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♥ Sweet ♥

02/13/2019 08:29 PM 


you add you talk 

I add I talk 

NO comments ( I prefer messages) 

Please no one liners

I don't to personal info so please don't ask 


02/13/2019 07:05 PM 

Current Timeline

Full Canon Xander Timeline

❦Age 750 - Xander is born.

❦(3)Age 753 - Xander is banished from Yumex.

❦(5)Age 755 - Xander is adopted by Black Sun Pirates.

❦(10)Age 760 - Xander officially joins the Black Suns Pirate Fleet.

❦(20)Age 770 - Xander becomes a captain of Black Sun.

❦(22)Age 772 - Xander forms the Estorica Company.

❦(24)Age 783 - The Estorica company Conquers Planet Thot.

❦(25)Age 784 - Visits Earthling Planet, and gains a student.

❦(25)Age 784 - Battles Ignatius Vermont on Planet Dragnof.

❦(25)Age 784 - Unlocks/Creates Eclipse Ozaru Form.

❦Age 784 - Is killed by the Black Sun founder, and revived alongside other Saiyans upon planet Vegeta.


02/13/2019 11:12 PM 

Hi Everyone,
Current mood:  cheerful

I'm Mai Seto and I'm not new to AniRoleplay.Sadly,I had to delete my account due to trolls and plain stupid stuff because someone got butt hurt by either what I've said or did or do here.If you have trouble with not knowing the difference between reality and fantasy,don't even THINK of friending me.The second the crap starts,I will delete you,block you and move on.Ok?

So,here are some things I hope you will read and understand that Im making the rules to protect not only myself,but anyone who Roy's with me.So,let's get started...
1) All my characters are original and I will ask a lot of questions.Sorry,that's just how I do things.I have no problem creating a character for an rp.So please bare with me when I do.
2) I understand everyone has a life as I do.I myself have school,work and sometimes family to deal with and I'm not going to be around a lot.So I'm not ignoring anyone and will answer as soon as I can.
3) As I said,I understand everyone has lives,but if I don't hear from someome,even after I reach out myself,I will delete that person after 6 days.If we agree on a role play and I don't hear from anyone in 5 days,deleted.
4) I role play in many verses,but mostly 21+and over.I also do smut as well but not mandatory.So no pressure.I can work with anything and I will be more then happy to discuss any kind of rp.And sorry ladies,but guys only and no exceptions.Let's just say I'm flexible.
5) Please,do not ask me if I have Skype,Facebook,or any other kind of social media.I don't do Skype.I come here to escape reality and I want to keep it that way.This is how I unwind from a long and stressful day.Please don't add to it.
6) I won't have my characters controlled,no matter how small it might seem.I'd never do that.I might suggest something but that's all I will do.I'm open to suggestions as well and I will discuss them and work to help improve  for the best rp.But mess me about and I will delete and block.
7) Sadly,I will be adding to this list since there is always something new coming up and has to be addressed.I don't want to come off as the b*ch,but if I'm going to be put into that position,then I will become that b**ch.Sorry...
If I sound harsh,it's because the last 3 times I was here I got ganged up on and trolled and harassed.I would expect that from a child with no control or common sense,but adults?If you want to call themself that,acting and trolling like a child?
Please,if you have an issue with me,TELL ME!Don't think making a fake page about me justify's childish behavior.It just makes the troll look childish and yes,stupid.Ok?..
So,let's all TRY to play nice and have fun and I really look forward to some interesting Roy's.

Noctis RoyalRebel

02/13/2019 01:25 AM 

[RP Advice] Admin And Muse/Character (Not The Same)

Another issue I would like to cover, is how many RolePlayers mistake the character and admin to be the same person.

When we roleplay, we are simply acting. Admins are also considered the writers, but as admins, it is our job to think like our character do and display them in the message. I see it all too often where people will accuse the admin over something their character performs. I digress, we are simply the writers, the characters do as they wish. Placing our minds to what our chosen characters think, is the key to great acting and a successful roleplay.

The Admin and Character are NEVER the same person. It is called RolePlay for a reason; Role as in acting as proclaimed, and Play as in exhibiting features of a story. None of it is real, it is all fiction, pretend, make-believe if you will. I fail to understand why others link character to admin, but I believe that needs to stop.

Do you not dress up as a character when you are chosen a part in a play? of course you do. However, you are not that character, you are simply portraying the role you were assigned or had chosen. When you see someone write “It’s not me, it’s what Kuja wants” or similar, that is completely true. Kuja’s mindset is different from his Admin, his admin only provides what Kuja is thinking with his next action.

Needless to say, you cannot claim the writer and character are one in the same. It is simply our jobs as Admins to portray and act as our characters. Keep in mind that the admin only writes accordingly to what their character’s mindset is.

