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Nin Wunsch

11/30/2019 08:20 PM 

Jin details maye bio one day

About me: Species:Nephalem Name: Ryujin Height: 6'3 Weight: A tone 199 pounds Eye Color: Normal is blue with a hint of red. When Pheromone is in use Purple. Hair: A raven color. Shoulder length. Sometimes pinned with a rubber band with a blackish red hue sometimes. Family:Wife Sares(deceased) Daughter: Nin Wunsch Daughter: Naya'il Wunsch(deceased) Parents: Liz Wunsch she is a demon of desire. Omael he is an angel Powers: Combine power of light and dark. One that need to be mention is pheromone. His mother being a desire demon he gain the power to use his pheromones to entice the opposite sex. He learned to control it and use it at will.


11/30/2019 07:11 PM 

Editing for others and gifts (my advice)

I'd like to talk about edits people make for others. Mostly when randomly done by the editor in regards to someone's character or as a friendship pic.Edits when given in general is always a nice thought since it's generally not often someone enjoys your company enough to do it in the average case. Someone makes something for you unannounced and they give you the link. You check it out and often you see two things with one common error.1. It's a friendship edit, yet they choose a pic that made your character look like a thirsty person, worshiping their character, if not a pic that makes you question why they chose a pic that's a bit too sexual looking when your characters in rp may not even came that close ever.2. It's a solo edit of your character that's nothing like them. Let's say you have a well dressed female character. Generally normal and doesn't show much skin beyond arms, and perhaps some leg in dresses. All your pics just been learning towards the nice and elegant side. But you open that link and the edit is of your character with a big chest, in revealing clothing you wouldn't see them wear in your entire time rping them. Did they make the edit for you, or themselves and just hope you'd want to show that off?It's a nice gesture, but if your going to edit a pic of someone's character without telling them. Be sure the edit matches their character and do what you can to make sure it's not anything that'll give off the wrong image, especially when it come to friendship pics. On other accounts in the way past I had this happen to me a few times. While I appreciate the gesture, I did not appreciate having my character without my consent involved in a pic that made him look like some horny person to a character he doesn't know nor would look at in that way.Moving onto it and gifts in general my advice is this. Being nice and giving compliments is good and all. And if you enjoy someone and want to give them gifts do so if you please. But take your rl self into consideration. Would you do this in rl to a person? How would you think a random would feel if you gave them gifts and many compliments upon meeting them? (aside from those who may accept just to use you then leave you when you got nothing to give) Even if you just seek to be friends, your gonna come off as creepy and the person in many cases is going to be less likely to talk to you.It's the same here, if you start making edits of someone's character or flooding them with compliments, or know the person in game and just showering them in gifts so quickly. While they may like it at first and take you as a kind person, they'll quickly get tired and seek space away from you. Know the limits of being nice and just being too much to deal with.Overall it's best to check with someone however possible that you wish to make an edit for or compliment. Especially if your the type that'll take it to as many pics as possible. Some may like it, some may roast you for it. Some may not care. Everyone is different so that's why it's a need to check. Look at their info, look for rules, or ask even them if you find yourself unsure how they may react to those actions.Everyday sites like this get more serious. It gets harder to make friends and easier to lose them. People come and go often, and with those going it's always a chance it can be your closest friends that'll put you back into the pit of finding new ones. You got bots, stalkers, those who may not like you and more out there. So it's important you try your hardest to be a decent person because these days it's so easy to lose it all. Even if you are doing well, not many can deny that rping is kind of being killed off and those who can run the sites aren't having too much motivation, so that chance of them just going away for good will always be looming over.Stay safe and be careful out there.


