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Castiel (Taken by Yuki Shinya)

05/20/2013 10:03 PM 

My RP and Profile rules.

Okay here are my Profile and RP rules1) Once you add me or I add you please reply with a comment within the next few days or I will delete you. 2) I do any kind of rp. Just let me know what type you wanna do before we begin. If you ask for multi-para and beyond be warned I am still working on my multi-para rping skills so it might take a while. 3) I might not reply for a little while sometimes so if we are in the middle of a rp just hold tight and I will reply as soon as possible. 4) When we do try to rp just ask me and we can talk about the details as we go along, or if you want to map a storyline ahead of time then let me know. 5) Whatever happens in the rp, stays in the rp unless you ask me in ooc or vice versa. For now these are my simple rules. Please leave a comment stating that you have read and understand these rules. Thank you. 

}{ Nightfire Brood Mother ]{

05/20/2013 06:19 PM 

Character Information

.::Basic::.Name: Sukio Nakamura NightfireClan: Nakamura /Nightfire IchizokuSignificant other: N/a Gender: Female Age: unkown apparent Age: 25 Race: Nakamura Spider Demon Birth place: unknownAlignment: Chaotic Evil.::Physical::.Hight: 7' 2" feet / 219 cmWeight: 380 pounds / 172 Kilograms (mostly muscle)Hair: Long, black, messyEyes: Emerald greenSkin: Pale GreySkin Elasticity: Soft, stretchy, and springyTail: Length: 7ft /213 cm Weight: 60lb / 27kgBody Temperature: 123.4 F / 50.777 C .::Personality::.Alignment: Chaotic Evil Sexual orientation: PansexualLikes: Kichigai, Food, Fighting, Flirting, Mutilation, Violence Dislikes: Jinpachi, Isolation, Loneliness, Strength[s]: Taijutsu, Chakra Reserves, Physical Prowessweakness[s] Kichigai, Takehiko, AbandonmentFlaws: Emotional, Insane, Lethargic, Gluttonous, Stubborn, UnstableQualities: Loyal, Fierce, Diehard, Stubborn.::Family::.Children: Sons: Yamihiko, Kaihiko, TsumihikoDaughters: Senshihime, KichihimeMother: Kyoko NakamuraFather: UnkownAdoptive Father: Kasakui NightfireAdoptive Mother: NoneBrother(s): Akihiko Nightfire, Takehiko NightfireSister(s): Kichigai NightfireAdoptive Brother(s): SatoshiAdoptive Sister(s): MiraiUncle(s): jinpachi NightfireAunt(s): Aya NakamuraCousin(s):.::Relationships::.Significant Other: N/ATeam/Partners: N/ARival: N/AStudents: N/ASensei: N/A.::Ninja Info Card::.Registered Village: noneAffiliation: NoneOccupation: VagabondNinja Rank: Jonin (former) Rogue (current)    :Team: Current: NoneFormer: Yami (disbanded)Nin Registration: 10171989Academy Grad age: N/A privately trainedMissions Completed: UknownClassification: Taijutsu SpecialistChakra nature: Lighting (Kaminari) Wind (Kaze)Earth (Tsuchi)Yang (Yoton) .::abilities::. :Human and weaponry abilities: Kendo: she is proficient in the use of any katana type or curved blade Knives: she is proficient in the art of using various types of knives, from small daggers, to straight razors, even to the common kitchen knife, Martial arts: she is proficient in the art of hand to hand combat, though no specific style has ever been seen, her movements are often to sparatic and her techniques shift up depending upon many different things :Shinobi abilities: voice enhancement: she can use her charka to enhance and throw her voice, over great distances, typically a none combat technique Taijutsu: she has mastered the art of taijutsu, and often times uses this to get close and personal with her opponents any specific techniques are unknown, and threw her life and intense and often reckless training she has honed her physical and taijutsu skills beyond the limit of what most could summoning jutsu: sukio has made a pact with the spiders naturally, so she can use a summoning technique to bring them to her, if none are in her presenceNinjutsu: Genjutsu:  Medical Ninjutsu: she does not have extensive knowledge in this subject, but when she was young her mother taught her the basics, though she doesn't often use such techniques as she has no one to heal, and her own natural healing abilities are advanced :Statistics:1-10 Human Lvl11-20 demonic Lvl Ninjutsu: 13/20 Taijutsu: 19/20 Genjutsu: 6/20 Fuinjutsu (Sealing Jutsu): 0/20 Collaboration jutsu (Team jutsu): 8/20 Kenjutsu(Sword Techniques): 14/20 Kinjutsu (Forbidden Techniques): 10/20 Speed: 18/20 Agility: 18/20 Intellect: 8/20 Endurance: 15/20 Strength: 19/20 Force: 17/20 Chakra: 20/20 Chakra Control: 18/20 Summoning: 10/20 Tool Usage: 9/20 Flexibility: 20/20 Reflexes: 18/20 Emotional Control: 4/20 Short-Range: 19/20Mid-Range: 12/20 Long-Range: 9/20 Medical Ninjutsu: 5/20Jump Hight: 70 Ft / 21.33 MJump Hight (Tail Spring): 90Ft / 27.43 MJump Distance: 130 Ft / 39.62 MRun Speed: 60 Mph / 96.56 Kph :Demon abilities: kekkei Genkai: Kumoboushi- spiders eye, this technique takes over the left eye, in witch her typical pupil seems to expand and form into a spider web, this gives her a hive mind advantage with her 'children' or the spiders that often times accompany her, she can think for them, uttering commands with