'em annoying-- some more than others. However, I learned ter not kill everything in sight. England is mine. And I’ll NOT share i’ when I am the King. Unless I marry and gain a Queen."

Silence. Seriously, how long did it take for the freaking scarf to dry. Saber hated it, even punching the machine in a futile attempt to  speed it up. Ankoku still didn’t react. urgh she had to break the silence again. This time with the purpose to piss him off though

"i may be an assassin like most of my family, but i want to turn the lie i always say in truth. "heroes" are  odd". they fought for the world and made itd worth living for. i am not a hero, like you. i will try to be the one i want to be.. or die trying… i don't think my life has any real meaning..  some heroes do. weirdos"

"Some people still believe that. I 'ate those types, all tryin' ter save everyone an' make da world da best place possible. Thee cannot. The world currently'll always be sh*t'y an' scummy. No matter what. If you could assassinate an entire belief, that dis world is trash? Kudos ter you, Anky. Maybe that's what yer 'ere for. To stand in da way ov uvvers an' off 'em., innit."

"... but i don't like it",  The last part was spoken in the personality he mostly showed around, to the point he seemed mildly bothered it showed up. The washing machine was done at least. He could put his scarf back on

"A Hero I am not yet... but I can become one", he said showing to have regained more color and more behaviour "One worth the round table…”

… No… that Mordred could not accept.

“... Anky”, she had the proof of what he said was false.

The living proof...

Of what being a Knight of Camelot really means.

"I was knighted by Arthur, and look what I did? I got so pent up in me rage and need fer ‘im to accept me that I murdered every last one of them. I became the villain in a story where I only desired to be a hero. You can ask the other knights, they'll say the same thing, that they tried their best to do right but found only wrong... You want ter be a knight of Camelot? Then you don't want to be a hero. All that awaits yew down that path is ruin."  

Her words were met with silence. Not that he did not believe it. The sweat made it clear.. He did not know how to answer her. He tapped his feet, looked at the sky, bit his lips, stomped on his feet in frustration. Finally .. Laughter. A desperate laughter, that would soon turn into an hollow embittered laughter

"Mordred... You might be thought a failure of a knight... But your heart is honest. More than a so called Knight of treachery should be.. But unfortunately, you do not know me"

He looked up at the sky and pointed at it: "Look at it. You know the stars? You know Also the comets, of course... They look beautiful, they paint the sky with a golden blaze for seconds, and people revere them to the point they express wishes to them. Yet they are but a piece of eyes that melts at contact with the atmosphere, leaving nothing for us... And these are what fulfill your wishes? I guess.. I was as foolish to adore knights as heroes when they are... People"

He sighed. There was however ..

"But... That does not deter me..."

"Mordred, why do you think I want to be a hero?"  he asked "Maidens? Powers? Not even close. Not that I am not tempted... I mean, who wouldn't wish a kiss from Guinevere but fears your father's wrath? Who hasn't deemed your Father beautiful and expressed lust for her? And you of all people would understand the temptation to swing Excalibur... I am tempted I would be inhuman not to.... I am a teenage"

"But I want to be a Hero... Because I seek to be of inspiration to people who, like you, have seen the worst of this world and need to see some more light. If the place of knight in Camelot is cursed. . I fear I seek to break this curse... If even Knights have lost their hopes... Well, among even Knights, a Hero I shall be. Arrogant? Foolish? Call me such thousands of time. You would not be wrong. Yet... If by the end... I get to relieve you from this darkness you carry... Meh... Worth it! "

He cracked a smile , as he extended his hand towards her.

"Follow me, oh Prince, and you will believe"

-- Seriously… this Master… she couldn’t believe it. Yet… she didn't hate it.Actually, to be able to give him this challenge, and vigorously

"Listen kid. No one can change your beliefs ever. Never let’em either. Never succumb. You do what you gotta do in order to fulfill your life to the fullest. Nuff said, yeah?"

“To our victory at the Grail Wars!”

“To our future victory!”

“E-excuse, Yami-san, do I disturb?”

Who the hell was that bitch that had disturbed Mordred’s oath of allegiance to her Master? Oh… right, Veronica, his boss. She seemed to wait him by the door with another figure, a tall man in an eyepatch. The three had began to talk, muttering things she didn’t care about… She could only hear a few names. Kuro, Springfield, Jack-O … sounded so boring next to the Grail War

After a bit, it was Ankoku to move towards her, looking concerned.

