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∂єνιℓ'ѕ νιχєη

12/05/2018 03:26 PM 

To My Lovely Thotura

Yeah you.. the pink haired chick that claimed to be the Queen and the Baddest Sakura in AniRoleplay. But so far... You're nothing but the P**sy of Ani. Honey, you're like a bus. Every dude has rode you. I don't know what sad.. the fact that you gobble every c*ck in the Naruto Verse or any verse at that, or that you talk about Sasuke as if you sucking his d*ck on a regular... Never mind you probably did that, Sasuke wasn't satisfied and left you hence why you probably hate on him so much. What's the deal babe? Why you so mad and butt hurt over someone role-playing a fictional character? Did someone did f*** you right? Was his d*ck to much? Probably. You think every other character is a real man.. but what's a real man? If they got great d*ck? Cause last time I've check, that's not a man. That means he knows what he's working with. But back to you claiming to be the best Sakura on AniRoleplay. Look... anyone can be a hoe, anyone can write hentai and smut, anyone can be a good ass Sakure. But last time I've checked, writing hentai, writing so small and little, and opening up your legs and mouth for the entire community doesn't make you bad or the best. It makes you easy and loose.

Now now.. before you make that comment that everyone is a hoe, let's run that comment. There's a difference between a hoe and one enjoying sex. You fit that hoe description since you like to hop on every d*ck, even the ones that's claimed. I will admit that I enjoy sex myself. But I do have that point in my life where I like to keep my legs closed. Why don't you change your title from The Best Sakura to The Easiest Sakura.

But I'm always here honey, never going no where. Next time, take the d*ck out of your mouth and maybe.. just maybe people can respect you. But then again, your loose wall made that one clear. You can try to fight babe, but we all know how you get down. You talk your sh*t, you'll try to talk big sh*t. But the moment someone speaks up and put that flat pancake ass on blast, you run cause you can't dish what you can't take. You may not be the "BADDEST BITCH" But you haven't met a big bitch. Have a Happy Holidays babe, don't let them walls break down.


12/04/2018 07:36 PM 

Writing sample

This light blizzard seemed sudden. What was she doing out here alone? Where was everyone else? Was this real? The dark grey and clouded sky darkened the open snow covered area around the fair maiden that was the blossom that sprouted and shone through it all. Winter was in its height and the crisp cold of the soft wind froze her to the bone.  Trees were without their leaves giving them an eerie look with frozen teeth made of ice hanging off their branches, grass nor any floral sign grew. Not a hint of color aside from brown, white, dark grey, and a blanket of white. Just on the outside of a forest of pine and dead trees she stood. All seemed dead. Her soft plump cheeks were rosy pink from the cold and her breath could be seen even at the slightest exhale. She held her small hands up in front of her, her palms facing upwards to the heavens, watching as flakes of white collected upon them, making them cold but still melting upon impact. Snow would collect in her hair and melt as well to make it slightly wet only to freeze over again. She grace her eyes open upon realizing just how cold the frost is against  her face. She breathes  in deeply to let the cold air into her lungs because any air is better than a swollen, dying heart. And once those eyes adjust to the cold, she saw nothing but the sky standing over her in weary awe. Her head craning back to look straight up to watch it rain white from the dark skies above for a few more seconds before immediately stopping. A radiating, ominous, red glow from the blood moon that illuminated the night sky gleamed down upon her feature. Not a single star was out to join it. She lowered her arms to her sides, a bit of collected snow fell off her shoulders and hair after she did so. Numbness is what she feel on her body even with clothing supposed to keep a body warm, the cold struck he like she wasn't wearing a thing. Freezing her and making her energy slowly get sapped and her body feel like it was slowly shutting down. The howling from the wind filling her ears making the secluded feeling more severe. Was this death? She didn't feel anything...The air around her felt heavy and a pressure was adding on her, like something was sitting on her chest. A sudden smirk would creep on her face as she felt a droplet smack her cheek and drip down to stain the skin with a trail. She stuck her tongue out and ran the soft pink muscle upon her cheek to lick the droplet only to get a rusty but sweet flavor. A taste she wasn't used to...


What disturbed her was that she couldn't stop herself from licking more off. Like she was a puppet to her own fear. Another hit her cheek, another, could it be raining?
She opened her eyes, once exuberant, to stare at the falling red droplets soaking her body with a  dull and listless look whilst getting drenched but also stain the white snowfield, painting it a crimson red...her lips twitched and the ends curved into a appeared she enjoyed it and even laughed at the corpse of herself down at her own feet. Near nude, frozen, and covered in bite marks. Any life left, impossible.

