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Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

04/20/2019 05:02 PM 

CODES A. - Chapter 4


NOTE: This story is an AU set in a composite roleplay  versewith all of you. However, it will have a few meaningful divergences, one of which is going to be obvious from the get go. THE EVENTS DO NOT MATCH REALITY IN ANY WAY. Please, hold your suspension of disbelief


A Teleporting shift from the communicator had taken place and Winter was already back to the frozen wastes that surrounded the Chaldea complex, waiting for the doors to  open, as she carried her sword over her shoulders. The two leaders were looking serious at her return.

“...  You exceeded any prevision, Winter”, Veronica stated in disbelief “I am glad the training as kept your skills as sharp as ever. I … did not expect you to solve the case this quickly… although...”

“It was more than just training, Veronica”, Winter answered, admitting the reason she shown this much strength was more personal than she had shown. What upset the knight was however was how the other man was silent

“What’s wrong, sir?”

“...”, Lau struggled to find the correct words“Ankoku surprised me. Not that he spilled blood, that was always going to happen, no matter how much he would state he would keep his innocence. Yet… it was too fast, too sudden… even unreasonable. Why did he kill Darnic? He didn’t even try to justify himself by claiming the moral high ground. Not even too hard, given the victim was a nazi nobody is going to miss”

“That’s easy”, Winter offhandedly retorted “Family business. Ankoku comes from a lineage of assassins”

The sudden drop of such informations made the two turn at her in surprise. Finally Lau asked, after making sure he was only half blind and not become half deaf as well:  “Excuse me? How would you know?”

Winter looked down and took off her mask, still unable to look at the two straight in the eyes,

“The second I looked at his eyes, I knew he was false. And as familiar as I am with the myths of Camelot… I know of falsehood” - She spoke, her fists beginning to shake out of those memories ”Lancelot? He failed in his path to be a proper knight, slayed three of his fellow men while they were unarmed, taking away a dear friend of mine when he did... And committed high treason against the King, racing off with a woman that had swore to be with Arthur forever. Gawain? A womanizer who married not out of love but out of orders, he committed several unjust acts and more than once did terrible things because he thought it's what his King would want. He even killed a fellow knight for the mere act of having a relationship with his mother. How about Agravain? He joined Camelot to bring it down then only changed his mind because he liked the King more than Morgan, he hated every woman there and was more than cruel to them. I could go on. There were dozens of knights at Camelot. Not one of them didn't fail the path of heroism or die because another did”

Lau looked at the woman with sympathy for once: “Those are extremely harsh words”

“But true nonetheless”, Winter concluded as she put back her mask, clenching her fist close to her chest  “When talking to Ankoku, you addressed me as a ‘hero who saves the world’. I wish I were.… and even then, I’d find too disrespectful  to their memory to have any of them compared Ankoku to them… if I were to take any knighted man to describe him… I’d pick Dagonet, the Court Jester. This is why,  as soon as I found a reason to hound on him, I was merciless: I cannot allow a fake like him to be thought as a hero. I am taking over this operation”

“So… I suppose you have a plan? next time could you please avoid to destroy buildings?”, Lau asked, although he was met with a glare from the armored woman

“It was intended. Ankoku was guilty, and obstructed the law by refusing to be taken”, Winter explained “The fact he caused this much property damage shows he is a threat. Was he a hero, he’d have not fought back, let himself be taken in and aid us. But he didn’t, because he knows he is guilty. A false face like his must hide what the false heart knows”

The first part was a lie, but Lau was impressed by how bold faced the Servant was, to the point he let it slip: she got the point across in her desire to paint Ankoku as bad as possible

“... Very well, then. Do you have a plan, Winter?”, Veronica asked. As a matter of fact, the knight had already formulated a strategy.

“Lau, I want the evidences of Ankoku killing Darnic to leak online. Veronica, I want a new background check on Ankoku. I have sent my Dragontooth warriors, which I have kept in constant communication so far, to hunt him down by performing perimeter checks on the places he frequents and his friends’. Eventually, he will be drawn out and brought here”

Lau had only a question: “And when it happens?”

“Ankoku was fond to have his successes and rise as a hero broadcast in public. It’s just fair to give his downfall the same treatment. A warning for anyone who wants to act this arrogant as long as I am here to guard the world”

It did not take much to realize what was the knight’s intent.

“A public execution, I see”, Lau eventually confirmed “Very well, Winter, I am leaving you in charge of this operation. It’s the first time I see you in action. Do you need anything?”


“I don’t have it”

“Then nothing”

“Winter”, Veronica asked “... You are not trying to relieve through this your golden days back when you were king, right?”

Winter stopped at this, drawing one more bitter sigh

“... Things without all remedy should be without regard: what's done is done. As of this world, I won’t repeat the same mistakes again.”

Walking away she would look up at the communicator. A request to talk: it had to be the same Dragon tooth warrior who had rescued the maid. She reached her chambers and sat upon her sofa as if it were a throne, both hands resting on her favorite blade as she finally activated the receiver, waiting for the holographic projection to show up.

“Have you done as I commanded?”

“Yes, Your highness, and we have also fully grown bodily tissue, to properly blend with humans. and are all connected via an hive mind. I hope you like my new looks ♥ Ankoku will never suspect of a wee girl”

Winter was honestly indifferent at how her minion looked like, to her mattered only how by infusing her own teeth with Life Fibers her warriors’ strength had increased.

“Are you still strong?”

“I have not lost one bit of strength, I will make him squeal like a pig when I get my hands around his throat ♥ “

“This is what matters”, Winter growled “Make sure to follow my commands once you lure him out. I will remain here for now, to secure my kingdom”

The people of Chaldea longed for a hero now. But she was no hero… a king may suffice though.

“Of course of course, your highness… I have a question though: was a look really all it took for you to know of the fake hero’s true lineage?”

