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Lilith Aensland

08/18/2019 12:43 PM 

The Demons Grail

"Dear Diary...Psyche! Its actually your mother. I am writing this entry into your Diary so you know what you took from me, why you eventually need to return it, and why you should use it responsibly." "Now, being the heir, and now queen of hell, I have many many many suitors. Not only powerful demon lords, but also great warriors, fallen angels, powerful sorcerers and even gods. They all try to curry favor and gain affection by offering me tests of skill, charms and more often then not, gifts. I have these gifts stored in a sealed vault in my room. A collection of my boy toy/girl gifts." "There were many strange trinkets and curios. Ever changing clothing, the skull of a powerful noted demon lord, the cauldron of a legendary witch, the first ever porn magazine to ever find its way to hell, etc. But one caught your eye, not cause it was beautiful, but it looked so strange. A gilded golden cup, a grail. Oh yes baby, I know you broke into my vault and took it, Didn't think I wouldn't notice? You took something dangerous" "The demons grail....""So a little background on this thing...""One of my many suitors is a Demon lord by the name of Taurus Drey, of the titular Drey noble Family House. A demon of incredible greed, he is a collector of powerful magical artifacts, curios, and living specimens of rare demons and species. Among his favorite acquisitions are those unique objects that do not originate in hell. One of these he lusted for was the creation of three great Magus families. Something called the 'holy grail', a omnipotent wish granting device, or so I am told." "Supposedly, the holy grail was initially created to reach a place called 'the root'. The mythical source of all magic. Frankly speaking, it does exist, I have been there, but its not a realm for most beings to exist, Even I found it difficult. But that story is not for this entry, Our focal topic is the golden cup you have in your little cute hands, my mischievous batling." "While the grail was initially designed to allow a foolish mortal mage to reach the root, It did so by granting a wish. Now I know what your thinking, We demons deal in wishes all the time, its nothing special, and its not so much to us, to use its just exerting our powerful magics and abilities, but to these mortals, its very difficult. ""Still, the power of the wish it could grant was impressive, ironic being in that this was not the reason Taurus Drey needed it for his collection. The three great families created many trinkets and artifacts he had acquired for his little hoard, but this one was special. The grail had the power to access a special dimension, a ephemeral realm connected the entirety of the multiverse itself, a place called the 'Throne of heroes'"."Little one, As you know, when a evil sinner dies, or under the other 'circumstances', their soul falls to hell. However there are situations when one does not. When a being has become so ingrained into the world's memory, they will instead be plucked from their universe and transported to the Throne of Heroes. Many evil beings have failed to come here, being destined for the throne itself. There is a lot of power in the throne, drawing souls from the entire multiverse itself, even hell." "Enough power that had once threatened hell itself...." "When humanity, and the mortal world is threatened with destruction, the throne will summon the worlds greatest weapon, only when all other means have failed, A heroic spirit. This weapon is the embodiment of a living and mythical legend. From the gods on high, to the monsters of earth, from the fictitious and historical, to even the pinnacle of heroes. They wield the powers of gods, a single one even able to rival a demon lord of hell!" *Reminisces about her first experience with a heroic spirit* "There was a particularly bad day I had, before you were born. My anger was taken out on a lonely dimension of scared mortals. I had my first humbling experience to what mortals were capable of...Oh how I remember it clearly" *Flashback* King Arthur: " a hero, what stands between you and them. I watched kingdoms freeze and dragons burn, I have defeated evils uncountable throughout the times of humanity as a hero. I fought the white titan blow for blow and lost things you would never understand. I am king Arthur Pendragon! So Come on then! If you want their lives, You will have to get through me first!" *end of flashback* "I will never forget that fight, I had never climaxed so hard during a fight before that one, and it was one of the few times I ever got close to actually biting it." "You see, I bring this up because the grail in a sense, had the capability of summoning 'heroic spirits' from the throne. It did this in a silly competition to facilitate  the granting of their coveted wish. The grail itself is a complex set of sentient magical formula's devised into a further set of systems and subsystems that, for lack of the proper word, 'hack' into the throne of heroes to call a heroic spirit and bind it to a mortal's service" "Now I say 'heroic spirit', but it would be impossible for mortals to summon and control such godlike superpowers. The grail seemed to manage the task by 'optimizing' and 'downgrading' the hero by limiting its overall existence, separating all its attributes and categorizing them, further optimizing the heroic spirit by placing in a "class" to use a select few of its attributes and then binding it to a feasible vessel.""To use a video game analogy which I know you will get. Its like taking a top of the line, Triple A PC game optimized for a PC with the highest settings. It is then ported over to the Nintendo 64, with 80% of its features and content cut and its engine downgraded so much just to run on the damn thing for your kid disabled cousin to play on" "These pale copies of a heroic spirit are called 'servants', as they are usually at the beck and call of a master. Long story short, the grail can summon these servants from the throne of heroes by hacking into it with a summoning ritual, used for some arbitrary competition to get a paltry wish granted, very boring" "Of course Taurus Drey wanted this coveted item for his collection. However the grail had many protections that made it difficult for even he himself to keep it in hell for his collection. Instead, he devised a plan, and kept his eye on humanity, particularly taking notice of a group called the 'Chaldea Security Organization' and their 'FATE' summoning system. After a number of insurgent dabbling, he managed to steal the knowledge of the grail's creation, and the Fate systems surface workings" "So with this knowledge, he created the 'Demons Grail', Hells very own cup of lucid dreams. Wanting it more for what it could do with the throne and its connection to the great human magi then for its wishing potential. The grail had several noted differences from the original. It lacked a number of the original's restrictions, and it had been marred with a corruptible influence, due to being created by a demon" "The grail had a far higher capacity to summon a alter, anti-hero, or evil servant due to this corrupting influence. It seemed, due to it not being a perfect replica, he felt like it did not belong in his collection. So, during a part that our family hosted, in efforts to seduce his way into my bedroom, he offered me it as a gift. Imagine my joy when he told me what it could do. That I could reenact that heavenly high I felt when I fought with king arthur" "Imagine my disappointment, when all I summoned was a pale imitation of the man who got me to acknowledge him. I was not amused, The Demons Grail was pretty, but that was all it was worth to me, so I stored it away, and there it sat till you found it."  "Now, normally I would stop writing here, the story is done, but not quite. Because there is another grail, this was not the only Demon Grail created. During the war of rebellion here in hell, where your father, Jedah Dohma attempted to usurp our throne, he learned of the demons grail, and the throne of heroes. Learning of that great power, the schemer concocted a devious scheme to weaponize the countless powerful souls of the throne." "He created a second demons grail by using the essences of slain demon nobles from his own house, and created a Greater Demons Grail, one that would force entry into the throne of heroes and fill its cup with their souls. He would use the souls to increase his power to near endless limits to match my father, your grandfather, Belial Aensland""His plan backfired, the throne ascertained the threat to its existence and summoned a army of countermeasures. Hell was assaulted by a legion of True heroic spirits. The rebellion was put on hold as hell itself was under a war of horrible attrition. The thrones existence was threatened, and it bore its teeth at us. Each hero a match for a demon noble, I still remember father facing down the grand heroes among them."  "The battle ended with numerous noble houses destroyed, the heroic spirits banished after their defeat, and the Greater Demons Grail dismantled. The throne had sent its message, and Makai has since not interfered with its operation. It pains me to refer to jedah in any light, but he used this as a brilliant political move to rally forces to his side using the fear of 'outside forces' harming makai. We only knew his involvement with the incident from Ozom after his initial destruction" "I know you will likely not be old enough to understand half this entry darling, but come back and reread this once your older. Understand what few demons know, that mortals and their creations are endless, wonderful, and can be a match for even us. Never underestimate them, our favorite playthings.""Also bring back the Demons Grail"  --Morrigan Aensland


