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11/29/2019 08:41 PM 

Marshal Krasher (Star Wars Old Republic OC)

Name: Marshal Age:17Gender:maleSexual/Romantic Orientation: BisexualNickname(s):Dusty(he likes to play with dust)Alias(es):DustyEra: Old RepublicBirth Date: 04/10/BNR(Before New Republic)Status: AliveSpecies:Mammalian humanEthnicity: [Human Only] whiteBlood Type:AB+Affiliations:Jedi OrderOccupation: JediThe Character’s AppearanceGeneral Appearance:Height:5 foot 6inchesMass:?Weight:110Handedness: AmbidextrousJewelry/Accessories:A force sensitive necklace from his motherAbout the CharacterPersonality:quiet, kind, determinedFavorites:books and artLeast Favorites:Sith followers and bulliesHobbies/Interests:drawing and practicing using the forcePhobias/Fears:SpidersHabits:twiddling his fingersMannerisms:polite and respectfulSkills/Talents:The forceBest Qualities:kind, helpfulWorst Qualities:quiet and shyMorality/EthicsMorality:knows what is right and wrongEthics:Don't fight until negotiations have failedGoals/Motivations/Dreams:Goals:protect everyone he canMotivation:the thought of seeing his mother againDreams:The Sith to be lessenedThe Character’s Relationship With OthersReputation:most people are nice to him as he is nice back most of the Sith despise him but know of his full potentialLove Interest(s):n/aFriend(s): Satele Shan, Master Orgus Din.Enemy(ies): SithRelationship(s): He was raised in Tython, the home planet of the Jedi under the careful watch of Grand Master Satele Shan and Master Orgus DinThe Character’s AbilitiesJedi?:YesIf Yes, Rank?: PadawanColor of Lightsaber: Frost Blue single blade lightsaberFighting Style:articulatedPreferred Weapon(s):Lightsaber1-10 1 being horrible 10 being greatKnowledge:6.5 /10Conceptualization Power: 3/10Motivation:8 /10Will to Act: 7/10Agility: 7/10Force Control: [How Well They Use the Force] 9/10Swordsmanship:8 /10Hand-to-Hand Combat: 6/10Long Range Accuracy:6 /10Piloting Skills: 8/10Offense: 6/10Defense:6 /10Social Skills: 7/10The Character’s Familial/Biographical InformationBirthplace:UndisclosedHomeworld:UndisclosedFamily:Jane Krasher -mother(unknown if dead or alive)Familial Background:UnknownCharacter Background:Unknown


11/29/2019 08:36 PM 

Conor Krasher (Star Wars OC)

NAME: Conor KrasherFACTION: Jedi OrderRANK: PadawanSPECIES: Human AGE: 13GENDER: MaleHEIGHT: 5 foot 3 inchesWEIGHT: 110lbsFORCE SENSITIVE:  Yes, however he is being trained by the Jedi OrderAPPEARANCE:((Better in image)) ATTRIBUTES: Conor is what we would call a easily distracted Jedi. most of the time when he's not training with one of the Jedi he can normally be found in the Jedi archives. Conor isn't typically found by himself in his room or and the training field with one of the other padawans training his force abilities.PERSONALITY: similar to his ancestor Marshall Krasher he has a hard time getting along with brand-new people that includes droids. so once you get to know him he is typically more polite and in a way more Jedi like since typically he does not act like a typical Jedi around strangers which is something his master gets on to him about quite a bit.BIOGRAPHY: Conor was born on Coruscant just shortly before the events of phantom menace, his father a Jedi consular and his mother a Jedi Knight were only given permission by the grand council to keep the child after Grand Master Yoda had a vision of the child, he does not have much contact with his family after he is born but Yoda does inform him of the fact that both of his parents did fall in battle. He originally was training under a Master windu in some of the basic forms of lightsaber combat though he is currently under the careful watch Master Shakti.SKILLS:despite being a Jedi he is very proficient at using blasters and any long-range weapons. When it comes to swordsmanship he is not the best as he does not do very well with lightsaber training though he can steadily use a vibrosword or any vibrotechnology. His most preferred force abilities are typically the force push and pull and the mind control and mind trick. Though he does know how to do it he does still struggle with the force jump.GEAR: after reaching the rank of Padawan he was granted permission to craft his own lightsaber which he wields willingly and proficiently. despite carrying the Jedi's main weapon he also carries a single handheld blaster. He typically wears the standard Jedi robes, unless in combat then he will wear a simplistic set of armor..RELATIONSHIPS: both of his parents are deceased, he has gained a little bit of friendship with Ahsoka Tano and Master Skywalker, and he is acquainted with Master Kenobi but has only gone on a very select few of missions with him.SHIP: he does own his own Jedi Starfighter so he prefers not to use it if not necessaryDROIDS: he owns an R2-B1 astromech stood given to him by Anakin after one of their trips to Naboo for Senator Amidala. He also owns a protocol Droid of the 3PO series of protocol droids, which he nicknamed Silver Man.