“Saber? I have been chosen for a priority mission. The world is invaded by being of another dimension and… I might not be able to join soon… Are you sure Saber can’t come with me?"

“I am sorry, Yami-san”, Veronica stated “But the war begins tomorrow and it will take on a deserted island. You two would only get targeted by other Servants, and the use of the enemy’s magic could possibly corrupt them. We can’t let this Grail War be spoiled, nor delayed, given how hard it was for all the Magi families to set a date”

“You heard them”, Ankoku said bitterly “You… you might want to make another contract”

“NONSENSE”; she barked upset “I made a contract with you. I know you will be returnin’ by the time I have me first fight. I will wait for you, Master”

Overwhelmed by her trust in him, Ankoku couldn’t help but crack the goofiest smile possible as he mumbled: “M-Mordred… I will return! I promise you”

This, alas was the last time Saber would see her Master


𝓟𝓸𝓸𝓻 𝓜𝓸𝓻𝓭𝓻𝓮𝓭. 𝓣𝓸 𝓫𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓚𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓸𝓯 𝓣𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻𝔂, 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓰𝓮𝓽 𝓫𝓮𝓽𝓻𝓪𝔂𝓮𝓭 𝓪 𝓵𝓸𝓽

Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

04/20/2019 05:17 PM 

CODES A. - Chapter 6


NOTE: This story is an AU set in a composite roleplay  versewith all of you. However, it will have a few meaningful divergences, one of which is going to be obvious from the get go. Please, hold your suspension of disbelief


He had literally stepped out of the apartment and already he was in a bad situation. Six Flesh Golems in disguise had ambushed him in a an elevator. he had restricted movements, was  outnumbered and besides his scarf, he had no weapon. Overall, a rather generic situation for a hero.

His clothes were hardened enough to partially reflect the blades, but the space was too cramped: He needed to go out. His scarf extending, he tore through the elevator’s roof and began escaping. up the shaft.

“He is mine”, the smaller flesh golem said “You all get to the doors, so he can’t run away. Remember our objective”

A collective nod, and the little blonde would jump out, climbing up the elevator shaft with superhuman speed, calling out to her prey: “Ankyyyy, come down and plaaayyyy”

The youth was too busy reaching out the highest floor and wondering how on Earth they had evolved so much from the Dragon Tooth warriors he had fought. Winter had to be a servant heavily modified. He managed to spring open the door of the elevator, thus getting back on the hallways, barely in time to grab the first weapon he could get, a potted plant: necessity gave him low standards.

“Oh oh oh, the Hero your Majesty wants is running away like a little crybaby! How sad”, the little girl commented with a childish giggle as she skipped down the halls, with Ankoku in a defensive stance. He tried to attack her with a swing of the plant, but she dodged by leaning to a side before casually slinging her blade to make him back into a wall

“Flesh Golem, hear me out you give me time, I can prove my innocence, I need some time”

“Call me Nui, criminal, but my King has already decided you have to be executed… besides, I am here for this”, she said, as their weapon clashed. Obviously, the potted plant was quickly destroyed. As Ankoku left an opening, however, Nui didn’t finish him off. She grabbed on his crimson garment and, after savoring the second of his panicked look, undid the knot and yanked it away. Just like her king commanded.

“I got your sca-”

Splotch. The sound of an eye getting torn out of its eye socket. It wasn’t easy with your fingers: knives were faster, but he didn’t have knives at the moment, so his fingers would dot. And she was so busy talking, how couldn’t he take such an opening. Blood gushed out of the wound, spaying him in the red colors. He didn’t mind at the moment.

“What the hell is wrong with you, you freak?!”, the flesh golem screamed out, finally covering her wound by clutching to it in pain. It was not healing: did that guy have some magic that negated regeneration? She wasn’t told that! ….speaking of Ankoku… was it her haf blindness or did he look… different? Almost colorless, save for bright red eyes... Even his voice had veered in a monotone

“... i want my scarf back”

He didn’t let her answer. A punch to her gut , then both hands on her head and and knee to her skull. A kick to the throat, then a chop to her wrist to try to make her drop her weapon. She would handle to be gutted by it, as long as he made sure he could heal her afterwards. Truly a shame that the other flesh golems had come before he could even pick the dropped weapon. Their voices to tell him to stop made him turn and face them.

