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Multi Character

04/28/2013 11:56 PM 


Age: 27Gender: FemaleSpecie: NekoFamily: Daughter: AmberWeapons: DaggersShe came to Kado's Club when she was 7 years old. She was young to be in the sex slave business. Kado only takes neko's that don't have any family left. She was under the bed one night, because her mom and dad was fighting again. It wasn't the first time and she was afraid her dad would come in her room and want to hit her again. She heard screaming and then nothing. She got out under the bed and open her bed room alittle crack, she saw a guy raise his knife and slit her moms throat and stab her fathers heart. She was so terrified and escaped through her window. Kado found her and brought her to the Club. She had no were else to go and was glad for the shelter and food. About age 15, she knew she made a mistake. When she turn 13, she met this one guy at the club. He seemed nice and seemed different then all the others guys. They dated off and on, because if Kado found out he would be pissed. One of the rules at the club was can't date no one, no matter what. She has been dating him for 2 years, and well he cum in her one day, for that got her pregnant. When she told him it all started disappearing....He would hit her just like her dad, force her to have sex with him and tell her how worthless she is. No one would take a 15 year old neko, single mother. He then one day threaten to go tell Kado. That was the second rule at the club, can't get pregnant, if you do Kado kills you. One thing men needs to remember, when it comes to women's children they are VERY protective. When he threaten Sasha, Sasha didn't take it lightly. She told him to go tell him and she walked out. She wouldn't let him take her baby away from her. She wanted to go get a gun and kill him, but then she could get arrested. So she did the one thing she could do, move to another city. Which was the third rule Kado has with the club, if any neko's try to quit, or more away, or hide he will come and find them. When he find's them he kills them. She didn't care, she would find somewhere far away, that Kado, no one from his club would be looking for her. About 10 months into her pregnancy she gets to a small little town. She liked small towns, for everyone knew each other and she could start a new life here. Plus there were enough by passers that she could make some friends if she got a job some where near by. She is now about 18 years old, and she has a little girl name Amber Mae Kumiko, which is 3 years old. They both live in a small apartment, but with little money that Sasha has, the apartment is in the low class of the town and with no security system or anything to protect from crime or strangers. She does everything possible to make Amber happy. She teacher Amber when she comes home from work. And, she works at a cafe in town, which is in the richer part of town. She knows that eventually someone will find her from Kado's club and for that she is scared for. Amber and her tries to stay away from any community things, for that she doesn't want to put there names out there so someone can find them. ____________________________________________________________________As Amber's mother, she could tell the world around her was falling apart slowly. Her daughters ability was growing more and more. She was becoming harder to keep hidden from her enemies. So, as a mother she did the best thing possible she faked her death with a fire. The same night she ran away with her daughter on her boat. She took them to an island, one that was protected by magic. She asked the school to take her daughter and to protect her till she was ready to be. And, there from age 21, Sasha left her daughter.Sasha ended up from port to port, not staying to long. Ending up with no many friends, slowly taking classes on self defense classes. As 27, she is slowly building up a plan to kill the one man that made her life a living hell. 

