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02/15/2019 07:44 PM 

Radio Demon
Current mood:  devious

"I'm sure all of you have heard of me, but in case you have been living under a rock...I'm Alastor. More commonly known as The Radio Demon of Hell." The crackly voice says, his eyes bright and lips turned up in a smirk.

Roleplay, Hazbin Hotel


02/15/2019 07:33 PM 

my character role! check them out
Current mood:  bored


  • Warrior + enemy
  • Queen + prisoner
  • chubby + other
  • demon leader + human girl
  • Poor + rich
  • Bounty + hunter   
  • Tomboy girl + Famous
  • Bad boy + nerd girl
  • Gang leader + straight A student  
  • interracial couple    
  • ( arranged marriage)
  • Ghost + human
  • Girly girl + tomboy girl
  • weapon + mister
  • unpopular boy + popular girl
  • royalty + servant
  •  New girl + guy
  • Waiter + customer
  • girl + girl
  • guys + guy
  •  Fantasy
this is the other stuff we can do as well)
  • Blind date
  • Massage
  • Married couple
  • Meet on cruise
  • New neighbor
  • Meet a bar
  • Meet at dance
  • Nightclub
  • Valentine’s day
  • Ditch school
  • School dance
  • Road trip
  • Schoolmate
  • Anime
  • TV show
  • Game
  • Slice of life (never done)
  • Knight
  • Fairy
  • Pirate


  • Apartment
  • School
  • House
  • Dorm room
  • RV
  • Camp
  • Lake House
  • Office
  • Station
  • Desert
  • Winter
  • Springs
  • (any other places u can think of)

rp fun free pick any two with a +


02/15/2019 03:40 PM 

Ryder Jenkins aka RJ

Name is Ryder Jenkins but call me RJ. I'm 21 i have brown hair, 5'10, eyes almost a light grey, 145, light but muscular built, tattoo of wolf on my left arm. I was found abandoned in the woods by some wolfs who rise me as their own only learning who i was different when i was a bit older so i would go into town stealing food and other stuffs that look neat to me.


02/15/2019 12:02 PM 

Mike Garcia

My name is Michael Garcia but I go by Mike. I'm only 18 years old and I’m a full human/wolf spirit. I'm about 5'8 and 175 pounds. I have brown eyes, blond hair and light build. I'm a gauntlet user but I’m still learning how to use them. I was born in Fontaine. I was only a baby when my mother died giving birth to me. My father left me on a stranger’s doorstep. That's when I met Auron he took care of me. When I was five auron taught me drunken fist, hapkido and dragon then he told me I was left on his doorstep when I was baby. When I was nine I went to gather information an spent half a year looking for my parents but with no luck until i found some strange gloves in an abandon building. At age ten I returned to the village to find it in ruins. I call out Auron name many times but no answer than finally find him under his own roof with just half of his body sticking out.


02/15/2019 09:21 PM 

Tryndamere RP!Verses

Overwatch!Tryndamere - TBA

Star Guardian!Tryndamere - Tryndamere is an exchange student from a neighboring school, transferred to the Academy for his athletic ability-- or so everyone thinks. It is true that with his herculean physique and great genetics that he's a sure-in for stardom, however that's not why he transferred to the Academy. His intention is to find the true identities of the Star Guardian crew, in hopes to capture them and drain their star powers. But for what? As he gets close to the people he believes to be the Star Guardians, will he truly be able to pull the trigger on his nefarious plans? Or will he get swept up into another faction entirely? Only time will tell.

K/DA!Tryndamere - K/DA is a cult phenomenom. There's no place in the world, big or small-- civilized or not-- that isn't humming one of K/DA's hottest tracks. There's plenty of reasons for the band's success: Ahri's easy to sell to corporate Runeterra with her K-Pop vibes, Akali's a trailblazer with her clothing, and Kai'Sa solo tracks are sleeper hits. However there's one woman who sells more merchandise than all of them-- albeit through lowbrow means. Evelynn. Evelynn is always one to get into some kind of drama-- and it's done well to keep K/DA on top of the news articles for months. There's only one problem-- it's starting to get dangerous. As much as the higher ups want Evelynn to continue causing crazed antics, they need to ensure that she's 'safe' as well. Enter Tryndamere, an ex-military official turned bodyguard. His only mission? Let Evelynn cause havoc, as long as she comes back home safely.

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