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The Demon Council {MCRP}

01/25/2014 11:17 PM 

The Shadow Princess

Name:Lyn KeresAge- 17( does not age)Raise-Half demonParents:Itachi Uchiha, Sakura KyuubiSiblings: Tsuki,Tamaru,Hana,Zero,Eclair,Raziel,Shin,Thanatos,Kiara,aaron,Ran,Mercurios,Athena,aphrodite,nia,link,heath,MisaoStatus:Engaged to ErebusOrientation: StraightKid-None Lyn is a Knight of Tenebrae along her Twin Shin, She was Born just as the Fall of the Kyuubi had begone. a Being Known as the Lord of Nightmares touched the unborn Twins Just as Sakura was Giving birth to them making them inmortals and claiming them as Heirs to the realm of shadows.Lyn is a Cannibal She used to feed on Humans as a child but eventually her parents managed to make her eating habits swing more to eating only her enemies.When Lyn was able to get out of Tartarus for the first time she met a Flame Demon that trick her telling her the he loved her in reality he just wanted her sword Zombra which can zap the life force of any living things where ever it is Human or not when she refused to part with the weapon He used his powers against her and gave her a scar both phisically and mentally. Although she Killed him her life was forever changed as she would trust no one..Although she looks cheerful on a daily basis she is one of the kyuubi's who its easiest to get on a crazed stage in this way she is alot like Sakura unable to control her feelings and berserk mode it is said if she continues down this path she might have to split her soul like Sakura did.Lyn constant mental instability has caused her to withdraw from the family, often found hanging out with  Shin's children Orpheus and Saki.It was like this that she came across a Erebus the God of Darkness and Tenebrae's Master.He had set his eyes on Lyn since the moment she was born that was the whole reason to make her and Shin Knights of his Shadow Order,He did not interfere with what ever she wanted to do with her life  but as he watched her succumb more to the Darkness of her heart he wanted her more then one day he Summoned her and Shin to him and Proclaimed. "Lyn  Keres you are mine now and forever and one day you shall bare my heirs" of course Lyn was freaked out and although she could not just out and fight the guy that did not mean she would bend to his will peacefully

The Demon Council {MCRP}

10/15/2014 09:03 PM 

The seer

Name: Hope AzureAge: 18Raise:HumanStatus:Its ComplicatedOrientation:StraightInfo: Hope was born to a Nomad who had the power to see into the future, a seer. Her father was the Azure Clan's Chief son and a great warrior that died before her birth after getting sick when he visited a land that had been stroked by a plague. Not long after Hope fifth Birthday her mother showed signs of the same illness her husband had five years prior (she had been infected by the same illness and told no one trying to live for a good time with Hope).She was getting ready to give the custody of young Hope to the Chief when she had a vision of a woman who would arrive just as she took her last breath the woman was strong and lost her way in need saving of having Hope she believed that if some one was to car for Hope as much as she did it would be this woman.She told the chief about her vision and her dying wish.That night she informed Hope that while she would be going to join her husband in the sea of stars she would leave Hope in charge of helping a good woman, she told Hope that she could trust the woman with her secret, that Hope was a seer too and that the woman would protect her.In that night the woman died in a peaceful slumber and Hope who shed not tears just stood awaiting to meet this woman.The very next day as Hope left her home to inform the chief about her mothers death she stumbled upon a woman looking lost and miserable, she ditected the woman to her house and called the chief, the woman name was Hana and she had been walking around with no destination until she felt a pull to come to the azure lands.It was declared by the stars said the Chief and welcomed her , Hana was scared to stay and take on their request to take care of hope and for the first few months Hope was who took care of her.One night Hope explained to her that her mother had said she could trust Hana with her secret and she told Hana what she was how she could see the future although only for the current hours exept for one vision..that everything would be well for Hana and she would be happy again (If it was true Hope saw it or not is her own secret).As the years passed Hope came to not only claim Hana as her mother but her whole family as her own and as the years passed the shy 5 year old who could only see events of the hour had her powers grow a lot and was able to see into the distant future.Hope powers are out of control and they seem to only quiet down for a bit thanks to Vergil, for her Vergil means a lot not only for being there to help her out trough what ever is going on with her powers but also because she has had a thing for him since she was a child of course things get all complicated since well his older,shes human, his her adoptive mother nephew and well she seen many possible futures  surrounding their family and this is no time to be thinking about his lips on hers 

нмя [ʞ]iттen

05/13/2013 08:57 PM 

No Blood, No Bone, No Ash!

