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06/02/2020 03:37 PM 

Cammy White

Height: 5'1" (155 cm)Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)Eye color: TurquoiseHair color: BlondeBlood type: BMeasurements: B86/W57/H88PersonalBirthdate: January 6/1974Birthplace: United Kingdom United KingdomFighting style: Shadaloo fighting techniques (Shadaloo), Special Forces training (Delta Red)Likes: Cats, cake, collecting fighting data, Chun-Li, her sisters (the Shadaloo dolls), Sakura, Delta Red, Guile, RyuDislikes: Everything when she's in a bad mood, sympathy towards her, soupsOccupation:Shadaloo Assassin Or MI6 Delta Red Operative Affiliation(Can rock either side)Shadaloo Delta RedSkills: Knife-throwingAlignment: Neutral Good/Evil depending on the version of Cammy

Smokin N Blingin

06/01/2020 11:42 PM 


Name: SmokeAlias: (He's a dog so all those terms) Smoky, Blingin-SmokeAge: N/A "Only I will know my age~ hehehehe~" Continues to cackle in old man.Size VariesColoration VariesAbilities: Shapeshifting(Can't be anything that isn't of a Canine varient).Pyrokinesis(Able to make and control fire, also works with his other varients of fire). Hell Fire(Fire that burns the very soul, another term for it is Nether Fire). Hellish Miasma(Can make an acidic/poisonous fog. The toxin hyper advances rate of decay which is why it is classified more like an acid than a poison, the fog is obsidian in hue and blocks most vision that dense fogs do.) 


06/01/2020 09:40 PM 

Terms and Conditions ;

1. NUMBER ONE RULE: KEEP ROLEPLAY WITHIN ROLEPLAY AND LEAVE THE REST AT THE DOOR. Don't come to my profile and start drama. I do NOT tolerate it. If I see it in my news feed I will block ALL individuals, I don't care about details, you've been warned. I have had my profile and information reported because of other's drama. Keep your sh*t straight and save the ignorance for the therapist. I'm done with pointless issues from both past and present.2. Please be literate when writing with me. I understand bantering and chit-chatting and that's fine, but when roleplaying I would ask that you write in third person. If that's not your strong suit, I'd be happy to help you out with it.3. Do not steal images or coding from this page. Everything on here is mine that I have either edited or created myself. Don't be a jocker. It's not in good taste.4. Put some effort into your posts - I do not want to be the only one coming up with ideas for our roleplays. I'm currently working on my oc and putting more information up.5. If you're looking for interactions with me I will give out my discord upon request. However, other forms of communications such as personal addresses, emails, and phone numbers will be denied. Personal information will not be given freely. 6. If you want a romantic relationship with my character, I don't mind romantic roleplays. If you want something MORE than romance, we can switch to discord, Because in all honesty, this place is NOT an erotic website, and we should stay within the rules of the site so we can stay here. Also, I am taken in real life so it will not go further than roleplay. Please respect that I'm in a relationship.7. No mutes/MCRP. If you requested/accepted , speak up! IF I missed you and didn't get around to messaging you, know that I will eventually get around to it. If you add , you talk. Simple, yeah?8. If my character is in a relationship with someone, please respect that, and keep your hands off! 9. I don't mind talking out of character, but keep the personal details to a minimum. I don't overly care for your personal life. 


06/01/2020 07:59 PM 

AU Verses (Incomplete for now)

This list will contain a short paragraph on AUs that are not completely related to or not related at all to the Final Fantasy games. If you want to write a plot that doesn't have to do with the FF series, you can pick from this list. For now, this list is not complete, as it says in the title.★The Sky's NOT the Limit (Kingdom Hearts): Vaan was born and raised in Twilight Town, who lived with his childhood friend Penelo after his parents died from illness, Though he's fueled with positivity, he's secretly in pain after the death of his older brother Reks, who lost his life one day to dark creatures. For the sake of his friends, he grins and bares the bad memory, but he's set on finding out more on these things responsible instead of running away. When he hears rumors about there being more than one world, Vaan sets himself into action, and is determined to find a way out. From what he's heard, there was also a boy with a giant key who would come to Twilight Town from time to time, and Vaan believes he holds the answers he's looking for.(More to come later!)


06/01/2020 07:02 PM 

Rules of a Sky Pirate

This isn't my first time roleplaying as Vaan. I use to years back until I deleted him and moved on to different things, but since replaying FFXII, I fell back in love with Vaan and just had to go back to writing him.1. I do para to multi para, and short novella, meaning it's like novella but not as many paragraphs, but more than the average three paragraphs that makes it a multi para. I don’t always do or accept one liners (unless I’m doing crack in statuses), as well as semi. I like detail, or as much detail as I know is necessary. If my response lack some detail or sound boring, I apologize.   2. I’ll do any genre besides gore (I made several exceptions though, like Mortal Kombat & Drifters). I really enjoy or would like to do are action, adventure, supernatural, fantasy, slice of life, horror/suspense, and historical. I’m very willing to try to roleplay something else. I’ll try fighting, but if I suck at it, I’m very sorry. Blood and violence is definitely okay since the Final Fantasy games contain them.3. On the topic of romance, though I usually multiship on other websites, I won't do it here. Vaan can be paired with just about anyone, but he has the right to say no to a relationship. Also, chemistry is key! Even though he shows a romantice connection with Penelo at the end of Revenant Wings, no matter who it is, there always has to be chemistry to reach a romantic point. I'm also over 18 (twenty five to be exact); Vaan is 18, so mature content is also allowed, meaning I don't mind rping smut. I will not smut with minors under 18!  4. God modding, autoplaying, and all that related to those two words, don’t do it. Also, drama shall never be tolerated UNLESS it’s roleplay wise.  5. AUs are especially encouraged, like storylines outside of the Final Fantasy/Dissidia verses.   6. I accept crossovers as long as I’m familiar with it. I don’t think I can keep up with most of the things that others are interested in, but since I'm talking about verses, I might as well say this now. There are some Final Fantasy games I haven't played; I've seen some of the games I'm unfamiliar with explained, but there's a couple I can't get a grasp on-- like Shadowbringers, A Realm Reborn, Opera Omnia, and others that revolve around the multiplayer online games. I hope everyone can understand this :c  7. I suck at thinking of plot ideas, especially alone so help with that would be the best thing on Earth.  8. I have Discord, so if you want to add me on either one, you can ask for it, but a fair warning: I really don’t talk much out of character. It’s not that I hate you; I don’t talk much OOC in general. So, don’t take this the wrong way. I’d love to be your friend C: So don’t feel threatened, or scared, or put off by this.   9. I constantly get worried about people who don’t take kindly to me either because I’m just normally rping with someone, or because of no reason at all. If you have a problem with me, PLEASE come talk to me.  10. I’m not exclusive, so if there are doubles of a character I’m roleplaying as or with, I’ll roleplay with them because everyone has their own portrayal of a character, and I like seeing that.


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