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✿Enchanted Beauties(Mcrp)

03/21/2020 11:13 PM 

The Arch-Angel hybrids.

NAME:Marcus Capone-FaithAGE:ImmortalSPECIES: Half God/Half Arch angelNICKNAMES:Give me someGENDER:MaleOCCUPATION #1:Fighter/ProtectorHOBBIE'S: unclear for nowCURRENT RESIDENCE: Beach Side CondoPLACE OF BIRTH: unknownDATE OF BIRTH:UnknownBLOOD TWIN:Nikki Capone-FaithOTHER SIBLING:S: Lucas Capone-Faith/Leah Capone-Faith/Nessi Capone-FaithHAIR:black w/white bangs & 1 Dark violet streakEYE'S:Blue(R)/Violet(L) w/blackSKIN: EbonyLIP'S:--BIRTHMARK'S:--TATTOOS:---CLOTHE'S:Any color but mainly Black|dark blue/whiteORIENTATION:Bi-SexualMARITAL STATUS:Single & LookingTO WHOM:ROLEPLAY'S IN:(1)ROLEPLAYING WITH#1: XyleithROLEPLAYING WITH #2:ROLEPLAYING WITH #3://NOTE: DON'T MATTER HOW MANY ROLEPLAYS THEY ARE IN,WHO EVER WINS MY CHARACTERS HEARTS IS THE WINNER.//BACK STORY: coming soonNAME:Lucas Capone-FaithAGE:ImmortalSPECIES: Half God/Half Arch angelNICKNAMES:Give me someGENDER:MaleOCCUPATION #1:Fighter/ProtectorHOBBIE'S: unclear for nowCURRENT RESIDENCE: Beach Side CondoPLACE OF BIRTH: unknownDATE OF BIRTH:UnknownBLOOD TWIN:Nikki Capone-FaithOTHER SIBLING:S: Marcus Capone-Faith/Leah Capone-Faith/Nessi Capone-FaithHAIR:black fading into dark violet with white bangsEYE"S:(L)Violet(/R)Blue  w/blackSKIN: EbonyLIP'S:--BIRTHMARK'S:--TATTOOS:---CLOTHE'S:Any color but mainly Black|dark blue/whiteORIENTATION:Bi-SexualMARITAL STATUS:Single & LookingTO WHOM:ROLEPLAY'S IN:(0)ROLEPLAYING WITH#1:ROLEPLAYING WITH #2:ROLEPLAYING WITH #3:​​​​​​​//NOTE: DON'T MATTER HOW MANY ROLEPLAYS THEY ARE IN,WHO EVER WINS MY CHARACTERS HEARTS IS THE WINNER.//​​​​​​​BACK STORY: coming soon

s ι η

03/21/2020 08:19 PM 

The Sinful Demise (DBD Verse)