All five of his opponents did not expect that look from him. Yes, fiv flesh Golem had stopped dead on their tracks for a second at watching the supposed greatest hero looking straight out of a horror movie. He didn’t have emotions, he didn’t even seem scared at their presence there. Mostly because he had already noticed the snipers from the building in front of them..

Charlotte was a smart woman: even if she had left the person she was tasked to protect him, she had kept a few to guard him, likely the same he had brought down back at the cargo ship. Oh, they had some technological scatter bullets too, apparently, apparently given that once they sank on the two skulls, the heads exploded in gorey chunks. The surviving flesh golems immediately ran for cover, while Nui flopped down on the floor, clutching the scarf to her chest. 

.“give me my scarf back”, Ankoku said , confident now of being backed up, as he bent and picked a large shards of the broken vase. Nui was about to pick up the sword when Ankoku stepped on her hand, putting all of his weight on it until her grip on the blade was broken…. But she kept holding on the scarf as if to protect her chest. Not good, but he didn’t plan to destroy her heart. He couldn’t amputate her with ceramics, but he could surely hurt her.

One stab to the shoulder. Two. Three. Four. Make her scream, make her articulation grip sloppy, until her arm barely hangs off her . He wondered if the snipers had noticed how his color had faded from that distance, but he could likely come up with an excuse with it. After all, Flesh Golems were not really alive by any definition of the term. Plus, he was letting her regenerate: he didn’t want her dead, but without the scarf… he had no restraint in hurting others. It was so much easier to fight without bothering to avoid vital spots. It had been a few stressful days, he needed to vent, and this sadistic being was perfect.

Finally she released it, promptly giving him an excuse to take the scarf, his broken phone (which seemingly still worked) AND her communicator. He got what he wanted, now he had to get rid of her: he picked Nui by her hair and smashed her against one of the large windows of the building hard enough to crack the glasst, then rubbing her damaged face against the broken surface. Nui was feeling her senses almost slipping, at this rate. But looking down she realized… Her Majesty’s plan was almost done.

“You… little bastard…”; she growled flashing her sharp teeth at him, clenching her fist “...fine, have it your way!”

By balling her fist, she utterly shattered the window, making both herself and her opponent fall at a multiple store height. Yet Ankoku was not worried at all: narrowing his eyes, he grabbed her by the head, and pushed her down, thus forcing her to take all of the fall head on, while he’d use her body as a cushion. The shockwave hurt slightly, but he was basically untouched, Nui… was too busy losing blood and regenerating broken bones.

“... I won”, was her whisper as seemingly went unconscious. Before Ankoku couldreact, however, the sound of sirens snapped him back. Police was coming… and what was he seeing?

“...Mister Ankoku? So… they were right… you really are a cold blooded  assassin”

He didn’t blame the officers for pointing guns at him: Ankoku looked like the archetypical dark form, was holding a bloodied up shard of ceramics, had blood all over him, and there was the body of a young girl missing an eye and covered in wounds. Should the young man have  explained the whole story? … too long, too risky, he’d have to likely go to the police station, with no guarantee he’d be found innocent. And he had to exorcise a demon in Antarctica.

“Put the weapon aw-”

Poor policeman, Ankoku’s casual throw of the ceramic shard in his hand was all it took to make him drop the gun, an barely registered what happened that when held him as a meat shield: the youth had fought a superhumanly strong self-regenerating flesh golem, a few cops were not going to bother him. All he needed was a getaway.. From the corner of his eye, he could spot a manhole. Well, his life had already mostly gone down the drain… so why not? Keeping the guy to protect himself, he’d then kick him out at the other cops, causing a small disarray and, while dodging the rushed bullets, he’d reach   the entrance to the sewers and closed the lid shut.


“eww”, was his only comment as he put his scarf back and sighed. He had to run… where? How… he didn’t know? Maybe if he was able to  hack on the communicator, he could teleport back to Chaldea and find Veronica...

Charlotte had left him alone for a few hours and he had already ruined everything. This assuming the flesh golems wouldn’t go after him, but between the beating he had given Nui and the fact the snipers were present… well, that was going to be an interesting raid for the Police. If only Charlotte’s date had not bothered… urgh, could he even blame her? She was just doing her duty as a denizen exposing a murderer.

