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The Demon Council {MCRP}

05/10/2013 09:21 PM 

The Jack of all Trades

Name: Kourin Yamano KyuubiAge: 650 (looks in her 20)Raice: Half vampire half Kitsune demonStatus:SingleOrientation:BiInfo: Kourin is the second of triplets born to Pharos Kyuubi and Miyu Yamano.When Kourin was a child she was really shy and just about everyone scared her specially after knowing that she was to go on a test to see if she had what it takes to become what is known as a Guardian. Guardians are a clan of old that lived between the human realm and that of the Shinma, her mother was a Guardian and when she passed away while her and her siblings were still young the guardian ship was handed down to them but not everyone can be a guardian so her and all her siblings were given different trials to become guardians.Her's was to survive in a war zone of creatures along with other Guardian candidates of other species, Kourin who was sure would die had found strength when the time came from a woman she met and she fell in love with but what no one knew would happen was that for Kourin the pull of darkness was strong and as she survived her trial she became more and more drawn to the kill making her unfit to be a guardian even though she survived the trial.The Years passed and after Kourin and her Lover Parted ways she felt lost with out a purpose so in order to not fall pray to her own darkness she seek out the leader of her Father's side of the family. Sakura Kyuubi she asked the woman her aunt to give her a job something to live for and Sakura did after all she found it cute that Kourin seek her out not knowing that Sakura was her Aunt.Sakura told her she could work as a Demon Council Hunter, When Kourin asked what was that they hunt sakura told her "Just about everything that seems fun and dangerous". That was something Kourin liked and since then she became a hunter for the council. She learned many ways to get what was asked of her, how to manipulate information, how to control her mood so people wouldn't be suspicious and how to hunt in the human world with out letting it show what she was.Kourin inherited one trait that took her years to control, something that belongs to her Kyuubi Blood. The Insanity like all Kyuubis she too has it but in her case because she is a vampire it gets complicated for she will feed on her victims regardless of thirst.

The Demon Council {MCRP}

05/10/2013 09:17 PM 

The Time Lord

Name:Raziel Kyuubi UchihaAge- 19 (he does not age)Raise-Half demon, Time LordParents:Itachi Uchiha, Sakura KyuubiSiblings: Tsuki,Tamaru,Hana,Zero,Eclair,Lyn,Shin,Thanatos,Kiara,aaron,Ran,Mercurios,Athena, Nia,Heath,Link, ReaStatus:MATED (Be angry Lol) to Akemi HomuraOrientation: StraightSort of Kid: Eve (actually imperfect female clone)Raziel its Sakura's #6 child he was different from half his family since a young age, his powers were active all the way from the womb and when ever his father would piss off Sakura the unborn Raziel used his time powers to send his father weeks behind so he could reflect on what pissed his mother off.Close to Eclair he always felt they where the odd ones with her having a cyborg/demon body and him being born with god like powers. One day he met one of his cousins a girl named Aya and the two set on many adventures one of them lead him to a past in the moon where they met a girl named Lummi and Saved her by taking her to their time and soon Lummi became one of his most precious friends...who later on end up mating his nephew Kaworu. He also Saved a young man named Leon but unlike Lummi his life was one big mess up.When the Kyuubi fell Raziel was banished and stripped of his powers by Sakura, she did it to protect him since he was the most innocent of her children having never killed or done anything because of greed, for him it felt like he was not part of the family, a failure and to this day it hunts him that he was no help.Now a day he trains with Zhane Trickster to master his time powers, He aggravates him to no end but he does listen to most of the things he is told at least most of the time if his not having a big brother moment when it comes to the Lust Fairy who has decided to adopt them as Family. (Lord have mercy on poor Razzy).Raziel having never killed found himself at odd when he went training with Zhane trough time and had to kill a man in order to save the Lust Fairy Keisha (He later comes to learn the man didn't really die).Having felt the thrill of killing he feared that he too one day would become used to it like the rest of his siblings something he did not want to do. HE found Eve during one of his earlier Travels and she started to say he was her father and savior to this day he doesn't believe such a thing yes she has his hair and eyes and yes she can travel trough time like him but it could not be possible he was quite sure that he would never find a mate because to quote his brothers "Wusses don't get any" he asked Eve about who her mother was but she just gave him a blank look and asked if a mother was something edible, he pretty much gave up on getting information from her.His over protective of all his family members because he feels he failed them all one way or another and is because of this his specially over protective of Keisha and Eve the way he sees it those girls hyperactivity will be the downfall of him.Raziel Met another like him her name is Akemi Homura she is a Time Traveler but the difference between her with Zane and himself its quite big. Were Zane is willing to impart some wisdom she is just Not willing to Share any kind of wisdom and while Raziel is the type that jumps to save people and screw the consequences Homura  didnt (Raziel has rubbed on her on that". One thing lead to another and He soon took her as his mate something that she didnt seem happy but seeing how his yet alive and not castrated he sees as it not being regretted.

