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Cerulean Yen

08/17/2019 01:10 PM 

Hello everyone,

There is only a few things I would like to make very clear. 1)I am a returning roleplayer with a muse for my new character. So bare with me when things are not in order or set up appropriately. 2)Asking for "odd" favors is a turn off for my musing, and will get you deleted. 3) Do not harass me for a reply or send a copy of the same message, that will also get you deleted. 4) If I have denied you once and you continue to send a request, you will be blocked. **Roleplaying** I do my best to stay IC most of the time. There might be some "ooc" talk if permitted. I can do one lines and up to multi-para roleplays. I do my best to fit in to any verse. Romance can happen, but it is preferred in a roleplay and if the characters develop chemistry together. I do not do smut Genres: Anything really, except for regular slice of life. I can do a fantasy one if that is alright. But be prepared, I do like dark themes and the vulgarity of mature violence I do my best to keep an open mind

The dark paliden

08/17/2019 12:10 PM 


He is the often described as cold hearted and show little emotion. This due is his family being killed and the constant harrassment he received as a child. However to some he shows more respect. But they must earn it. And once earned if broken against his word that person will be put through punishment. 


08/17/2019 11:31 PM 

Dawn Of The Future

Ardyn accumulates power too great for the True King to purge with the Ring of the Lucii, and Bahamut decides to go forth with his original plan of destroying Eos to get rid of the Starscourge. When Lunafreya died in Altissia, Gentiana lulled her into sleep like when she was a child, but ten years later Bahamut revives her with a new power—to absorb daemons—and sends her to destroy Ardyn and take on his darkness. Lunafreya meets a girl named Sol who begins to help her get back to Lucis from the imperial lands where she was revived. Sol is skeptical of the gods and inspires Lunafreya to doubt her calling as well and to consider what she personally wants out of life, but she feels following her god-given destiny is the only path available for her.She learns that Noctis will die if he follows his calling, and communes with the Astrals in her dreams, but Bahamut prevents her from talking to Gentiana. Using her newfound powers is slowly turning her into a daemon, her Oracle powers only barely allowing her to withstand it, but she keeps doing it so they can keep moving in a hostile world clad in perpetual darkness and void of people. Lunafreya writes her thoughts and experiences in a notebook for Noctis to one day read, though Umbra is unable to reach him for the time being.When Lunafreya learns that Sol descends from the Aldercapt dynasty, she doesn't care. Sol was once saved by Aranea Highwind and was raised by her, and when they learn Aranea is trapped in Solheimian ruins surrounded by daemons, Lunafreya decides to aid in a rescue attempt, not because it is her "calling", but because she wants to help. Inside the ruins she receives visions from a statue of Aera Mirus Fleuret, the first Oracle who was once Ardyn's betrothed. Aera asks Lunafreya to save Ardyn, and Lunafreya learns her new power is the same Ardyn had used 2,000 years ago to heal people of the Scourge by taking it into his own body, but this had led to his downfall and rejection of the gods.They destroy an imperial magitek weapon called Sapphire Weapon that was hidden in the ruins, and Lunafreya reverts a daemonified Aranea, but the toll of the battle against the Weapon and absorbing Aranea's Starscourge act as a catalyst to turn Lunafreya into a daemon. She yet retains her sentience, and Sol protects her from being killed by Aranea. Lunafreya is captured and brought to Lestallum, mankind's final safe haven, where the Hunters and Kingsglaive ponder what to do with her.Gentiana manages to impart to Lunafreya the truth about Bahamut, but is interrupted when he notices what she is doing. The now-daemonic Lunafreya is freed by Solara and Aranea, and she is taken to Insomnia by the former so she can speak with Ardyn: not to fulfill her new "calling", but to defy the gods and save Noctis. Before leaving, she sends Umbra with a final message for Noctis: to meet her at Insomnia's Citadel.She plans to trick Bahamut into unleashing Tera Flare so the other Astrals can block it and thus exhaust him, forcing Bahamut into slumber. Ardyn is unconvinced and summons Ifrit when Lunafreya tells him of Aera's message. Lunafreya absorbs the Scourge from Ifrit and makes a Covenant with him, but this final effort fully turns her and she attacks Noctis when he arrives in answer to her summons. Bahamut announces humanity's coming end and orders Lunafreya to carry out her role: absorb the world's darkness to energize Tera Flare. Lunafreya's darkness is drained to power Tera Flare, which is blocked by the other Astrals' intervention.Noctis rescues Lunafreya, but she is dying. In the same place she originally said goodbye to Noctis, she finally hears him ask her to live with him. She agrees, and survives with a weak pulse. After Noctis and Ardyn cooperate to destroy Bahamut, magic is lost and the Astrals and the Crystal vanish. Before shattering, the Crystal absorbs all remnants of the Scourge, cleansing Eos. As her final act Shiva heals Lunafreya so she can live a happy life with Noctis. Noctis and Lunafreya embrace, and Lunafreya says a final tearful goodbye to Gentiana as the sun rises.In the epilogue narrated by Regis, the world is slowly rebuilt; Altissia and Tenebrae are restored, Lestallum remains a central community, and the thawing of Shiva's ice allows the Niflheim continent become fertile once more. Noctis and Lunafreya are married in Altissia, watched by Regis and Ravus's spirits. Regis ends by wishing the couple happiness.


