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¤Gekido no Tenshi¤ Shinobu

05/06/2013 09:47 PM 

Basic Info

First Name: ShinobuMiddle Name: noneFamily Name: noneNick Name: Shin, Blind RageGender: MaleHow old you look: 22How old you are: 138Race: Samurai, Ritual Genre: anyVerse: para, multi para, novella. Whatever I feel like typing.Elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth.Kekkei Genkai: noneMain Weapon: Kusari-GamaSecondary Weapons: katana, watazashiRank using 1-10Ninjutsu: 9Taijutsu: 10Genjutsu: 2Fuuinjutsu: 1Doujutsu: 7Kekkei Genkai: 0Senjutsu: 0Wisdom:10Intelligence:10Strength: 9Speed: 10Agility: 8Evasiveness: 9Planning: 7Comprehension: 10Leadership Skill: 6Teaching Skill: 10 on a good day, 4 on most days.Direction Following: 7

Ǥσɗ Ʊℱ Ꮤrath™

05/04/2013 08:40 PM 


1# DON'T MAKE MY DAUGHTER CRY!2# No Godmodding/Autoing And so on: Keep in mind that your character is NOT untouchable. Everyone as well as my char suffers damage in battle, even when blocking there will be recoil or a limit to how many times your hit. And on the autoing, its real simple. Do NOT post replies saying things like "He punches you in the face making your mouth bloodly" or something to that degree.3# Rp Style: I am a Para, multi para style of roleplaying. I am a long time rp veteran so please don't tell me how use my character or what to do in our story if we rp unless we are making a storyline ahead of time. I will also do Novella T-1 if there is a good enough storyline to it. I also do one liners ONLY just for goofing off and what not.4# NO RL DRAMA: I can't stress it enough when i say, please do not bring your rl drama to an rp world. You will be blocked.5# Asura's Photos: All my photos for the char are MINE, and I edit each one of them and will be blocked for safely reasons. I do my own edits and no one elses so please don't ask for will be ignored.6# Respect The God Of Wrath!!: Throughout the hole time that we are friends on this site, I will ALWAYS show my respects to you in ooc, so I expect the same in return. I'm a very laid-back and outgoing kinda guy, so I will more then half the time will be talking ooc(If we're not roleplaying). OK! Like I said in "Rule #2," I am a roleplaying vet from all the way back on myspace. So I've seen my fair share of "up-tight-ten-foot-pole-up-your-ass" kinda people. If by any chance you are one of these people that are reading this right now...I will still befriend you. BUT...just remember these words. If ever....EVER, you get outta line with me or anyone I hold dear to me(And you know what I mean), I will give you *ONE* warning...just one. If it happens again, then you better make-it to that delete/block button before I do. Because I will make your time on this site VERY unpleasant.7# Adding: Very simple. You add first, please talk first, for I will do the same if I add you. Please make an effort to communicate, thats why we're here right?8# Roleplaying: Ok. It does not matter who starts the roleplay first. If you wish to start then say so, if you want me to start then by all means just let me know. There will be times where my replies come in late. So do NOT bombard me with msg/comments in trying to hurry me along. If so, I will either have no more interest in rping with you or I will take long just to spite you.    9# RolePlay Relationships: I do have rp relationships sometimes, but ONLY if the storyline is good enough. So don't come to me sending stupid crap about wanting to date, or start sending me something very sexual. If you do you will be blocked. I am VEEEERY picky when it comes to rp dating for many reasons due to past experiences. So I will ONLY pair Asura with CANON characters. No more OC(Custom made characters). Have had too many issues concerning rl drama related problems. So yes, rp dating is never outta the question with me but if it is to come to past for the God Of Wrath to love again, then like I said our storyline must be perfect or damn near close to it. I don't want a person to get so impatient that you want it to happen within a time-span of three to four replies later. Not gonna happen people. The experience is the biggest concern when pairing my character with another. This has to be like half a Saga/Series long before anything CLOSE to something like that to happen. Like I said, I'm very picky and I want a relationship for Asura that is rememberable for both of us, plan and simple. I have yet to find such a woman for Asura and he has remained single for the past three years or so because of this. But I believe it is worth it to find such a spark between two characters that will last forever. I'm sorry if this upsets alot of people for being so strict when it comes to having a relationship, I just want something that will stick with me for a long time. I want that passion to be something out of a fairy tail. There's nothing wrong with wanting something like this. I'm sure alot of you would agree.  10# RolePlay Genres: I am originally a Asura's Wrath genre character, but I do crossplay and very much enjoy it. Mostly Capcom, DC and Marvel. I do roleplay with dragonball z and gt, but I only add Main dbz characters. And selective on customs.11# HAVE FUN: This is without a doubt my MOST important rule of all. Pleeeease people. Have fun and enjoy yourselves. This is a fun fictional site to get away from the drama of life. Don't take things too seriously and enjoy roleplaying. 

