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Chama MCRP (DUH)

04/17/2019 03:55 PM 

Old character bios....done in the style of a psych-eval.....


*a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes sits before a computer with a small smirk, pulling the keyboard to her and beginning to type*
Arkham Asylum Evaluation log:
Analysis documented by: Dr. Rosalin Chama of the pediatric psychology departmant
Subject: the children calling themselves collectively "GVK"
Comments: Though the entire group has never been in Arkham all at once at any point, I've had at least one session with each of the children in the "GVK", an apt acronym given to me by two of the group's members, short for "Gotham Villians' Kids", which is exactly what these children are. Whether any of these children are actually the biological offspring of Gotham's supervillians, I've yet to determine, but each of them has graviated towards and emulated at least one of them. I'll start my analysis of these individuals with the child who appears to be the oldest, as well as the leader. He is also the one who appeared first. I speak, of course, of young Prank.
Subject name: given as Harry Quinzel
Subject alias: Prank
Surrogate family: Dr. Harleen Quinzel and Jack Napier, A.K.A: Harley Quinn and The Joker
Physical appearance: Hair and eye color both a bright shade of green, skin tone is slightly pale
Age: unknown, approximately 9 at time of interview
Costume: Black jumpsuit similar to Harley's, with matching gloves, worn under a straightjacket that has been altered and dyed purple, suspect it to be one that Joker took during one of his escapes. Wears boots that match the straightjacket. Face is normally hidden behind a specialized filtration mask and tinted goggles. Needs goggles to see, suspect lenses have been altered to his perscription by another of the Gotham villians, also suspect a run-in with yet another villian is cause of wearing the filtration mask, specifically Dr. Johnathan Crane, A.K.A Scarecrow, after viewing security footage of their interaction during Prank's first stay here at Arkham.
Personality: compulsive lier, suspect he learned this behavior from Joker. Normally speaks with a British accent, though when feeling threatened, as with the encounter with Crane, he switches to an American one, as if to differeniate between two personalities. Suspect personality with American accent to be the actual "Prank", while "Harry" uses the British accent. Impossible to tell which is the true child, however. More analysis required for further documentation.
Subject name: given as Janet Isley-Nygma
Subject alias: Jigsaw, though suspect secondary alias of Amarylis
Surrogate family: Edward Nygma and Pamela Isley, A.K.A. The Riddler and Poison Ivy
Physical appearance: Red hair and green eyes, skin has nearly unnoticeable green tinge, left upper bicep has a marking that appears to be a question mark wrapped in ivy
Age: unknown, approixmately 8 at time of interview
Costume: Green sleeveless jumpsuit worn under a red skirt embroidered to look like a jigsaw puzzle, detached sleeves starting at middle of the bicep match the skirt. Suspect these to be made from the pieces not used in Prank's costume. hands and feet encased in purple material edged with light pink lace, this being part of the reason I at least suspect the secondary alias of Amarylis, also because the two never appear at the same time. Purple domino mask is worn to match Riddler's costume.
Personality: Obsessive compulsive, much like Mr. Nygma. She's emulated her surrogate father to the point of putting together a variant of his catchphrase. Where as Mr. Nygma will often say "Riddle me this.", young Janet will sometimes tell me to "Puzzle it out" during our sessions if I ask a question that she feels is too personal, such as if she indeed does have a secondary alias.
Subject name: given as Bell Isley-Nygma
Subject alias: Nightshade, suspect secondary alias of Sudoku
Surrogate family: Edward Nygma and Pamela Isley, A.K.A. The Riddler and Poison Ivy
Physical appearance: Orange hair and green eyes, skin holds a darker green tinge than her sister, mark on left upper bicep is a line of ivy wrapped around her arm with small question mark shaped holes in a few of the leaves
Age: unknown, approixamtely 8 at time of interview, supported by subject telling me that she and Janet are in fact twins
Costume: Yellow sleeveless top worn with purple tights under a purple skirt cut and shaped to look like the petals of a woody nightshade flower. gloves and accompanying boots are green in color, though edged with purple lace, supporting theory of secondary alias, again, Nightshade and Sudoku have never both appeared at the same time.
