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06/10/2019 04:54 PM 

Character Info

Just a little context:Matsuno Ichimatsu ( 松野一松 ) is from the 2015 series "Osomatsu-san" (though there is a 1988 and '66 version, this one specifically is from the most current). He's one of six brothers- commonly referred to as the Matsuno family or sextuplets- being the fourth oldest, two brothers beneath him. All six of these brothers are identical, though their iconic colors and personalities give away who is who. Ichimatsu wears the color purple. The series is...well, hard to explain, and something worth checking out. It's not linear and has no real plot (not often, at least), so each episode is different. |Appearance/Personality/Info|Background:Ichimatsu is one of six brothers, as mentioned prior, being the fourth oldest. Or, the third youngest. There isn't much to tell beyond that, other than what is personality and appearance are like. Which, are to be addressed next! Personality: Cold, quiet, but can be explosive. A cat loving guy who'd even go the lengths to become a cat, if he had the opportunity. His attitude that he puts out is vastly different from how he really feels. The way he acts is usually harsh or rude, also the "scariest" of his brothers. He usually is relaxed, however, hands in his pockets with a bit of a slouch. But on the other hand, when it comes to his brothers he can treat them rather sadistically. Ahhh, siblings, right? Despite his harsh outer shell and attitude, on the inside he's fragile, insecure and lonely. His obsession with cats is a part of this, feeling as if it's easier to have cats as friends rather than real ones. He loves cats. A lot, actually. But, on the inside as well, he also holds a real soft spot for his brothers...Appearance: Ichimatsu wears a purple hoodie most commonly, a small green cloud-like design on the front. Blue track/sweat pants with a white stripe on the side and purple sandals to match his hoodie as well. He often wears a white face mask too, and it goes alongside his near constant half-lidded look. He has dark brown/black hair that comes right above his eyes. He's usually a bit slouched, giving him a lazy, uninterested or quiet vibe to his overall look. Additional info can be found here: http://


06/09/2019 07:46 PM 

The Cipher Rules

1.) Don't bash me. Any harassment or any general bad behavior will result in friend removal.2.) This account is all things Gravity Falls and Bill Cipher; therefore, memes, references and other jokes and jists will be made. DO NOT friend me if you do not know anything about Bill Cipher.3.) NSFW is only allowed if: it follows your story and it's one of the times Bill uses his charming looks to bribe and manipulate someone (i.e. your character.) Do not come to me, with an erotica account and hoping to get straight to the point. It won't work that way.4.) Don't post NSFW links on my statuses or send me NSFW related images. 5.) If we have an issue, Dm me about it? Don't attack me on stream or statuses, don't attack my friends on streams, statuses, or boards; don't start drama with my friends, on my streams, statuses, or boards; don't e negative overall. I'm an easy-going guy, I'll apologize if I stepped out of line. Simple as that.6.) Not everyone gets my discord. If you happen to have it, good- great. Share yours, but I don't add just about everyone. Only people I deem wothy~.7.) What goes on in DMs, stays in Dms. Don't reinact or bring the roleplay to streams. 8.) Original characters, cross-overs and fan charactrs are allowed and welcomed. 9.) Do not be rude or prejudice. I don't tolerate nazis, Trump supporters, or people who tolerate any discrimnatory beliefs. You are not welcomed here.10.) If our roleplay is on pause, let me know how long you'll be away so I know not to bail. I don't wanna get the wrong idea.11.) Don't beg me to roleplay with you.12.) Remember to have fun. I'm still a person behind the screen as are you. 

─ ƞeurotic.

06/09/2019 10:18 PM 

(♠) ; guidelines.

Pretty self explanitory I hope. So, let's get into the formalities and then perhaps we can have a cup of tea? 001. I, the admin, am over the age of eighteen & I'm also female for those that care or have a 'need' to know. I'm from the UK, Scotland to be precise. That's all I'm sharing about myself unless I know people on a one to one basis. I don't mind chit chat as long as there's also a roleplay on the cards. I also must mention I can't be on everyday; I have numerous health issues that affect my muse. I'm usually on discord (on my profile) or skype (please ask if you want it) & I take a Wednesday for myself to spend time with my partner. I've been writing since 2013 in many verses (OUAT, Supernatural, Marvel etc). 002. My character, if you couldn't tell, is Jervis Tetch aka the Mad Hatter from Gotham but although that is my main verse, I'll roleplay other versions of him otherwise. The only difference between mine and the on screen version is I roleplay him without the obsession to his sister. Sorry but I'm not into it. 003. It's a no brainer, I accept crossovers. Throw them all my way, seriously. I'm not picky when it comes to characters.004. Please keep drama away. There's only room for one drama queen and it's already been taken by Jervis, so again, don't bring it to my profile. I don't take part in anything, at all. I'm here to write plus I'm too old to be back in highschool.005. All edits on my profile were created by me. No exceptions unless stated. I don't mind making a graphic / edit for people here and there. It'll usually only be my mains but if I like you, why not. 006. I love having main people from my verse. Honestly. It doesn't mean I'll ignore people that also roleplay the same characters. Mr Tetch doesn't have a preference of gender when it comes to ships. If you supply him with tea, he's yours.  Do not ask for smut, it ain't going to happen. Sorry to burst your bubble. 007. In terms of storylines, I'm up for anything and everything. 008. Writing preferences I have are paragraph to multi paragraphs. Although I prefer these, I'm not picky. I adapt to other people's writing. Just don't ask me to write novella. That also goes for literacy. I'm not going to be snobby when it comes to people's spelling etc. As long as you can keep the storyline going, that's more than perfect!Did you want that tea now? Thank you for reading!