out saying a single word, as well as see what they see. giving her the advantage of no blind spots as long as her spiders are all around her Summoning children: due to her linage, and who she really is, she has a level of control over spiders that none other have, spiders, and spider demon alike. flock to her when summoned, and typically would die to see protected, they often times see her as a precious mother, and she seems them as her children, there for when they get harmed she often times grows furious and outraged at the attack and harm done to her children spiders lullaby: sukio to summon her children, uses her voice throwing jutsu, to sing a lullaby, witch has a hypnotic effect on spiders and spider kin, that draws them to her like a child to its mother web making: she can secrete a special compound, much just as a most spiders can, creating 'silks' in witch she uses chakra and various ways to manipulate into strands, she can creating webbing just as a spider can, for what ever purpose, from a giant web to the very cloths on her back, though advantage to this technique being used in a human form, she can secrete this compound from every poor in her body. this compound is very sticky, much like rubber cement, with out chakra added it acts as most spider webs do, and with enough effort and time can be removed or cut, but with constant contact to the host or added chakra, the webbing becomes stronger, stickier and more... attaching, Fact: spiders silk is stronger then steel web slinging: sukio, using the poors in her body, as well as a burst of chakra, can fling her webbing, a technique that could be compared to spiderman, unlike spiderman how ever she is not limited in where this silk can be launched from silk twister: using a her silk compound, as well as every poor in her body, she often times completely removes of her clothing, and begins to spin, using chakra to launch out in every direction as she spins,with in a certain feet radius, everything is covered in her sticky silk leaving no flaw in those to nimble to hit with direct fire spider venom: if sukio can manage to sink her fangs into the flesh of her opponent, her venom has a paralysis effect upon the bitten, that will completely numb and shut down most bodily functions, keeping only enough working to keep them alive, a technique found in most spiders for feeding, so that there victim stays fresh as they eat Arachnid Fire: using her chakra and a mix of venom and an acidic nature, she can fling her webs typicly using her feet and legs, she flings her webbing witch is infused with chakra and her venom witch then acts like an acid caroding away virtually all types of material, the length in time in witch it takes to melt away varies from material to material, but using this, her webs will still to what ever surface it is flung agenst, and will begin to melt that surface away, effective in doing wide spread area damage and killing very painfully. :Nightfire abilities: Onigan: due to her mixed and mutated bloodline, her eye technique is not quite as refined as others of the clansman, while others Nightfires can see the veins of chakra flowing threw the body, as well as the electrical signals, she can only seem the faintest  of things, where to other Nightfires, they would be like the charts that teachers use to explain chakra pathways, to sukio she sees others as glowing forms, where the stronger the glow the more powerful the opponent, giving her the ability to pick out shinobi from a crowed with out much effort, and even track them in perfect darkness. she can even see the different types of natures the shinobi has by the colors of there chakra, as well as focus points where chakra is building up. not quite as refined as her kin, but still an early warning system for her if need be Oninottori: a technique that has been passed to her, threw her bringing into the nightfire bloodline, but it has been made relatively unique, for her oninottori, she has given up many of its chief abilities, mostly those agenst the flame and heat, to further increases her own physical power, enhancing her speed and strength and other physical capiablies far more so then the typical nightfire, her skin still turns red, her nails become claw like her teeth sharpen and elongate, her muscles grow bigger and her ears slightly point. oninottori overdrive: due to her unique situation, she was unable or has yet to unlock any other abilities of her family blood line becides oninottori, due to her fighting style this has come to be what she needs the most, oninottori overdrive how ever is a second level of the technique, in witch she over flows her body with so much chakra, her skin begins to turn black, her abilities are even further pushed passed any previous limit, to the point the chakra can not be contained with in her body, it begins to burst threw her skin and flesh doing damage to her tearing cuts and holes in her body, so in that since this technique must be used quickly and is often times a last resort move, for when she attacks the force of witch flows