… no… an assassin…

There were not many people who knew of his upbringing as an assassin...  Medaka,of course, and then…


"What you see... is not my real  appearance... It's a look I took to sound approachable to others... . How do I look… without my scarf?'"

"You shouldn't keep the real you hidden, Ankoku. Your true identity is always the most valued. I think Jack the Ripper is much worse than you.  However, I like real. Real is better than a fake image, no?"

"no. what i want to be is better"

"Yes it is. I much prefer you this way than that normal bubbly creature."

"i know. most people would. i hate most people though. the dream to be a hero is s mine. and mine alone. like England is yours"

"Exactly. It's better than being false. Might as hate the people. I simply find them annoying-- some more than others. However, I learned to not kill everything in sight. England is mine. And I will NOT share it when I am the King. Unless I marry and gain a Queen."

"i want to turn the lie in truth."


“...Winter? That’s you?!”, Ankoku growled as the beep of the communicator brought him back to reality. The image who greeted him, however, did made him recoil in surprise.

“...Akeno?”, he muttered concerned. Two figures surrounded by myst, one being his devil friend on her knees, having gone through a terrible beating, and the other being a madly grinning Winter, holding the hostage by the hair

“Anky…. I … I saw everything through the communicator…. She made me watch...”,Akeno warned in the softest stone. God, he hated himself: even now, Akeno was doing her best to sound concerned for him and not herself, despite having seen his true colors and having been tortured because of him

“What’s wrong with you, monster?”, he called out Winter ”Ever since I have escaped, you are doing the best to ruin my life…. but even myriends now? Fight me like a man and be done with it!”

What did he say? This intrigued Winter, she even brought the communicator to her face, showing how her eyes were obscured by the fog, just enjoying to watch him rage and quirm.

“... Are you SMILING?”, Ankoku hissed “Seriously, it’s all you got? Insult me, gloat… TALK”

“Ara Ara, Anky, don’t you know? She is mad at you, therefore she gives you the silent treatment. Otherwise she is terribly chatty”, the bruised up Devil King giggled, happily taking a jab at her assaulter. That finally snapped WInter’s expression to one filled with rage 

“Do you even realize how close I am to snapping your neck?”, the blonde warrior furiously muttered before turning to Ankoku “And can’t you see it? I am dragging all of your reputation as a ‘hero’ into the mud. However, even if you die, your friends will try to spread lies about your good nature. I won’t allow that. Once I am done executing you, I will kill every. single. person. who loved you. You will be only renown as a traitor and a butcherer in the future: your real self. If only you were honest about it… I would have let you return to my side. I like the real you so much better. Can you take off the scarp again for me, Anky?”

“Cut it out, Saber. You have always been immature, but never this psychotic”

Saber? WInter couldn’t contain her delight. The myst faded, revealing to him see her face, at last. She wanted him to see her new golden eyes, her sharp draconic teeth.

“Lor' luv a duck! Finally yew recognized me! Abaaaht time!!! ”, she darkly cheered “Although… Saber? That name is so old. Since we 'ave last met, I 'ave earn' so many. Know what I mean?”

Her chest puffed up in pride as she announced herself


“Tyrant King of Chaldea”

“Champion of the Grand Grail War”


“The once and eternal Ruler of the Empire where the sun who never sets”

“Y Ddraig Goch”


“But we was friends, blimey! so I suppose you can call me by me True Name”

“Mordred Pendragon! How are you, ‘Master’?”


Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

04/20/2019 05:03 PM 

CODES A. - Chapter 5


NOTE: This story is an AU set in a composite roleplay  versewith all of you. However, it will have a few meaningful divergences, one of which is going to be obvious from the get go. Please, hold your suspension of disbelief


“These days the social medias  have been rough to you, mon petite”,Charlotte said while offering him some coffee “There is however a place where you are still somewhat popular”

“The rumors are true, then, all that is rotten and vile in this world is on Chatzy”

“Hmmm… I can also see you seem to have fully healed. Faster than I expected”

“Organic tissue magic”, Ankoku corrected her, looking down at the cup of coffee “It’s how I heal, it’s how I move my scarf”

“Ah yes, how you defeated me”, she said, stirring her cup with a noticeably quicker pace “... pretty stylish, a shame you used magic. I’d have liked to find a way to replicate it with technology… do you think nanite would suffice?”

