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Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

04/20/2019 04:53 PM 

CODES A. - Chapter 1


NOTE: This story is an AU set in a composite roleplay  versewith all of you. However, it will have a few meaningful divergences, one of which is going to be obvious from the get go. Please, hold your suspension of disbelief


“Medsie dear! I had to take on a few mercenaries, but I am still in time for the program, what about you?”, the triumphant Ankoku, greatest hero in the world, founder of the Ankengers, asked his girlfriend

“Nyaaaah!”; she cheered up “I am glad, boyfriend-kun, I bet you will look so cool”

“Ehehe, just you wait, I have things prepared, first I am jumping down the helicopter and then… oh wait, why am I telling you? It’s a live program, are you going to watch it?”, he asked her happily

“Actually, I fear not, my stud muffin”, Medaka said, a sweatdrop appearing on her head “I have this date with Misaka, and you know how she keeps changing channel of every television when she sees your face”

Silence on Ankoku’s side for a bit, he had forgotten the downs of having a polyamorous girlfriend.

“Ah right, enjoy her!”, he grumbled “I am fine, thanks for asking now I am receiving a message from Lau, as I sent him the report. He is as usual, getting mad over  a few details |of course, the Ak-12 is a rifle and not a gun, have you been living under a rock| or |You are an idiot, her story is bull, Japanese special force rarely leave the country, they are mostly for counter terrorism| and |RPG does not stand for Really Petite Gun|... wait, really, what does it stand for then?”

“Rocket Propelled Grenade, boyfriend-kun”, Was Medaka’s answer at his rambling”And wait… her? Did you fight a girl? Was she pretty? I swear, that if she was pretty, I am going to d e s t r o y you when you return home”

“Uh… she was French?”, Ankoku asked, causing Medaka to growl like a monster on the other end of the phone, which caused Ankoku to shut up

“We will talk at home. In the meanwhile, have fun, boyfriend-kun. I know you are going to have as much as I am going to have in this date. I am going to dress and make Misaka embarrass when I will pinch her cheeks calling her Pikachu. Nyahahaha!”

“Oh I get it! You want her to have the red spots like the pokemon?”

“Anky, you dummy, I am talking about her butt!”, she answered with a big cat like smirk

Ankoku deadpanned at such a reply: “You know… I think there are some double standards going on here”

“... Nah”, was Medaka’s answer “now, knock them dead, Hero-kun, I know you always wanted this moment. Tomorrow I will super cuddle you until you look drunk! Byyye ♥”

“...goodbye, Medsie. Will you hang up?”, he asked her

“Nooo, you hang up, Hero kun”

“Okay”, Ankoku said and promptly did so before turning at the helicopter pilot and commented “...women, uh?”

“No, sir, that’s just your girl and you, the rest is completely normal and understandable”, the pilot blurted out as he looked down “What a crowd, it’s all for you right?”

“It’s for the Ankengers”, Ankoku corrected the man “Alas, all of them have refused to come, so this leaves me and only me to take all of the crowd’s cheer”

“Just remember what Lau told you, Mister Yami. Do not let your fame get over your-”, the pilot said “HEY HEY! NO, don’t jump out of the helicopter! AGAIN!”

Oh, but jump out of the helicopter, Ankoku did. And even made a few acrobacies in mid air as he looked down at the stage. So many people he did not know, coming to see him and his group. Oh, so many… people to save and protect. After all of the time he had been treated like a pariah, he was acknowledged. He extended his cape like a parachute to slow down the fall, and then, of course, SUPERHERO LANDING, because of course that’s a thing he had to perform

“WHAT’S YOUR HERO’S NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME?!”, he yelled out to the crowd


“SAY IT AGAIN!”, he declared as he stood up “I can’t heaaar youuuu”


“HARMONIZE MY NAMES, YOU FOLKS!”, he said  taking off his cape, raising his other fist as well


..: Hero time!”