The Demon Council {MCRP}

05/10/2013 09:13 PM 

The Conqueror

Name: StarkAge:for him to know and you never find outRace:incubus and who knows what elseStatus:MatedInfo: Stark is the nephew of Thorn leader of the hellchasers which makes him a descendant of lucifer.Because he is part incubus any woman he had sex end up being pregnant for a hellchaser that is something taboo for when ever women become with child they become a liability to them because of this Thorn forbid him from touching women he was not going to kill specially if they where chasers, he found a way to by pass his nature and be able to have sex but not impregnate a woman it was like this how he met his human lover, he kept the relationship a secret from his uncle and anyone who knew him but eventually Thorn found out via his right hand man SYn the only person Stark had at one time trust.Thorn exiled Stark and killed his fiancee that is when Stark vow his revenge but to do that he needed some one who could hate the Hellchasers just as much. Stark met his first Demon council member just as she had discovered the pleasures of lust, Yuri Trickster just days after his fiancees death although he had wanted to never be with a woman anymore he seem to land himself at their beds because of his nature and Yuri who later became some one he could trust drew him to hers unlike other women she didn't fall for him she just wanted fun no strings attached when she learned what he was and how to survive he needed sex she gave him a bottle of strange silver liquid."It is an atlantean drug it will work just like sex for you, just dont blame me if you find your self having sex with your mirror'she said and in deed the liquid kept his hunger for sex at bay for years until HEr.He had heard that there were recruiting a pair of children to the Hellchasers area belonging to Syn from yuri who now was in a strange relationship with Syn, a goddess of sex and a goddess of Passion. Two dangerous weapons as far as Stark was convinced using his connections he kept watch of the girls growth and hate towards Syn and he started to plot.Soon Syn started to send women to him to try and lure him back to the hellchasers and all he turned them back, relying heavily on his drug then he was sent Bayonetta she tried to seduce him and he would have fallen if it wasnt for one tiny bit, She had the scent of some one he knew quite well.. Syn for all he knew she was now on his side instead he kicked her out with some remarks about being unattractive. He had almost given up when the next to be sent to him was Asuka, his nose easily could tell she was a virgin still he didnt even register how could that be possible he knew the dangers but while trying to get her away her stubbornness kept him intrigued and he for a moment lost his goal and took her to his bed the first woman in years it was this moment that his plan of merely getting a tool changed he did not want a tool he wanted some one to rulee with, even if he could not get her heart or give his he desire her and he always gets what he desires