Survivor: Mikhail KurlukervichAge: 26Hometown: Kiev, UkraineMikhail was born to a loving middle class family. Like most kids his age, he was full of promise, life and only wanting to have fun. He often recalled the smell of his childhood home; it smelled of apple pie. His mother was a heck of a baker and he'd find himself eager to help her with her next dessert! His father, however, as loving as he had always been... started to change. Work had started to take its toll on him. There was a recession and layoffs were more and more frequent and one day... he snapped. Mikhail had just turned sixteen and was returning home from a party. The lights had been off, which instantly made Mikhail suspicious. The house had only ever gone dark when everyone was sleeping, but it had only been eight o'clock. It was quiet... too quiet in a full house. He stepped into the living room, grabbing the his metal baseball bat from the side of the front door. "Mom...?" Just as he spoke the light was turned on and his Father had charged him. "Dad?!" He lifted the bat, but from pure confusion he didn't swing. His father grabbed the bat and they struggled. He could hear the muffle screams of his mother just a few feet away. Realization had hit him, but so did his Father, square in the temple. Mikhail loss consciousness. He came to and felt the ropes tight around his wrists. Getting his bearings he collected that he was in the living room still, his mom laying next to him passed out. He didn't see his father anywhere, but he knew it would only be a matter of time until he returned. He had to act fast. "Mom- Mom. Hey! Mom!" He could see her slowly coming to. "Where's Lena?" His younger sister. Rhena shook her head. "I don't know...-" Mikhail's eyes looked around for something sharp. He needed to get these ropes off. "He said he was waiting for you and her to come home... They fired him today."Mikhail didn't pay attention to the reasoning. He needed to work out a plan. He managed to stand back to his feet. He ran into the kitchen as quietly as he could. Sitting upon the counter he removed the large knife from the block. As he walked jogged back toward the living room, he stopped. He heard his father in the garage. The whirling of power tools being tested echoed sickeningly. He came to his Mom, dropping the knife in front of her; her hands bound at the front. "Cut these off me. We gotta get out of here." She wasted no time and grabbed the knife. Just as the bindings came free, Wilhelm had returned."You little sh*t!" He ran at Mikhail again, but he was determined not to die. He grabbed the knife from his mother and plunged it straight into his chest. This made the male stop in his place, falling to the floor, eyes full of hatred. Mikhail dropped the blade and fought the urge to vomit. He grabbed his mother's wrist and ran to the door, taking his phone with him and dialing the police.His father didn't die that day.Ten years later, Mikhail was living on his own and returning from work. He had forgotten to charge his phone and it had died. As he stepped into his bedroom, he plugged the device in and powered it on. He came to his large closet and removed his shirt. While doing so he heard his phone going off in a rapid fire of notifications. He expected this, but not so many all at once. Shirtless, he went for his phone and read a few of the texts messages. Horror took his heart. "Your father escaped! Be careful! Call me as soon as you-" Just then, searing hot pain took over in his back. Letting out a pained scream, Mikhail collapsed to his bed. He turned to see his attacker... his father. "You... this is your fault... I lost everything... because you would not die!" Fearless, Mikhail raised from his bed and lunged at his father, but before he could reach him he had vanished from view. Confused... he observed his surroundings. The crackling of a fire in the distance, that inviting glow of the flames beckoning him. A fog rolled in softly. "Where am I?" The pain was gone from his back, in fact... so were the wounds. He walked toward the fire... he knew he wasn't in Kiev anymore... he needed to get back home. To protect his mother and sister.Perks            Unyielding                            Lionheart                         Not Dead YetUnyieldingPain is not a problem. Your determination to live numbs your senses. While you're within 10/15/20 meters of the killer, you leave no blood pools and your noises of pain are reduced by 50/70/100%. Sprinting while injured will trigger a tremedous skill check for every second you are running. You will leave no scratch marks as long as you continue to hit the skill checks. Failing a skill check reveals your aura to the Killer for 90/60/30 seconds and causes you to scream. LionheartYou are fearless. You've faced danger before and lived to tell the tale. You know what it takes to survive. While in chase with the Killer, Lionheart activates. While healthy, you move 1/2/3% faster. When injured valuting speed is increased by 2/3/4%, but you lose the increase to movement speed.Not Dead YetYou refuse to die. You will do whatever it takes to escape. For each survivor that has died you can fully recover from the dying state 1/2/3 times and leave no scratch marks for 6/8/10 seconds. Killer: The BehemotBack story coming soon.Perks        Devious Intent                           Damnation                          Eyes of Fire

Ash (MCRP)

03/21/2020 03:35 PM 

Nathan Wolfheart
Current mood:  calm

Nathan WolfheartI'm 5'9, 185 pounds as you can tell i'm pretty muscular tone. Well since you want to know about me i guess ill tell you. "sigh shakes his head" Well I'm a trainer in a local gym for anyone who wants to lose weight or just learn the basics so they can stand up for themselves. I have alot of different sides to myself so it depends on how you talk to me is how ill talk to you. I did study kick boxing when i was younger plus a few other tricks as well. "Rolls his eyes" You know what if you want to know more just ask and maybe ill tell you 

