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𝓞𝓷𝓮 𝓔𝔂𝓮𝓭

05/20/2018 08:18 PM 

One Eyed Wolf (Bio)

Name: Max Jemi

Nicknames: The One Eye Wolf, Maxy

Nationality: British

Age: 19

D.O.B: July 7th, 1999

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Blood Type: B+

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color; Blue

Height: 5’7

Weight: 141 lbs

Hobbies: Bowling, watching movies, listening to music

Likes: Friends, cute animals, cold drinks, ramen

Dislikes: Harsh and cruel people, seafood.

Bio: Max Jemi is born on a city hospital of Manchester, United Kingdom and moved with his mother off to Liverpool. His mother’s name is Alicia and she has long brown hair, and green hazel eyes. She is a calm and kind mother to Max. His father’s name is Wallace and he has long blonde hair, and brown eyes. He is a lab scientist who experiments with chemicals alongside with his colleagues in a lab somewhere located in Bulgaria. Sadly, he died from a disease that infected the whole entire lab which a poisonous toxic chemical gas. At the age of 7 years old, Alicia was going to a supermarket alongside with Max. As they shop and take what they need to purchase, a gunfire was shot near them and Max was afraid of who died. It was a masked robber with body armor and a assault rifle. Alicia and Max ran for their lives, unfortunately, the masked robber shot Alicia down. Max was very frightened of what the robber might do next to him. Just in time, the police came in and stopped the masked robber by shooting him in the right leg and in the left arm of the robber. Max looked around as he saw 50 people dead including his mother and the masked robber. One police officer however, proceeds to take Max and put him in an orphanage home called Dusk’s Orphanage. He then cried that his mother died and felt that if only the masked robber was not going to appear in the store. As Max went inside the police car, the Captain of the police squad proceeds to drive the young Max to Dusk’s Orphanage. Once they arrived, the Captain of the police officer gave Max a plushie of a puppy. He then holds it tight to make sure it keeps him safe. Once Max arrived inside the orphanage home, he noticed that the headmaster of the orphanage is a mean woman with black hair, blue eyes, and has a hot blooded attitude. Most of the kids did not enjoy being with her, alongside with Max. As Max proceeds to head to his new room, he noticed the headmaster treating him and all of the other kids badly. Ignoring the headmaster’s words, he then lays down on his room just to enjoy his time and meet with a few other kids like him.

Time passed, and Max is at the age of 18 years old as an adult. He is now out of the orphanage and into the free outside world for himself to enjoy whatever he wants to do. He then receives a letter from the mail. Once Max opens it up, he noticed that the money inside was worth a lot for him to get something. A new house or an apartment for him to purchase. He then proceeds to find a quiet town and earn himself a house that is just right for him. At night-time, it was a strange and weird day. A portal opens up and Max discovers an old man who is looking for a student to teach him or her the way of fighting with a staff. Max agrees with the old man as the two of them travels to a small village in Japan. Once they arrived, he noticed that the old man has a staff on both of his hands. Max asked what is used for, and the old man told him that it is used for self defense against the enemies to face against along his way. Max felt that he needed to be taught by the old man himself. As the two of them enter the a palace which contains the water on his side and glass like floors. Max was amazed that this place is beautiful that anything else in his home. The old man instructs Max to go in the center of the circle stage of the palace on the left, and the old man goes to the right. The old man gives him a wooden oak staff made from a cherry tree that is super strong and cannot be broken. Max takes the staff as he proceeds to place on both of his hands as the old man teaches him.

