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10/15/2019 04:50 PM 

Schools of Magic

(Work in progress)

The Hexed Hand.

10/14/2019 06:47 PM 

Sample - Once Dreamt, Long Regretted, Forever Remembered

( This is a what-if scenario inspired by a conversation with some friends of mine. You've no need to read it to write with me, this was something simply spurred by ambition and desire to realize this vision. With that said, should you so wish, read away. )To wield the strings of fate upon one’s fingertips, it is a grace from the world.The ability to move one’s hand and guide whatever is connected at the end.It is exciting, liberating, and very often, intoxicating to even the most moral of individuals.However... in a game of manipulation, one must consider the alternatives.Are you truly the one moving the strings in the end?Is it not, perhaps, that fate is moving you, fooling you into believing you’re in control?At what point do you stop to truly think of your own actions?Marionettes dance on a stage that he, himself, has designed with ideas that arrive so easily.A level of understanding that transcends all that is humanity, all that is spiritual.Yet he does not understand where this comes from, he feels ambitions not his own.Now, for as long as he remembers, he never concerned himself with the question of, “Why?”Merely the question of, “How?”, beelining towards the completion of every compelling urge.Sahmuele finally finds the strength to ask himself...“Why do I want this?”“                           “.“Who am I doing this for?”“                           “.“Is… is this even---”“                           “.And he arrives at no answer, for down the path of a marionettist, he became lost in its design.Dancing the elements, life and death itself, on a stage that he himself was a part of unknowingly,He is unable to learn more, unable to trust his own thoughts, for he cannot fathom his undoing.His hands no longer cease at his command, his mouth preaching philosophies he cannot recall.He cannot bring himself to accept the idea that anything he does is of his own doing.Paralysis has overtaken his soul, yet he moves onwards, empty of conviction and faith...For he who marries the concepts of the world is no better than the licensed priest at the altar.And now, it was time for his license to be stripped of him; his services were no longer needed.Ŕ̢͏͟͝È̵͝T̶͡U̴̡R͞N̴̷͞҉ ̵̷T҉̴Ǫ̶̛̕͡ ҉̢T̡́H́͡͏̸E̷͞͡ ͘͜͞͝҉B҉҉́Ǫ̢͟͡X̵҉̛͟҉̡͜҉S͏̵͝T̡̢̛͢Ỳ̵̧X̸̢͢͡ ̸̶̢H͏̢̡A͏͏̵́͝Ś̶̛́ ̵̧͡C̶̢͏A͏̛́͞L҉̕͏̶͢Ĺ̨̢͜E̷҉̴D̵͜͢͞͡ ̸̨̢̀͠F̴̧͢͟Ǫ̷R̀ ͏̷̡́E̛X̴́͏͏P̸͞I̷͢R̴̢͢͠Ą̷͢͏T͢҉I͟͠Ơ̧͢Ń̴̴̸̶̸̛̕͟R̀͞͡͞A̷̸̢͏P̡͟T̸̀͡͝U͏͏̢R͏͞Ȩ̨̢ ̡́͘͡H̕A͠҉S̸̢ ̵͏A̷͝B̴͘A̴̡̡Ń͡Ḑ͞O҉͜Ń͟E̵͏̶̷D̶͝ ́͡Y͏҉̀͢O̢͡Ứ̶͢͡R̨ ̴̷͝͡F̡҉̸I̴G̷̶̛͝͞H҉̷͠͠T̸̢̧͘In the end, despite every hex he has designed, every string that hung from his fingertips…He was not the one in control. All along, fate had toyed with him, merely enjoying his whimsy.But now, destiny had finished its plans with him, sending him to a realm worse than hell.The void of the abyss took hold him, suspended in indefinite space, strung against a wall.Various lacings of blue mana had wrapped around his throat in a mocking vice grip.Thick globs of blood fell from his lips, his eyes dull with a dying flicker of life.Fragments of his spirit left from his parted lips in the form of a hazy mist,Each breath he took a desperate attempt to draw his existence back into his core.“In the end, you were its tool all along. The marionette who played with marionettes.”A cold and distorted voice spoke, embodying the sight of a porcelain doll dressed in a frilly dress.Standing at his height, right before him, the doll flexed different fingers with a dry smile.Each tug caused a convulsion of pain, causing him to throw up more blood and bile into the void.“Sah-Sah.~ You seem tied up in your thoughts… speak to me.”Although he gave no response, a clutch of her hands forced him to gasp forcefully.Strings pull upon his neck to force him to gaze at her, strings attached to various parts of his skin.Even subtle threads attached to his lips, which forced him to open his mouth at her whim.“Yes… as… y… ou… mand.”“Good! You’re still alive. You understand how this works. I pull the strings, you obey! That’s how it has always been!”“I wa... s so… s… sure…”“Many are, Sahmuele. You’re merely human. You could never understand it.Strings are so difficult to see! Every string you pull, stretched further along… to us. To me. You never belonged to yourself.”“Then… w…hy…? Wha…t is… re… al…”“I am real. These strings are real!”She gently twirled and from it, she tugged again, a portion of his spirit nearly exiting from his throat.These cables of oppression had rooted themselves to his soul. No longer were they his own.Never were they his own. The various tools he used, the energies, the world, himself---A fool to the very end, that’s what he was, and she made sure he knew.The only thing he owned was his own arrogance and folly.“I… sto… p…”“I can’t do that, Sahmuele… you know you won’t let me.”“...?”“Because you need this power to achieve your ‘paradise’ that you insist exists…!”The porcelain doll, a monster of the abyss, smirked at him devilishly as more strings left from her mouth.The strings taunted him by stroking his hair and his cheeks, wiping the tears from his face.“You can’t give up the strings of fate. You never could. Because without it, you control nothing.”Her words hurt more than a wound forged over a millenia.He truly relied on that power more than anything else in the world. It was his only logic. His only root.In the end, the power controlled him, because he understood, he was not the root.He was weak, he was without foundation of strength in the end, a puppet with lost purpose.For in the end . . .