He threw the cape, causing a group of children and over forty years old housewives to fight each other over it, and then went and put his hat down over a girl that screamed, nosebled and fainted in joy


With his magic he morphed his standard outfit in a white suit, his scarf turning into a tie

“Oh yeah!”, everyone cheered as rock music played over, Ankoku getting at the mike stand and began… singing




(oh yeah!)











(Ankoku! He is so strong!)


(So strong we had to write the song about..)

The roar of the crowd elated Ankoku, while somewhere Lau was fuming with rage and downing one bottle of whiskey in one single gulp. Bowing down, he went to clap the hands of the fans closest to the stage as he cheered

“Greetings you all, this is I, Ankoku Yami, amateur singer ( I hope you all liked this)...”


“Oh thanks, as well as founder of the Ankengers, harbinger of Justice, heir of the Kurokami fortune and much more. But more importantly, YOUR HERO. I apologize on behalf of the other Ankengers, most were busy with missions they held a prior regard, but I thought it would be unfair to ignore the lot of you, therefore I have come because, truth is, we treasure you all, fans”

The cheers were just the top of the cheery as he smiled and gently handed the make: “But please, do not be shy, I may be the one to stand here atop,but it’s merely because I am short and otherwise, not all of  you would see me! But this evening is so much about you as about me, do not be shy, question me”

The first question was from a child: “Who would win, Goku or Superman?”

“... Alright, this is one hard question, but the real answer is that they would likely tie, as neither would go all out and just have a fun spar, then they will team up and take down the bad guys TOGETHER! Also, don’t believe stats and quantified feats, they are nothing but limiting fiction in ways authors don’t care about”, Ankoku answered, making the kid smile happily

“Cool!”, he said while giving the mike back to Ankoku who gave it to another person

“Say, how many times have you gotten close to death in your pursuit of becoming a hero?”, another young man closer to his teen asked

Ankoku was reminded of the many, many times he had done so. How many times had he gone so close to end his adventures. Far, far too many to wish to admit them even to himself.

“Well, I was pretty close when Jack-O whipped out the giant Justice Robot, but she wished to defeat an entire team…”, he said, thinking also of a very mad Kuro.being very helpful “... I may have come close to die, but not once I have been afraid to die. As long as I am aware that I am sacrificing myself for a right cause… this say, I do plan to live for long, to protect the lot of you for as long as possible!”

Third question, this time a girl: “Let’s suppose you are able to eradicate all evil… what will you do if you are not needed anymore?”

Ankoku thought about it as he said: “Very good question. I think I will live life normally, reading books and spending time having long walks with my girlfriend, just her and me alone…”

As he drew a sigh, the fourth question came, from a older man: “If the world asked you not to help anyone, what would a hero do? Would they obey, even if they feel like the world is wrong, or would they act selfishly on their own impulse?”

Ankoku narrowed his eyes: “A hero saves the world, the question you place is far too vague. When such a matter occurs, I shall take the right choice. However, and hear me out, the world is NOT made of buts and ifs. But only ‘now’. And as of now, I have only a thing to ask…”



“And that’s all! I will be in my room”;  Ankoku said dropping the mike before bowing once more to the audience, clapping and cheering on him. All of the eyes were on him. Some impressed, some awed, some languid, and many more. Waving at all of them, Ankoku left the stage, all of the crowd cheering and loving him. As soon as he was out of their sight, in his room, his clothes shifting back to his normal outfit, he drew a sigh of relief. It was so hard to keep all of that energy all the time anyone watched him…  What a dream, being adored by everyone was not natural for him, after having spent all the time ridiculed. People found his ideas of being a hero foolish and now, all they could do was to choke on their own words.

He closed his eyes and suddenly…He was… happy? Serene? Comfy?  He opened his eyes and he could see nothing.…. Why was someone hugging him from behind and covering his eye in his own private room? Wait… he recognized that hug

“Akeno? How did you get here?”, he asked embarrassed as he turned

“Ara Ara, ufufufu, silly Anky, a teleportation ritual is pretty trivial for a girl like me”; the girl said happy to have been recognized. Her arms slowly wrapped around around his chest and pulled the young Hero closer

“You did not even hear my voice, how did you recognize me?”

