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[π™³πš˜πš›πš” π™Ίπš—πš’πšπš‘πš]

10/14/2019 06:09 PM 

Benny and the Jets: Drabble

attention: | mentions: Benny and the It had been calling to her for weeks. No. Months now.The blasted ivory toothed menace, sitting in one of the ballrooms. They were going to do this dance again. She had felt the itch to play again creeping up on her for a while now, her fingers absently pressing non existent keys, her feet pressing down pedals that weren't there when ever she sat still for too long. But this time. Oh this time, she had a plan of attack. Waiting for the perfect moment to strike, making sure the manor was clear of all occupants, that the likelihood of a repeat of last time wasn't going to happen, she slowly slipped across to the bench. Playing a few scales, grinning to herself, she stopped, listened, waited. So fair, so good.No sneaky butlers. "Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too." Last time, Stephanie didn't know what she was going to play. She struggled to remember anything. But this time she had spent the last several weeks learning a song by ear. It was in her head. She was ready for this. It was her time. Her time for herself. On top of her moment to play again, she was going to let loose and sing. And not her purposely annoy everyone on patrol singing either. Hey kids, shake it loose together The spotlight's hitting something That's been known to change the weather We'll kill the fatted calf tonight So stick around~ As she sung and played for herself, swaying in time to the beat, her voice travelling through a not as quite as empty as she would have hoped manor. Letting the last note linger she hung her head back, a smile on her lips, pleased with herself. That was, until, the polite applause started, causing her to leap to her feet, knocking the stool over, and whirl around to face Alfred. Of course it was Alfred. "WOULD YOU STOP DOING THAT TO ME?!" "I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie credit.


10/13/2019 03:57 PM 


Name: Sophie.Age: 20.Personality: He's not exactly the kind of person  you would believe could hurt a fly. He's often afraid of his own shadow.Social anxiety disorder, very insecure about his masculinity, he's extremely depressed. Not quite suicidal, but he often jokes about killing himself. He has a very dark sense of humor.He has a very low sense of worth, and very low confidence. He hates himself.But he also doesn't want to die.He's constantly beating himself up over his failures.Occupation: shut in NEET. He has no job. He's tried many jobs in the past, but he's failed at everything.Skills: He's good at playing video games, and has vast knowledge about anime, manga, and video game culture.He's a good typer, could type things blind. But he often gets too excited and types to fast, resulting in mistakes.He can read and write.He's very intelligent. He has high problem solving skill and easily adapts to new scenarios. He's very quick to learn about a game just from playing it a little.Traits:Very weak. He can't even run for more then ten seconds.He's a failure.. At everything. Everything he tries, he fails.Nothing goes right for him. Love? Relationships? He can't even keep a job. He's clumsy. Often idiodic when it comes to working. Coffee shop? He stutters constantly and  says orders wrong. Restaurant? He's constantly falling over and dropping food everywhere. He even got fired from a manga store for playing on his phone. Even doing low end side jobs ended in failure.


