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12/01/2019 09:44 PM 

| Character Information |

Ren is not my character, all rights go to Gatobob! Go check out their work, it’s amazing if you’re into that kind of stuff!! But be warned, most of Gatobob’s work- including Boyfriend To Death- is NOT for anyone under 18.Also, SPOILERS!|Appearance/Personality/Info|Name: Ren HanaAge: 19 (BTD) - 21 (BTD2)Background:Ren Hana is from the visual novel games Boyfriend To Death (BTD), and Boyfriend To Death 2: Fresh Blood (BTD2). Most of his story is explained in the following paragraphs, or will be revealed in the plot of the roleplay! (Or, I can straight up explain, whatever works). He was kidnapped by Strade when he was around 19, and basically kept as a pet. After being used for Strade’s dirty work, he eventually had enough and stood up against him, killing him violently and stuffing him into some sort of ice box. Strade would regularly torture him, kept him on a shock collar and whatnot, so on and so forth, and that seems to reflect in his current personality and motives (which, will be mentioned).Personality:In BTD, Ren is quite shy and doesn't have any intentions of speaking up or going against Strade's words, leaving him mostly defenseless. However, in BTD 2, Ren is generally a happy, upbeat type of person; one that enjoys talking and making some friends. He's clingy and can become obsessive if all goes well, not wanting to risk any sort of issues or drama. Often heading out to the bar on evenings to find some new...uh, "friends" he often befriends them in some ways here and there that he has picked up from his previous owner. However, despite his mannerisms and what crimes he may commit, his regular nature hides his intentions pretty well which is why typically he chooses people he can manipulate easily (which reflects Strade’s style of work). However, when he picks a victim, he has no reason to be cruel to them without good reasoning, so generally it'll be a "fun" kidnapping, if that's possible...unless it goes south. Well, not all that fun, but it doesn’t have to be bad unless the victim makes it bad. Of course, this is just what generally happens on a night out for him. Who knows, everything might get switched right around, ahh. That’s up for the plot to decide. He's not the strongest either, so he uses small tools or tricks like chains, ropes, shock collars etc. to his advantage, but Ren can be overpowered and forced into submission as well without a doubt. He can also become rather feral real quickly, going all out and really living up to his fox-like nature. That's only for extreme cases, however. Mostly....also, funnily enough, Ren is a bit of a weeb. Go figure, huh?Appearance:Ren is a rather small, part-fox part human character- similar to a Kitsune. His orange-ish hair is a bit fluffy, and his fox-like ears blend into it, able to be hidden when he needs them to be. As of BTD 2, he wears a green jacket, which is presumably his prior owners jacket after Ren killed him. Alongside that, he wears a black tank top, biker gloves and dark pants with a belt. On his face, he has two peculiar triangle-like markings right below his eyes, both the color red. He has small fangs and sharp nails/claws on his hands, and a fox tail that can easily wrap around his body. Due to his previous owner using him for his own personal reasons- which won’t be explained right here- Ren was left with endless scars and markings all over his body, which are fairly well hidden in BTD 2. In BTD, however, Ren is still under the control of his owner Strade. He only wears a white tank top, glasses, some shorts and a thick shock collar around his neck. This reveals many more markings and scars due to less coverage, but as sort of mentioned, his look changes.Orientation: Bi, switchAdditional info can be found here:


12/01/2019 07:37 PM 

A spot of trouble (closed rp)

Quick paced footsteps was heard and made by the young elezen, Alisaie l, she had been running for quite some time but whatever she escaping from l, wasn't letting off. She stopped hands on her knees looking back to see a behemoth was few hundred feet away , and she had no were else to go, but to attempt to fight back. She pulls out her rapier and began casting, unfortunately she was interrupted by the behemoths swipe and it flung her over the edge, losing her weapons in progress. She fell and she frantically prayed hands together tears falling. **SPLASH** she had landed into the water. This took her to surprise and she swam to shore. She crawled to safety and panted and collapsed on the grassed. She was laying still in a whole lot of pain, she got to her feet and looked around and called out "HELP?!"

Afraid of the dark?

