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☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N☠

06/29/2013 09:45 PM 

Akari Hatori: The Twelve Blades of the Epitome

The Twelve Blades of the Epitome

---The Seven Blades of Bushido:

These Seven swords each contain a special power; Literally housing the spirits of the Legendary Six Samurai and their Shogun, Shien(And also, the name of the Country they were said to have conquered.). Each Sword was named after one of the Seven Virtues of the Bushido Code, although the power didn't necessarily relate to the name of the blade. The Myth said that once the Samurai had taken over the kingdom, and made it their own, at the end of their lives they ended themselves using Seppuku with their legendary swords, passing their spirits into the blade and retaining their great powers, storing themselves in their weapons for all eternity. Since Hatori had gained them, the spirits speak to him and aid him in numerous ways. Though often people can mistake Hatori for a schizophrenic now; For he speaks aloud to the spirits, who are simply voices from the swords speaking through his mind and soul. Each blade , no matter what sheath it resides it, forges a seal upon the blade through which their own hands of mana, appearing as armor-clad arms of their past forms, can draw and use their blades to their own and Hatori's will. This seemed to be an ability they gained through their bond to Hatori; As he used Hands of Mana to use multiple blades at once. In three years, they have gotten used to the offshoot of Hatori's 'Manafestation' Power.

--Rectitude : Also known as Righteousness. This blade was twenty inches long, made of silver metal(So it seemed) with a pure white hilt that contained gold diamonds. The blade was made of silver and steel, the edge slightly chipped and serrated. It's power seemed to stem from Divine Mana(Which was white or blue in color), giving it the primary ability to counter Dark Energies with ease. It's actual power, however, was to use the powers of both Yin and Yang. By bending both energies, the sword had the ability to both cut things that could not normally be cut(For example, a fire, an energy blast, or even the air itself)and surround the area for up to seven feet around it in order to do so. Anything that entered this area was able to be 'scanned' of spiritual and molecular makeup, and the sword then used the powers of both yin and yang to seemingly 'negate' any 'phenomena' within it's range. Due to the massive strength of such a power, it devours a third of Hatori's full reserve of mana, or a fifth of the Samurai(Zanji)'s spirit that resided within the blade itself. The power could be accessed using Zanji's spiritual mana, but the user must still flow their own mana through the weapon, be accepted by the spirit, and then be given control of said ability. This sword was also able to physical manifest swords and blasts of pure light, a solid material made up of Holy Mana. This took less energy.


-'Rectify'- This is what Hatori has named the technique to both scan and negate phenomena around his blade, and it is not necessary to speak the attack name to perform the attack. However, Hatori does tend to say it if given the chance. After the initial scanning and negation, The aura around the blade dulls, the power of the blade becoming inactive for five seconds before repeated use.

--Courage : Also known as Bravery. This blade was only eighteen inches long, made of red, gleaming steel, with a red hilt containing black diamonds running down the sides. This blade's power, like Rectitude's, stems from Holy Mana. However, the blazing blue aura that engulfed the blade with a touch of mana was capable of spreading the flaming energy to what it slashed, the flames then devouring the target and spreading (Even on things that were not flammable) until they were burnt to nothing by a blue, spiritual acid of sorts. This aura took little of Hatori's mana, as long 'Kamon'(The Spirit in the Sword) contributed his mana to the process as well. However, the flame was easily counted by other spiritual techniques, and wind could spread or extinguish the flame like any other fire;Unless the user performed the 'Burning Justice' Attack. The user could also generate waves and fireballs of varying sizes of either the blue fire or normal flames.


- 'Courage Flame': This move does not need to be named aloud to be used. With this move, Hatori arms his blade with the blue, fiery aura and slashes at his opponent or target. He can also choose to send a 'shockwave' of the flames at his opponent, though it's easier to dodge and counter. The flames in shockwave form or around the blade add the capacity to cut through steel and harder objects, able to set ablze to what it slices, be it spiritual or material. He can also create small waves of fire, blue or normal.

- 'Burning Justice' : The name does not need to be said to activate this technique. Hatori and Kamon merge their souls as one Temporarily, blazing with a whitish-blue aura around himself and his blades that was capable of now burning things on a spiritual level as well. The attacks created were much larger and more powerful than with 'Courage Flame' , but once the technique is ended ; 'Courage' s power becomes inactive for however long it takes for Kamon to charge his mana back up(Which would take longer than a battle to achieve.). Being as this technique relies primarily on the mana of the sword and spirit inside of it, the form takes little of Hatori's own mana to access.

--Benevolence: Also known as 'Charity'. This blade had a black hilt containing golden diamond patterns down the sides, with an obsidian blade : Twenty-One inches in length. It ran off of Arcane Mana, which was normally red or black in color and based off of Dark Energies; Able to be easily countered by holy energies unless 'Karma' was used. The Spirit dwelling within this blade was named 'Irou', and was a massive reserve of mana living inside of the sword. The power for the blade was to inflict damage to the opponent in the form of 'Charity'; Giving the victim a special 'present' with each successful strike. These techniques ranged in mana, but took small chunks of Hatori's own mana to activate. The blade could also manifest tangible shadows to fight with or distract one's foe.


- 'Dark Charity': The name did not need to be spoken in order to use the technique. With this move, Hatori accesses Irou's mana, and surrounds the blade with black mana that causes side effects to what it cuts. The effects can range from lethal poisoning, to explosive energy being embedded in the blade to blow the target up upon successful slashing, to even tangible shadows that rip the target apart from the inside. The slashes 'infect' the target with Arcane Mana, tainted to take on special properties.