Moriko ❀Elemental Fox❀

05/04/2013 03:59 PM 

please read and sign
Current mood:  relaxed

hey i just have a couple things i want you to know:1: DO not god mode my character! if i think you are i'll let you know and if you accidently you get ONE warning ether way.2: DO NOT kill my character in a rp!!!3: me the roleplayer is not looking for a relationship i'm happy to have moriko in a relationship with another character. But you cant just ask to be in a relationship without rping first! please keep rp in rp and rl in rl... i understand some people are looking for relationships but not me as a roleplayer!4: Please try to keep drama to a minimum... i can take it to a point.5: i have limited skills when it comes to editing but please do not steal my pic if they say dont steal! i have edited it of a firend has edited it for me. if you want to take then please ask first!!!!6: this last is a warning: my friends are important to me!!! if attacked i will defend them. i will not attack back but i will want to know reasons. i like to get all facts and figure out the situation and a possible solution weather it was there fault or not.

Bane Multi-Roleplay

05/02/2013 05:01 PM 

Heros vs Villains

 Birth Name: Anthony "Tony" Stark Nickname(s): Tony Aliases: Iron Man Sex: Male Age: 30 Place of Origin: America Bloodine(s): both parents: Human Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Dark brown Skin Tone:Tanned  Blood Type: OB Species: HumanEvil/Good : Good Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (The only guy's he'll date are really girly ones) Position: Seme Status: Single Significant Other: - Occupation: Owner of Stark Industries  Mother: Maria Collins Carbonell Stark Father: Howard Anthony Stark Living Siblings: - Addition info: Tony Stark is a multi bilionaire who once made and sold weapons to the American army. But a few years ago was held captive and he realised his weapons were sold on the black market. His heart was ripped out and was replaced by a battery like object to keep his body in tacked. Tony then realised that America needed a hero and therefore Iron Man was created.Birth Name: Selina KyleAliases: CatwomanSex: FemaleAge: 22Place of Origin: America, Gotham CityBloodine(s): both parents: HumanEye Colour: GreenHair Colour: RavenSkin Tone: FairBlood Type: UnknownSpecies: HumanEvil/Good: In the middleSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: UkeStatus: SwingerSignificant Other: -Occupation: ThiefMother: Maria KyleFather: Brian KyleLiving Siblings: Younger sister Maggi KyleAddition info: Selina has never really chosen good or evil.  But she does not kill, she purly looks out for herself though has known to team up with Batman. She doesn't believe in love, just pure hard core sexBirth Name: Pamela Lillian IsleyAliases: Poison IvySex: FemaleAge: 23Place of Origin: America, Gotham CityBloodine(s): both parents: HumanEye Colour: EmeraldHair Colour: Was ginger, now more of a redish colourSkin Tone: GreenBlood Type: UnknownSpecies: PlantEvil/Good: EvilSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: SekeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Was a Botany, now a villian in GothamMother: -Father: -Living Siblings: -Addition info: The dangerous experiments that transformed Pamela into Poison Ivy placed a deliberate overdose of plant and animal based toxins into her blood stream that make her touch deadly while also allowing her to boost her immunity to all poisons, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This immunity also includes Joker venom. She needs to breath in CO2 and requirs sunlight to survive.Birth Name: Lilly May JonesAliases: CheetaSex: FemaleAge: 17Place of Origin: America, BostonBloodine(s): both parents: HumanEye Colour: BrownHair Colour: been dyed many times but is now black with different colour cheetah prints Skin Tone: paleBlood Type: -Species: MutantEvil/Good: NeuteralSexual Orientation: BicuriousPosition: ukeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Student of Xavier Institute for Higher LearningMother: -Father: -Living Siblings: -Addition info: Lilly May was abandond as a child, she is a pure mutant, Her abliities are her speed, she can run faster than a cheetah even on a bad day. Also she can sense peoples strength and can smell peoples scent miles offBirth Name: Poppy LiAliases: BlazeSex: FemaleAge: 15Place of Origin: America, New YorkBloodine(s): both parents: HumanEye Colour: RedHair Colour: Ash blond with blood red streaksSkin Tone: FairBlood Type: -Species: MutantEvil/Good: EvilSexual Orientation: Will shag anyonePosition: She don't care as long as she gets itStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Student of Xavier Institute for Higher LearningMother: Jane LiFather:  Leo LiLiving Siblings: Two brothersAddition info: Blaze is hated by her family, and had filled her parents in a fire she created, Blaze struggles to control her power due to her anger, but each day she is getting stronger and stronger, and craves sexBirth Name: Isabella FlewAliases: ImpSex: FemaleAge: 20Place of Origin: America, CalaforniaBloodine(s): both parents: HumanEye Colour: PurpleHair Colour: Purple but changes shade due to her moodSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: -Species: MutantEvil/Good: Pure evilSexual Orientation: LesbianPosition: DominantStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Robbing banks and whateverMother: Father: Living Siblings: Addition info: Isabella is a dark creature, at a young age she killed her family with just a single look, she controls peoples lives but has to really concentrate if she wishes to kill them. She can control darkness and puts images in peoples minds, making them go insane. She has a mask which she needs to breath, but once she's in her hell hound full of toxic fumes she can breath

