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12/06/2018 03:08 PM 


** Auditions are to be sent via MESSAGES. Start your message with this header:


1. Character name:

2. Are you at least eighteen years of age?

3. Have you reviewed our guidelines? If so, do you agree to them?

4. Do you have access to Discord? If so, would you be willing to join our RPG server?
NOTE: If you choose to post your Discord here, only Akira and myself have access to these messages. No one after the administration team will see it.

5. Give us a brief summary of your character. This should be no more than a paragraph.

5. Why does this character interest you? If you are applying with an OC, tell us instead about what inspired their creation.

6. Have you successfully completed any Persona and/or Shin Megami Tensei titles! Note that this will not effect your audition! We're just interested in learning!

7. Which alignment best suits your character: Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic? Briefly explain your selection.

8. Submit a sufficient writing sample below for your character. This sample should be AT LEAST 3 paragraphs. While we will be reviewing technical aspects, we are primarily seeking creativity and a sincere passion for your muse. This sample can be about anything you'd like! Have fun with it!


12/06/2018 03:07 PM 


1. This group will not tolerate dramatics of any nature that do not pertain to in-character interactions. If we see that you are initiating conflict with any of your fellow members, you will be immediately removed from the RPG and Discord server. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.

2. Those applying for membership should be at least eighteen years old. This RPG, while fairly lighthearted, may contain some content that is not suitable to minors (i.e. foul language, innuendos) If you are under eighteen and manage to slip past our radar, congrats! You're a liar. The administration team is not responsible for the content that you will be subjected to.

3. While this RPG will rely on spontaneous interaction as opposed to a posting order, we do expect activity from our members. Regular activity checks will be issued. You MUST respond to these checks within the timespan that they are active. If you fail to do so, you will receive a warning from administration. Failing to respond to three subsequent activity checks will call for immediate removal from the RPG. Members will be notifed about coming activity checks, and adequate time will be provided to respond to these.

4. Admins should be notified of necessary hiatuses. We are more than willing to cooperate with you in regards to these. If a hiatus is needed, contact an admin with the expected time frame in which you will be inactive. Members will be notified solely of this time frame! No personal information will be displayed.

5. Keep your displays of affection to a minimum. We don't mind if your character becomes romantically involved with another! However, we would prefer it if your intimate gestures were kept PG. Mature content should be conducted privately. We will not create private rooms for you and your partner.

6. If you are applying for a canon role within Persona or any other verse/series, make sure that no current member has taken this role already. We do not permit duplicates, as this would cause conflict in our story. (We may eventually make an exception for Shadow selves, as they would still make sense to our central storyline.)

7. Each member may only claim two roles within the RPG! Even if you are portraying original characters, having too many roles can become difficult to manage. Furthermore, we would like to see dedication placed into your chosen roles. Having too many will only detract from the characters that you have already incorporated.

8. Naturally, we do expect to see legible posts. It is not difficult to tell apart from a typo and careless grammatical error. If someone cannot read your posts, how are they to respond? While we don't believe this will become an issue, as we have an audition process, it is something that still needs to be addressed.


12/06/2018 10:43 PM 


No Drama! 

Don't f*** with my relationships! 
Don't f*** with my friends! 
You got a problem with someone on my friendslist,  then block them. 
Do not bring me into your squabbles. 
If you are my friend, act like it! 
No mutes!

No need to sign these or anything, but if you do just I don't know,  tell me your favorite song 

𝒄𝒐𝒓𝒓𝒐𝒔𝒊𝒗𝒆 ♥

12/06/2018 10:08 PM 

Information and Guidelines

1.) My portrayal of Salazzle is intended to be Plumeria's Salazzle (Team Skull). 

2.) I typically write between para/multi-para/novella, depending on who I am writing with. One liners scarcely get a response from me. I have nearly ten years of experience in roleplay, so I do take it quite seriously. Literate, descriptive, and engaging starters will likely catch my interest more than a greeting with simply "hi".

3.) That being said, I by no means consider myself an elitist or the like. I love to write, so I'm not opposed to writing more casual or even flirty storylines.

4.) I am an adult. My character is an adult. I will not engage in sexual storylines with any minors; no exceptions. 

5.) It is extremely difficult to find a good Salazzle image that is not overtly sexual or too dark to use as a profile image. The images I use are not meant to be provocative in any way; I appreciate your patience while I work on creating a better image.

6.) Despite being a returning figure on this site for years, I have never been involved in a group storyline. I am certainly not opposed to this, but I figure it is an important thing to state ahead of time. I may need some step-by-step guidance if you decide to invite me to one.

7.) I am on discord, yes. I will only give it out to people I am interested in engaging with a big and in-depth storyline.

8.) Be warned now--I let my imagination run free while writing my characters, so Salazzle will be no exception. If your character insists upon pushing her buttons, I am not responsible for any decapitated heads that may go flying.

9.) I am primarily Pokemon based. Logical crossovers are encouraged.

10.) Writing is a fun experience, but it is a hobby of mine, not my full-time job. I work and attend college courses all week so there may be days I cannot respond to everyone. Your patience is extremely valuable to me. 

Thank you! I look forward to developing some wonderful stories.


12/06/2018 05:56 PM 

Ever hopeful
Current mood:  adventurous

I'm still out looking for more new friends to role play with and to talk with. Please do send friend requests my way

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