- 'Karma' : This technique can only be used if the user has sustained damage of some kind already. And Hatori must utter the technique name in order to use it. As Hatori is struck ,at any time, if he manages to contact the other with a hand and place a 'seal' upon them; He can then raise the blade and utter the word to make the victim experience all of the pain Hatori has gone through in the last hour. Including but not limited to :Fatigue, Pain, Wounds, and even mental strain. After this technique is used, the sword becomes inactive until Irou restores his mana to a usable level(Which takes longer than a battle to happen).

-- Respect: This blade had a silver hilt, lined with a red diamond pattern down the sides. The blade was twenty inches long, made of silver steel and carrying the properties of a Diamond in terms of hardness. The Spirit inside was named 'Enishi', and was a force of both Divine and Arcane Mana. One use of this was to use Divine Mana to create the elements of fire and lightning, and/or Arcane Mana to create the elements of earth and wind. A sword of the elements. By combining the two mana sources together, Hatori can create something called a 'Shattering Force'. It allows one to shatter energies of holy and demonic descent, in addition to the normal aura of humans, by using overflowing reserves of opposite-powered mana to create a devastating, clashing force of energy that breaks through most everything in it's path. These techniques vary in mana usage, but Enishi's sword had powers before the Samurai gained it himself through battle-Hence the colliding energies inside of the sword. Hatori himself still knows not which mana comes from Enishi.


- 'True Respect: Fire/Lightning' : The Name of the move need not be uttered in order to activate the powers of the technique. Using Divine Mana and his own mana output, Hatori can generate flames, electricty, and strikes of lighting with his blade. The attack power depends on mana usage , tactical use, range, and intent.With this technique, the white mana around the sword can cut through said elements as easily as it can conjure and manipulate them.

- 'Dark Respect: Wind/Earth : The Name of the move need not be uttered in order to activate the powers of the technique. Using Arcane Mana and his own mana output, Hatori can generate gusts of wind, wind shockwaves, whirlwinds, earthquakes,and even send waves of earth at his target, among other things. The attack power depends on mana usage , tactical use, range, and intent.With this technique, the white mana around the sword can cut through said elements as easily as it can conjure and manipulate them.

- 'Complete Respect: Shattering Blade' : The name need not be uttered to perform the technique. For five minutes, the mana of the blade will swell with both Arcane and Divine energies and create the Shattering effect listed above in the Sword Description. Pumping the mana flow to expand the effect shaves time off of the power's limit, and when the technique is finished Enishi returns from Hatori's soul to reside in the sword again, with whatever mana he and the blade have left. By stopping the technique before the time limit, not all of the mana is used. Unless It is activated a second time; After this, all mana in Enishi and the blade will dwindle to inactive levels; Despite the time spent using the power.

-- Honesty: Also known as 'Truth'. The sword has a golden hilt, with blue diamond patterns running down the sides. The blade itself was twenty-four inches long, made of thin golden steel . The spirit that lived within was named 'Kizan'. The power he held within was Divine Mana, and had two uses; One, to completely break away at dark energies and shatter them(Similar to the Shattering effect of Complete Respect, above). The other, was to unleash the full power of all Seven Blades of the Bushido. It tapped the full power of the seven blades, and allowed Hatori to use all of them at once; Meaning that Honesty was the Key to Hatori's strongest technique.


- 'Purging Blade of Honesty' : The name need not be said to use the technique. By mixing Hatori's Mana with Kizan's, the blade was able to produce the shattering effect on dark energies as explained above. The technique takes about a twelfth of Kizan's full mana output, meaning that it was a technique that could be used somewhat often in battle.

- 'True and Complete Honesty: The Gateway of the Seven': The name doesn't need to be uttered for Hatori to use the technique. Once activating this, Kizan links the Spirits of the Seven Samurai directly to Hatori. Allowing for a full and complete possesion form of all eight souls fused together. Due to the sheer power of this technique, and the volatile mix of so many mana reserves, the power only lasts for up to two minutes maximum. for each minute, half of a normal user's mana is drained-Making it a technique best meant to end things swiftly. Hatori has access to all sword powers in this form, and all forms rise to higher levels of power.

--Honor: The blade's hilt was black, with white diamond designs running down the sides. The twenty inch blade itself was a reverse blade; Both sides having a cutting edge. The back edge was black steel, while the front of the blade was pure white. A white circle was designed on both sides:At the top of the black side - While a black circle was designed near the hilt on the white sides:The blade Representing Yin and Yang. The spirit inside was named 'Nisashi', and he and the blade shared the mana of Divine and Arcane Energies; Making for another sword varying in power.With this blade, each edge had three effects: The White, front edge, could both manipulate Divine Mana to crush through other holy energies, or to create create blasts and slashes of white energy that completely 'erased' what it hit on a molecular level. The black edge could use Arcane Mana to break through dark energies, as well as create tangible darkness to engulf, assault or distract an opponent. The shadows were harder than steel, able to harden with mana output increasing, allowing for a long-range style that could easily catch the foe off guard. Both edges were capable of slashing through the elements themselves with their auras. The Black Edge can create and manipulate the element of wind, the white edge water When Nisashi mixes both auras, the blade splits into two separate blades that access their full power for a short time. These techniques take a minimum of Hatori's mana, unless the full power is accessed.


- 'Slash of Honor: Yang Strike': By using Divine Mana, the white, front edge glows with blue mana that can both cut through holy energies and the elements,and create and manipulate water, as stated above. The name does not need to said to use the technique.

