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❀ Petshop ❀

08/20/2019 09:18 PM 

Count D

Name: Count D Nicknames: Count, The Count or just D. And in one instance Dragon Lady/Madam Butterfly. Gender: Male? Species: Unknown Orientation: 0///0 "I beg your pardon? Such rudeness." Eye color: Right eye amber left eye violet. Hair color: Black, sometimes with a tint of green or purple depending on type of light. Other looks: Short cut strait hair, rather slim. Very pale complexion, with dark panted lips. Well manicured and painted nails. Usualy wears a Chinese style dress. Personality: Calm and polite, almost always has a smile on his face. Only 2 people have ever been able to make him lose his composer and that is his father, and Detective Leon Orcort, of the LADP. He has a magor sweet tooth and loves tea. PETS: NOT 4 SALE! Name: Tetsu Nicknames: T-chan Gender: Male Species: Totetsu Orientation: "Isn't beastality illigle in most places?" Name: Pon-chan Nicknames: none Gender: Female Species: Raccoon Orientation: "She is an animal, and a young one at that."


08/20/2019 08:01 PM 

Does Aiko have a dark side

(Ok so You guys are probably wondering if aiko has a dark side because She IS a VAMPIRE after all so Yes she does Her dark side well basicallyyy She may seem like she has like depression or some sort but No she is just severely insane If you find the right triger She doesn't get mad one bit she is very very very calm always Like Hypothetically if someone died She would basically wouldn't care and steal a piece of the persons body Just for a experiment Basically if you put a knife up to her throat or threaten her she would basically get turned on and go yandere xD)