“Of course not” - Winter dismissed the stupid claim -“… I knew because he told me so”


No matter how much he had protested at first, but the threat of impending threat by the hands of a rampaging Servant, as well as the many kilometers he had placed already between himself and the crumbling mansion where he and Winter had fought had taken a toll on his stamina.

His unwanted savior quickly pulled him inside the Limo on the seat across hers. Fixing himself and sitting up, he placed his hat on his lap, looking down. He should have been thankful, but… that person, who was casually laying on her seat, and pulling off the biggest smug the youth had even seen

She huffed, fixing her white hair, while opening a bottle of win and pouring some in a glass

“What are you doing here, Charlotte? I had thrown you in jail yesterday”

“Yesterday was… yesterday. Overnight, after our heated thrist, my backup force broke me out on the way to the maximum security cell I was going to stay… well, unless they executed me on the spot”, she chuckled

“Wait… backup force?”

“Dear, it was an extremely risky mission, did you think I would just really take all of my squad with no backup in case anything went wrong?”, Charlotte pointed out while pouring  wine in the other glass and offering some to her guest

“.... No thanks”

“Aww, dear, it’s not poisoned”, she said casually taking a sip from both chalices, gently bringing the beverage to her lips and savoring “....Nice and fizzy”

“After beating you, you can’t blame me for not trusting you. You even lied to me about your story and motivation. What if this is an elaborate revenge ploy?”

“... so you did find out about Japan’s special force. Sorry, I lied to you to try to make you drop your guard. The truth is that to be a mercenary is family business...”

“Sorry”; Ankoku said bowing his head interrupting her, an act that made the woman raise her brow slightly

“Don’t be, I love this job… as for the ship take over, and I was only in for the pay: lots of money and magical bullets. With people like Jack-O roaming around, even we mercs need to keep our technology up… You can’t imagine how surprised I was when  my client called this morning. They are paying me double to protect you, the same person who ruined my work… ah, C’Est la vie d’un mercenaire! I wanted to act from the shadows, but then the explosion came up and I knew that I had to show up”

“... The same client who made you rob the ship… wants you to keep me safe?  Who? How… how did you even know that it was me to cause the explosion?“

“They knew where you were instantly, don’t ask me why: they have asked me for secrecy… as for how I knew the explosion was your fault... a lucky guess, mon ami~”, she teasingly commented. Seriously, she was fine Ankoku had actually asked her men if any of them was Charlotte, but some were men! And Russians.

“Can I ask, however…. what were you fighting against? You seem far more roughed up than how you looked after I got my hands on you. Should I be jealous? Or… worried?”, she questioned him while leaning up to him and caress his face, an act that made Ankoku recoil back to stop being touched

“Long story”, he hastily answered as Charlotte fixed herself

“And we are now in a Traffic Jam, so we have plenty of time before we reach our destination”, Charlotte answered

Feeling too tired to comment, Ankoku would just pull out his smart phone and showed her  a video

“Here, she call tell you better than anyone else”


*Greetings and salutation my audience, it is I, the Masked Magus.

Here I am to tell you of stories that uncover lies. Has anyone ever told you about Heroic Spirits? They are not mere ‘wraiths’, they are the true definition of ‘Hero’: the pinnacle of certain ideal woven in the shape of an either historical, mythological or legendary soul.

Magi have crafted a system to be able to bind these spirits akin to familiars. It has become this ingrained in our society of Magic that I wonder… have we all gone insane? We have the power to summon such grand figures, and we turn them into  what we call “Servants”? From a ritual we have outright stolen from the will of the world?

It has gone this badly that I have recorded footage of Heroic Spirits and I have gotten a COPYRIGHT STRIKE! Heroic. Spirits. Should. Not. Be. Properties.

Am I the only one who sees this madness? The weakest Servant can crush skulls between their fingertips. The strongest cane wipe out continents., And all you need to limit them is to just find their Master, likely a Magus no greater than you, me or the average everyman?

Isn’t this pathetic?

I will leave you thinking...

You know what else is pathetic? Trying to watch footage of Spirit Servants on a low resolution. Subscribe for Crunchyroll to witness, everyday, tales of heroes, at 1080p. Ah technology, isn't it the  magic the common man granted oneself?*


That did answer Charlotte’s question, however…

“... What’s this notification?”, the white haired mercenary muttered to herself as she read the tab above the youtube video, her emerald eyes shifting to a more serious expression.


“... WHAT?”, the blue hatted youth said as he immediately turned the phone to see the news. Was it ALREADY out?

“.... You can’t help but  make my jobs more difficult, can you, mon petit?”, she asked the youth before suddenly pulling him into an hug “I am still sure you had your reasons. Don’t worry, I am proud of you though”

Confused by the sudden hug, Ankoku stood frozen for a bit while the woman went to the front window and reach the driver seat

“Vous êtes congédié. Je vais appeler la compagnie pour acheter la limousine plus tard.”, she said to the driver, letting him get out and away, immediately telling Ankoku: “Get down, Ankoku, you can’t afford to be seen right now”

By looking at him  obeying and getting curled up  with the rearview mirror of the limo, however did hit her soft spot. The poor guy seemed devastated. But why though? Darnic was a well renown Nazi, it was no big loss to have him dead…

The mobile rang. Charlotte was about to tell him not to reply but it was too late. He was distressed, not thinking lucidly… was he seriously a murderer?

ANd he had just answered a video call?! Seriously?! That was suicidally depressing, but to speak up at the moment would have revealed her presence…. chest first.

“... Medsie, put your phone up to your face”

“Nyaaaa! ANKY!! How is my boyfriend-kun?”

“… just Terrible”

“Nuuu! Not my boyfriend-kun! You can’t be sad.Tell me where chu are and Immah cuddle chu”

“On the run, I am wanted for murder and high treason”

“Pfft! You, a murderer? Anky, you dummy! You are too soft, squishy and weak to kill anyone”

“ … Chaldea must have had leaked the evidences, they have a video of me pulling the knife out of someone”

“And I have squishy cheeks”, Medaka said pinching her own cheeks and showcasuing how elastic they are

Ankoku’s eye began twitching out of sheer frustration. Did she care? At all?

