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Amalath Larrae Voidblood

08/19/2019 09:22 PM 

Photo Of Lil Red Now
Current mood:  amused

Lil Red

Amalath Larrae Voidblood

08/19/2019 09:19 PM 

Amalath's History
Current mood:  adventurous

 History: She was created in the womb of a woman known as Junsunia Voidblood and heir to the throne of the Cedelian Kingdom. Her name given at birth, meaning Beautiful Child of Light. And her personality matched her name, she is beautiful, smart, giving light to everywhere she was. She was a happy child, a happy person, she had made people laugh and feel positive vibes. Given her name and her personality as a child to a teen she was the very embodiment of light itself. Voidblood’s are pure light beings, yes there are the darker colors of light as well, but Amalath..she is pure light. But then she grew up, she continued making people happy but soon lost herself, she didn't know herself was unhappy due to her mother breaking down her spirit and will and rebuilding her. Her mother turned out to be a liar, a deceiver. Amalath had had enough of it and found out her mother's deepest secret. A secret so dark and deep that it would ruin Junsina’s reign over the galaxy of theirs. Junsunia soon found out that Amalath knew this and wanted her dead. With the help of her oldest First Guardian, he got her through the portal to the land of Earth before destroying said portal. She left her family and the universe and went to the world known as Earth where the time was the 1800’s, she made a town of her own known as Cedelia. Only few people had known that she was from a different world, a princess in the Voidblood family but rumor has it that some came to earth to either find her (Unknowing she was actually there on Earth) and take her back and or kill her, or do their own lives but she didn't know so she kept in hidden in the forest of the Cedelia she created in the south side. People forged their way there and created business, it was bustling and easy to live, a place where not everyone got along but everyone was accepted although the criminals did get their punishments when caught. Back in the beginning of Cedelia on Earth, it was 1805, medieval times were upon her and there was destruction happening. Amalath being who she is, went to the kingdom that was under attack, heading into its crumbling castle to save the girl she met in their wooded area. This girl how they met, was quite ironic, for Amalath was headed to the lake close by to relax and possibly swim and there she was, trapped and being kidnapped. Amalath would defeat these kidnappers and save the girl. Gratitude she introduced Amalath to her father..the King. She was rewarded for her kind deed, so Ama had an obligation to save this girl. The crumbling castle was falling faster and faster, Amalath found the girl by scent, and before she knew it Amalath was covering the girl with her own body. Amalath’s metallic blue color vines shot from her skin and made a shield over the two of them. Soon to cocoon them, in the vines, they had hardened themselves to make sure the debris was falling against the vines and not them. Once it was over, her vines would retract and Amalath once again saved the young girl from death.

Amalath Larrae Voidblood

08/19/2019 08:56 PM 

Amalath's personality & appearance
Current mood:  adored

Appearance: With crimson red hair, due to her emotions they can either look normally crimson, or have an orange fiery glow to them that exposes a warmth to a person that is like a bonfire on a fall’s night. Pale as porcelain skin that is unblemished by anything besides the tattoos she bares (Tattoos being changed) Pale sea green eyes with pale green pupils, solid color looking they are like she is blind. But usually hidden by her bangs. Black, plump yet like her skin porcelain glass looking lips. She is petite with a frame of a doll, those mistake her to be fragile until one realizes just what she is capable of. Short being 4’11 like a child, she may be small but dynamite comes in small packages.  Likes: Strawberries (Strawberry Queen she is) Sour candies, Flames, water, secluded beautiful places. Adventures, weed, alcohol. Hates: Idiots, liars (Anything to do with that including Cheaters) People who can’t do the simplest task like changing a light bulb (Goes to idiots) Overly sweet stuff. Personality: She is kind, sweet, peaceful. Some would say she is the embodiment of peace itself. She is passive at times usually most the time unless provoked to the point she will attack. She doesn’t care for people who are trying to get under her skin less they attempt to harm someone she loves. She is VERY protective over those she calls her family, loyal to her family more than to her friends, if she calls you family then that is something to realize and understand that if you betray her you lose her forever. She is not easily frightened, she seems shy but once comfortable she may be a nuisance. She is very loving to animals, though she will kill if need be, anyone, male, female, monster, animal, the only thing she would not kill is a child unless that child is attempting to kill her or a loved one. She goes to cheer people up than bring them down, always having an open ear to them...