threw her limb in witch she attacks with is more then enough to shatter the limb, breaking bones, tearing muscle and flesh, but the damage done if a successful hit is made would be unmeasurable. and when she is in this form, due to her chakra pushing outward, it looks as though she is bathed in a black and purple flame and the constant sound of pressure releasing would echo from her :Nakamura Abilities:Note: her Nakamura abilities are directly connected to her Demonic spider abilities ???; Onichishio ("Demon blood within veins") [Passive] - Yoki ( "Demonic Energy" );The Onichishio's passive ability known as the "Yoki" refers to the quantity of force, potential or used chakra and or "aura". The yoki happens to be a different type of chakra energy / aura ( reasoning behind being called demonic energy ) that grants a Nakamura to reach a higher level of power. It provides her enough energy to allow their to also use the kekkei genkai ability traits without fully activating his /or her blood-line. Such as natural enhanced speed or strength without the needing to charge extra amounts of chakra to use these particular traits. - Advanced Senses: Sight | Touch | Taste | Smell | Hearing. - Shape-Shifting: the user can genetic and cellular structure instantaneously rearranges according to their mental input. The act of shape-shifting is sometimes painful, and requires at least a few seconds to complete ( Requires the activation of a jutsu ). - Increased Speed: User can move much faster than the average member of their species, some near or at the speed of sound, or even faster. - Superhuman Strength: The Nakamura's trademark ability is their incredible raw strength with which they are able to perform such feats as launching their targets several meters with a mere finger flick or create fissures with a single finger jab at the ground. An opponent struck by their attacks could suffer damage ranging from broken bones, ruptured organs, or even death. A Nakamura's close-range combat skills have been considered unsurpassed, which they uses mainly to intimidate. When entering battle directly, a Nakamura is a force to be reckoned with. - Enhanced Endurance: Despite their own admission of being out of shape or completely fit, all Nakamura members are very resilient warrior. And are able to fight effectively while showing no signs of weakening. [Active] - Yoryoku ( "Demonic Power" );The Onichishio's active ability known as the "Yoryoku" refers to the rate of release ( regarding to power ). The concept of the Yoryoku is to achieve the highest level of power without exhausting the physical body and / or mind. This demonic power relies upon the user's yoki to reach the next level. The amount of demonic energy stored grants the users, the ability to release it in fairly large bursts.Lv Stages - The Onichishio's Yoryoku possesses five stages, however, these stages could also be referred to as different transformations. Due to the sudden alterations the appearance and body structure endures within the phases. Each stage expresses a larger form of demonic power from its previous stage. And releases a scale of various demonic energy (depending upon the user's state among the multiple phases). First Stage - 10% Yoma power release pupils turn vertical and irises gold Second Stage - 30% face distorts Third Stage - 50% body distorts Fourth Stage - 70% maximal for most users (this stage begins to mentally damage the user; causing psychological breaks) Fifth Stage - Referred to as the "Awaken Being" Stage; 80% release usually fail-safe point, which awakening occurs irreversibly ( complete transformation ) .::Rebirth and Evolution::.Recently Sukio has gone threw a metamorphosis, and has come into her true form and power, thanks to the help of her mother, and a ritual performed to unlock her Nakamura bloodline, giving her a new body and new abilities to explore and expand upon:Gained Physical Traits:Elastic body: her body has become flexible and malleable. able to stretch, extend, and expand her body to a certain extent. much like rubber in nature. this allows her also to shift and adjust physical damage sustained, to distribute force threw out her entire form rather then leaving it concentrated on one spotPale Skin: with the awakening of her Demonic Blood traits, her skin has turned a sickly grey color, draining all rosiness from her formprehensile Tail: with her transformation, she gained a rather large heavy tail, though odd she finds this new appendage quite useful, able to grab lift and manipulate things with ease, like the rest of her form, it can stretch and shift in size slightly at will.::Extra::.Note: most of Sukio's abilities, though they seem many, often times work off each other and activate together.  her nightfire traits as well as her Nakamura demonic traits all work with one another rather then activating separately, he Demonic spider traits come from her Nakamura bloodline, as well as her chakra pool and physical enhancements, which are supplemented by the Nightfire abilities she has unlocked from her fathers side.

