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The Riot Boys

03/25/2020 06:34 PM 

Diesel Riot

Name: Diesel Riot Age: 35 Gender: Male Orientation: Demiromantic/Gynesexual Birth place: Shinguku Labs Identity number/barcode: 38872 Species: Zebra/human Skin tone: Dark brown Hair color: Magenta with stripes on bangs Eye color: Magenta Tattoo(s) Stripes (Zebra markings) on both arms. Barcode number on neck, base of hairline. Profession: CEO of XTC (Ecstasy) Annual Income: 1.5M+ Properties: Club XTC, XTC Auto, Private home, vacation home, several private apartments (locations confidential). Automobile(s): Personal use - Audi A8 x2, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKS. Other makes/models available on demand from auto lot. Personality: Very laid back, quiet. Not afraid to put his foot down or cause harm to anyone if the situation rises. Tends to drink heavily, more so alone in his office. He is addicted to Fire Candy which is a liquid drug similar to ecstasy and heroin. Diesel is slightly depressed because he could die from his drug addiction at any moment, causing him to spontaneously combust.


03/25/2020 05:34 PM 

FriskyFox'sFurryFunHouse/DISCORD USERS
Current mood:  frisky

Welcome to Frisky Fox's Fun House!! Enjoy yourself! Meet other Furries and Fury Lovers!! ANY HATE WILL RESULT IN INSTANT BAN! General- For any and all conversations! Get to know each other! NO EROTIC RP ON THIS CHANNEL, MOVE TO DESIGNATED CHANNELS AND ENJOY ;)Drop Your Ani- Put your Aniroleplay profile's here if you are willing to let other members add you!! Sharing is Caring- Share pics, videos, hentai, ANYTHING you want to! 18+ CHANNEL! Yuri and Yaoi Lounges- Are of our Lesbian and Gay Pals who only prefer the same sex~ THESE ARE 18+ CHANNELS. Erotic RP IS allowed on these channels!  18 And Up-Anything goes, males and females permitted Erotic RP IS allowed on this channel!Looking for Love- This channel is for the singles! Everyone needs a little love~ Drop a little info about yourself(Nothing too personal please, for your own safety), or look at the other singles that posted. Someone pique your interest? @ them and see if you can chat privately! *I have also set different Roles for those who wish to be listed.Purple is for Yaoi Users,Magenta is for Yuri Users,Gold is for Bi/Pan Users who have no preference to Gender!Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you enjoy your stay~ (Any complaints can be made to FriskyFox#4341)THIS IS FOR A DISCORD USERS ONLY!! 18+ ONLY To join the group please add or message Owner at Discord- FriskyFox#4341 Aniroleplay- by commenting on the blog itself, With your Discord name. Feel free to share this blog out to your other Furry Friend's, or even share out the link once added into the Server!!!(I will be waiting to add people to the server until I have a 5+ requests for the Grand Opening. That way it isnt isntantly dead!!) 

Furry, 18+


03/25/2020 06:13 PM 

Interessieren Sie sich für ?

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03/25/2020 06:15 PM 

Get Attractive Offers In Russian Captioning Services

Russian captioning services are one of the perfect blends of the transcription and translation that helps in the conversion of the speech to make it easier. Leading script transcription service providers offer several kinds of offers and facilities in converting spoken words into the texts. The Russian language is not so easy to understand, so people from outside can approach Russian to English captioning services as the English language is easier to understand. Some of the scripting company offer discounts to the clients those are placing bulk orders for translating the scripts, audios and video.  Benefits Of Russian Video Captioning Services Basically, transcriptionists from the transcription service provider assure to offer the best quality service to their clients. The Russian video captioning services are usually performed by the team of expert transcriptionist those are having skills of video editing and adequate knowledge of more than 100 languages. The major benefit of video captioning service is the client will get the same video with the language preferred. If any mistake occurs by the transcriptionist, the company will not charge anything and will resolve the issues within a time limit.However, the script transcription company gives high-quality outcomes and 24/7 customer support and quick services. The team of experts assures to offer quality service and work accordingly to the customer’s wish. It has been observed that many Russian people do not understand any other language, not even the English, which is well-known by most of the global population. In this case, Russians approach to English to Russian captioning services for their important document to get translated.  Russian Captioning Services Requirements When it comes to the requirement of captioning services, some people prefer to do transcription and translation manually, and some prefer machinery techniques for this activity. If it is all about the accuracy and quality of the script, audio, and video, you must prefer the manual service. With manual service, the transcriptionist will go through the script properly and will serve you the best service even though the price is a bit higher. But choosing online software, the client may face some problems to get the correct captioning service.  The Best Russian To English Captioning Services Basically, the problems associated with online software that, not proper detection of language for captioning service, computer will not be able to transcribe multiple speaker’s speeches, may not support video clips of long duration, may not recognize the dialectical and accentual differences in a video, irrespective of quality as computer program will only translate the language from Russian to English or vice versa.The Russian captioning service providers are also dedicated to providing the Russian transcripts that do have the unmatchable quality and does adhere to the requirements that are having specific language and are a part of both the sectors. Most of the service providers do have the inclusion of the best professionals that help in delivering the best result that is mostly desired.The Russian captioning services are great to avail of, which helps in the knowledge of the fact that it is going through in the video. 

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Angelina Sterling

03/25/2020 01:46 PM 

Angelina hero name and quirk in the my hero academia universe

Applying at UA from Osaka Angelina finished in 15th place, in class 1-C her quirk is plant life she can recreate or make anything regrow she has another quirk from her late grandmother she can heal those around her She can heal up to 35 people but once she does heal she can’t use that quirk again for another 30 minutes. When she makes a friend a flower crown appears on their head however when has a crush on someone roses bloom around her when she’s either talking or standing near her crush so far it hasn’t happened yet. . If you don’t like that one she could be quirkless and specializing in close combat. Her hero name is Garden Hero: FlowerQueen

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