RP Advice, Advice, RolePlay, RP


02/12/2019 09:38 PM 


Drip, Drip, Drip.

Shadows reigned within the stillness of the void as a contrasting porcelain figure seemed to be slumped upon the onyx floor. Tresses of wavy snow veiled the petite figure's visage entirely, motionless, as she seemed to be ensnared by slumber. Yet from the blackness a muffled yet haunting voice seemed to beckon in a hushed whisper to the girl. "Get up." There was no signs of reaction as the once pitch black surroundings began to show faint swirls of something just beyond comprehension. "Get. Up." The voice seemed to grow in strength and.. annoyance? The movement just beyond becoming ominous by the way a vibrant haze of crimson seemed to creep along the floor towards her. 

Once again it was met with nary a motion before the fog seemed to finally surround the comatose woman. The phenomenon slowly taking a transparent shape resembling that of a towering feminine figure. Though there was no other defining features beyond the tendril that extended and seemed to form a hand. Snaking beneath the veil of hair to pluck the figure from the floor violently before it seemed to draw even closer to her. A plume of the eerie shape seeming to draw close to the unconscious visage before a shriek seemed to bellow from the entity. 


[Unknown location, 12:50am]

Drip, Drip, Drip.

Eyes shot open in a gasp revealing icy hues filled with sheer adrenaline, A chill finding her skin from the surrounding air that only served to force her senses to life. The first thing to greet her was an overwhelming pain, The deep breath she'd taken causing a hoarse cough to expell from her lungs. Her entire body ached as though she'd been cast beneath a stampede and left for dead. Trying to move only to discover herself bound by sturdy straps that showed no signs of giving to her desperate struggling. Peering further down her clearly bruised body only more horrors seemed to await her as IVs peppered her entire form. Secured in place with medical tape. Crimson flowing from the needles and into a bag nearby as cruel recollection finally dawned upon the girl. 

Panic swelled her heart as she began to examine the room beyond her holding cell with persistent diligence. It was barely lit as the faint lighting exposed several metallic tables in front of her. Instruments of medical malevolence lining the walls upon makeshift shelves alongside various bottles of medications. This was the work of someone who had been clearly doing this for quite some time, Someone frighteningly organized. Her mind trailed to only a single name despite how it had served to only quicken the sense of panic already instilled upon her. She had to get out of here... and fast.  Otherwise she'd never see the light of day again.

Despite her exhaustion it didn't take long to assess that her binds had just the slightest hint of slack. Someone clearly missing the mark in gauging the size of her wrists could very well be the edge she needed. Though first she'd have to improvise. Glancing to one of the needles in her wrist the connected tube seemed to bend at an odd angle to slightly tug against the tape. Clenching her jaw to remain silent she began to jerk and thrash her wrist despite the needle digging into her flesh. Withholding her hisses of pain until finally fresh droplets of blood cascaded down her arm. With intense focus her optics followed the unusually shifting liquid, As though it moved with a mind of its own.

A thread of crimson soon began to build into a modest sized orb until it took to seeping beneath her binding. Swiftly shifting until it took on the shape of a basic blade and cut through the material in one fell swoop. Bringing the wrist to her mouth she pulled the remaining tape away with her teeth to finally free herself of the aggravating IV. Repeating this frantic endeavor with the remainder of her bindings until she was finally free to move. Plucking away the last of the vile needles in her skin before using the same trick to undo the lock of her cage. Coming to her feet she felt the sudden onset of looming dizziness succumb her for only a moment before she stepped out. 

With no indication of cameras part of her mind wondered with suspicion why this place seemed so.. empty. Though once she set foot towards the door it seemed to open on its own, Coming face to face with incredibly wide eyes upon her. "Hey! Get the f*** back in there!" the male barked as he lifted his weapon to her face. She had no choice. Dipping low with a pained wince she swept her leg behind his own, Prompting the man to fire a shot as he clumsily fell back. Hand outreaching to grab the underside of the rifle and yank it from his hands just before he hit the ground. The alabaster figure stepping above him to bring the butt of the weapon down upon his head before it was silent once more. 

"Sh*t." tiredly huffed from her lips as she peered down the hallways for any signs of reinforcement. It wouldn't be long before somebody was going to come running from the sound of gunfire. Yet a maze of halls sat before her, Mind desperately deliberating until something seemed to drive her instincts. Like somehow she already knew the path and it chanted repetitively in her mind: Left, Left, Right, Upward Staircase, Right, Left. Casting suspicion aside in panic of being caught the woman's bare feet rushed across the concrete. The faint sounds of her heels grazing the floor barely echoed the halls as she trekked with extreme caution. 