Okay so as many of you may have noticed, I'm not new to role-play and I'm surely not one of those girl role-players that will give into what others are saying, doing, etc. Now these guidelines.. or rules which ever one you prefer to call 'em are going to help you understand what I expect and what I do and don't do. Considering there have been countless role-players I've come across that merely ask me the same questions.. And those questions will be answered in this little blog. So lets get on with it, shall we?1. Take a hint. - I'm not here solely for your needs. Meaning that I am not here for you to "get off" on. Keep your dirty little thoughts to yourself. I don't want to see anyone coming up to me, message or comment asking me if I do Erotic! I don't. At least not with every fucking person that comes my way. In another rule there will be an explanation as to whom I will ever do sexual scenes with and such. For now don't come to me for your needs no matter what! Just because a few of my pictures have my character in a bikini, the shower, or some other picture that most of you "males" think that all I created my character for was "sex" I didn't! I made her solely for role-playing purposes such as actually ROLE-PLAYING! And not none of this "oh have sex with me because I'm horny :D" No and I state on my profile under my character's dislikes, that she hates perverts. Now she may be nice to you and everything but trust me you won't get her in your bed so easily. Enough of this.. lets get onto the next rule.2. Good Directions - As stated on my profile I am a Multi-Paragraph to Novella Role-player. Which means I write up to 6 Paragraphs, or more. I hate one-liners and I despise them like no other. I don't mind if we simply write out a small one line while we're chatting, but I will not accept it in role-play. I want a paragraph or more! If you give me a one word reply or even a one sentence response I will not answer and you can go ahead and keep sending me messages/comments asking if I'm not going to talk to you any more or if I got your reply, because chances are... I denied it cause it didn't meet my standards for a role-play. Now don't get me wrong.. I will make an acceptation... at least to a few people. Not all of you. Those people will know who they are. But as I said before, I will respond to a one sentence if its out of character, other than that no I will not reply back.3. You're going down - If you start drama with me I will delete you and more than likely cuss you out.. After all I have no time for drama upon my page. Especially those whom simply come looking for an excuse to start something with someone. So if you bring drama upon my page you better have one hell of a good back story to back up your "accusations" because chances are.. You won't have any at all. And it'll just make  you look like a fool. I know a few people in the role-playing community that have dealt with all kinds of drama and I know that those people will more than likely come and help me out... Especially those whom known me for so long~ After all... I've been role-playing since 2003. So yes, I'm an old school role-player.. Not that any of you need to remember that. Just know I've been around the block. Now I don't mind bringing drama into our role-play. It makes it fun, interesting and entertaining for the both of us! So I'm all for you to bring some in character drama~ Just make sure not to bring it out of character.4. World so cold - My character; Ayami has grown up in a very strict family. She was taught never to trust anyone and not to show any fear to her enemies or even her allies. No, she has her own way of dealing with her emotions and that's basically "Killing with kindness" So if she's mad she'll simply smile. Trust me just because my character is smiling at ya doesn't mean shit! No one will ever see a real smile come from her, not even the members in Homura. As far as Ayami knows everyone is her enemy and the only one that she would even somewhat look up to would be Mikoto Souh. Why's that? Well you aren't going to know! My own secret and her's as well. So don't think that she's simply being nice to your character when chances are, she's not. She's merely toying with you.5. Forgotten not forgiven - Do not steal any work from my page. Pictures, character's history, etc. If you do any of the following, I will report  your ass, delete and block you! Now other people would more than likely "Black list" your ass, but me? Oh no, I'll simply delete ya and block. That way you won't have any sort of contact with me at all~ Simple as that!6. Circle of friends - On my page I have a section/area where all my friends will go. These will be considered worthy role-players and you can add them. Now don't think that just because I only have a certain few people up there, doesn't mean that you won't be up there. Oh no, if I think your a good role-player I will either put your link up, or a picture that will be click-able. Also do not bug me just because I don't have some sort of link up to your profile. I do take my time when it comes to role-playing with people to see how they write and they're writing skills. If you don't like this, then please -points over towards the delete button- delete me. It won't bother me any at all.. Oh what? You think it does? .. Well here look at this little gif and tell me if it bothers me; Well.. does it look like I care? No, then your right! Good for you! You're not as dumb as you look!7. Jump in the line - I'm a very busy person, with a job that I work 8 hours a day in up to 4 days a week perhaps more, I'm not always online to answer replies and such. My job, if you must know is security so I have to pay attention what is going on either on the monitors, or inside the houses that I go into. Yes, you may think its an easy job but really its not. Yes half the time it is, but other times its not. Now when I get home from work, considering I work the MIDNIGHT shift (eastern time) I don't get home until 8AM sometimes 9AM in the morning and all I want to do is sleep. So if you see that I've read your message, chances are I'm at work. Do not bug me for replies because I will ignore you.. And I can do that very easily.8. Love you like a love song - Okay so you've made it this far, very good. And now I'm sure you are all wondering "Well hey! She said she was going to say something about how she'll only do sexual situations with a certain person, where is it??" Well here it is~ The only way that you'll ever get my character into bed, is by wining over hear heart, which I'll have you know right now, is not an easy task! She will not simply fall for anyone. It has to be for their personality, not their looks or anything of the sort. Oh no, she could careless about looks its about the person's personality/attitude. Now as for an example, my character would more than likely fall for Izumo Kusanagi. Why? Well why don't you go read his personality? Trust me.. there are very few that will ever catch Ayami's eye. Hell, she might even go for Kuroh Yatogami cause of his personality towards things. But like I said those are just examples. She won't fall so easily for them. Now if you happen to win over her heart than you better be sure not to break such a thing. After all... She'll kill you in your sleep... or when you least expect it. Trust me, she'll get her revenge. And she will be loyal to whom ever she's with.9. Not meant to be - Okay so lets say that our character's relationship doesn't work out. Then we'll simply go our own ways. But as stated above, if you some how cheat on her she'll kill ya. And of course she'll have proof that you did such a thing. I do have resources and such, so you can expect me to prove that you did such a thing~ Also do not come running back to my character and want her to accept you back. Now, lets say we discuss something before hand like, they were teenage lovers in their teen years and the two had a relationship and such but they simply didn't think it was going to work and years later the two decide to give it another go, than that's fine. After all I'm always up for having such a storyline.10. Any other name - I do have the following messengers for you to get into contact with me, if I happen to not be on this site they are the following; skype, msn, and aim. Though I'm mostly on skype. Now if you would like any of those, please by all means go ahead and ask for 'em.. Chances are, you won't get them unless we become very close friends. The same goes for my cell phone number. You won't be getting it so easily. So don't ask for it, if you haven't even spoken to me for more than two days... or even a month at that. Messengers are a different story. The cell phone isn't.11. 12.13.I will and can add more to these guidelines as I see fit. If that bothers you than please feel free to delete me off your friends list. Now for those of you who have made it this far please sign below and tell me a favorite quote of yours, either from an anime or movie.-Signed,The writer behind Ayami Bluesummers