- 'Slash of Dishonor: Yin Strike': By using Arcane Mana, the black, back edge glows with red mana that can both cut through dark energies and the elements, and create and manipulate wind, as stated above. The name does not need to said to use the technique.

- 'True Honor: Power of Yang': By using Divine Mana, the front edge now glows a blinding white with mana, able to now slash with the blasts of light that enveloped and 'incinerated' what it hit ;Sharing the properties of 'Slash of Honor'. This technique took more mana, however. The name did not need to be said to use the technique.

- 'True Dishonor: Power of Yin' : By using Arcane Mana, the back edge now glows a dark black with mana, able to now slash with the tangible shadows that could attack and decimate a target from afar ;Sharing the properties of 'Slash of Dishonor'. This technique took more mana, however. The name did not need to be said to use the technique.

- 'Yin Yang Separation: Twin Blades of Honor and Dishonor' : By separating the blades (as stated above) , Hatori was able to use them as two separate blades, Nisashi merging with him and increasing the power of the blades to higher levels. The power could last a while, but once used for a minute-Half of Nisashi's mana will be gone if used often;At least.

-- Loyalty: This blade had a red hilt , with gold diamond designs stained with what looked like blood running up the sides. The twenty-six inch blade itself was made of steel that seemed to be piled atop another to make a serrated edge, almost looking like the blade can collapse down into a smaller version. Not only could the blade extend itself to strike it's targets from afar, but it used both Divine and Arcane Energies to Break through Elements and Holy/Dark Energies with 'Sakurestu Armor: Embodiment of Shien'. The other power of 'Loyalty', was to strike not just the physical body but the spirit as well; Leaving more lethal and permanent wounds. It could also create somewhat of a bio-magnetic field of mana around itself, able to use multiple swords at once and reject outside forces (Similar to a magnetic repulsion effect). The Spirit inside was named Shien, and was the great Shogun of the Six Samurai who led them to victory in the fabled battle of the past. He had a massive mana reserve.


- 'True Loyalty: Sakuretsu Blade Whip ' : By using both Arcane and Divine Mana, Hatori can extend the blade and cut through elements/holy or dark energies, as stated above. He need not say the name to use the technique.

- 'Complete and Undying Loyalty: Sakuretsu Armor - Embodiment of Shien':

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hatori states the word 'Sakuretsu'; The blade becoming diamond-hard armor around his body that allowed him the use of swords without hands, as well as most of the strongest abilities of the Six Samurai. This form is also Accessed through 'Gateway of the Seven', though that form is more powerful and drains mana faster. This form can last three minutes, with some-what often usage. After which, the blade loses the ability to attain 'Sakuretsu Armor' Until Shien's mana recovers or is accessed again(If possible).

Spirits of the Six Samurai:

These Seven Blades each housed a spirit of a Samurai, and their mana reserves varied. Hatori was said to be 'The Chosen One' , by them. And given the title of 'Epitome of the Six Samurai' . They dedicated themselves to Hatori, in exchange for his promise as a swordsman to conquer other countries and forge an empire with their power; Like they had done, only grander. This is what set Hatori on his journey across the world after slaying his Lord and robbing him of these seven blades.

Contract of the Six Samurai:

Hatori has made a pact with the seven of his swords-his lords- to enable to to store them in a pocket dimension for protection and able to summon them into his hand simply by flowing mana through his palm to make the symbol of the Six Samurai appear. 

---The Five Blades of Influence :

These Five Blades were blades with special properties or powers, accessed through mana manipulation. Hatori has both Divine and Arcane Mana,being a Disciple of the Yin Yang Path of the Samurai, and therefore can tap both mana sources to use the powers of the varied blades; Which took either Divine or Arcane Mana, depending on the blade used. Hatori gained them from killing other Samurai and Ronin along his travels.

--Wisdom: This blade had a completely white hilt, with a silver, twenty-two inch long blade. This weapon carried no spirit, but had the distinct ability to 'reflect' energies it slashed at. Any energy it struck, instead of cutting it or being engulfed, instead reflected the energy back with what seemed like an invisible forcefield around it. In addition to this, the blade could also slash through near anything with enough use of Divine Mana running through the blade.


- ' Slash of Wisdom' : The blade glowing with blue mana, Hatori used it to repel and 'bounce' attacks back at his target, as stated above. The name was not needed to be spoken to use the technique.

- 'True Wisdom: Slash of the Master': The name did not need to be spoken in order for Hatori to use the technique. Glowing with white mana, the blade was able to cut through most all substances, if enough mana was used. If more than twenty percent of Hatori's mana is used for this, the blade's power must remain inactive for five seconds before it can be used again.

Method of Attainment:

Hatori gained this sword early on in his career as a samurai, slaying the previous owner with no special swords and claiming it as his own; It was the blade he used to fight Kurami with.

-- Distortion: This blade had an all-black hilt, and the blade itself was twenty inches long and made of a wavy, yet sharp black edge on a silver blade. This blade had a unique power; To cut through space and time to open' rifts', or portals to other dimensions and worlds, using Arcane Mana. By cutting an object or person, the rift will suck them into the dimension and close quickly, possibly stranding the target forever in a foreign universe.


- 'Distortion Slash': By using black and red mana that flowed throughout the blade, Hatori was able to cut rifts as described above; The location random unless he focuses on a place he knows of or has been to. Besides combat, it makes a great tool for easy travel.

Method of Attainment:

Hatori gained this blade by killing the owner in a Battle of Honor, on his quest to complete the mission of the Six Samurai. The owner had refused to join him, and was killed instead.