As the two of them proceed to train and learn with each other month after month, week after week, and day after day. Max has now learned the arts of using a staff. The old man proceeds to bow down as he summons an energy that he has been waiting for a long time to give to Max’s staff. A powerful green energy that more powerful than the wooden staff itself. Once the old man applies the green energy on the wooden staff, it then proceeds to evolve into a golden metallic staff with a silver dragon design, the choices to switch between blue, red or green flames on the ends of the rods with a touch of the color switch and two axes on the ends of each rods with a small spear on the top. Max was amazed on how the old man does this magic to him and the upgrade that he has obtained all thanks to the old man. Curious to know who the old man name is, Max proceeds to ask him his name, but sadly, he does not have a name. But a name that people call him. The master of the staffs. He then proceeds to shrug it off as Max calls him ‘master geezer’ as the nickname for him since the old man himself has some kind of amnesia he had in his adult years. Before Max left, the old man gave him a secret. The chains inside the staff allow him as a dual wield axe and chain weapon

Max is then teleported back to the living room of his home at the age of 19 after a year has passed. Looking at the golden staff, he noticed an engraving on the edge which it reads ‘Inferno Wraith. Placing the staff on his back, he proceeds to head outside and off to explore around the world and having some fun. Max then proceeds to head off to his old home where his mother Alicia lived. Now that it is abandoned, he proceeds to enter the door of the home. It was the same as usual and nothing has changed. Max proceeds to head upstairs as he noticed a photo of his father Wallace, and his mother Alicia. He then proceeds to think that maybe his father has disappeared somewhere else. Placing the photo on his pocket, he leaves his mother’s room and out of her house in order to search for his father, Wallace.

Max then arrives at Bulgaria by an airplane and travels his way to the woods. From there, he saw a laboratory that is covered with moss. Curious to see what is in there, he proceeds to head to the entrance. Once Max discovers room after room, he then saw a dead corpse lying on the floor with it’s lab coat and pants on. Crouching down, he proceeds to look at the name tag. It says ‘Wallace’. Max then takes a look at the photo from his pocket of the Wallace when he was alive and then looking at the corpse of his dead father. This made Max quite sad because he wishes that his father was alive to visit him and his mother. Before he left the lab, he took Wallace’s Journal which contains all of the notes that Wallace wrote every night before going to bed and keeping it in Max’s medium size gray and black messenger bag he brought with him. He then proceed to take his corpse and heading out of the abandoned lab and into the graveyard in order to bury him and pray. Once that is done, he proceeds to head off to back to his home at London just to remember his mother and father in his head and never forgetting their deaths. Max needed to relax and take some time off. He heads to his room and proceeds to concentrate in order to get rid of his horrible past he had and going forward towards his future goals.

One night, he had a memory that he almost forget. When Max is dreaming, he remember the time that the mean lady from the orphanage did something to him when he was 15 years old. He did remember the time that he was tested as a subject on a secret lab on the orphanage home. Max felt some kind of pain in his back which is the lady at the orphanage and the lab scientists cutting his skin to make a name for him. ‘Experiment Number 770’ He then heard a ringing on his cell phone which he picked it up. It was his father’s friend who managed to escape the lab that his father died. His name was Trevor. Trevor then asked Max to join a small group of hunters called Vipers who are the ones that defeat criminals, monsters, and many more. Max proceeds to agree on joining the Vipers. From there, he walks to the organization’s headquarters in the alleyway hideout in order to train him and help him in any way he can. Trevor, the leader of the Vipers called Max to give him a gift. Max then goes to the office of where Barumo is at. From there, he receives a badge of the Vipers which is twin green and purple snakes symbol facing each other with their tongues touching each other, and a special gift only for Max, poison darts as his ammo on killing his targets in a painful way.

Max felt that he should trust his father’s friend and he is off to hunt some criminals and other types of monsters to bring them to justice in order to protect this world and his friends.