Riley nara

05/18/2013 06:39 PM 


1. Have Fun2. No Godmodding if the roleplay involves battling.3. I vary from one-liner rps to paragraph Role plays, hopefully if could help out.4. Please no Drama.Thank you - The Anime Time Lord

The Fallen Soldier

05/18/2013 01:20 PM 

.::Role-Play Rule's::,

1. Good grammar please.2. No drama.3. OOC= Comment's | RP= Messages 4. You only get a week to reply to my Greeting before i delete you.5. No oneliners, Write at least Two paragraph's please.6. No godmoding if at some point in time we fight in our Rp.7. Yes my character's are single but i wont do Erotic Rp's with just anyone. If a take liking to your character and its just happens thats fine. ^ ^8. No controling my charcter.9. Two of my character's are big flirt's at time's but that doesnt mean they like you, It's just hows they are.10. Don't rush me please.11. For those who don't know or who haven't figured it out yet, I am a girl Rping as guys ^ ^12. Don't flirt with my character's if there taken.13. Just over all have fun, ok? -smiles-After you have finished Reading my rule's please sign with a heart~ just to let me know to read it all the way through ^ v ^

The Fallen Soldier

05/18/2013 12:19 PM 

Character Profile [Akira Yukima]

Name: Akira Yukima Age: 18 Gender: MaleEye's: Akira left eye is white, While his right eye is crimson. His eyes used to both be crimson but hes now blind in his left making it that white color.Race| species: Full Demon Height: 5'8 Weight: 127 Single/Taken: Single Orientation: Bi [Leans more toward guys] Birth Place: Gaia Family: Genesis Rhapsodos | Kenji Yakamora | Shio YakamoraReal Family: Pasted onLover: None Past Lover: None Weapon/Ability: Single headed Scythe with a linked chain connecting his belt with his scythe. Tends to carry it on his back at times Occupation: Assassin Personality: Cheerful, Nice, Caring, Bipolar, Mean at times, serious, trickyPosition: Seke | Both [Leans more toward Seme] Appearance: [In Albums]  Short Bio: Akira Yukima. The story begins about 4 years ago...Before all of this happened.[MY PAST with genesis]In a small forest a frail neko with purple ears, Tail, hair and eyes, Knelt next to a  flower patch. His tail swaying slightly as he hummed to himself, His purple hues looking down at the lilly's lovingly as he pitched a few of them for his mom, Though the whole reason he had come out here in the first place was to get a break from his family. The nekos ears had perked slightly, Hearing the sound of someone talking...No quoting something."Hm?"The male had tilted his head slightly before standing from where he knelt in the green grass beneath himself. 'Someone else is here?' The curious boy smiled slightly, Following the lovely voice that sounded male. His white, knee length dress flowing slightly as he walked trough the forest, The sun shinning through the green leaves of the trees before the sun hit his face fully, A hand reaching up to cover his eyes as he looked out over a small meadow and sure enough, In the distance, Was a male, Sitting against an apple blossom tree.The males red trench cost laying underneath himself as he sat on it, His auburn hair blowing slightly, But the thing that the male noticed even before all of that, Was the males glowing cyan eyes."Wow"A bright small came onto the males face as he advanced toward the other, His voice becoming more clear to him as he could make out what the other was saying."Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Goddess""We seek it thus, and take to the sky"The words of the male in red rang out clear as the neko kept his smile, His feet stopping in front of the other as he seen the male look up at him, The cyan eyes glowing in the sunlight slightly."That's a very beautiful poem, Whats it called?"To this the male in red had rose a brow the 'Girl' Or what he thought to be a girl standing in front of himself, question where in his mind but somehow he found a chuckle escaping his lips."Loveless is the name of the literature I'm reading"The neko had smiled even more, walking closer toward the other male as he would sit next to him, Peering over the taller males shoulder to peek at the book, His tail moving around slightly as he seemed to take an interest in said book."Do you...mind reading more of it?"The younger male asked as he laughed slightly, His purple hues glancing up at the cyan eyed male he'd just meet before bringing his knee to his chest, And smiling once more. to this the Auburn haired male smiled, It was little but there none the less. His eyes closed slightly before opening once more."I'd be happy to read more to you, though didn't your parents ever tell you not to talk to strange people?""Strange people? Your not strange, Plus you seem nice enough"The younger male had laughed once more before looking down at the ground, Not really wanting to talk about his parents, They never really talk to him that much and where mostly never home to even try anyway. A small sigh had escaped the younger male, This making the older one blink a bit before turning his head away, Knowing well enough that there was something about his question that had bother that girl."Ripples form on the water's surface"Lifting his head slightly, The neko smiled up to the other male s he began reading the poem once more."The wandering soul knows no rest" At the end of his sentence the the older male looked back down at the neko before smiling once more."So, Whats your name? I go by Genesis. Its a pleasure to meet you."The nekos ears Lifted slightly to hearing the males name, He was now one step closer to most likely having found a friend, which made him happy."Its nice to meet you Genesis. My names Akira"The boy mused as his tail swayed back and fourth slightly. Though the smile on the others males face soon became a look of slight confusion to the girls name."Akira. Why did your parents give you a boys name?"The older male had asked to see the younger boy tilt his head slightly before laughing."What are you talking about? I am a boy silly."To this the older male had quirked an eyebrow to the new found news the boy gave him but before he could stop himself his thoughts came from his mouth."Why are you wearing a dress Then?"The neko glared slightly before huffing playfully."How rude, I can wear what even i want! plus its cute~"He said as he pouted slightly before looking back up at Genesis to see what reaction he had on his face.'What a strange kid'The older male had laughed at the younger males action before returning his eye toward his book and reading on from where he left off. This, this was only the beginning of the story, Akira and Genesis had met up more times after that, Getting to know each other more and more. There where like brother now and everything was great. Or so Akira had thought.It had been more then a couple mouth the neko had known his new found brother and this day...This one day would be with his forever as it was the lest day he saw his brother for many years."Hey Akira.""What..."The boy Gave a deadpan voice and stare to the man he thought of as an older brother."You know I care for you right?"Silence was heavy for a few moments as Genesis said this, that was until Gen spoke up again."you're like a little brother to me, someone I actually care about."He noticed Akira stopped eating his ice cream and was in deep thought. Suddenly Akira spoke up."Why are you saying that now Gen...?"Again it was quiet, to Akira it looked like his older brother had a sudden interest with the dirt as his weird eyes were glued to the ground. Genesis let out an audible sigh, and lightly clenched his fist as he spoke."I have to be leaving for a little while Aki...""What? What for?"Akira gave a very confused look, as Gen wouldn't meet his eyes."There's something important I have to do and it's going to take a little time."The SOLDIER grabbed a fist full of dirt and slowly let it fall in a funnel like hole under his