“Your...hands?”, Ankoku asked, trying to wriggle away from her.

Yes, he totally recognized her by her hands. Her big, soft and bouncy hands… yes…

The half devil would soon release him, fixing her student outfit with that ridiculously short skirt and a shirt heroically struggling to reign her curve, her exceedingly long ponytail flowing at every single movement of hers

“It has been a while, Anky… ever since you disappeared from Koh Academy”, she pointed out

“We were done saving Japan from Hades...or rather, you had just beaten him. Our Alliance as devil and devil hunter was over. There was nothing much to do for me”, he explained

She sighed, shaking her head softly at him while gently placing her hands on his cheeks to give him a little pinch: “Look at you. Saving the world from an extra dimensional threat, and still haven’t changed one bit: your cheeks are still so cute and rosy”

“S-stop it! Medsie is the one pulling the cheek pinching here...and she gets jealous when other girls go around me”, he grumbled

“Oh? Your girlfriend does that?”, Akeno asked before chuckling “Ara ara, she is a true waifu, then”

Turning, she sat down and made a gesture for him to sit down in front of her, which he promptly  obeyed

“I just wish… she was not dating Misaka as well. I am not exactly fond of this polyamorous deal. Can you imagine me and Medaka in a triangle with a girl with electrical power?”,

Akeno inexplicably blushed and muttered her usual catchphrase, causing Ankoku to raise a brow, but continued nonetheless

“Anyhow, did you just teleport because you missed me?”

“Mostly, yes”, she admitted, causing Ankoku to blush “I wanted to catch up with you, now that I finally know where you are… But I am also here to ask a hero for help… or rather, to ask you for help”

This made Ankoku let out curious Hero noises, which had Akeno chuckle a bit

“After our adventure, I decided to become a King, Anky”, she explained with a smile “Ever since, I have found out quite a lot about Makai… Are you familiar with it?”

“Besides being a basically the dumpster of all the realms of the multiverse that is barely held together by a demon king and a loose hierarchical scale? Not much, I don’t plan to visit anytime soon”

Akeno explained “It’s been for over a year that Makai has been thrown in a civil war after the previous ruler abdicated in favor of a petty wild goose chase which made every demon hunt for some irrelevant power stone. The new ruler is inexperienced…”

“It does sound quite problematic,I admit it”, Ankoku answered, still curious on where she wanted to go… only for Akeno to suddenly open her blouse and showed off her chest barely held by a bra, a sight that made his eyes widen. Why was she…?

“... I was here to bring...the tea from your bosses, Lau and ...sorryIsawnothing”; a girl with the classical standard outfit of Chaldea had just entered to give Ankoku the room service, consisting in a trail of tea and accompanying sweets and quickly leaving embarrassed, slamming the door shut. Akeno quickly buttoned her shirt back up

“ was the best way to keep the two of us alone… Ufufufu, Anky, that face you are going to make me blush if you keep looking at me like this”

“S-sorry”, the young hero mumbled turning away

“It’s okay, I did not tell you to stop ♥ “, Akeno teased, licking her lips in excitement, finally making Ankoku have an outburst.

“S-STOP IT! YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!”, He yelled aloud embarrassed

“Behave, Anky”

“Sorry,mistress… I just don’t like showing weaknesses, especially now that I am a hero”, he admitted to whom he considered the closest thing to a best friend.

“Now Anky, without a demon king to command them, many demons have been hiding on Earth… and I have been trying to keep them in check and make sure they harm nobody. My question is, Anky,  I need power, and thus I wish to establish my pieces, to wage war and defeat the more malevolent devils ...would you like to be my pawn?”

Ankoku’s smile disappeared off his face

“A pawn… really? Couldn’t you have picked the piece that is like… next to the king?”