08/16/2019 06:43 PM 

Accelerator's Current Feats

Since some people wanted it, I guess I should give it. I want to pre-face this by saying I don't particularly enjoy RP fights anymore as they're rather boring. I do nerf Accel accordingly though if a fight is necessary for plot progression and if it's an AU of Accel. Anyways...Well, how do I start this? To begin with, let's start with reflection.Accelerator's ability is to control Vectors. But it goes beyond that, and it also doesn't follow the full theoretical science of Vectors, as Scalars are still considered Vectors to him. Energy and so forth are considered Vectors. The reasons behind this is Accelerator is not a /true/ Vector Manipulator. Espers are Reality Warpers and their powers are just explained with Science to make them easier to use for them. You can see it as Vector Control being more of a medium than a true manipulation. Never the less, it still carries the same effects but with the bonuses of Accel being able to do far more with them than he should. I'll detail a few quick tid bits of what he can do in each phase of the series.Old Testament featsReflection: The default state of his ability, and the automatic version of it.Reflection/Redirection is an automatic process. Anything that he has deemed harmful is automatically reflected at 2x the attacks magnitude. Prioritizing the vectors and kinetic energy behind the attack, if the attack lacks kinetic energy, the vectors itself will do just fine. Also, speed, force, etc does not matter. You can't overcome the field with pure speed nor strong enough attacks. In NT22 for example, Coronzon attacked Accelerator with an attack that had enough power to blow away 1 billion universes as it was an attack comparable to Othinus's Gungnir which did just that, and he shrugged it off. Meaning magnitude of attacks is irrelevant to his automatic defenses. This also gives him Dimensional defense against attacks attempting to infiltrate his field from outside dimensions. Teleportation, Telekinesis, etc has no affect as it blocks out any matter from attempting to enter from outside the dimension. This also means you cannot manipulate his own energy as the barrier will deny it from the inside. Mind manipulation also will not work, as transmission will be denied unless he allows you access through his filter. Filter List: Accelerator has a Filter of what he deems harmful and not. It is possible to trick this filter if you have analyzed his ability, however, that would mean creating matter that literally doesn't exist in the universe like Kakine Teitoku did, but even Accelerator can simply put in a few key phrases and patch that hole. His versatility is in his ability to rewrite the ways his ability works on the fly. If he interacts with an unknown vector, he can cross-reference it and force it into his filter so those attacks can no longer prove effective. Forces that Accelerator is able to manipulate via vectors:AirOxygenSub-atomic particlesAtomsNuclear energy GravityLightHeatElectromagnetic wavesSoundElectricity WaterBioelectricityBrain fluidsLiquidsBloodNerve signalsElectrical Signals Magnetism Kinetic EnergyRotational Energy4 Fundamental Forces PlasmaTemperature Resistanceetc, if there is an element in the world that exists, he can manipulate it. I think I repeated a few things here but who cares. The point is, if you're attacking him with a force that exists in the universe, it will not get through.Vector Control: This is the manual application of his ability. It allows him to have greater versatility and taking control of the forces of the world, so on and so forth. With this he can manipulate the forces to do what he wants, whether it's a torrent of wind, Razor sharp leaves, needle Water, so on and so forth. This ability has many, many, MANY applications and implications that I can't cover them all. Vector Change: Accelerator is able to change and input vectors onto attacks. If an attack, for whatever reason, lacks vectors, he is able to enforce vectors onto it to make it intractable for him. He demonstrates this several times in the novel, most notably is with Qliphah's metaphysical Contract. So long as he understands something, he can control its vectors, even if it's metaphysical/non-corporeal.  