08/20/2019 04:22 PM 

Rosemary's bio.
Current mood:  accomplished

*Rosemary was just sitting beneath a tree, a tree so vast in height and branches that it shaded over a five foot radius with its leaves. The leaves of this tree brushed against themselves when the winds would push its way past through and around any barrier that got in the way of them. It was the future time now where she sat, where she used to be, the time she was born in,  had been so much more different than present time. The sun was out, shining its rays along the land while Rosemary watched a top of this cliff where the tree stood. Watching out over the Kingdom’s land, over-looking past its width as she seemed to be staring off into space. No clouds in the sky which showed a clear beautiful day to be brought among them. The wind was gentle, not harsh, a mildly cool temperature to keep one cool enough to not overheat. This future, a . And how this Kingdom she overlooked came to be wasn’t expected. When she started to remember once again how this Kingdom came up and how herself grew, it brought a smile to her pale pink lips. The woman Rosemary would bring her right hand up and brush it through the half toned locks of deep blue and scarlet red, the blue on the left side of her head with its bangs covering up her left eye. And with the right the scarlet red color hair tucked behind her ear, exposing the sunset orange right eye of hers. Unique looking she is, and unique she is as a person. Rosemary had quite a life growing up, learning about herself and her father and where her bloodline falls to. But all she could do now was smile, remembering these times growing up and the becoming of Amystrah Rosemary would pull out her journal with a quill pen attached to its side from her Nap Sack next to her. Setting up her journal to begin writing in it, she would then pull out a vile of a navy blue ink. Thus she dipped the quill’s tip into said ink and began to write. The scratching of the quill along the solid fresh sheet of paper she wrote on was soothing to her ears. And from there she spoke aloud, as if she were telling a story to children* “Long, Long ago, back in the beginning of this era the Medieval ages. I would watch as the Kings of some lands drove their land into the muck and be overthrown, and some would flourish with riches and happy people. But before then, it was back before I was born. A comet size unknown projectile had impacted the earth. Causing a rumble in the Earth’s ground, no one knew what it was, and in fact it was what Earth calls a Primordial draconian being, crashing into earth from a different world, a different timeline even. God only knew where and when this Primordial being was coming from but it seemed like no one here really cared. This Earth was odd to this Primordial dragon, for back in his home world and time the God’s would be much more strict and harsh than here was. So he went exploring, he lived on this Earth for quite some time, becoming adjusted to its ways somewhat through out time. He would be flying through the sky on a normal day, enjoying the fast gusts of wind hitting his face, flowing through his hair, even parting through his wings. It would feel nice to him, and when he looked down he saw a pale woman with half scarlet and half blue hair being chased by what Earth calls them the “King's: “ soldiers”.   This man would jump into action and begin to use his power of a primordial being, thunder would clash and lightning would strike down to the Earth. It was him, the Primordial Thunder Storm Dragon, Veldora Tempest. Veldora’s feet would smash into the sand, as they did lightning struck down in front of him into the mounds of sand raising up. The flash of this lightning and sand meeting would cause the sands to freeze in glass objects. He would fight the “soldiers” of this King to defend the lady in despair. And in about 15 minutes of this fight, he was just toying with them until he swooped the woman in his arms and then in a fluent motion his wings would sprout from his back and he’d fly off with her in his arms. It wouldn’t be long till they were miles and miles away from any part of the kings people and he descends down with the woman still in his grasp. Once touching ground he’d set her down and look at her. My father says she was the most beautiful thing in this world. Hell any worlds he’s been to, nothing compared to my mother, my father would then correct himself. The woman was obviously afraid at first until my father convinced her that he was not going to harm her but instead thought the exact opposite, that he’d want to protect her. From there he proceeded to ask her to “Go” with him. My mother says yes, Veldora was able to swoon my mother, the woman whom he fell in love with on Earth. A few years later of them two being mates, the woman found out she is pregnant. And in telling Veldora this, they both celebrated happily for their soon to be family. But little did they know that Veldora being from a different timeline as well as being a primordial draconian being, the power he has is far greater than the human body would realize. Yes her mother being human would fall ill near the middle of the pregnancy. Veldora being worried he began to infuse his mana into his lovers body so that was their baby would soak it in and grow at a quicker rate. But in doing this, it only worsened the mother carrying their child. For now, their child wasn’t just half draconian half human; the amount of mana the babe had absorbed inside the mother's womb had completely changed its genetic blood line into that of a full primordial draconian being as well as its father Veldora unknowing what he had done to change this bloodline of their child; he gave this baby his Divine blessing as well. A divine blessing would mean that her father now shares 30% of the same power with her than he would genetically for right now. Now it was only a matter of weeks until her pregnancy was up, and the weeks sure flew by. When it was time, my father would have to leave in order to get more herbs for his love, my mother. It was all but 30 minutes, when he came back..what little did he know soon came to be knowledge and heartbreak at the same time. As he got back home to his lover whom was due any day now, he could smell blood coming within the house, not only blood he smelled but hearing wails of a baby coming from their room. When he enters their room, he saw his lover on the bed, deceased. A crying baby being at the edge of the bed between his lovers legs, their baby. father told he when he looked at me, he could see his lover once again. Everything human about me I looked like my mother, he states, yet everything beyond looking human was him.  When I was born, my hair grew in to be split like my mothers, half blue on the left and half scarlet red on the right yet my eyes..both probably should have been red brown but with what incidents happened with what my father had done my right eye turned to a sunset orange color.  My father Veldora raised me the best he could, we traveled a lot and seen many worlds and many different timelines.I learned a lot about other worlds and how they worked. My father taught me a type of magic similar to another world’s known as reequip. The only thing about Rosemary’s reequip is that its armor and weaponry go beyond than just elemental armor.  I would train relentlessly with my father and other people, constantly honing my skills and learning others. But we’d managed to come back to Earth to visit my mother’s grave and celebrate her life she once lived. As I grew up, I grew to be the age of twenty three (23) in the dark medieval times and that was when time stopped for me. My physical age ceased to grow as well as my physical structure. I gained stronger but still looked the same as I did when I was first 23. My hair is long to this day, still the same colors of blue and scarlet red. My right eye hurts not much anymore but still from time to time I get a burning sensation in my eye that is just a nuisance and gradually gets worse unless my father does what he usually does. That I do not know yet, YET I say. Back then time’s were odd but I grew accustomed to it for my father always told me stories about his home world and how the laws were there. Very different than to what this world's various laws would be. It threw me off how they could be so different at first when I was younger but then it started to make sense the more I grew. While growing up, I've always wondered what my mother would say and do in certain situations, how my mother would react to me disobeying or sneaking out. But nonetheless, my father was both parents to me and that’s all that mattered to me. Yes I had my motherly figures in life, but none of them were my real mom. Nothing could beat that even if I haven’t met my mother. I grew up with a set of morals that were not easily broken by myself or other people, as stubborn as I am Ahah you’d think people would learn to stop attempting such things to me. I grew up a natural born leader. As I grew up to be what should be my 30’s, my father thought it was time to tell me what this marking on my back was. His divine blessing, as he explained it, it was a blessing placed on me by him to pass down his own power and share his power with her. It told me that not only did I have my own magic power that I still am half way unknowing of what it is capable of doing and abilities, I also shared my fathers. It honestly dumbfounded me how that came to happen, I always thought the marking on my back was a birthmark aha."