12/01/2019 06:53 PM 

Oliver De Jong

Name: Oliver De Jong (The Young)Age: 23Height: Five feet, eleven inches tallWeight: One hundred and ninety five poundsEye color: BrownHair color: Dark brown, nearly blackPOB: Albany, New YorkCurrent Residence: Des Moines, Iowa Ethnicity: DutchOccupation: Graveyard Attendant / "Clean up crew"Likes: Sundays, Fresh air, Peace and Quiet, Apples, FireDislikes: His Job, Undead, Loud noises, Darkness, Personality: Quiet, soft spoken, to the point in most casesBackgroundOliver was born to an auto mechanic, his father, and a flight attendant, his mother. Childhood was spent most of the time with his father, helping around the shop, while his mother traveled across the united states. By the age of fourteen, the economy took a turn for the worse, costing his father employment. To make matters worse, his mother ran out with another man shortly after, leaving only Oliver, and his father. Eventually, the house was lost, and the two soon lived in an apartment complex.Working all through highschool, Oliver took up a job at a graveyard, working as a cemetery attendant. With money always an issue, he took up a nasty habit as a grave robber. By 18, he was on average cracking open a coffin a week, taking anything valuable. Most of the items were gold, and jewelry. He kept his grave robbing a secret, not wanting the ire of his father, with their constant bad luck mixed in.Bad luck would soon catch up with him, as one night in particular, he was caught. Not by the living, but the undead. It turned out, the dead began to rise one night, and the cadaver in the coffin he was cracking open, decided Oliver would be a good snack. To his luck? Someone else was there that night. An older gentlemen, named Lloyd. The dead were all over the cemetery, and Lloyd was there to "clean things up".Oliver had no choice but to help. From dusk till dawn, the two dispatched the undead. Lloyd had other plans. He saw what Oliver was doing, and convinced Oliver to turn himself in, with the promise of "better opportunities" Turning himself into the authorities, Oliver spent three long years in jail, his father soon disowning a year into his sentence. By the age of twenty one, Oliver found himself standing outside of prison, with nothing more than the clothes on his back, and a bus pass. Someone was waiting for him. Lloyd. The two drove from Albany, all the way to Des Moines, Iowa. Oliver received an invitation to join a small time startup, a "clean up crew" that disposed of the undead. With no where else to go, he hesitantly accepts. To this day, he sometimes can be found in graveyards, and small towns alike, putting the dead, back to bed.  


11/30/2019 11:29 PM 

Hetalia character (1)

Name: MadisonNickname:MattieAge: 18Looks: She has long white hair that falls past her knees, her eyes are different colors (her right being baby blue and left white), she’s around 4’9 with a small and slim doll like figure.Personality: Mattie’s a shy, but sweet and caring person. Once she’s able to get to know people and become comfortable around them, she’s able to become more open and bubbly. While she might be a little different from her brother, she didn’t mind to much seeing as she looked up to him and enjoyed his company. Even if it can get pretty annoying easily, but she usually just let Norway handle him while she hangs out either with Finland baking or with Iceland watching a movie or something, or even with Sweden reading.Family:Brothers- Denmark Past: Mattie had been found when she was just a small micronation in Denmark named The Kingdom of Elleore when it was first coming together, she was alone and decided to let Denmark be over her and soon thought of him as a old brother. Seeing as she was only a micronation, Denmark never felt the need to let any other countries really know/meet her outside of the Nordic’s in worry they would scare her or worse. But now as she became eighteen in human years, he decided it would be okay letting her join him and the other nordics to a world meeting so she could get to see how being a country is like

тαsнισυs❞ [Under Construction]

