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Under Construction!

08/18/2019 10:43 PM 

Character: Rex Kaeton

Rex Kaeton is an 18 year old who genuinely thinks he is better than everyone. He is cocky and arrogant in everything he does and is only looking out for himself. He has very few people that are close to him and even fewer he would actually call his friends, even if the way he treats them doesn't appear to give the impression that he cares for them to most people. Those that do have the honor of being called his friend, he would do anything he could to help them. When angered, he can become psychotic, aggressive, and savage, almost like there is a dark and evil side to him. This side of him came about from his past that no one but him knows about and is a sore spot for him.Age: 18Sexual Orientation: StraightFavorite food: Spicy Ramen Height: 6 feetThis character fits well in role plays based in Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, and Modern Era Rps. AUTHOR  NOTE:I did not put too much detail into this character because the personality is what is the most important with this character. When doing different universes like Yu-gi-oh or Pokemon, I didn't want to go in and write how he would be in each universe, what his team/deck would be and what not (Those details can be ironed out in the discussions).

Dark Knight (S&L)

08/18/2019 04:27 PM 


A few rules for you to read. Be sure to heed them well and sign the contract. Failure to do so will result in an immediate delete.1. Treat me with respect and you will receive respect in return.2. You add me, you talk first. I add you, I talk first. Failure to get ahold of me within a week of adding you will result in you being deleted and blacklisted. You will not be re added no matter what.3. This is a mature profile. 21+ themes (Drugs, Severe Language, Severe Violence, Occasional Sexual Themes/Encounters) if you do not agree with the above, turn back.4. Though I have the profile marked 21+, I only require that you are 18 or older. Any below this age will be deleted/denied.5. Absolutely NO DRAMA OR BULLYING. Any attempt at it, with me or anyone else, will be deleted and blocked.6. Absolutely no God Moding. (Unbeatable, Immortal, Invournerable, One Shoting) My character may be powerful but he has his weaknesses.7. I am single for now. Should a relationship ever happen, all sexual related rps will stop immediately! You are welcome to continue the rp with me but all sex will be halted.8. DO NOT PESTER ME FOR REPLIES! I have a life outside of roleplays. However, a message asking if we are still rping after a week of no replies is okay because I do the same. Just don't ask one hour or one day after no responses.ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE AGREED TO THE ABOVE HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF PARTICIPATING IN A RP WITH ME! PLEASE SIGN BELOW TO SHOW THAT YOU AGREE WITH THE ABOVE CONDITIONS.