“The Akashic Strings command you. You need them… that’s why you can’t let go… that’s why you can’t win.Your paradise, it is fake. Your goal to reach dreams, it’s fake.Dreams are for those who cannot accept reality… and even those aren’t real. You’re a pathetic D R E A M E R, a D R E A M E R who can’t D R E A M his own D R E A M S.”His entire world stopped. Those words… those words cut right into his core.Everything in his life was said to be a lie, that he never had a choice but to accept he had none.But his dreams, those wonderful, peaceful dreams, that gateway to a utopia, his paradise---That… was his. Those were all his. Every glimmer of hope… that... THAT WAS HIS.That beautiful sun which unveiled a world where people saw their children grow old.A marvelous moon that revealed a staircase of light upon the ocean to guide us to the unknown.Those stars that showed that even those who have died, leave us their light to carry on in their stead.THAT WAS HIS.Fields of glory, unstained by hatred, with footprints that remembered the miracles of humanity.THAT WAS HIS.Blacksmiths who’s tools were created to pave a way to a future of survival without gods, without masters.THAT WAS HIS.A dream where his lost friends, his lost family, his lost comrades got a second chance - - -Even if he could never, for eternity, ever share in their peace, even if it was just one smile---THAT. WAS. HIS.“... then…”“Hm? What is it, Sah-Sah?~”“... I… … se… … g...s...”The light in his eyes.They flickered for just a moment.“What is it? I can’t hear you.~”“. . .  . . cast .  . . .aw . . .  y . . . ings...""What...?"Although she couldn't hear him well, she felt the strings pull from her hand.The look upon the porcelain doll's face turned to one of anger.His hands started to move of his own accord, something unprecedented. It was a twitch, but that was far more than allowed.No movement was granted to a marionette, so how did he...?"Speak up before I kill you.""I cast... away..."And suddenly, the strings of mana wavered around him, his arm moving with intent to grab onto the strings binding his neck.Fingers coiled around it decisively as the doll's eyes sharpened, yanking on the strings attached to his arm.Blood dripped rapidly from the points where the threads connected to his arm...But his arm was not pulled. In fact, the threads themselves had been pulled loose...!"!!!""I cast away... AWAY, these... god damned... STRINGS...!!!"Man's passion to achieve his dreams rivaled even the strongest of self-preservation.But who possesses the right to claim that achieving one's dream is not the greatest act of saving one's self?A scream of great pain echoed across the Void of the Abyss, escalating in turn with the tearing of threads.First, his arm was free, then the cords around his neck, to which the doll attempted to pull on the rest,But every tug was met with detaching tendrils, the pain reverberating through his body.The very darkness itself shook with the newfound power that was given form in this empty hell.Sahmuele had yanked free every limb he had and fell onto a solid surface below him.Blood spewed from his mouth with every cough, the meeting points of skin and mana tendrils bleeding out.... yet even those streams of blood turned into their own strings. His own set of coils.Skin was torn apart, but he did not cease.From his spine, limbs, every Akashic String was rejected.Sahmuele was finally free.Free of his folly.Free of his fears.Free of his doubts.Free of his own strings."..."A feeling the porcelain doll had never felt before. Never had she met a soul to reject Akasha's Strings.For how could someone reject the origin of all that was given birth in this world?It was as though Sahmuele had rejected fate, as though he refused to accept---"I don't... ignore reality... nor do I abhor the nature of those strings..."The monster was shocked by his words, it didn't understand."But I... refuse to attach myself to them. I will NEVER relinquish control. Rejecting that power... is my choice."And in a single instance, the doll finally had enough of his existence.Every crevice of her face released Akashic Strings to take him back to the core.... and every single one was ripped asunder by an invisible force, revealing her shocked expression.There standing was Sahmuele, eyes full of life once again, a dreamer who has awoken.His eyes gleamed a beautiful azure, a gorgeous reflection of utopia.Surrounding him were figures of mana, appearing as twelve puppets made of ethereal magic.The tendrils of blood that seeped from his pores connected to these magical soldiers.Each one forged from the dreams that were his own from the day of his birth.Each one blessed by the pain and tears of the soul, weaved from the path he himself chose.Each one created from his every loss, his memories of every loved one he had ever known.Each one wielding a weapon imagined from the aspirations of his every ambition.The sorcerer dragged himself forward through the void's ether, the puppets following suit.The porcelain doll continued to lash away with strings, to absolutely no avail.Each lashing was beaten back by a vessel of his mana, a perfect defense for his frail vessel."... You understand... that you, as a living soul... cannot ever join those of dreams, correct?!""I may not be able to live among them, but to offer them a second chance, their deserved utopia..."The male had given a pained smile, wiping his black sleeve across his lips to wipe the blood away."... but perhaps, if I bring utopia to this world, too. Maybe, one day, there will be no difference."The porcelain doll scorned him, hated him for his arrogance, for his ambitious dream.It was a reflection that any soul experienced; it was envy, it was spite, a show of her own soul."And if there is no difference, then... maybe, there won't be a need for two different worlds. It will take a long time, but that's fine. I'll do anything it takes.Good, evil, so long as it's by my hand, I'm fine with that. I take responsibility now.I will blame no one else. This is my final decision. I will be the Arbiter of my own reality.I will bring utopia to all those who have earned it. Even those who are now lost.""And how... how can you possibly do that without the Akashic Strings...?!"The porcelain demon had suddenly lashed out with a bladed thread.They did not respond - The sharp coil had cut every tendril of blood Sahmuele had connected to the mana figures....But the mana puppets did not disappear. They remained. They directed their attention to her.Upon Sahmuele, there were no longer any strings. Bloody, weak, but no longer shackled.The Akashic Strings had suddenly abandoned the creature. Her destiny had reached its end.Unable to release those threads, she returns as a doll with no more purpose, back to the void.Her puppeteer had no interest. Not anymore."Concern yourself not with the puppeteer who holds infinite strings,but rather, the one who no longer needs them to play the stage."- The Arbiter