3 months later, his whole Vipers team was sent on a mission to exterminate the demon monster who is mostly a fearsome demon in the deepest demon world. With a tartatus like body, alongside with a goat demon head with black eyes and broken horns on each side. The minotaur goat demon was a fear to be reckoned with. Once Max and his team including Trevor, the leader of the Vipers arrived at the portal of the demon world. It was a mess. Although Max himself is confident enough to face against the demonic monsters alongside his crew on the outside, he felt somewhat fear inside of him. Once they arrived in a large arena like place, the goat demonic minotaur monster arrived out from the gates and into the arena. Once the crew started to engage in an attack on the goat demon minotaur. Max told them to not fight. His team were reckless and not patient enough to stop them. All of this sudden, the goat demonic minotaur killed each member of the Vipers, including Trevor, who was stomped and splattered in blood. Max could not believe it in his eyes. His whole team dead, and the Vipers are no longer exist due to their recklessness. With a bit of anger inside of Max, he proceeded to head out to the portal fast as he could to the human world. Until, one demonic monster came out from nowhere as it proceeds to scratch and tear Max’s right eye which contains a scar like on his eye. Once he went out of the demonic world and into the human world of the city, he felt in fear that all of his members are dead. Even one of his father’s friend who he seen. A heroic and confident man who became a leader. Most of the towns people gasped as they saw Max shivering in pain with blood on his right eye. As the bystanders call the ambulance, the doctors took him to the hospital to give him a black eyepatch and for his eyes to heal.

4 Weeks after, he was sent home thanks to his friend George. Once he arrived back to his home, he felt that is now nothing more than a regular heroic human. He dares not to even face against the goat demonic monster in the demon world. Although Max himself is just human, he should be glad that he is alive and well instead of getting himself killed.

Personality: Max is a cool and cocky person. He mostly is serious when the going gets tough. Half of the times, he is confident to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Appearance: Max has a messy short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slim body. He wears a green leather vest with fur on the collars with black design patterns, and the zippers on the front, a symbol of a white wolf on the back with yellow eyes, a silver serpent necklace, blue jeans with a brown belt, and black leather boots with two straps on the front to secure it. On his right side of the waist is his purple leather pocket that stores poison darts. It is his main outfit. His eyepatch is located on his right eye. When removed, shows his right eye scarred due to the demon almost cutting out his eye.

For his days in the beach, he wears sunglasses above his eyes, and black and blue swim trunks.


Inferno Wraith is a golden staff rod that contains a silver dragon design around the staff with the choice of flaming colors on the end rods such as red, blue, purple or green flames with the switch of the color of choice. It also has two axes on each ends of the rod alongside with a small spear on both of the axes. It is a good long range staff for him to use. It also contains a secret for Max to use. When he removes half of the staff, it has dual wield axes and a long chain attached in the two halves of the staff to use it for long range attacks and a few short range attacks. It also can be tool to reach like a grappling hook with the dual wield chain and axe.

Poison Darts are Max’s ammo weapons. A purple pouch is located on the right side of Max’s waist with some poisonous needles that can sting a person in pain. It’s up to Max to hold either one or more needles in each of his hands.

Fighting Style: Kickboxing

Facts about Max

1. Max made a prank on some of the bullies on the orphanage with a two of his friends which is Thomas and Gordon.

2. When Max trained with the old man, they had some good times such as drinking tea, sparring with staffs, chess, eating lunch and dinner, and learning how to flirt with women in a good manner.

3: Max’s choice of vehicle is that he prefers sports motorcycles and super cars than chopper motorcycles.

𝟸𝙱 𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚞𝚎𝚍...

05/20/2018 08:01 PM 

Writing Sample

This strange silence had a way of echoing through her head, as if it were its own sound. There was nothing in front of her and nothing seemed to exist outside of her own muddled thoughts. 'This is where it ends.' Without rhyme or reason, peace washed over her like a warm bath. Though she didn't have the experience of bathing to compare it to, this was what she imagined it would feel like. 'What a strange thing to feel at a time like this.' Basking in the afterglow of her liberation from this endless cruelty that was her waking life, YoRHa No.2 Type B, had lied there, unmoving. No signs of life could be seen in her visorless gaze and a blank expression had been etched onto her vesage forever, encapsulating the moment in time that she'd been freed from her body built for destruction. She hated her purpose; that hate had caused her to seethe with anger at the very organization she served so dutifully. YoRHa had been her prison but it was also her only sanctuary, her salvation from such a troubled and shattered world below. Yet, here she was; she'd returned to the very same Earth that she had vowed to restore in the name of humanity.