“Medaka, be serious! Can’t you see I am distressed?”

“You shouldn’t, boyfriend-kun. You are a hero! I know you will resolve everything!”

“Are…. are you even following me? I … I killed someone, I can’t be a hero if I do that. If I am not  a hero… I am nothing.. do you realize what it means?”

“Anky,you are my dummy boyfriend-kun, you will always be someone irreplaceable to m-Oh my god, look at those two koalas, they are sooo cute”

“Look at the small one, Anky, it’s just like you when you hug me. I am taking them both and calling them Blueberry and Ankoku Jr. We will buy Ankoku Jr. a mini hat and I am going to pet him between my boobs and….”

“MEDAKA!!”, Ankoku roared, “I want to be a hero! Hero! HERO! Either you are going to tell you are going to help me or you hang up right now”

“Alright, boyfriend-kun, let me get Misaka and …”

That only made Ankoku angrier as he growled at her: “No! Not Misaka! Leave that little promiscuous brat out of this! I don’t want to handle her arrogance or I swear I am tearing out

her throat”

“Hmmph. Are you done talking to that jerk, Medaka? Do you know how he woke me up by throwing me out of the bed?”, Misaka’s voice called as she pulled the blue haired beauty into a jealous hug

“Really? Hero-kun, you should stop being mean to Misaka! Once I finish this date and I come to help you, I will put you in your pet cage”

Well, that did it for Ankoku.

“... I  am dumping you”

Before Medaka could answer, Ankoku would smash the phone by throwing it out of the window.

Silence would follow.


Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

04/20/2019 04:59 PM 

CODES A. - Chapter 0.5


Her name was Ramlethal Valentine, she was a denizen of the Backyard, a higher reality than our universe. All made by pure information or, for the lack of a better definition, ‘magic’, that was tied to the world like the code to a program.

Ramlethal did not care for the world. She did not hate it, nor loved it, besides the surprisingly sense filling object that people of Earth called ‘Hamburger’ (of which she was carrying a bag back home for ‘further examination’), but at least she had found people to bond with: they called themselves the ‘Ankengers’, after the self proclaimed leader, Ankoku Yami.

When they had helped her defeat her crazed sister, for the first time in her admittedly short life, Ramlethal had grown beyond an unit and become a piece of a ‘whole’ and she had to admit… she didn’t hate it. Yet.. just before she had left, she had received a message. In the Dark of the Night, he was on top of Chaldea, and there was her caller, clad in an heavy armor. Had she met that person? No, yet they seemed very close to herself: they were not made in flesh and bone but magic.

“I ask of you. Are you Ramlethal Valentine?”, the figure asked with a stoic and cold voice

“What do you want?”, the Valentine curtly asked the figure. No answer, not verbal one… of anything, they seemed more puzzled by how Ramlethal was still carrying with her the bag of burger even in the middle of the night

“... I am not giving you any”, the white haired woman immediately said, childishly clutching on her threat, noticing they were leaving. At first she thought the  meeting was already over, but the cold stoic voice spoke once more

“Follow me. One like you has the right to see what’s going on”, the knight spoke as they reached a window of the massive Chaldea complex,and broke it down, alongside the magic barrier holding onto it for protection. Ramlethal kept following them: she was upset the warrior did not give any straightforward answer, but she could not back down. For some reason, she felt a creeping feeling… it was if… she was at home?

“This sensation…” she muttered to herself “It’s the same as the Backyard”

As they entered the room, she could see what seemed a storage room, full of small shards, all saturated with magic. She didn’t even wait for her mysterious informer to speak as she picked one.

“Chaldea calls them Reality Marbles….”, the knight spoke, interrupting herself to give the woman time to figure out what she was holding. And her rage to seep:a green aura flared out of anger, betraying her stoic outlook. The ‘reality Marble flared in resonance, letting itself be absorbed by the Valentine. Reality Marble? What a load. She knew what that was: fragment of her home.  

“How did you get this?”, the Valentine barked at the magical entity, almost ready to fight her, only her common sense and the … rather unsettling bloodlust coming from her interlocutor. She might at least hear her out, before fighting.

“You have been betrayed, Ramlethal”, the figure explained, crossing her arms “Chaldea has been long using the Backyard before Jack-O came, mining for its sources. The greed of people sitting on their thrones, thinking they know better than the ones running on the battlefields, have no bounds. What kind of rulers are they for being able to save only their bellies?”

“... Why can’t humans leave the Backyard alone?”, Ramlethal growled in anger “They tricked me! All of the Ankengers are being fooled by Chaldea. I must warn them”

Suddenly a sharp sound: the warrior had rose a sword to the sky with destruci, a sound that made the Valentine feel chill behind her back.

“Some oppose these inept rulers. I lead those who do not want these cowards to keep pulling their strings evermore. Valentine, shall we plunge our blade in the heart of these inept kings?”, the knight proposed. Ramlethal figured out what they meant and rose her sword to follow this combatant. Ramlethal’s blade glew green, the warrior had a dark blue hue, speaking of an enchantment  from times well before Chaldea was built

“My King.

Reaching the very end, beyond the boundaries. King on the other side, look at this light!

Arondight - Overload!!”

For this light brought ruin to these fake kings. The combined blast was contained by the many Reality Marbles, but none withstood the impact, destroyed so that none could be used. The energy of the Backyard would not once more be abused by mankind

“You are… extremely strong”, Ramlethal commented, hiding her awe at said might. The Warrior nodded as they admired the destruction.

“I must go home and protect the Backyard, I bet those bastards are still leeching off it”, the tanned woman commented “I first will go to talk to …”

“You go”, the knight spoke in a commanding tone “I am going to deal with your friends”

“... Thanks”, Ramlethal said with a bow out of respect of this figure. They had to be kings of a long lost land, or something akin to that… “...C-can I ask… who are you? what is your name?”