Lily sat up in her bed with a jolt and a sharp inhale, limbs flailing frantically like she was fighting something that wasn't even there. Her eyes shot open wide whilst a sudden yelp emitted from her mouth, she was met with the floor and would grunt upon impact while landing on her stomach. She had stupidly fallen out of bed during her little burst of panic. She panted heavily, her lively heart pounding within her chest like it would burst out any second that it hurt even. She swallowed the bit of dry saliva in her mouth and trying to wet the cavern back up with her tongue, taking one last large inhale and picking herself up to sit upon her knees. Her form was covered from head to toe with sweat that her body produced from the glands not disgustingly so. Her face had no color, her bangs were lightly matted to her forehead and her sleepwear felt sticky against her body. So that was the wet feeling in her dream.... In a dream so cold, she was so hot in reality. She was slowly coming back to the real world, " was....just a horrible nightmare, yes" she nervously laughed, a little too much, to herself and untangled her feet from within her blankets and used them to wipe her forehead a little before fixing her slight bedhead hair with her hands, "Where am I?....oh, right..." she had realized and put the pieces together, she was here in the Sakamaki manor staying the night with Yui. They did have some fun with Lily's help, they danced and listened to music, played some games, watched some YouTube, ate snacks, and all that sleepover stuff without much worry. In her state of confusion, and anxiety, she quickly reached her soft hands up to her neck to feel around the area and much to her astonishment, as well as relief, "Thank goodness, n-no bite marks..." she breathed out and pulled herself up quietly, her legs felt like jelly and would lightly tremble so she had to use the bed as support. She could barely stand and her heart was still energetic, far from languid. "M-Maybe I should...go home" she said in barely even a whisper, "I-I just can't be here anymore, they get worse and more questionable every time....I am here, it can't just be nothing. This all means something...but what?". 

Regaining herself, she didn't even bother changing out of her dark blue Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas. She just grabbed her white robe off the frame of the bed, slipping it on quickly and tied it at the waist before she slipped on her pink slippers onto her bare feet. She didn't feel sweaty anymore and would finally make her way over to Yui's bed right across from her set up bed. Lily saw her still in slumber. "I-I am so sorry to leave so suddenly...I just do not wish to burden you with whatever ails or troubles me..." she whispered but still tried to not wake her as she would pull the blanket over her very good friend, stepping away, making her way to bedroom door, opening it, and stepping out into the hallway of silence. Or was it? For all she knew, she wasn't in solitude, not with vampires watching you at every turn, who could be where they wanted to be whenever they wanted. And she met a lot fo vampires during her time here, not just the Sakamakis. Families of vampires such as the Mukami and even one called Tsukinami. It was a little frustrating in a way. Tiptoeing through the manor and trying to maneuver through the dark, although would it even help at all how quiet she was? She would find herself a little lost at first. But with time, she found the front doors to her exit and freedom for the night, maybe she could get some much needed sleep once she was back at the Inn. She sighed with relief making her way over to them with a much quicker pace and pulled her phone out of her robe pocket and began to dial a ride to get out of here. It was taking  awhile for someone to pick up and she was getting a little scared as well as frustrated and she wasn't a particular and easily angered person "Oh no, no...Come on...just pick the damn thing up, please. I just go home" she said softly and tightly balled one hand against her chest, her petite form trembling as the phone was at her ear held with her other hand listening to the dial tone. Her balled fist would lash out to the door ready to open it up as she awaited an answer. Much to her dismay and luck, she would not be leaving here any time soon. 

Fimon Talelon

12/04/2018 05:01 PM 


just, damn, just listen ok?

If I bug you to much with replies LET ME KNOW idk how many dang times i have to tell people this only for them to not listen an for them to bitch an moan about me after

another thing
If I annoy you in any way, just f***in tell me i swear to god
bitchin an moaning ain't gonna fix sh*t an neither is callin out where i cant see it

if you don't want to rp with me
that's fine just let me know.

if you don't like me i ain't stoppin you from leaving why you here if you don't

do not be a f***ing salty lil prick just cuz I pointed some mistake, I didn't do it to make you feel bad or look stupid. half the time us humans don't realize the mistake unless someone points it out. chill your f***in ass/