Personality: Protective, especially of plant-life and her family. Once or twice, she's let Janet's catchphrase slip out during one of our sessions when she felt uncomfortable. Whereas Janet idolizes their father, Bell is closer to their mother, to the point where I suspect that the two girls live separately with their respective parents, as I highly doubt Mr. Nygma's compulsive behavior would do well in one of Ms. Isley's hideouts, or vise-versa.
Collective analysis thus far: Whereas "Prank" lives with both parents full-time, "Jigsaw" and "Nightshade" split their time between the two, thus another reason for my theory of both girls having a secondary alias corresponding to the other's primary one. I've noted as well that "Amarylis" only appears when Mr. Nygma is in Arkham's care, and "Sudoku", likewise, is only present when we have Ms. Isley here, suggesting that when their primary parent is unable to care for them, the girls take up residence with their sister and corresponding secondary parent. Additionally, while neither of the twins shares "Prank's" paranoia in making the filtration mask part of their costume, both of them, as well as every other member of the group, carry one.
Secondary costumes: "Amarylis" wears a dress styled to appear as though she is wearing a flower from the Belladonna Amarylis plant, making it so that both twins have a plant that can be called a belladonna. "Sudoku", likewise, wears an outfit that matches that of "Jigsaw", only the embroidry on the skirt and sleeves appears as an unfinished sudoku puzzle. I suspect the numbers on "Sudoku's" outfit may be a cipher of some kind.
Subject name: given as Kaitlin Kyle
Subject alias: Kitten
Surrogate family: Selena Kyle, A.K.A. Catwoman
Appearance: Blonde hair and light brown eyes
Age: unknown, approixamtely 8 at time of interview
Costume: A more childish version of her surrogate mother's, simply put.
Personality: Slight kleptomania, corresponding with Ms. Kyle's obsession with cats and artwork depicting them. subject also exhibits surrogate mother's anti-hero tendencies, having at least once helped to apprehend another member of the group, though said member seems to be the least liked among them.
Subject name: given as Jacob Crane
Subject alias: Jack-o'-lantern
Surrogate family: Dr. Johnathan Crane, A.K.A. Scarecrow
Appearance: Light brown hair and golden brown eyes
Age: unknown, approixamtely 8 at time of interview
Costume: Like "Kitten", "Jack-o'-lantern" wears a similar costume to his surrogate parent, the major difference being that, whereas "Scarecrow" uses a burlap sack as a mask, Jacob paints his face to look like his alias.
Personality: Compulsive need to create fear, much like his father. as a result, "Jack-o'-lantern" seems to be the least liked within the group, as his father is with their parents, as well as among the children. "Prank" in particular has the worst reaction when in the presence of both father and son, but putting him in proximity to one or the other produces vastly different reactions. where "Prank" is violent towards Dr. Crane, he is at least tolerant of Jacob. I suspect this to be the only reason Jacob is included within the group, as the others tend to avoid him when they are in proximity, especially when alone.
Subject name: given as Darien and Serenity Phreese
Subject alias: Frost and Chill
Surrogate family: Dr. Victor Phreese, A.K.A. Mr. Freeze
Appearance: Both have frost blue eyes and platinum blond hair, as well as a slight petina of frost on their skin
Age: unknown, approixamtely 8 at time of interview
Costume: These two have taken their father's love of old Christmas specials and created variations of the classic Jack Frost outfit. both "Frost" and "Chill" wear light blue and white outfits. in the case of "Frost", the outfit consists of a light blue tunic-like shirt with a zigzaged bottom edge, which is edged in white, and a pair of frost white leggings with light blue boots and gloves, both also edged in white. with "Chill", the tunic is extended into a dress, with lines starting at the white edging of the skirt and meeting at the waist. "Frost's" leggings are replaced by tights, and his boots with dancing shoes with white ribbon laces.
Personality: Near unhealthy codependance upon each other. while this in not uncommon with twins, "Frost" and "Chill" almost literally cannot function apart. in fact, at one point, "Frost" was arrested, and rather than get away to break her brother out later, "Chill" immediately surrendered in order to stay with him. during the subsequent interrogation by young Robin, neither twin would speak until they were brought into the same room.