10/14/2019 03:43 PM 

❤Our Rules❤Don't like it? Don't add. Plain and simple--

Disclaimer:I must say that first and foremost that I am not Karin Uzumaki She is a character created by Masashi Kishimoto and I just merely portray her for recreational purposes only. Now if I have to tell you I'm not really Karin Uzumaki, you're in serious need of mental help. Sorry guys, but I'm not. My husband and I are just a fans like the rest of you.Rules:I have been role playing for many years, starting back in the Myspace years and decided to give it another try due to bad experiences that my husband and I had. During the years or rping I find the rules need to be set to have understanding of one and each other. I ask that you please read the rules so no misunderstandings can occur.Patience:THIS IS A MUST! Role play is not the center of my life. I have a life outside the rping; I have friends and family plus a full time job that has me traveling to various locations, drawing blood for laboratories or blood banks. I also have bills to pay and have been thinking about going back to grad school. Rather I go back or not is no one's damn business. Evenings are typically spent with my husband, and RP is something we both enjoy as a hobby whenever he is not busy working since he is a ED/Emergency Registered Nurse (RN/BSN/MSN/CEN/TCRN/CFRN/CTRN/CPEN/CCTRN/CCRN/ECG/EKG/ETC...) and he has a full-time job where his times and days off vary. GET IT, GOT IT? GOOD!!So I implore you to exercise patience. This means you will not pester me constantly. You may have one of each comments and messages. However, if you have sent a comment once already and I have not responded, DO NOT send another. If you can not wait for a response then I will delete you.I have more than one account and I will not share my other accounts because that is none of your concern. Sometimes I'm on mobile just to see what's happening but because I'm on mobile I wont answer to messages/comments unless it is very important. If I'm not giving you the 100% attention you demand from me then delete me now. Just because I'm on status stream messing around with friends does not mean I'm ignoring you. Relax; I'll get to your rp respond soon. Sometimes I'm too busy. Now a days people can't be online all the time due to life, which is understandable. However, for those who cannot survive without constant attention you need to realize that the world does not revolve around you. People have real lives that they need to attend to you know. So, if you add us & do not hear from me and my husband for a while, just remember, RP is not our entire life so just hold on for our reply. However, if you decide to delete us anyway, we wish you a good life & apologize that our private life is more important than entertaining you. In addition, when it comes to real life issues, my husband and I come here so we do not have to deal with real life. If you start talking to me and my husband about your real life, we will have to ask you to not because in all honesty there is not really anything we can do about it. My husband I do not want to seem cold but we are not a psychiatrist so please leave your real life problems out of our RPs.Drama:Now I know everyone hates this subject but it has to be address. I don't deal with it. Now I do delete people who cause drama and throw names around under the bus for no reason; and I delete without warning. I don't need to tell you why I delete/block someone. It is none of your concern for that matter so don't get involved when I delete or block someone. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm done with high school, and seeing similar behavior among grown folks is a little more than disturbing. Bottom line: Keep that sh*t away from me. I see it, you're gone. While a lot of people tend to find straightforwardness a bit off-putting, I will warn you that I am a straight forward kind of person. If I have an issue with you, I WILL bring it to your attention. If I don't like the way a story-line is going, I WILL tell you. If I have a personal problem with you, I WILL bring it directly to you. Along those same lines, I am very straight forward about my expectations of both story-lines and what I expect of my writing partner. What I say is exactly what I mean. If you don't like people with thought out words and that say exactly what they mean because you need a little sugarcoating- that's a YOU problem and not a ME one. Do not disrespect my husband or myself out of character. My husband and I will not tolerate it. We will not roleplay with you if i even feel a hint of disrespect towards me or husband. My husband and I will shut you down and block you. Zero tolerance for bullsh*t. This happened way too often in the past. This rule is completely needed. If you are someone who has offended my husband purposely in the past or continues to do so in the present in the form of spreading rumours and lies about him, telling people who have no cooking clue who he is to block him for no reason except the reasons YOU gave them, reporting his profile for childish sh*t that you have no proof of or simply because you pissed him off and when he called you out on it you went piss girly mode crying to everyone about what a bitch he is because he served his country when you