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☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N☠

06/29/2013 09:31 PM 

Takamitzu D. Hanzo : Konton Kenjutsu

Konton Kenjutsu
-Chaotic Sword Technique-

Hanzo has a mastery of the blade, his aura also helping in his attacks. His mastery of the blade allows him to cut through substances harder than steel, not cut through anything if he so chooses, and Hakkei(long range sword strikes that use shockwaves to either cut through people or just their organs)

-- Mutoryu(No Sword Style)- Hanzo uses no swords in this style, and often infuses his physical prowess, and cutting moves, into this style.It is basically a hand-to-hand style used when he didn't need, want to , or couldn't use his blades.


-Mutoryu: Chakram(No Sword Style:Chakram)- Hanzo spins at a rapid pace, using his mana-enhanced speed and momentum to move at high velocity and crash down on the opponent with a powerful overhead kick in an attempt to kick and cut through them almost like a blade.

-Mutoryu: Kengan Rendan(No Sword Style: Fist Pistol Barrage)- Hanzo rapidly flurries his fists at his opponent, in an attempt to beat them senseless. He has used it to cause an entire area to quake when missing.Depending on the power invested in the assault, the range of this attack can vary.

-Mutoryu: Tatsu Maki(No Sword Style: Dragon Twister)- Hanzo spins his arms after flexing, sending a spiraling wave of aura capable of bursting steel towards his target. Made out of concentrated winds imbued with his Mana, the speed and power behind the attack also form an edge to essentially 'cut' the target(s).

Besides this, Hanzo has shown no other named moves.

-- Ittoryu(One Sword Style)- Hanzo is able to use devastating attacks with one blade, usually being more powerful than his Niitoryu or Santoryu. His style has many references to religion and animals in this style. They are usually finishing moves, and the sword is usually used with his left hand in this case.


-Ittoryu Iai: Shishi Sonson(One Sword Style Draw and Resheath Technique: Lion's Song)- With this move, Hanzo rushes at his opponent fasterthan any human can travel, unleashing high speeds at the last moment going full speed as he slashes at the opponent, moves past them, and sheaths his blade in what seems like one motion due to the speed of the move. It has the ability to cut steel like butter as well, due to the heat gained by the kinetic force of the attack as well as the cutting power and strength behind it. Behind him as this happens, his aura and killing intent forge the image of a ferocious Lion like a subliminal image as Hanzo moves.

-Ittoryu Iai: Shi Shishi Sonson(One Sword Style Draw and Resheath Technique: Lion's Song of Death)- An improved version of The above move, which allows Hanzo much more power and now the ability to cut even diamond and harder things. Between the two,He usually uses the move best fit to fell his opponent. This increase in power is due to the fact that this attack utilizes his Mana as well, augmenting strength and power to new levels.

-Ittoryu: Itzen Sekai(One sword Style: One Thousand Worlds)- Hanzo spins his blade rapidly, and rushes the opponent, striking them in a manner similar to a fusion of Shi Shishi Sonson and Kamakiri Giri.

-Ittoryu: Doragonkyanon ( One Sword Style: Dragon Cannon)- Hanzo slashes his blade, and sends out a shockwave of red aura, able to cut through steel and harder things, and sends it flying at his target. It is his standard projectile technique. As for how it is created, see Mutoryu : Tatsu Maki.

- Kiken! Ittoryu : Kohaiken! (Danger! One Sword Style : Devastation Slash)- The Arcane Swordsman uses Kaosu or another blade capable of channeling Mana to move and leave in his wake a growing ,ethereal blade of energy. This is used to cut down large foes, such as a beast the size of an ocean in a fight against Silace Nightingale. More recently, the blade Saikuron manipulates winds and makes them form the shape of the gigantic weapon.

-Ittoryu: Yaka Hiryu Giri(One Sword Style: Burning Dragon Slash)- Hanzo runs at the opponent, drawing and slashing similar to Shi Shishi SonSon with a dragonic aura around him, and whatever it hit set on blue fire, a fire mixed with his aura that burned the spirit of what it englufed; Summoning his Divine Aura in it's most deadly form, prolonged use can even damage the soul of the user despite he being the one who spanws this Celestial Flame.

-Ittoryu: : Oni-tō no Jōshō(One Sword Style : Rising Demon Tower)- Hanzo spins wildly, creating a massive tornado with the winds to fly high into the air.

