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12/03/2019 02:46 PM 

Orianna's Power in Detail (Vector Manipulation.)

Sub-types of Vector Manipulation:These are all of the sub-power types of her main ability of Vector manipulation. She understands how to calculate properly and can use them efficiently in her daily life or combat. While many are quite different, they all stem from the manipulation of vectors that surround her and exist everywhere within our universe. Her powers let her do much more than what is provided, but to a far lesser extent. The calculations required to keep more manipulations memorized would be mental overload for her currently. She is a completely normal human when not using her ability.Her ability only extends a meter outside of her body, only letting her manipulate the vectors of what she is currently touching or whatever is within that small space.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reflection/Redirection (Aversion Field)By reversing a set amount of various different vectors numbering in the thousands, she can create an invisible shield surrounding her body for the radius that deflects or reflects an attack, whether it is physical or not. It automatically reflects the attack back towards the direction it was sent, but can be actively calculated to be deflected to another direction. She can resist a significant quantity and variety of power, but there is a set limitation that she doesn't let anyone become aware of. It's important to note she can reflect any vector applied to her as long as she is versed in them. She also cannot reflect/manipulate vectors she is unaware of in existence or didn't consider inherently harmful. Accelerated and Unhindered MobilityBy increasing the magnitude and manipulating the directional vectors of her body, she can immediately increase the movement speed of herself, giving her a quick speed boost. She can use this power to let her jump from only a few meters to many hundreds into the air (her limit is unknown.) or leap with impressive speed and control. (She cannot traditionally run at high speeds due to still having a normal human anatomy.)Inertia Negation Through nullifying inertial vectors, she can move her body with enhanced agility, athleticism and reflexes by removing the limitation of the said property of matter. This in combination with altering gravitational vectors or enhancing/decreasing the magnitude of her momentum/velocity making her an impressively graceful combatant. Air ManipulationThrough manipulating the vectors of air molecules, she can manipulate the air to a certain extent around her. She can form tornadoes and create powerful gusts of wind that can cut like razors. If she focuses with intense concentration she can increase the vibration rate of the atoms in the air around her to generate plasma. (She can ultimately create sporadic blasts of the electricity birthed from the plasma as well as affect magnetism around her in the duration.) She can fly to a limited extent as she cannot perfectly control the wind vectors around her, sometimes adjusting gravitational vectors to help. Magnitude ManipulationShe can control the properties of magnitude she exudes upon her vectors. She can increase or decrease various different properties about something's magnitude. Examples would be increasing the density of materials or her body, empowering reflected/released energy, reducing reflected/released energy and augmenting herself with Superhuman Durability by increasing her physical density and Superhuman Strength by further including kinetic vectors, wind vectors, etc.Momentum ManipulationThrough increasing the magnitude and manipulation the directional properties of momentum vectors, she's capable of increasing or decreasing an object's momentum. Through increasing the momentum and kinetic vectors of smaller objects, she can create makeshift armor piercing bullets that travel just as fast or potentially faster. On the other side of the spectrum, she can slow down objects or reduce their momentum to a complete halt. This is generally only useful when applied to make her Reflection ability, though she can choose to simply halt the mass or energy when it comes in contact. Anything would take damage once it hit her field of protection based upon how fast they were moving, etc. as she cannot protect them from their own impact.Velocity ManipulationShe can manipulate the velocity of any moving object (the speed and direction an object is moving.) She can increase or decrease simply the speed or change the direction of most matter/energy. By controlling her velocity, she can fly more effectively, She can cancel something's velocity, making it freeze where it is or even use velocity as a sort of force blast, blasting them away at high speeds. Trajectory ManipulationThrough manipulating directional vectors, she can predetermine and execute a targeted ranged attack. (Whether it be a reflected projectile or one of her own.) that can move about the area with the utmost precision to reach the intended target unless they're not in position in the time it's taken to reach the desired location.Sound ManipulationManipulating the magnitude of molecular vibrations grants her the ability to manipulate sound to a limited extent. She can enhance her screams from making a person's ear bleed to shattering entire buildings. In the same manner, she can create powerful shockwaves of sound by amplifying the affect of clapping or even snapping her fingers. She is not powerful enough to create AND interpret sonar-like frequencies, limited to one or the other. She can generate sounds of such low frequency that it can cause massive internal damage (This works most effectively if she's directly touching the target.) She can also choose to negate sound entirely, though she has difficulty altering the ever-changing vectors of the countless other surrounding sounds. She instead has perfected the ability to completely silence her own body's movements, footsteps, etc. and even deafen herself temporarily to outside noises.Centrifugal Force ManipulationShe can calculate the kinetic vectors of objects to make things spin, make said objects spin faster or slower, change the direction of rotation, etc. She can make the air spin at such a level to create tornadoes or incite overwhelming friction that can elevate temperature and even trigger centralized explosions. She's also been shown to create artificial gravity by spinning the air around her body.Centripetal Force ManipulationShe can make things revolve around herself, and make anything revolve around herself faster or slower, change the direction of revolution, etc. This power is ultimately useless to her aside from being able to telekinetically pull something from a meter away to her. Gravity ManipulationShe can manipulate the gravitational vectors upon her body and any objects within a meter's range of her. She can increase the gravity around her or someone that she might directly touch as well as make something completely weightless. She can make her own body weightless and ultimately change how she wishes for gravitational vectors to function upon her body. Light ManipulationThrough manipulating light vectors, she is given a variety of different options she is capable of unleashing. She can reflect light vectors to give her body invisibility as well as the area surrounding her for one meter. She can choose to refract and redirect the light to provide blinding rays of light or amplifying the magnitude of the heat vectors that are redirected within the light to create a searing wave of thermal energy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Skills:Enhanced CalculatingShe is flawlessly skilled at calculating vectors as well as other mathematical material, ranging from predicting events and guessing where an object may be, to performing many thousands of calculations within an instant.Photographic MemoryShe can remember great volumes of information, in greater detail and for far longer than the average human to the point that she can essentially remember anything she's ever done. When it comes to her ability, she keeps over 70,000 separate vectors memorized.


