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Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 09:46 PM 

Umbramancer Roleplay Sheet

"I'm here to chew gum and kill infidels, and I don't see any gum, you see any gum around here Sluddukt?"An umbramancer is a fusion of mortal spellcaster and a dark desert spirit. They control the shadow as their own body, and can manipulate, alter, and command them in any way they wish. The most common way an umbramancer utilizes shadows is 'liquifying' them, turning them semi-alive and accumulating them to utilize for more complex and powerful rituals later. Their second, and way more destructive talent, is a form of Pyromancy, summoning of tendril-like purplish flames, which cast no shadow. Fueled by the shadow gathered prior, these flames burn, spread and explode with terrifying power. Companions alongside Umbramancers include, but are not limited to, Zombie, Daemon, Spellhound, Arcanaworg, and Archivist.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 09:39 PM 

Chronomancer Roleplay Sheet

"This is either the timeline where you get shot in the ass, or you get shot in the face."Time traveling techniques were thought to be nigh impossible to attain by the magical society, though some manipulation has been proved to be plausible by the most cunning experimenters. While exact time or means cannot be discerned now, there've been reports of strangers with knowledge of future or past events appearing all over the universe. Over time, this peculiar caste of mages and wizards became known as Chronomancers. The Chronomancer is an adept time traveler, who's visited countless timelines in the past, present and future. No one really knows where they came from or how they did obtain their powers. They utilize unknown technology to manipulate time at will. By compressing the time and tying themselves to anchors within certain timelines, they can accelerate their perception of time or straight up jump forwards and backwards, using it to prolong and augment their spellcasting. Chronomancers do not use companions.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 09:34 PM 

Exorcist Roleplay Sheet

"Your presence here is barely tolerated. If we were allowed to follow our religion by our own codes, you would be shot on sight."The Exorcist is a member of the mysterious Inquisition and possesses both martial prowess and magical powers drawn from his devotion to the Seventh Star. His devotion to the laws of this realm prohibits him from utilizing Void powers, which he compensates by combining his mastery of arms with holy blessings, resulting in a dangerous combination. The Seventh Star religion is considered to be the most heinous in the Idle Wizards universe. All followers of the Seventh Star are required to enlist in the College of Exorcists, which is a 3,000 mile long artificial planet between Earth and Mars, only earning it's independence within the last 200 years. Many heinous acts in their faith include Women being forbidden to enlist in the college, and if found to be in the ranks, are to be executed. Any faith different from the Seventh Star, such as the Aldi-Ren, or the Eternal Fire, is dealt with swiftly and mercilessly, and their punishment depends on the severity of their offenses. Companions alongside Exorcists include, but are not limited to, Pixies, Zombies, Homunculi, Golems, Interrogators, Archivists, and Ley Keepers.


10/14/2019 09:23 PM 


HOW IT WORKS:Requesting and paying for a commission is a very easy process. You can start by messaging me either here or on one of the listed social media sites! It really helps if you come to me with a fleshed out idea, containing as many details as possible. If you're still trying to work out an idea, I'm happy to help with that, as well. Once we've talked about and decided on what you're looking for, I'll give you a price. My prices are NOT negotiable. If you agree to the price, I'll send you an invoice via Paypal. As soon as payment has cleared, I'll get right to work on your artwork! I put a two-week timer on all my work but usually I'm done within a few days. If a project is particularly large, I may need more time. I will give you my deadline before payment, so you know what to expect.COMMISSIONS I WILL NOT ACCEPT:Are there any commission requests I won't take? Yes. Let me state that I do take on NSFW requests. I don't mind doing anything except underage imagery. At no point will I accept a sexual request that has a character under sixteen years of age. The reason for sixteen specifically being that where I live, sixteen is the legal age of consent. If you ask me to do anything like that, I will turn it down immediately. I don't judge, but I have a line.There are times when I will turn down a commission if I think it's out of my skill set. Part of being an artist is pushing yourself and trying to accomplish greater things. But when someone is paying me to do something, I want to be damn sure that I can accomplish what they want. If you make a request that I don't believe I can do or don't feel comfortable trying, then I may turn you down. It's nothing against you personally but I don't want to take your money and then disappoint you.Even though I'm not an official graphic designer or a business owner, I do ask that I be respected. If you are rude, disrespectful, or mean to me, I will not work for you. I'm proud of the work I do and I will not be insulted or pushed to lower my prices. I consider it rude to ask for a discount or to complain about my prices. I perform commissions for a very low price and I won't be bullied or guilted into taking those prices even lower. If you press me about the money, I won't work with you.COMMISSION TYPES:I take on the following kinds of commissions. A more detailed understanding of these can be found in my blog. Questions are welcome.-Line Art: Single Character, object, or scene-Line Art: Multiple characters or objects-Social Media Banners-Icons, Emotes, Badges, Logos-Promotional Art-Layout/Profile Art-ComicsCONTACT INFORMATION:While you can reach me here, it is often times faster to contact me on one of my social media sites. I have easier and faster access to those via mobile. Here are the places you can find me!InstagramFacebookPatreonDeviantArt

commissions, resource, open commissions, commissions page, resource page

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 09:30 PM 

Voidmancer Roleplay Sheet

"You misunderstand, Larry, we do not seek to destroy humanity. We also do not seek to enslave it. We simply seek to vassalize your empire, and bring you to serve the Void."Historically magical society had access to secrets beyond imagination of common people. even so, the Void has always been a controversial and unpopular topic for mages across the realm. Studies were inconclusive, experiments were nigh-impossible. Some of the most young and bold apprentices have deepened into studies and vanished without a trace. Rumors have said they managed to traverse into the realm of the Void. For years, they were considered lost, torn to bits by the chaotic energies, their workplace occupied by lesser studies. This day, at the brink of global catastrophe, a reality-warping flash shakes the high tower. A robed figure, pitch-black form underneath it, stands in it's epicentre. Eyes burn with mysterious purple fire. An emotionless voice says only three words: "We have returned."Voidmancers do not have many companions, and are usually limited only to Voidfiends and Voidterrors.

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