all out roleplayer (OC-S&L RL-T)

05/13/2013 08:15 PM 

Amy M Harker

My name Is Amy Willamina Harker I am the last of the Harker family and descendent of Mina Harker. I have been working for Area 51 since i was 15 though young i was I took the training to hunt and kill the forces of Darkness though when i was 7 i was diagnosed with a disease that effected the bones in my body so till a cure was found i was frozen though at such a young agebeing frozen scared me but my parents said to me was that i would always be there little angle. So i stayed strong for them as i started to age in the ice Area 51 awaken me when I turned 15 and sadly my parents died in a war that upsetting me greatly. Now i was the last of my family and i need to do my best to keep the Harker Family alive. So with that I was enhanced i became faster, stronger and more skilled then i thought i could be.Though when they made me start High school I didn't like it much there where to many people that didn't understand the way's of life for me when working for the government. It was then i realized i need to be the first Witch of the family to fight off other things then just enemy solders, and threats on the government but the monsters of Darkness as well so i studded the dark arts of witch craft and the powers of it was so much i know this was my true calling to fight the forces of darkness with darkness itself. I became the best that Area 51 ever had now they just need to make a team which was where my subordinate Heather came in..she trained under me she was a demon who had trouble controlling her powers throw emotions so i taught her though she still calls me her 'master though i keep telling her to call me Amy. Though as time went on I took in other students though a war is coming and something of my family past has hunted my mind for many years now.The Dream world is a places full of burnt buildings and hidden tunnels of suppressed memories are stored. this is what i look like when i enter the world of dreams it is a world where things are not as they seem and are very dark and twisted but there are some areas that are calm and not so twisted and burnt demons and vampires try to take me on in my dream world while i'm trying to unlock a memory of my grand mothers to know the truth or while to get a greater power i am asleep in the real world at this time so it is when I'm most variable to attack so i could easily be killed then which is why i try not to go there unless it is need though my mind is open as well so anything could enter the dream world at that time.Every so often though i would also have fights in my dreams with demons and other monsters that try to kill me for real and that is throw my dream world. It is not hard or easy to enter and awaken out of my dream world for it is filled of memories hidden and unknown and in this world monsters and vampires even have tried to kill me to put an end to area 51's agent but none succeed though there are some that still mess with me here and there and these are the ones that seem to like to mess with me or just have a friendly talk...well sometimes.first up are the bother and sister Alex and Sally there demons the one named Alex likes to be a flirt and shape sift into many things but being a charmer is how he gets his pray though the two just like to toy with me in my dream world. though Alex has flirted with me much more then he usually would with any other person  i try to ignore him when i can. though at times he likes to help me fight.Then there is Blake he is what you call the angle of death he likes to flirt with me and he kind of is cute but i don't give him an inch since so many times he has tried to corn me just so he can still a kiss from me. so far he has not succeed in that yet. though he douse have good words of wisdom when it is need in a fight.and last is Johnathan he is one of the vampires that Area 51 hired as my supervisor when training other monsters he also like to mess around with me in my dream world, though deep down i like him but he's not really my type. Even though he is such a show off when he helps me fight in my dream world, he too has feeling for me after how many times he has saved me i still own him my life.

all out roleplayer (OC-S&L RL-T)

05/12/2013 05:22 PM 

Amy Lee (Tina Oswell Spencer)

this is my character for resident evil role plays here is the link to my characters profile.

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