The Knight was already leaving, but they stopped at being asked these words, finally emoting, and flashing the Valentine a smirk full of confidence

“... My name? I am a knight with no name, or so many that each and all have rung for so long in my ears that have lost their meaning. By the end of this story, I will be given new names, which I will welcome until they wear down their novelty, as well as a title. As for you… You can call me ...Winter”

Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

04/20/2019 04:57 PM 

CODES A. - Chapter 3


NOTE: This story is an AU set in a composite roleplay  versewith all of you. However, it will have a few meaningful divergences, one of which is going to be obvious from the get go. Please, hold your suspension of disbelief


“... Winter?”, Ankoku repeated, observing the warrior meant to oppose him if he overstepped the line. Given his yet to be unveiled murder… he may have had to be careful and try to engrance her.

“I am pleased to meet you, my name is Ankoku Yami”, he greeted her, extending his hand and flashing out his most polite smile. The Masked warrior looked at it, unimpressed, leaving him hanging. It was like staring at a statue, only the statue was slightly more alive

“Winter already knows who you are, you are pretty famous”, Veronica whispered to him as he lowered his hand. He was feeling nervous around the armored knight, not sure on how to behave around her. That woman...replace him? Could she pull it off? He was never fond of the Last Code of Embryo project, yet here she was. Like any person he didn’t know how to act with, Ankoku would sign her an autograph

|Winter, I know you are going to do greatness when/if you are going to replace me. Proceed on your way,

Greatest Hero Ankoku Yami|

The blonde looked at it incredulous. Likely if she didn’t have her mask on, Ankoku could have seen her brow raised, but still did not talk, only holding the autograph in her hand before her masked face

“You seem curious about her, Ankoku”, Lau asked “I actually had a mission in mind for the both of you”

“You know there is no way I would refuse. After all, if Winter is meant to replace me, I wish to be able to witness her on the field”

“She is meant to replace all of your Ankengers, with strength, skills and powers to forcefully counter all of your team at once and without an excessive attitude that would draw the attention. A hero meant to save the world”, Lau explained as he escorted Ankoku on the way out, with Veronica and Thera at their side. “Ever heard of Darnic Yggdmillenia? He was a close associate of ours, but sadly he has been found dead in his home tonight. Murder”

That name made Ankoku shiver. Oh no…

“I… I am deeply sorry for your loss”

“Don’t be”, Lau dismissed him “Darnic was a piece of work. He worked for the nazi and still betrayed them. His magical power was however off the charts for a standard Magus, as well as his influence: whoever killed him is a potential threat to the world. You and Winter are meant to investigate, is that clear?”

“Yes”, Ankoku stammered in a lower voice than usuall, hastily clearing his throat before calling out “Winter, I appreciate that you have been gazing at my autograph for this long, but it is time for get moving. There is heroism to be done”

Winter had been staying behind for all the time, her face fixated at the signature. Ankoku’s call snapped her to reality and, noticing nobody was looking at her her, she crumpled the piece of paper with a shaken hand clenched in a fist. Then, by making magical power surge through her hand, she completely incinerated it,


Here they were. Darnic mansion. The communicator had been set. Thankfully, the police had cleared the area and Ankoku had made them all leave by his presence alone. Ankoku Yami was there? with a new companion? Well, this case was going to be saved soon!


Ankoku didn’t want to clear it though. He knew who was the assassin: he did it. He had inexplicably killed that man. Yes, apparently he had worked with Nazi and even Lau was disgusted by him, but … Ankoku  had a rule: he didn’t kill.

Why did he break that rule all of sudden?

“Ankoku?”, Veronica’s sweet and shy voice came out of the communicator on his wrist “Are you alright? You look… shaken up”

“I am”, Ankoku snapped at her “Are YOU alright? You keep spacing out”

“I… I… hmm… slept badly”

“Me too”; Ankoku grumbled, looking at his partner quietly investigating the scene and finally found someone: an eerily thin framed young maid, looking nervous as she greeted him, her mouth serrated in fear.

“G-greatest Hero Ankoku Yami?”, the maid asked

“And his partner”, he said pointing at Winter, who had already moved past them to admire the corpse of the man: such a perfect crime. Ankoku would have prided himself on how well he had hidden any proof of his presence, if it was not… well,a criminal act. Gazing at the narrow golden eyes of his interlocutor, he would politely greet her

“How may I help you?”, the youth asked her

“I have actually found security footage of that night. I … I didn’t check it myself but… I think it could help”, the woman muttered with a low voice

“.... No offense, but the room where Darnic was killed has no cameras. I doubt you have any footage of this room”

“Uh, so… no, you saw no camera?”, the maid asked “But I have it right here”

From her hand, she twirled a USB key, with the date of that fated night written on it “Why don’t we see  if we can find anything?”

The blonde knight would just activate the communicator on her wrist to allow Lau to have both visual and acoustic contact of the footage of the security while Ankoku would nervously broadcast it on a tablet. He, Winter, the Maid and all of Chaldea was watching. No pressure… they were not going to believe that. They all saw him saving the world not less than a month ago. They were not going to accuse him…


“... my name is Ankoku Yami”

“T-the hero who used to be a magus for Chaldea? It’’s not poss-”


Silence dropped among all of them. They all had seen how the footage showed clearly Darnic being stabbed in the heart.

“... I can’t believe it”, Lau muttered through the communicator, closing his eye in shock, possibly even disappointment, before the maid screamed in fear and rushed out of the room, Ankoku immediately chasing after her

“No, stop, I am innocent! I…”

“Yami-san, was it you?”, Veronica asked, trying to vouch for him

“I … that was me, but… I  didn’t kill him”, Ankoku squealed, his face sweating  like crazy. He couldn’t control his body from shaking. He had seen it all again.

“... Yami-san...”, Veronica’s voice lowered as well. Winter lowered her head too, drawing a sigh, the closest thing that Ankoku had witness to her talking.