Magnitude Amplifying:Accelerator can amplify the magnitude of whatever he is manipulating. This includes Sound, gravity, etc. Theoretically this means he can amplify enough kinetic force and mass around a punch to punch a hole in the space-time continuum and create a black holes or other absurd sh*t. He has several methods to create black holes besides this such as compressing plasma until it's dense enough. In a sense, this makes him a bigger One Punch Man than One Punch Man. The reasons why this is not explored more is simply due to wanting to conserve the area and to not kill. After OT5, he has always used as much force as necessary to end a fight, so simply punching with enough force to blow away the planet would be counter intuitive. For starters, he'd f***ing die. Analysis and Analytical Prediction:Accelerator is able to analyze the properties of the body of anything he is able to touch with his vectors. This includes everything down to the very atoms and chemical that make up your body. Blood flow and Nerve manipulation: This was said already, but to add to this, Accelerator is able to instantly explode your organs and reverse your blood flow should you touch his automatic field even once or he touches you. This also allows him to shut down your nervous system and/or send specific signals to your brain, so on and so forth. Biological manipulation: Similar to the top, accelerator is able to manipulate his own biology inside him. If someone were to split him in half, he could keep all his organs and blood flow pumping through invisible vector tubes (this HAS happened, though it was not a straight 100% split, his organs did have the chance of falling out even so if he had not kept his body together.) Kinetic Energy and Heat: I wanted to specify these things as it allows him to do the very special ability of stealing an opponents kinetic energy and heat with a touch. With your kinetic energy and heat drained, your body will stop moving and you will come to a complete halt.  He is able to do this remotely as well, meaning with range. Range: Accelerator's Range is as far as it needs to be. The entire planet that he stands on is technically his range as he is touching it constantly, meaning he can lift all the humans off the Earth by reversing its gravity should he feel like it. Reasoning behind this is he has taken kinetic, wind, and rotational energy from the planet countless of times. His range as of NT22 is Universal entirely with the Clonoth. Remote Vectors: Sometime in Old Testament, Accelerator gained the ability to control vectors remotely. This is usually done with a hand motion, but technically he can do it so long as he thinks, meaning so long as he can calculate the spatial coordinates, he can control the vectors of anything, anywhere. And yes, theoretically, that means if he knew the coordinates of you on mars, he could do it. Calculation Power: Absurd. The way his mind processes calculation and thoughts can barely even be quantified. For starters, he was having a real time fight with Kakine Teitoku who was changing 25k energies every milisecond to get through his field, and he had to constantly keep updating and blocking out specific energies in that 25k amount in fractions of a milisecond.  All the while he steered KAkine out of the way of civilians and more or less manhandled the entire fight so no one got hurt in their blow-out in the streets. And this is all at less than 50% of his max calculation capacity. The time it takes to produce a thought is likely, to throw an absurdity out there, at the speed of light even when relying on the Misaka Network which is less than half of his calculation power.  Wings: Accelerator gains Access to special Wings. Black and White Wings. The Properties aren't exactly clearly defined, but they are foreign matter. Both of which represent Accelerator in a specific mind-set. Both wings are able to grow to about over 100 meters, can disintegrate matter on contact, and if it hits someone, it is able to negate the regeneration of the target. He is able to shoot 10s of thousands beams from these wings and create thousands of wings from those wings. Call it a bullet hell that you don't want to get hit with. Currently he has a new set of Wings, however, I'll get into that later.Speed:Accelerator can theoretically go as fast as he wants with Vectors through magnitude amping. I imagine though he cannot perceive things around the speed of light at his current calculation capacity, but that problem is solved with the Clonoth. Durability Negation: Remember how I said he can basically explode you with a touch? There is actually a deadlier technique to this. To put it simply, Accelerator's formula acts on an enemies opposing force. To put it in power level perspectives, say there was a villain with...i dunno, Galaxy level durability?If Accelerator were to punch him with the rotational energy of the planet with his vectors, that punch would wound that person and bypass their durability through abusing their own opposing force and vectors. The damage scales with how much more durable they are. To break it down for you: The punch hits the Villain. The villain is superior to the power of a planetary