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02/16/2019 09:04 PM 


Young Claire Farron

02/16/2019 12:59 PM 

Character Info.

Claire Farron is the younger sister of Sarah Farron- their parents died when they were both young and so the responsibility fell on young Claire to raise her sister. She had to grow up faster and therefore she was forced to let go of her childish leisurely behavior. 

"There is no record of when or why she decided to take on the name Lightning as far as I know, I’m guessing it was when she became a soldier. And then that whole fiasco started with her sister being marked by the fal’cie, getting engaged, and completing her focus..and, after that, turning to Crystal.."

Lightning also became marked- after she found her sister, alongside 4 soon-to-be comrades; Upon their attempt to defeat the Fal'cie responsible - they were all marked and cast into a new Focus. After the events that followed, when all was restored, Lightning was wisked away again, she was not rewarded but isolated from the only person she cared about.

She was trapped in Valhalla, with Caius, it wasn't a coincidence Serah fought to correct the timeline with Noel, or that Noel killed Caius..unleashing the Chaos

Lightning became Crystal, preserving the memories of her sister, until the God of light woke her, and made her an "angel of death" to do what needed to be done, "Etro's will" to save souls- the goddess of death was dead but the medium she left unguarded, the Chaos left unchecked...

||I believe that Lumina was born from the Chaos because of Lightning's prayer to preserve Serah's memory, the Goddess Etro aknowledged that||

Young Claire Farron

02/16/2019 12:19 PM 

Things You Need To Know//Rules&Guidlines

I am on mobile 90% of the time, because it's faster and easier for me (I use the microphone) because im lazy; but it's convenient too- I like to be fairly detailed with my RP but not overly so....there is no reason to spend a paragraph or 2 describing an outfit.

You might also like to know that I have a very short temper when it comes to know it all’s and erotica pushers, I don’t put up with bullsh*t for too long and I will block you if I get upset. 

On the same wavelength I don’t try to be bitchy, actually it’s the complete opposite… The way you perceive what I say is going to be what determines things, It’s your choice if you want to be open with me and tell me about yourself in real life - i’m not judge mental but just know that- I am a very upbeat person and I like to be positive about everything

*******||RP preference||********
I hate it when you ask me what kind of RP  I like to do, being put on the spot is no fun for anyone, it's not possible to know what you could do well.
I'm not impressed with people who write ONLY Erotica, alittle is fine here and there, ecchi too, but I want to focus on the story
Fantasy; Slice of Life; Romance; Supernatural; Mythological; Tragedy(?)

 #1. i’m not a huge fan of erotica so don’t push it, if our characters have chemistry together and a relationship develops; something might be possible but do not ask for sex or plan on it

#2. Please, no one liners, those makes it hard to come up with anything, and I don't like to waste my time overthinking things so give me something to work with or go home- I don't know why any bothers to give you the option of showing your length preference if no one pays attention to it(I do understand that sometimes profile layouts do not show this information) 

papa waѕ a rollιn' ѕтone

02/15/2019 12:40 PM 

Journal Stuff

feeble bags of human pain 
with their infirm hands 
clutches medics and white clad stern faces 
as drowning beings grasp at hey.
the anxious hearts look up to them 
with all gathered hopes  
and start counting the patient beads 
until the recovery begins to occur.
placing all the trust 
in good faith as much in the repairers 
as in the holy maker.
 caregivers attend with iron hands 
and often command in commanders` tone 
and strictly observe the restricted hours.
if they are found to sit on the job
if their mind absconds to their private business 
and if they flout Hippocratic Oath 
then they are devils in the guise of deities.
still many stand out as the God sent angels. 

papa waѕ a rollιn' ѕтone

02/15/2019 12:37 PM 

Journal Stuff

The room is
Smells of hospital and sick
Smells of sensor gel
And anxiety.

Your bed is
Smells of old spice and weed
Smells of condom wraps
And sexual activity.

Your room is 
Smells of BB guns and flame
Smells of playboy and 
Other girlie magazines.

The bed is 
Smells of tears and my shampoo
Smells of Lysol perfume
And Formaldehyde.

Beyond that
My senses refuse.
A bed is a bed
A room is a room
You are just you
and we are just two
Of a thousand pairs
Who lie dying
In one bed or another
With the armor destroyed
And the heart breaking
At it's bedside
Tracing the sleepy beat
Slurring on the screen
Of the life sign machine-
Tracing hope on the EKG.

© 2019 All Rights Reserved.