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05/09/2013 05:38 PM 


Prologue This should go without saying but if I don't, some dork will try it claiming it wasn't in my rules.  No godmodding, metagaming or character control.  Don't steal my pix, my crappy layout or any parts of my back story.  Don't steal my family's back story or claim a relation to us that hasn't been approved or played out in a storyline according to their customs and decrees.  If you're interested in being a part of these larger storylines, please ask.  The more the merrier.  =3Rules 1 - I stay in the FF VII world.  Cross overs are limited.  Non FF VII characters with private profiles, I will most often deny.  Same goes for MCRPs. 2 - You add, you send a greeting.  I add, I'll send a greeting.  This is common courtesy.  From there we can decide on a storyline and who should start or we can just chat for a while and get to know each other.  I will delete silent numbers. 3 - No erotic RP. 4 - No OOC drama.  Yes, everyone says it.  Test me and see how militant I am about this.  This is why I have such a small friend's list.  :| 5 - Keep RL talk/issues to a minimum.  We're here to play right?  ;P 6 - Comments for brief exchanges.  Messages for discussions and RP.  **Since the change in the message system, I prefer private groups for RP.  I will RP in comments or messages only for certain people** 7 - I rarely break character.  When I do, it will be in ((double brackets)).  I will still treat you with respect in OOC.  I expect the same.  Don't "come at me bro" with threats, insults or trash talking about filthy remnants or destroying my RP family claiming it's all IC.  I'll delete you. 8 - As a character, my personality ranges from friendly and protective to xenophobic and sadistic, that's IC.  OOC the veil between Myth and her writer may thin to varying degrees.  Do not abuse this friendlier nature.  I mean what I say and I can spot BS when I see it.  How I deal with BS depends upon my current whim.  9 - I prefer storylines, no combat.  Hands on damage is reserved for NPCs, yours or mine, whenever it seems logical for me to behave that way.  Feel free to mistreat and mutilate any of my NPCs unless I ask you not to.  Let me know if your NPC is more of an auxiliary character that you're keeping control of.  Reeve w/ Cait, Reno w/ Rude, etc.  I'll respect the issues of character control if I know ahead of time.      10 - No length preference.  My norm is multi para.  Starters are usually long; replies depend on what's happening.  I'll happily one line in statuses, IMs and chats.  =3 11 - I try to reply to multi para RPs at least within a week or I'll let you know why I can't.  Lately RL issues make me unable to promise this, but I promise to try. 12 - If you can't reply at least within a month, I'll lose inspiration for our storyline.  This isn't out of snobbery, it's how my mind functions and really beyond my conscious control.   Don't start something only to stall and make excuses.  Be honest about your activity level so we can work something out.  At the very least, we can still chat and stay in touch. 13 - Be a stable character.  When I added a Zack and suddenly see he's changed to Ichigo, GOOD BYE! Finale If you're the type to embrace the endless drama only to delete when things get stressful, don't even bother to add me.  This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.  If you didn't love the drama, most of it is easy enough to avoid.  Do not abuse my very limited patience with this.

all out roleplayer (OC-S&L RL-T)

05/09/2013 09:28 PM 

what i'm looking for and rules
Current mood:  awake

alright i'm Seeking for a male that can play as characters from anime, movies or games, and can do romances. If you are interested or have some questions don't be shy to ask. I'm very kind. So you know I do OCxCanon romances rps. I will do rps off of vampires or demons depends on the story.also i only rp with guys and if you girls out there that can play as guys are welcome to add me alright just so you people know my style of role play...I role play as my OC's more then i do Cannons though when i play as canons its usually characters that my oc has run into in the past also a few rules when you role play with me... Rules: 1) please give me at lest 4-6 sentences or a paragraph post long helps me work on my writing skills and my grammar. 2) don't be a big grammar Nazi about my spelling or grammar caues not many people are perfect 3) be respectful of others and don't be shy to ask questions about something i'm very PM friendly 4)  if you get stuck on what i have posted then ask what i'm looking for or what is happening also it RL I am taken so please respect my wishes 5) (when i'm on my psp) so you people know i am limited on my psp so i'm limited to 4 santances long and i wont be able to read your profiles unless i can get access to a computer so be respectful of that and if you don't get my reply posts let me know within about 30 mins caues i will commont to you if it went throw 6) lastly have fun