--Ittoryu : Oni-tō Kōjun(One Sword Style : Descending the Demon Tower)- Hanzo uses Oniken to trap the tornado caused by the earlier technique and bring it down on his foe like a gigantic cyclone of a blade.

-Ittoryu: Kami Giri(One Sword Style:God Slash)- Hanzo focuses all of his strength into one massive blow, able to split an island in two. His strongest shown Ittoryu technique. By projecting his Mana out along with the massive force of wind from his slash, few can survive this; To cut an island itself , however, Hanzo must literally slash up the length of the land from ground level or close to it to achieve the desired result

Other named moves have yet to be seen, besides regular slashing and advanced swordplay.

--Niitoryu(Two Sword Style) - The primary style Hanzo uses, it involves 2 blades and is usually very swift and efficient. Able to do more with 2 blades, Hanzo's Niitoryu can perhaps best his Ittoryu in a longer fight. Many religious/animal references.


-Niitoryu Iai: Rashomon(Two Sword Style: Rashomon)- Rushing at high speeds, Hanzo slashed with two sheathed blades and resheathed them, much like Shi Shishi Sonson but with two blades and therefore double the power.

-Niitoryu: Furasshu(Two Sword Style: Flash)- Hanzo spins, his blades parallel to each other, and slashes at his opponent with the strength he uses while using Kamakiri Giri.

-Niitoryu: Kamakiri Giri(Two Sword Style: Mantis Slash) - Hanzo uses two blades to strike the opponent using his ability to cut 'anything' , by combining his mana, aura, inner power,speed, strength and swordsmanship. Behind him forms a subliminal image of a Mantis, the blades aligned with the Mantis' scythes.

-Niitoryu: Taka no Giri(Two Sword Style: Slash of the Hawk)- Hanzo rushes his opponent at high speeds, his blades held backwards, and slashes at the foe in a backwards fashion representing a hawk spreading it's wings. Behind him flashes a subliminal image of a Hawk. He adds his aura, strength , speed, and sometimes Divine Mana to this attack, making it very powerful indeed.

-Two Sword Style: Cross Slash- Hanzo uses two blades, like Kamakiri Giri, to slash in an X at his target using the same traits.

-Niitoryu: Taka no Ho(Two Sword Style: Cannon of the Hawk)- Hanzo slashes with two blades, resulting in a doubled Ittoryu: Doragonkyanon .

-Niitoryu: Niizen Sekai(Two Sword Style: Two Thousand Worlds)- Hanzo spins two blades . and rushes his opponent, slashing with the two blades as they get parallel and slashing through most materials with the power behind the assault.

-Niitoryu: Mai no Hebi(Two Sword Style: Dance of the Snake)- Hanzo flows and weaves around the opponents attacks, if successful then going in to strike them. One might note that when Hanzo strikes, he is most vulnerable.

-Niitoryu: Chakram(Two Sword Style: Chakram)- Hanzo spins with two blades, almost like Mutoryu: Chakram only with more power and his blades.

-Niitoryu: Oni Giri Rendan(Two Sword Style: Demon Slash Barrage)- Wildly swinging his blades again and again, letting his aura flow at maximum, and attempting to cleave his target to pieces, Hanzo attempts to also back them into a corner and finish them once breaking through their defense.

No other named moves have been seen yet.


--Santoryu(Three Sword Style)- When Hanzo is serious, he will use all 3 blades, with the third in his mouth. This style is the stepping stone for Rokutoryu, as well as his most powerful style overall besides Kiki Deva. Giving him 3 blades to attack with, he also has access to much deadlier demonic techniques. Many religious/animal/slash references


-Santoryu: Kaosu Giri(Three Sword Style: Chaos Slash)- Hanzo crosses his blades and holds them facing behind him, the blades vertical and parallel to the one in his mouth. He then rushes the opponent, Attempting to slash them thrice at rapid speeds, using his aura and often mana added with the ability to cut steel.

-Santoryu: Yaka Kaosu Giri(Three Sword Style: Burning Chaos Slash)- Hanzo does the same as Oni Giri, only using his Arcane Mana to spawn fire around his blades and give his attack a fiery enhancement..

-Santoryu: Rengoku Oni Giri(Three Sword Style: Purgatory Demon Slayer)- An improved Kaosu Giri, Hanzo does the same thing with more power, aura, and Divine Mana, and crushes the opponents defenses to strike them much harder than Kaosu Giri itself.As he does this, a ghoulish figure seems to flash behind him like a subliminal image.