10/13/2019 11:07 PM 

Some posts

Alright, while these in any specific order, there is one important one that is on the rise lately that I have to talk about. These won't point out anyone or anything. Just things I seen and heard happen. I'll list the problem and go into detail on what's wrong with it. Get your reading glasses, it's going to be a read. Sorry in advance, it's going to be very long.Do not mistake this for a rant or pointing out anyone. If you do not like reading long posts skip this now.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1: Placing someone else character in a role at any point.Example: (Piper shall be my friend for this example.) Piper is wandering through the woods when he encounters Hana and sees him healing animals with a mysterious power she never seen before. She decides to fallow him as she must know more and perhaps get Hana to heal her sick mother.Problem: In this case Piper is from the original charmed. Assuming the info is there on Piper's account then for those who know of that show can already guess some problems. But for those who don't, Piper has Leo who can do the same thing and more. So for me to make anything like that would completely ignore Piper's own story in so many way's it's not funny. People do not take the time to get everything related to their character created just to turn around and ignore it all. That's why when anything like this comes across you get funny reactions.The point of rp is to use info from both characters to make a story that'll fit for both sides. When you make a story like that, you are only making one for yourself and pretty much asking the other or expecting depending on how one views it to play a role of your choice. Not theirs. Sure they can say no and make their own idea, but it's a thing that shouldn't be done to begin with. Always take note of your partners info. This is very important to fallow otherwise any chance you have to get rps going are pretty much gone if you make roles for people and ignore everything related to their character.------------------------------------------------------------------------------2: Infoless any character account asking bad questions.Example: This isn't my character. I don't have any pictures or blogs with info that way I can make any character I need. By the way who will you be playing as? (Asked to a Red Ranger from the power rangers show)Problem: This isn't so bad but on sites like this 90% of the time it has to be realized that people are represented by their default pics. Unless said otherwise or labeled as (mcrp) it is generally safe is that someone's default is their character. So don't go adding people and then asking them who they'll be if it's all their account who they are playing as. Because at that point you deserve whatever smartass answer you receive. And on the otherhand, if you don't have any info because your too lazy or just want to be whoever then at least type that much on your info. Otherwise you have 0 rights to be a smartass or annoyed when people ask you a bunch of questions you feel is pointless. Especially if your default pic is not your character. no one can guess that if you can't even take 10 seconds to label yourself properly about what type of account you plan to be.I mean just click profile, find the info and type "Whatever needs to go here" click save and done. If you are missing info that's important to what someone is going to decide they are going to ask about it. As simple as that. If I met a person that mind controls all kids in a rp, it'd be important for me to clarify to them that in this case, Hana is just short. I don't think I have his age listed. So if I don't tell them and they assume that Hana would be under their influence because he looks like a kid, then I cannot get mad at them for not telling them info that'd be important for future reference.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3: GreetingsExample: The whole thing is just kind of stupid and I'll explain whyProblem: People prefer a variety of greetings. Despite how small this site is, you can go weeks just meeting people every now and then who wants it short and sweet so discussions and such can get going as fast as possible. Yet that  one person could want a detailed greeting. Stop it. Unless you record yourself controlling the way someone says hello to you that's not your friend and not getting a bad look or punched in the face stop bringing that you needed to be greeted this way attitude here. Keep your controlling selves happy that people taking time out their day to just say hello.It's not their rp ability so just relax, bite your controlling tongue and see what they can do in rp. You take a simple hello in life everytime you travel to the store or just anywhere at some point. You don't get fussy with them, don't get fussy with people just looking to brighten up their day. Do not forget many are here from bad times. Don't make it worse for them for something you'll literally never go through with them again unless you start ignore them.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4: Rp doesn't go far without romanceExample: As it says.I don't know where this train of thinking comes from but it's false. Don't let people tell you this lie. They are cheating themselves and don't feel bad for them. You should always have a backup if your main idea doesn't go through and be ready to use it. When something gets denied it doesn't spell the end of the friendship so keep your hands off that delete button. It just only means you won't get it from like 1 out of 10000 possible others you can try. 2000 if you include rules etc which is still a lot to try.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5: Hidden rulesExample: Look at all the people deleted and blocked for reasons they don't know.Problem: I can go on about this but I won't. You know whether or not it'll work with someone. If you are not feeling them, don't add them then do this. Getting denied is less hurtful then being added, led to believe you have a friend then backstabbed.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6: Advice without infoExample: When someone has a problem and you just dive right in offering advice and saying what you think or feel before any info is given.Problem: People have problems in rp in general. I somewhat brought it up a while ago but one of my friends always look at me like the lucky one because I always have some sort of rp story to tell while he's ignored by hundreds of people everyday. I mean honestly from my end I can sort of see why, he pries in rl instead of staying focused in rp and gets depressed way too much and I honestly feel he doesn't try hard enough.Have I told him this? I've seriously thought about it, came close many times but changed my mind in the end. I don't know what he's been through or how long he's actually tried. Maybe he wasn't going hard on others rl and was trying to stay in the rp but just kept running into bad people who tossed him aside and made him the way he was. Maybe he feels like if he get close in rl then perhaps he can get some rps going. I don't know and this is why I don't bug him in his moments because while I can guess I cannot for sure tell him what to do and be right unless he tells me the whole thing. The best I can do is tell him what works for me. It works for me because it's me, what works for me and what'll work for him may not be the same.It's not much different here. Unless you been by that person's side at every step. Seen what they saw, and been through what they have and met the same people. You cannot accurately give advice so you are better off cheering them up if you care and telling them what you'd try in a situation similar to theirs to give ideas. Some people when pushed do not get hostile because you are bugging them and prying, some get hostile because you are coming at them as if you know for a fact and what you say is right when you both know you don't have the whole story.It's always a great thing to want to help but don't go diving in before you collect all the necessary info. Don't tell a person their not being forgiven enough if you don't know how many chances they gave someone else they may remove. Don't try to tell someone their rushing if you don't know how long their waiting on someone else. What you go through with someone and what someone else go through with someone is generally two different things.While you having the time of your life and looking forward to people, those same people could be ignoring someone else you know on purpose and that person knows. You can take up and vouch for how good they are, but what good is that to a person they do not speak to and mistreat? Realize your situation is different from others and if you wish to help, get all your info before you dive in. Don't jump to telling them what they should do because what works for you may not work for them.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Read these and fallow 6 and don't overthink it. If one of these sound familiar do not instantly relate it to yourself without knowing for sure you do any of these. And do not feel bad if you do. The main reason of this post is point them out and say why you may run into some problems regarding them. If you ask me 1 is the most important as rps are often the make it or break point.People can get over 2 as long as your not a smartass about it, but there are very few that'll tolerate 1 given that in many cases you added them so they'd assume you read up what info they may of had and would be planning around that. While you won't find too many volunteer's for 1, people would be a lot cooler if you label yourself in some form as "seeking role". Because in the end that's what it is, your asking people to somewhat abandon their character to fill a role you wish to happen.If you do this and feel it's not abandoning, refer to Piper and recall how much a Piper rper would be giving up and forgetting just to be amazed that Hana can heal. And not to mention Piper's mom is dead which is another huge error if such an rper encountered an idea like that. So summary of the biggest issues. She has Leo who can also heal. She's a witch and could do it herself. And for her mom to be sick it'd break so much just to bring her back to begin with.