08/18/2019 02:34 PM 


ClareAt first, Teresa was irritated by Clare's persistence in following her. Eventually, she became attached to the young girl and the two eventually developed a deep familial love and affection for each other. Teresa also comments about how Claretaught her true love and how the two forged an unbreakable bond. After her resurrection, Teresa still affectionately sees Clare as the young crybaby she'd known years before, and is eager to listen to everything that has happened since her untimely death.The GhostsWhen Teresa Awakens from within Clare, she is told all about Clare's relationships with Miria, Deneve, Helen, Tabitha, Cynthia, and Yuma and how close the Ghosts have become with one another. While never having met them before her revival, she speaks to them with ease and familiarity, and tells them that they are ultimately victorious against the One-Horned Monster. She also gives them personal messages from Clare that reveal the younger warrior's feelings towards them - how they have helped her grow as a person - and, afterwards, Teresa personally thanks them for their kindness.IreneWhile Irene showed familiarity with Teresa at the start of the battle, it was unclear what sort of friendship, if any, existed beforehand. Nonetheless, the two had some measure of respect for each other. Irene, in particular, saved and mentored Clare due to her youki's similarity to Teresa's, and urged her to live on as proof Teresa had ever existed. Similarly, when Teresa realized whose arm Clare had taken on, she thanked Irene for supporting Clare up until now.PriscillaWhen confronted with the warriors sent to punish her disobedience, Teresa expressed both wariness of and disdain for Priscilla. The No. 1 felt that the girl was naive for blindly complying with the Organization's demands but, at the same time, sensed Priscilla's innate strength. However, Teresa found herself, out of mercy and compassion, unable to kill her, though she was willing to heavily wound her during their second match. Also out of mercy and pity, Teresa offered to behead Priscilla when the young warrior surpassed her limits and began to Awaken. Unfortunately, it was this mercy that allowed Priscilla to strike and behead the No. 1.During Clare's time as a warrior and after the seven year time-skip, Teresa has become an object of obsession for the Awakened Priscilla. She sees Teresa as evil for killing humans, and during her battle with Dauf, she regains her memory of the incident with Teresa and expresses delight that she would be able to kill her again. When Teresa is finally brought forth from within Clare by the Soul-Link technique, the strongest No.1 expresses disdain for the monster Priscilla has become and vows to defeat her once and for all. More than that, however, the remnants of Priscilla's human heart seeks out Teresa in an attempt to find someone or something that can finally overcome her power and regeneration to grant her death.At the end, Teresa disintegrates Priscilla by using the quicksword at 100% of its potential. When Priscilla asks why Teresa didn't end things earlier, when Priscilla was weakened, Teresa replies that it sucks to have your life end without knowing what's going on. At the last moment, Priscilla thanks Teresa and says she's sorry. True to her character, Teresa responds that there are no hard feelings between "comrades who cross Claymores together."