A shrug from Ankoku was all she would get as he was taking slow sips from his cup, not enjoying it. Charlotte did not intend to pry further, and she had lots of jobs to do. Taking her teleporter she was about to leave the room, saying: “Remember. My house is your house. Don’t open the wrong bedroom or bathroom, or you might find my one night stand, and if you are bored, you can read a few magazines. They belong to my daughters, so...“

“I tried, there was that had an interview with me and Medaka back when we were an item”, he interrupted her. Ouch, that had been a bad move, she really felt sorry about it. Normally Charlotte would have not pushed, but it was the first time Ankoku had spoken this much ever since she had brought him to her place. What was the best place to hide a hero if not in a hideout of a recent enemy of his, after all.

“... does the break up still hurt you?”, she asked him with a soft motherly voice, hoping to get more

There were no words to describe the death glare she received, but at least now the young man was raising his voice: “Are. You. Kidding? That was pretty much the only thing that has gone right ever since I killed Darnic!! . I am more upset I lost my being a hero… I have to find a way to clear my name. I know I am guilty, but I still want to be a hero… there has to be a way, and good thing she can’t call out of blue, with her nyaaaa, her dopey smiles and her cuddles, no matter how often I told her to stop. I am glad I got rid of her and I miss her already… So… what kind of threats I could get rid of? There has to be a way to still help others in this state without them screaming and running away from me, like that maid...”

Immediately catching himself on the last part he grumbled looking for an excuse, but Charlotte caressed his head in comfort, giving for once a soft smile. The poor cute soul, with a broken romance, both in a more archaic sense with her pursuit for heroism, than his personal teen turmoil, yet determined to be still a hero. Admirable.

“Don’t rush yourself, and tell me when you have finalized your plan”, she smiled before making him a final question “Oh, do you wish to tell my client anything? They said they are going to believe you and anything you say”

Ankoku’s answer was silence and a dismissive gesture. Well, likely that was all she could get. Charlotte teleported away. Flushing the rest of the coffee down the sinker (it was too bitter for his own taste). He walked out to reach the bathroom.

A scream of a naked woman. Ankoku immediately shut down the door.

“Sorry. I did not know someone was showering”

“it’s… it’s okay…”, the voice from the other side of the door mumbled “Has… has anyone told you look a lot like that Hero… what was the name, Ankuko?”

… oh god, that mispronunciation… and he had to even take it

“Never heard of her”

Slowly, he began moving upstairs. Crime didn’t pay? Whoever said it had not seen Charlotte’s penthouse, seriously. Before Medaka had invited him home, he had to beg his parents to lend him money for renting a two room apartment that was so small two people were a crowd in it. It was all worth it though. He was a hero, he was destined to forever travel, so that was only a place to sleep on.

And yet people always earned more. It was alright though… he had other’s smiles. And now he had nothing. He was nothing. The cold of the water was at least making him  feel something. Like how awful he looked. Like the mirror showed him framed in an hellish flaming pentagram.

Wait… that was the mirror. A … a communication spell

“Ankyyyy ♥”

“Akeno, put your communication runes up to your face”

“Of course, Anky dear! I tried to contact you by mobile, but you didn’t answer so… a scrying spell and a few runes, and here I am ”, the half devil said before her expression considerably softening at looking at her friend. She knew what to ask him

“Anky, who hurt you? Don’t say that nobody did, I … read the news… I even know about your wai-I mean, Medaka…”
“Know this. I am sorry, I can only imagine what led you to be pushed this far. Whoever did that…  I am plucking their soul from Makai and I am going to make them suffer”

He couldn’t even escape the loneliness without someone using super powers to find him? How was he meant to make a plan if anyone could contact him? And what was worse? Ankoku didn’t know how to answer her. He put his hands over his face, trying to come with an answer, turning and letting out guttural sounds that were not an answer. Anything… he didn’t know what to tell her. Sadly, Akeno interpreted it only as him not being ready and that was fine: it was not the only thing she wanted to say

“Anky… can I ask you why a group of skanks came to Koh Academy asking for you?”, she asked, at which the youth rose a brow, having no clue, thus Akeno continued “I had noticed a group of people, different each day, stalking the area,and whose energy was… off. I was only monitoring them while minding my own business, to  but one of them came in the shape of Miss Rias. When I pointed out she had none of her behaviour and energy signature… they attacked me. All twenty of them”

For how much Ankoku was wallowing in his own misery, his desire to help others was coming through

“... DRAT!”, he exclaimed as he shoved his face so close he was almost trying to enter the mirror “Akeno, are you alright?”