But something had caused the android confusion in this moment 'Wait, I'm....dead. How can I process data into cognition . . .?'

A familiar string of code began to appear in front of her eyes. All of her systems were rebooting and restoring themselves. 'No...No! Stop! Dammit, stop!' She didn't want this; she didn't want to be resurrected. What would have been the point of her death if only to return to the shackles that lead her to this path? 'Override and cancel activation!' she commanded but, her systems were not responding to her own wishes. 2B wasn't even certain what had brought about this odd state of being she was in right now. Normally, androids couldn't process data if inactive. Something new was happening, like she was being reconstructed. Having no plans or prepared actions for her inevitable awakening, she felt lost.  As her programming became more and more complete, only one thing became certain, something that may have seemed obvious in life but, in returning from death, it'd taken ample time to resurface. '9S! I need to make sure he's alive! Hurry up already!!' The will to live was just as alive as she soon would be. Perhaps now, things could be different. A flash of brilliant white greeted her blue beams, causing her to flutter her lashes, squeezing her lids shut until her optics had adjusted.

"YoRHa Unit: No.2 Type B, Activate! Good morning, 2B."

"Pod 042 . . . . Ah . . . 9S! Where—"



The bright beams danced and shimmered on the lake as she remained seated at the shore. Bright rays of gold illuminated her snowy locks as the wind stroked and lifted them like a caring mother. "Nothing's biting today..." Her soft monotone had harmonized with the sound of the water softly lapping up against the land as it rippled slightly in the breeze. The birds chirped and flitted around in nearby trees, occasionally hopping along the ground, searching for insects. In this moment, it was almost like the Earth wasn't in ruins. All there was in this tiny little world right now was 2B and the old fishing pole she held in her hand. Since her enlivening, it was more important to her to learn basic survival skills without the use of the Pod issued to her by YoRHa.

Despite being a more skilled angler than 9S, it seemed that the bait she'd gathered for these fish wasn't doing its job. "Hm . ." Turning the crank to reel the line back in, she made a motion to reach for the bucket of bait beside her to try something new. It must have been a lost cause if even the mechanical fish weren't falling for it. Once, she heard that humans baited fish with worms so, she reached in and grabbed the fattest one she could get her gloved fingers around. As the slimy creature wriggled and squirmed mindlessly in her grasp, she grimaced and stuck a hook in it without much thought. Preparations were made and she'd cast the line out again.

For awhile, nothing had happened; just as she was about to give up, the entire bobber went beneath the water, causing a small sound of surprise to escape her lips. It was followed by a grunt as she turned the crank and pulled as hard as she could. Since she possessed more strength than a typical human, the fish came easy for awhile. It was a tricky one, however. A massive carp, about half 2B's size had jumped out of the lake, trying to shake itself free from the hook. "Whoa....That must be a mutation!" Determination brought a gleam to her eyes. She knew a few of her kind would love to see a unique catch like this. Unfortunately for her plans, it bit the line and snapped it, freeing itself from her clutches.

"Oh, no you don't!"

2B threw down her fishing pole and replaced it with her sword: Virtuous Contract. Without a moment's hesitation, she leaped into the refreshingly cool basin. Grey-blue eyes scanned the merky bed in search of her trophy catch. There were so many creatures beneath the surface, it was hard to discern which one was hers. Beginning to think she should just stab one and claim it, she spotted it. It was still trying to separate its mouth from the hook it had stolen. "Mm!" With what seemed like the speed of light, she dashed through the lagoon with all her might, snatching it by the hook. As she rose, she triumphantly lifted the humongous carp along with her.

