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12/05/2019 01:31 PM 

What makes your Aizawa YOUR Aizawa?

>>Call this a headcanon section or whatever you prefer. Simply put, this area is another spigot for my writing style, specifically focusing on my muse rather than the admin. There's quite a bit of reading ahead, though it's not required to read this to write with me. I just felt the urge to put it down, so I did. I'll likely add more as time passes.Gonna just open this up with a spoiler, so if you haven't read My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, and you'd rather not be spoiled, then skip this part. The death of his close friend, Shirakumo Oboro, changed Aizawa. Prior, he seemed to be a student with very little drive or self-esteem, but was gradually opening up to people and pushing forward with the help of Shirakumo, Hizashi (Present Mic), and Kayama (Midnight). Though, once his friend passed away, he became solely focused on hunting down Villains and honing his abilities. Following graduation, he opened his own Hero Agency, specializing in what was described as "bounty hunting". My point with that short summation? He still remained friends with Hizashi and Kayama, though it's difficult for him to legitimately open up towards others. This also influences many other parts of his behavioral quirks you'll see below.Quite a few people assume that Aizawa's this caring, nurturing guy beneath his rough exterior, not unlike the average tsundere. I've seen numerous memes and images of this. This simply isn't the case with my Aizawa. My Aizawa does care, make no mistake about that. But he does it in logical, rational amounts. He sets a clear limit for himself on how much he intends to care about/for another person, as to not lead others on or hurt himself emotionally. He's seen death, and felt the pain of attachment, and it's not something he wants anyone to feel because of him.Aizawa tends to steer towards professional relationships with Hero co-workers rather than become personal or intimate. He knows their work is dangerous, and it could very well cost one of them their lives. Furthermore, such attachments could be exploited by Villains, and further jeopardize others. Aside from his childhood friends, the only person he maintains occasional contact with is Fukukado Emi (Ms. Joke), and does so begrudgingly due to her persistence. (This is also why Aizawa has troubles evolving any relationship to a romantic level. Death is inevitable for everyone, but it tends to come to Heroes faster.)Aizawa's home is rather bland. He uses a futon to sleep on and has minimal personal belongings, as to keep things simple and streamlined in his will. His TV only carries the local channels, but he usually only has the news on to keep tabs on Villains and any news regarding his school/students. He has a makeshift kotatsu, which is actually just a small table he throws a heated blanket atop of during the winter. Lastly, he keeps two filing cabinets, one for school work, and a secondary one for his Agency papers. While he does possess a laptop and scanner to document files, he takes care to ensure he has both a physical copy and a digital copy to serve as a backup. Since Eri's arrival, he's acquired children's anime and toys for her, as well as expanded his TV package to include more channels Eri would be interested in.When out, Aizawa does not eat at restaurants very often, even for carry-out. He tends to carry nutrient jelly packs instead to save on money and still maintain his nutritional quota. However, he does know how to cook for himself, and prefers to do so when he can.Aizawa isn't a nurturing/doting dad figure to Eri or Shinso (You're welcome to try to change this via RP, but this is just his basic starting attitude towards them in any given scenario.) Yes, he does relate to both kids in the fact he's watched someone die right in front of him (Eri) and that his Quirk wasn't expected to be a Hero's (Shinso). However, he doesn't intend to expand his relationship to them beyond being a caretaker or mentor. He knows that one day, once Eri can control her Quirk, she'll need to live with someone else rather than just a temp Hero babysitter to ensure her Quirk won't rage. He likewise knows his place as Shinso's teacher, aiming to merely guide him on the path he intends to walk. "Any emotional bond following is due to their own thoughts and ideas, nothing more," is what he often tells himself.Aizawa's not simply a cat-person, rather, he's a pet-person. He enjoys animals and their companionship, but does not want to own any. He's especially apprehensive of getting attached to them and taking them home on a whim.The easiest way to describe Aizawa's sexuality (because I know this will come up eventually) is to call him an aromantic heterosexual. Meaning what, exactly? It means he doesn't normally feel any drive or desire to form romantic relationships, but when he does, he'd prefer to have a strong emotional bond, and he's attracted to women.Aizawa does have a sense of humor, though it is very dry and sarcastic, and he tends to keep most remarks to himself to avoid drawing attention to that fact. However, Ms. Joke tends to bring those sort of remarks out of him easier than others.