“I … I can prove my innocence, I know there are quite the proofs, and… well, I can admit I did that but…I am a HERO! I am innocent! Heroes are always innocents”


Instinctively, thanks to Veronica’s cue, Ankoku dodged to the side, just in time otherwise Winter would have smashed through his chest with a fist, just like she had utterly broken the wall, the entire mansion shaking.

“W-Winter, were you trying to kill me?”, Ankoku visibly panicked as the warrior immediately swung her arms again with superhuman strength and speed. He dodged the second fist my moving to the side, was knocked off by her sweeping kick, once again rolled just in time before she’d smash his skull with a stomp.

A person to surpass his own team? Ankoku could see it:  those casual displays were on par with Ramlethal, only more vicious due to Winter’s killer intent. At this point, the leader of the Ankengers knew he couldn't surrender: the woman was actively trying to kill him. Using all of his weight, he sent his momentum crashing down in a roundhouse kick, aiming at her head, but alas, all he did was to hurt his own leg, her head barely tilting at his full strength.

And, even worse? She now had an hold of his length.

“... I … I surrender. Mercy”

The crunching sound of Ankoku’s bones being crushed by the metallic glove spoke for Winter, who immediately proceeded to further incapacitate him by slamming him to the door with enough strength the body cracked the wooden plank in half and proceed to smash through the other room to outside the mansion.

That would have been enough to finish off most opponents, but a person with healing powers and a penchant to taking physical abuse like Ankoku? No, she wasn’t going to doubt. She had gone so far specifically to be able to counter him.

No… not merely counter him: crush him like a bug.

After picking what was essential to her goals, all it took was single leap and the masked knight was already onto her blue dressed prey, like a bloodlusted hellhound. Ankoku barely managed throw at her one of the piece of the broken door to buy time to fix his own broken leg, which she casually caught in her hand, setting it on fire with her black colored mana and tossing it back at the mansion.

“... what the hell are you?”, Ankoku asked in shock at such a display of power, receiving as an answer a soft growling enchantment, her arm shining gold, her light temporarily blinding her opponent, just barely enough for her to be able to finish her preparation

“My power is all for your faults.

Devour my soul and take flight! Silver meteor!

Dead-end... Airgetlám!”

As the incantation proceeded however, the golden energy turned black with only the fainted golden outline, followed by her other arm doing the same. Her opponent seemed to have coiled his own scarf like a spring. Yes, Winter had heard of that being his signature technique….

She charged at Ankoku, swinging her hand as if it were a blade and releasing from it a burst of black mana which youth barely dodged via unspringing his own scarf to move away. The  knight’s plan was now to catch Ankoku by the scarf and impale him with her second hand, which sadly didn’t work: her grip was so strong she only tore the scarf and let him slip away. No, he wasn’t going to get away. In frustration, she stabbed the ground, surging all of the gathered mana up.

Ankoku could witness the earth itself grossly swell up when the knight did so. It was by a miracle he escaped the radius of the explosion of magical energy, with now a thick layer of ash and dust having descended on the area outside the mansion.

Winter was strong like Ramlethal and fierce like Kuro, but the leader of the Ankengers was only thankful that she was fighting like a brute with no strategy whatsoever…. or so he thought, as a the silhouette of a skeleton lunged over at him, with a fine crafted blade at its side.

“A Dragon tooth warrior… when did she have time to summon them?”, he wondered, but quickly realized it had to be when she had blinded him while using that magic. Those techniques… Winter had to be a Servant: she was impossibly strong, one of her technique was unequivocally mana burst, and that previous move, undoubtedly a Noble Phantasm.  Yet despite her powers of offensive, she had enough power to craft at least a Dragon Tooth Warrior that kept attacking him, which implied she had Item Creation.

What an oddly versatile Servant… but how many Warriors has she made? - he inwardly pondered as the cloud of dust was dispersing. He could count… only five? Really? That was… extremely short-sighted of hers: Dragon Tooth warriors are troublesome only in large numbers. All he needed was to gather enough momento and harden his clothes and should have been easily able to shatter the first one to pieces.

Or, so he thought. Somehow, as he hit him, the monster’s bone seemed coated in a layer of red fibers that were considerably increasing its durability.

Winter was standing, a sword summoned in her hands, but planted to the ground, the message clear: if he wanted to get her, he had to get past her enhanced Dragon Tooth Warriors, and he couldn’t refuse her challenge. The minions kept trying to get close, and even though Ankoku was fast enough to go circles around them, none of his attacks seemed able to dent its bones.

He had to play strategically. Eventually, one took a large enough swing to give Ankoku an opening: charging at it he lifted it by weight and swung it like a ragdoll, aiming at someone in particular. Winter did not appreciate that move, swatting the Dragon Tooth Warrior with enough strength to shatter it like brittle glass.

How… disappointing. Was that all of his potential? And THAT was supposed to be the so famous Ankoku? The youth had even the guts to stare down at her. Fine… she was going to end it.  

“I command you, watch me. I will bring you victory!

Sword of Predestination, grant me power! Cleave the wicked!


And a blast was released from the blade, this one so strong that… wait… why was the entire mansion crashing down?  Unless …. that bastard knew. He had intentionally goaded her to be this destructive so she’d be immobilized. Cute, a ploy to escape...

Ankoku did not enjoy to be a coward, but he knew when he was outmatched: he couldn’t defeat Winter, especially given how easy she had gone on him and he had failed to even slightly hurt her.

He needed time. To recover from his injuries, to gather

“Come with me if you want to live, mon ami”


“You want to be a knight….? Then you don't want to be a hero. All that awaits you down that path is ruin."

"But I want to be a Hero... Because I seek to be of inspiration to people who, like you, have seen the worst of this world and need to see some more light.... If even Knights have lost their hopes... Well, among even Knights, a Hero I shall be!"