05/07/2013 12:01 PM 

Truly happy
Current mood:  lazy

No one is truly happy. That had been one of the worst pieces of advice, if you could call it that, I had ever gotten, maybe it was because I would rather not hear the cutting truth. I wanted things to work at the start and build it from there.As long as I can remember I had done nothing but what should be done, believing in those that I loved and waiting, because they would do the same for me, it was fairly acceptable, until I found myself waiting more often for nothing.I never liked waiting anymore, I was afraid to wait, if I had to wait then I  would get upset, if I got upset then someone else would become annoyed, and cold. Friends, even those close, it was one thing after another, making me feel even worse.When it got worse and then came the excuses to not step up and help me pick up. The insults, the pathetic little uncalled for little jabs."Because you need to stop being all sad about it. You need to throw away your emotions. Grow up, be strong. Don't be pathetic."I hated this feeling, it stung, it was beyond hurting, aching emotionally and physically, feeling the physical pain in the chest from both anger and sadness. It was exhausting. That if it was in my psyche it would have dug a hole, deep into the depths of my soul, old nightmares and making it come true.It only meant to, someone like me, with that air of authority,  it only meant that I had no one to rely on. I was absolutely alone when it came to mending things and healing. It was never this bad before when I was in soul society, it was always feeling misunderstood or something else, that's because my powers set me apart from the others and I had no equal. Now I have comrades, I have friends, people I thought I could trust. To think you could be so cold...Sometimes I liked to believe that people were unreliableCertain people proved that with their actions.I often talked about these boring things with a friend from around the house, at work in the mansion, or at work down at the docks. People who worked around the mansion always had to hear about it, they were deeply involved around the mansions maintenance, cleaning, cooking, every day life, there were always whispers about the goings on in my life since I moved in here.  Even they felt the exact same way as the ones I was making out to be.I never tried to reach out because once I knew I couldn't rely on some one I  never really trusted them with my true feelings anymore, even when pried on I wouldn't, if I told them they would just become cold and distance themselves from me until it was time to play around again, making me feel bad for some reasons I'm not aware of. Eventually I would feel better and it would become pointless.I was shocked to find my sister felt the same sometimes, or maybe all this time. It was best described as feeling hollow. To me it was either hollow or depression.Depression?Realizing it was depression, this was probably like finding out you lost some one in the family. Something was wrong with you, all this hard work to build the strength to go on independently was nothing more than crap. Yet you have to be strong, don't act all sad about it, don't cry, because people find it annoying, dramatic, all kinds of stupid excuses to not lend a helping hand.I used to say a little kindness goes a long way, back when I first realized I was changing my ways, I was always questioning why people would be nice to some one like me, even though I'm a traitorous reprobate, was this my clemency? Some thing like that could help so much even in the future those are the kind of things I'll think of.No one is truly happy. That makes more sense now today, looking back at everything, I realize the most of my existence is spent looking for a pick me up, and despising those that never bother to try, while the other is spent trying, cheering others up, playing around, and saying that happiness isn't something to be pursued, it's easy, as pie.I guess for me it's just a matter of finding someone to walk with and remembering them.and then some how doing the pick me up for myself? It never really gets helped I guess.Just like the dream about looking at my fortune to find that it's blank because it cannot be written or seen by someone else, I have to decide what to make of it for myself.

¤Gekido no Tenshi¤ Shinobu

05/06/2013 09:47 PM 

Basic Info

First Name: ShinobuMiddle Name: noneFamily Name: noneNick Name: Shin, Blind RageGender: MaleHow old you look: 22How old you are: 138Race: Samurai, Ritual Genre: anyVerse: para, multi para, novella. Whatever I feel like typing.Elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth.Kekkei Genkai: noneMain Weapon: Kusari-GamaSecondary Weapons: katana, watazashiRank using 1-10Ninjutsu: 9Taijutsu: 10Genjutsu: 2Fuuinjutsu: 1Doujutsu: 7Kekkei Genkai: 0Senjutsu: 0Wisdom:10Intelligence:10Strength: 9Speed: 10Agility: 8Evasiveness: 9Planning: 7Comprehension: 10Leadership Skill: 6Teaching Skill: 10 on a good day, 4 on most days.Direction Following: 7