08/20/2019 02:34 PM 

What IS Akai?

- Past;As described, Akai comes from a jaded background. As a young boy, he was raised in a clan of redheaded elven shapeshifters, their utopia before hidden from society with an invisible barrier. Inside their domain, they shared a rich culture and thriving society independent from the rest of the world. Akai was naive to the destructive nature of humans entirely, raised in a land of peace and prosperity in their secluded lands. One day, the humans engineered a way to destroy their barriers, militant groups set on decimating their clan out of fear of what the shapeshifters could do politically to their respective regimes if they had their sights on global conquest, and others desiring their race specifically for both experimentation and the possibilities of underground slave trade. It was a complete bloodbath from start to finish. Despite doing their best to put up a fight, they were simply outpaced and outmatched by their sheer numbers and combat technology to defend themselves.Seeing all hope was lost, his grandfather decided to put all of his bets on Akai, helping him escape through a one-way portal as the poor lad had to watch his family and clan mercilessly slayed before his very eyes. Ever since then, he grew up in many different areas, constantly on the run from both a government that wanted him dead and mafia that wanted him enslaved. He would use his shapeshifting powers to hide his pointed ears and do his best to blend in society as he'd try to find a way to restore his once powerful clan.- Present;After surviving such a perspective-shifting aftermath of chaos, Akai's views towards humanity became very jaded. He didn't know who to trust, who to console in, who to turn to, with his family practically completely wiped out. But after being taken in by very kind souls in various places, he learned not all groups of people are bad. A select few can be trusted. Now all grown-up, the redhead lives a life of leisure; taking on odd-jobs in the underbelly of society as a shapeshifter for whatever is requested of him, and using those abilities to become an information broker. After all.. If you can become anyone or anything, who cant you get information out of? Gossip is a dangerous weapon indeed! This caused Akai to become a curious sort, who wished to learn more about unique humans, to learn more about their nature. To see more of the good in people his grandfather always taught him existed in even the most vile of villains. Now.. he's looking for something extraordinary, someone who can finally make him feel at home after all of these years.- Powers;His abilities are a natural gift that appear in the disguise of scarlet-colored smoke clouds that surround parts or even his entire body, the gas having the unique ability to change the molecular structure of his flesh, skin and hair to anything he can imagine. This included not only biologically but even to inanimate objects if he so chooses! Fret not, the smoke will do absolutely nothing to another person if it touches them. His ember eyes will shift to a bright scarlet upon usage of his abilities, and he can even regulate the smoke to surround only parts of his ability, such as shifting his arm in to a weapon or even the head or claw of a dragon! You'd think he'd be unstoppable! However they do come at a cost; Prolonged use of shapeshifting large amounts of his body will result in stress to his heart, which can very nearly cause him a heart attack if hes not careful, an organ that always remains in-tact (to a degree regarding its size) despite what kind of form he takes. Dont let this romantic fool break his own heart!


08/20/2019 12:55 PM 

Evelyn's Superhuman Intellect and Abilities.

Superhuman intelligence is the basic, overall description of her collective abilities. Her actual I.Q isn't calculable as she ascends far past the normal limitations of what would be considered human. She is the top mind among her Earth and described to be worth over 300 collective accomplished scientists.Intuitive AptitudeShe can almost instantly learn the inner-workings of even the most intricate devices simply by observing them in action or watching them. This learning adaptation is mostly for technological or mechanical devices, but she can apply it to a lesser extent when attempting other fields of knowledge. If she were to ever concentrate for around two weeks, she could properly master a single martial art form within that time-frame from simple learning ability.Encyclopedic | Perfect Photographic MemoryShe can remember anything she's ever experienced since her meta-human abilities have activated to the utmost clarity. If you were to ask her even the most mundane of questions about something on a date years before, she would be able to provide you with a complete detail of that day. Accelerated Thought ProcessHer brain can operate much faster than a normal human's can. She can process information over a hundred times faster than a normal human, making her genius even more fortified. It also lets her formulate thought-out plans within an extremely short time-span based on the current data.Numerical PrecisionWith her significant intelligence, she is able to perform complex calculations as if they were a simple afterthought due to her accelerated learning. She can isolate, analyze and calculate the situation at hand, giving her an easy advantage upon the tactical side. She has shown that she can use geometric precision, ricocheting a gun's bullet over seven different times before piercing the intended target after calculating the variables and trigonometry over a short period.

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