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Vincent Valentine ⳩Dark Elder⳩

03/20/2020 06:57 PM 

Gralfix, Fist of Elements

Weapon Type: Gauntlet Unique: soulbound to only to the Fallen race. Unique 2: Can combine abilities into the gauntlet. (Ex: blizzard magic combined with the gauntlet will give the gauntlet physical ice damage.) Ability 1: Once an Elemental weakness is found on the target, the weapon is imbued with that element. Ability 2: Fallen energy is imbued on the weapon. If a mortal opponent is killed by the weapon, then they can either come back as a Fallen or the soul can be captured and used as a summon. Ability 3: Can be used as a shield against regular melee attacks, if fast enough it can block arrows (does not work against Kikyo, or Laviathans) **Due to race traits, Fallen weapons cannot harm those of the Fallen race, also, weapon traits would be disabled.**

ℓσѕт grαη∂ ∂υcнєѕѕ

03/20/2020 02:30 PM 

Etiquette & Royal Decree

{ ~ Etiquette & Royal Decree ~ }1.)  First and foremost, I do not claim to own the rights to the 1997 animated film "Anastasia", "Anastasia the Musical", nor do I claim that Anya is a character of my own creation. "Anastasia" was produced and directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman in association with Fox Animation Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film is a loose adaptation of the mystery and rumors surrounding Nicholas II and Alexandra's youngest daughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova of Russia and her fate, which claims that she survived the execution of her family on July 17th, 1918. Its basic plot centers around an amnesiac orphan named Anya who, in hopes of finding some trace of her family, is swept away into a plot by two con men who wish to take advantage of her resemblance to the Grand Duchess. The film also share its plot with Fox's prior film from 1956, which, in turn, was based on Marcelle Maurette's 1952 play of the same name. 2.)  My portrayal of Anya is a combination of Don Bluth's beloved character, Christy Altomare's portrayal from the stage musical adaptation, and that of my own research taken from the letters and diary entries of the Grand Duchess and her family, including the memoirs of those who knew them. [ More to be added later... ]

Broly ~Legendary Saiyan~

10/29/2019 03:17 PM 

Eli Qinralei Morgan ~Retired Assassin~

Name: Eli Qinralei MorganAge: 33Height: ||6' 5"||Orientation: ||Straight||Status: ||Taken||Love Intrest: ||Sapphire||Primary Weapons:  ||Twin Katana's||Race: ||Half-Human, Half-Elf.||Current Occupation: "Ehh...Still-- kind of an assassin....b-but only part-time."Previous Occupation: ||Legendary Assassin||Hobbies: "Not sure yet."Likes: Any Kind Of Food. Walking, Swimming, Hiking, Climbing & Cats.Dislikes: ||Any Sort Of Abuse Towards Women Or Young Girls & Being Disrespected.||Personality: Kind, Loving, Slightly Stubborn, Romantic, Protective & Tough. ||While he isn't on a job.||

𝒮𝑜𝓊𝓁𝓈 𝑀𝑒𝒹𝓁𝑒𝓎

03/19/2020 03:42 PM 

BIO: Kodora (Gryphon)

Name: Kodora Age: 22Breed: GryphonBasic personality:  Calculating, Attentive, Curious.Driving Forces:  Mending the bond between mortals and her breed. Optimistic belief in the honesty and strength of others. She wanting to prove its safe for her kind to return to their native lands without the humans panicking and attacking them randomly.  Abilities: Transformation: she can turn into her human form, or to her true form a large black gryphon. Enhanced Strength: Kodora has enhanced strength from her breedEnhanced Sight: She has the sight of a hawk. Flight: In her gryphon form she can fly, and carry up to 2 mortals upon her back Weapon Razor Wire: She uses razor wire she keeps in both forms as a minor weapon. Knowledge of hand to hand combat: Trained in hand to hand combat in both formsWillingness to learn: She is learning to use more human weapons right now her fav is the long sword which she is getting pretty good with but requires some training still. Personality:  Outgoing, and high energy she is a bit of a busy body, however she isn’t rash to move on anything, she considers the give and the take of whatever is placed before her. She is kind to near everyone she meets,. She will always be first to help and she is slow to anger.  Her breed has a history of being violent, and brutal creatures of regal stature. The stature about the only part of such she kept, she is not needlessly violent. But still noble, she carries herself with grace and refinement even in battle. Life style: Kodora travels the world to see what humans are and how they behave now. She shifts from her gryphon and human form with relative ease, though avoiding hunters is a full-time job when she shifts into that of the mythical creature. She doesn’t blame them though, how could they know she a sentient being?  When she isn’t exploring she enjoys learning new combat skills in her mortal form, to better pass as human,  Biography:Kodora is daughter of the legendary gryphon Malum.  During Malum’s young life the gryphons were forced from their homeland in a bloody battle against the expansion of the mortals who no longer wished to share their homeland with the powerful creatures. Malum found a new home for the gyphon's, and organized the broken and fractured ranks of the gryphon's, drakes, and the lesser beasts forced out into the island out at sea. Where they thrived on their own, away from the mortals who did nothing but betray and steal. Kodora was born with strong magic affinity, She holds the power to shift into a human form, within her human form, she holds long black hair, that is wrapped in leather binds that rest down her back, a couple of small blades tied into the end. Which shifts to her tail when she is in her true form. She dressed in black and red armor, that hugs her form, made of the pelt of a fallen chimera. Her eyes an intense orange much like a birds. She has slightly tanned skin, which may seem a bit grey-ish in hue.Her true form is a large black gryphon, With large black wings, and sharp talons.She in both forms is calm and calculating as her mother once was, unlike her mother she doesn’t have the memories of what the humans had done to them, and wishes to try and make peace, and prove that they need not be feared or more often killed on sight when they get near the island. To that end she left on her own. Exploring this land in a passive desire to see what It is like. She hunts to get her food, and has never entered a house or establishment, but she has wandered her fair share of villages talking to people, or more trying to. She trying to speak of the game in the area, and of the illnesses that the flora and fauna are dealing with. Which for most humans…is not an interesting subject.She if finding people sparing will ask to join them, finding it something that was something she was able to do and bond with humans. She using the claws embedded into the armor, which are three inches long, and razor wire she uses to spar with. She can and will use other weapons in spars if the others are using them. She only truly skilled in twin daggers, swords, and maces. She is still learning to use the other human weapons, though she enjoys the chance to learn. She has been offered a few times to join people in working as a bodyguard and that she will always happily accept.

Blood & Chocolate (MCRP)

03/19/2020 01:26 PM 

Regina Cassadine

Full Name: Regina (Ruineth) CassadineNicknames: lill MonsterDate Of Birth: JanPlace Of Birth: palaceCurrent Residence: Cassadine Mannor Ethnicity: Dark ElfHair Color: Red wineEye Color: PurpleHeight: 5ft 8Birthmarks/Scars: Family & RelationshipsMother: Merida CassadineFather: Angorn (Duke) CassadineBrothers: Isaru Cassadine ( twin brother)Sisters: noneDaughter(s): Son(s):  Grandkids(S): Sexual Orientation:StraightRelationship Status: SinglePast Relationships:Current Relationship(S): None

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