06/09/2019 05:01 PM 

Powers and Weaknesses.

Atomic Breath - Godzilla's signature ability is to spit a focused, superheated beam of concentrated radioactive plasma from his mouth. The radiation is contained within glands inside his dorsal spines, as they glow before he releases the heat ray. It can set fires to anything it hits and also kill even some of the strongest of monsters with a single shot. Godzilla's atomic breath has varied in strength, appearance, and color but is usually portrayed as a thick, neon-blue beam. Spiral Atomic Ray - A more powerful variation of Godzilla's atomic breath, the red spiral heat ray can only be fired when Godzilla is under extreme stress or has absorbed a considerable amount of power. It is a red beam that is wrapped in a yellow electrical spiral and has the power to completely destroy the most powerful enemies, like Super-Mechagodzilla 2, SpaceGodzilla, Destoroyah, and Keizer Ghidorah. Hyper Spiral Atomic Breath- Godzilla’s strongest breathe attack. It can only be used when Godzilla enters her Burning Moding. Lightning Breath- After Devouring King Ghidorah, Godzilla gained the power to unleash lightning from its spines and mouth. This also allows it to feed off of Electricity as power source. Nuclear Pulse - Godzilla can release a powerful shockwave of nuclear energy from his entire body, which is useful when he is restrained or in close combat with a foe. Energy Absorption - Godzilla has a remarkable capacity for absorbing various energy. Godzilla naturally feeds on radiation, but can also draw power from plasma or electricity. Godzilla was also able to absorb the life force of Rodan and be completely revitalized enough to destroy Super-Mechagodzilla 2. Godzilla also once displayed the ability to absorb enemy attacks and project the energy back at the source using his atomic breath, which he did to defeat King Ghidorah in GMK. Super Durability - Godzilla's hide is nearly indestructible and is not damaged at all by conventional weapons, allowing him to withstand heavy gunfire, tank shells, rockets, missiles, and even blows from other monsters with impressive resistance. Godzilla can survive being completely submerged in magma and in ground zero of meteorite impacts. Very few of Godzilla's opponents can pierce Godzilla's skin and draw blood. Only Gigan and Mechagodzilla were able to consistently do so. Regenerative Healing Factor - Godzilla is immortal, she can regenerate extremely quickly, if injured, from practically any wound, including being completely disintegrated or blown to smithereens. Godzilla's regeneration is due to a substance in his cells known as Organizer G1, which has proven to be highly mutagenic to other creatures, such as Biollante and Orga. Immense Super Strength - Godzilla possesses extremely incredible physical strength, allowing him to knock down skyscrapers and lift and throw opponents several times his size with ease. Godzilla also has knowledge in martial arts such as judo and kick boxing. Super Stamina - Godzilla possesses an utterly insane level of stamina, allowing him to physically exert himself for several hours without getting tired or winded. BURNING GODZILLA- When her heart is overloaded with nuclear energy or enters this state willingly, Godzilla reaches a state of critical mass and becomes covered in glowing red rashes and her eyes become bright red. As Burning Godzilla, Godzilla becomes considerably more powerful and his atomic breath is replaced with the hyper spiral breath. However, this state burns through a lot of energy and if she not careful can cause her to overheat. It is double edged sword she only uses when facing opponents her normal form cannot defeat. Adaptability- Godzilla’s cell are capable of changing to match changes in environment. This also goes for damage as well. If she is exposed to lot of something causing her pain or damage her cells will response by forming a natural resistance to damage type. PLEASE NOTE SHE WILL NEVER BE FULL IMMUNED TO ANYTHING (Other than radiation) Weakness: Lack of Speed- Godzilla in either her human form or his monster form lack any form of high speed. She was not built to go fast unlike most supernatural beings. Extreme Cold- Her Body currently has weakness for extreme cold or ice based attacks. Radiation/Energy Sapping: Godzilla body runs on its nuclear power. If something is destroying or sapping that power she will become weakened.


06/09/2019 04:46 PM 

Mini Status Drabbles

((Just a place to dump the mini drabbles I write and post in statuses, so they don't disappear forever.))

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