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02/19/2020 05:53 PM 

Arsenio Apophis

::General Info::Name: Arsenio ApophisAge:  28Birthday: May 9thHeight: 6'2Weight: 211Sexual Orientation: Seke Race: GorgonPlace of Birth: GreeceCurrent Residence: New YorkOccupation: HitmanHair color: RedEye color: RedSkin: Fair in human form and olive in snake formScars: NonePiercings: None::Personality::Laidback and reserved. Aloof with a great sense of humor(dad jokes) He is overall sweet and charming. He is known to be aggressive and assertive with a sadistic side. ::Likes::His job::Dislikes::Annoying people ::Abilities:: Super strength Heightened senses HealingPartial Transformation Stone solidificationPoison  ::Additional::In his Gorgon form, he is 12 feet in length. His hair turns into snakes and he is at his strongest ::For My Hero Academia RP's::Quirk Name: GorgonQuirk Type: Transformation/EmitterQuirk Description: Can transform into a 12-foot gorgon and manipulate stone::Back Story::Coming soon

Shinko Inc. (MCRP)

02/19/2020 12:17 PM 

Non-Roleplayable Characters


Shinko Inc. (MCRP)

02/19/2020 12:08 PM 

The Gentle Soldier

Shinko Inc. (MCRP)

02/19/2020 12:02 PM 

The Submissive Wallflower

Shinko Inc. (MCRP)

02/19/2020 12:01 PM 

The Seductive Shapeshifter

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