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06/16/2019 12:17 PM 

Current mood:  animated

YOOOO! So I know it sucks to have to deal with ruullesss (bleh!)  But I think I read somewhere that rules create "order out of chaos"! I don’t know, but we’ll see! Lolololol Firstly! Let’s leave the “drama” for RP. Being annoying, spreading rumors, and talking about depressing stuff is no fun. Let’s just not do that. :DD Second! Equal give and take? You sent the request, then talk to me! If I sent the request, then I will talk to you! I sent multiple paragraphs, I expect the same in return. Can I get an amen? ~ Third! No desperate romance plays! I prefer a NATURAL, attraction. And even so, 707 is tough to get in a relationship with, in general soooo, if things get that far… CONGRATULATIONS! (???) Here's your grand award! *Hands over a bag of microwaved Honey Buddha Chips* :DD Lololol Fourth! Real communication only! I will only write with up to 10 people at a time! So if you want to write then talk to me within a week or you’ll get deleted! @_@ To go along with that though, I allow up to a month for a reply back to our ongoing storyline and a week for discussions. Unless notified prior, then I will allow even more time! Fifth! Let's have fun and keep storylines interesting. I don’t really have any limitations, so if something goes against Ani rules we can continue on Discord or something!~ Sixth! OUT FROM YOUR OWN DEATH: This will be accepted as an excuse to not engage in RP. However, I God Seven require at least two weeks notice, as it is your duty to train your own replacement. :DD (That last one was a joke… I got you right? ..right? Lollll)


06/16/2019 01:37 PM 


Greetings~! I'm here for wonderful, memorable stories along with long-lasting friendships. I do have a list of rules and important notes, please take the time to read them. If you have any questions about anything, please let me know!RULES---------1. Discussed Storylines Vs. Spontaneous Storylines: I'm one of the types that don't mind going with either discussing a storyline first or simply starting to see how it goes. The only instance I would highly prefer discussing first is if I'm not familiar with the verse your character is from and/or you're not familiar with mine.2. Activity: Sometimes I may not always be active due to helping my family, babysitting, and other things in real life. I'll do my best to notify you through statuses, bulletins, or by messages, so please be patient with me. If you do the same with notifying me in some way, I'll gladly wait for however long you need me to.2a. If you haven't sent or replied to a greeting after a while, but you're very active during that time, I may delete you. I wouldn't want to be just a number.  3. Writing Range: By default, my writing range is Multi-para(4 or more paragraphs). I also love novella style(6 paragraphs or higher) and I don't mind doing one, detailed paragraph. Please don't send me a one-liner or semi-para(2 or 3 sentences) starters/replies. If you do, I'll kindly ask for you to add more and give a warning. But if you ignore my warning and do it more than once, I'll delete because it's not fun for me having so little to work with.3a. Relating to above, roleplays must be in Messages because it's easier to keep track of. If you enjoy our roleplay, but may take longer than 6 months to reply, please give it a bump. Unfortunately, AniRP likes to "nom, nom, nom!" unanswered messages after 6 months, XD.4. Godmodding, Autoing, and Metagaming: Doing any form of these in our roleplay fight and in general will result in being deleted.5. Drama: Going through a hard time and needing a friend to talk to, etc. isn't drama to me, so please don't be afraid to talk or vent to me. Should there be any issues between us for any reason, let's address what's wrong and find a solution with mutual understanding and consideration. Real drama is cyberbullying, trolling, being overly confrontational, etc. towards me and/or my friends. I'm quick to keep my distance from people like this.6. Mature Content: I'm a mature-minded roleplayer and over the age of 21, so mature(18+)content containing violence, blood, nudity, erotica, etc. is greatly welcomed. I won't do any form of explicit roleplay with minors. 7. Romance: I ship with chemistry, meaning whomever Dizzy has a romantic bond with over time during a roleplay. One of the main rules is I won't do any romance with anyone underage. Important Notes-----------------Dizzy is a Commander-type Gear ; her development and maturity is equivalent of a 28 year old due to her Gear cells, despite her numeric age is 8. This is to clear up common misconceptions and give a better understanding about Dizzy.-Random fighting or strictly competitive fighting will be occasional since Dizzy is the type fight when necessary rather than for the thrill of it. Story-driven fights is highly preferred.-Necro and Undine won't be limited to appearing only during a fight. Either one or both will manifest at any moment at random for both humor and to make things interesting.~Thank you for reading and remember to have lots of fun!

arт oғ anιмaтιon.

06/15/2019 11:58 PM 


Just small buttons you can post in either your headline or on your profile!We are also looking in for designs made by our members, so send them in!

Live a Life of Danger

06/15/2019 10:02 PM 

Yo Joe!

calling all Joes!!! This is a verse I’d love to see pick up, who’s game?

~ANBU Haruno~

06/15/2019 08:30 PM 

Cherry Blossom Haruno

i know there is a ton of Sakura Harunos out there but I’m different if you would like an interesting connection than read my bio before you add me. I am a multipara so I don’t do one liners

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