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β™‘Princess Mayleen age 18β™‘ mrc

12/04/2019 03:12 PM 

Adoption form

Name Age Sex Status Home planet Home land How many kids you have How will you discipline her Are you abusing? How long you will be online How long will you play with her are you active online


12/03/2019 08:59 PM 

Guidelines and Preferences (Don't have to read, but feel free)

>>So many people make Rules they either whimsically enforce or enforce too heavily. To quote my muse, "It's just not logical." We're going to be avoiding that altogether here. However, I'd like to leave my writing guidelines and preferences below. More often than not, I'll follow what's written below, simply because I'm a creature of habit who likes to make things streamlined and enjoyable. Consider this more of a manual of how I operate.This isn't my first rodeo. I've been to Ani several times in the past, but left because it was a cesspool of toxicity and smut comparable to a high school classroom. That said, I'm giving it one more try again simply because I want to have fun and don't want to see my creative side die out quite yet.I'm likely never to write smut. I simply don't enjoy it, and I especially don't enjoy it if the characters aren't emotionally bonded. If you're looking for that, please just move on. I'm a Dad-zawa, not Daddy-zawa, there's a difference.Have I wrote in Hero Academia before? Yes. As Aizawa? Only in snippets. Give me some time, and I'll knock the rust off and polish this muse up.I'm not really interested in drama. Who did what to whom or who won't sleep with whom doesn't concern me. If you want to vent, and we've become writing friends, I'll be happy to listen, but I really don't want that sort of thing flooding my Stream.I'm a full-time worker, college student, and an uncle. Simply put, I don't always have time to be on whenever, or I may simply not be in the mood to write. If that possibility disillusions you from writing with me, so be it. However, the more I enjoy being here, the more likely I'll be online.Just because I don't use fancy layouts when I send Comments doesn't mean I'm any less interested in writing. I'll still contact you if I'm the one who added, and I may even contact you myself if you added and seem interesting.I enjoy Crossovers, especially those that are well thought-out. However, that said, I usually tend to only write in verses I'm familiar with. If I'm not familiar, I'll at least ask for a short summation of the series.I have every right to Delete/Block any I choose for any reason I choose, though I have no intention of pestering other writers here.More times than not, I likely won't read any rules posted, unless they are mandatory for writing and the user seems interesting enough to bother learning them. If we both act respectfully towards one another, there's really no need.I tend to address characters in the traditional Japanese style of Surname, Given Name over the Western presentation of Given Name, Surname. Apologies if this confuses people.I'm an avid manga reader. I keep up with the chapters as they're released each week. Therefore, I do come with spoilers. I'll try to give warnings, but there's no guarantee I'll catch it.When I write, I compartmentalize my stories. Meaning what I do and write with one co-writer has no sway over what I do and write with another. This allows my writing to be free and unfettered from one another.I tend to focus more on quality versus quantity, so don't worry too much about how much or how often you can dish out.

Lady Cassandra

12/03/2019 08:50 PM 

Maya's story (Mutant)

Late night when Maya was born it was a normal birth just like any other but she and her parents weren't normal everyday people. They were what the people of the city called mutants the castaways the ones no one ever knew how they came about they were just plainly born different than the rest. Mutants tried to live amongst humans to have a normal life to raise their kids and do things like normal people did. But once everyone knew what they were they would either be shone or even killed. Maya's family tried to live as normal as they could in the city they finally found that no one knew them that was until Ashley Maya's mother got pregnant. When it was time for her to give birth they didn't have any choice but to go to a regular hospital risking them finding out they were "different".Maya's birth was different alright for once she was born the doctor seem to look down at the baby that seems to glow autumn red and she seemed to lift in the air slightly that made the doctor almost drop her as Maya's father Matthew came over and quickly took the baby from the doctor. The doctor immediately pressed a button and an alarm went off which woke Ashley up and she automatically knew what had happened. Matthew was a telepathic and Ashley was a firestarter which explained how the doctor ended up flying across the room as Matthew held on to the baby and tried to help his wife up from the bed. Ashley held her baby as she and Matthew tried to escape but the security tried to stop them. As Ashley and Matthew tried to fight their way from the hospital it began to upset Maya as she cried out and the whole floor of the hospital went up in a blaze. After the fire department arrived some people lived some didn't but no one could find Maya parents in the rumble but someone did find Maya she was in some kind of red glowing sphere in one of the rooms. An older nurse saw her and picked her up she was a healer that secretly worked at the hospital she slowly walked from the hospital and took the baby in as her own. Years had passed Maya now being in her 20's she was now a beautiful young lady now taking care of her adopted mother April who had retired from the hospital. Maya had been told when she old enough about her parents and April wasn't sure if they were still alive or not from the blast at the hospital but she knew what they looked like and their powers. It was then when Maya found out she was "different" it started in school when she saw she could lift things and she accidentally put somethings on fire. She learned that April was different too when she saw her heal her when she fell and hurt herself. But from that day on although she loved April for taking care of her she wanted to find her real parents if they were still alive. In the meantime Maya took on a job at a bookstore to help pay the bills she tried not to be around too many people like April told her but she was curious of the world she wanted to go out like everyone else her age. But she knew it was a risk especially since she was still learning the extends of her powers.


12/03/2019 11:12 PM 

Current mood:  frisky

Mostly IC. You view, you might as well add. You add, you might as well say hi. Ask for ideas - not sure why I got deleted before, so I won't bother with filling out my profile this time. Don't be intimidated!Character's a troublemaker. Mature themes may or may not apply (Various bad habits).Please be literate. Not looking for one-liners or mindless smut. Let me steal your pocket money first. :3


12/03/2019 02:50 PM 


Normal Human PhysiologyShe is a normal human outside the use of her abilities and if she's not actively calculating any vectors to manipulate or activate her passive reflection, she is just as fragile as one. Fear: (Thalassophobia)She's extremely fearful of large bodies of water or the thought of being surrounded by water. She obviously becomes unable to focus properly and cannot do the correct calculations.PTSD (The loss of her family.)Understanding that she had become nothing within the thoughts of her parents left her shattered and broken. While she'll never admit that she's hurting, she's always under immense stress. She feels like a mistake to the world and believes the only reason she's still around is because she's afraid to die. These lingering thoughts will sometimes influence her state of mind and make her a liability.(Overall Emotional Instability.)Due to the stress she has endured, she's very easy to provoke and incite to become emotional. She's quite the opposite of evil, but certain statements or personalities can bring about chaos into her mind. Not only upsetting her current mindset, but her abilities as well.

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