11/30/2019 07:23 PM 


The Basics STORY LINE/COMBAT PLOT WISE: I enjoy detail and stories where characters develop mentally, emotionally and physically during the experiences written. I DO NOT DO COMBAT WITH MY FELLOW WRITERS in story as my character may be a protagonist but THAT'S THE POINT OF NPC'S and having a common enemy instead of turning on each other. She does however train her allies when asked and even playfully spars with them as long as they do not take it any further. She is an honorable fighter and does not fight dirty unless in combat with an NPC enemy. Thus THE POWERS AND ABILITIES MY CHARACTER USES ARE STRICTLY FOR STORY-LINE CONFRONTATIONS. I do not do combat, I retired from that s h i t due to godmodders back in 2009- so if you are looking for combat- I am NOT your girl. WRITING PREFERENCES/WHERE TO CONTACT ME: I am a novella writer, on a good day I usually write a starter that is between 9-14 paragraphs long, HOWEVER THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I WANT YOU TO WRITE TO MATCH MY LENGTH; if you do then well I would prefer that you take your time as I AM A BUSY PERSON IRL and I have my days where I take a break from role-play or I have to deal with my health. Thus I make sure everyone is up to date via status post. If I don't post a status I am either M.I.A due to my CHRONIC MIGRAINES or because I do happen to WORK and have a job aside from this hobby. If you need to reach me simply ask for my discord as I try to be more on that when I can. I do happen to also be quite flexible with this if others are unable to write more than Multi Para or Semi Para as long as they (my writing partners) communicate with me. GENRES, VERSES & WHAT I DO NOT WRITE: I do not have any particular genres I write within or enjoy more than the other; however I DO NOT REALLY ADD PEOPLE WHO CONSIDER THEIR VERSE A "FANDOM" NOR DO I ASSOCIATE WITH FANDOMS. I associate with writers and people who can actually write a story and do not copy and paste replies or starters and that do not use symbols in their writing- Once again- I am a novella writer- I write as if you are reading a novel, not a message off of an instant messenger. I happen to be Multiverse so that no verse is really left out and people who want to write with me can. MUSE VS MUN: Just so we are 100% Clear. My CHARACTER is a flirt BECAUSE she's a Succubus/Archdemon. She flirts with EVERYONE because it's her JOB. My succubus happens to have a lot of experience in Hostess work, She talks to everyone(Men and women) and flirts because that's what hostesses do, they talk to their clients. Mine just happens to have many Men and Women clients because she doesn't discriminate and she tends to be an avid listener to her clients when it comes to relationship issues etc. I am NOT my character, what she does as a MUSE is part of the role-play EXPERIENCE. If YOU cannot differentiate a MUN from their CHARACTER, Please find another HEALTHY hobby because obsessing over FICTION is JUVENILE. But then I must really be a great writer to have YOU fooled into THINKING I as the MUN am the SAME as my MUSE. RP IS NOT RL. She flirts for the hell of it and because it's a good way to start a conversation. Flirting happens when she feel comfortable around another person and they do not mind. I do not have her flirt with anyone that is not okay with it. So please, do let me know if it bugs you.I AM SELECTIVE AS F U C K WHEN IT COMES TO FEMALES AND HERE IS WHY: 1. DUE TO THE INCREASE OF WOMEN BEING HARASSED (MYSELF INCLUDED) By an individual parading around as a woman and asking for a lot of disgusting things and then telling us to go "kill ourselves" when we refuse Here's the thing. My Character is not who my playby is, so if your adding me solely on my playby's/ face claims GTFO. I use them as face claims BECAUSE my FWB(friend with benefits) Suggested them, what benefits I won't tell you. 2. DRAMA- I have dealt with some women on this site who either focus on ships and not writing and attack/ lie about other writers out of jealousy and spite due to them being insecure. So if you are female and Secure about yourself and don't take Rp seriously to the point you cause drama Your welcome to add but if your of the Percent that are men parading around as women trying to get laid- Sorry, I have a Male Preference as in- YOU MUST BE MALE to even try to romance my character and if you happen to be AN ADULT WOMAN well then you had better expect to be a sugar mommy to this Archdemon- I've had one too many relationships with women that have went sour due to their personal drama and jealousy ASIDE from taking RP way too seriously. MY EXPERIENCE AND WHAT I SEEK AS A WRITER: I have nineteen years of writing experience and role play- be it either LARP, Table top or RPG's. I do not look for other writers who have fancy images or layouts, however if people put work into their greetings and take the time to greet me and talk then well one should expect that I try to get to know my writing partner before I establish a rp. I prefer writing partners who think outside of the box and can create something amazing with the information provided- if you cannot accept something that you see as "Impossible" then we won't mesh intellectually, let alone creative wise.REMINDERS: 1. I do this for MYSELF-  I do not write solely for your enjoyment- RP is a two way street. 2. You can't have what you want from me without showing me any SEMBLANCE OF RESPECT- As I AM A HUMAN BEHIND A SCREEN AND HAVE HUMAN EMOTIONS, I HAVE BOUNDARIES, ACCEPT THAT. 3. My life does NOT revolve around YOU or RP- I have to say this one so many times because people don't seem to get it through their thick skulls, so get it memorized!  4. Treat EVERYONE on MY FRIENDS LIST with RESPECT- This is simple and a rather big golden rule with me. Much like "Don't start nothing, then there won't be nothing." From men In Black.  5. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL- Because if you say anything that is against anyone on my list, let alone myself - you are gone(unless it's in character Drama then go for it). 6. IF I GET SOMETHING WRONG- Or you think I have a plot idea that doesn't work for you; CRITIQUE ME CIVILLY or give me a plot idea that you want to do but haven't been able to with other writers, don't belittle me or simply tell me what you have an issue with, let me hear it from your point of view. Criticize me positively and tell me what I can do better as a writer It's not that deep.MY RULES: 1. READ MY ENTIRE PROFILE AND MY RULES BEFORE YOU MESSAGE ME- This way communication isn't an issue, let alone I do not have to answer questions that this entire blog post explains- I do not like to repeat myself. 