With a chuckle, Akeno twirled to show him her body was completely unblemished

“See? As perfect as ever… I can’t say the same about them, though, They needed to be punished”, she said with a smile as she showed him a skull, full of sharp teeth. and burnt tissue. While Ankoku would have been mad at her for killing people, the shape of that skull...

He realized quickly what was the case

“...shapeshifting flesh golems crafted out by the Dragontooth warriors I fought… Winter? It must be her”

“I don’t know who is this Winter, Anky… but their energy was a mix of many things. Including: demonic, holy dragon..., even alien, if you are to believe that”,  she explained him, Ankoku quickly taking a nod.

“Winter is my hero replacement, and the one who forced me to be on the run… Do you think a rogue devil might be behind this? She is like… extremely powerful”, he’d question her as he fixed his clothes, feeling excited, now that he knew something could be done. His voice brimmed in enthusiasm

“Thanks for telling me so, Akeno… as soon as I can, I am coming over  to Japan,we are finding that devil and exorcise it, thus I will return a hero! I am in… hmm… France. See you in around eleven hours!”

“Actually”, her voice sounded a bit firmer, she looked at the side “... I can’t be with you right now, as a King, I have to make sure I have beaten all of these flesh golems. And I wish you’d have been at my sides as a pawn, but … I bet you have another plan already. You know I always believe you ♥. And I promise, as soon as I can, I will come… “

She left hanging the last sentence, just blowing him a kiss

“Oh, I see… who else I know capable of performing an exorcism… Veronica! She is a magnificent Magus and a former devil hunter! She believed in me enough she warned me when Winter was about to hit me from behind… Alright, Chaldea is in Antartica, I am going to see her in  around highteen hours!”, he cheered at which Akeno suddenly interrupted

“Anky… if everything goes alright.. I want to tell you”, Akeno had an intense expression for an instance, but quickly softened “... try to talk again to Medaka. She might not be your waifu anymore, but I think you two deserve a more peaceful closure”

Uuurgh, that… he didn’t want to let Akeno down, but he decided to be nice. He might have needed to rush his goodbye, as he magic seemed it was fading

as the imagine faded, leaving the half devil back to her own mirror… just in time to hear a crashing sound. Damn it, that bitch had already broken down her barriers?

Akeno’s wing unfolded, all six of them, as she looked at the figure in the smike walking out, her cumbering black armor and mask clinking at each sound. The former fallen angel hated to lie to her friends, but this was a mess she had to take on herself.

“I heard his voice”, Winter stated “Where is Ankoku?”

The raven haired beauty smirked at her new opponent. How peculiar, this figure had a mask that somehow blocked her reading of her magic… given how ugly it was, she may very well knock it off.

It had been a rough time, she was glad to be able to take out  all of her anger on a piece of garbage like this

“Ufufufu, so do tell me… why do you want my Anky? Shouldn’t I call the doghouse  to warn them a bitch is on the loose… or you’d rather have me put you on a leash?”, she sadistically answered, a giant pentagram appearing on her hand as electric energy gathered up  “Don’t make a step closer, or I might have to put you down”

Winter’s facial muscle began twitching at that poisonous comment, as she looked around the room. She noticed a chessboard.Ah, she had to be one of those monsters… yes, a Devil King. Funny, this is the kind of things heroes fought

“... Tell me, devil… what is to be a King to you?”, the knight asked her.

Akeno was confused by her question, but didn’t lower her guard. Good call as immediately the armored woman would begin walking forward her. Oh well… she had been warned. A giant bolt of lighting would burst out of Akeno’s hand, scoring a clear hit on Winter. The shockwave was strong, enough to push away the knight out of the room, away the entire building, knocking the mask off her face, and landing down with enough impact to leave a visible smoking crater. My, at times Akeno could get too carried away in taking out the trash, but if the woman had ties to a devil?