The Demon Council {MCRP}

10/15/2014 09:10 PM 

The Leader

Name:Sakura Kyuubi Haruno UchihaAge-8,21 (really older)Race-Immortal half demon (Nine tail fox)Status:Widow/Single (WEASEL T_T)Orientation: STRAIGHTParents: Ryo Haruno, Hana KyuubiSiblings: Pharos,Kanae,Tsubaki,TsukasaKids:Tsuki,Tamaru,Hana,Zero,Eclair,Raziel,Lyn,Shin,Thanatos,Kiara,Aaron,Athena,Mercurios,Ran,Heath,Link,Nia, Aphrodite,Rea,AkatsukiGrandkids-Too many to list She was destined to lead a strong clan of Humans and Demons an alliance who no one thought possible was forged before her birth and on the night of her birth Her Human clan betrayed her parents, Tricking her Father into disappearing and killing her mother.She Grew up chained and punished for her birth, Later on met a young man named Hiiro who would visit and care for her until one day he was killed at his last moment he revealed to her that they were siblings, Sending her in a rampage that made her wipe out the entire Haruno clan and it was this moment in time that her fate was sealed.Eventually She grew up to Lead the clan she was destined too and was able to have the family she always dreamed off but that took time and drama SO MUCH DRAMA.Organizations/groupsAkatsuki HavenAkatsuki FemalesDemon Council (Old one)Team 10Shadow ClanD.Council (New one)She is awesome friends with Minako Trickster whom she met at some point over drinks because their kids were going and doing the Nasty together so now their families were tied one way or another But She wouldnt have it any other way.Her Mate Itachi died, he reached a stage in his life were he was satisfied with the live he lived and  although it meant leaving his Beloved the two agreed he had a good run before cutting the string of their fate...of course Itachi being the prick that he is did not leave with out a final mark on this world and died leaving Sakura knocked up as a parting gift (THAT PRICK LOL)Sakura is well known for being cheerful,caring and strong but also for her drinking obsession and the many children she has with her human Mate Itachi it was her who discovered the family had what they call the twin gene but that didn't stop her from baby making and shes the proud mother of 20 mentally unstable kids that she wouldn't change for the world..clone them yes change them no.As leader Sakura is always present at the most random moments so do expect her to show up in the roleplay in order to help move the plot a long (or twist it i swear this character has her own mind)

Tamaranean Royalty

05/10/2013 09:23 PM 

Powers and Abilities

Powers and Abilities Starfire, although sweet, caring, and forgiving, can be a fierce fighter as shown in many episodes. She usually shows her true capabilities when angered or when one of her friends are in danger. Starfire's abilities and powers are directly controlled by her emotional state; to use them she must consciously access a given emotion. To fly she must feel "unbridled joy", to throw bright green-colored starbolts she must feel "righteous fury", and to utilize her superhuman strength she must feel "boundless confidence". Flight: Starfire (as well as other Tamaraneans) can fly under her own power, without the aid of wings or any other applications. In space, this flight can achieve speeds much faster than light. It is said that this is used by great happiness. Bright-Green Energy Projection: Starfire can project bright green glowing energy from her hands. She mainly uses this attack by throwing small bursts of pure bright green energy from her hands, known as "starbolts". She has also been shown to shoot this energy in the form of large beams. The amount of pure energy she can produce at one time can extend to enormous proportions,she creates the largest starbolt seen in the series. After going through the Tamaranean version of puberty (referred to as the "Transformation"), she gained the power to channel the energy through her eyes as green beams. This is largely reserved as a surprise attack, or when her limbs are restrained. Bright Green Energy Spheres: On rare occasions, Starfire has been shown to create a complete sphere of energy around her. Whether she can use this as a form of defense, however, is not known. Bright Green Energy Explosions: Starfire shows the ability to create a sudden explosion of bright green glowing energy around her, having the immense and highly destructive capability to blow away any enemies in the perimeter of the blast. Self-Sustenance: Starfire also has the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without any sort of protection or survival gear. She also doesn't get as cold as others and will be unharmed by very cold weather. Radiation Immunity: Starfire made a statement that radiation doesn't harm her. Invulnerability: Starfire has demonstrated moderate invulnerability to physical harm, heat, cold, and radiation. When Robin smacked her with his staff, it completely shattered into smithereens. Superhuman Strength: Starfire has great strength and it appears to be considerably greater than Cyborg's. She could shake the entire city (or at least a large part of it) by slamming her fists on the ground. Starfire can also deliver a powerful kick to Cinderblock which forced him to release his grip on her, she also mentioned to the latter of how powerful she can be prior to kicking him. Language Assimilation: Starfire can learn any language instantaneously through lip contact. She can currently speak English, Tamaranean, and Japanese. It is unknown if Tamaraneans learn any languages at all by regular physical contact other than a kiss. Accelerated Healing Factor: During her fight with Robin, after being smashed into a car, she cracked her neck to rid the pain in her back. Immense Agility: Starfire has shown great agility over the known human standards. Although not as agile as Robin she has shown great agility without any known training. She was seen doing many backflips and back handsprings, as well as running up a vertical building while dodging Thunder's powerful bolts. Exceptional Fighting and Combat Skills: Starfire displayed some great fighting skills. Even when hand cuffed, she could hold her own against a handful of Gordanians and even the Titans when she first came to Earth.

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