A mana burst was all she needed to clear herself out of the surrounding rubbles, her surviving Dragon Tooth warrior following shortly after. Only one had escaped the collapse: the one she had ordered to save the maid, so now she had even the proof Ankoku had killed Darnic.  Perfect. All had gone as planned: and as she had predicted, her minions were growing stronger by the second: the fiber were now fully growing to become muscle tissue. Just like the sword had been repaired by her gifts...

The Dragon Tooth Warrior spoke: “Your Majesty, I have seen in what direction the dog was running towards. I can easily kill it, if you give me the command”

Yes, it could have been so easy… but now the police was coming. Lau and Veronica would likely tell her it was enough of a test of her capabilities, and she would have to return to the base. Maybe… for just this once, she could delay the inevitable outcome of this fight. A Servant versus a Magus was rarely fair, unless the former held back and the latter was aided by fortuitous circumstances and third parties. She was going to be sure he would have none of that.

“Let him go”, Winter commanded, her tone capable of even freezing the marrows down her Dragon tooth Warriors, with a wave of her hands summoning back their weapons from their hands to her own persona.

Placing her hand in her mouth, she casually pulled out a few of her own teeth and threw them to the ground: her own self inflicted injuries would have regenerated quicker than the time needed for the new set of Dragon Tooth Warrior to grow at full size.

“What a feeble Magus: he can’t even beat one of you without trickery. Feeble,frail… Deplorable that he, of all, has been called ‘hero’. There is a proper condemnation for cowards like him, and as the King I am, I have to bestow upon him the capital punishment: he will not be executed for now, his peanance will be more severe. Thus I command. Seek who cares for him, and make sure that akin to the dog he was all along, like a stray he will have to live: alone, separated by all that he loves, or surrounded  by the rotten. And rot he will, alongside his reputation until few words will describe him: evil, monster, scum. And from that rotten, he will be plucked out, righteously hunted down by knightly justice... my justice.”

The yet fully formed humanoid creatures obeyed, splitting the group up as their muscle tissues kept growing upon their skeletal frame. The Black Knight admired the spectacle… and smiled.

“I haven’t had such a fun hunt since the Grail War ”

To be continued in...

Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

04/20/2019 04:55 PM 

CODES A. - Chapter 2


NOTE: This story is an AU set in a composite roleplay  versewith all of you. However, it will have a few meaningful divergences, one of which is going to be obvious from the get go. Please, hold your suspension of disbelief


The house of the Yggdmillenia had been profaned. Somehow, an ill-intentioned person had successfully sneaked in and had attacked the head, Darnic Prestone. Whoever it was… was skilled, and ruthless, enough that he, a skilled Magus, was being utterly humiliated

“Darnic, my good sir, it has been fun to let you life for this long, but you knew what you did for the Grail was going to be the end of you. For what you did… you are going to die here, right now”

“You… you bastard”, the head of the magic family stated at his assailant “W-who are you… who do you think you are?”

“Hmm? Have you not heard from me?”, the figure asked while drawing a dagger,leaning closer to the magnificently aged man in the late nineties “... my name is Ankoku Yami”

“T-the hero who used to be a magus for Chaldea? It’’s not poss-”

Last futile words spoken, as the figure immediately plunged the knife in their chest, killing the man instantly. Withdrawing the knife, Ankoku looked in absolute horror at this

“... what have I done?”


He had to rush… he had to escape. Immediately he had reached his haven: Medaka’s house. His hands were dirty with blood…. what had happened?


Greetings and salutation my audience, it is I, the Masked Magus.

Here I am to tell you of stories that uncover lies. That tell of True Magic, of the nature of the Heroic Spirit, and many more thaumaturgies, some of which any official Magus organization would not dare tell you.

You see, these places hold themselves upon lies behind lies, not as much as for malevolent purposes, as much as so many superstructure that  they may very well scrap all of their books and rewrite all they know about magic from zero. Well, don’t worry, because you got me from cleaning out from their pollution

Ah yes, pollution of someone’s mind. Is there anything worse than it? When your mind is crystal clear, you are to take the actions that the truest to yourself. Not as much when it is polluted by all that there is: brainwashing, corruption from others, external agents, even possession.

However, I want to remember not to fool yourself, like students from  the Academy… it’s always you, or a part of you. Meaning that, no matter what you did of so atrocious or unlike you… deep down, you wanted to do this


In insight, to make a Youtube subscription to an outcast Magus who kept making videos all over the world had been one of Ankoku’s smartest ideas ever since ever becoming a hero.

He watched all fifteen minutes of this over the top , up to and including the promotion of the Masked one’s Patreon account and her sponsor, because even an actor and a Magus needs to buy food.

What happened that night had made him panic... His main reaction had been to to get rid of the weapon and escape. Why doing so if he was innocent? Was he innocent? But why would he have killed someone, then?

He had remained awake all the time to see if there had been any cause of possession or brainwashing, but so far nothing showed any signs… and yet...

Did the boy in blue want to kill that person? He had never met Darnic, he had to be either a very high ranking Magus that thus he never had the chance to meet or a new one who had joined after Ankoku had left. Maybe he simply wanted to kill someone? No, no… ANkoku was a hero, the heroes he envisioned didn’t kill, no matter how stressed they are…. a hero… he still couldn’t believe that. He just wanted to read the newest issue of “Record of the Night Window Demon” and be done with this.

Ankoku always thought that the day he would become a hero, everything would have changed: while normal bystanders or people who had never seen would recognize him from afar and respect him, his friends didn’t behave any differently towards him. That had to change one day.It was already  clear from the little message Medaka had left for him just outside of his room

“Dear Boyfriend-kun,

I am super busy with work, but don’t worry. Immah cuddle you asap. Please, do the laundry before going out to talk to the people of Chaldea,

With love,

Your girlfriend-chan

PS: Misaka is there as well, do your best not to wake her up. She gets cranky when I don’t let her sleep. Hehehe ^^”

Well… he knew what that meant. Reaching the double bed were Misaka, still in her Pikachu outfit was peacefully sleeping, Ankoku grabbed the sheets and pulled them with enough strength the young Esper would violently roll off and fall off the bed



The Chaldea headquarters had been busier and busier that day. Everyone doing something and … Ankoku thought he knew why. Lau was dressed to kill (figuratively and possibly literally) in an elegant suit. Veronica was as casual as ever, wearing loose clothes that barely gave an idea of her body, flat gym shoes and barely seemed to have combed her short brunette hair: you’d never think she was the leader of Chaldea.

