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Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 09:26 PM 

Prodigy Roleplay Sheet

"The purpose of a Prodigy is to unlock knowledge of the magical plains and to forge.. Universes. Universi? Screw it, doesn't matter."While most of the mages feel compelled to choose a specific path in their pursuit of knowledge and power, occasionally one doesn't show interest in affairs of their brethren. Their dire hunger for knowledge and magical craft lead them to the rarely chosen path of the Prodigy. Few stay sane, and fewer stay faithful, but those few bring about new ways of understanding the foundation of the world. Their raw genius and skill more than make up for their lack of allies and aid. Companions alongside Prodigies include, but are not limited to, Zombie, Homunculi, Golem, Spellhound, Devourer, Interrogator, Geode, Ent, Anima Construct, Arcanaworg, Devourer, Voidterror, Archivist, Ley Keeper and the all powerful Mechanos Apexis.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 09:22 PM 

Arcanist Roleplay Sheet

"I wield Arcana beyond your wildest beliefs, beast!"While humanity tears apart into service of various forces and descends into oblivion, the Arcanists stand as the last beacom of survival for humanity. Holding his human nature as a symbol of pride, these mages augment their abilities with numerous spells and incantations beyond the limits of any mortal, which makes them more than a match for any opponent. Most of the Imperial Wizards and Legendary Demigods are Arcanists, which is why Arcanists are believed to be the most powerful mages of the era. One massive flaw in the Arcanist lore is that most of them are overzealously racist (towards other humanoid species, not towards blacks or hispanics), and believe the only shot of redemption for them is the College of the Occult in Aberdeen. Companions alongside Arcanists include, but are not limited to, Spellhounds, Arcanaworgs, and Anima Constructs.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 09:17 PM 

Necromancer Roleplay Sheet

"Do not question a form of magic that you do not understand. Our view of mortality and empathy is just a little different than yours."Those who accept death as inevitability take first steps on the path to being a Necromancer. This master of vile arts manipulates others' life energies at will and uses it to bolster their own power. They tend to raise hosts of undead servants and make them do their own bidding, while they are busy with their dark rituals. However, most learned necromancers choose only to revive those who would have the same agenda as the resurrectionist, to maximize the efficiency and as a twisted form of what they call 'empathy'. Companions alongside Necromancers include, but are not limited to, Zombie, Homunculi, Golem, Spellhound, Interrogator, Risen Giant, and Archivist.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 09:14 PM 

Daemonologist Roleplay Sheet

"I pledged my soul to the fires of Hell! I knew what the cost was, of course, but I took it anyway. You have your reasons, and I have mine."The Daemonologist has aligned themself with the demons of the realm, destroying and ravaging it alongside them instead. There's no going back for these fiends, as their flesh slowly turns hellborne, until there's only rage left inside. He summons powerful Demons to aid him, wields the Fires of Hell as his tools and a masterful knowledge of binding rituals. Companions normally found alongside Daemonologists include, but are not limited to, Zombie, Daemon, Spellhound, Devourer, Risen Giant, Pit Lord, Arcanaworg, Hungerer, and Living Sin.

Fate's Alchemists

10/14/2019 09:09 PM 

Druid Roleplay Sheet

"If we won't stand up for nature and defend it against the evils of humanity, who will?" Ilihorn asks Larry, spellstaff in hand. Unable to stand by and watch the destruction wrought upon the world, these mages abandon their civilized ways and join the Druidic Circles deep within the forestlands. They merge with the nature, forming a symbiotic bond with the realm and its creatures. Though free to leave, not one ever did, and slowly they forget their heritage, become One with the nature. Druids commonly form pacts with Elven societies in joint force pacts to protect nature from mankind. The companions that Druids bring with them include, but are not limited to, Pixies, Homunculi, Golems, Interrogators, Ents, and Archivists.

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