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Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 10:27 PM 

Heretic Roleplay Sheet

"The Church of the Seventh is full of charlatans. Our pact will bring salvation to the realm when we are ready to take control."Heresy is not unknown among the followers of the Church of the Seventh, and delving into secrets of the Void is one of the ultimate sins. As an Exorcist studies his nemesis, he slowly begins to understand it - or rather, loses his understanding of how the world can work the way it does. For those who didn't allow their faith to completely blind them, this becomes a moment of reckoning - they learn that their power hasn't waned despite their harnessing the Void energies. Their new faith is constantly tested, their ties with the Church now forever severed - for the price of this treason is death. They travel Realm and Void in solitude, either seeking redemption through their deeds or a more deep meaning to the unsolvable paradox of their existence. Still loathing the destructive servants of the Void, they now hate their former masters and brothers as well, for their lies and their blindness to the truth. As the Void twists and perverts their very existence, even the laws of time and causality become blurred, for some Heretics can only be described as former Voidmancers - a seemingly impossible feat. The Heretic combines the powers of the void with the power of the Seventh Star's faith into a devastating combination, ever striving to preserve their sanity and humanity, while delving deeper and deeper into the Void. Companions alongside Heretics include, but are not limited to, Spellhound, Voidfiend, Interrogator, Arcanaworg, Voidterror, and Archivist.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 10:22 PM 

Shaman Roleplay Sheet

"Sometimes to strengthen the forests, you have to cull the.. Weaker natures."Folk tales tell of mysterious sorcerers that live in the deepest forests and swamps, performing obscure rituals and summoning various abominations. A shaman fits the description quiet closely. Their origins differ, some secluding themselves from Druidic societies, seeing death as an aspect of nature equal to life, while others come steering away pure Necromancers' practices, realizing the importance of maintaining life as a source of sustenance for their neverending service of death. They despise both factions, believing druids do not understand the true balance of nature, and necromancers - not realizing that they're not too single-minded in their pursuits. Shamans both cultivate life and take it at will, twisting souls and essence or bolstering them in their time of need. A shaman can both spare a village or poison a village, should they see it for the greater balance. They have control over nature similar to a Druid, but tend to call upon the help of more sinister and devious creatures. Companions alongside Shamans include, but are not limited to, Pixie, Zombie, Homunculi, Golem, Spellhound, Interrogator, Geode, Ent, Risen Giant, Arcanaworg, Archivist, and Herald of Rot.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 10:08 PM 

Abolisher Roleplay Sheet

"We will make them cry and plead for their worthless, pathetic lives."The magic of the Realm was something of a mystery to the common people of the Faraway lands, until recently. Some time has passed, and the initial fascination and interest faded, as the ruler started to realize the potential threat of the wizards of the Realm should it ever come to an open conflict. To this end, the secret services began learning the laws behind spellcasting - and how to counter it. The Anti-Magic Corps was born. The Abolishers are their vanguard. Although possessing a talent for magic, they instead hone their skills and tailor their armaments into negating magic, syphoning arcane powers and diminishing a wizard's ability to utilize magic. Their power grows as they steal more and more from an opponent, and augmenting their gear yields even greater results as it grows ever more impregnable to any magic. they never utilize traditional wizard pets, relying instead on a parasitic creature from the negative plane, known as Doppleganger. Because of this, Abolishers do not use companions.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 10:05 PM 

Ironsoul Roleplay Sheet

"We will be rewarded for our celibacy and asceticism when we go to meet our makers."Ironsouls are an elite force from the Faraway lands. each of them have walked a long and difficult path of studying arcane arts, until a certain event drastically changed their life. Those coming to study the ways of Ironsouls use all of their power to augment their body, abolishing their ability to cast spells the usual way. Instead, they become capable of astonishing feats of strength and agility, while honing their mind and will provides a new source of power to further augment themselves. When in battle, they abandon their calm, meditative state for an unrelenting rage, destroying anything in their path through their sheer physical prowess. Companions alongside Ironsouls include, but are not limited to, Golem, Interrogator and Geode.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 10:02 PM 

Alchemist Roleplay Sheet

"Come on, I'm not here to f-ck spiders."The Alchemist is a true scholar of science originating in distant lands, who work with dedication and fervor rivaling those of the Realm's Prodigies. Many of them do not possess much magical prowess, but more than compensate for this by utilizing a wide arsenal of potions, draughts and mixtures by performing feats of transmutation on basically anything they encounter. Most Alchemists are however very.. Unorthodox.! IMPORTANT ! Alchemists have not been seen in the Fate's Alchemists universe for over 4,000 years, so I am only willing to roleplay as one if we can set forward a very strong lore and purpose for our roleplay.

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