2. I AM B U L L S H I T INTOLERANT- This means if you have issues with me then tell me to my face, don't throw shade and act immature or fake towards me, I appreciate people who are 100% real with me and if you can't do that- Bye Felicia. 3. I DO NOT REPLY TO ONE LINERS OR PEOPLE WHO ARE SEEKING NSFW- I may write romance however it is with my writing partners who have it already established before hand. 4. MUN IS HUMAN, MUSE IS A F U C K I N G DEMON- She has flaws and she flirts a lot with everyone. Mun is not her muse- if you think that I am there's the f u c k i n g "X" on the tab, click that and f u c k off. 5. DO NOT TAKE ROLE PLAYING WITH ME SERIOUSLY-  This isn't a job for me, this isn't even my entire life- it's a hobby. 6. I TAKE MY TIME WITH REPLIES- I deal with personal issues outside of rp if you add and then get pissed that I don't reply because I am going through something personal- then don't bother adding me. 7. I WRITE FOR MY ENJOYMENT- This is something I do to kill time, it's not a main focus as I have other priorities to enjoy- like video games and reading books. Role-play is something I do as a form of socialization and getting interaction, not for the sole purpose of getting a relationship. 8. I MULTISHIP- Which is a form of shipping that supports multiple relationships within a single fandom. Multishippers are fans who consciously identify as supporting multiple relationships, as opposed to fans who mostly support one relationship but will include non-competing relationships in a secondary position. If you cannot get over that- then delete me, no flesh off my bones. 9. I DO NOT WRITE WITH ADULTS WHO HAVE THE MENTAL CAPACITY OF THAT OF A CHILD- And cannot differentiate between RP and RL. If you lack common sense, let alone if you take RP way too seriously and think that the MUN is the same as their Muse- we just simply won't get along. 10. I DO NOT TOLERATE PETTY DRAMA- Or people who want total control of what a writing partner does or who they ship with, If you do so I have the right to block you and be done with you completely. 11. I WILL NOT ALWAYS GET TO MESSAGES WHEN I GET THEM- This is because I have a life outside of RP and I hate to break it to you like this but- Money comes before my hobby. Boss b i t c h has bills to pay and unless you want to pay them for me, well- then I guess you better start realizing right now that I have better things to do than spend my time having to explain in detail why my work OOC is far more important than the fantasy world on this platform other people live in. 12. I AM NOT HERE TO GET INTO RELATIONSHIPS, PERSONALLY- As I have stated I have had bad relationships in the past and I'm really not the type to jump from one relationship to the next rp wise, let alone rl. Aside from this, I find it extremely annoying when people message others in the way they would not speak to them if they were in public. If you love and respect any female in your life and do not talk to them the way you do I- Perhaps you should and see what they think as if you cannot respect me like you respect any other woman in your life then perhaps you should leave my list/blog. My Muse is a boss b i t c h like myself as a mun and so I really do not need a man or woman in my life that thinks otherwise. Honestly, if that is what you are on my list for- Unless it's established in RP- Your not getting a piece of me period. 13. IF I IGNORE YOU ON DISCORD/VIA MESSAGES ETC.- It might be because you said something that upset me and I need time away from that conversation...Or because I have a job I have to do because I have bills to pay. Don't assume or attack me when it's obvious that I have a life outside of this hobby, the world doesn't revolve around you,sweetheart. 14. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING MY RULES- please do ask me or let me know down below and I will get to you right away and provide you with as much information help as I can. 15. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTROL MY CHARACTER- Unless you've got plenty of Dough to cough up, food to offer or your part of a large and successful organization, you won't get this succubus to eat from your hand. 16.WHEN A RP STATUS SAY'S IT IS {CLOSED}- It's mostly for the person I am rping with as well as a form of writing sample for both myself and my partner. 17. MY STATUS STREAM IS A BIT OF EVERYTHING- from My character's Castle in Limbus, The Hostess club she works at and a little bit of her cafe/book store and announcements/ s h i t p o s t s. It depends on the setting and whatever  I feel like posting however. 18. I DO NOT ALWAYS GET TO REPLIES VIA ANI OR DISCORD- as I have said before, so If you add me well- expect me to be busy with other things while I appear online as I happen to have other things to tend to aside from replies so don't throw childish hissy fits since you know after reading these what to expect. 19. REAL WORLD ISSUES HAVE NO PLACE IN DISCUSSIONS OR RP WITH ME- I hate talking politics with people as they often have different views and take things such as politics and personal religious beliefs etc. as an serious issue in regards to strangers on line- thus I do not talk about my views or opinions much, unless I happen to have done research and No, I ignore media outlets as they are known top twist the facts for their benefit. 20. I AM A MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY F U C K E D UP PERSON- I suffer from Anti Social Disorder, Bipolar I, PTSD, ADHD and severe Depression mentally; This doesn't give anyone the right to lash out at me or twist things to fit their personal agenda. I Type a lot when I'm stoned and drunk and I'm pretty cheerful/Gossipy because I happen to stay in character at times as I write with others and NOT just you. (But then I am pretty cheery in general when I make friends and talk about things I am passionate about and into.) Take it in stride, don't nag me to death about how I'm not "Listening to you". I happen to read what you are saying as I type out my own explanations and I happen to be pretty detailed, talkative and explanatory in person I.E.: (I'm entertaining to most and Vexing to some.) Physically I suffer from Hypoglycemia, High blood Pressure and Chronic Migraines which are all easily triggered. Don't stress me out and I won't chew you out. and  21. YOUR RUMORS AND INSECURITIES DON'T EFFECT ME, THEY EFFECT JUST YOU- Because at the end of the day, people think, precieve, feel and say whatever they want about me and it's not my problem. it's their own and if they really want to talk it out like mature adults, I'll gladly do so and take their words and view into consideration, unless they don't want to be upfront with me then it's really on them for taking how they were raised and using it to make them feel better about their views and opinions of me as the only person that can change them is themselves. -    The Writer


