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Alba Meira™ The Devil Of Daybreak

06/13/2019 12:29 PM 

[ RP Advice ] Moving on from uncomfortable situations.
Current mood:  chill

[ RP Advice ] Moving on from uncomfortable situations.Has there ever been a point at any time during your time in 'Roleplay' where you have felt like you were placed in a situation in which to you as the roleplayer has genuinely deemed it to be 'Unfair' or 'Uncomfortable' then you need to realize that the best thing you can possibly do to get out of said situation is to simply cut it off at the source. Afterall a toxic situation can only destroy you as a person for as long as you as a person allow it to destroy you.[ Identifying The Signs Of An Uncomfortable Situation ] First in order to identify an uncomfortable situation we need to look at the definition of the word. "Uncomfortable."un·com·fort·a·ble/ˌənˈkəmfərdəb(ə)l,ˌənˈkəmftərbəl/adjective1.) causing or feeling slight pain or physical discomfort."athlete's foot is a painful and uncomfortable condition"synonyms: painful, not comfortable, intolerable, unbearable, disagreeable, excruciating, agonizing, confining, cramped, Spartan"a high-backed uncomfortable chair"2.) causing or feeling unease or awkwardness."he began to feel uncomfortable at the man's hard stare"synonyms: uneasy, awkward, ill at ease, nervous, tense, edgy, restless, self-conscious, embarrassed, discomfited, disturbed, troubled, upset, worried, anxious, apprehensive;Now that we know the root of the problem the best way to treat said situations are to be aware and be cognizant of your surroundings as a Roleplayer. -----------------------------------[Step One]-----------------------------------Notice the atmosphere of the people around you if you get the feeling that you are not welcomed in said given place and time then chances are you are NOT welcomed within said enviroment and to continue to dwell there will only lead to further heartache and or trouble. Granted for the more emotionally invested this can lead to all sorts of issues that for lack of better speaking can ruin anyones day in Roleplay. Clearly this is what you do not want to deal with so being aware of such is the perfect way to be alert to when these type of situations go down.-----------------------------------[ Step Two ]-----------------------------------Take note of the actions of those around you especially on places like 'Status Streams' and or 'Bulletins' these are the primary places outside of 'Discord' where people like to spread whatever narrative they chose to use against others. While I personally have an extremely strong stance of 'Indifference' towards these sort of things for the more 'Sensitive' amongst us this is paramount to be aware of afterall in order to kill a snake you have to cut it off at its head. So the minute you begin to see them spit venom is the minute you need to drop these people from your life. Whilst communication is Key in any uncomfortable situation communicating with these types of people will only result in them believing on what they want to believe. -----------------------------------[ Step Three ]-----------------------------------Do not look back at situations like those as those lead to 'Psychological Scars' especially if people are doing this repeatedly against you. Believe me when I say I am an Expert on this kind of Subject Matter afterall by refusing to entertain those who wish ill upon you. You are doing a greater service to yourself by taking the high road and honestly? I've found within my own experiences by fighting fire with fire to do nothing but spread more fire and more hatred. So I advise against doing that if people are being childish then let them be childish it's those who are worth keeping around that can see through such and know exactly how you really are as a person overall. It'll hurt yeah but realizing that you can pull the emotional daggers out of your chest and still go strong will be all that more rewarding in the end. Trust me the road might be rough now but stay strong and realize that you can rise above this and nobody can stop you, take it from me.You got this.

Just some sagely advice that people could use nowadays. While I carry the stance of Level 100 'I dont give a fuck' I know others actually care about reputation and the like.

TV Kɪɴɢ

06/13/2019 12:19 PM 

Headcanons & Trivia!

1.) Adachi doesn't like cabbages. He only purchases them so often because they're cheap.2.) After his arrest, Adachi becomes a model prisoner, preferring to live a quiet, peaceful life as much as possible.3.) While Adachi is often portrayed as arrogant, crude, or crass when upset/angry, he secretly holds a soft spot for kids that are struggling or who might make mistakes like he once did. (This is supported by some of the used and unused dialogue from his boss fight.)4.) Adachi is secretly jealous of both Dojima and the protagonist and their familial bonds.


06/13/2019 07:44 PM 

Fate verse

Xai Eu VineaAge: 17Type: Human, Magus/Mage, MasterAffiliation: Member of the Eu Vinea family, working as a division under the Mage's Association (depending on the roleplay, can also have associations with Chaldea as a Master) Alignment: Lawful neutral Circuit Quality: Rank BMagecraft Specialty: Modern Magecraft --- Refined and technical forms of electricity based magic.Combat: While not physically strong, Xai is rather quick and agile. She is able to fight alongside her Servant though at a distance, with her magic more focused on ranged applications.Background: A young heiress to the Eu Vinea family, she is raised with high regards and expectations. Her mentality over the years had been warped to uphold obedience and logic, sometimes coming off as emotionless or robotic. Her family's connections to the Mage's Association granted her recognition as a highly performing Mage with a high aptitude as a Master, with all her years of teachings enabling her to think strategically and use Servants to the best of their physical and technical ability. Despite her magic circuit quality not being among the highest of other elites, her application of her magic makes up for this which leads her to be a formidable Mage. In a possible alteration, her family's connection to the Association lead her to be a Master candidate in Chaldea, performing highly enough to be granted an opportunity to work in the research division as well as be qualified to Rayshift to Singularities.

ₕ ₐ ᵥ ₐ ₙ ₐ'

06/11/2019 08:45 PM 


Wild Jolteon

06/11/2019 05:29 PM 


the names Jolteon and I am wild I don’t get along with humans so be careful in catching me I’m hard to catch 

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