11/30/2019 10:50 PM 


Etymology Jack (Hebrew) for God is Gracious. | Hunter (English) to hunt.Nickname(s) Inuyasha (mistaken); Inu (Common)Alias Stubborn hanyou; Inuyasha's Heir; Silver PrinceGender MaleSpecies Half dog demon / half human   Title Prince of the western lands, Japan; inherited maternally / second in line for the throne, after his elder brother, Taihen. Occupation Demon Slayer (Feudal) |Hand of the Queen; the most powerful appointed position, the most trusted advisor of the queen. If the queen were to be absent in a major crises, the hand of the queen can make final decision in her name. Jack acts as hand of the queen to his daughter, Queen Riyanna Tashiou of the eastern lands.Residence Three bedroom, two (.) five bathroom townhouse in Toyko, Japan. | Stays either with his mother, sisters, or nephew when he visits the United States - generally is seen in New York, California, or Oregon once, for a weekend, every other month. Interior Design Simple & Traditional JapaneseBirth Jack was born on August 3rd, xxxx; in the western castle of Japan.Zodiac / Zodiac Characteristics ☆ Leo (Western) - humorous and optimistic, energized, creative, witty, tends to look at things with a positive view, passionate. ☆ Rat (Eastern) - alert, outgoing, cheerful, outgoing, tends to criticize others, stubborn. Age 701; appears between 21-26 years old.Orientation Straight / Bisexual / Gay / Pansexual / Asexual / DemisexualDefined Further As sexual desire to those of the female gender. Legal Status Widowed / SingleHeart Status Still in mourning. Very Important Person --Past RelationsKare Kunashi-Tashiou (Wife)。 During his childhood, the western lands were in a long and bloody war with the eastern lands. As the heir to the throne, he had been on the battlefield: attempting to understand the war, when he saw her. While she was at least one hundred years his elder, she was so innocent and niavee. A child that had been locked away for years; it would be years later that he learned that it was she that taught him to see the happiness in life. He fell in love with her instantly, and her him. However, there was one thing that would keep them apart.. she was the princess, and only sister, of the current king of the eastern lands.  A romeo and Juliet story, Jack and Kare were destined to never be together by distance and war between their families. This did not stop them from sneaking away into each others arms every chance they could. They stayed in a romantic secret relationship for years before Kare found herself pregnant. Realizing that she couldn't hide the baby, nor get rid of it, Jack proposed. Kare and Jack ran away into the southern lands, a neutral zone for both of them. They married and raised their daughter. For years they remained happily, until Kare died slowly - of cancer. (2009-2011)Parents Jack is the third son and seventh child of Queen Ariana (Mother) & King Kiga Tashiou (Father) Maternal Grandparents King Sesshomaru & Queen Rin Tashiou, of the western lands.Paternal Grandparents Inuyasha & Kagome Higurashi-Izayoi.Siblings He has one elder half (Paternal) sister, six full blooded sisters, & four full blooded brothers. Children He has a daughter, Riyanna. Other Living RelativesManson, & Devon (Nephews) / Akira (Niece)Hair Thick, straight, rough to handle and easily tangled: long, going down to his hips, a bright silver. Skin Color softly cream, almost warm. Height 6'3". Eyes Bright amber, almost goldDemonic Markings one crimson marking across each cheek; white dog like ears; white fluffy tailAnime Playby Inuyasha - InuyashaAlternate Forms Human; on the night of the new moon, Jack loses all demonic features and abilities. In this, his hair turns turns black, the demonic markings vanish, and his eyes turn blue. Personality Type Introvert-ExtrovertFurther Described As Jack enjoys the company of others, preferring to be around people making him naturally an extrovert. However, he is extremely untrusting, making him somewhat of an introvert as well. Dangerous Sin Pride. a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. Best Virtue Temperance. defined as taking in things, whether it be food, drink consumption, or amount of 'things' one owns - in small amounts, or moderation. For Jack, he doesn't need much in life - only needing enough money to pay for the roof to keep his daughter safe. ( opposite of gluttony.) Mental Disorders☆ Depression (MILD-Severe) mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. Physical DisordersNone.Personality Traits➸Extremely unorthodox in battles, though fierce and determined.  ➸Stubborn, hard-headed, hot headed. ➸Impatient and easily annoyed.➸Tends to think more with his guts, tending to attack first, think later, rather then think with his mind.  ➸Protective and loyal, willing to kill and die for those he loves. ➸Guarded; untrusting. It's hard for him to open himself up. ➸Honest, though it might come across as blunt or even cruel. ➸When she's around those that he likes, he becomes extremely jealous. ➸Dense when girls flirt with him. Ironically enough, he instantly recognizes when guys flirt with him, because it makes him extremely uncomfortable.  Favored Holiday  Beltane; May 1st.  Gaelic May Day festival, about halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Beltane marked the beginning of the pastoral summer season, when livestock were driven out to the summer pastures. Rituals were held at that time to protect them from harm, both natural and supernatural, and this mainly involved the "symbolic use of fire".Favored Food(s) Deer - medium rare / Lamb - rareFavored Drinks Sake Thrills➸Training. He loves gaining strength by working out, both at a gym, and by training with Tojin, Taihen, and Sakira.➸Nature. He generally likes being outside, outside in the forest or in a field, under the stars: much more than being inside, watching a movie.   ➸Stand up comedy. While there isn't much about the modern era that he likes, he does enjoy comedians: his favorite being Dane Cook & Robbin Williams.  Chills➸Something happening to Riyanna. Since her mother died, Jack has become extremely cautious about leaving her alone, fearful that he'll lose her as well.➸Falling in love again. Having had one mate in his life, he is terrified of finding another one, simply because he's afraid of losing his heart when his mate dies again.➸Drowning, or being buried alive.Disapproves of➸Being caught as a human; becoming too emotional or vulnerable.➸Those that kill without purpose, or for the fun of it. So it's natural that he despises poachers.➸Reading. Having done enough of it as a child, even writing his name bores him. Party Affiliation (U.S. Residence) Republican / Democratic / IndependentBelief SystemAbortion ➸Conservative: Human life begins at conception.  Abortion is the murder of a human being. While Jack doesn't believe in abortion and would rather the mother give the unwanted child up for adoption, he does understand abortion under live and death situation (if the fetus is killing the mother)Death Penalty ➸Conservative  : The death penalty is a punishment that fits the crime of murder; it is neither ‘cruel’ nor ‘unusual.’  Executing a murderer is the appropriate punishment for taking an innocent life.Stem Cell Research ➸Conservative: Support the use of adult and umbilical cord stem cells only for research.  It is morally and ethically wrong for the government to fund embryonic stem cell research.Physician-assisted suicide ➸  Liberal: Euthanasia should be legalized.  A person has a right to die with dignity, by his own choice.  A terminally ill person should have the right to choose to end pain and suffering.Gun Control ➸ Conservative; The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to keep and bear arms.  Individuals have the right to defend themselves.Immigration ➸ Conservative;  Support legal immigration only.  Oppose amnesty for those who enter the U.S. illegally (illegal immigrants).  Those who break the law by entering the U.S. illegally do not have the same rights as those who obey the law and enter legallySame Sex Marriage ➸ Conservative; Marriage should be between that of one man, and one woman. He opposes both polygamy and lesbian/gay marriages.Roleplay Count: [ 0 / 5 ]

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