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Orange Uchiha™

11/29/2019 12:31 PM 

Earth Sage

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Envoy uses Senjutsu in a non traditional way. Which means that he does not take the appearance of an animal and does not gather just any nature energy. Upon being unsealed and awakened he was blind for quite some time due to not being experienced with the Sharingan transplanted into him. To adapt Envoy found a way to use his affinity to earth by sending out small burst of chakra waves from the sole of his feet that spread through the land underground and it bounced of things and came back to him like a sonar. Once he was adept to the technique he noticed that each wave he let go came back with a good amount of nature chakra.

Orange Uchiha™

11/29/2019 12:28 PM 




11/29/2019 02:17 PM 


Name: Aurelia NoharaAlias: ZeroAge: UnknownRace: Nightmare DemonHeight: 5 feet 7 inchesWeight: 120 lbs.Occupation: Assassin-for-hireBiography: XXX


11/29/2019 02:22 AM 

welcome to the tea party. [rules]

Rules & GuidelinesAdmin - Hello there & welcome to the profile. This isn't really a rule, just a few pieces of key info I suppose. I'm over the age of eighteen and I'm from the United Kingdom if that's of interest. I'm not a die hard comic reader but I have read quite a few comics that relate to Jervis and I've seen Gotham in its entirety. I can't be on 24/7 - I have health issues and sometimes I just want to go and chill out on the Xbox instead of writing. Character - This character is of course, Jervis Tetch / The Mad Hatter from DC Comics. I prefer to portray him in his Gotham form but I'm very open to other portrayals if wished. The only difference between the one in canon and mine (from the show) is his sister. I don't like it at all. Drama - I ain't here for it. Simply put. Jervis is the only drama queen allowed. It's all good in storylines but let's keep it that way please.Mains / Relationships - I know not everyone is into having mains, that's fine. I normally do just because if he's close to the character then I'd consider them my main of that specific character. Just because I have a 'main' of a certain character does not mean I will not interact with another perso who writes as them. I'm not exclusive. When it comes to an actual romantic interest for Jervis, there has to be some chemistry / connection. Storylines - I'm open for everything, please keep in mind this character could be considered NSFW (he's often sadistic). I prefer to discuss when it comes to writing. Writing etc - Although I prefer to write in full paragraphs, I don't really care how other people write. I say that as I'm adaptable and not worried about people's spelling etc. As long as you can keep a storyline going, that's more than acceptable. Sometimes depending on my muse (see my admin rule), I write less so keep that in mind. Thank you for reading, how about that cup of tea?


11/28/2019 03:51 PM 

Dysis - S rank.

Bio: Born into a poor family, Dysis only knew his parents for a year before the difficult decision to send him to a orphanage was made. He spent years growing up there, and because of his awkward nature and shy personality he was the victim of bullying for years. This bullying escalated bit by bit until it eventually went too far. One day, Dysis was getting bullied behind the orphanage by a small group of kids once again. This time, however, they'd decided to see just how far they could push it. The kids were the types who would grow up to be the scum of the Earth; they loved to torture animals and anyone weaker than them. Dysis had a large gash in his right thigh, and the boys were slowly moving closer again with knives, ready to kill the poor kid. It was then that his abilities awoke.  He remembers nothing of what happened afterwards, all he knows is that when he awoke, the three boys were laying in pools of their own blood in front of him. His previously blonde hair was now a deep blue-black, and his eyes looked like pools of liquid shadow, where they once were like sapphires. Shortly after, a man appeared in a dark suit who looked surprisingly similar to Dysis and offered him his hand, as well as training to understand and control his abilities.Abilities: Extremely advanced shadow manipulation. - Can create weapons from the shadows themselves - Can use the shadows like tendrils to trap and attack his foes.Ability to travel through the shadows.Personality: Quiet, distanced, kind. Once someone gets close, he's affectionate and a tad possessive.

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