〚𝔻𝕠𝕣𝕜 𝕂𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥〛

08/18/2019 10:01 PM 

A 'Typical' Night: Drabble

attention: | mentions: A 'Typical' She should have been studying. She should have been nose deep in those text books, reading until she went cross-eyed, scribbling notes until her finger tips bled… or something. Something productive. Instead, her brain was roughly thirty-three minutes away, and she was trying to balance a pen on her nose, while humming along to the music playing from her beat up laptop (No easy feat, when she kept swaying her head in time with the beat). As she gets it steady, an amused grin spreading across her face, her phone begins to vibrate in a call notification on its perch on the keyboard. Swearing, snatching up the phone and hitting the spacebar to silence the goddess that was Marina in a relatively slick series of movements, managing to keep the pen in place, she held the phone above her face to see who dared, already preparing a torrent of bat related puns should it be Broodyboots. Seeing Jordanna, again, she frowned, and answered. "Jor? Everything alright?" There was a brief pause, as if the line was dead, before spoke. "You're gonna make fun of me…" Sitting up, letting the pen fall into her hand, Steph frowned slightly. "I highly doubt that. What's wrong…?" A sharp exhale, and Jordanna spoke rapidly. "Well, I like Francisco, and earlier today he told me that he and Michael were gonna start going to the gym, and I just sorta said I would go too. But I don’t want to go alone, I don't know anything about the gym!" Steph narrowed her eyes, chewing at the pens end absently. "I dunno, Jordanna, I'm in the middle of study right now… what makes you think I know anything about the gym anyway?" The response was swift. "Girl, one, I've seen your arms. You definitely lift. Two, please? I’m asking nicely?" Snorting a laugh, Steph shook her head slightly. "Who are you, and what did you do to the real Jordanna? Yeah, ok, ok. I’ll be there. Lemme guess. It's like, soon." "Yeah! Don't wear anything weird, ok?" Rolling into the campus gym, the first thought Steph had was quaint, before realizing in very sudden horror that she had gotten too used to the swanky Bat adjacent training facilities, with their high tech equipment, shiny machines and non existent dude bro B.O. stank. Glancing around she noticed a few upper classmen she had seen around at the weight benches, before spotting Jordanna, Francisco, amd Michael just sort of… loitering around the elliptical machines. The boys in gym shorts and tees, Jordanna in yoga pants and a cropped tee. Going for cute, but not trying too hard. Feasible for the gym. Not bad, not bad. Steph was in well worn sweats, complete with matching zip up hoodie, gym bag over her shoulder. "Sorry, are you waiting for me?" She says as she approaches, Jordanna looks her over, shaking her head slightly. Michael speaks first. "Long time no see! Just trying to work out where to start, honestly…" Steph gives him a look of utter pity, before adjusting her ponytail. "I see why Jordanna called me now. You dummies would have hurt yourselves… you start with a warm up." "Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too." Leading them away from the ellipticals and sitting on the ground, she motioned for them to follow, putting her feet together, knees out to the side. "What makes you such an expert, huh?" Michael fires back, the last to sit. "I like to keep fit." She shrugs a shoulder, which seemed to be enough for him, before leading them through a warm up. After Steph had decided they were safely warmed up, to regular, non Bat levels, reminding herself she wasn't prepping them to under go her training from Bruce or Cass, she shooed Jordanna and Francisco off to use the ellipticals together, at a low resistance, she offered to spot for Michael. "Hey, I didn't mean to sound like a douche before… it's just-" "You were starting to feel emasculated in a gym?" "I-yeah…" "Not even the most douchey thing I've heard today. But cut the sh*t." By this point, Steph was taking off her hoodie so her sleeves wouldn't be potential hazards, leaving her in the sweats and a cropped sports top. After a few bench press reps, Michael speaks, Stephs focus still on the weights. "That's a lot of scars, Steph. I think I've only ever seen you with sleeves on…" "It's either sleeves or cover up makeup. I didn't think I'd end up taking the hoodie off…" She mutters, frowning slightly. He set the bar on the rack, and sat up to look at her, which she took as her queue to step back. "How did you… you know, get them? If you don't mind me asking." Glancing over at the other two, who were facing the other way, and who seemed to be having a great time, she grabbed her water bottle from her gym bag, took a sip, and sighed. "Well, y'know how my dad is part of the costume criminal freak squad…" She started, which seemed to be enough for Michael. Nodding, he raised his hand, lowering his head. "Ah! Say no more. I had an uncle that got killed in a Joker gas incident… He's not one of the big ones, is he." Raising his head, almost nervously. Laughing lightly, she shook her head. "Not even close. A second string underling, wanna be Riddler. The Cluemaster... f***in' lame name." She rolled her eyes, before laughing softly, as Michael looked uncomfortable. "Relax. He can't do anything. He's dead. And even if he had any 'buddies' around still, they wouldn't touch me. Not while I'm dating a cop, at least." He let out a soft yelping, pointing at her, jumping to his feet. "You have been dropping clues!" In a strangled, almost wounded voice, she yelps in response. "WHAT? I HAVE NOT?! Have I?" "Maybe not intentionally. But Jor's been keeping track… we have suspects. And you just gave it all away! You go, Stephanie Brown." She wasn't really listening. She was stuck on the fact she had been APPARENTLY LEAVING CLUES?! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all... "I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie credit.

