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02/21/2020 04:20 PM 


1) basic rules: be nice, no need to spread rumors, have fun, and understand i am busy irl. 2) i am a transwoman irl. Why i am playing male is because i have a soft spot for the obvious fool character with potential.


02/21/2020 02:06 PM 

Ability List

Mental Manipulation of Mortals: This is a power granted to Rose by her vampiricism. This effect allows her to sway humankind to carry out her wishes. This is a power that she only uses on rare occasions.Advanced Speed and Advanced Healing: Also a gift of her vampiric nature, Rose can move far swifter than any mortal and her body is able to heal wounds faster as well. Depending on the injury, some wounds take longer to heal than others. A simple cut will seal up in moments, but a broken bone will take a few hours to mend itself.Telekinesis: This is another power granted to Rose by her vampiricism. Using only the will of her mind, she can move objects that weigh up to a half of a ton (1,000lbs). Very rarely does she use this power in battle. Instead she uses it as a lazy method to reach something that she needs that is out of her reach when she is alone or with those she feels comfortable around.Pyrokinesis: The women in Rose's family all had innate powers. Her mother was able to make men fall in love with her and her grandmother was an oracle. The creation and control of fire was the gift granted to Rose at birth. This particular power Rose uses most often in battle, but will also use it in order to light candles or her cigarette if she doesn't have a lighter on hand.Control Over Plants: After being abandoned by her sire, Rose eventually found his tower along with his books and alchemical workshop within. She spent many, many years studying in order to prefect this type of magic. This skill allows Rose to call forth vines from within the Earth for use during combat. Besides during a fight, she's also used this power to bring life to wilted plants.Crystal Wings, Crystal Creation, and Crystal Manipulation: During her stay in one of her old lover's kingdoms, the king granted her the gift of flight. Along with this gift she was able to create crystals from the moisture in the air. She's used this power to craft small trinkets and gifts for her friends and loved ones. She's also used this power for her most deadly attack during a fight: Making raindrops that seeped into her opponents skin harden and expand until his body was destroyed.Planeswalking: This ability can only be activated by use of a full length mirror. This was another skill Rose learned during her studies in her sire's abandoned tower. By focus of will Rose can cause mirrors to act as doorways to other worlds. This is imperative for her to traverse between the mortal and magical realms.Immunities: Sunlight, garlic, wooden steaks, silver, crosses, holy water... Rose's sire gained his power by magical means and so she can not be killed by "traditional" vampire hunting methods. Only the removal of her head will cause her to die.


02/21/2020 02:01 PM 

Anyone wanna r?
Current mood:  artistic

Hi! I'm Sammy and I'm looking for someone to rp with! The animes I usually use when I rp areDiabolik LoversAngels of DeathDemon SlayerToilet-Bound Hanako-KunI'll also do crossovers if you don't really like any of those!Just pm me if you'd like to rp with me!Hope you'd like to rp with me sometime :)

roleplaying, anime, accepting, canon characters, original characters, crossover, au


02/21/2020 12:42 PM 


INFOName:  Fuwa Kento (first name Kento)Age:  22 Gender:  Male Hair:  Blue/BlackEyes:  Pale GrayHeight:  6'1"Orientation:  Gay; sekeOccupation:  Owner of an auto body shop (a yakuza business front).RULES♦ No one-liner rp unless it's in the status stream♦ Not giving out personal info, including Discord, etc♦ Be patient. It can take time to reply, sometimes. RL comes first.♦ Don't take anything personal. If you don't like violence or adult themes, this is the wrong place for you. ♦ Not going to take part in pedophilia. If you've got a young character, we can RP, but no sex.♦ I do not delete people for not replying, because that seems oddly personal. If it's a real long time though, I may ask us to start over from the beginning.♦ Both random rp starters and discussions are acceptable. Just have fun with it.

Hiro shima *omega*single

02/20/2020 05:35 PM 

Hiro family tree

Father Risku Akuma Mother Morgan raine Hiro Shima   - twins   Mathew Shima Tenji hiro  mate ?     Uncle jack       Auntie mayleen Fangston Hayley  cousin Heather cousin cousins Adien  Fangston Helena grandmother - NA  missing Selena grandmother -NA missingKoga grandfather evil demon lord James grandfather good vampire missing  

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