Multi Character

04/28/2013 11:55 PM 


Age: 250 (looks 24)Gender: FemaleSpecie: ElfFamily: Parents: DeadWeapons: Nature Along time ago, thousands of years ago there were two clans fighting. One of the clans, Mirima Clan was rules by Slyevia and Damion, which are Isobell parents. The clan has elves and demons living by each other in harmony. Slyevia, Isobell's mother was full blood royal elf and Damion, Isobell father was full demon. The other clan, Zamile Clan was ruled by Kiali and Sejd, which are by full blood royal elves. The Zamile Clan is all elves and despised anyone that isn't there kind. After years of the war, the two clans finally came to terms with a treaty. Slyevia and Damion invite all the royal family of the Zamile Clan to eat a feat with them. The Zamile is vegetarians, unlike the Mirima Clan. So, they had all sorts of food to satisfied everyone. The night Damion gives a toast and sips his fion (wine). He coughs and collapses on the ground. Isobell eyes go wide she looks around and sees Morillen, for he is the heir for the Zamile Clan smirking. The treaty was broken for everyone in the Mirima Clan thinks that the Zamile Clan poison there King.The two clans fought for a few more months, when Slyevia became really depressed and unsure how to keep peace between elves and demons, for the demons in the clan were starting to get rebellious because they were unsure if they could trust the elves in their own clan. Isobell saw what was happening. She could see that her mother was desperate. Isobell didn't become as desperate as her mother. She became to understand the forest, to become the Guardian she is suppose to become. To help her train, she became friends with a Demon. He never told her, his name so she came up with a nickname Ohtar, which means Warrior. He's about 5 years older then Isobell. Isobell didn't mind much, he knew almost everything about her, but she knew not much of him. She stay outside usually training with Ohtar, for she was young, maybe about 8 when she started to train, but she also found out from reading a book in her mother's room that she is Guardian of the Forest. She had to get strong enough to protect the forest and herself.When Isobell turned 15, Morillen came to visit. He has body guards with him. He finds Isobell outside in the garden with Ohtar, using the elfish language to bring the flowers to life. He walks over to her and starts talking to Isobell. He was trying to Qula (flirt) with Isobell. After a year of this, more and more of the Zamile Clan would be in the Mirima Clan territory. Ohtar understood what was going on, it wasn't in his place to say anything. He slowly not seeing Isobell more and more, and eventually left her. Morillen ask Isobell if she would marry him, for both of the clans, or he would make her life living hell. Isobell couldn't see how bad her life could already get. She declined, and came alley's with some demons that choosed to stay by Isobell her no matter what happened. After another year went by, chaos was in the Mirima Clan, demons disappeared to live with their own kind some attacking any elves. The elves that were in the Mirima Clan joined with the Zamile Clan or went to live on their own somewhere. Slyevia got killed by Sejd, for they were having a night to themselves, but Sejd said she died in her sleep. Isobell knew what happened. Every year, month, day, minute, second went by Isobell could feel the forest magic. Isobell lived with the Zamile Clan for 3 years, which Morillen made his promise she live a living hell.She was prison in the Hell Hole (a hole that the worst criminal's go too. No showers, beds, only scraps of food and once a week only a little bit of water). For a good week she was scared to death, but then again she was in a hole, full of dirt, full of earth and it became her safe haven. She could get water from the ground for the three men she shared the hole with. She became very close to the men, loyal to them, and respected them very much. Mor, he was a demon in hiding out and was found out a year ago by Morillen's men. He fell in love with an elven women, he was suppose to die, but his wife told them to take her life and throw him in the Hell Hole. Seere, he was a seere which could see the future. At first when he learned he could only get them when he wants, about 6 months ago he figured out he could get them whenever he wanted to. Well, this got to Morillen, and a greedy man as he needed Morillen. Morillen got too close to Seere, and Seere stabbed Morillen's left eye out. Kalino, was an rebel demon, the general for them, until there hideout was compromised. Isobell owes her life to all these men, only one of them plus her escaped. It's still a mystery today for how her and Kalino escaped and why they other two didn't. Kalino would tell everyone the story of Isobell, Princess of Mirima Clan, and how respectful she died in the Hell Hole. Kalino and Isobell do not want other to know she is still living. If so, Morillen would be turning the world upside down to find her. Because if Isobell, Princess of Mirima Clan every finds a man to marry, and have a heir of her own, they rightfully can get Mirima Clan back.She now has her own place up high in the trees very far from the Zamile Clan, living by herself, 250 years old (looking 24) and keeping the forest protected, as the Guardian of the Liliam Forest. She might seem a cold hearted person, for she is picky on whom she trusts. But, give her time she might let the right race win her heart.(( If you would like to make a character it be interesting if someone makes Ohtar a character. I know some Multicharacters will make a character. ))

Multi Character

04/28/2013 11:55 PM 


Age: 25-26Gender: FemaleSpecie: AssassinFamily: Dad: AliveWeapons: Shadows and darkness Nikolai excelled through her school work quicker then most kids her age. She pays attention to detail when she grew up, try not to attract attention to herself, quick with her moves and thinks quickly. Her father, Bikaim taught her to be this way. If she made a mistake she got hit, if she didn't fight back and win she lost a meal. Her father is in charge of a Agency, which in the world is known for Loans, but underground he secretsly trains men and women to become assasins. He works for the Japan Government.At age 13 she was asked by Japan to be an Secret Agent, and since she was already an assassin they didn't need to ask her to be that too. She was very good at both jobs, for usually she would be the Agent and then end of killing who she was spying on. She killed anyone that got in her way, children, mothers, fathers, anyone. She never questioned who she killed or asked why this mission. She followed orders and carried them out.She was assign 4 years later to a job that they thought she could exceed. They knew she would have to be careful. They sent her to Russia, to spy on them for they new they were close to nuclear science, and to kill the Scientist and anyone that knew about there high clearance project, and to destroy the place. She knew Russian, so she got through it pretty quickly. After 5 years later, someone back in Japan leaked out to a Russian saying there is Japannese spy in there mist. After alot of investigation, the Russians found there mole was Nikolai.She was trapped in a basement for 2 years, tortured, burned, cuts, wounds that left her bleeding out. She escaped, somehow and still its a wonder to everyone how she escaped. She figured out who leaked the information out, and made it her life to get through life as an assassin and kill that man. She made her trip back to Japan and when she got there she changes her name from Nikolai to Ace, and changes ALL her documents, for when someone looks her up there is NOTHING on her, NO record.