“Why? Do you want to be the Queen?”, Akeno jokingly asked with a chuckle “Trust me, the pawn is by far the most suitable piece for you”

“I could be like… even a bishop...or a rook...or even the drought from checkers! I like checkers better than chess anyway”

“Anky, do you even know the benefits a pawn is granted?”

“OF COURSE I DO! I studied demon chess back when I was a Demon Hunter rejected by every exorcist school”, he grumbled while offering her the tea “I just don’t like being called a pawn on principle!!”

Silence, the girl accepted the tea, disappointment all over her face, her magenta colored eyes fixated on her friend

“Are you sure about it?”

“... Yes, Akeno”, he answered calmly “ I know your offer does not come from a selfish desire, but look at me: I have become the Greatest Hero of this world. I have to maintain my status and to become a minion of a devil... I am sorry you aren’t going to get what you wanted?”

The demoness would sigh, and finally her face turned into a tranquil smile

“But I did get what I wanted, Anky. You know there is a threat, just as big as the one that made you a Hero, and you know you have someone you can trust” she answered pointing at herself  “Just be careful! The people you trust… are not what they seem”

“Even Medaka?”, he asked her.

“Your waifu is LAIFU!”, Akeno proudly declared  before fading into nothingness.

“My waifu…”; Ankoku groaned in frustration  as he quickly drank the tea. He felt sick… all of this work was driving him crazy. Why wasn’t Lau calling? He could at least take it out on someone… hours passed inside that room, alone. Eventually the crowd that had ammassed to see him would disperse: he was finally free. He needed to walk…alone…. in the dark alleys of the city


Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

04/20/2019 04:50 PM 

CODES A. - Prologue


NOTE: This story is an AU set in a composite roleplay  versewith all of you. However, it will have a few meaningful divergences, one of which is going to be obvious from the get go. Please, hold your suspension of disbelief


A ring from a mobile meant to distract the youth from the wonderful panorama he was watching outside. Oh, he had never expected that the world looked this beautiful from that height, but well, duty called, on the phone! The price of success:Ankoku always wanted to be a hero, and at last his attempts… had become a rousing success! This was...a code A. Yup, the A stood for Ankoku

“Hello hello, greatest Hero Ankoku Yami, heir of the Kurokami fortune, on the receiving end of your line. Is Heroism needed?”, the youth would proudly declare as he stood up from his reclined seat, receiving a sigh for an answer.

“Lay down your ego, Yami”, Lau answered coldly “You have public support on your side, but don’t act as if doing so is unique, do you know how many times I have saved the world?”, Lau answered in a stern tone of voice

“Oh I bet this is how you justify your assassinations, but this is not why you called me”, Ankoku retorted bluntly  “So again, what’s the matter, Mr. Mirabelle?”

Pissed off by such arrogant attitude, Law still passed it to his partner, Veronica, leader of the Chaldea Organization

“Hey… Ankoku-san? You are the only one besides the pilot on the helicopter, right?”

“Yes, Negi is busy with his duty as a teacher, Ram and Kuro couldn’t care less, my girlfriend is busy holding a concept at her school, and Kishiro...I have no idea where Kishiro is. Is he preparing drink for you?”

“I wish”, Lau answered from over the phone “He had accumulated a few vacation days, so he took some rest, I bet he is having fun, unlike me”



Kishiro looked around the scorched landscape, listening to the screams of the damned and looking down as multiple deformed horned skeletons seemed to try to drag him down

“How did I even get here?”, he wondered, only to hear a scream from a distance

“Ayaa! Lilith-chan, did you drag a person in hell AGAIN?”



“Anyhow” Veronica continued “You are the only one close enough to handle this,Yami-san, a Ship of the T.R.U.S.T. fundation has been secluded by  a group of mercenaries. I am sending you datas on the mobile. The current Leader - Charlotte LeBlanc, is a tough one, so please, don’t go and take them head on, just… did you already jump off the Helicopter to take them head on, right?”