-- Pride: This blade's hilt was bronze, with dark red diamond patterns running down the sides. The blade was twenty-three inches long, made of platinum and given a thin mold. The large hilt held a spiked chain of the same material as the blade, the chains themselves having cutting edges instead of rounded sides and able to shoot the blade out for long range strikes, and to graze or wrap the foe in the twelve foot long , three inch thick chain. The Primary ability of this sword was to use Arcane Mana in order to - once wrapping the chain around the target- force their inner energy, spiritual and physical, to slowly but steadily leak out harmlessly into the world around said victim. A wound inflicted by this attack could also allow not only for blood or other bodily fluids to be leaked, but also their spiritual energy and stamina. The wounds could even be suffered by those who can change their bodies to intangible forms by attacking the energy itself, in order to crush and 'harm it' with this technique.


- 'Chain of Pride': By enveloping the blade in red mana, Hatori could use the blade as explained above. It takes minimal mana usage.

Method of Attainment:

Hatori gained this from another Samurai who refused to join him. He was almost defeated, until he used Loyalty and quickly overcame his foe. It seemed to now be one of his most favored blades.

-- Wrath: The hilt was yellow with red diamond patterns running down on either side, and the blade was nineteen inches long: Made of Saphire-colored steel. The power of this blade was to channel Arcane Mana through it in order to create a near-unbreakable aura of blade or red energy. Besides this, the blade could also deliver slashes of not only massive strength, but the aura will explode on impact and badly burn/ incinerate upon causing the wound, likely leaving a body that resembled a grenade victim. The technique took a decent amount of Hatori's mana output.


- 'Blazing Blade of Fury' : Covering the blade in red or black mana(Black being more potent) , Hatori could create the 'unbreakable' aura and generate the explosive effect when he slashes with this mana armor around his sword.(Stated above).

-- Care: This blade had a pink hilt, with what seemed to be rubies in the diamond patter running down each side of the handle. The blade was only sixteen inches long, the shortest of all of Hatori's blades, made of hardened , crimson Ruby for the entirety of the blade itself. By running Divine Mana through this special blade, Hatori could both heal wounds inflicted(Be they physical or spiritual). A Healing Blade. However, the power of Healing can also be used in an offensive manner. By applying the spiritual healing effect of ' Caring Intent ' , Hatori could not only heal what he touched with the blade, but also purge spiritual energies and force them to break apart, the curing effect of Care stopping harmful forces that would normally be inflicting wounds that Care can heal. Healing Power depends on mana output. In addition to this, the sword can also produce and manipulate the element of water.


- 'Caring Intent' - With this technique(the name did not need to be spoken aloud), Hatori made the sword glow with white mana that could create the 'Curing' effect(Described above).He could both heal what the mana swathed over and reject spiritual energies if he chose to. Takes a decent amount of Mana output. Blue mana created and bended water.

Method of Attainment:

Hatori gained both Wrath and Care from a famous Ronin, Kazama Hikaru, who used both in an insane style meant to keep the opponent on the defense and then crush through it. Hatori gained the upper-hand quickly once using Honor against his foe. Once slaying him in battle, He took the swords and continued onward.

☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N☠

06/29/2013 09:44 PM 

Akari Hatori: Path of the Ronin

 Path of the Ronin

   Hatori was born to a family still closely tied to the Way of the Samurai, otherwise known as Bushido. He was raised learning the way of the sword, as well as Mana Manipulation-The ability to use one's spiritual energy to physically manifest attacks and defenses alike. Since he was three years old, he began training, leaning that he had a knack for swordsmanship.He spent years training, often helping out the Local Law Enforcement stop thugs and criminals around their city to hone his skills. He even bested one of the Daimyo's head samurai at sixteen years old, the man having underestimated Hatori's skill with the sword.It was at the age of seventeen that he became a full-fledged Samurai of his own, and headed out into the world in his Lord's name.

   Hatori had trained in the Yin Yang Style; A Style that allowed the Samurai to access reserves of both Divine and Arcane Mana- By tapping the power of one's soul and physically manifesting their aura ;While pledging loyalty to neither the forces of good nor evil. These Samurai were known as the fiercest by far; For the use of both types of Mana led to a much larger and varied style; Easy to adapt to new situations and powers. His father taught him: A great Samurai by the name of Akari Jin. He , too, could use the Yin Yang Style, and taught his son never to let one or the other overwhelm him; As the side effects could cause loss of one's self and mind to the forces of Divine or Arcane Energies. Hatori had created a technique all of his own through mana manipulation: The ability to manifest Hands of solidified mana. With these, Hatori could sprout extended limbs of varying strength to use more than just two swords, and also grab, punch , or ensnare an opponent if need be. It seemed that using the Yin Yang style made the hands easier to manifest, as Hatori's aura was easier to access with his mana flowing through his blades.

   A year into his journey, Hatori and the small team of Samurai he was with were hired to kill a threat to the country. The Ronin was an old man, yet he bested many of their group with ease. Hatori, watching, was able to see that every time he used his blade, it took a moment for him to recover. Taking this oppotunity, the young Samurai pierced his foe's heart. But the old man didn't die just yet. He told them all why he was being hunted. Because he wanted to kill the Daimyo, for letting his kingdom(That had been property of the mother country, 'Shien') be destroyed while no support came. Hatori and his team were skeptical, and only Hatori researched the story after this incident. And it turned out, that the man he killed was telling the truth.