brought it upon yourself? DO NOT ADD ME. My husband and I do not forget people or their deeds when they try to hurt us in any way. You are NO friend of ours and prefer not having snakes on our list! So go bite someone else in the ass who is stupid enough to trust you and give you the time of day! You don't like us? Stand in line with the rest waiting for us to give a sh*t.Relationships:  Please respect that I am in a committed relationship, no I will not be in a committed relationship with anyone only in rp seeing as how I am in a committed relationship with my husband both in RP and RL. I will kindly ask you to respect my relationship the first time you cross the line. The second time I will delete you and block you. I will not hesitate to give you a piece of my mind while blocking you. If I see you acting in a way that I find disrespectful I will tell you and let you know. I don't like my husband being touched or talked in a way that may imply other things. I am here to please him and trust me he does not need someone else opening their legs for him. I will not hesitate to call you out. You have been warned. I, also, can smell drama coming from a mile away- so, if you're looking for someone to play sides, I'm not going to be the one. Leave me out of your childish nonsense. Unlike a good portion of the people on this site- I don't NEED you. I'm not here to see how many friends I can drag into my RL and I don't have a need to win any popularity contests among a site of people literally pretending to be someone they're not. If you don't like me, I'm fine with it, but handle your dislike with the grace and dignity of an adult- because, I will handle mine in the same manner. If I feel like your drama is getting too close to me, I WILL sever ties with you and be perfectly fine without your disaster piece of a 'friendship.' I will not endanger my RL relationship for someone that can't keep their feelings straightened out- believe me, cutting ties with you will not be a problem if you catch feelings. Don't do it unless you want to get your heartbroken or feelings hurt. DO NOT try to demean me on anything of sorts to impress whatever you are pursuing. You will find your ass deleted so fast your head will spin. If you came here looking to fulfill your sexual fantasies with a horny Karin, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. THERE IS THE DOOR. Karin is happily married to the love of her life. Erotic story-lines are NOT going to happen unless you are Eye of the hawk who is my real life husband and I live with my husband for almost nine years. Therefore, if you are looking to get an erotic or romance RP out of me, then you are out of luck. If you cannot except no means no then you will be deleted & blocked. THERE WILL BE NO JEALOUS BITCHING ABOUT IT EITHER. I feel like I have the perfect life — there isn’t one thing I'd change about it. I have the best, most caring, and sweetest husband. I love him to death!!! We also have a beautiful family together that we adore. If it wasn't for my man and our family, I don't know what I'd do. He's been my rock, my support, and my smile for almost nine years now. He's a hardworking, well-raised man, a man that takes care of our family, with such grace. He accepts who I am, my flaws, my doubts, and my insecurities. He puts a smile on my face every day, regardless of how long we get to spend together. He wakes up every single day, goes to work, and still manages to keep me happy. Needless to say, I couldn't imagine my life without him. RP is Rp and RL is RL please do not confuse them, if I ever decide to become friends with you to the extent of telling you my real name then I will. And I will not babysit you and justify his reasons, because he does have them. We both have real life careers and work real life full-time jobs. We love RP as much as the next person but we will not blow off other things IRL. Other than that please do not ask for our RL information. Our information IRL is ours and ours alone. We will not share our Facebook, our phone numbers, our Skype, or my husband's DD214. It has our real names and things WE DO NOT want people on here to know. If we become close enough friends, we will most likely tell you our first names but ONLY that. We do not think there is any reason to share these things and honestly we get irritated if you ask. We may delete those who persist without warning. Referring slightly to the last rule; We are okay with chatting and making friends, it's fine and we really enjoy it but unfortunately it is going to have to stay on here. A lot of people online can be untrustworthy and lie, and we don't want to have to deal with those of you who might manipulate your distance, 'internet shield', or whatever else to be an a**hole to us and effect us IRL. However please understand that there is a difference between what's real and what's roleplay. I am not your wife, your girlfriend, your mother, your cousin, your child, or whatever social network you have going on through this website. You do not own me or my character(s). My character may roleplay as a relative or a friend but I personally (the admin) have absolutely no binding connection to you whatsoever and expect that you will respect that boundary as my husband and I will respect yours.