Ǥσɗ Ʊℱ Ꮤrath™

05/04/2013 08:40 PM 


1# DON'T MAKE MY DAUGHTER CRY!2# No Godmodding/Autoing And so on: Keep in mind that your character is NOT untouchable. Everyone as well as my char suffers damage in battle, even when blocking there will be recoil or a limit to how many times your hit. And on the autoing, its real simple. Do NOT post replies saying things like "He punches you in the face making your mouth bloodly" or something to that degree.3# Rp Style: I am a Para, multi para style of roleplaying. I am a long time rp veteran so please don't tell me how use my character or what to do in our story if we rp unless we are making a storyline ahead of time. I will also do Novella T-1 if there is a good enough storyline to it. I also do one liners ONLY just for goofing off and what not.4# NO RL DRAMA: I can't stress it enough when i say, please do not bring your rl drama to an rp world. You will be blocked.5# Asura's Photos: All my photos for the char are MINE, and I edit each one of them and will be blocked for safely reasons. I do my own edits and no one elses so please don't ask for one...you will be ignored.6# Respect The God Of Wrath!!: Throughout the hole time that we are friends on this site, I will ALWAYS show my respects to you in ooc, so I expect the same in return. I'm a very laid-back and outgoing kinda guy, so I will more then half the time will be talking ooc(If we're not roleplaying). OK! Like I said in "Rule #2," I am a roleplaying vet from all the way back on myspace. So I've seen my fair share of "up-tight-ten-foot-pole-up-your-ass" kinda people. If by any chance you are one of these people that are reading this right now...I will still befriend you. BUT...just remember these words. If ever....EVER, you get outta line with me or anyone I hold dear to me(And you know what I mean), I will give you *ONE* warning...just one. If it happens again, then you better make-it to that delete/block button before I do. Because I will make your time on this site VERY unpleasant.7# Adding: Very simple. You add first, please talk first, for I will do the same if I add you. Please make an effort to communicate, thats why we're here right?8# Roleplaying: Ok. It does not matter who starts the roleplay first. If you wish to start then say so, if you want me to start then by all means just let me know. There will be times where my replies come in late. So do NOT bombard me with msg/comments in trying to hurry me along. If so, I will either have no more interest in rping with you or I will take long just to spite you.    9# RolePlay Relationships: I do have rp relationships sometimes, but ONLY if the storyline is good enough. So don't come to me sending stupid crap about wanting to date, or start sending me something very sexual. If you do you will be blocked. I am VEEEERY picky when it comes to rp dating for many reasons due to past experiences. So I will ONLY pair Asura with CANON characters. No more OC(Custom made characters). Have had too many issues concerning rl drama related problems. So yes, rp dating is never outta the question with me but if it is to come to past for the God Of Wrath to love again, then like I said our storyline must be perfect or damn near close to it. I don't want a person to get so impatient that you want it to happen within a time-span of three to four replies later. Not gonna happen people. The experience is the biggest concern when pairing my character with another. This has to be like half a Saga/Series long before anything CLOSE to something like that to happen. Like I said, I'm very picky and I want a relationship for Asura that is rememberable for both of us, plan and simple. I have yet to find such a woman for Asura and he has remained single for the past three years or so because of this. But I believe it is worth it to find such a spark between two characters that will last forever. I'm sorry if this upsets alot of people for being so strict when it comes to having a relationship, I just want something that will stick with me for a long time. I want that passion to be something out of a fairy tail. There's nothing wrong with wanting something like this. I'm sure alot of you would agree.  10# RolePlay Genres: I am originally a Asura's Wrath genre character, but I do crossplay and very much enjoy it. Mostly Capcom, DC and Marvel. I do roleplay with dragonball z and gt, but I only add Main dbz characters. And selective on customs.11# HAVE FUN: This is without a doubt my MOST important rule of all. Pleeeease people. Have fun and enjoy yourselves. This is a fun fictional site to get away from the drama of life. Don't take things too seriously and enjoy roleplaying. 

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