Emerald Warlock

04/17/2019 08:38 PM 


1) basics-be respectful. Do not rush me for I do have a job and bills to pay. I am not here for bs drama. 2) irl i am mtF, so is my character. 3) i do not care for rumors, so do not spread them unless you have proof.

Kaworu Nagisa

04/17/2019 05:40 PM 

《Angel》- EVAs


An《Angel》are special nanobots that grant superhuman abilities to Seraphs. They are obtained by reverse-engineering the cells of Adam, the 《Seed of Life》. They are injected through the breastplate and into the heart. After the injections, the nanobots will empower a person's body. They will undergo physical and mental changes, all based on their sync ratio. An《Angel》requires time to mature within an individual. As an《Angel》 mature they increase in power, allowing Seraphs to become strong enough to learn and handle High End Skills, such Blitz-Schritt, A.T Field projection,  and LCL Blut. After a sync ratio of optimal growth has occurred(this is usually 55% for most), their "soul" will materialize into a weapon, which is called an EVA. Due to the fact that an 《Angel》 actually has a consciousness, there is a chance it can take over its user and completely erase the person they once were. Because of this, an 《Angel》can be considered a double-edged sword.


An EVA refers to the weapon manifested from the soul. The Sephirot Mark appears on various locations of the user's body (i.e. Kaworu has it on his left hand while Rei has it on her stomach) which helps them summon their EVAs. Known EVA users include:

1. Kaworu Nagisa's EVA - Mark 1: Mikhail [Blade]

2. Rei Ayanami's EVA - Mark 2: Gabrielle [Lance]

3. Asuka Shikinami Langley's EVA - Mark 3: Orel [Fans]

4. Shinji Ikari's EVA - Mark 4: Rakul [Strings]

5. Kurumi Tokisaki's EVA - Mark 5: Zaphkiel [Duel Pistols]

6. Yuzuru/Kaguya Yamai's EVA - Mark 6:Rafael [Bow/Arrow]

7. Tohka Yatogami's EVA - Mark 7: Sandelphon [Broadsword]

8. Mari Makinami Illustrious' EVA - Mark 8: Metatron [Spaceship]

9. Toji Suzuhara's EVA - Mark 9: Suryal [Katars]

10. Kotori Itsuka's EVA - Mark 10: Khamael [Axe/Cannon]

11. Nia Honjou's EVA - Mark 11: Rasiel [Tablet]

12. Natsumi Izayoi's EVA - Mark12: Aniel [Broom/Hoverboard]

13. Yuuki Yoshino's EVA - Mark 13: Tzadkiel [Puppet]


04/16/2019 08:29 PM 

Aurora Vascora Bio
Current mood:  cranky

[FYI: I don't have a picture drawn yet. Apologies, but I'll get that done soon~]
Name: Aurora Vascora      
Aka: The Empress of the Time Plasmicires

Gender: Female, Straight
Height: 5' 10.5"
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Can change at will, tends to be Dark Purple or Blonde

Why here?
Though Aurora has the ability to travel nearly anywhere in this dimension and all of the others (home dimension included), she prefers to stay in the one we live in currently. She enjoys the Earth of this dimension and the citizens of the solar system are more interesting than some of the other dimensions she has visited.

So she can shape-shift or....?
Yes, Aurora has the ability to change her form at will. She can morph into any creature she so desires, whether it be straight out of her imagination or  a being that exists in nautrally. In her human form she is called Aurora, but the Time Plasmicires do not refer to her by her Plasmicidian name as it is their custom to only address the Empress as so.

So where do these Plasmicires live?
Plasmicires live in what is known as the Scandian-Plasmicidic Dimension. There are several species of Plasmicire and they live in various parts of the dimensional universe. Dark Plasmicires mostly reside in the farther reaches of the universe in the Nyx System and the Vokna Galaxy. Time Plasmicires are spread out throughout the dimension, but most cluster in the bubble galaxy called the Land of the Time Plasmicires. Most general-species Plasmicires live in the Plasmicidian Galaxy, Tormount Galaxy or the Metafaxos Complex. 

Have patience please. I have drawn out rough maps and such taht give a general idea of what the dimension looks like so far. I will share these and a few Plasmicire drawings soon!

Please stay tuned for more information on Plasmicires and their relative species. Thank you.

OC, Original World, Original Dimension, Bio


04/16/2019 07:31 PM 

Mao Xie Beifong

"Great Warrior" in Shou Clan's Native Tongue

AC: 8
HP: 8 / 8
Race: Werewolf

STR: 9
DEX: 11
CON: 10
WIS: 10
INT: 15
CHA: 16

Natural Weapons

While in Hybrid and Wolf Form you have a 1D4 Bite and 1D6 Claw attack. Increase damage at level 5 to Bite 1D6 and Claw 1D8. On a successful melee attack you may use your bonus action to make a claw attack on the same target.


You take half damage from any attacks that aren't silvered and/or magical. At the start of your turn if you haven't been attacked you gain 1d4+ your constitution modifier of health back. You can only gain this benefit if you have at least 1 hit point.


You can detect opponents within 15 feet by sense of smell. If the opponent is upwind, the range increases to 40 feet; if downwind, it drops to 5 feet. Strong scents can be detected at twice the ranges noted above. Overpowering scents can be detected at triple normal range. When a creature detects a scent, the exact location of the source is not revealed—only its presence somewhere within range. (All Forms).


You can see in non-magical darkness out to 60ft, you cannot discern different colours and can only see in shades of grey and red (All Forms).

Changing Form

You can take 1 action to change into your Hybrid or Wolf Form. While in Hybrid Form you can wield weapons as normal. While in wolf form you cannot wear armour or wield weapons. You are able to wear certain equipment at the DM's discretion, such as circlets and robes. You can choose to have equipment you are wearing to either merge into your form or be dropped to the ground. You gain no benefit from equipment that is merged into your form.

Trip Attack

While in Wolf or Hybrid form you can attempt to trip the opponent as a bonus action after a bite attack. The opponent must make a Strength Save equal to 10+ your Strength modifier+ your proficiency bonus

Wolf Empathy

You can communicate with wolves and dire wolves. (All forms)


You are Proficient in Survival, Nature, Intimidation and Perception rolls.


 You are proficient with Strength and Constitution saving throws.

Full Moon Rage

At the start of a night with a Full Moon you must make a DC13 Wisdom save or lose control of yourself. During this time the DM has Control over what your character does, however every hour you may reroll your saving throw to take back control. Once you make the correct saving throw you retain control for the rest of the night.

Tough Hide

While you are not wearing any Armour or shields your AC becomes 10+ Strength Modifier+ Proficiency Bonus (All Forms)


Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and live less than a century.


A Lycanthrope's alignment can be nearly anything. Some embrace their curse and become evil, while others conceal it and try to stay good.


 vary widely in height and build, from barely 5 feet to well over 6 feet tall. Regardless of your position in that range, your size is Medium.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet.


You can speak, read, and write Common and one extra language. You can only speak in Human and Hybrid form.

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