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❄️s n o w a l c h e m i s t❄️

04/07/2013 12:40 PM 


x--- r u l e s  o f  t h e  s n o w;

l: No god-modding, it's just simply childish, not even  interesting.

Breaking this rule, you given me the right to block, and delete your friendship.

ll: Proper grammar, and spelling. This is one of my favorite rules, considering everyone goes by it, that is not my reason for loving it; grammar and spelling need to correct, it helps with your school, and role-play skills; that's two thing's in the price of one. 

Yes, spelling out bigger words is easier said then done, that does excuse you from this rule, I can tell the difference from laziness, and trying. I encourage you to try, considering I have the thought of you being lazy, then I will just delete your friendship. You can say, "It's harsh!" Well, I say, I wan't some damn good role-plays!

lll: Give me more detail, this rule goes for discussing a story-line as well. I need something to work with, something that deservesMultiple Paragraph, Semi-Paragraph, and just Paragraph.

You need to give me more detail on what your character is doing, this gives me a better chance to work up to my expectations, and your(s) as well.

Same goes for story-line(s)!

If I am going to send the starter, I need to know, The Season, The Day, and The Month.

Also, where would you like it to be; plan out the buildings, if you want them destroyed or not; again, give me something to work with.

Oh and remember, OOC (Out Of Character,) Goes into comments.

Role-play goes in message. If you sent me a ooc, in message, I will tell you nicely to take the ooc talk into comments. If you keep doing so, then you will no longer have my friendship!

lV: Cross-over(s) are more then welcome. I like interesting role-playing, not that  original characters, from my verse are boring. I just like the excitement, the thrill. That's why I encourage cross-over(s)


V: Multiple Paragraph, Semi-Paragraph, Paragraph, and Novella.

I like to read, as you can tell my lengths, when I am not in the mood, I just talk, in comments. I don't however role-play below the followings you just read. I like to see it in length, detail, (Referring back to Rule lll. So please do keep this in mind. Sending me a one-liner will not do nothing, I will just simply ignore it! If you keep giving me one-liners, you will get deleted; simple and put!

Vl: My character is bisexual, meaning, he is attracted to those of the same gender. Yes he goes for guys and girls'. His original yaoi paring, is Roy Mustang. I will also go with Jean Havoc, and his hentai paring, well we'll just see who that is. I do go rated M for mature, but I need to be in a relationship. I will do nothing with you unless our characters are dating.

Vll: Alright, I have two more things, put something random about your character, this gives me in-tell that you simply didn't skim though them.  The second thing is, have fun. 

These rules will be edited in the future, until then enjoy.


04/06/2013 10:18 PM 


1. My character is nocturnal. Light isn't her friend - so rps should be a night setting.
2. No god modding.
3. RL =////= RP
4. No smut whatsoever.

Thats all folks.

My character in the longrun was inspired by the game/comic series The Darkness. They inspired me to make this character(delete the localhost thing in the url i dont know how to get rid of it, lol. also, you can still RP with that character, but there isn't a single fiber of "nice" in her) back in 2004, who is the mother to the character Eve. Tread with caution, do not expect this character to be the nicest in the box.

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