-Santoryu: Tatsu Maki(Three Sword Style: Dragon Twister)- Hanzo spins and slashes the air with his blades, creating a small twister of aura similar to Niitoryu: Taka no Ho at his target. While he does this, a subliminal image of a dragon appears behind him.

-Santoryu: Oni Tatsumaki(Three Sword Style: Demon Whirlwind)- The same as Tatsu Maki, Hanzo spins and slashes, but this time spins so fast and slashes so strongly that he creates a massive whirlwind, that can cut steel as if it were fruit. It doesn't seem to stop until somebody or something stops it directly. Like Tatsu Maki, a Dragon flashes behind Hanzo as well while using this move.

-Santoryu:Oni Garasu Giri (Three Sword Style: Demon Crow Slash)- Hanzo spins at an enemy with his swords, eventually coming to a head with a tornado-like move while slashing with two blades crossed over the one in his mouth. This attack leaves cuts shaped like crows' feet, and can slice through steel easily. A subliminal image of a crow flashes as Hanzo strikes.

-Santoryu: Tsurugi no Mai(Three Sword Style:Sword Dance)- Hanzo spins and weaves around, blocking off and dodging his opponents attacks, and then goes in to strike them, like Niitoryu:Mai no Hebi.

-Santoryu: Gazami Dori(Three sword Style: Crab Grab)-All three swords are horizontally parallel, suddenly clamping down on the target like a crab's claw for a guillotine-like effect that would normally cut a person's head off. A vision of a crab subliminally appears behind Hanzo as he does this.

-Kiken! Santoryu : Akushitsu no Fukushu!(Danger! Three Sword Style : Vicious Vengeance!)- Hanzo spins the blades in his hands(similar to Tsu Yashin Ha below) but instead exlusively aims for the head and neck to try and decapitate his foe early. This was used to murder Fei Hatzis.

-Santoryu: Tatsu Tsume(Three Sword Style: Dragon Claw)-  Hanzo lines his three blade's parallel, a dragonic aura engulfing him,as he rushes or spins at the opponent to hit them, similar to Niitoryu: Furasshu.

-Santoryu: Oni Tatsu Tsume(Three Sword Style: Demon Dragon Claw)- Hanzo does the same as Tatsu Tsume, with a stronger aura, and can flow with the technique to keep spinning to attack again.

-Santoryu: Tsu Akui no Aru Kyanon(Three Sword Style: Three Malefic Cannons)- Hanzo flexes his blades and swings, sending three dragon-shaped Ittoryu:Doragonkyanon 's at his opponent capable of bursting steel and more.

Secret Techniques are the strongest moves Hanzo has displayed.

-Santoryu Ogi: Tsu Yashin Ha(Three sword Style Secret Technique:  Three Ambitious Blades)- Hanzo spins the blades in his hands opposite of each other, and rushes to slash with all three blades. One of his strongest moves, like Niizen Sekai, and can allow him to access his Deva form by letting his aura out.

-Santoryu Ogi:Rokudo no Tsuji(Three Sword Style Secret Technique: Crossing of Six Paths)- Slashing and curving his blades, in a manner that made it seem as if he never even moved, Hanzo sends six slashes of air to cut through his target, having the strength to cut through Diamond if need be.

No other named moves have been seen as of yet


--Kiki Rokutoryu: Deva(Demon Spirit Six Sword Style:Deva)- Using Santoryu, Hanzo's spirit can form into a larger demonic form of himself, a Deva able to attack with Hanzo in unison with another 3 blades or fight completely separate from him for a short while. It is one of his strongest Santoryu moves, as his natural stats(already insane) double in this form.


-Deva Rokutoryu: Rokudo no Tsuji(Deva Six Sword Style: Crossing of Six Paths) -Unlike the Santoryu version, this is a close range attack, actually using six blades combined with the powerful aura of the Deva Hanzo and himself to easily slash through diamond and keep going.

-Deva Rokutoryu: Rokuzen Sekai(Deva Six Sword Style: Six Thousand Worlds)- Hanzo and the Deva spin their blades, like two Sanzen Sekai's, and then strike the opponent with six blades with more aura than the Santoryu version.