   His Lord, The Daimyo of their Country of 'Shien', was a wicked, corrupt man indeed. It sickened Hatori to work for the man. And this led to his planning of the assassination of his Lord Kurami. Three years after he had become a Samurai. As he was sent in to discuss his next assignment, he slaughtered the guards and went to slay the Daimyo. What he did not know was the reason why Kurami was the Lord. It was because the man owned the Legendary Blades of the Six Samurai, ancient relics of a group of Six Samurai and their Shogun who conquered a country by themselves hundreds of years ago. The blades were imbued with special properties and powers, and Kurami quickly overwhelmed Hatori with these swords and led young Hatori to the brink of death.

   This was when Hatori lost himself. He knew he would die unless he tried harder than he ever had done before. Standing, bloody and battered, he waged a final stand against his foe. Knocking a blade from the Lord's hands and using it himself, Hatori was able to now fend for himself against these attacks. And with the Daimyo's old age and poor condition, there was no way he would last against an equal opponent. Hatori decimated his Lord after this, claiming the six blades as his own and awaking the spirits within. Their Names were Zanji, Kamon, Irou, Enishi, Kizan, Nisashi and Shien. The manifested in an illusion around him, telling him of their story and informing him that they respected his power. That was why 'Hamon', the sword of Courage, allowed him to tap it's power in the battle. He responded by saying that he wished to now recreate a modern 'Six Samurai', -Wanting to find Six Powerful Swordsmen to aid his mission in doing as they had done; Destroying countries and rebuilding an empire from the rubble. Though these Samurai were content conquering Shien, the city now named after the Shogun, they were now disgusted by the Daimyo's actions as Hatori was, and pledged their loyalty to him if he destroyed the Capital with their powers. He agreed, doing so within an hour and fleeing the country after killing all around him, leaving few alive. His own mother died in the attacks, in his father's arms He was hunted since, and while this went on Hatori traveled for three years, slaying countless swordsmen and recruiting the best he found in an attempt to revive the myth of the Six Samurai.

   Along his travels, he slayed countless Ronin and Samurai, facing all swordsmen he saw to test their true strength. Few were able to survive these battles.He took their blades-At least, took the ones of Power. At one point he was confronted by the Military of Shien; Those surviving. Including his own father. He then fought against the two dozen samurai, slaughtering them all after a lengthy battle and dragging himself to shelter. Taken in by a young woman named 'Hiori'. She nursed his wounds and sheltered him until he recovered, until one night. Assassins came for Hatori. though the Samurai defeated them all, Hiroi had been killed by one of them in the crossfire. And Kizan of the Six Samurai confirmed that he had caused it-Flooding the scene through Hatori's mind via the 'eyes' of his blade. Hetori ventured onward, more determined than ever to fufill his mission and avenge both the woman he had killed by accident and his own Pride as a Samurai.

   He eventually took five blades of power from other Samurai deemed too weak to join him, naming them the 'Five Blades of Influence'. His Twelve blades were named 'The Twelve Swords of the Samurai'; another name he had coined for himself and that spread throughout the land as his exploits reached dangerous and scary levels. He had begun destroying a few Countries alone, and recruited a few Samurai to help him along his mission. He is still in the process of finding more Samurai and searching for more Swords of Power and Samurai to fulfill his dream.

☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N☠

06/29/2013 09:44 PM 

Akari Hatori: Basic Info

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Name: Hatori Akari (Akari, Hatori)

Age: 23

Birthday: December 17th

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 200lb

Occupation: Samurai

Animal Representation: Hydra

Title: 'Epitome of the Six Samurai'
Roku Take no shukuzu

Personality: Hatori was originally a playful, friendly individual. Since setting out on his mission, however, his persona has changed drastically; He is very quiet and tends to avoid others,his only interests being: Swords, Power, and Battle. Despite his cold attitude towards strangers, if seeing a person in need he will quickly rush in to aid them. He is often labeled as a schizophrenic, for the voices of the swords talk to him and he speaks to them aloud, though it appears as though he's speaking to himself. He will often leave those he defeats alive, unless they refuse to surrender or it was a fight to the death. He seems to have developed this compassion since slaying his father and the events leading up to it. Because of how he attained his swords, he is very skeptical of others and wary of betrayal and lies. He tends to become much more lively in battle, seeming to truly let out his inner self with the temptation of a fight.

Appearance: Hatori stood at six feet three inches tall,weighting 200 pounds, garbed in a tight ,zippered and sleeved high-neck black vest . The Zipper-head resembled a cross, the entire vest made of a material that took on the properties of steel, named 'Steel Cloth'. Over each shoulder were shoulderpads of black steel and a black cape(a foot long, made of steel cloth) draped over his shoulders, a belt connecting his Kusazuri(The armor Samurai wear around their thighs) by an X shaped belt buckle at his waist. Under this he wore black pants fitted into black boots, and over his wrists were black, metal cuffs weighing twenty pounds each. Thirteen swords rested on his back and waists, all in black sheathes; Though seven of them had a white seal of sorts in the middle. From the bottom-left, clockwise, the hilts were: Black with a silver sliver in the middle(At his right waist), white with a golden diamond pattern down the sides,red with a black diamond pattern(both of which were strapped together at his lower back),black with a gold diamond design ,silver with red diamonds ,and gold with blue diamonds(All running up his right side, yellow with red diamonds and pink with ruby diamonds(Both behind his head), black with silver diamonds and red with gold diamonds (Sticking over his left shoulder), bronze with red diamonds running down the sides(at his left waist), white,and black(both lower on his side than the bronze hilted-blade). From right to left,sheathes Two through Six and Nine through Ten all had the white seal of the Six Samurai. Altogether he carried over two hundred pounds on himself, and yet was able to move freely despite the massive burden. His skin was somewhat pale- his face taut and young, with glowing purple optics and spiky blonde hair all over his head.