Its erratic flopping made it difficult to hold with wet gloves so, it continued escaping and she repeatedly lifted it back up. Eventually, she grew tired of playing this game and wanted to head back to what was left of the Resistance Camp. This was the final chase. She kept her gaze on it as she swam after it, scaring all of the other freshwater animals in the process.Her sword was still in one hand as she reached for the carp with the other. In that instant, it'd done something that utterly shocked her. Out of fear, it jumped once more. Now was her chance to strike. Standing up, she thrusted her sword forward, stabbing the carp in mid-air. 

The blood was a little inconvenient as it'd spattered onto her dress but, it didn't phase her much. The trophy fish had been captured and was now staining the water red. 2B was too busy reveling in her triumph to care. She was dripping and her clothes were clinging to her; there were floods in her shoes and she'd need to do her best to get that stain off of her outfit but, she'd done it! Right when she'd prepared to pulled the sword out of the corpse, a familiar "2B!" had resulted in her body whirling around. A cheerful smile adorned her doll-like features. The female greeted them by lifting her capture on the end of her weapon to present her success. It likely appeared a bit ridiculous and alarming to an unknowing third party, though.

"Oh . . . . Nines!"


Things had gone smoothly for awhile. The Resistance had them doing odd jobs in order to assist with a rebuild of Android society. Some of these missions were a bit dangerous but, without Devola and Popola around, of course they'd turn to the YoRHa units that were recently rebuilt to help. It wasn't always easy, even with hostile machines out of the picture but, it was well worth it for 2B. Living had become much better than staying dead and the continuing pattern of her old life had seemed to have stayed a far off memory.

"It's just a routine supply mission. I need you two to go gather parts again. Some of us need them to keep from breaking down and after the machine war's final days, we're still a bit desperate," said Anemone as she'd greeted the two new members with a wave. "Got it," 2B replied without question. It was in her nature to carry out missions given to her. YoRHa might be gone but, she still enjoyed the structure and routine of completing tasks each day. Her little fishing trip had been a nice leisurely activity but, it was time to get something accomplished. The massive carp she'd captured was now being prepared for what the others called 'dinner.' She'd known it to be a human construct that was not necessary for functionality but, what was the harm in that? They couldn't repair themselves completely or reupload to a server now that YoRHa was gone. In a way, they were practically human now.

"Anemone marked the coordinates for each part they need on the map before we left. We should be able to make this quick and come back in time for dinner." 9S seemed a bit more chipper now that the two of them were allowed to express themselves freely but he'd still insisted on making a gravesite for the fallen ones lost in the war. Their bodies were gone and any remains would be floating in space, which they could no longer venture to. As the two walked toward the old shopping center, the simulacra nodded at his words. There was something bothering her, though. This life seemed nearly ideal. Everything was peaceful, they could do as they please as long as they aid the Resistance . . . But something seemed amiss.

"Do you resent me, Nines?"

2B had been taken aback by her own words but, she gathered that this was what was bothering her. He'd discovered her true identity and wasn't even upset with her upon reactivation. Even his last words before death weren't bitter toward her. After all the times she'd killed him, maimed him and watched the soulfulness drain right out of his azure optics, it was understandable that she'd want some form of retribution for her actions.

He stopped walking. Had she struck a nerve? "What are you talking about, 2B? Why would I do something like that? Everything's fine now. You're still here, I'm here. What's there to resent?" He was lying; she knew he was. Her fists clenched but she carried on. "Right . . . Sorry I brought it up." Silence followed them throughout the rest of the mission. Neither of them spoke, neither of them looked at each other. That was actually more pleasant than watching him adoringly gaze up at her like he always had. She didn't deserve that. YoRHa was an organization she based her entire being around but, they made her do so many reached things to someone she'd connected with. Having it in her mind that the worst part of that situation was that he'd never know what she did . . . was starting to seem more like a blessing. He knew everything and yet, he refused to talk about it.

Only when they returned back with all the parts they'd gathered, did he start speaking. It still wasn't what she wanted to hear but, more of the same. He was cheerful, polite, kind and even a little bit snarky from time to time but, his smile was genuine. Now that they weren't wearing visors, it was easier for her to see the true expression in his eyes that were disconnected from his smile. When he looked at her now, his eyes looked like those of someone who had just witnessed treason. A pang of guilt rose up within her, causing her to avert her eyes from him.

