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10/19/2018 03:28 PM 

Dark RP Idea - be warned
Current mood:  depressed

Someone kidnaps Sasuko and implants the idea that she cheated on Naruto so she believes that she deserves the punishment and what happens to her. They keep her drugged up with her chakra blocked while they rape and abuse her, making her think it is Naruto so she doesn't fight back. Eventually she gives up, no longer responding to their touch, so they begin to use torture. They f*** her vaginally and anally with spiked penis sleeves, use toothed nipple and clitoral clamps that cut into her flesh, and aphrodisiacs to keep her body in a constant state of arousal and keep her overstimulated. Eventually when she is rescued, she is initially terrified of Naruto, believing he was the one that had done those things to her as punishment for her non-existent cheating. Even after learning the truth that she had ben kidnapped and raped by those other men and that she hadn't cheated on Naruto, she still flinches away when he tries to touch her and still has nightmares of her time being captured and of Naruto being her torturer.

rape, abuse, torture, sodomym, rescue, maybe eventual healing, trauma, mental instability, PTSD and others

vampire lord kaito

10/18/2018 09:05 PM 


1. no changing his info around if you do not like him then do not rp with me 
2 no grammar police or pucuation police you do not like it do not add me
3. no drama on this site or role playing wize or in real life 
4. i dont want to know drama in your real life problems or i will delete you 
5. i will not allow bullies to bully my friends or have trolls on my account 
6. no fighting over me i will be putting taken and loving in my name if i find you worthy to date on here 

š¯’®piritual ā„¬alance.

10/18/2018 02:29 PM 


š¯’®piritual ā„¬alance.

10/18/2018 02:01 PM 



10/18/2018 09:55 PM 


Rules & Disclaimer

Read & sign properly.

01. This should be obvious, please don't steal the content. All we ask is that you sign the blog and the staff member's blog (if using their content specifically). It's really not that difficult to be a nice person right? Afterall, we're giving you our free time so the decent thing would be to just be respectful.
02. In regards to premades, I don't really care if you credit us in the caption of the default you took, just don't claim our work as yours. Simple. Sometimes I do have our group name watermarked on some premades so if that's the case, don't cover it up.
03. Drama is not wanted. Like I've said in previous rules, just be a decent human being. We're giving you our free time to help you so please remember that and be polite. I don't care who's fighting with who and who's on my list, we're here for editing and that's basically it.
04. Whilst custom work is free, please don't rush the editor to get to your edit(s). We work on a first come first serve basis. If you'd like a request, I'd suggest reading through the staff member's blog and see who's open to taking them. You can ask to see how far along your edit is coming but please don't harass them, they do have lives outside of here and most are also roleplayers.
05. This isn't really a rule but if you wish to be affiliates or siblings, please fill in the affiliate form.

I hope you enjoy our content, farewell little psycho's! - Jervis

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