Physical Ability: Hatori had superhuman strength, stamina and speed already; Being trained roughly and becoming tolerant to pain and testing himself with weights constantly. He always carries more than his body weight on himself; Were he to drop these weights holding him back, his movement would become so fast that he literally creates after-images of himself though not moving at light-speed. He can move faster than lightning with these weights on(by pouring mana through his limbs and temporarily 'doping' himself), and without them can reach a speed near that of light. Through mana manipulation, he can raise his speed and strength even more. He is also a master of the Martial Arts, namely the 'Yin Yang Fist' Style; One that both incorporates a flowing barrage of limb-based attacks and as gentle defenses meant to let the opponent do most of the work and using their weight and momentum to follow up with another barrage of well-timed blows at anywhere from normal to nearly unseeable speeds.

Mana Usage and Techniques:

Hatori had trained in the Yin Yang Style; A Style that allowed the Samurai to access reserves of both Divine and Arcane Mana- By tapping the power of one's soul and physically manifesting their aura ;While pledging loyalty to neither the forces of good nor evil. These Samurai were known as the fiercest by far; For the use of both types of Mana led to a much larger and varied style; Easy to adapt to new situations and powers. His father taught him: A great Samurai by the name of Akari Jin. He , too, could use the Yin Yang Style, and taught his son never to let one or the other overwhelm him; As the side effects could cause loss of one's self and mind to the forces of Divine or Arcane Energies. Hatori had created a technique all of his own through mana manipulation: The ability to manifest Hands of solidified mana. With these, Hatori could sprout extended limbs of varying strength to use more than just two swords, and also grab, punch , or ensnare an opponent if need be. It seemed that using the Yin Yang style made the hands easier to manifest, as Hatori's aura was easier to access with his mana flowing through his blades. He named this technique 'Manafestation'.

Hatori can use both Divine and Arcane Mana, and with the spirits inside of his swords he can sense spiritual pressure around him, and the spirits are able to see what the human eye cannot. The Samurai's eyes always glowed purple, his sight shared with seven spirits residing in the blades on his back. He can use the effect of Divine Mana to break through Dark Energies to a point, and Arcane Mana to fight holy energies. By transcending and combining the two,Hatori can create massive amounts of multi-colored mana that can create more than just hands and arms;Namely blasts of mana that can push back forces and perhaps badly damage them, and even now manifest the spirits of the Six Samurai and Shien if need be. However, it took considerable mana usage for the latter. Also, by bursting mana from his limbs or flowing it through them Hatori can raise his reflexes, speed, stamina and strength to levels beyond human power-though the increase is subject to the mana used. He can also flow mana through his feet to walk on the solid energy and travel over the sky.


Strength: 10/10

Speed: 10/10

Stamina: 9/10

Agility: 10/10

Power: 9/10

Intelligence: 9/10

Flexibility: 10/10

Close Range: 10/10

Mid Range: 9/10

Long Range: 7/10

Mana Type(Divine or Arcane): Both

Control of Divine Mana: 9/10

Divine Mana Reserve: 8/10

Control of Arcane Mana: 9/10

Arcane Mana Reserve: 9/10

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Takamitzu D. Hanzo : M.A.C.R.O.S.


Malefic Airborne Chaotic Reckoning Operation System

   His main source of transportation when not using the Mizu no Oni, this vessel, the Captain of the Chaos Pirates can now travel through space with no problem. He built it out of alchemized steel and wood and installed a mana engine; Raidou's Divine Technique creating a stable energy source that could fuel itself, amazingly.

Physical Description:

The ship was gleaming black, the metal extremely durable, and made  the 300 yard-long ship tougher than most materials on earth. Infused in through the center of the vessel was the engine, below it a large, gleaming circular plate while expelled arc energy to propel the ship at Hanzo's will, due to recognizing to his DNA and voice commands. There is a large cannon which fires blasts of Raw Mana that hovers around the deck at all times, and also responds to Hanzo's command. The cannon was covered in small cameras, and once entering one of the hatches on either end of the ship through large metal plates opening at the Captain's command. Both hatches are airtight and there are oxygen tanks within the ship to provide fresh air through ventilation, and in addition there are computers meant mainly to see the condition of the ship and look through the cameras on the cannon.

Powers and Capabilities of the M.A.R.C.R.O.S 

The ship only has one main weapon ,that being a hovering cannon that can patrol the perimeter of the vessel.. The Cannon shoots out a beam of raw mana able to incinerate most material.The Cannon can also act independently if needed.  It also has NO reload time so it can be fired continuously over and over again without having to let it rest.  It is launched at Hanzo's thought. All he has to do is give the position of what he wants to destroy and then the cannon will quickly move to that part of the M.A.R.C.R.O.S to fire. Because of the materials it is made of, additional cannons can sprout from the vessel.

 The hull of the ship is alchemized and  infused with Arcane Mana thanks to the Power Network. With this, the hull can deflect anything basic to advanced energy based attacks. The nanometals which allowed this vessel to change form also spread damage throughout the vessel to dampen impact, causing low-level assaults to be ineffective.

The Mana Engine powers everything on the ship aside from the Cannon. This Power Network is made from the same energy that powers sorcery in general, and can recreate itself to keep a steady level of energy. .Due to this, the engine can go as fast or as slow as it wants with little energy loss. The bottom of the ship has a hole exposing the Mana Engine, which can suspend the vessel in air or space. This ship was in essence merely a gigantic Mana Engine,and was the key piece to forming his true flagship.