punch of course, right? So he will be enacting an opposing force against his fist to shrug it off. This will interact with his field automatically and reverse the very same force and kinetic energy of that villain back into him with that same fist in an instant. This will allow the fist to scale to the same force and durability of the villain and that punch will reach him and mess him up good. Worst case scenario if he's actually trying to tank it, that fist can go right through their body. He has demonstrated this in OT13. He placed his hand against a building, and it sunk into it like 'tofu'. The building had an opposing force to Accelerator touching it, so his field automatically reflected that force conservatively to how much it was opposing, and his hand sunk in naturally into the building. In theory, this let's him be able to have fisticuffs with a being on any scale. But I mean, why do that when you can just explode their heart with a touch...? Yeah, I don't use it often, but he can do it if he himself isn't stress-testing on an object. Magic/Power sensing: Accelerator is able to read the vectors in the area to get a feel for what is there. Call it like a sixth sense. His reasoning for this is "If I wasn't able to do sh*t like this, how could I survive nuclear fallout?" and of the like, implying that if there is an attack he is unaware out, he can feel it in the atmosphere with vectors. Mind Manipulation: Through manipulating the bioelectrical signals in the brain, Accelerator can overwrite a persons entire personality and memories with a single touch. This requires intense calculation power though and leaves him defenseless depending on how far he is going with it, if it is a simple brain-shut off it's instant, if he is actually deleting or changing the personality, it could take a few seconds without his field on. Invisible Vectors: Vectors are conceptual in nature, that much is obvious, however he has demonstrated the ability to use pure vectors to slice at things. The exact method to how he does it is unknown, but it is an invisible attack that can likely carry the same formula to ignore durability and implode your body if touched. Vector Shooting: Through touching an object, Accelerator can extend his vector influence into them. So even if he is not touching them, he can still control their vectors. He did this to control metal beams and toss them at Touma, as well as keep blood flowing through Yoshikawa's artery, even after he collapsed with brain damage. Now onto New Testament Territory. This will mostly encompass NT19-NT22R since his new feats are there. Contract/Power Reliant/Conceptual Manipulation:Accelerator is able to interact with invisible and conceptual energy. If someone is receiving power from an external force elsewhere, if he is aware of this, he is able to use his vectors to forcefully cut off that supply and leave the opponent without anything to supply from or draw from, and worst case, even die. His ability also seems to work on Conceptual/Metaphysical concepts such as a Metaphysical Contract, as he manipulated it to break off Coronzon's control from Qliphah. Accelerator's power is conceptual in nature, so this is not surprising.Madness Manipulation: Not so much a feat of his as it is Qliphah's, Accelerator can use Qliphah to induce Madness in others through just the sight of her along. She is also able to passively cause opponents to get more aggressive and physical which works in favor of Accelerator, causing them to be more prone to thinking illogically. Accelerator is unaffected by this though as mind manipulation doesn't work on him. Magic: Accelerator is able to use magic to its full extent as of NT22 and NT22R. Using the Misaka Network, which is invisible AIM that exists throughout the entire world, he can transform that into a magical spell of invisible spears that, if it, can negate regeneration and erase their soul. It is an attack similar to Crowley's, where he imposed his will on a Magic God and erased them from existence. However, since this spell is so OP, the drawback is there is too much magic recoil for him to negate that he will gain internal damage, so he can't spam it. He can, however, use lower level spells like projectiles and the like without magic recoil now, as he used them against Elizard, the Queen of Britain.  