Sheer lunacy and The dogmatic

11/29/2019 06:45 PM 

Field report: failed capture of soli, mahou shoujo idol of kritan

Imperial captain Luna Astrid Drache stood beneath the spotlight.  "Zhe mission vas doomed to fail from zhe start.  A battle vas something necessary.  Zhe bitch had enemy ready like she vas expecting us.  I feel a mole may be among us.  Zhe plans to capture and extract information from her vas a failure and one of our own fell.  I disposed of zhe corpses.  Ve fled as zhe odds vere not in our side and zhe media approaching.  Exposure vould not help if ve got spotted before zhe quartet vere dead or captured."  She made a single finger gun then proceeded to make a single gunshot noisenwith her mouth.  "Zhe bitch won't be of any threat to future plans.  Eins shot to her spine before our retreat.  Ve need to find our mole and shoot it."   She made sure the mahou from her land was dead to avoid any state secrets from being leaked.  A scowl forming on her face as she considered perhaps killing the enemy mahou instead of just injuring her despite the short time they had due to the leak of their plans to capture the mahou.  This failure, a blight on her record.  Whoever this mole was, she wanted to see to it personally that their punishment was severe and held long lasting implications to any other mahou who dared to damage her reputation or military records.  Her anger was not quelled with the execution of one of the mahous during the brawl nor was it when she crippled that electrical mahou while she was distracted with the death of her ally.  Luna knew nothing would come of this farce of a report as never was one done upon the completion of a mission.  She may have not captured the idol, but that idol wouldn't be an issue on the battlefield when the nation went on the offensive.   "Ve had an issue as SHE vas there and your orders stated i vas to avoid combat vith her at all costs.  The others had trouble so i had no choice, but to order zhe retreat vithout zhe bitch.  I could have crushed her., but your orders stopped me from eliminating a problem early for our land.  Zhe mahou of griga ist no match for a bullet commandant." A voice from beyond the veil spoke, it belongong to an older male.  "Luna, the mole shall be dealt with by us, we don't need your "assistance" in the matter.  Do not interfere nor attempt to assist in the investigation, just rest up for your next mission is to assassinate five mahous.  Remember, leave no trace of your connection to us and kill all who stand in your way."

─ arkham.

11/29/2019 09:23 PM 


GUIDELINESPlease read the information and sign below if you wish to continue using our content. 01. Credit.    Credit is a must, especially when it comes to custom work. Editors sat down and took time to work on things you've asked for so please show us some respect. In regards to premades, we don't have to do too much for premades and we don't own the original images so just don't redistrubute anything from my site onto another.  02. Respect & Kindness.    Respect is something we expect from everyone; including the team here at Arkham. The way it works is, give respect and you shall receive. That's all there is to it. Respect our jobs here at Arkham; that includes our edits and our efforts to help all of your roleplay needs...and respect will be given to you wholeheartedly. Keep in mind some of us have jobs and can't be here 24/7 and most of us are also roleplayers just like yourselves. If you cause any drama for us here, you will be warned. 03. Gossip & Dramatics.    Keep that kind of stuff away from our site please. We will not post information on people jocking, site dramatics to bring people under, etc. We can't be bothered with all that stuff - It's just immature and useless to us.  04. Custom Content.    Some of our staff offer custom content here on the site, but there is also free resources available. No one is obliged to pay for content, and will never force you to pay for content. However, if you want something that is uniquely yours, we do offer our services for competitive pricing. All prices are subject to change and all payments are taken through paypal. I live in the UK but I do take US currency for the benefit of others (most people I meet are from the US) but paypal does the currency exchanges for you. If you have any questions regarding custom work, feel free to message us or check out the custom content blog. 05. Bundles.    Continuing with the premium / custom content, there is bundles on offer which are sometimes better instead of purchasing things on their own. Each staff member has different bundles available to purchase. These can contain anything from a premade bundle eg. 10 simple edits & 10 extra edits or a headliner and doorknocker combo. Again, it just depends on the bundle at the time. There's usually a great selection when it comes to holidays etc. Please enquire about these bundles with a staff member or view their custom content blog for more details.06. Affiliates / Sibling Sites.If anyone wishes to be an affiliate or even a sibling, feel free to fill in the affiliate form and I'll get to your request and add you. I share my affies / siblings out once every few weeks in a bulletin.07. Promoters / Members.This is a thing we may be implimenting over the coming weeks. Those who promote Arkham will get a spot at the bottom of the main profile and have a photo and a link to their profile. Promoters will also get a free custom and anything else of their choice once a month.If you have read & fully understood these terms, please sign with a favorite quote / gif of your roleplay character. These rules are subject to change at any time. - Arkham StaffPROCEED TO CONTENT


11/29/2019 04:05 PM 


everyone has them, I'm no different.Para and up roleplays only.Mostly IC means, well...  that I'm mostly ICLike everyone, I have a life and a job. So I'm not always on. If I don't answer, I'm busy.If you make me cringe, I'm not replying.If I say no. I'm not going to change my mind. And I will straight up say no to sexual encountersDark themes are likely. Killian is an oppurtunistic murderer. This murder usually only applies to NPCs, but don't press your luck. Because if you push his buttons he won't just stand there.

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