This Mana engine was formed from special alloys, and within the spinning centrifuges was a massive ball of raw energy; Hanzo's, to be exact. His shipwright used the Captain's energy as a fuel source, giving him direct access to all of the ship's functions.

To quote from a post:

Malefic Airborne Chaotic Reckoning Operation System

This ship was only a quarter the size of the Mizu no Oni, made of the same black steel as it's big brother but shaped like a semi-circle with a flat platform at the top for the deck. The hull coated in the red wood,an opposite material scheme of the Mizu no Oni. At the bottom, a glowing red energy leaked out from a strange, centrifugal machine mounted into the vessel itself. It was an engine of mana, Raidou's creation, which gave the ship a fuel source and kept it levitating to degrees based upon the commands he and he captain spoke or thought.

A cannon hovered around it's perimeter, black like the ship and radiating an energy similar to the engine. The entire ship was lined with cameras to feed into the cockpit and also gave the cannons a full range of where to shoot on command or when feeling a threat.

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Takamitzu D. Hanzo : The Mizu no Oni

The Mizu no Oni

The Outward Appearance:

During Hanzo's travels, he went to Paradise and raided The Divine Army to take their technology, taking metals alchemised to be nearly unbreakable and fusing it with the wood from the two ships he sailed in. Thankfully, one member of his crew survived, and with his help they created the ultimate vessel.

The ship was almost a mile tall, and a mile long, with a mast half of it's length towering high above, rooting from the upper deck.The hull was covered in black metal but for a giant hole in the back, and all of the wood was red;enchanted with Arcane Sorcery to bbecome more durable. The Jolly Roger was a skull with swords for crossbones, and 'Chaos' in red Kanji on the forehead.  On the front of the ship, the figurehead depicted a gaping, eyeless skull.Inside of the ship, one could fire cannonballs through it to surprise opponents by shooting forward in a ship battle. The ship was meant to travel via sails, and a hole was carved into the back to propel the ship through fire if necessary. The cannonhole in the back of the ship was able to, on it's own, shoot out a massive blast of air to propel them as well.

The front deck led all the way to halfway down the ship, where on either end staircases led one to the upper deck, where the wheel and anchor were located. In between the staircases was a large door, carved out of the same red wood that made the ship itself. Twenty feet in front of it saw a golden throne, cushioned with velvet and having 'Chaos' sewn in black Kanji at eye level. This was the captain's seat.

Inward appearance:

Once entering the door from the deck of the ship, one is led down a long hallway, with ten doors on either side. Each of these rooms were 15x15 square feet , with a bed that seemed larger than a twin in the far left corner. Beside it was a nightstand and lamp, with a porthole 3 feet above to ventilate air. A dresser took the lower right corner, and at the end of the bed were two doors which led to a walk-in closet. On the right wall, besides the dresser, was a door which led to the bathroom: An 8x8 square foot , completely white-tiled room with a sink, mirror/medicine cabinet, and a large tub that could either be used to take a shower from the three nozzles on the ceiling or bathe similar to a hot tub. 

Each of these rooms also has a secret door beside the porthole, to go into a larger, empty space in which to store whatever they wish or to make a living space besides the small room one uses to enter. 

At the end of this hall stood two large red doors, looking like those to a throne room, with gold levers to access them . Before one reached them, however, they would notice that two more halls branched off to the left and right of the initial hallway. Each hall had five large black doors, in the same design as the red one and on the same side of the wall.

Hanzo's room- Beyond the red doors was a 120 square foot room, the carpet's made of lush velvet. His bed, located at the center of the back wall was bigger than any named bed and looked like two Futons put together on a gold frame. It was covered in fluffy red carpeting, and had a red canopy over the top, right under which was a large porthole that ventilated air from the outside. On either side of the bed were large nightstands with lamps, before which stood small refrigerators. Opening one and taking the lone bottle of rum would activate a mechanism through the ship to shoot up another bottle, like a pez dispenser, to now cool. On the left wall led a large black door that led to the bathroom: A large, 20x20 foot room made completely of tile, with 5 drains on the floor and 15 nozzles on the ceiling. at the back were shelves with personal care products.

On the right wall, in the right corner were two red doors leading to a walk-in closet, and in the center of the wall were two red doors resembling the ones used to enter the room. They were often padlocked. They led to a 90x90 square foot room, which led one down a trail with swords stuck into the wood on either side, each engraved with a kanji and unique in one way or another. It led to a large, blade claymore sticking out of the ground, the gold guard's length making the sword resemble a christian cross. On the ground in front of it was a large slab of stone and a hammer, and to the left was a semi-cylinder filled with water. It was the room Hanzo used to store or forge swords, and had shown it to nobody to date.

The Left Hallway:

In the hallway that branched off to the left,two doors had red kanji directly around the handles. On the door next to Hanzo was 'War' , and on the door next to it 'Chaos'. 

The third black door led to a 500 square foot galley. A counter lined the left wall, on top of it all kinds of appliances including sinks, ovens and stoves. On the back wall were 20 refrigerators, filled with food and drink. On the right wall stood 20 cabinets, all filled with spices or dry food. In the center of the tiled room was a large grill, that seemed to have so way to start up.

The fourth black door led to a huge, 500 square foot room, lined with every weapon one could think of. Pistols, cannons, swords, among other things, and what stuck out were several odd objects scattered around. There seemed to be so many weapons that one only had a 100 foot path in the center to get to the piles of weapons on either side.

The final door led to a large, empty room the same size as the Weapons Room to it's right. However, it was completely empty. It was a room used for sparring indoors, or simply training by oneself. The walls were thick, and strong, stopping all but extraordinary feats from harming it.