10/13/2019 11:53 PM 

Important! Very Important.

I am not sorry that it has come to this but this is something that everyone needs to know before messaging me. I am not here for romance or anything of that nature so don’t expect it to happen. If that’s what you want fine but go find a writer(s) who want that sort of thing. I know I don’t want that kind of role play(s) so don’t get mad when your character is friend zoned.There is no maybe you never know kind of talk as I will assure it will NOT happen. I am tired of writers assuming they can get romance when I stated on my rules/guideline blog that there will be no romance as I am VERY picky. Picky to the point that 99.9% of the time I will NOT do romance or any role plays involving that and other stuff. If you don’t like it block and unfriend me. Keep trying to pressure me into that kind of role play you will be blocked.To those who have respected my wishes of no romance and still want o role play with me then disregard this and thank you for being mature enough to understand I don’t want romance kind of role plays.


10/13/2019 02:39 PM 


A failure. A NEET. A waste of space. Bottom of the barrel. A loser. A wimp. A crybaby. Even a Sissy.There were even some who called him a game master, but only those who actually knew him.He has many things people call him, but he would prefer to just be called Soph.Sophie was a very smart kid for his age, at least when he was younger. He always seemed to love pulling things apart to see how they work, and why they work. He has always had an analytical and nowadays, cynical mind.Ever since his earliest memories, he's always had a passion for video games, as well as all games period. He loved all manner of games, and from a very young age, he remembered telling his father he wanted to be a game designer.However, he just wasn't cut out for it.In fact, he wasn't even cut out to pass high school. It was just too much work for him. He failed at everything. Math, english, history, Gym. Every single subject he got an F.He dropped out of school.It wasn't just because he failed at everything- he was harshly bullied, every single day, because he looked like a girl. He did, but it's not like he could do anything about it.He had severe social anxiety, and it only got worse over the years.He's also very insecure about how he looks. He doesn't really know if he should call himself a man anymore.His parents gave him motivational speeches about going back to school over and over for two years, but he didn't listen. He knew he couldn't do it, he didn't have it in him. School is like hell on earth to him, and he doesn't believe in god or hell.Once he turned 18, he was kicked out.He was forced to get a job to survive, and he did. However, he failed at everything he did. No matter what he did, he always got fired almost immediately. He barely was able to pay his bills.Eventually, he turned to the dark side. Thievery,  vandalism, many random odd jobs, and he even sold his body a few times. All just to make a quick buck.He was surviving.. But, one day, an old friend from school contacted him, and they got an apartment together as roommates. He would stay for long as he could, under the condition that Soph co-signed something for him. He thought it was just a car or something like that, so he didn't even read the contract.It just so happened that his friend had a huge debt and he had just agreed to help him pay to said debt. His brain wasn't very active anymore, so that may have been a factor as to why he didn't even read it.A Yakuza man came to his door one day.. And told him that he had 3 million debt to pay. His friend had vanished. He probably ran away somewhere. If he paid 100k a month, he said the interest wouldn't raise and he could just pay that much slowly.But.. how was he supposed to get that kind of money?

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