11/30/2019 05:25 PM 

Beau's Skills

Beau's Skills:Unarmored Movement: While wearing no armor or bulky clothing, beau can move faster than average to the point that an untrained eye is unable to follow.Evasion: When being attacked with magical effects that target an area, if Beau notices in time, she can avoid itSlow Fall: Her monk trainings have allowed her to slow her fall from fairly dangerous heightsKi: Is able to channel the energies inside of her and the atmosphere around her to allow her to bend reality in small ways to assist her in battles mainly. There are a few other applications that Ki can be used for.Step of the Wind: Can use some of her ki to give herself an extra burst of strength, allowing her to cover twice the amount of ground in the same amount of time as she would normally be able tooPatient Defense: Using Ki, she can calm her body and mind to allow her to read when an attack is coming from further away, allowing her to dodge easierFlurry of blows: When connecting with an enemy, she can use her Ki to add two quick attacks in successionStunning Strike: After hitting an enemy, she can force some of her ki into her target's body and cause them to be stunned if  they are not prepared for itKi Strikes: Allows her to infuse her blows with Ki, causing them to be able to deal  much more damage. It also allows her to block things like blades and swords with her hands without as much damage.Purity of Body: The amount of Ki she has prevents her from being poisoned or diseased. She is extremely dissatisfied with this one as it prevents her from getting drunkTongue of the Sun and Moon: After intense training, Beau is able to touch the minds of those around her. It allows her to be understood by any creature or person she is talking to. And to understand themTimeless Body: The amount of Ki she has gained throughout her trainings and meditation has allowed her to transcend physically aging. She will still eventually die of old age, but will not suffer the effects of growing elderly Empty Body: By using half of the Ki that she has accumulated in her body to turn herself invisible to the naked eye. While she is in this state she is able to withstand much more damage than normal.Astral Projection: Using all the Ki in her body allows Beau to push her soul into the astral plane and move freely away from her body. If her body is harmed in any way, she is immediately sucked back into her body and resumes consciousness


11/30/2019 05:12 PM 


Hello there. First i want to apologize for the scrambled look about these rules. After all ani doesn't like mobile users apparently. 1.) I don't mind drama, in roleplaying, HOWEVER. If drama happens to occur outside of roleplay no matter the circumstance, i will delete you. Potentially block you. More than likely following up with a report. 2.) Ero for the sake of ero is fun but far too short-lived. I would prefer someone who can keep the story going far after that. I don't even mind that it starts out as a fling as long as there is some sort of reasoning behind it. 3.) I'm usually fairly busy in real life. Being a single father, a man who tends to his ill mother, and constantly battling with depression and anxiety all tend to keep me busy. Also I'm a gamer too so that takes up a lot of my time. Anyway i will not adhere to any time constraints placed on me for that reason. Don't like it? There's delete button, i won't hold it against you. 4.) I only write with those who can keep up with at least one paragraph of higher. I also don't tend to write much unless I'm fairly interested in what is being written or i am inspiried to write that day. 5.) I tend to fair better and prefer writing on discord with others. So if i don't respond on here i am always willing to roleplay there or at least to have a decent conversation there. 6.) Bash accounts, troll accounts, or whatever they are being called today will be blocked straight away. I don't approve of people who make fun of other people for the way they write. We all write differently. Start off writing differently. Or perhaps never want to change how we write. That doesn't give you the right to call them out on it. Ani should do something about this but until they do i suppose i will block them.

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