As her meal was presented to her, all she could do is pick at it. It smelled and looked delicious and sitting around the fire with everyone as they all shared in the fruits of her labor should have lifted her mood but, it hadn't. Managing to take a few bites, she felt sorrowful for being unable to enjoy something she'd fought so hard for, even if the warm, soft meat of the animal tasted pleasant and delighted her taste censors.

After a solid half hour, she finished her portion and sat alone in the room the two of them shared. "Pod, should I inform 9S of my intentions with my memory files?" Typically, she wouldn't ask Pod 042 about these kinds of decisions but, she was nervous about doing something so rash. 2B knew it was technically giving up but, she didn't want to live such a peaceful life knowing of all those who had fallen, all the times she'd taken his life, all the suffering they went through together. The only way for it all truly to end is to forget it ever happened and become Resistance members with a clean slate.

"Negative. Unit 9S has shown to display extreme forms of emotional distress. If he is informed at an incorrect time, it may lead to an incident, resulting in your exile from the Resistance."

"That's true—"

"Ah, what a day... All that running around made me eat too much. That was some catch, huh, 2B?" 0S said as he walked in and plopped down onto his bed.

"I've told you before; we don't need to eat to retain energy. You consume too much by choice," she responded.

"Yeah, yeah," he said, waving her words away with his hand. She watched as he turned on a small oil lamp and began to read some form of book she couldn't understand. The rest of the camp had gone to sleep, leaving them the only two awake. It was tempting: to go against her Pod's orders and tell him anyway. Maybe he wouldn't take it so harshly.

"9S . . . "

"What's up, 2B?" He asked, turning away from his book to glance over at her.

"I'm going to delete my memory file . . ."

The book fell the the ground with a thud. A look of pure outrage could be seen on the boyish android's face in response to her. "Are you nuts!? You'll forget everything! You'll forget me, the bunker, everything we fought for, everything we survived!"

"You've forgotten those things countless times. I've come to find that dwelling on troublesome memories of the past will only make the present more difficult to endure. Do you really want to live with what you know now?" Her voice wavered as she began to cry. She'd be losing her entire sense of self and reverting back to before her purpose was known. The thought was terrifying but, YoRHa was an old chapter in their lives.

"Experiences are what you learn from! They make you who you are, 2B! You'll lose everything! You won't . . . . remember me at all." His angered yell had softened at the end. It made her consider that he might now understand what she went through.

"I'm aware of what I'm doing. The point is that everyone we used to call friends are gone. The Resistance was kind enough to take us in as affiliates of YoRHa but . . . Wouldn't things be much simpler if we never knew the struggles of war? If we could meet each other all over again, we could be close. Isn't that what you've always wanted, Nines?"

"I . . ."

There was a long pause. It stretched on for what seemed like multiple eternities. It made her uneasy. Maybe he was right. It was foolish of her to think that quitting was the answer to all of this. It wasn't her fault; after all those times she stood strong, she'd finally reached her breaking point after the one place she called home had revealed itself as a lie and vanished from her life forever. The silence was so deep that she'd felt her ears twitch when he spoke again.

"If we do that, who will remember the dead?"

"Once we're gone, no one will remember them anyway. You said it yourself: We'll eventually break down," she said grimly.

"2B! How can you say that!?"

"It's the fate of every being. What we do only matters in the moments we are alive. Wouldn't you rather spend them enjoying yourself?"

Another silence stretched on, going and going, nearly endlessly. 

"Say, 2B?"


"Let's do this together. We might not know each other when we wake up but, at least we'll have a chance to make our own identities for ourselves and live the way . . ."

"That everyone else in the bunker deserved to?"


"Sounds good. . . . I can't say I enjoyed all of the time we spent together but, it was an honor to fight along side you, Nines . . ."