“I need to be quick, I can’t miss this appointment, I will take them on swift-”


The scarf had already attached itself on the railing of the ship, quickly climbing over the rail. Already a masked goon was behind him. He was exactly how he’d expect a well trained mercenary: no specific icon to recognize them as part of a team Hastily he’d jump over him to catch him in an hold, placing both hands behind his back away from the receiver and his weapons.

“Are you Charlotte LeBlanc?”, Ankoku asked immediately

“... Do I look like a Charlotte, boy?”, the man answered in a rough russian accent. He had a fair point, but Ankoku knocked him out by slamming his head on the railing on the ship nonetheless. Weapons tossed off the sea, body locked in a cabin, receiver stolen. Now, let’s check the many mercenaries are potentially on this ship

==Furiex Fang==

Leader - Charlotte LeBlanc (also known as ‘Carlotta Bianchi’ et cetera), Vanille Laroux

Estimated Number Of People - At least 37 (Charlotte included)

Most renown equipment - AK-12, LAR Grizzly

And other tracts that he did not care about. It was time to be able to use the stolen receiver and track down Charlotte Le Blanc. How?


“Are you Charlotte LeBlanc… No,  wait, you are a guy too! Nevermind!”


“Are you Charlotte LeBlanc”, Ankoku inquired the woman he was struggling against to get her grip away, getting for once an answer, as well as an elbow in his stomach

“I will never tell you”, the mercenary would answer before the youth would grab the gun she was aiming at him and kneed  in the stomach, knocking her out with a kick on her helmet. By now the guards were getting more and more vicious, they knew someone was taking them out. First thing first, getting rid of the snipers, though:he was renown for being a blockhead by friends, but he’d rather not test the rumor with an actual weapon. AS soon as he had them in melee combat, luckily, a Blaser R93 Tactical was not that useful in close range. Unfortunately none of them was Charlotte.

He did get bad when three of the mercenaries had ganged up on him with knife combat… but as soon as he had jumped off a lower deck of the ship, the wider arena allowed him for a better advantage. His strategy was simple: receivers first, the rest second, third ask if they were Charlotte LeBlanc. Sure, they were trained expert, and they had numbers, but fighting Greek monsters, demons and Jack’O’s minions had been a training most would not have.

Not to say, he was Ankoku Yami. They knew to be wary of the leader and founder of the Ankengers.

He had at least taken out at least twenty goons, getting tied, uncuffed or otherwise incapacitating them but eventually as he had reached the bow of the ship… immediately he had to hide behind the storage to avoid the bullet of AK-12. The masked woman had weirdly aimed too low to hit him in the head or the chest… that was… either his stomach or kneecap. Was this a sadist?

“... Are you Charlotte LeBlanc?”

“Hmmm? How do you know?”

“Lucky Guess”, Ankoku waved his hand dismissively at the question.

Now… get around the cover and try to sneak an attack on her. He was rewarded with another bullet almost gracing his cheek

“Fair enough”, the woman commented, further musing while seeking to aim at him “What about you? You don’t need any introduction, Monsieur Yami. May I ask, how is the Furieux Fang compared to Jack-O’s army of minion? I hope they have entertained you just as much”

“Quite different, honestly, the minions all relied on Jack-O as the hive mind leader, otherwise they only rushed. Your squadron seems pretty well versed in guerrilla tactics… but what do I know? I have never fought into war”

“It shows”, she mused while opening the receiver and communicating to his squad: “Je l'ai. Il est avec moi à l'avant du navire. Concentrez-vous sur pour amener le chargement à votre destination. Il est à moi”

Ankoku was in a fair enough distance not to catch every word, focusing on each as he asked. “Wait, you got what?”

“A good rifle, mon ami”, was her answer as she rolled at the side, getting a good aim at him and ready to shoot, the youth tossed at her his cape to cover her visual. The shot was done, but the aim was messed up. Ah, boys, always ready to throw away their clothes for her. Quick on thoughts, though, she had to admit that. Ankoku was more blown away by the fact the Ak-12 was a rifle

“Miss LeBlanc, may I ask..what are you trying  to do? Steal a cargo from a welfare organization? Isn’t it far too heinous?”