Holding her still slightly bleeding wrist just in case trouble surprised her along the way she followed the path. Sneaking past doorways until she finally reached the upward staircase, Just a bit further. Stepping quietly the woman ascended until she caught a glimpse of a pair of labelled displays along with a haunting insignia. Backing her assumptions of the culprits of her kidnapping to the letter, Aeternum, they'd never cease their vile hunting of people like her. Burying her fury down she took the next right only to hear the faint sounds of voices within her path. Quickly darting behind what appeared to be a large trash bin as she held her breath and desperately hoped they'd just pass by. 

Footsteps seemed to fade along with the voices before she finally peered just barely from beneath the corner. Coast was clear. Hesitantly she returned to her feet before darting for the final reach of her memory. Coming to a pair of doors that looked to lead to a parking garage of sorts. With any luck she could slip out unnoticed amidst some parked cars and make a getaway. Knowing the first thing she'd be doing was finding a phone and reaching out to Bruno. It occured to her that she hadn't even thought about how long she'd been in captivity. God only knows the state he must have been in, Though another hoped he'd put faith in her. To not have done anything hasty in her absence to put him in the line of danger. 

Slipping through the door she ducked behind the closest vehicle she could reach and began to look around for an exit. It didn't take long for a familiar chill to run up her spine as she lurked from the shadows. The sensation of eyes upon her being second nature before the sound of quietly prowling pads caught her ears. Her body immediately turned to outstretch a pole of blood between her and a fresh set of razor sharp fangs. Snarling and snapping around the construct as Lyla quickly kicked it away and took off. "F***ing shade hounds! Really?!" she huffed as eyes scanned frantically for an exit or at least a place to lose them.

Yet she'd sooner find herself being tackled to the ground by a blindsiding packmate of the first. Fresh maw clenching onto her shoulder viciously as Lyla cried out before the creature would find himself being pincushioned by the fresh blood pooling in its mouth. "Get off me!" she snarled with struggle as the spikes retracted and caused the beast to tumble lifelessly to the ground. White gown drastically being stained by the newly acquired wound as she felt herself struggling. Another pair seemed to repeat the action as they brought down their desired prey to her knees. A swarm of growling snapping maws piling atop of the woman until she couldn't even be seen anymore from the droves of unnaturally pitch black fur. 

'We're not done yet, Stupid girl.'

A wave of yelps filled the corridor with an echo as every body was slashed back in a single motion. The girl standing from the carnage with vibrant ruby optics that held an ominous intention behind them. The smell of iron permeating the surrounding area just as the security guards arrived within the garage. Weapons at the ready as that glance casted upon them without a sign of remorse but... sadistic glee. "You would do well to put those down before you lack the option." An ice woven threat sounded as she pointed the dripping long blade their way. Whatever compassion Lyla once possessed had now faded away to an entirely different force, An all too familiar monster. 

As scared fools always did they used their toys to try and prove themselves assertive with excessive force. A sigh leaving her lips as the triggers were pulled, Prompting a slow stride towards them. As much as they fired it seemed none found their marks to be reaching the stalking woman. Horrified glances watching as their bullets simply fell from mid-air amidst the crimson haze. Unaware each casing only connected with miniscule discs of blood produced by the excess of the essence in the atmosphere. Growing impatient the woman finally took off into a sprint as her lips curled into a remarkably unsettling smile.

"You should have ran.~"

The sounds of parting flesh and gurgled screams were a constant as the maiden flowed from body to body. A dance performed to the requiem of the poor souls who dared not to heed her warnings. White strands quickly being stained pink by the haphazard sprays of her victims as she sang contently to the melody of struggled breathing. "Saigner!" The battle ended almost as swiftly as it had begun, The garage looking as though a war had taken place. Clearly it was thoroughly one-sided. Yet amidst the seemingly possessed woman's showboating she hadn't realized another coming behind her. A hand quickly jabbing another needle into the crook of her neck before she gasped and turned to counter. 

Plucking the syringe from her flesh those crimson optics seemed to be slowly losing their luster as the adrenaline was forcibly de-escalating at a dangerous rate. Red orbs seeming to slowly shift back to docile pools of frosted blue that were quickly glazing over. Trying to keep herself ready as she searched for her assailant only for whatever she'd been injected with to take its toll. Lyla's body losing all control of itself as she collapsed, both from complete exhaustion and loss of blood, as she shivered upon the floor. Fighting to keep her eyes open as a towering figure seemed to finally approach her with a crooked smile. "You are a sight to behold lovely, Seems you may be of more use to me than the others." 

The voice was hardly recognizable as she felt her eyes growing far too heavy in her present state. Unable to fight as she felt herself being picked up by someone or something, Trying so hard to will her body to resist. The darkness quickly threatened to consume her again as she could only catch faint mumbling now. "Take her... And make sure the dose is... Otherwise you'll end up like them..." consciousness was fleeting at an alarming rate. Yet only one final cohesive thought bounced through her mind as she fell unconscious once more before being carried back through the garage doors. 

'...I'm so sorry Bruno.'

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