Hanzo had decent swordsmanship before training under The Arcane Swordsman and afterwards, Hanzo's use of the blade was phenomenal. In all of his Animal/Religious themed moves, his aura seems to form an armor around him of the said reference as he attacks, and until he is finished with the attack or through with the Demonic Style, the armor doesn't fade. When he attacks someone at great speeds, it seems to flash behind him as he attacks, accompanying him as he strikes and fading when he finishes. Hanzo has the ability to 'cut through anything' , like several Master Swordsmen, meaning his blade will cut what he wants to cut, or in some cases not cut what they don't want cut.  The current Arcane Swordsman could feel the beat of the blade- this being anything with an edge, not necessarily metal- as if it were alive; Feeling the lapse in rhythm which alerted a Master Swordsman that the weapon was at it's most vulnerable. No matter how mighty it may be, the target would be slashed through regardless of composite. This technique literally cut at the 'heart' of the blade.

For more information on the Deva's Aura, see the comment posted below.

☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N☠

06/29/2013 09:31 PM 

Takamitzu D. Hanzo : Divine Ambition

EniviD NoitibmA
[Divine Ambition]

EniviD NoitibmA(Divine Ambition): Also known as The Divine Aura. This Divine Technique is legendary, for few ever gained it through a Divine Ritual and it was infamous for it's power. The power to null other abilities completely.This mana took on the form of a glowing,golden transparent aura around Hanzo or his weapons, and with it he could contact the intangible, and counteract any energy by enveloping it in mana and letting both fade away from the clash of power. This ability was primarily used to negate supernatural phenomena of any kind, and while in use could siphon Hanzo's Arcane Mana and use it as another energy source; In turn making him unable to use Arcane Inferno while using Divine Ambition.With his massive mana supply, most foes are unable to fight him with sorcery when confronted with this power's use, forcing them to fight physically; Which was where Hanzo excelled. This mana fed off of Arcane and Divine Mana together, and thus only one with both mana reserves even had the capacity to use it. Most importantly, it took an equal amount of each type of Mana to become this golden energy.

Hanzo later found out the true power of Divine Ambition: Belief. What he believed when he got the power was that it stopped others, as his master told him. But much later on in his pirate career, the swordsman found that what he believed he could use the energy of the Divine Aura for,he could do. His focused, gnosistic or ignosistic beliefs fuel his power, changing the properties of his aura to match. 

Because of this power always being active in a small way, as an interdimensional traveler Hanzo remembers people from alternate lives as if suffering from flashbacks and headaches. His power actually allows this, as Hanzo believes that such things are possible and therefore memories from the other person are shared with the current Pirate King. Additionally, as one who uses both Arcane and Divine Mana, his power keeps him immune to influence of any kind. Once thought to be because he was Atheist in religion, it has now been shown that Hanzo rejecting the thought that the Mana he used could corrupt him causes outside influences-be they ethereal, mental or atomic/molecular- are highly resisted against. Even more so when Mana of either type is used, as this power influences both forms of Mana in these two regards.



Kami no Aura

The Divine Aura

With this technique, Hanzo manifests the golden aura described above,able to counter and essentially 'negate' supernatural phenomena.Feeding into both mana reserves, Arcane and Divine. Immortality, magical attacks, elemental assaults, and even energy were useless against this aura, which struck one's energy source or soul.While using this technique, the only other thing Hanzo can use his mana for is to enhance his strength, speed and reflexes instead of sorcery. This does not include his weapons.The energy is meant to take on other forms of supernatural energy and destroy it in suicide assaults where equal amounts of both the Divine Aura and it's target are vanquished.It assaults such energies on an atmoic, spiritual and magical level combined, aiming to snuff out other supernatural sources of power as well.



Chaos Seal

Fusing both Arcane and Divine Mana into his golden aura at one, it becomes darker and tinted red, and with it he can create blasts of aura-taking on the form of golden and red flames(which were not flames at all, it was simply his Arcane Technique fusing with his Divine)- that literally seal energies,objects and people away into a blazing sphere of his aura, which can slowly degrade their physical stamina and spiritual energy, and powers are useless;however, it drains Hanzo's Mana twice as fast. Due to the powerful nature of this technique, it takes longer to prepare than Kami no Aura.

☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N☠

06/29/2013 09:30 PM 

Takamitzu D. Hanzo : Arcane Inferno

OnrefnI EnacrA
[Arcane Inferno]

-OnrefnI EnacrA(Arcane Inferno): This power allows one to mimic the powers of a Naturist Sorcerer, but for only one element. One could create ,control and even become fire using Arcane Inferno, though the more fire used, the more mana is drained. For changing one's body to fire, they must let their Arcane Mana flow through the part of their body and change it;though the change is instantaneous. A draining technique in terms of mana usage, Hanzo rarely uses fire mimicry for real battle,but often takes advantage of the immunity it gives him to heat: Also allowing him to see through light,darkness and smoke. A fiery metabolism is what Hanzo calls the fire within that causes intoxication inpossible without massive amounts of alcohol, implying that poisons and foreign elements ingested, inhaled and contacted are burned to nothing. This ability has recreational uses to him, and was his main ability before becoming a Twilight Sorcerer. 

Hanzo can create, control and become Fire. Because of that, he can avoid physical blows(By instinctively turning his body to fire), and create anything he imagines out of fire with enough mana.

Named attacks:

--Hiken(Fire Fist): A 3,000 degree fahrenheit fist of fire(like a fireball) flies at the opponent(can be larger or smaller, depending on user's strength and the power they put into the attack)

--Flame (Animal): The user creates a creature made of fire to attack. Can vary in size as well.

--Higan(Flame Pistol): Hanzo points his fingers like a child points a gun, but from the extended index and middle fingers shoot out bullets of concentrated flames, that can pierce steel with the raw concussive force and temperature of almost two thousand degrees.

-Higan: Fireworks(Flame Pistol: Fireworks): Shooting a Higan, Hanzo charges it to explode after a certain range, resulting in a fiery explosion that looks to be a firework if seen in the sky.

--Ho-Ho(Flame Cannon): Hanzo shoots, from his palm, a blast of fire and heat, or can use it to spill out a flame continuously like a flamethrower.

-- Flame Pillar: Hanzo surrounds himself with fire, and sends a rocketing beam of fire above him in a fiery explosion to repel attacks.

--Entei(Flame Emperor): a miniature, 10,000 degree 200 ft in diameter miniature sun. The heat can be lowered or suppressed by Hanzo, and it does not affect it's environment as much as it should unless the user fails to suppress the heat intentionally or through improper use.

--Supernova: Making the Entei explode, Causing an implosion that creates an explosion of solar radiation and pure heat. Luckily, Hanzo's own move does not harm him with heat, and though his body could withstand a great deal of the raidation he would be severely weakened by the attack himself.

--Entei Buunshin (Flame Emperor Warrior)- Hanzos body becomes a living Entei, allowing him more control of heat and solar-based attacks, and his body becoming a small sun instead of fire if hit. The form can only last for a bit more than a minute, though, but within this time Hanzo has almost no limits concerning the heat he produces(volume-wise)

-- Dopple Entei(Twin Entei)- 2 Enteis are summoned, one from each palm. see Entei for more details. The exertion from using this technique can put a severe strain on the arms, spaaing Hanzo's great strength in order to properly weild these weapons

--Entei Ho(Flame Emperor Cannon)- The user spirals flames around them(In a similar fashion to constructing 'Entei') and shoots out an Entei.

Hanzo can also fly by using the power to turn his lower half into a small, spiraling inferno. In his fire form, he rapidly eats oxygen, and any attacks he uses saps said oxygen from the area it travels through. Hanzo has learned to use this power instinctively through training(i.e. If one were to simply try to touch him physically without some kind of way to stop the fire or his power, or bypass it, his body becomes fire and the move passes harmlessly through him.) This makes Hanzo a very threatening opponent, as some opponents can't even hurt him unless he willingly keeps himself solid or stops his power for a moment.  Even without using this technique, temperature has no effect whatsoever on Hanzo.

Entei Techniques require massive mana consumption and concentration, and therefore are rarely used. After the use of one or more of these techniques, Hanzo's ability to produce and control flames is nulled for four hours. While he retains his immunities and resistances, he cannot manipulate flame after the use of an Entei Technique.

☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N☠

06/29/2013 09:28 PM 

Takamitzu D. Hanzo : Basic Info

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Full Name: Takamitzu 'Denjā' Hanzo

Alias: The Santoryu Swordsman
Relatives: Unknown

-Age: 148 (25 in appearance)

Birthdate: January 20th

-Height: 6'5

-Weight: Roughly 250lbs

-Hair color: Steely gray

-Eye Color: Steely gray

-Animal Reference: Dragon 

-Occupation: 混沌海賊のキャプテン

       Konton Kaizoku no Kyaputen

      Captain of the Chaos Pirates

-Personality: Cold, Reckless, tends to believe that anything that happens was destined to. Since losing his crew, he tends to be very protective of any new nakama. He hates slavery to the point where he even kills the masters of those who were alright with it. He loves to smoke tobacco and marijuana, and can drink as much as he wants since he can sober himself using his Arcane Technique to burn excess alcohol from hi system.He loves blades, and can forge them himself. He has a problem with anyone thinking themselves as better or stronger than him, and often lashes out in such situations. 

-Sorcery Type: Chaos(Twilight)

-Appearance: Muscular build, a red captain's coat with 'Chaos' written on the back in kanji, black bandanna tied around forehead or hair,black pants and shoes and 3 swords strapped to his right hip . On his torso is a flowing scar from his right hip to left shoulder. Sometimes He wears a black samurai robe, tied together by a red sash at his waist. He looks 25 physically.

-Physical Ability: Even before becoming a sorcerer, Hanzo's body had been pushed to it's limits, and after which he continued to train. Not only can he nearly move as fast as lightning with little mana usage and lift nearly a ton as well without his body suffering, but with mana flowing through him his speed nears that of light;and he is able to kick the air with such force that he can essentially 'leap' through the air. His incredible stamina as a human allowed him to survive two strikes from The Arcane Swordsman, and with each ritual grew in power.

-(Unarmed) Fighting Style : Itan Ken (Heretic Fist)

A style Hanzo created ,often utilizing carefully planned positioning based on the illusion of random, flowing movements. Hanzo connects bizzare moves, like turning an all-out spin into a grappling manuever, or falling backwards only to deliver a devastating upward kick. His movements seem completely random and sometimes even provoked, but in reality he is carefully positioning himself into a position of power over his opponent.

-Sensory AwarenessL A spreading, invisible field of influence is sent out in the direction Hanzo chooses to seek out and identify life and energy around him ,including spiritual and magical presences. Having honed this skill during his physical training, the Pirate King is extremely adept at using this skill and thus utilizes it to scope out his surrounding and track foes in battle. It can spread for a radius of ten miles at most, with intense concentration.

-Superhuman Physiology: Sorcerers not only gain eternal youth but their bodies change; Hanzo only appears human and is similar in anatomy, but in reality his body is many times stronger in every spect now that he had become a Sorcerer-more so upon awakening both types of Mana. Through training his physical prowess is astounding even in his own world, prompting most to rely on their powers instead when they found they could not match him in normal combat. Mana also augments his physical traits while he has an output around him.


Strength: 10/10

Speed: 9.5/10

Stamina: 10/10

Agility: 10/10

Power: 10/10

Intelligence: 8/10

Flexibility: 10/10

Swordsmanship: 10/10

Tact: 10/10

Balance: 10/10

Close Range: 10/10

Mid Range: 9/10

Long Range: 8.5/10

Mana Type(Divine or Arcane): Both

Control of Divine Mana: 10/10

Divine Mana Reserve: 9/10

Control of Arcane Mana: 7/10

Arcane Mana Reserve: 8/10

☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N☠

06/29/2013 09:26 PM 

Takamitzu D. Hanzo : The Santoryu Swordsman Rises

The Santoryu Swordsman Rises

   Takamitzu Hanzo was born in Armageddon, and his parents were murdered at the age of three. Leaving him to be sold into servitude to an Arcane Sorcerer who manned a pirate crew named the 'Devil Pirates'; They were infamous for raiding the Divine Army's warships in the sea and the air, killing the crews onboard and stealing everything of value. The captain was an Arcane Sorcerer who called himself Fuchi(Abyss), and he made Hanzo toil away in servitude to the Arcane Sorcerers on his crew, who took every chance they got to abuse him and work him to the bone.

   At the age of twenty,a miracle happened; The crew ran into a legendary Sorcerer, known only as the Arcane Swordsman; A man said to be so fierce with his blade that he could strike before a sorcerer could even cast a spell. Fuchi and his top men, six other Arcane Sorcerers and a Twilight Sorcerer, went to assault him all at once.

   And were slaughtered.