The woman rose her brow through her masked helmet, stopping for a second to showcase her incredulous stance at his statement

“Welfare?”, she repeated, her voice more dead cold “Is this what you were told? Just because they funded your team they are welfare? Darling, while my parents are French, as clear from my name, but they moved to find fortune there.  I have been a member of the special units of Japan. I saw… ‘things’ when my team was assigned to an abroad mission and… I had to flee the country.. terrible things this group did. Of course now, I had to consume my revenge on them… maybe then… I will settle down for...something or...someone. Are you really going to stop a righteous revenge?”

“Yes… I am sorry though”, was his reply.

Oh my, Charlotte couldn’t believe he had brought that?  That… that was….

“Adorable!” Charlotte chuckled “Has your girlfriend ever told you that?”

That got under his skin making the youth seeming quite embarrassed as he mumbled. She must have seen the newest School idol cover

“What I do with Medaka is none of your business”, he said, his hat peeking out of a corner of another box. It’s all Charlotte needed to shoot one more bullet, just at the side of the head, enough to give him a trauma,but not kill him. The hat was off So called heroes were rare, how often would she have fun with an old fashioned youth believing in fairy tales. She could only hope they were as resistant to she sauntered over the youth, she quickly noticed though…

There was some blood alright, but unusually to little blood for someone shot at the side of the face. She had immediately turned at the side to shoot, but shame Ankoku had her by the back holding her in a grip to make her drop her weapon. She got him away as soon as she drew the knife, but Ankoku had the charger with the bullets and had tore off her face concealing helmet. Her proper bun with white hair was exposed, as well as her green eyes, although she still held her lower facial mask

“Held my hat with my hand”; he commented wiping it off “you only grazed a little my fingers, and now I disarmed you”

Little devil, she couldn’t help but appreciate him. Why not play with him further?

“I guess so, but we know both a true mercenary’s fighting skills come from hand to hand combat, right? Shall you accept such an offer. Hand to hand,no weapons, as mercenary honor?”; she asked, slowly and teasingly zipping down her outfit to reveal her more common battle outfit. Sex appeal and some nonsense about mercenary honor, good ways to get a drop on a boy with such old fashioned values.

Ankoku, indeed, was a bit confused by sudden act… girls, why did they keep dropping clothes around him? Oh right, he was HANDSOME: Yes, that’s what the five feet three tall boy with a scrawny physique and baggy clothes kept telling himself. He had to agree, right?

“Sure enough, Miss LeBlanc, only me and my scarf”;he said in a fighting stance. The hand to hand combat ensued, each evenly matched. Thirty seconds that felt like an eternity and yet neither had fought an opening, both dodging the other perfectly. Eventually, the white haired mercenary made a step forward and had his back… a normal fight in hand to hand could have continued for a while, but she just happened to hold onto a monofilament wire and with such an opening, it would be extremely counterproductive not to immediately suffocate him, maybe even to threaten to garrot his throat.

“Got you”

But it was not Charlotte to say it. Ankoku’s scarf had suddenly extended  and wrapped itself around her, slamming her on the wall of the ship. She struggled, but the scarf had further elongated and gotten her arm, The other end had wrapped itself around the leg

“I know already that mercenaries like you can snap a neck with only your legs, you are not the only one watching Steven Seagal movies! For your interest, yes, I did marathon them with my girlfriend!”, he proudly declared to the mercenary who kept struggling, looking down at the youth who had bested her, causing him to point out “... what? i wasn’t going to play fair all along. Your cause might be just, but I need to stop any injustice”

A swing to get his mobile and called up: “Lau? Reinforcement, please, I have secured most of the hostile crew, we can arrest them!”