Amalath Larrae Voidblood

08/19/2019 08:36 PM 

Amalath's Battle Information, Abilities, Skills.
Current mood:  accomplished

Battle Information Main class: Magic Warrior Passive Abilities:  Photon-nucleic effect(Can gain more power and stamina through sun or moon light)   Arctic dermal skin(No one knows about this besides someone who touches her, or if she allows light to hit her. She manipulates the light around her to not bounce on her to hide this Arctic dermal skin),   Cosmic Flare(Hair either lowly glows or can burst into flames due to her negative emotions.)  Skills: Extensive Blood magik(If she can meld her blood and their blood through any means. Meaning if her blood makes contact with your blood through hers going into your wound or vice versa, she will be able to manipulate your blood and innards, Hand to hand, swordsmanship and dual swordsmanship, Minor healing, the greater the wound, the more time it takes to heal properly as well as regenerate a limb. Powers: Superhuman physiology(Heightened senses as well) , Fire and Ice(water) manipulation, Light manipulation. Fighting Styles: Blade dancerWeapons: Fadoh Doh Sola (Meaning Sword of Light.) Its abilities being, it absorbs light and then releases it to create a flare. Thus making hers shine brighter to blind you, and extend in length. There she can either whip her sword into its snake like body or swipe or stab at you in order to get a hit.2. Absorb any manner of light, be the sun or the moon. Different aspects happen whenever the Fadoh doh Sola absorbs different lights.That happens when it reaches over half of what the sword initially absorbs 3. Since light also moves in one direction, so long as her blade is reflecting off some sort of light, if she whips her blade out the light will extend out with her blade (Think of Gin from bleach) if she wraps this blade while it glows its light from reflecting so much she is capable of burning you slowly or quickly. Sword 2. Loma Ray Rayti Meaning: Blood of light This sword a blade made from her blood, a blood of light blade is made from a pure light being's blood. Manipulating it to harden and then reinforced into a blade. It has her life force running through this blade so as long as she lives, this blade will stay intact. Not to say it won't take damage but it will not break so long as she lives. It's hilt, made of a dark dragon's skin, leathery and scaly feeling. This hilt has a pressure sensing plate built into it and opened so, when she grips this hilt with enough force, the scales will cut at her palms and seep into the plate and then her blood will flow upward into the blade and run itself along the edges of her blade front to back, as well as having the plate open she can also suck up the blood coming down the other edge of her blade and replenish said blood that she is losing. This allows her acidic blood to burn you and make the wound much larger than intended when she attacks. Abilities: 1. As there is a flow of blood around the outer edging of her sword, she can fasten its pace over the blade, when she goes to attack and you block, this blood churning will be like a chainsaw against your blade while at a stand still. It acts like a chainsaw when it goes for a slice or stab, slicing more into you. 2. Loma doRayti [Bloodthirst] Awoken once Amalath's life force is weak. Once it wakes, its second form will start to metamorphose from  a straight blade with four prongs on each side to a thick blade that curves at the top with the prongs now like teeth on the inside edge of this blade. In this second release state its abilities then change from the first to the second. Each strike she lands it would weaken the opponent and give her health back. Known as life steal.  25% for heavy attacks 15% for medium wounds 5% for light attacks 5% heals small parts like scratches bruises 15% manages to heal 1 or two bones depending on the severity. 50% could heal a potentially mortal wound but still doesn't go into being blatantly overpowered as to basically resurrect you like aatrox R. Once the blade has tasted the blood of an opponent its desire is to fight only that opponent, sending both Amalath and itself into a frenzy of attacks on that person.


08/19/2019 06:50 PM 

Evelyn's Equipment

Pocket-DimensionWithin a satchel she carries with her is a pocket dimension lined directly into the bag. It leads directly into a realm outside of space and time, to which she isn't even completely sure where it is. While reaching into the bag, she can immediately grasp onto what she is searching for as long as it is stored within the personal universe. Out of fear of potentially losing it after a scare, she has magnetically attached the satchel to her body only to be released by her device.Massive ArsenalOver the years since she had unlocked her meta-human abilities, she has crafted many different devices and weapons. Many of these she has incorporated and put into her bag for various different situations. Such different devices and weapons that she brings out when she sincerely needs them comes in quite handy with variety. They vary from incredible guns, weapons and devices to aid her in combat.  Four examples are:- Kinetic Gun (It collects and stores moving energy from the environment, firing compressed blasts of stored energy. The weapon can generate a shield to absorb the kinetic force, returning the power collected in the next shot. Elements or special attributes of the unique attack will not be reflected with only the pure strength of it being returned.)- Charge Gauntlets (A pair of  rusted metallic gauntlets that are adjusted to her size. They use electromagnetic properties to give her superhuman punching strength. A single strike towards the ground creates enough force to shatter Earth around it. She can charge her strikes to be powerful enough to knock over a tank.)- Plasma Whip ( A whip of  condensed plasma that extends about 3 meters. It's able to slice through even the most sturdiest of substances like they were paper. She consistently has to keep it moving so it doesn't fall to the floor and burn a hole into the ground beneath her. She has remarked that this weapon is very exciting to use due to the danger.)- Shockwave Blitz   (A mini-gun that fires projectiles enhanced with electronic properties. Each bullet can fire with enough to incapacitate a normal human if it hasn't already pierced a vital organ first. She can adjust the barrel of her gun twice to enhance it for the situation. The first adjustment enhances the electrical output to enough continuous discharged electricity to create a hailfire of an electrostatic storm as it fires. Her final adjustment uses the weapon's own core as ammunition in addition to its action as a power source. For a little over 5,000 shots, her mini-gun transforms into rapid-fire cannon. It fires massive amounts of condensed energy that explode upon contact into a powerful electrostatic and electromagnetic pulse that can reduce entire buildings to rubble.Zero Gravity Boots.Her small boots have been outfitted crafted specifically to bend gravity around her physical body by activating the device in them mentally linked with her. She can mentally alter how gravity specifically affects her body, making her weightless or able to flawlessly stand and move upon the walls or ceiling.Nanotech Protection.Her body is shielded by most assaults from a special alteration she had designed for her nanotech. The creation covered her body in a skin-thick layer that acted as an invisible force-field crafted of many elements. She can resist extreme physical or energy assaults from technologically enhanced durability. The invisible layer of nanotech lets her breathe even within the vacuum in space, but her regeneration has slight limitations depending on how much damage the nanotech consistently sustains. 

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