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03/23/2020 11:54 PM 


1.  I write Novella length, nothing less.2. I am not always active as I do happen to have a life outside of Role-Play.3. Don't act like an moron, an a s s h o l e , a pervert or a comination of the three and we'll get along. 4. Don't make assumptions about me, those that do are often insecure and don't know how role-play works.


03/23/2020 05:46 PM 


How tf you use this oage omgwhy everything crashes smh

Yoshinobu (Read info before adding)

03/23/2020 08:23 AM 

About Yoshinobu

First name: YoshinobuFirst name meaning: "秀" superiority, high quality "將" lead.Last name:  TBALast name meaning:Age: 21Gender: MaleSexual Orientation: GayPosition: Seke ( a switch between Dom and sub)Race: Japanese/BritishClass: HighClan: TBAOccupation: Heir to head clan of  the YakuzaPersonality: Stubborn, hardworking, distant, resilient, Loving once someone gets close to him. WIPMannerisms: WIPLikes: WIPDislikes: People trying to force him to  be interested in woman, wipHandedness: Right handed Family Yoshinobu’s family is the head family of the Yakuza, Currently his father is the leader until he dies or retires and Yoshinobu will take over.His Father is Japanese, while his mother is British. However, his mother died when he was very young, protecting him from a rival clan.WIP Appearance Hair: Butt length, black, with blue streaks.Eyes: BlueBody type: Athletic[b]Height: 7’0”[b]Weight: WIP Skills  * Knows several Asian languages, UK and American English*Sword fighting*Self defense/ Karate/street fighting*Gun fighting*Drawing/Painting*wip Backstory One night when Yoshinobu was a young child,  he was targeted by a rival Yakuza clan in a fight to become the new head clan. However, his mother protected him, getting shot and killed in the process.Yoshinobu and his father were distraught, as was the rest of their clan, leading to them into a battle of vengeance.  Yoshinobu witnessed it all, the shock causing him to lose his memory.After the events, Yoshinobu had to learn who he was and who those around him were again.However as he grew older, he started having nightmares and remembering the events of that night.  His father hired a psychiatrist to help Yoshinobu, who would come and see him often, until he no longer needed to.When Yoshinobu reached the age of showing interest in others romantically and sexually, it became apparents he was not interested in girls, much to his father's disapproval. He tried to encourage his son to date girls, but Yoshinobu never found himself interested in them. He got sent to a psychologist  but Yosinobu continued to show interest in only boys.Now at age 21  Yoshinobu must  get a wife, but he refuses and continues to secretly see men.Yoshinobu still has nightmares now and then,  but he manages them well enough. 

Character info,


03/23/2020 03:57 PM 

hello hello
Current mood:  awake

im kinda bored tbh, i have nothing much to do while staying at home haha

House Of Lesbains Subs(Mcrp)

03/21/2020 11:20 PM 

These rules that will be enforced

Rule 1: No claiming girls unless the story is good for it.Rule 2: It is for fun, you can have fun, but will not claim themRule 3: All my characters belong House Of Lesbian(Mcrp) they only can be claimed by her as well.  

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