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【Dork Knight】

04/19/2019 08:41 PM 

Mashed Potato: Drabble

attention: | mentions: Mashed
Everyone had a go to comfort food.
Something to eat when they weren't feeling well, or were feeling down.
For Stephanie Brown, that was mashed potatoes.
A little bit basic? Maybe.
But she was a simple girl, really, and she could get mashed potato anywhere. Dehydrated mashed potatoes were always stashed in the pantry when she still lived in her little apartment, just in case. Diners always had mash. It was never not available. If she ever wanted it, it was there.
Instant comfort. Right in her stomach.
And right now, she could use some.
It wasn't a good day for Steph.
She didn't go home last night after patrol. She had several missed calls on her phone. But she just couldn't be there right now. Not today. She would try to explain later.
Standing outside Dr Thomkins Clinic, hands deep in her pockets, staring at the scuffed toes of her sneakers, she heard Leslie coming, only raising her head when she was in front of her.

"How you doing, Steph?"

"Oh, you know. Alive."

She says flatly, smiling wryly, as Leslie scowls at her, letting out a sigh.

"Joking about it should mean progress, but with you, I feel like it's repression."

"Leslie, unless I'm screaming in someone's face about something, it's always repression… let's get food. I need my potatoes…"

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Slipping into the booth at the diner, and ordering french toast and coffee for Leslie, and a massive plate of mashed potatoes for Stephanie, the blonde looked at the calls on her phone, frowning slightly.

"You know, people care about you, Stephanie-"

She internally flinched at her full name being used. It meant some form of lecture was coming, she could tell.

"-you can let them in on your rituals, and coping mechanisms. I'm sure at least Alfred is aware of what today is. What do you think he's going to? Make it harder for you?"

Stephanie stopped to give a small smile to the waitress as her potatoes arrived, starting to poke at them.

"Well, I don't expect a Happy Death Day cake, if that's what you mean…"

Before shovelling a forkful of the starchy goodness into her mouth.

"I think, knowing your sense of humor, and his, he would do exactly that. Something completely inappropriate, and morbid. Like a lava cake with red food colouring in it. I can hear Bruce tutting at him for it now."

Leslie was slowly scowling as she spoke, Steph, however, started grinning.

"That only works if he covers it with purple marzipan though."

"Oh my god, Stephanie Brown. You've hit your head too many times…"

"Nah, I think it might have been the gun shot that did it."

She shrugs nonchalantly, packing in another mouthful of potato.

"WHAT?! When did that happen?! Why did nobody tell me about this?"

Steph started to laugh. Sometimes that was all you could do when things were bad.
Comfort food and laughter.

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie

Gį̇́éǵų́é {Ultimate Evil}

04/19/2019 03:53 PM 

"Giegue's Biography"

(Mother 1)

Born of an unknown alien race, Giegue was raised by human parents who were abducted from Earth in the early 1900s. Maria and George looked after him but George studied the psychic powers(PSI)that Giegue's people used without their knowledge before he was able to return to Earth, leaving Maria behind. Later in his life, Giegue was tasked by his people to invade Earth and retrieve the knowledge before humans could use that same power against them, forcing him to emotionally detach from his parental guardians. Eighty years later, Giegue eventually attacks Earth and is later confronted by the great grandson of his human parents, Ninten. After trying to convince him to come with back to his homeworld after seeing Ninten's mastery of PSI, Ninten refuses and a battle ensues. Giegue's power was far too great and was only able to be defeated upon hearing a lullaby once sung to him as an infant by Maria, bringing back a wave of emotions. He later surrenders and fled after promising to Ninten of his return.

(Mother 2/Earthbound)

Following his promise, Giegue, now known as Giygas, returns to Earth sometime in the 1990s. He comes across an object called the Apple of Enlightenment that foretells of his defeat by Ness during a future invasion of Earth, forcing him to instead travel to the past to stop the prediction. In present day his influence spreads across Earth so that he may destroy Ness. Ness and his friends fight off Giygas's soldiers before putting an end to his plan by going into the past to before his power became unstable. Sometime before his invasion, Giegue's power coupled with his guilt of emotionally detaching from his human family became so great that it destroyed his entire being and mind, becoming undefinable by human standards as he had to be sealed by Ness' former friend, Pokey, who now worked for Giygas. Pokey released Giygas from his "Devils Machine" and his power was far too great for Ness and his friends to face, only able to be beaten through prayer which was felt by the people of present-day Earth. This somehow awakened something inside of Giygas as emotions and memories he once abandoned had come back which his current form couldn't handle, ultimately destroying him.