08/17/2019 08:10 PM 

A Grand Announcement II

“Now then,” A room with a rose patterned marble floor. A woman sitting on the sofa and one “other” were there. The woman spoke. She wore a splendid dress adorned with roses. It resembled an aristocrat’s from a previous century. The room was mysterious, just like the woman herself. A number of ancient tomes lined the stacks and rows of bookshelves. People called it a space of knowledge. The same people who spoke the woman’s name. In this place, it is said that even the prayers of sinners would surely reach her ears. A room made using knowledge from the Society the woman belonged to. A secret room of darkness. Could it be called an altar? “Now then, why don’t I make an announcement?” They say she is the leader of criminal organizations that never hesitate to kill; they say she is the head of a secret society writhing in the darkest corners of Europe. One must not speak her name carelessly. If you value your life. One must not imagine what lies in that darkness. If you value your life. “It is the beginning of the Grand Experiment; the beginning of profound cognizance! “And the start of a new era. Not only culture, but human minds must change. That is why, tomorrow, every man and woman and child will be mad!” There was laughter in the woman’s voice. “However, hypothetically speaking… “Should any one person continue to struggle rather than accept the sweetness called despair…” There was ridicule in the woman’s voice. “The Crawling Chaos would suffer in anguish until he expired of rage!” It is said that countless fictions spread from that woman’s mouth. That woman, who began to speak to the “other” before her. “All of you humans, forever loved by us, lend me your ears. We have already met, some unknown time in the past, some forgotten place in the future. This may or may not be the case. Listen well: “Everything— “—Everything is about to begin.”


08/17/2019 05:34 PM 


1.) ABSOLUTELY NO CHILD CHARACTERS2.) 'Do you want to rp with me?' Yes! I do! You don't have to ask! Please don't send me one word messages either!3.) Discussions and random starters are welcome!4.) Please no one-liners, I'm sorry, I just can't do much with one-liners!5.) I don't have any hardcore fetishes, so I'm mostly vanilla, I do hope that's okay, but I'm not going to kinks hame. You can always ask me about some things but please don't be offended if I say no. Also I won't be offended if you just delete me. 6.)  Please no mixed ooc/ic speak. If you do not say you're ooc I will just assume you are ic. If it makes it any easier just use comments for ooc!7.) Be patient, as I usually have a lot of messages, but I will do my best to get to everyone.thank you for taking the time to read this! You don't have to sign or anything!

Broly ~Legendary Saiyan~

08/17/2019 04:32 PM 

Broly ~Legendary Saiyan~

Name: BrolyEarth Age: ||Looks to be mid to late twenties.||Real Age: 737Orientation: StraightStatus: SingleHeight: 7'7" ||Yes, Literally.||Love Intrest: None. ||Prefers female Saiyans. ^v^ Yes, I've changed this many times now. XD||Base Power Level: 7 QuadrillionMax Power Level: 11.2 Septillion ||Race: SaiyanOccupation:  ||He's A Saiyan...||Personality: ??? ||...I'm actually going to save this for the role-play. Keep in mind though, I won't play him exactly as he is in the movies. I'm going to play him kind of my own way. Similar to how Goku is. :3||

♡ sweetener,

08/17/2019 01:46 PM 

Group tips

Need Help? I got youI have a lot of groups, these are exclusive and are down to you if you wish to use them.You can find them all listed below :3HTML/CSS Help Editing Help

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