“It’s so cool to be able to meet you, Mister Yami”, the soldier would comment, shaking the youth’s hand, while a large group of military would be  “Can I have a selfie with you? It’s for my daughters”

“Oh sure, just don’t mention you are about to retire after this”, Ankoku said fixing his cape and hat, happily getting next to him as they both took the picture “Alas, after this detour, which I have pleasantly taken because safety of the world first of all, I need to leave, is it anything any of you would like to ask?”

“Actually yes, I do”; a voice called out from the prisoner cellar, belonging to the leader herself “... are you using the same magic you used to subdue me to make your cape flutter in the wind to look … cooler?”

“As a matter of fact, I am”, Ankoku declared “Do you have any issue, miss LeBlanc?”

“Not at all, I am fully in favor to someone looking stylish while performing a good job”, she answered nonchalantly. No other questions were asking, making Ankoku take the ladder of his helicopter as he made a gesture “Remember, if any of  you need a hero… HOLD OUT FOR I AM COMING!”

Charlotte’s reaction at seeing this was quite a sight that made her squad companions roll their eyes: throwing her head back, clearly she’d have placed the back of her hand over it if she didn't have them both tied behind her back: “Ah me! This is unfair! I only /tried/ to steal the cargo of this warship, but the boy is the one who committed the perfect delict: he stole my heart. Why do they call /ME/ criminal?"

How else could Ankoku answer her as he was leaving by the plane?

All in the day of a hero


Kaworu Nagisa

04/20/2019 06:49 PM 


《Grigori》 are the central adversary of the Seraph. They are a race of extraterrestrial beings from another dimension that have been invading Earth.


Beings which have appeared in order to claim "Cores" embodied as small crimson spherical objects in order to eventually destroy humanity. Originally these "cores" were supporting devices for the Seed of Life, the 《Grigori》refuse to accept their fate and escaped, expressing that their motives are only to unite with the FAR, First Ancestral Race, even if meant the human race withers and all realities are converged as a result. The 《Grigori》possess no real bodies of their own, consisting only of a consciousness, and must find vessels to inhabit and move between. All attempts to communicate or compromise with the 《Grigori》have proved futile. Humanity's information regarding them is shallow and fragmented, with the reason for their sudden activity still unknown. What is known about them is all conventional weapons are useless against them due to the use of a phenomenon called A.T  Field. As a result, Seraphs are the only viable military option to combat them.


While they dont possess any real bodies to speak of, once they've hacked into a body, notable similarities can be seen. First are jet black wings on their backs. And finally the red cracks that spread throughout their bodies from the site were the core entered and all over bodies, notably their chest and face.


Posession - Like Angels, Grigori must inhibit a human vessel to function. Unlike angels who work in concert with their host,  Grigori take full and seal their host's consciousness away. It is easier to take control of people who are in states of heightened emotions or fear. When possessing a human, the Grigori invades their muscles, bones and brains and can also access their host's memories while possessing them (even if it is a brief possession). This ability can be thwarted by a powerful A.T. Field. Also under certain circumstances, the person being possessed can regain control if his or her will is strong enough. In many cases, the Grigori will work the host hard for fun and once they vacate, the host will die. Some Grigori appear to have preferences when possess someone, Raynare revealed a preference to possess young girls.

A.T. Field -

Noctis RoyalRebel

02/13/2019 01:04 AM 

[RP Advice] Admin And Muse/Character (Not The Same)

Another issue I would like to cover, is how many RolePlayers mistake the character and admin to be the same person.

When we roleplay, we are simply acting. Admins are also considered the writers, but as admins, it is our job to think like our character do and display them in the message. I see it all too often where people will accuse the admin over something their character performs. I digress, we are simply the writers, the characters do as they wish. Placing our minds to what our chosen characters think, is the key to great acting and a successful roleplay.

The Admin and Character are NEVER the same person. It is called RolePlay for a reason; Role as in acting as proclaimed, and Play as in exhibiting features of a story. None of it is real, it is all fiction, pretend, make-believe if you will. I fail to understand why others link character to admin, but I believe that needs to stop.