"The honor was mine . . . One last thing, 2B . . . I never resented you. You protected me as much as you could."

"9S. . ."

"Welp, see 'ya around."

"Mm." She nodded, giving him one last smile.

"Memory file: deleted."

"Memory file: deleted."

ᴅᴇᴀʀ sᴀɴɪᴛʏ!

05/20/2018 07:03 PM 


Follow these rules carefully!
There will be a hidden question so I know you read them!

1. MY LIFE:  I work from home, which means I'm very active and will respond in a timely fashion. But, just because I work from home doesn't mean I have no life. I will take breaks from here (not long breaks) just enough to recharge my muse and refocus in as Harley. I will inform you all of these breaks.

2. CHARACTER: I play Harley based on the Comic books and the vidoe games such as: Arkham City, Arkham Knight, and Injustice. I will never do the Hollywood version of her, so please don't even ask. She's mainly based from the Arkham games where she's more in charge and a lot less helpless. However, she's still ditzy and absent minded.

3. SEXUAL THEMES: This is a big one. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT COME TO ME LOOKING FOR JUST SMUT WRITING! I can not stress this enough. I will not tolerate it and I will give you no warnings. I will block you on the spot, no questions asked, no forgiveness. HOWEVER,  there is a small chance that I will even smut write with whomever Harley ends up with. 

4. NOT CANON: I don't believe in HARLEY x JOKER. As a matter of fact, I have Joker being her Ex lover. I won't deny a hook up with a Joker, but it will not be my first priority. Still, she is hung up on him and will often fantasize about him on a regular basis. 

5. RELATIONSHIPS: Going off of rule number 4, I will not hook Harley up with just anyone. Me as the writer has to feel a connection with the other writer and judge from there if their personalities will match. Place in your famous superhero quotes. Too many times other writers have screwed me over and almost had to call the cops on them because they couldn't tell the difference between Fiction and Real life. I need to feel that you understand that this isn't real. 

6. OOC: I'm the most chill person you will ever meet on here. Little to nothing gets under my skin because I'm an adult and know when to brush sh*t off my shoulder. But please, do not take my kindess for granted, I do have my limits. Be aware of this please. 

7. DELETION SPREE: I am know to delete silent people on a regularegular basis. IF YOU ADDED ME then you had something in mind and wanted to write it out. I hate collecting numbers and mutes. I delete people weekly.  DO NOT ADD ME BACK ONCE I DELETE YOU!

8. SELF EXPLANATORY: I'm not going to list EVERY. SINGLE. rule that should be posted onto here, that should be obvious enough. So, please use common sense when writing with anyone, not just me. TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED!!!


05/20/2018 05:46 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

No rain, no flowers.
Conquer from within.

"you're only holding yourself back. "




~No one-liners

~What happens in RP stays in RP unless otherwise discussed

Sunka Crossverse

05/20/2018 12:18 PM 


Fallowing zamazus defeat a new god had to to born one with a righteous heart.  The elder kais saw potential in the young ambitious warrior relazing he looked like the a saying that lives earth.  They decided to take him train him under divine power, yet to their surprise it took only 3 days for him to get used to the use the situation and become a kai himself, from this point on he was dubbed "Taiyo-shin"

Extreme strength-He possess enough strength to stop a falling moon 
Extremely speed-Almost instant
Flare ride-A swing of his blade or sword create a massive firestorm that burns sending them crashing down 
Nova storm-A plasma cannon that absorbs energy and grows stronger. It's does maximum damage the more it absorbs
Burning palm stage 1-close combat punch infused in red flame it his with enough force to destroy a star.
Burning palm stage 2-hits with a yellow flame, enough force to destroy a solar system
Burning palm stage 3-Hits with force of blue star enough enough force to destroy galaxy
final act: Burning fist-The final stage of burning palm a massive white and silver fist that has the power to destroy a universe. This move can't be used unless all 3 prevous moves land a hit.

© 2018 All Rights Reserved.