clenched hand like sand in an hourglass. Again it was silent for an uncomfortable amount of time."Are you lying to me?"The boy's voice was barely a whisper it was apparent he was hurt, With that Genesis tore his eyes from the ground and Gaped at him like he spoke another language."What? No! Of course not!"Akira's head snapped up to look at Gen a somewhat angry look on his face."Then how long will you be gone!"Genesis Grimaced he didn't know himself how long he would be gone for all he knew it could be years! But how was he soppose to say that without sounding like he'll be gone forever? His gloved hand ran through his auburn hair as he gave a grunt in annoyance."I'm not even sure myself right now, it could be a very very long time from now."He glanced at Akira who only looked glum an obvious sign he's upset by the news.Damn... How could he make it seem that he wasn't leaving akira behind for good? The SOLDIER racked his brain with several ideas but to no avail, it didn't seem right to him. Another annoyed grunt could be heard as he stuffed his hands in his pockets, the smoothness hardcover of his favorite literature was felt as he done so much to his surprise he forgotten he had the book with him.  An Idea came to him, as he peered over at Akira. Pulling his favored book from his right pocket his eyes ran over the crystal clean cover "LOVELESS" was written in golden cursive font."Here."Akira looked at Gen was handing to him to his confusion he seen that it was his brothers favorite book, but why was he giving it to him?"Why are you~""Cause you know I'll come back for it."Akira looked up at Genesis as he said this, slowly a small hopeful smile could be seen on the boy's face as he slowly grabbed the book from his older brothers grasp."Now take care of it for me till I get back. Cause if I see one speck of dirt on it you'll be in a lot of trouble hear me?"Gen grinned as he lightly tugged on Akira's little cat ear atop his head."Hey!"In an attempt to get Gen to stop messing with him he lightly punched him in the gut.In a playful manner he clutched his stomach as if in pain."Hnng! No I give, I give."Genesis shook his head conceding defeat, however just as fast he reached out his hand and ruffled Aki's hair again much to the boy's complaint of messing with him, nonetheless he smiled.The rough housing and games soon came to an end as the day was drawing to a close."I should be back one more time tomorrow before I leave. Wanna go to the fair in town?"Akira lit up as Gen suggested it."Sure, It'll be fun!"Genesis grinned as he noticed Aki's ears stood on end in excitement"All right then, but..."Genesis Hesitated to finish the sentence cause it might upset his little brother again, however he couldn't shrug the idea he might not come back tomorrow and he knew Akira would be crushed if he came back and Genesis wasn't there."... If theres a chance I'm not back here tomorrow, I want you to do something for me ok?"The smile Akira had lessened a bit but nonetheless he nodded prompting his brother figure to continue."I want you to know I'll be here waiting, every year on the first day we met kay?"Akira simply nodded as he wrapped an arm around the older man in a hug. Genesis returned it fairly quickly."Then, you better get going don't want your mom and dad to worry too much now."Another yank of one of his neko ears made Akira slap his hand away from his head in mock annoyance. Despite this he hesitated to pull away from the hug of his brother, but eventually he did, and reluctantly stood up. another few words were exchanged and Akira ran off back towards his home.[THE PRESENT][Present Akira Will be coming soon, Promise!][Note: When Rping with Akira there will be GORE and BLOOD, Plus he's very out there with his split personality, So yeah [ Dark Character][Note|A: Shio stays by Akira at time's to keep him out of trouble so Shio will in the Rp sometimes but not always]

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