Multi Character

04/28/2013 11:54 PM 


Age: Over 100 years (looks 17) Gender: Female Specie: Ghost Family: Parents: Living, Brother: Living Weapons: Control objects with her mind Lily Anne Myers died when she was 17; she was murder but never moved on. She didn't know she died, Lucas told her, proved it to her. Lucas showed her that he went right through her, and that her brother couldn't see her, which he was right. After Lucas proved this, she still stayed for she didn't feel that her life was over, she had more to accomplish while being dead than alive.  Lily was the straight A student, study all the time even on her weekends. Her friends were pretty stretched; some had family issues, their own problems, and some where just crazy. Her family wasn't the best. Her father left her mother, her brother, and herself when she was 3. Her brother is 3 years older than her. Her mother had two jobs, plus did a side job with guys to get extra money. Her brother also had a job to help out, and was a B student in school. She knew all about different creatures, even though she was human, her school taught her about other creatures.  Some of her crazy friends took her out one night; they dressed her up in a dress and got her really sexy looking. They went to a club, for she lost sight of her friends and stand in a corner wanting to leave. A man came up to her, and hand her a drink, which she declined. He asked her for her name, but she just looked at him. She knew not to talk to strangers. "I'm sorry, but I must be going." She gives a small smile, and walks out of the club. She would just take a cab home. She walks down the street feeling that something is wrong. Someone grabs her arm and pulls her into the ally. He covers her head with a bag, and picks her up and shoves her in the trunk. He then drives away.  Lily has been in the trunk for a few days. She is barely live; she takes a deep breath when the bag is lifted off her head. She blinks confused, seeing the man nude and she is too. She notices it's the same man from the club. He starts touching her, she tries to break free but she is too weak and her hands are tied up. He rapes her right there and comes in her, hoping he get her pregnant. She passes out.  The next day, she wakes up seeing herself is untied and there is a robe on the bed. Lily stands up hurting, very sore for it was her first time. She just wanted to sit down and not move. But, she knew her mother must be worrying. She puts on the robe and can't find her cloths anywhere. She steps out of the motel she was staying in. She wraps the robe around her. She steps out into the alley, and before she knows it she is laying on the ground. There is blood pooled around her, but she isn't aware. She floats to her house and before getting to her house she comes across Lucas. After a few decades as a ghost, Lucas found a witch that could help her with her ghost problem. The witch agreed to turn Lily in human, but she said that she isn't sure what the consequence would be to Lily if she does. Lily decided to take the risk. The witch did her magic and the next day Lily was human, except she could still move things with her mind and fade away whenever she likes to, which is something she learned when she was a ghost. When night time came, she would become a ghost again. The night claims her. Lucas found another witch that made rings for Lily. So, if Lily came to a point to actually found a friend in life, she could give a ring for them to wear, and at night the friend could see her and even touch her. She wears the three rings on a necklace, Lucas has one on and her brother has one also, making five rings. The only ones that can understand her or see her at night without a ring are vampires, zombies, or angles can see her best because they are dead and came back alive. She has a home with Lucas, Lucas is a vampire he isn't the old of the old, but he knows his times and who to respect. He is very protective of Lily, for he loves her as a sister. He still thinks Lily is innocent, even though he knows what happened to her. Nothing really annoys him, till Lily is gone to long then he goes and finds her. For some odd reason Lily kept him from going red eyes, for he sees Lily as his light to stay out of the darkness. Red eyes, means a vampire will kill anything and go insane and can't come back to black eyes ever. ---Lucas has a family, an older brother, a mother, and father, which non of them are fond of Lily. Could be his older brother fancies but loves to scare Lily. And his mother never really liked Lucas, expecially when she found out he liked men. And, his father disowned him at a very young age. But, time to time they visit unannounced, which is when Lucas is very protective over Lily. Which is why he sent her to school, to help her stay out of the house when family is around.

Avatars of Destruction

04/28/2013 10:59 PM 

Kyosuke Shishigami - The Unrelenting Ice

"There is nothing else that I can lose. Everything has been taken from me."Name: Kyosuke ShishigamiAge: Unknown (Appears to be 21ish)Sex: MaleBirthplace: Kyoto, JapanBirthdate: December 16thHair: BlackEyes: Dark BlueRace: CyromancerStatus: Single/Not interestedLove interest: N/AWeapon: Sword (rarely uses it)Element: IceHeight: 185 cm (6'0")Weight: 79 kg (175 lbs)Blood type: ABOrientation: StraightOccupation: ProtectorLikes: Unknown (Refuses to reveal)Dislikes: UnknownPersonality: Kyosuke, at first glace, comes off as a stoic individual. When something happens, whether it be fun or depressing, he shows no emotions but if someone could get close to him, he is a very kind-hearted man. He is very respectful and very calm. Relationship: N/ABiography: Kyosuke Shishigami is a cyromancer and he is the last of his kind. He grew up in a very small rural village deep in the mountains of Kyoto. He always thought nothing bad would ever happen to his village, but unfortunately, he was wrong. On a cold winter day, demons from the fiery pits of hell came to his village, searching for a certain jewel. They laid waste to his home and had all of his friends and family killed. Kyosuke himself fought bravely but to no avail as the demons were so much stronger than he. One by one, he saw the bodies of his family fall down one by one as his village burned to ashes. He never forgot what the demons looked like because he vowed to kill them all.Years later, Kyosuke grew up to be a very powerful cryomancer. He developed his powers to the utmost extreme in order to slay the demon that led the attack. He now resides in a city where the motto is "the city that never sleeps".Appearance-wise, he seems to be a very stoic man. He has jet black hair with icy blue hues for eyes. He is a very handsome man as he has gotten several fans before. Personality-wise, he is a very kind and generous fellow. He always thinks of other people before his own.

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