With casual grace, the King flew on top of the building. admiring the crater Winter had left… a bigger pentagram would appear in the sky, dark clouds surrounding it

"To be a a responsibility.  I admit to love the prospect being surrounded by adoring subjects ready to obey at a snap of my fingers..., but with my looks and power, I would not need such a title to have that"

"My former King, Rias, back when I was her queen, has shown me the hardship of that role, and thanks to her and her fiancé, Issei, I have grown a lot to be a responsible aide, work through my own issues and help others. But it was a young adorable Devil Hunter who made me decide to take this responsability, to look at others just as myself and realize, via his heroism, how many needed protection. I became a king to protect the ones I care about… and make sure that they never suffer me as much … no, that they feel the joy I had back when I served one. While also making the hard choices they shouldn’t feel the burden of. You have threatened someone I deeply care for. I don’t care if you are supposed to be a Hero. I am a Devil King. Perish. Holy Lightning Dragon "

Yet as the attack crashed down, Akeno couldn’t but feel a resistance. It was too her horror that Winter jumped through the lighting, carrying a giant cross shaped shield that seemed to be repelling the half devil’s High magic. Before her opponent could react, the knight  had already her armored hand was squeezing Akeno’s wrist, using her brute strength to bring her opponent to her knees

“Your answer sucks. Let me tell ya of I, that have met REAL king and been one”, Winter stated while rising her sword to strike the devil down “First of all… it shouldn’t be a weak skank like you!”

The only thing that saved Akeno from being cleaved in half was her short range teleportation magic, flying away now at a fair distance from  her opponent while rubbing her arm in pain

“Ara ara…. there is some bite to your bark..  After hearing that... won't I really get serious…”, she mused while generating a three headed dragon made of lighting that hungrily lunged at Winter. The Servant would begin dodging the charge of the first two head, dispelling the shield and drawing a blue sword

“A gentle king doesn’t last. They are either eaten alive by their enemy of by their least trustworthy allies”, Winter explained while planting the blade down the lighting dragon, the resulting mana burst causing a shockwave that utterly destroyed the three headed beast, but failed to harm the devil due to a barrier spell cast before hand. As the two landed back on the roof, the Knight would feel her own feet and hand that had touched the ground suddenly frozen: the devil had to have cast a powerful ice spell and indeed, she was casting a jointed one with a  rain of ice spears to hit her opponent, raining at any direction.

Successfully grabbing the spear, however, Winter would begin deflecting all the others while continuing: “You may think that by detaching yourself, you could be an impartial king… that is the worst among all”

As Winter was using her own power to melt the ice, Akeno would use a blast of magic to the floor beneath the warrior’s feet, then proceeded the bombard the falling knight with lightning bolts, some that hit her fully (to no injury) and others that were deflected by her blade. The  clouds that framed the fight were becoming denser. The Devil King was seeing how outmatched she was, but she was pursuing in combat, for she had a strategy in mind.

Each time they clashed, the knight won, yet the crash of the barriers slowed her weapons enough for the devil to teleport away and resume her barrage. Winter did not seem bothered though: she was concluding her explanation of the nature of a king.

“Finally, there is the warlord: the greatest, as it lives brief yet all he sees, he conquers. His subject love him, because he exists afar, away from his own castle, always vanquishing his foes and coming, like divine wrath… but what if… the king runs out of enemies?”

The air  was fully cracking in electricity now, Akeno’s plan was going as predicted: now all she needed was time to prepare herself and use an all out Holy Thunder strike to stun Winter. Once there, she’d have performed the exorcism ritual to banish her. However, she didn’t expect that Winter could walk through her fire blast with no injury whatsoever, not even her hair and fur trim were singed. As the knight slowly walked through the fire

“This is a trick question. There are always enemies. With every decision you make,there will be some idiots that either disagree with your choices or sees you standing victorious atop a mountain of corpse and greedily think how cool it would to be in your place. This is the true perfect king. The strong  Tyrant tyrant...the one some some might foolishly call...the Hero”

Akeno had slowed down.  The Knight immediately blasted her with mana from a green blade that was finally cracking Akeno’s barrier. But the Devil King was ready now, what she heard was not a king nor a Hero, but a beast to butcher. She just couldn’t resist giving the knight one last dig

“...Hmmf, the only Hero I would follow is mine: Ankoku Yami… Holy Thunder Dragon Emperor”

Winter was finally struck down hard enough to make her hiss in pain, the omnidirectional lighting  blast getting soaked like a lighting rod, clashing against the Servant’s monstrous energies in a stalemate that forbid her from moving. But she had still a lot to give. In spite of the paralysis she struggled to speak.