💋 𝕯𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖔𝖚𝖘

08/18/2019 07:44 PM 

OOC: Needing to clear the air

I need to clear the air...I would have liked it if society Had gone through the trouble Of protecting you from me.I've been wanting to say this for a long time, and some already know. I'm not often a talkative person because I do happen to have issues in regards to speaking to people and past experiences that have been less than pleasant for both parties and for that I apologize-  for taking so much time on my replies that it seems as if I am procrastinating- I apologize if it has taken me so long to realize that I tip toe as if I am walking on shattered glass barefoot with most of you out of fear of either saying the wrong thing or if my character comes off as a self insert/ uncomfortable writing partner due to the way she flirts. I apologize for putting everyone else first at the very beginning of making this character hoping they would enjoy her only to have that enjoyment cease due to drama that was not my own. I apologize for ever trying to feel at home in a verse that has never felt like one here, no matter how hard I fight to reach out and keep my own depression from taking me down into the depths of it's darkest reaches only to come out of it because of others who pull me up and help me fight against the current that will one day swallow me whole into it's cold embrace.However I am not sorry for staying here and finding light through all the struggles with others.I am not sorry for telling other OC writers if I like their character or if I dislike them and why, I'm not sorry for trying to tell people to keep going when they want to quit due to negativity from others.There are days I worry that I am not good enough, that my writing is terrible, that I'm not passionate enough to keep going with this verse, let alone my Original Character I have fought for constantly with  individuals of the verse because I put blood, sweat, tears, lack of sleep and even myself care over because I worried that I wasn't good enough, that Rose wasn't as amazing of an OC as I thought she was.Only to have people who interact with me and her tell me otherwise has made not only my day's brighter but has made me realize that writing as Rose and having this muse constantly pull me from my depression and darkness is why I constantly fight to not seem like a Total b i t c h when I am a b i t c h that also knows her limits and when to be one. In all honesty I never wanted to be hated or accepted by people after fighting for this character for so long. I have left this site far too many times to count due to drama, what people thought of me, past relationships issues and even the drama that had been caused by one individual that I almost left for good only for my muse to make me stand my ground and start a new. It's been harder and harder for me to keep going, thinking I'm not good enough for people who I feel take others for granted or think they are better than and so they pick on the little guys who are just as passionate of their writing and proud to proclaim they are role players. I have played the add game with people because I want to write in other verses and I want to expand my character and give her more of an interesting background, aside from her being a pure blooded devil hunting demons or ghost hunting or even alien hunting.I love this character because she has so much to learn and has so much time to expand herself as a being; I don't want it to seem as if I am self entitled and make people assume that I demand their time and attention which isn't the case, I put my attention and time into those who I want to interact with, I take time to send out greetings and to reply and to have as much fun as everyone else who seem to also want the same.I give people time to respond because I don't expect anything less from others than for them to take their time and reply or talk when they themselves have the desire to. Some of you I honestly am terrified of interacting the wrong way with or coming off a negative way and offending when I certainly do not mean to. I suppose my anxiety and self conscious nature has led me to do things I normally do not do such as worry when people make jokes and I make a joke that it's not offensive or that my plots aren't going to turn people away; sometimes I truly care about others feelings and not just me own and how people read into them which is why most of my rules are in place, I want people to talk to me if I ever do anything they do not like instead of beating around the bush and throwing shade with subtle hints via status. I want everyone to have an enjoyable experience with me as much as I want to have an enjoyable experience with them.perhaps I mindlessly indulge myself by writing this character because she has made me a better person and perhaps I get upset when people assume she's a villain because of the way I grew up and my upbringing where I was called a bad child and people always ALWAYS spoke about the mistakes I made and not the good work I did as a child, I hate when people don't look into a character's information before hitting me up via Message/Comment or getting to know the writer as well as the character they portray, sometimes I'll write her as a villain and other days  I'll write her as the seductive, self destructive Harpy with a high sex drive and other days she's the protector of humans while still oozing self hatred and nothing but unconditional love and admiration for her allies- putting her into a box is as pointless as putting fancy labels on a human being as if they were processed food. The best examples of characters I can think of for writing this character that actually inspired me to have at writing a character as complex and interesting as my OC are actually various characters from different forms of Media.Shrek/Fiona(SHREK), Trishplus Lucia(DMC), Katana(MK), Meg (HERCULES), Meg (SPN), Alucard (castlevania) The vampire Armand (Vampire chronicles), The Vampire Lestat (Vampire Chronicles), Megamind(Megamind), Kuja (Final Fantasy),  Hellboy (Hellboy), Jay and Silent Bob (Clerks,Dogma, Mall Rats, Jay and Silent Bob strike back), V (V for Vendetta), Valkyrie (Thor Ragnarok), Angel and Spike (Buffy the vampire slayer/Angel), Catwoman/Poison Ivy (DC), Dante Alighieri (Dante's Inferno) and our favorite Devil in red  Dante (devil may cry)  

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