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Michael Drakco -duelist-

02/12/2019 08:21 PM 

My Magic the gathering mono black deck for Modern

Geralf's messanger x4
Blood seeker x4
Blood artist x4
Zulaport cutthroat x4
Butcher ghoul x4
Diregraf ghoul x4

Killing wave
Bone splinters x4
Tragic slip x3
Doom blade x4
Geth's verdict x4

Swamp lands x19

Death's Beautiful Face

02/12/2019 07:57 PM 

Artemis Fowler: Bio

Name: Artemis Fowler

Alias: The Grim Reaper / Goddess of Death / Lady Death

Age: 4296 years

Hair Color: Black/Ash Gray

Eye Color: Deep violet

Skin color: light gray/pale white

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 107 lbs

Oddities: Black feathered wings (in Fallen Form)

Weapon(s): Banshee's Cry (shape shifting weapon)

Abilities: Time alter (using her hourglass), Soul call (raise souls from the dead to fight for her), Flight (due to her wings in her Fallen Form), Enhanced strength, enhanced stamina, Immortality (only by age), enhanced speed

Weaknesses: Pure daylight (Weapon of daywalkers), Holy water, Theft of her soul satchel (which hangs from her left hip)

Personality: Soft hearted, kind, caring, compassionate, but hard nosed, stubborn, immovable, cold, fierce and fearless when her task requires it

Ericka Kanji

02/12/2019 01:11 PM 

Mark Copland?
Current mood:  ninja

Looking for a male,
his rp old name was Mark Copland.
know him? Add me, and send message.

I'm on a journey of searching for my daddy^_^

[ 死神 ]

02/12/2019 11:46 PM 


Statistical Information

Name: Xanatos ( ザナトス Zanatosu )
- God of Death, Xanatos
- Wraith of the Dead
- Lord Xanatos
- The Lord of Purgatory
- Death Incarnate
- The End Given Form
- Life's Eternal Legacy

Gender: Male
Species: Revenant
Birthdate: Unknown
Occupation: God of Death
Allegiance: Lawful Neutral
Address: The Underworld
Counterparts: Future Xanatos
Mentors: The Grand Minister

Characteristic Information

English Dub: Crispin Freeman
Japanese Dub: Naoya Uchida
Theme: Reign of Terror - Rhapsody of Fire

Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Silver
Skin Color: Tan
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown

Traits: Cold, Eerie
Disorders: Minor Psychosis
Good Point: Observant
Bad Point: Sinister


- The name of "Xanatos" is actually a reference to the Greek god of death, Thanatos which Xanatos is partially inspired from in concept.

-  It should be known that while Xanatos isn't physically related to the Grand Minister or his angelic children, he still refers to the aforementioned as "father", likely out of humility and respect for being brought under his care where he was reformed under the gods.

-  Although Xanatos might be perceived as vicious or unnerving, he isn't technically evil as his responsibilities enforce him to naturally harbor and vanquish life as he sees fit. While he may be violent by nature, he does harbor respect for selective individuals beneath his coldness.

[ 死神 ]

02/12/2019 11:37 PM 


Natural Abilities

Longevity - Although the recorded date of his birth into existence remains scarcely unknown, Xanatos does possess an eternal lifespan much like his fellow deities. Its been said by his fellow deities that the God of Death has perceived every ruinous event spanned throughout the many universes since time immemorial, thus gaining an extensive knowledge which makes him a very reliable source among the gods, but a dangerous and unpredictable force on the battlefield.

Advanced Regenerative Healing - Xanatos possesses one of the most remarkable regenerative abilities throughout the multiverse. He's capable of repairing any level of physical damage, and developing lost body parts in an instant of loosing them. Its been said among his fellow deities that his extraordinary level of recovery rivals that of immortality itself.

Advanced Physical Potential - Extensive training has granted Xanatos an immeasurable extent in all physical categories. He possesses incredible physical strength, wondrous speed and agility as well as a relentless sense of endurance and stamina. These physical attributes only continue to develop and better his capabilities as a deity, always making him a force of reckoning.

Advanced Mental Processing - Throughout the course of his training, Xanatos has developed a complex mental mindset which ideally allows him to process events happening around him at a much quicker rate of time than most other beings. This ability allows him to predict and avoid oncoming threats or dangers moments before they come into contact.

Sole Presence - The sole presence of the God of Death alone drains the life essence of any living living organism within his vicinity. However, those who possess great willpower are capable of resisting this innate force with their life forces kept intact. 

Paralyzing Presence - His eerie gaze and malevolent aurora have the potential of rendering lesser warriors completely immobile, or even paralyzing them in a state of hypnosis. 

Vacuum Survival - Xanatos is able to survive and maneuver freely within the vacuum of space.

Intangibility - Xanatos has the ability to walk through solid matter, such as walls and phase through attacks for a brief moment. During this state, a darkened mist shrouds his form.

Godly Abilities 

Control Over Life and Death - As the God of Death, Xanatos is solely responsible for maintaining a perpetual balance among all sentience throughout existence, which includes artificial life forms and his fellow deities.

Rejuvenation -  Xanatos can resurrect beings known as 'familiars' to his disposal. They are kept beneath his control, with the scelerae of one's eyes are blackened with glowing irses and their skin dulled down in coloration as representation of the dead they reside among. Xanatos often rises the dead in large numbers to fulfill his orders and fight by his side, but he's also capable of feeding from their undead essences and absorbing their beings into his structure to enhance his capabilities. Should a familiar fall in battle, they can be restored and rise once more. 

Restoration - Xanatos is capable of granting new life among those who've died, restoring them back among the living with mind, body and soul intact and purified. Unlike Rejuvenation, they are free of control and restraint under the wraith's influence but return back to his domain if they face death once again for whatever purpose.

