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Multiple Personality Syndrome

04/15/2013 12:21 PM 


The Charming Prince

Name: Ulrich Orsino
Nickname: none

Age: looks 25/ actually 250

eras: modern (more medieval like clothing)

Gender: male

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190 pounds
Race: full blooded dragon (frost)
Abilities: turn into a full bodied dragon, see in the dark, fly, control water/ice
Martial Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: closet bisexual

Occupation: Crown Prince

Personality: arrogant, rude, gets bored easily, protective, wants the best.

Likes: cold, wine, winter, money, beautiful women, flying, ruling his kingdom, his sister

Dislikes: heat, other people's young children, war, beer, flowers, summer


Father-- deceased (fire dragon)

Mother-- Queen Kavita Orsino (plant dragon)

Sister-- Princess Korari Orsino (air/dark dragon)

Ulrich was born during the middle of the long winter. This winter was known as the snow age because it was basically one big blizzard. Ulrich was the first frost dragon baby to survive in over 600 years. Most frost dragons born during the summer end up dying from over heating. His father died of a disease when his sister was the age of 4. His mother took the throne as acting Queen until Ulrich can manage to find a wife. Then the throne will be his and he will rule the kingdom.

Multiple Personality Syndrome

04/15/2013 12:21 PM 


The Fire Bird

Name: Vincent Hale
Official Name: EX729
Nickname: Vinnie
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150
Race: Phoenix/Human hybrid
Abilities: Can morph in a phoenix and fly, control fire, and has ultimate healing powers. Can also communicate in his phoenix form by projecting his voice into other people's heads.
Martial Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Seke)
Occupation: unemployed
Personality: Quiet, lonely, tends to care to much, Stand-offish, doesn't talk much, doesn't like to talk about his past, timid.
Likes: Fire, heat, pretty girls, muscular men, spicy food, sweets, flying, night air, rain, tattoos, men taller than him or same height.
Dislikes: Cold, ice, clingy girls/boys, dull moments, television, annoying sounds, storms
Mother--Felicity Hale
Father-- Unknown
Can man and legendary beast really be fused together? Can man learn to fly and control fire? Is rebirth actually possible?These were the questions of the military's scientists. They wanted to make an indestructible soldier. One that would heal instantly when shot, one that could rebirth his entire body and make it new, one that could control fire and destruction. If they were successful, war would be changed forever and they would be unstoppable.
For many years they tried fusing a phoenix with a living being, only to fail miserably and cost that person their life. Hundreds were killed in the name of science. Eventually one scientist came up with the idea to start from scratch. To fuse the genetics of a phoenix with that of an human embryo. First they would need to find parents for the experimental child, that was the hard part. For years they searched, no set of parents were willing. So there next option was kidnapping. They kidnapped a young woman by the name of Felicity Hale to be the "mother" of the experiments. (See her blog for more info)
Soon there was 30 mature embryos growing in the lab. All 30 were male since they didn't think a female body could handle the experiment. The embryos grew at an accelerated rate, growing through fetus stages and through childhood until teenage years. They were kept in tubes of growth hormone until their bodies reached the age of 16. In all reality the experiments had only been alive for 5 years. All 30 of the now teenage male experiments had bright orange hair. Eye color however varied, but since none of the experiments had opened their eyes yet, no one knew of them yet. Then one day, 5 years and 6 months after they had been "conceived" did all 30 open their eyes. There was 14 with green eyes, 9 with amber eyes, 6 with brown eyes, and only 1 with blue eyes. They single blue eyed boy was EX729, codenamed "Vincent". This day was also the day the scientists drained the tube and released the boys into training, to hone their new found skills. They taught them to transform, to fly, to control fire, and to speak telepathically. During this training, they noticed that "Vincent" was considerably smaller in size to everyone else, standing only at 6'0" when the others were well over 7 feet tall. The scientists considered this a disadvantage and the others pick on him about his size. The scientists decided that he should be eliminated so the experiment could continue without failure.
The day his death was scheduled for was their 6th birthday. This was the day Vincent's powers exploded to almost triple what the others was. When he figured out they were trying to exterminate him, he went crazy. He killed the scientists and the other experiments and he was about to kill the girl that was still there. She wasn't a scientist and obviously not an experiment. She was the "mother" of the experiment and he felt a very strange connection to her. Of course he had no idea that she was technically his mother, but he felt compelled to save her. So he did. He carried her out of the building and set her down on the sidewalk. He then returned inside to destroy all traces of the experiment and the building. Once the building was ablaze, he returned to where he had left the girl, only to find she was gone.
He has been searching for her for almost a year now. He mostly stays in phoenix form to fly and feed since it's easier to get around, and this way he doesn't have to deal with people. He trusts no one, and he almost never speaks, unless it is needed.