DO NOT BE SENSITIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. by this I mean if like in the rule above you get something corrected, don't get all up in arms. If someone says to watch the show your character is from AGAIN when talking about plot ideas, don't get bent out of shape. I can not stress this enough, I got in stupid petty drama just because I tried to offer help by saying using the show as plot idea inspiro and they thought I was calling them stupid which then caused everyone else to get all up in arms with me (many friendships lost that day just because of one sensitive prick)
don't be that person 

I'm here to role-play not baby or hold your hand, I will be blunt and call you out on things I see stupid. such as very short time limits with no regard on if the person is busy or not or mistakes about names, character info, lore, anything.

that said
I do not role-play action, you know, fighting with swords and whatnot. I don't know how to do it. don't expect me to 
but I will accept dark sh*t like possessive or whatnot
But if you send me a random starter of your character just right away f***ing mine, do expect to be blocked right away.

However I do role-play smut, but not just smut, fluff and angst too
and don't worry about my age, I'm in the drinking range (if you ask for any sort of proof an don't accept what i give you then you can go)

last one
I SWEAR A LOT, I HAVE A SAILOR MOUTH AND MY THOUGHTS AND WHAT I WRITE WILL HAVE SWEAR WORDS IN IT. but it does NOT mean I'm having a attitude, if you wish to see my "attitude" I will gladly show it


12/03/2018 08:45 PM 

Jerza, the beginning of me shipping it

Today's blog shall be about: Jerza. Jerza is the ship between Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes, probably one of the most popular FairyTail ships, up there with both Nalu and Nali.

I think everyone who ships this started shipping it at the same time span. The Tower of Heaven story arc. As kids, they were honestly adorable, with Jellal as a big brother-type figure to Erza. Now, they are trying to murder each other, but they still cling to the memories of when they were kids. Later, in Season 2, after Jellal is resurrected he learns of what he did. He tries to make it up to Erza by sacrificing himself to destroy Nirvana. This, of course, fails, but Erza is terribly moved by this. After Nirvana is destroyed, the Magic Council comes to arrest Jelllal. Instead of fighting back, Jellal accepts this and tells Erza he remembered their childhood. Erza is so moved by this she cries. This just broke my heart and made me want to learn how to draw if only to draw some Jerza.

Well, that's for reading my little rant here. Bye-bye!!

FairyTail, ships,

Purity the Hedge-Claus

12/02/2018 11:32 PM 

Waneta Bio

Name: Waneta.

Species: Mutated Dark Chao, similar to Chaos 0.

Alliance (Evil, Good, Neutral, etc.): Neutral, evil lean.

Powers: Chaokinesis, Adaptability, Shape-shifting.

Likes: Unknown.

Dislikes: Unknown.

Friends/Family: None.

Enemies: Unknown.

Age : Unknown.

Sex: None, referred to as female.

Body Color: Oily Black with blue bubbles inside, can change.

Eye Color: Fusha, can sometimes change.

Height: Can vary.

Weight: Can vary.

Noticeable Features: Waneta's base state is oily in nature, even having rainbow colors at certain angles. However, Waneta is highly adaptable and can take on the form of just about anything due to adaptive natures of Chao. Much like regular Chao, she can adopt qualities of things it connects with by now to a much greater extend than other animals. Her body can become fleshy, liquid, or even solid materials if chosen or offered as what to shape herself as.

Currently Residing: Free roaming,.

Personality: Due to obtaining more power than the average Chao and comparing herself to Chaos itself, Waneta sees herself as a god as well. She believes that she was made better than most others and is only seemed pleased when worshipped as such. Anyone that holds an opposing view, she finds enjoyment in punishing them a certain way.

Strengths: Her shape-shifting makes her highly versatile and she also has the ability to use Chaos Energy much like Chaos.

Weaknesses: Her physical weaknesses vary depending on her form. For example, her base state would be highly weak to heat even though it would not be able to kill her.

Backstory: Dr. Eggman, after his foiled plot of taking over the world, he found himself desiring the use of real clones. He saw much potential in Chaos, which was one of the copies that he used before. The mad scientist sought to recreate an army of Chaos creatures himself by forcefully mutating captured Chao. He decided that he would combine his fascination with Chaos Control on alternate realities to fuel their mutations
     However, as to be expected, the device to bring in excess Chaos Energy overloaded from instability which caused a mass explosion that set free almost all the Chao. Yet, Eggman did not fail as some excess energy when into one of the Dark Chao he had captured. He was unaware of his success though, having been knocked unconscious from the blast and letting the creation escape into the world.

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