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10/14/2019 12:02 PM 

Please Read before greeting

- My version of Haru is not full canon to the story of soul worker aside from the common events that got her there and certain npcs met in game, this is a combination of her traits and my take how she would be mainly after the events of the game. So this means her ending isn't my ending.- I will not move to discord and I will not chat with people who just only want to talk rl. There are many places you can go not focused on rp where you can focus on rl.- I will not associate with accounts whose character depends on variables. You either have some character ready or don't add me. I'd rather not deal with the issue of helping you decide who you should be when that's your job.- If you add me as mcrp and ask me to choose you'll find the waiting time long. That's pretty annoying when someone has like 10 - 20 characters yet don't even have a single one in mind to recommend. I'll be answering messages from others and doing things in rl, I rather not have to drop everything to do something I feel you should of done.- My version of Haru is not focused on romance. Reason will be posted to blogs. But to save trouble for those who'd rather not wait to read a background story, Haru misses and loves someone else. She's not going to let anyone close.- Do not control my character in anyway.- I don't have a real means to gauge this character's strength against other verses. So if anyone is from another verse and would like action etc, we'd have to plan for that one.- Should I be added by other soul worker characters, the default greeting is Haru will not recognize them but will recognize their name or by their weapon. Or even by their traits (reflecting in their way of saying things or idle poses) This is a play on the fact that in game you can change your character looks.- Warning now, if there is trouble Haru will jump into it to try to resolve it. That's just the type of person she is. Also she gets quite mean and scary if certain subjects come up.- My version also has a hate for company's she finds selfish and anyone that represents them. And may grow a bit sad to missing/dead parents or children.I know this is a lot to take in but there is only a few you'd need to keep in mind. ^^ The others is just side info that's not really important.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 10:55 PM 

Desolator Roleplay Sheet

"They are an aberration, whose only desire is to see all of creation burn."The Desolator is destruction incarnate. Born of an unholy alliance between an Alchemist and an Umbramancer, it possesses both a mastery of Liquid Shadow and Shadow-Flames, and an intricate knowledge of transmutation, chemistry and machinery. Alchemists that wish for nothing but new knowledge and the secrets of seemingly-infinite source of matter and energy that is liquid shadow, are perfect candidates for becoming a Desolator. Unlike common mortals, their mastery spikes an interest in the desert's shadow spirits - and instead of possessing them, they bestow their 'boon' upon the new host. As the Alchemists' knowledge of Liquid Shadow grows, his humanity slowly fades away, and gets replaced with a simple desire to burn everything they see. But while their humanity is gone, their intellect remains mostly intact - and they work tirelessly on improving their ability to destroy. Hacking away mercilessly at their own bodies, they install machines to pump Liquid Shadow and alchemical reagents to form new, ever more volatile substances. As the shadow spirit feeds upon the carnage, it grants it's host more and more knowledge of shadow and flame.! IMPORTANT ! , Desolators have not been seen in the Fate's Alchemist universe in over 4,000 years, and I am only willing to play them if we can create a strong lore for bringing them back.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 10:50 PM 


"Not a lot scares me in the world of Magic, but these things, they scare me."After the initial discovery of time-travel by first Prodigies led by Kelphior, some time has passed before now-Chronomancers realized both the danger of their craft and the grim fate that awaited mankind, should it fail to prepare properly. Gathering all the knowledge and inventions they could, they've fled their unstable timelines and returned to the present. Reuniting both with ones who stayed behind and sharing their knowledge to ones not yet aware, these wizards became known in Realm as Temporalists - keepers of the time itself. Combining more refined and accurate time-traveling techniques, whatever scientific progress could be salvaged from the devastated future timelines and their instrinsic prowess ad Prodigies, they may be humanity's only hope at surviving the day. Temporalist companions include, but are not limited to, Golem, Arcana Constructs, and the Mechanos Apexis.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 10:45 PM 

Archon Roleplay Sheet

"Karnaphen says that these beings are an evolution in Arcane technology. I call that a load of s--t."The Archon is an extraordinarily powerful being, first created by Jas'Aham and his former mentor, Tazzaren. By performing a modification of the Abolisher's soul-binding ritual and extending the Doppleganger's reach to another human soul, the soul of the Abolisher can be absorbed by another human, granted subject's powerful enough to fight the Doppleganger's ever-growing hunger and, in case of magic-wielders, capable of withstanding the Abolisher's counter-magic presence. Arcanists prove to be the perfect candidates for the transition. The resulting being is a host of three different entities. As Doppleganger gets to feed on two vastly different sources of power, he grows ever more powerful, and both human souls have to do their best to maintain sanity and control over their shared new form. Controlled, this new Soulstealer creature grants immense power and allows the two polarities to work in unison, allowing them to achieve impossible feats. Companions of Archons include, but are not limited to, Zombie, Golem, Spellhound, Interrogator, and Risen Giant.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 10:36 PM 

Oni Roleplay Sheet

To any Ironsoul, Oni are both a tale and a warning to never succumb to their rage, to hone their mind and balance as well as their blade. But one should not make the mistake of thinking that failing means becoming weaker - for Oni are more than a force to be reckoned with. As a warrior succumbs to his rage and bloodlust, it is not rare that a demonic entity - or a Daemonologist longing for a strong, new body - wishes to overcome and possess them. But indeed rare is the case where the soul of the warrior is strong enough to fight the daemon back after letting go of it's humanity - which mostly happens only to Ironsouls, masters of both mind and blade. The Oni are warriors whose desire for warfare and bloodshed has made them seek out demonic power. Bound together with a demonic entity in a single body, they sate its hunger with other living beings, and the demon inside dares not to try and take over the body of the warrior. A towering monstrosity, vaguely resembling an extremely muscular human with demonic features, wielding gigantic weapons, cleaving multiple enemies with each swing of their weapons and laughing maniacally at the same time, they are a true terror to behold. 

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