“When shall we meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

When the hurlyburly's done, when the battle's lost and won

Sleep in spite of thunder!

Vengeance of Brocéliande Storm - WILD HUNT”.

Now that did worry Akeno: the lighting becoming red… somehow Winter was beginning to hijacking her own storm. She could try to take again, control, but it would end in a stalemate… no, she had to be fast. By boosting herself with her own lighting she tapped the place of the armor where there should have been the heart and perform the purification spell.

All of her holy energy condensed in a spot. Winter screamed as she was blasted by pure light.

“The dead”, Akeno whispered tired… only to suddenly feel the sharp pain of her abdomen pierced by a red two handed blade. Winter was still standing. Victorious.

“Long. Live. The King”, The knight stated lifting the devil with her own blade and beginning to punch her violently. Again. And again. And again. AND AGAIN. Till Akeno’s face would lose its flawless shape into a swollen mess dripping in blood. Only the golden shrine of her communicator stopped her. The knight’s few injuries were already regenerating,

“How does it feel to give your all, strategies, powers, skill… and still be such a loser? Give out your best shots on your enemies, and not impress them at all? All for a few drops of blood”, Winter asked her, gathering the blood in her mouth and spitting on the ground

“...Trust me, I know the feeling. However, as a king I do not leave my subjects behind, not even the ones that refuse to be such, unlike someone we both know”

“... Is this why you hate Ankoku?”, Akeno weakly asked Winter while the latter was carrying her by the shoulder


“And here, ladies and gentlemen, the heroes who saved the world: Negi Springfield, Ramlethal Valentine, Kishiro Nirokami, The Credible Kuro and their leader… do you want to speak, sir?”

“But of course, this is Ankoku Yami, and we are the Ankengers. Always here for you””

…. a berserking scream and a cry echoed across the empty hallways….


“He didn’t even recognize me when we met after all that time”, the Servant muttered to herself

“Wasn’t your mask made to hide your identity and signature energy to everyone?”, the devil retorted with a smirk

“It doesn’t matter. He is supposed to be a her: he should be able to do the impossible...Not… speak, act a lot and then abandon us without a warning”

Akeno just bitterly smiled. For a second, the two women were able to understand each other beyond their role as enemies. But it was only temporary. Soon, Winter’s expression turned malevolent again, a dark fog coming out that once more masked her supernatural features

“You are allowed to live”; the Servant said, grabbing the taller girl by her hair and forcing to look at the communicator’s screen

“Winter… ever heard about dealing with a devil?”, Akeno asked, only to cough up some blood. Winter seemed to care enough to let her live, but not more else: her sharp tootheed sadistic smile was fully showing

“Don’t push yourself, I only want you to see a something: a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

Akeno could only hope Anky was doing well...


“La La La, I am going devil slayiiiiing, and a hero I will become agaiiiiiiin. And hopefully Winter will stop comiiiiiing”, Ankoku was cheerfully dancing about while writing a note on Charlotte’s fridge




He had to rush to get to the airport, but everything was going to be fine. He opened the door of the shower, getting another scream

“Just wanted to say I am leaving, bye!”, he cheered as he slammed the door

“... I swear, he looks identical to Ankoku”, the woman mumbled while still trying to finish her shower in peace… maybe should she call the police?

In the meanwhile, Ankoku was just too happy! He had to go to Chaldea, talk to Veronica and save the world. First thing first… get in the elevator - DONE!

…. today the elevator seemed awfully slow. It’s like everyone was taking it. He just wanted to get to the ground floor! Drat, just how many people were in? At least five, excluding him….Oh come on! Who was blocking the elevator? that was an extremely irregular procedure

“Excuse me, sir… is this yours?”, a young girl asked as she showed him… his broken phone?

Before he could answer, all of the people in the elevator drew their blades, each and all showing a sinister draconic smirk….

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