“Mister Lau, Lady Veronica”, Ankoku playfully said waving at him as he entered the Chaldea headquarters “Did you see the spectacle? I have surely impressed”

A groan came from Lau,an exasperated sigh would finally preceed what he said: “I did tell you not to show off, didn’t I?”


Ankoku tilted his head before finally answering

“Why yes, yes, you did. I overrode your decision as people clearly wished for something larger than life than a somber event: heroes have to bring joy in others, not just merely protecting them from outside threats”, Ankoku pointed out while fixing his cape and using his magic to make it flutter in a non-existent wind

“Focus on effectiveness rather than spectacle, Ankoku”, Lau said “I know you are letting others have fun as much as you are… however, to save the world is an extremely tough work, and I cannot tolerate you going over the line”

“THEN WHAT?”, was Ankoku’s venomous retort “You can’t fire me! I do not even work for you, the Ankengers is a freelance organization!”

“An organization I have helped you funding!”

Veronica didn’t seem very focused on the bickering of the two, for a brief while staring into the void while absent minded munching on a few pastries. Not that she was losing much. Somewhere during the conversation… their arguing had devolved into squabbling

“...And you broke a TV last week”

“I had to for the sake of the nation. Dragon Oppai was airing, that show is trash! The main character’s perverted behaviour is a bad model for children everywhere”

“You? You of all people say this? Did you hear yourself singing in the shower? Your lyrics were, textually ‘I like ‘em busty / Big boobs are to me a musty / call me old fashioned and fusty / if only I were not when flirting so rusty/ I would show you I am trusty‘ “


“It’s. For. Your. Safety”

“You can’t justify any of your heinous actions making it about my safety”

Rubbing her forehead, finally, Veronica would ask with her usual calm, even a bit shy, voice: “Yami-san, how do you plan to defeat Azi Dahaka?”

This finally ended the argument, as Ankoku turned at her, sweat droplets forming on his forehead, finally: “A-azi Dahaka, the White Dragon? Is… is that still a danger? The entire Ankenger Initiative was made with the purpose to defeat him”

“As long as there are heroes, Azi Dahaka is a threat. If anything, your success makes his coming more likely”, she pointed out “And if the scriptures are right, the fight will at least cost us a third of the world merely by his arrival alone. Do you think you can be the one able to stop him?”

“....”, Ankoku lowered his head “... I can’t even match an Heroic Spirit worth their True Name, much less a world ending Beast-class Servant...”

“Therefore, I think you can agree with us that to prevent his summoning in the first place is the most cautious approach?”, Veronica pointed out

“B-but  I cannot condone morally ambiguous actions, they are not the answer to saving the world. I am aware there is no greater calamity than Azi Dahaka, but even something a tenth of its evil can be a threat to all mankind”

“I agree, I don’t like either the course of actions I am taking, but Lau is right.... however, I believe in you, Yami-san. I have ever since you began working for me”, Veronica said with a smile “You are a hero now, aren’t you? If the situation goes south, I know you can save us, Yami-san”

Ankoku, finally convinced by Veronica’s words, smiled at her, deciding to give both Lau and her the benefit of the doubt.

“As Lau was the one to come up with most ideas, he shall be the one to explain them all”, she said stepping back, letting the man in an eyepatch explain all, as the three walked down the corridors of the Chaldean buildings, until they reached a security door that seemed to require super-human strength to move, at which Lau pressed a button

Heavy steps came from beyond that door, a gruff grunt and then pushing. A giant woman had pushed the door open, welcoming the leaders of the organization and the young hero.

“First of all, Ankoku, Have you been ever able to count how many times Earth has been menaced by world wide threads?”, he asked, not interrupting himself even though he was noticing the youth beginning to count his fingers “Dozens, and this is just this years. With each conflict, we have been able to gather spoils from the many enemies. With of course, plenty of contingencies that have been controlled by both myself and Veronica. You can for example witness one of our bodyguards at Chaldea, Thera”

“That… that is a B.O.W. right?”, Ankoku questioned, for he couldn’t help but notice the deformed arm of the humanoid, to which Veronica nodded

“I hope that doesn’t bother you, Yami-san”, she said with a smile “She has been properly reprogrammed to be pacified”

“Not to say, we repurposed her from the base T-102 she was based off. From… the rather perplexing infiltration purpose (Seriously, Umbrella?), she has been turned into a guard unit, meant to neutralize any intruders she finds upon the lower levels of Chaldea, as well as general strong arm chores”

Of course Ankoku  had issues with it: that was a freaking Bio Organic Weapon! But he remained silent, letting the giant female mutant escort them across the halls, as a lot of dependants, mostly security staff and maintenances, were working across far too many projects for Ankoku to register. until they an elevator and going up in an isolated tower,

“I have also been working on making up for the lack of Magi across the world”,he explained as Thera would open another security door via her brute strength and led them to a storage area full of boxes the blue dressed young man would immediately recognize, as he walked past the giant, slipping past Veronica

“... Isn’t that what I saved from Charlotte yesterday?”, he asked,immediately remembering the mercenary’s words.

Welfare? Is this what you were told?

“... Lady Veronica, was there is inside those crates?”, he spoke bluntly, almost as if aware he was not going to like their answer, the main reason why he had asked to the one who had been mediating between the two males

The brunette would draw a sigh as she exposed the truth: “Ever since you left Chaldea, in this year, the Number of Magi has been drastically dwindling. Even people with potential to be a Magus are rarer than ever nowadays. Without Magi, we can’t either move forward the standard research of summoning, much less the Project of the Last Code of Embryo”

“Veronica, don’t tell him too much”, Lau said, but it was too late.