Bane Multi-Roleplay

05/02/2013 04:48 PM 


Name: Daichi Nickname(s): Dai Sex: Male Age: 29 Place of Origin: Tokyo Eye Colour: Lavender  Natural Hair: White with a hint of lavender Skin Tone: Pale Blood Type: O Species: Human/Prince/King Bloodline: Both parents human, royalty Sexual Orientation: Gay Position: Dominant Status: Mated Significant Other: Imlay  Occupation: Prince/King of Japan Mother: Torah Father: Akio Living Siblings: Baby sister Rei Additional info: Daichi is a handsome male. His mother and father where rather old when they decided to have another child, this caused his mother having died given birth to his beautiful baby sister. At the lost of his wife, Daichi's father Akio killed himself unable to live a life without his love. Daichi stepped up and took his sister, loving her, she was only a few months old. He is still a prince, needing to marry to become king. The only problem being he was gay, no one knew of his secrete but he couldn't bring himself to marry a woman.  Birth Name: Odette Snow Nickname(s):  - Sex: Female Age: 16 Place of Origin: Paris Eye Colour: Emerald Natural Hair: Blond Skin Tone: Fair Blood Type: A Species: Human/Princess Bloodline: Both parents human/King and Queen Sexual Orientation: Straight Position: Bottom Status:  Significant Other:  Occupation: Princess Mother: - Father: Leo Snow Living Siblings: Elder brotther Additional info: Odette is a selfless child, she cares about her kingdom and her father and is such a loving princess. Her father is trying to marry her off so that two kingdoms become on Birth Name: Esmeralda Jackson Nickname(s): Esme Sex: Female Age: 27 Place of Origin: France Eye Colour: Green Natural Hair: Jet Black Skin Tone: Tanned Blood Type: A negative Species: Human/Princess/Gypsy Bloodline: Both parents human/Kunknown Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Position: Uke Status: Single Significant Other: Occupation: Gypsy Princess Mother: - Father: - Living Siblings: None  Additional info: Esmeralda is Princess to the Gypsy convent in France, her parents were taken from her when she was a yongue girl and she is currently looking for a leader to help her look after the small village  Birth Name: Dastan Nickname(s):  - Sex: Male Age: 18 Place of Origin: Persia Eye Colour: Ice blue Natural Hair: Raven Skin Tone: Tanned Blood Type: O Species: Human/Prince Bloodline: Both parents human Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual Position: Seke Status: Single  Significant Other: - Occupation: Prince of Persia Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown Living Siblings: Unknown but has two elder adoptive brothers Additional info: Dastan was a street rat up until the age of six were the king of Persia came across him and instantly adopted him. He never knew his parents and he has two elder adoptive brothers who are very protective of him Birth Name: Rosalie Shaw Nickname(s): Rose, Rosie Sex: Female Age: 18 Place of Origin: London Eye Colour: Green Natural Hair: Blonde Skin Tone: Tanned Blood Type: A Species: Human/Princess Bloodline: Both parents human Sexual Orientation: Straight Status: Single  Significant Other: - Occupation: Princess of England Mother: Maria Father: William Living Siblings: An elder brother Charlie Additional info:

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