Future Mai (S&L) +21

03/20/2020 11:14 PM 

Rules that will be enforced

Rules Rule 1: If you don't talk to me in a couple days you will be deleted as of a friend.Rule 2: No mutes will be cleaning my friend list once a week, I'm not number and don't want people who don't talk and want keep as a number.  Rule 3: No drama as it is cause for automatic block and removal as friendRule4: If you are denied the first time don't keep sending friend requests as you will be blocked and not added.Rule 5: Real life comes before any roleplay and will not reply whenever you want to, as i have real life outside of roleplay.  Sign if you read them as this is must even before going into any discussion as for any roleplay you want do.I won't bother to reply if you don't read and sign the rules.  


Lilith Aensland

03/20/2020 07:55 PM 


  ROSE ALARUNE   Demon Type: plant Class: B Representing Sin: pride, vanity Diet: blood, kidney Region Found: vibrant forests, gardens, jungles, occasionally towns and cities Rarity: Rare Unique Details: Species can create 'drones', blood drinkers, multiple reproductive processes     ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POWERS AND ABILITIES Superhuman Statistics: Vines strong enough to tear through dense bark and able to pierce stone. The main body is relatively weaker then the average demon but the petals are comparable to iron Enthralling scent: Capable of emitting a sweet scent capable of both dulling the senses, numbing pain and charming their prey Manipulating vines: Can sprout thorny vines from launched seeds that they control remotely, the vines are laced with a powerful poison that can even bring down strong demonic beasts Drone Creation/Control: Can create lesser plant demons, drones that serve as both its eyes, ears and servants. The drones are capable of using minor illusions and accomplishing basic tasks Petal Storm: can create a whirlwind of razor sharp petals that can freely roam to where the Alarune or its drones can see.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   CREATURE DETAILS   Geographical Location: the Rose Alarune is located usually in vampire gardens, vicious if not vibrant forests where the colors of the leaves also run red with blood, and on occasion civilized areas prone to regular acts of violence. They are most commonly found in blood rivers and lakes or small islands in the boiling crimson sea Cultural Details: Rose Alarune's are solitary demons, although this is not of their choice as they are often abandoned due to their 'transformation' from the other Alarune species. They generally spend their time with their drones, talking to themselves while pretending their drones can speak back, often developing multiple personality disorders. They have difficulty connecting with others, due to their blood-thirst, attempts at normal social conduct usually end with them draining the crimson liquid from their prey. On rare occasions however, if they can learn to control their cravings, they can live peaceably in towns or cities, becoming a unusual attraction at the parks. Hunting:  Rose Alarune's drink fresh blood, and at times kidney's with their mouths, it does this with with small little ports within the the thorns of their roots which they use to move around. Rose Alarune's do not like moving and usually are stationary and patient predators. They hide in their flower and become a enthralling flora that draw in prospective victims, relying on surprise attacks to grapple, poison, then suck the blood from their prey. Failing this, they team up with their drones to disorient and overwhelm their prey through bloodletting, choking and poison.  Mating: Rose Alarune's are capable of two reproductive processes. Their first relies on the corpse of a freshly drained victim. The Alarune will usually kiss the corpses mouth, injecting them with various seeds that will, within a week, sprout their drone flowers. Their second method is more regular,  as their human body bears the same reproductive organs as land dwelling fauna. However, by the rare chance of maintaining a stable romantic relationship, or more commonly rape, they produce a single healthy alarune child of a regular species. Rose Alarunes are not born naturally and need to be fed blood early in their infancy to mutate into another Rose Alarune. However these floral demons do not wish to propagate their own kind and refrain from tainting their children. Other Details: Rose Alarune's do make efforts to become less lonely, although paradoxically they hate moving and are usually stationary. Its usually when their loneliness outweighs their madness and solitary lifestyle. They will move in brief bursts, slowly making their ways towards some point of civilization. If a Alarune can maintain a relationship without killing their partner, their multiple personality disorder is usually cured. Vampires are particularly fond of these demons, and keep a few in their courtyards and gardens. They are not known to run business but can oddly show up in red light districts.  -FIN

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