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10/13/2019 12:30 PM 


Hello, new student - welcome to Enchanted University!We’re so glad to have you with us and now we can really get down to business.  This comment is being sent to you in order to help you succeed within our group. So, if you could, grab a pen and just mark ‘em off as we go, alright?I know, I know. It seems like there’s a million and one, but they’ll save your life– I promise!.Your layout and biography will be due on your one-week date, which is October 19th. You will also be required to have 3 connections by your two-week date, which is October 25th. Failure to do so will result in you being removed from the group, and we would really hate to do that, so get them done. If you cannot, then simply shoot us a message and we’ll do our best to work with you.♡We would also suggest that you take a look at our CAMPUS, because there are some super cool information and links on there that will help you out in the future! If you’d like to join our Campus Chat, to help you make friends, you can find that link HERE, and be sure to sign up for your favorite extracurricular  HERE, as well, as check out your new dorm and roommate HEREIf you have any questions at all about what is expected of you here or anything of the sort, then you can always comment the members page Thanks again for join us, and we’re super excited to have you here!-EU owners.


10/13/2019 12:08 PM 

Here are some rules

These are some rules I've had for years, please follow them or you will be removed. Understand? I will not hesitate.1. I won't reply to anything less than a paragraph (5-6 sentences), if you send me a half assed reply that it seems like you wasn't even trying then you will NOT be receiving a reply. No, two sentences is not enough for a reply.2. I am not going to be on every day of every week, I will be on around one or two days a week. That's it. Do not rush me for replies and I will not rush you for replies either.3. I request decent literacy from everyone, I better understand what's going on. I understand there's people out there with disabilities or that you're not of my native tongue. Hopefully there won't be any issues involving these rule.4. There will be no raping or controlling my character, yes I do perform erotic stories however with some development. Rape will never be a thing and if you even make the attempt or bring this up in discussion you will be removed and blocked.5. I ask that everyone on my list be 18+ please, your characters I don't care about however if you're requesting a mature themed story then they better be 18+ as well. No bs or trying to negotiate.6. I will not give out personal information to anyone for any reason what so ever, don't bother asking I will ignore all personal questions.7. Don't ask me to change anything about my character, ask me to create a whole other character just for you (yes, this has happened). Alright? Not going to happen.8. Don't act childish if you don't get what you want, it's pathetic. Name calling, spreading rumors and all this crybaby bs is just sad. This has happened more than I care to mention but it's happened...don't be that person.9. If you sent a request and I reject it that does not mean send me another, if I declined by mistake I will send a request back to you. If you send me a second request you will be blocked.That's it (for now), please sign the comments below as to let me know you've read through these.


10/12/2019 01:57 PM 

Asuna's info

Name:asuna Age:18yrs old(human yrs)100(demon yrs) Race:half human/half demon Sex:female S.O:straight Likes:hot springs,relaxing,drinking soda and water,fighting for fun,good people,her big brother inuyasha,cuddling Dislikes:mean people,frocing,rape,her other brother sesshomaru,people telling her what to do Personally:kind,sweet,caring,anger issues

Jason ✞Lone Survivor✞

10/12/2019 03:29 PM 

Basic Background

Name: JasonLast: WilliamsSpecies: Gifted HumanGender: MaleSexuality: BiRole: Mostly DominateHeight: 5'08"Weight: 125 poundsHair Color: Pitch BlackHair Length: ShortEye Color: Sapphire BlueTattoo(s): Black Lotus (Full Back)Piercing(s): Tongue and Snake BitesBirthmark(s): NoneScar(s): Several, most noticeable is the one on his chestSmoker: YesDrinker: OccasionallyDrug User: NoOther Addiction(s): MusicPersonality:Jason's pretty much a loner and doesn't really talk with anyone aside from those that he deems close, there's only been two people that he's opened up to and revealed his darkest truths. He doesn't like large crowds and prefers to avoid confrontation if he can help it.When out he's alone more than most of the time and is rarely seen talking with someone else, despite him being a loner he's rather generous and caring with those that can manage to get close to him and would give his life to protect them.

Jason ✞Lone Survivor✞

10/12/2019 03:08 PM 

Standard Rules

I'm not going to post long, drawn out explanations of these rules. They should be pretty self explanatory, please read them over and comment below that you've read and that you understand these alright? If more is required later on I'll add onto them but honestly I hope there doesn't need to be anything added.P.s. I'm not going to be on every single day of the week, maybe two at most. Full time employment is a killer on time so yeah. I'll be one when I'm free to be.1. Please don't send me anything less than a paragraph.2. Please be kind to myself and others on my friend's list.3. Please do not rush me, I will return the favor.4. I'm decently open to trying new things, if I say no that means no.5. Not interested in fighting, casual stories are more my thing.6. If requested, mature themes are for 18+.7. My character is mine, not yours. He will not be controlled by anyone.8. Please be somewhat literate.

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