The Right Hallway:

   These first two doors had 'Death' and 'Conquest' on them ,respectively. 

   The third door led to a 500 square foot room, with an indoor pool covering most of the space. The ceiling even opened up at the press of one of several buttons at the far wall, to let in sunlight.

   The fourth door led to a room of the same size, but it was filled with exercise equipment. It was used to train and exercise alone or with others. It was rarely used, though, since the crew often stayed outside..

   The fifth door led to a room a bit smaller than the others, and was filled with booby traps in order to surprise those sneaking around the ship. Not only could the ceiling fall flat and then lift itself up through a chain mechanism, but the walls also jutted large spikes when pressure was applied to certain points in the room.

Few have gone further into the ship. The true intricacy of it's design remains unknown but to Hanzo and Raidou themselves, the architects.

To quote the description from a post:

  The Mizu no Oni[Demon of the Water] was a gargantuan ship, over a mile tall and just as long. On this day ebony steel cut through the seas quickly towards the next destination of the Chaos Pirates: The Ancient Ruins. From their base- that of a living island- the crew set off in their massive technological vessel aiming to journey across half of the globe in less than a day. Currently, night had fallen on the ship and other further hid it from sight, Sumato-ko[Smart Steel] rippling like the tides around them.

   You see, while technology was powered by Mana in this world, the concept of creating a seafaring vessel with a near-limitless supply of energy was still next to impossible. But through the combination of stolen blueprints from the Holy Army that sought dominion over this world and the Sorcery of Hagane Raidou, this ship was given not only a gigantic fuel source but an engine capable of keeping it stable while those energies grew exponentially due to the powers used upon them. But what was Mana?

   Such was the name given to ethereal energies in this ream, dormant within the soul until awakened to manifest their magical potential. There were two forms of this power- Arcane and Divine- which sparked a religious war that decimated the globe forevermore. Now the continents numbered eight in total, all of relatively equal size yet harboring unique conditions of climate and landscape as if each country represented all of a specific time. But while the powers between these types of Mana differed little, most chose only one-fearing eternal purgatory and preferring to play it safe.

   But the Pirate King, he who was Captain of the Chaos Pirates and the Mizu no Oni, took on both forms of power as his only goal was to save his own world. By any means necessary. An Atheist, his lack of belief only further convinced him to make this decision. And because of this, Takamitzu 'Denja' Hanzo not only gained eternal youth and enhanced physiology but two devastating abilities that astounded even other Sorcerers. The Arcane Swordsman still preferred physical combat, but with his powers he could still take on even the most dangerous of foes. Or so he thought.

   He dozed in his throne, black bandanna pulled tight over both hair as gray as iron and eyleids closed shut in slumber. A crimson coat hung over him like a light blanket, the black kanji reading 'Chaos' down the back hidden by the back of that seat of velvet and gold. A black robe covered his muscular body, and the ends of ebony jeans were tucked tight into like-colored boots. In that crimson sash around his waist were four sheathed weapons, all of varying mystical properties. The white hilt on his right hip was the only one not forged by the Master Swordsman's own hand,and the others sticking out from a space behind the arms of the throne were all made of materials found on his ship at this moment. Kazeko[Wind Steel] , Manametaru[Mana Metal] and Sumato-ko made up each weapon, but their properties were those that greatly aided the Mizu no Oni in it's own travels.

   Smart Steel was made up of countless nanoscopic pieces of black metal, the likes of which could change to the whim of an ethereal current. As such, not only could the hull change shape and sprout cannons or other physical extensions at the drop of a dime, but it dampened impacts by spreading them throughout a mile. And below this thick layer was more metal, that of Rashomon- A concrete-like metal with density almost as high as diamond! But even before that, Mana Metal would try to absorb any ethereal charges used from a thin layer between the aforementioned two. Deeper within, in the heart of the ship, was the Mana Engine that used these properties in conjunction to keep a spherical source of translucent, teal Divine Mana almost a quarter the size of the ship stable.

   Like a centrifuge of great caliber, the machine encompassed that energy source with ever-spinning runs of Manametaru to keep excess amounts from reaching out and using what was absorbed to further fuel other functions instead of overloading the Engine's Capacity. Smart Steel also coated this centrifuge in order to move into certain positions to plug leaks or carry energy elsewhere through tunnels of Manametaru that supplied ethereal charges from this source to other parts of the Mizu no Oni. The sprawling, crimson deck atop the vessel where the mast carrying a jolly roger-That of a Skull with two blades in it's bandanna-wearing head, and another between it's teeth with red kanji telling of how it represented Chaos- was made of Hagane Uddo[Steel Wood] treated to not only resist heat like the rest of the ship but holding density higher than iron to make it far more sturdy than it first appeared. That throne sat dead center on the deck,in front of a door leading into the vessel while staircases on either side lead to the stern- the upper-deck where the Captain or Shipwright could bring forth screens of Mana and command systems from a console built under the wood-just like a location near the bow.

   Most of the ship was lined with Smart Steel, but in the gray room covered in Rashomon surrounding the Engine .Hagane Raidou, Chaos Shipwright, sleepily eyed ethereal images floating about him between great wings of crimson hue. The Wrath Yokai was eight feet tall, lounging in a sofa with his mace-ended tail hitting the floor and wings covering his energy-resistant hide and sharp claws from view. While these creatures were known for mindless brutality, the shipwright obviously differed; He was not only a genius in terms of ship-building but of Mana as well, and his power of Divine Generation is what gave his Captain's energy the ability to nurture itself and become self-sufficient as to create the large ball of it only yards from the Yokai.

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