   The Arcane Swordsman decimated all eight of the powerful Arcane Pirates with ease, and Hanzo was watching from the railing of the ship. He approached the Arcane Swordsman not with fear, not with anger, but with hope. For himself to be free of his life. He told the legendary swordsman his story, and pleaded for the man to train him. He was turned down. Furious, Hanzo grabbed one of the swords from his dead captain and struck at the Arcane Swordman. Who cut him down with little effort. Hanzo survived, however, and stood again, willing to die if he must to be free of this life. 

   His will became his blade's, and he actually managed to fight the Arcane Swordsman for longer than the other sorcerer's had before taken down with a kick to the temple. The Swordsman took young Hanzo with him, willing to train him as he had shown more determination than any of his so-called 'masters'.

   For five years, The Arcane Swordsman taught Hanzo the basics of swordsplay, and during this time Hanzo came to develop his own style: Santoryu-Three Sword Style. Using a blade in his mouth, saying it gave him more options. It also allowed him to channel a raw aura through kenjutsu alone, however it was nothing compared to his sensei. But at age twenty-five The Arcane Swordsman revealed to Hanzo that he was a 'Twilight Sorcerer', and that he could baptise Hanzo to the ways of the Arcane and Divine. But to control these two powers was insanely difficult. However, it was how the most powerful got to be so.

   Do you side with God, the Devil, or both?

   Hanzo chose none. He claimed right there that he did not believe in a God, and that only Fate knew what would happen to the world. His sensei smirked, telling his student that he felt the same. And that one did not need to believe to gain this power. Simply sell their soul in the afterlife for power and eternal youth here on earth. Which Hanzo agreed to all too willingly.

   He underwent the trials of an Arcane Sorcerer,gaining the Arcane Technique of Fire Naturism; which allowed him to create and become flame, and his sensei told him a Technique was based on one's soul and individuality. That Hanzo had gotten lucky.

   They trained for ten more years, as Hanzo helped his sensei in his mission to fight both the Arcane and Divine. Informing young Hanzo that The Divine intend to wipe out any with Arcane Mana, calling it 'purification'. However, The Arcane wanted to kill all of The Divine and plunge the world into even more darkness, so neither side was truly good for their world. He told Hanzo that people who share this idea that both The Divine and Arcane must perish were the one's who would seek to take the throne of this world and change it for the better.

   At the age of forty, Hanzo was so skilled at his swordsmanship that he could put his sensei on the defensive, even killing a famous swordsman aiming to kill The Arcane Swordsman and taking his legendary sword: Oniken, the Demon Blade. Forging his own blades and following his sensei to The Ancient Ruins in the Southern Hemisphere, baptising Hanzo to become a Divine Sorcerer within the walls of an Ancient pyramid said to be built by a Divine Pharaoh. Fighting his student right there to see just what he had gained, now that he was a Sorcerer of the Twilight-Both Mana Reserves open for use. Hanzo surprised even his sensei with Divine Suspension, negating his techniques and cutting an arm off. 

   The swordsman laughed, despite his pain. Explaining that he had wanted to die for a long time, but only in a true fight. With neither holding back and his head meeting the blade's edge this time. Hanzo realized that his Master had gone all out, and he had beaten him. He took his head and his famous sword, known as 'Divinity', and headed out into the world to make a name for himself now.

   Becoming a pirate, just like how he began. Only manning his own crew this time, naming them the 'Chaos Pirates' and himself a 'Chaos Sorcerer' ; preferring the name, and wanting to send a message that neither Divine nor Arcane mattered to him. Letting his crew decimate both factions both on the sea and in the air.

   One day, they encountered another Twilight Sorcerer and his crew; who slaughtered most of Hanzo's crew and caused Hanzo to lash out. Killing all of his foes with his Divine Aura. And stopping to weep for his men, who he had spent years training and helping and teaching in order to one day take down The Divine and The Arcane together.

   He stole his dead foe's ship, and fled to Paradise to build something new. Where he used both the alchemised metal from the Divine Army and the alchemised wood from his ships to create a massive vessel that he named the 'Oni no Mizu' - Demon of the Water. Also creating a flying vessel he named the M.A.C.R.O.S.(Malefic Airborne Chaotic Reckoning Operation System). Gaining a large reputation for decimating the Divine Army when they tried to push him from their shores. They were too late. With his preparations made, Hanzo killed a large unit and headed out to sea in search of a new crew, just as he heard that The Arcane Elders had been killed. The world was changing.

   And he would take it by the reins.

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