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08/19/2019 06:49 PM 

Evelyn's World and Home Setting

This is an AU Earth in which some things have changed dramatically while others have remained completely the same. For the time period, the world isn't very different from our timeline with the exception of the introduction of a new element within the late 18th century and various different changes across history beginning around the 16th century. The new element's origin within New Holland (Australia) had made the continent and country instantaneously the most lucrative and technologically advanced place in the history of this Earth.The world has advanced quite a bit and not in a traditional direction. Despite only being 1863, much of the world possesses technology that hadn't been properly recognized, used or even heard of until our early 1900's and in some cases, even later. Radio and and even very primitive forms of television have been created. While automobiles do not exist, trains have advanced greatly as the primary means of transportation throughout the world. The bullet train has been invented and is fueled by by electro-magnetic tracks that keep it aligned as well as multiple other functions. Airships were much more advanced then they have ever been previously before and serve as the rival air transportation to the bullet train's ground transportation. Most airships were constructed for long-distance trips rather than short ones and were obviously only a fraction of a train's speed but unrivaled in comfort.Ventures into electricity and gas have improved much more significantly than the original timeline and as such, have become the source of many inspired inventions and electricity seeks to soon match steam on the market as the most efficient power source over the next few decades. Aside from these technological advancements and a few different names regarding countries and other labels, everything is perfectly similar to the original reality we know.  


08/19/2019 06:47 PM 

OOC | Guidelines

|I will never care to give out my full name, but you may call me Aubrey. I only respond in messages. I'm really sorry if I came off as a bitch in this! ^^' I just wanted to set some ground rules! I've been around before, but have just recently decided to give this site another more permanent try. I love to role-play a good story.|1. If I've added you, I'll send you a message. If you've added me, please do the same. I hate when people send me a friend request and don't even say hello for a week, if they even do at all.2. Don't bring OOC drama to me. Nobody wants that.3. My writing extends from 3 to about 5 paragraphs per post. I only expect at least a two paragraph response at the very least, but if you're unable to match at least that, I won't want to role-play with you. I'm sorry beforehand, I just want literate and long-term story-tellers that can match my length. 4. I clear out my list every so often if you haven't interacted with me. If you haven't bothered to talk with me or haven't responded when you've clearly been online consistently without a legitimate reason, I'm probably going to remove you. It's nothing personal, I just don't want to waste my time with a story that my partner doesn't really seem to be invested in.5. I can effortlessly move Evelyn around different types of time periods and settings, but she is much better played within the 17th to late 19th century timeline. I'm very open to different verses and even a custom one if you've created a good one! I'm however not interested in changing my character to be something she's not or to use a different character for you entirely.6. Mature elements such as violence, sexual themes and drugs are okay. We're all adults here and she's not exactly the most innocent woman obviously. Just don't expect erotica to be the main focus of our RP. That's an immediate block and you can't say you didn't know.7. If you are looking to start an RP with me...don't just ask me out of the blue what I'm looking to do without contributing. I value discussion, but you should already have at least some kind of idea as to why or how you would like our characters to interact if you want a story between our characters. Why bother messaging me for a story if you didn't even know what you wanted? Storytelling is not a one-way street.


08/19/2019 06:28 PM 

Modern Times

The Past Aera Mils Fleuret was killed during the altercation between Ardyn and Somnus Caelum over who was the ascend the throne and be king. Somnus won the skirmish with both Aera and Ardyn losing their lives. At least that is what Somnus told the people. However both managed to survive due to the malaria they carried within them. Aera contracted the scourge from Ardyn’s tears. Unlike Ardyn Aera did not wake until she was safely back in her own home in Tenebrae. Her father, step mother and sister couldn’t bear to have her killed so locked Aera within the estate to keep hunters from finding her. A statue was commissioned in Aera’s honer on the estate to create the illusion she was dead. They even held a funeral with an empty, closed coffin to make the people think she had passed on. Somnus and Gilgamesh were present at the funeral. The estate she would remain with her sister taking up the mantel of Oracle until Aera’s father passed away many years later. Not knowing if she would be safe over the years where she had resided Aera asked to be allowed to wonder Eos on the promise she wouldn’t reveal herself to anyone. Her mother and sister agreed to let Aera go and she wondered Eos for thousands of years honing her skills with the scourge and getting used to her new life. The Present With the years passing Aera had seen the growth on the people and their achievements. Venturing into small towns and cities when she was less at risk on being killed by hunters and kingsmen as well as having mastered mind manipulation. To those she came across Aera seemed human with her adjusting her attire as the decades passed. In modern times she donned a simple long white dress with her hair as short as it always had been. Her hair pieces she still wears as well as her necklace. Aera mostly resides in the Nifelhiem region going to Lucis on occasion. She has attended the Founders day celebrations almost every year with a feeling of guilt which never fully resides. For the moment she has not revealed her origins or her bloodline to any one not even to descendants and allies herself with neither the Empire or the Lucians though she knows there will be day she will have to choose. Her abilities are mind manipulation, weapon materialization in a form of two daggers and warping. Each area she has mastered due to the centuries of training.


08/19/2019 05:41 PM 

Daten Palleadus

28 / 28 HPExp: 404 / 800Race: half ElfClass: Rogue - Assassin Trait16 ACx3 Dagger Finesse / Light weaponsLanguage: Common, Elvish, Infernal, Thieves Can't\Class Features: Expertise, Sneak Attack - 2d6, Thieves' Cant, Cunning Action, Roguish Archetype - Assassin Assassin - Bonus Prof with Disguise kit and poisoner's kit, Assassinate.STR 13 +1DEX 20 +5CON 16 +3CHA 20 +5WIS 7 -2INT 6 +0 Observant and proficiency bonus makes it +0 modifierLanguage: Common Elvish Infernal+5 Investigations / PerceptionClass: Rogue Proficiency: +2Hit Dice: 1d8+3 goldChaotic-Neutral: Follower of Kyoshi Spy for Crown or Coin.


08/19/2019 11:33 PM 

Bound to happen~ [Rules}

1.) Don't rush me.. I understand I may pop on and look around, but that doesn't mean I have the time to reply. I'm on mobile 80% of the time and it may take time to reply. Continuing to pester for a reply will result in a deletion ♥2.) Going with [Rule 2], I really don't like one liners.. I get extremely bored with them and I'll end up just not replying after a while. Sorry not sorry :Y3.) I'll state this once, and only once. THIS IS ROLE PLAY. Not real life, I have no issues being your friend.. but thats it outside of the role play. I've had enough issues with this in the past.4.) I can do edit, but will I? Probably not? I can't really edit like I used too anymore. I rarely will edit.5.) If you add me, I fully expect you to send a greeting/starter. I'll do the same, but it may take time. I'm forgetful T^T

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