Do you not dress up as a character when you are chosen a part in a play? of course you do. However, you are not that character, you are simply portraying the role you were assigned or had chosen. When you see someone write “It’s not me, it’s what Kuja wants” or similar, that is completely true. Kuja’s mindset is different from his Admin, his admin only provides what Kuja is thinking with his next action.

Needless to say, you cannot claim the writer and character are one in the same. It is simply our jobs as Admins to portray and act as our characters. Keep in mind that the admin only writes accordingly to what their character’s mindset is.

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The Telling


"This is the telling of the redemption of Noein, the Children of Mother Witch Beifong. The purpose of this night, LYDIAN, is to bring forward the events and miracles of the outgoing from LYDIA into the present of Gilgamesh. Each of us, old to young or betwixt the two, should be made to feel as if we have personally been through the LYDIAN Exodus. Let the tale renew our hopes and Invigorate our Amorous spirits so we may continue to lead our Dynasty as descendants of the Noein."

On the planet LYDIA, K'thul Katar had been blessed by the Elder God R*)#&( . With this boon and blessings from his true Patron, the creature reigned darkness upon the planet. Only two Leaders stood up to rival this brutal creature: the Rogue-Assassin, ****** and the Mother Mage: Toff Beifong. They rebelled against the oppressive nature of K'thul Katar whom went on a rampant genocide of the Fighters, Mages and Paladins. While the Blood War lasted for 5 decades. Through these fifty years ****** had fallen under the sway of K'Thul Katar and become his disciple. All the while, Mother Mage Beifong had taken on a grande warrior whom had the courageous fortitude to challenge even the Elder God: Pugno Taroth. Their meeting was humble, one of a shared meal of simple foods. 

*The players roll CON and INT to test their politeness when eating this bland, bitter and humble meal. They are then made to dip their fingers into a cleansing salt bath, another CON roll to withstand just how acidic it is.*

This is the same meal that our ancestors have shared in the LYDIAN wastelands. As such, we shall feed those whom are hungry. We are here, for The Telling, and thus tell them our story. Where we were once destitute, enslaved and murdered we are now free. Free to pursue lives of love and war, to defend the many freedoms that the Noien represent. . . . . freedoms such as polygamy.

As such, once K'thul Katar was defeated, Mother Beifong had once again accepted ****** into her bosom. Her love was spread with her influence. In ancient times, and the times we live in, folks worship false idols, but now the All-Including has rightfully placed these idols in their place. She includes all into her bosom, even though they betray her Amorous spirit. Before being purged, K'Thul Katar spat his seed across LYDIA and caused the great corruption. The land wept tears of obsidian, the color faded from the sky. Through the wisdom and grace of the heavens, Mother Beifong constructed a monument that would transcend the stars. 

Before our Exodus, the Katarian's did evil unto us, they tormented us and laid hard labor upon us. And while we devised plans against them, Mother Witch heard our out cries from her monument. She heard our voice and she saw our distress. As payment for her services and grace, we were ordered to throw our sons before her feet to be devoured while our daughters could live. She herself did not send a disciple, a warrior, or a servant. No, instead Mother Witch extended herself to the planet itself, opening her soul to K'thul Katar's seed, and devouring those budding evils while the Noein and LYDIAN refugees sought sanctuary in her monument. From here, once the last of the beastly burdens and desperate disciples had entered the monument, it lifted from the grey, amorphous blob known as Lydia and ventured through the sky. After we lifted off, our Mother let out a roar that shook the stars! With the last of her strength, she boarded the monument and went into her slumber. All the while, this monument scoured the heavens to find us our new home: Gilgamesh.

There are a multitude of blessings bestowed upon us are too many to count. Had she simply slain the evil, we'd be grateful; Had she simply let us die in her bosom, we'd be grateful: Had she simply built us a monument to dwell in, we'd be grateful; Had she even just given us transport off Lydia, we'd be forever in her debt. There was nothing more we could be more grateful for than for this blessing of Gilgamesh and her defense for colonization. 

But most grateful, are we, that our true totem has returned to us: The Noein Bible.

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