It's unknown if those of his race have similar appearances due to the only one of his people seen is Giegue himself. His body is slim with tentacle-like arms and legs and a tail. Giegue also has darkened eyes and short pointed ears. In the events of Mother 2 his form is changed to something undefined by human standards, appearing to Ness as a red swirl of energy with a warped face.

(Mother 1)

(Mother 2/Earthbound)


Nothing is clear about how Giegue behaved prior to his first invasion of Earth but it might be implied he was a gentle being while under the care of Maria and George. Once he started his invasion, he cared very little for anything or anyone else albeit showing some mercy toward Ninten at first. He still cared a great deal for Maria who treated him like her own child.

~Powers & Abilities~

-PSI/PK Mastery-
A natural power of his people, Giegue can manipulate psychic energy at will to either attack, defend, or even replenish himself.

-Energy Manipulation-
As part of his psychic power he can even create other forms of energy such as electricity, ice, fire, or more. As well as using energy to teleport.

-Mind Control-
Giegue's influence is so great that humans and animals alike have been seen becoming corrupted and evil, serving to destroy the protagonist. As part of his army he has even recruited the likes of other aliens and powerful machines with destructive abilities.

【Dork Knight】

04/19/2019 07:27 PM 

Gingerbread: Drabble

attention: | mentions:
Steph wasn't sure when she mentioned liking gingerbread in the proximity of Alfred. Or if she ever had.
The longer she lived in the Manor the more certain she was that he definitely had secret superpowers.
Because lately, with her moods swinging wildly between brooding and trying to keep Gotham on track while Bruce was away, and trying to make sure that Stephanie Brown wasn't lost in all that, the amount of gingerbread in the Manor had increased exponentially.
And the shapes it was cut in.
It started as just regular cookie shapes. Circles, and rectangles, decorated with a line of white icing, but after a concussion, they started being cut into stars, with yellow icing. It wasn't long before they started being gingerbread people, intricately decorated like the Rogues.
It seemed like, if Batgirl had a rough night on the job, Stephanie Brown would get gingerbread. It wasn't the worst arrangement in the world.
And the patrol last night was rough. Nobody died, but it was close. She was going to feel it all day.
"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Moving towards the kitchen, in search for coffee, rolling her shoulders with a slow hiss, Steph could smell it before she even hit the first floor.
There was a fresh batch.
Even though she was shaking her head, and could already hear Damian calling her 'Fatgirl', she was smiling.
On the island counter, laying out, already iced, was the fresh batch. Pouring herself the coffee (priorities, after all), Steph noted Alfred was nowhere to be seen, and the oven was cool. Sipping from her mug, she leant over to inspect them.
Bird shaped cookies. Red, green and yellow icing. Some with a dash of purple.
She had to hand it to Alfred. He was definitely finding a way to make this place slowly feel like home, without making it awkward.
Suppose he had plenty of practice with that by this stage.
Picking one up, she took her gingerbread and coffee to the piano, slowly stretching out.
She was sure he'd hear her, where ever he was.
"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie


04/19/2019 05:04 PM 


Active roleplays: [ 1 ]
- F A N G

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04/18/2019 06:16 PM 

Just some simple rules! ❤

I'm pretty new to the whole roleplay dedicated site. Did most of my roleplay over the past month or two over Myspace and stuff so that's a thing. 1.No mutes please! I'd really appreciate it if everyone who added me sent me a greeting through messages. Comments seem less personal and I think every conversation and discussion should be in messages where no one else can see. I wanna meet people and not be apart of just a collection. 2.Literacy All I really expect is two to three clear and readable sentences for me to respond too atleast, we are making the story together! I don't wanna be pushing a story along for someone else just to toss an unreadable sentence into it. It adds pretty much nothing and kinda hurts because roleplaying is about having fun! Not to be a chore. That's about it! Anything anyone else thinks should be added I'd love to hear!

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