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𝘞𝘒𝘡𝘦𝘳 π˜“π˜ͺ𝘭𝘺

06/04/2020 12:17 PM 


1.) Do not rush me on replies. I do have a life outside aniroleplay so do not spam message me wondering if I will be replying soon. I will just further delay your response.2.) Do not send me random starters. I discuss all my potential stories and if any random starters are sent, they will be deleted and ignored.3.) Do not send me request for mindless smut stories. I will just delete you. Also, if you do not know what I mean about "odd" themes, then don't bother asking about it.4.) Do not send me one-liners. I only respond to para or higher.5.) Do not become a number. If your on my friends list I expect us to chat or have some kind or roleplay underway. All non-talkers will be deleted after 7 days of continous silence.6.) Do not cause drama. If you want to act like a clown, then I will screen shot your nonsense and put it on display for everyone to see. So if you want to be a clown, I will give you a audience.7.) Do not take advantage of me while on discord. I am not much for VC or anything, so don't ask me. Nor ask about anything too personal.

β˜… ΠΌ Οƒ Οƒ Ξ· β˜…

06/03/2020 11:26 PM 

Genderbent Moon's Official Information
Current mood:  adventurous

Name: Moonshine "Ray" Matsuri. Age: 18 [Depends on each rp] Height: 5'0 Body type: Moon has a feminine like a form. Which he often gets made fun of for. It's hourglass-shaped and he often hides his hips by wearing oversized jeans. Personality: Moon is pretty easy-going. He's social but he often gets afraid of attaching himself to people after his parents died. He's sweet, caring, and loyal to those he cares about. He also has a hard time being abrasive or sticking up for himself, so-- if there are people verbally harassing him-- he won't do very much about it. He grew up being thought how to be polite and take "the higher road" so it's unlikely that you'd see him engaged in any drama or fights. Not unless he's forcefully dragged into it. He's also a hopeless romantic and often daydreams! Sexual Orientation: Gay Position: Switch [Usually prefers being the bottom but will top if asked or prompted.] Appearance: [I have a whole album you can check out. Go ahead!] Brown hair, brown eyes, feminine like features.  


06/03/2020 08:06 PM 

The Law of etiquettes
Current mood:  aggravated

under co;

Luxifer Graelyn

06/03/2020 09:34 PM 


- Due to the nature of this site I strongly urge that you take whatever you hear about me with a grain of salt. There is nothing out there about me as far as I know, but I have heard of people conjuring up stories out of spite and jealousy. Come to me first before passing wrongful judgement.- I tend to post the majority of my statuses out of character. If this is something you feel will bother you then please remove me from your friends list.  No grudge will be held.- Sometimes I can get slammed with replies. This means that it can take me awhile to respond to you. Greetings can also face a delay if I am in the middle of responding to a roleplay. All I ask for is some patience.

Scythe Harbinger

06/03/2020 02:15 PM 

Starter 1 -- Club Setting

The year is AC 196MariMaia Kushrenada of the orbital colony L3-X18999 declared independence from the Earthsphere Unified Nation, therefore returning the nation to its previous state. The colonists as a whole returned to their own as well, with a passage of alliance to stop the war. As a new diplomat for the colonists, MariMaia decided to study her father's methods further under the care of Lady Une. This prompted her to act more in the world's favor as she was fascinated by human instinct much like her father was.However, the fall of Daikim Barton did not mark the end of conflict. Those that were still loyal to his ideal for a new order continued his work. And so Barton's higher ranks started a new underground rebellion stationed at an unknown location. News of this growing rebellion prompted the Preventors to grow their ranks, and there were no better candidates than the ex-Gundam pilots. Finding them was easier said than done for Chieng Wufei and Sally Po. Quatre was the first to be found and he came ready and willing, feeling that his family business wasn't where his heart was. With his help it was easy enough to find Trowa, who decided that he would still maintain his life at the circus and be a Preventor agent.It was Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell that were nearly impossible to find. The two were still in touch with the new developments and they took it in different ways. With the fall of Wing Zero, Heero had decided to retire completely. Feeling that his mission was completed he literally fell off the map. If he wanted to be found then he would present himself. Until then he remained hidden and silent. Duo wasn't silent or hidden but as always he was on the move. He worked with Hilde and in their line of work they went where the business was. They didn't have a designated office. The war brought quite a bit of destruction and so Duo and Hilde were contractors for debris removal. They also processed the materials gathered in order to be melted down and recycled. It was hard work and the payout was good."You're a hard man to find, Duo. I was hoping you would return my call. As promised I'll have plenty of good treats," Sally's voice said over voice messages, which Duo had freely playing as he took a shower."I swear she's just picking at me now… Delete!" he said as he rinsed out his long brunette hair and turned off the water."Hey, Duo. It's Howard. You were pretty careful when you self detonated your Gundams but are you sure you cleared out all the parts? Someone on the black market is asking for parts or Gundanium to make the parts. And they're paying top dollar for it…""What?"Stepping out of the shower, Duo tapped the stop command on his PDA that was sitting on the counter. That was something he really had to look into. But at the moment he applied a castor and rosemary oil mixture to his scalp and brushed his long straight and soft hair out until it dried. He then braided it in a fluid motion under a minute and tied it off to hang just at the back of his thigh. He usually left it half braided for the night but tonight he had some investigating to do. So, he dressed in his black jeans and a white turtle neck with a black leather jacket and stepped out of the bathroom. With a light search through his duffel bag, he had his socks and was soon slipping them on. From there he slipped his steel toe waterproof black boots on. Zipping them up the sides and clipping them closed just above the ankle."Heading out?" Hilde asked as she stepped over from the small stove set up she built on the large motel dresser."Yeah. Howard says there's a guy on the black market looking to buy Gundam parts or the material to make parts. That just spells trouble," he said as he shifted to stand, letting his braid fall behind him."But there is only a certain amount of Gundanium right? Once it's gone that's it.""Nah, you can mine the stuff from space -- but no common civilian has the funding or clearance for that. So, it's easier to buy it on the black market from people who do. My problem is the fact that they want the stuff in the first place." Duo gave a light sigh and stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets as he walked toward the door. Passing Hilde along the way he took a peek into the pot she was cooking in. "Chowder? Save me some!!" he said as he made his way out.Out in the parking lot, Duo took a look at his watch. It was 8:00pm so he had plenty of time to get back to the motel for their drive to the next job. Life out of a duffel bag, that was Duo Maxwell. And he preferred it that way. No traces and no obligations. Nothing to tie him down and nothing to really wreck. The only thing to think about was his companion, and until Hilde he never really had one. And truthfully she wasn't even a full time companion. He preferred it that way in order to keep her safe.In general… Duo felt that anything he touched burned, and so he never stayed anywhere for very long. Hilde was used to him disappearing by now and so if he wasn't back by morning he knew he would get a message about where his jeep was parked. As always his duffel bag would be inside. So, he decided to walk to the local club. He knew that he couldn't get in through the front or side door. He needed to cover his way in and so he simply walked by. Just enough to notice how big the two bouncers were. Then he cut down the alley where a restroom window was. Looking both ways he gave a light smile. Taking a full sprint he stepped up the wall three bounds and landed just over the window frame to grab hold. Looking inside it was empty so he knew it was the men's bathroom. The women's would have been packed. Popping the window open he slipped inside, closing the window behind him. Climbing down onto a toilet, Duo exited to the main area of the club.There was only one local black market dealer and Duo knew him through this club. It was just a matter of finding him in the crowd… then he could figure out who was buying Gundam parts and track them down.The mission setting was set, and now the renegade had to find his mark...


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