12/02/2019 02:24 PM 

Rules of the Northuldran

I don't normally make rules for accounts but these are also nothing out of the norm.1. Assume I'm always in character unless it's written " |Like this.| ". 2. I will not have Iduna be part of any romance rp unless it's with an Agnarr and even then, it must have chemistry/a build up between the characters.3. Have common courtesy and don't allude to anything sexual. I will just brush it off or worse.4. Sadly there's not much to know about Iduna so I will write her as more curious and even a little reckless as a child/teen during her years with the Northuldran. As queen, she'll be the kind, polite queen who would do anything for her family and kingdom. 5. ^^Being said, a little dark themes could be implied into RPs.6. Replies will be hella late some days so please be patient with me.Otherwise, everyone is welcomed! Regardless if we're no where NEAR the same verse, it's the story telling that counts!

𝔐𝔬𝔱π”₯𝔒𝔯 π”—π”žπ”«π”²π”¨π”¦

12/01/2019 11:47 PM 

Home of the Goddess

This is is what the home of looks like to the naked eye, upon the lost wanderer going deep into the trail of overgrown temple.Upon entering the gate one would see this house.

Κ™α΄α΄œΚŸα΄…α΄‡Κ€ ʙᴀᴅɒᴇ™

12/01/2019 11:23 PM 


1.) First abd foremost i would like to throw out there that i will NOT be confined by the idealogy that i have to meet a timed response. I have a life outside of roleplay and i will not be harassed, ridiculed, deleted, or blocked, because i had things more important than writing to be doing. 2.) Second. I can't stand these fake profile that are going around and ruining other roleplayers reputations and attacking them for all around stupid reasons. If i find out that anyone on my list is taking part in this mess then i will personally remove you, report you, and block you. Furthermore, any of these profiles that attempt to add me will be blocked.

β–ΉπŸ‡·β€‹πŸ‡ͺβ€‹πŸ‡³β€‹ πŸ‡­β€‹πŸ‡¦β€‹πŸ‡³β€‹πŸ‡¦

12/01/2019 09:43 PM 

| Admin Information |

|Specifically for Boyfriend To Death Roleplays|- I had this account previously, and first off I apologize to anyone I lost contact with/haven’t replied to - things had happened, and this account got deleted due to inactivity! Sorry again!- This version of Ren is most likely going to be the 21 year old one from BTD2, only because it’s a bit easier to integrate him into a plot that way. But, if the 18 year old version works better for a story (pre-Strade murder) then that’s fine!- Ships are fine!- I can play other characters than just Ren, however, Ren is preferred to be my go to, or main character.- AU’s and such are fine!- As mentioned, Ren will preferably be my character of choice, however other characters I’m comfortable with playing are Strade or Lawrence.- Headcanons are fine too!!- To be continued? Maybe?? :00|Personal Roleplay Preferences|- 18 years old.- OC's and AU's are fine, as sort of mentioned!- Good grammar is preferred and appreciated! (But, as long as it's readable then I don't really mind!)- Semi lit to advanced literate, meaning around a half a paragraph to four plus, give or take. I like to write a lot, oops.- Despite what I just said, I like to match the length of what my partner writes, anyways! As long as it's not one word or a one liner, then I'm fine with it.- Personally, I prefer to use canon characters and use them in third person (but, if my partner wishes to be an OC that's fine, however I do prefer both using canon characters, but it's really not that big of a deal!)- Crossovers are also fine!- Violence, gore, dark themes (like torture or such), swearing, triggering topics, etc is perfectly fine and even encouraged (depending on the situation, obviously!)- Angst!!! Cute, fluffy stuff!!! Yes please??? Either or, it keeps me alive-- Anything NSFW can be discussed privately, though it's something preferred to be used with limits. Meaning, it's not the main focus of the roleplay and rather used just for elements here and there if it seems appropriate for the situation at hand. (I’m talking about anything explicit, not violence-)- Discord and Instagram are available if you wish to talk there! I have a few other platforms but I don't consistently use them as often as those two.- Uhhh....that's about it! I'd be more than happy to help come up with stuff for the plot if you didn't have anything in mind, creating a story together is better anyways! Also, I'll say it here before anything else, I really, really apologize if I don't reply! I've either gotten busy, forgotten, or physically couldn't bring myself to due to issues with lack of motivation- please don't be offended if I don't reply, I hope you can understand β™₯ But I'd love to talk and make new friends, please don't be shy to message me!!

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