12/05/2019 05:43 PM 

Info dump!

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read. If you are doing so, you must be intrigued or interested in possibly writing with me. I'd love that! However, I am a little selective, and here is why:Thumbelina is set in the "Romantic Period" - mid 1800's, with cottages and kingdoms. I'm not apt to take her out of this era for just any rp, so if you add me and I do accept, please bring a great story idea for why she'd be out of her element. Thumbelina is also a slight adventure and mostly romance story (based on the 1994 film), which is where I'm wanting to direct it. I love the characters, but of course, the movie had tons of flaws. I'm taking Thumbelina and changing her and the story slightly, hoping to find writers who would love to help me do that through their own ideas as well. That being said, I'm not just looking for canon characters. I'd love to find others who fit well in the world and like the concepts and have their own to blend and make awesome stories out of!For that, we need a couple rules that won't matter to those who don't care and will do it anyway, but I'm inclined to put them:1) No trolls. This will obviously bring some, but I won't feel bad for removing anyone who looks fishy. 2) No smut accounts. Not looking for that.3) Decent writing ability. That's why I'm here, nothing more.4) Leniency with time. I will never rush anyone. I hope I receive the same decency.5) Each story is independent of each other. Simple, to the point. I do look forward to building up this character with some of you. Thanks for reading!

Thumbelina, Rules, Guidelines, thoughts, introduction

Yakuza Thug

12/05/2019 04:47 PM 

Guidelines/rules/things to consider before adding

Hello, hopefully people who add me or have added me will read this. This is a mixture of rules, things to know, and guidelines. I call it this over all than just rules because I'm not that strict and just letting people know what's up. 1. Patience, I always say this is my #1 mostly because I work, I have some serious depression and this character is not like me at all. I don't have my angry teenage brain where I got to sit around and think about my rps. This is a HOBBY. Just like the rest of my hobbies I don't have much time for all of them. I have different characters and I switch from different inspirations. There are those that I really enjoy rping with and have a good chemistry so those are my priorities. Long story short, don't be upset if I don't get to you in like a week. If this upsets you don't add? 2. I'm willing to be friends outside of rp. Just don't ghost me. I've got too many people bailing on me for one reason or another. Not their fault but I'm sensitive and sick of people ghosting me. Just don't be surprised if I'm a female IRL if that bothers you then sorry? I really am looking for cool friends and people to rp with. 3. My writing. On good days I write like 3 paragraphs, bad days I write like a semi especially if it's not going anywhere. I'm not upset just know I go to a semi if I'm not feeling inspired. I am trying to move the rp, but I still do try to keep the other person in mind and don't like to leave them behind. I'm not trying to write a book lol. 4. Please come with ideas in mind. It's not fair to say, but if I ever added anyone I read their profile with some sort of idea in play. Honestly these days I'm just wanting to write and I have like three simple ideas to go off of. I used to have like paths and stuff but no free time to think of that unless you really inspire me and we are friends it helps. 5. Have fun, relax please don't spam me with like are you there? After a day or hour. I accept a bump after a week. I will get to you when I do. I'm here to just unwind write and get my pathetic ass some sort of connect through characters. Thanks for reading this is the gist of it. If you have any questions I guess just ask. Hope for some good rps. Later.


12/05/2019 04:39 PM 

Profile { Under Construction }

Name: Alice LiddellAge: Appears to be in her early 20'sHeight: 5 feet 5 inchesWeight: 110 lbs.Race: Muse

β™‘Princess Mayleen age 18β™‘ mrc

12/04/2019 03:15 PM 


β™‘ no pucuations or grammar police allowed β™‘ no bullies or trolls β™‘ you add me you send greeting β™‘ I do get busy in real life I will reply when I can dont rush me β™‘ no Mutes allowed you dont talk at all I delete you in a week β™‘ you treat me like a number I block you β™‘ no one liners allowed must put details β™‘ do not abuse my character or kill them like killing spree β™‘ ask for my discord I will give you it β™‘ one character only β™‘ I refuse to do romance with someone who has married in their name or on their character name also inform me if your character is taken or spoken for so I wont lead into romance ...

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