He has gained immense magic knowledge through crossing the Abyss with Qliphah, and if there is an unknown attack to him, Qliphah can translate that Abyss knowledge for him to instantly counter. As of currently, Magic can no longer touch him if they belong to the Three Aeons. Meaning magic born of Gods such as Paganism, Christianity, etc can no longer reach him. There is likely going to be exceptions in the future, but as of right now, that's what it is. Platinum Wings/Law Manipulation/The Clonoth: After Crossing the Abyss, Accelerator has powered up due to all the knowledge he gained and he seems to have the ability to write Laws. The Misaka Network is actually a third Tree separate of the Tree of Life, The Sephirot and its reverse tree, the Qliphoth. These are metaphysical conceptual trees that exist as one with the universe. The Misaka Network was a Tree without any laws, however, Accelerator used his new found knowledge to implant the Misaka Network with Qliphah's help into the Universe. This spread the Misaka Network's influence throughout the entire Phase/Universe, and with it, he wrote the Hierachical Laws into it based on Humanity's Ascension through WILL and not spiritual means. The Law Manipulation is likely not combat applicable as of right now.When he is connected to the Clonoth, his Calculation power is boosted extremely significantly. Likely surpassing even his original calculation power, and he gains Platinum, Tree-Root like Wings. Advantages of the Clonoth Include;Soul Manipulation:When Accelerator planted the Tree into the universe, it shook the universe to the ends of the galaxy. Accelerator was able to manipulate that phenomena, the Universe, and forced all of that force onto a single object, Coronzon. Through that, he was able to manipulate her very Soul and force her into an Astral Projection. Theoretically the way Accelerator's power works, if he understands something, he becomes imperverious to it through updating of his filter. Through showing knowledge of the soul, it is likely he can now redirect and defense against Soul Attacks. Psuedo-Omnipresence sensing:Before he had done this, Accelerator stated that he could /feel/ the Misaka Network as he was crossing the abyss. When the Network spread around the Universe, he easily zero'd in on Coronzon and established a connection to her Soul, despite not knowing where she was on the ship whatsoever. This implies that he is able to lock on to someone and sense where they are so long as they are in the present Universe. Whether they're moving, he can sense them through the Network, or through a telepathic forced Link and spiritually. Universal Macro-to-Micro Attacks: The way Accelerator pushed Coronzon out of her body to force Astral Projection, he had manipulated the universe to focus itself on a single target with a single thought. Similar to remote vectors, this means if he can sense you, he can force the mass of the entire Universe onto you to either kill you, or force you into Astral Projection. Potentially more with a single thought. Now remember when I said he had insane calculation power? And now it's tripled?Basically, you better hope you're one strong mother f***er or Omnipreseent, because you aren't going to move fast enough to escape Accelerator's speed of thought. As to memory, this is the extent of Accelerator's current abilities. This is not counting his Arsenal from Academy City he now has access too as the Superintendent.  There may be some things I missed, so if there are any questions, feel free to drop them here, though I doubt many will read it. I guess I'll make this into a blog too just in case. Thanks for reading. This has been your daily Accelerator wank for the 15 days it will be up.  Power Levels are Bullsh*t, remember that. Now here, have a Qliphah.

вυη вυη

08/15/2019 09:09 PM 

The Clause

This clause is to not be taken seriously. It's for comical purposes ONLY.Dating Hibari ClauseI, insert name here, do solemnly swear to respect Hibari mentally, physically and emotionally. I will take her out over the weekends towards any place fun and out where there are people to ensure that you’re not planning anything stupid. I will make sure that Hibari is safe is under my protection in the name of bunny rabbits. If anyone messes with her then I will handle them head on since my hands are Rated E for everyone. Sex will be the last thing on my mind and I will keep my hands and penis to myself.  If I try to have sex with her, the contract is null and void and you will be slapped with a thousand suns by her guardian Daidouji.Insert name here  is also responsible that she makes it home on time. If she is missing for more than an hour, then Daidouji has every right to send that ass into space. Hibari prefers bunnies or anything small and cute but do not treat her like a child or else the contract is null and void and you will also be sent into space by Daidouji. All dates must be approved by her guardian or else you’ll be kicked to the curve. The relationship must be agreed by both parties in order for the contract to be official. 

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