Fission - Xanatos is able to merge two or more individual beings into one composite organism in a much more efficient but permanent process similar to fusion. Additionally, he's also more than capable of separating a fused being into their respective counterparts in a timely manner.

Soul Purging - Naturally as his title suggests, the most common demonstration of death's power is the reaping of souls and harboring of sentient existence. He can effectively rip the life essences out of any being in an instant, which includes his fellow deities. By doing so, he can effectively settle them within the boundaries of eternal death.

Illusory Transfiguration - Xanatos is capable of manifesting deceptive scenarios and events as a means of psychologically tormenting those he's engaging. He sometimes uses this ability to exploit any mental fractures within a target, or instill a sense of fear within their minds to weaken those he intends to purge. Even strong-willed warriors have felt a sense of unease by the effects of his eerie capabilities.


Flight - The ability to fly with the use of ki.

Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave. Xanatos can fire ki blasts with enough potential to vanquish entire planets without effort.

Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki and power levels.

Godly Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki and power levels of deities.

Kiai - An invisible wave of used to repel targets. Xanatos holds enough power to effortlessly keep multiple targets subdued without moving.

Mimicry - The ability to copy another fighter's technique after seeing it used only once.

Teleportation - Xanatos can travel vast distances instantaneously without utilizing his ki. He is also one of the few beings who can transcend entire universes and alternate within the plains of life and death in an instant.

Psychokinesis - Xanatos is capable of levitating and controlling objects as well as repelling any oncoming attack through mental power alone. While he's also able to control living beings, any who possess great willpower are capable of resisting his telekinetic control.

Cloning - The God of Death is capable of creating multiple copies of himself in order to aid him in battle against an opponent.

Weapon Manifestation (Ki Sword) - Xanatos can effectively weaponize his ki and construct an elongated blade which radiates of a fiery pulsar. Upon close inspection, one can even sense the dread and misery which seeps from the sword itself.

Weapon Manifestation (Ki Scythe) - Xanatos can further enhance his sharpened blade into a menacing scythe which is capable of ripping the life essence from one's physical form in a single slash. At full power, this malevolent blade can even pierce the fabric of space where the realm of the dead can breach among the living.

Weapon Manifestation (Chain Spear) -  Xanatos can charge his ki and eject an elongated chain spear from the center of his palm to ensnare and capture adversaries from a distance. At full power, his chain spear has even been known to rip away the souls of its caught victims.

Focus Shatter - Xanatos fixates energy into the center of his palm and adjusts his position to deliver a jabbing strike on his opponents. The power focused within this delivered attack is strong enough to pierce the guard of his adversaries, and was thus honed for that specific purpose. While he does resist any attack that falls upon him, he is unable to move until the attack has been executed.

Instant Rush - By simply staring down his foes, Xanatos can launch a plethora of powerful punches and strikes in an instant. While he's doing this, his movement ascends to such a level that from the perspectives of those who witness, he doesn't appear to be moving at all.

The Reaper's Choke - Fiery energy is ignited in death's palm as he bursts forward to grab his adversary and lifts them high into the air single-handedly by the throat. The furrowing energy that surrounds his hand soon explodes violently, obliterating any who were seized in his grasp.

Enforcing Rule - Xanatos launches a devastating knee strike to the opponent's skull, sending them flying upward at an alarming rate of speed. In quick succession of this attack, Xanatos appears behind his foe with leg extended and surging in darkened flames. The impacting blow lands a spine-breaking dive-kick on his adversary before grounding them into the earth below. 

Wrath of the God of Death - Xanatos charges his energy into a malevolent energy sphere that resembles a black hole. He later hurls his attack onto a chosen planet, and the energy absorbs the entirety of said planet's life essence before it's all consumed by the wraith.

"Stare Into The Face of Death!" - The God of Death strikes the very earth, and those who are caught within a close proximity are brutally paralyzed beneath his sheer power. Xanatos then races into the outer atmosphere of the planet before charging an energy sphere of immense size, before throwing it onto the planet's surface below. The resulting explosion obliterates his opponent before he descends back onto the field. 

Oblivion - As the God of Death, Xanatos has the ability to erase any form of sentient life which includes his fellow deities, spirits, and even immortal beings without effort or waste in energy. By extending his palm outward, a glowing eye opens within the center of his hand as he causes his chosen target to disintegrate into nothing. This ability was taught to him specifically by the Gods of Destruction, and only words on sentient beings unlike Hakai which works on all matter.


Resolute State (75%) - Throughout the time of his multiversal training , Xanatos was brought up among many universes where various skills and forms of knowledge would be incorporated into his being. This state of power was significantly weaker than his current, and he would not be christened his godly attributes until later in time. He wore a significantly simplified variant of his default attire with a red sash running from the upper left of his shoulder down to his waist. This state of power is also referred to as the "Wrath of the Dead" state.

God of Death (100%) - This is his present state of power and most notorious after successfully completing his training. Because the God of Death's potential forever evolves to perfect his capabilities on the fighting field, Xanatos doesn't appear to have need for transformations or alternate forms to increase his power as it naturally continues to ascend through his lifespan. However, it's inferred that he's saving a  sinister power for the fateful moment of his choosing against an opponent most worthy by his perception.

Seraphim Xanatos (185%) - When Xanatos assumes the upmost authority over his realm, he'll merge the countless dead of whom he commands with his own physical being to ascend into a malevolent presence with sheer power that ripples across the multiverse. This transformation grants him an increase not only by fighting capabilities, but by physical size as his very being grows exponentially. His right arm and right half of his face seem to shroud in a darkened coloration, with a single black wing ejecting from his right shoulder. While this state of power is something to be feared, he's never activated this state throughout his time and doesn't plan to do so until a certain moment in subsequent time.  

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