Multiple Personality Syndrome

04/15/2013 12:20 PM 


The Trouble-making Twins

Name: Masaru and Makoto Kurochi
Nickname: none
Age: both 20

eras: modern
Gender: both male
Height: Masaru is 5'11"/ Makoto is 5'10.5"
Weight: both 170 pounds
Race: vampire (powers are sealed, Alpha and Omega) 
Abilities: night vision, able to run really fast, super strong, fast healers
Martial Status: both single
Sexual Orientation: both bisexual Masaru is dominant/ Makoto is submissive
Occupation: college student (sophomore year)
Personality: Masaru: dominant, aggressive, protective, hotheaded, arrogant./ Makoto: submissive, shy, emotional, quiet, weak, sweetheart.

Likes: Masaru: chocolate, hot drinks, loud music, being outside, spicy foods, loves the taste of blood./ Makoto: strawberries, cold drinks, classical music, staying inside, being with his twin

Dislikes: Masaru: wimps, other people, smart-asses, cats, seeing Makoto cry./ Makoto: being hot, hates the taste of blood, being naked, loud music.
Family: Jillian Swift--Mother

Father unkown

Story: These twins were born to Jillian and are of pure vampire blood. Their mother whisked them away from their homeland of Japan to keep them safe. She had her powers taken away and she turned mortal. She tried to do the same to her twins, but was only successfully in sealing their powers away. Now as they reach college age, they have begun to notice weird happenings with their abilities. They've also noticed suspicious people showing up on campus at the college they attend. They have no idea what is going on, or why these things are happening, but they intend to find out. 


Multiple Personality Syndrome

04/15/2013 12:18 PM 


The Lonely Lycan....

Name: Atianes Moonscar
Nickname: Aiden
Age: Early 20s (thousands of years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 215
Race: Lycan (God of Chaos and Torment)
Abilities: enhanced strength, reflexes, coordination, speed, agility, durability, endurance and regenerative abilities, able to crawl across walls with great ease and speed, greatly heightened senses and excellent tracking skills due to highly sensitive sense of smell
Martial Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: bisexual (seke)
Occupation: none
Personality: loyal, caring, quiet, guardian, lonely, intelligent, friendly....

Likes: moonlight, outdoors, food, girls, exercise, peace, water, hunting.

Dislikes: loud noises and people, hunters
Family: a pack of wolves who raised him from birth.
Story: Born as a human, his parents were happy for the first few months until he learned how to transform into a wolf. once his parents witnessed this, they tossed him out into the street, like he was an abomination. He was taken in by a local pack of wolves who raised him as their own. They were drawn to him because he wasn't a human but a lycan. He had a crescent moon shaped birthmark on his stomach around his belly button that faded as he grew older. This mark told the pack that he was part of a legendary pack known as the "Moon Lycans." Everyone thought they died out a long time ago, but it seemed that instead they all stayed in their human form and passed on their DNA that way. The alpha of the Stardoom pack was Zanen and he took Atianes in like he was his own son, teaching him the ways of leadership and wolfhood. His adopted mother, Pera, taught him the way of courtship and mating so that he would be able to lead the pack and carry on his family name. He learned the ways of the pack and soon was able to freely transform between human and wolf. He grew up happy, but he soon felt that something was missing from his life. So he left the pack and went to search for whatever he was missing.

In actual reality, Atianes is a god. His memories and powers have been sealed away by his half brother, but he has no recollection of any of this. He thinks he is just some normal lycan male. 


Multiple Personality Syndrome

04/15/2013 12:17 PM 


The Arrogant Assassin

Name: Jillian Swift
Nickname: Jill
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115
Race: human
Abilities: has great healing abilities, very stealthy, agile, master at assassination, master of disquise
Martial Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Purchased Assassin
Personality: aggressive, has anger issues, arrogant, can be gentle, loving and sensitive

Likes: sweets, blood, sexy dresses, cats, children, money, hearing about her actions on the news

Dislikes: loud noises, annoying people, wimps, submissive people

Children--- Masaru & Makoto (twins)

At a very young age, she was sold off to a powerful man that was known for training girls to be assassins. Jillian underwent this training from a young age, enduring the torture and punishments that came when she failed. Now she is his top performer, and his most prized girl. He vowed to never sell her, unless someone came along with the right price. 


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