After Ankoku had drawn a sigh of relief to hear that preposterous idea had been finally discontinued, he tapped his own forehead, quickly reasoning? A shortage of Magi? By Occam’s razor, the best way to counter this was a forceful trigger to awaken people’s latent talent, such as using an outside magical sources. And how many things he knew to hold this much magic… and yet to be in such plentiful quantity to need a shortage area?

His eyes widened, then locked them with Lau: he knew the answer.

“You… you have been smuggling fragments of the Backyard here?!”, Ankoku accused him by pointing at him

“The energy of the Backyard, although somewhat volatile, and even then nowhere as nuclear power, is extremely versatile, to add Magi and strengthen the ones already present”, was Lau’s cold answer “You saw what Jack-O did with it.”

Ankoku for once didn’t yell at Lau, his tone was dead cold, matching his. No venom, no squabbles, only a matter of fact

“I saw, and I saw how Ramlethal reacted at such abuse, and that was her sister. Do you realize how she will rage at finding out of this betrayal?”

“Ankoku, are you taking me for a villain?”, Lau retorted crossing his arms “I am merely employing the leftover  scraps that teeter between the bounds of the dimensions. Ramlethal, who is already not the sharpest tool in the shred, is not going to notice unless someone outright tells her. You are one of the few Magus left, and from what Veronica told me, you have always been awful at employing your magic circuits, even though you are a magical user yourself, only being able to draw it from the outside rather than the inside. Can you imagine how you could fare by using a Reality Marble from the Backyard?”

Each sentence was punctuated by a step towards the youth: Lau was aware that, for how arrogant Ankoku was, his lack of talents was a Magus had always been a soft spot. It was why he had quit Chaldea at the first opportunity. Given how Ankoku was looking away, he had to be at least considering.

“You can see another thing”, Lau turned to Veronica“Is she coming?”

“At this time? She must be training”, the leader of Chaldea answered almost awakening from a trance “At the underground faculties”

“Tell her to meet us at the entrance”,Lau commanded. As the girl obeyed, Thera would begin closing off as he pointed out to Ankoku “I agree with you on a lot of points, Ankoku. Including on how all of my plans require extreme contingencies, in case they go rogue. But do you know what I kept unbridled for the longest time?”


“You”  Lau answered as he pressed a button to the elevator to return to the lower stores. That word had strung Ankoku more than hundreds of insults: he kept scrubbing his hands.It was as if he still felt Darnic’s blood on them. He had spent hours cleaning them up at home. He had made sure not one drop was on his clothes… why did he still feel it.

The one eyed assassin spoke: “You don’t trust me, you don’t have to tell me that.  Fine, I don’t trust you either: people like you, that never compromise, always end up becoming the worst kind of villains”


This time Veronica was backing away, looking for protection from the B.O.W. whispering something in a communicator. As long as they were arguing, she could patch things up, but this was a borderline declaration of war

The tension was broken by a loud  sound: someone had casually slammed the entrance security door open. A minute figure came out, possibly even shorter than Ankoku, framed by the daylight in a dark silhouette, was walking towards her

“More eager than usual”, Lau commented. The training had to have fired her up more than usual. Maybe it was Veronica’s orders? Yet now she was walking at her usual slow pacing, as any small framed woman clad in a black and red thick full body armor would be moving. Her hair tied in a ponytail, yet still wild.

Ankoku couldn’t help but find joy in finding out there was someone shorter than him in the Chaldea complex, but her mask bothered him. It was as if it had an hypnotic effect on him that made him unable to gaze onto her for long

“I must say… she has style”

“She had to invoke the image of an imposing figure, even despite her short stature”- Veronica explained “She is the prototype of  the Code of Last Embryo”

“Also, your contingency. Ankoku, meet ‘Winter’”


04/20/2019 04:54 PM 


Hello there! So I am seeking someone to fill a VERY important role for Lyla's connections and overall development. I only have a few requirements for anyone that's genuinely interested to fill the role which I will list prior to the information to be entirely upfront. So please look them over before even thinking of expressing an interest in the role. 

✓ Must create a dedicated account for the role.
✓ Must have a discord for convenient communication.
✓ Must be active on a regular basis. (Within reason of course.)
✓ Must be able to write at a literate multi para level. (2-3 para minimum.)
✓ Must be comfortable roleplaying in group settings and developing bonds.
✓ Must be willing to give equal effort towards plots and development.
✓ BONUS if you like JJBA, sh*tposts, and are very chill in general.

Now if you've made it this far then may I present the role i'm seeking: Elias Bardot, Lyla's father. His playby will be Corvo Attano and no this is not negotiable as it best suits my image of him. However I will be flexible towards most of the development of his backstory prior to the tragic events mentioned in Lyla's history. It will be just as much your character as it is mine so of course I want to give you as much creative freedom with him within reason. The best way I have come to describe him is a far older and much more grumpy Dean Winchester from the show Supernatural. Now without further ado here is his information. If you have questions or would like to express an interest in his role please feel free to contact me on this blog and I will reach out to you if I don't have you added! 

Elias James Bardot

45 years old

August 5th




His car or hotels mostly.

Hunter, Paranormal Investigator

Macho, Brash, Temperamental, Protective, Paternal

Fast Food, Muscle Cars, Training, Weapons, Dogs

Supernatural beings, people messing with his family, being bossed around, being underestimated, health foods

Alcohol, Smoking, Adrenaline, Classic Rock, Leather Jackets

Losing his daughter, failing as a parent, his emotions

Chews on cigarette butts when aggravated.

Overall Health:
Semi Stable

Physical Status:
Semi Stable

Mental Status:

High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Insomnia, Paranoia, 

PTSD, BPD, Depression, Schizophrenia

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