10/14/2019 02:46 PM 


Here, you can find my Commission Descriptions and PricesLINE ART - SINGLE: Base Price: $10Full Shading: +$2Full Coloring: +$5LINE ART - MULTI:Base Price: $15Full Shading: +$2Full Coloring: +$5ICONS, EMOTES, BADGES, LOGOS$2 Eachor5 for $6COVER/SOCIAL MEDIA ART:$20PROMOTIONAL ART: (Flyers, Banners, etc.)$50

commissions, open commissions, commissions welcome, commission prices

[𝙳𝚘𝚛𝚔 𝙺𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝]

10/14/2019 12:19 PM 

Unsinkable: Drabble

attention: | mentions: Steph didn't spend a lot of time in the Batcave these days. She didn't need to, what with the Firewall. But the cave also made her feel… inadequate. She sees the cases, everyone else's case, and is reminded that she's just reserve grade. Not real Bat Family. 'You have to retire, be murdered become someone else, or be shot to have a case' That was what Babs said when Stephanie was looking at the cases, at the suits in the cases, when she was trying to establish herself as Batgirl. But of course she didn't have a case. Her murder didn't count. Why would it? She was revived with medicine, and skill, not mysticism. She recovered with time, and pain, not a dip in a pit that cured all her issues, and brought her out stronger. No, no, of course it didn't count. Just like her being Robin. "Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too." That never counted either. She knew it. They all knew it. Give it enough time, and she wouldn't count as Batgirl either. And Spoiler? Pssh. Who the heck is that? Cluemasters kid? Who's that? Sounds like a Riddler wanna be. She had already heard it all. She grew up with it.Spoiler never counted. So why would Spoiler have a case when she moved on to bigger and better things. The times she had been shot didn't count for a case either. Why would they? She could still walk, after all. And even if she couldn't, it would only be Steph. What would they be losing? Nothing they didn't immediately move on from once before anyway. No. No she will stay over here. In the nice, brightly lit Firewall, where her inadequacies can eat her up inside, without physical representations, thank you very much. At least over here she could try to focus, to clear her head, to work on what mattered. They might not have always considered Batfamily, but while she had a cape, the city did. And Gotham was what mattered. You don't give up on her, she won't give up on you, as Nell told her. Words that truly stuck with her. She may not have been a real Robin, or even a very good Batgirl, but she had learnt how to be a pretty damn good Stephanie Brown. And that meant something to her, damnit. "I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie credit.

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